Isabel (2011) s02e10 Episode Script

Pacta con el diablo

Alhama is ours.
In seven days we will attack Loja.
Prepare all you need for it to end well.
The Catalonians don't even support me.
I betrayed the serfs in
exchange for their support.
Is the defeat that clear?
I just want to save you from humiliation.
It is my will that you return to the crown
part of your lands, squares and fortresses.
Are you trying to dispossess our family?
His Holiness not only gave
you the bull of the Crusade
but he also accepted all your conditions.
King Louis of France has died.
Castile can't fight without the Aragonese
troops. But tell the regent
that sooner or later, I
will get the counties back.
It's true that Juana and Francis
of Foix will get married, right?
That's true, Monsignor.
For her happiness and ours.
Our daughter will come back to Castile.
While Juana's engagement is still
standing, the treaty is canceled.
And the 1.5 million maravedís that
it costs will be used in artillery.
Mother, you've made me so happy
setting me free from that sentence.
Do I have to believe that
the death of Francis of Foix
was a coincidence just
before marrying Juana?
King Juan killed my son Diego.
He put my whole family in jail.
We are slaves due to the abuse.
If you keep them, we will
rise up against the lords.
My second decision will
be to allow you to rise up.
Your engagement with Alfonso
of Portugal is still standing.
I will attack the Christians. They will see
the power of the rightful Emir of Granada.
Are you going to battle?
Everyone thinks I'm weak.
It's time to show I'm not.
The armies of Boabdil attacked Lucena.
Boabdil is now a prisoner of Castile.
This palace returns to its rightful owner.
The Emir of Granada wants peace.
You will rule your people,
but not in Granada.
You have to choose between
losing the Alhambra or your head.
You have to come with
my son, Ahmed, in no time.
In exchange for my freedom,
I have to give them his.
Brother! Help!
What's going on?
Sir, I think we will have
to call off the courts.
The Aragonese and Valencians
said they won't come.
The king hopes you trust him now.
- It's hard not to.
- Archbishop Carrillo has died.
- The Christians attacked Álora.
- To Castile!
To Castile!
Yussuf. Yussuf.
Yussuf! Yussuf! My son.
- Something happened to him.
- Calm down.
- Yussuf, he's in danger.
- There's something you need to know.
I have sad news from Almería.
Almería is now in hands of the Zagal.
He didn't hesitate before killing my
brother, Yussuf, his own flesh and blood.
- Such are his cruelty and ambition.
- We're really sorry about your pain.
We have to stop him or I won't
be able to fulfill our agreements.
The Zagal is your enemy as well as
ours. You have our support to do it.
We will take his most
beloved belonging. Málaga.
The biggest port of the
kingdom and its domain.
That would definitively be the final blow.
Go with no worries. You
know your cause is our cause.
Long ago you told me that
caution in battles is godly.
Your Highness, Málaga is well-
prepared for its own defense.
There's no better place, it's the
key to the kingdom of Granada.
Are we prepared to attack it?
If we don't take the port first
they could stock up with troops
from North Africa at any time.
- Especially if they are prepared.
- Trust me.
Get everything ready.
They're right.
Of course they are.
- Cristobal Colón?
- Yes.
- The king will see you now.
- Great.
We know that the Earth is round,
obviously, if not being stubborn.
Then what stops us from reaching
the Indies from the west?
The 3,000 miles that keep us from
them, according to Toscanelli.
No ship is able to travel that
distance without replacing supplies.
But my calculations differ
from his, by 600 miles.
Set sail, then.
Your Highness
your father believed in this project.
He corresponded with the wise man.
- He must have had good reasons for not doing it.
- Maybe he was missing the right man.
Don't you trust me?
I'm not a man of faith
and my ships are close to finding
a route through the east.
Imagine the economic benefits
of a trip ten times shorter.
- Only you think that's possible.
- You saw the navigational chart.
The one that the first mate who
traveled beyond the Azores gave me.
I remember your enthusiasm then.
You're trying to leave me out of this.
I, and only I, Your Highness, can do it.
- Kick this lunatic out.
- You'll never make it without me.
I'm going to Castile, they will fund the trip.
- And you will regret it.
- Go, and do it promptly.
- Send Their Highnesses my regards.
- You will regret it.
If the Christians step on Málaga
their next step will be on the
Alhambra. Allah wouldn't forgive us.
- We have to face them all together.
- Are you agreeing with my father?
Do you still think that the sick
old man rules over Granada?
Don't be fool, the Zagal is
the only ruler of Granada.
And there can't be an agreement with him.
Sir, you and him have to
realize it is necessary.
He is our enemy! Who killed my son?
Who killed your people?
It wasn't the Christians!
- How can you think of agreeing with him?
- It is our duty to save the kingdom!
Granada will only be saved if we end
with the Zagal and you become Emir.
If we have to agree with the
Christians to achieve that
we will.
The properties of the Catalonian
noblemen are being sacked.
Anyone who gets in the
way of the serfs is killed.
- Are those noblemen asking for my help?
- Just as you foresaw.
Now that they are cornered,
they remember their king.
My lord, the riot of the serfs has to
be controlled while there's still time.
You have to go back to Aragon.
There's something more.
There are more and more
disturbances against the Inquisition.
- I won't step back.
- The converts fear being persecuted.
And the noblemen support them,
considering it'd be against the law.
They support them because they
are rich and have business together.
Right, but the most influential converts
have approached Santángel
- your notary and accountant.
- What do they want?
Guarantees. They demand that you stop
the reform until an agreement is reached.
My husband, your king, will
leave for Málaga in a few hours.
You know that the Holy War is
not a duty that he can break.
But I won't take long, and
I guarantee that in Aragon
some will be sorry about
seeing me again so soon.
You will take two messages. One to
Verntallat and the other to Santángel.
'My heart abandons me.
Will it ever come back?
It became ill. Such is the
pain for the beloved one?
When is it going to heal?'
Why are you stopping?
Who's there?
It's me, brother.
Allah, in all His mercy, deprived me of
sight to avoid seeing my son's murderer.
Yussuf was a traitor, just like his
brother, Boabdil, but I did not kill him.
Unfortunately, the news I have
will not make you feel any better.
Our spies found out that the Christian
armies are willing to take Málaga.
You have to stop them.
Only you can do it.
I ordered to reinforce the city's defense.
The garrison of Ronda is on its way. I will
join them with the best troops of the kingdom.
If Málaga falls, the entire kingdom will.
Trust me. None of that will occur.
You're lucky that someone in
your family is still loyal to you.
Think what would become of you
without me, now that you're like that.
Leave him alone. Get
out of here right now.
Get out!
The Malagans are gathering supplies.
- I'm afraid the siege might stretch on.
- The garrison of Ronda is heading there.
That's right, sir.
Soldiers from all over the infidel kingdom
are heading to Málaga to defend it.
- It will be hard to defeat them.
- Great.
Our target is Ronda, not Málaga.
Boabdil fears that we take Málaga.
I knew he would spread the word.
Was that your intention?
To make the Zagal gather
his forces in the square?
- Málaga is too important for him.
- So he left Ronda at our will.
Don't you trust us?
I'd put my life in your hands.
But maybe you're not as good
of a liar as you are a soldier.
Only the queen and I knew about this.
We didn't lie to you, but to the Zagal.
When Ronda wakes up unprotected,
our armed retinue will siege the city.
Give the order. We're
leaving as soon as possible.
If that's what His Highness
wants, we couldn't agree more.
Santángel, I was waiting
for you. Come in.
- I hope your visit to the king was fruitful.
- That's right.
I told him about the converts' fear
of the Inquisition, as you wished.
When will he return? Will he see us?
Of course he will, as soon as he can.
But he ordered me to
anticipate his answer.
So here it is. Let me introduce
you to Don Pedro de Arbués.
The new inquisitor of Aragon.
My brother helped you, got sick
and you abandoned him to
go back with the traitors.
Do you appreciate your life so little
that you dare to come here?
My lord, if I take the risk
of suffering your rage
- it is because the purpose deserves it.
- Go ahead.
- Give me a reason not to cut off your head.
- I'll give you two.
First, your brother was right.
If we don't fight together against the
Christians, our kingdom will be lost.
I hope your second
reason is more powerful.
The Christians tricked you.
They made you gather your forces in
Málaga, but they're heading to Ronda.
- How do I know you're not lying?
- I saw it myself.
A large army. With
plenty of siege engines.
Verify it. Cut my head off if you
will, but there's no time to lose.
- Boabdil knows?
- No. They tricked him as much as you.
I came to tell you as fast as I could.
Ronda is undefended,
I can't protect it alone.
If we join forces, as you
say, we can avoid its loss.
- Will my nephew be willing?
- Write him, I'll take the message.
And I swear I'll do my
best to convince him.
I'll send emissaries to Málaga so the
bulk of our forces return to Ronda.
I will depart today with the
remaining men in Granada.
The ruse of King Fernando
will turn against him.
Your Highness.
Do you feel bad?
- I'll call the physician.
- Leave it, Catalina.
It's just dizziness, I'm tired.
Did you bleed this month?
That doesn't matter. Since Princess
María was born, I haven't bled regularly.
You have to rest, my lady.
That's what you need.
Soon, your husband will end with the
infidels and we all will get to rest.
The message of the king
couldn't be clearer.
The Inquisition will keep going
in Aragon as it does in Castile.
- And we won't change his mind.
- The noblemen are with us
- as well as most of the people.
- The noblemen will turn their back on us
as soon as they find others to trade with.
- It was so in Seville.
- Then we'll have to end with the tyrant.
It's natural. Rome did it with Caesar.
Are you crazy? Do you
want to get us all killed?
I heard nothing. Forget I was even here.
May God end all this in words.
They tricked us, Mother. The Christians
aren't going to Málaga, but to Ronda.
How can I recover the
throne with such allies?
We're forced to sleep
with a snake or a scorpion.
- Which bite is less poisonous?
- We're Muslims, my lady.
The infidel is our enemy.
My uncle wants us to
join him to save Ronda.
What's next?
Will your father and uncle retreat,
so you can rule as it is your right?
My lord, together we can save the kingdom.
Go back with the Zagal if you're so
convinced, and take your people with you.
Just don't involve my son.
May Allah protect you.
If you go to Ronda, you can give
up for dead your son Ahmed.
That's as certain as it is that the Zagal
will kill you before letting you rule Granada.
Can't you see the opportunity
that Allah is giving us?
Send a small detachment.
Send it to Ronda.
A few dispensable men,
and write to your uncle.
Make him believe we'll help him. Meanwhile,
we'll go to Granada with the rest.
We'll attack an unprotected Alhambra
when they least expect it.
That's right, Your Highness.
You're pregnant.
- The Highest is merciful.
- I warned you this couldn't happen again.
Being a married woman, how could I
have avoided it without insulting God?
I told you how. Take into
account my words, my lady.
Your life is at risk. You
could die giving birth.
Nothing can be done?
- No care will be missed.
- Then, with God's help and yours
- we'll come through.
- Believe me.
Castile could lose its
queen. Act consequently.
Badoz, the king can't know about this.
My lord, the armies of
the Zagal are coming.
They discovered the ruse.
How long will the defenses
of the square resist?
It's a solid fortress, but
the artillery won't give up.
Our men have already burned
many spots of the city.
- Have you left Ronda without water?
- Yes, Your Highness.
They'll have to choose between drinking or
putting out the fire with what they have left.
Soon, they will surrender.
We have to take the square
before the Zagal arrives.
Our positions are safe, we can continue
with the siege while defending ourselves.
We'd be at a disadvantage.
Intensify the bombing.
Do not relent.
They've tricked us. Boabdil and
his men are heading to Granada.
Albayzín has risen up and
proclaims him as the Emir.
Tell our men to go back to Granada,
we have to defend the Alhambra.
Let's go!
May Allah forgive us. Ronda
will belong to the Christians.
[June 25, 1485]
My lady, we put the victory God
granted us in Ronda at your feet.
- To Castile!
- To Castile!
To Castile and our monarchs,
Isabel and Fernando.
Long live!
The infidels had more than a
thousand captive men enslaved.
Stand up. Your agony is over.
Castile owes you a lot, and
we won't leave you alone.
May the world know about
the glory of this day!
Ring the bells. Make their sound
heard in every corner of Granada.
God will lead us to victory.
Boabdil has grown stronger in Albayzín
and we barely saved the Alhambra.
Ronda is now in hands of the
Christians, your son's allies!
- I'm surrounded by enemies.
- Wake up!
You have to abdicate and leave
the regency to me, as you promised.
Do it before it's too late.
I know this kingdom needs
a strong leader to be saved.
But how can I let my son be born
in the hands of an assassin?
My husband needs to rest.
What do you want? You
already rule over Granada.
- Let him die in peace.
- If he doesn't abdicate before dying
Boabdil will be his rightful successor!
What will happen with your children then?
You think Aixa will show mercy?
Your salvation and mine are
bound to the kingdom's fate.
Granada only stands a chance if your
son Nasser is Emir, and I'm regent.
You're right.
Only you can protect us if
Allah calls my husband home.
Let me convince him.
And promise me you won't
try anything on your own.
- Now you trust me?
- We both share a common goal.
That Boabdil doesn't rule Granada, and
this kingdom survives my husband's death.
Do I have your word?
I'll need some guarantees.
After you convince the Emir.
Now my life and my children's
are in your hands.
I was thanking God for bringing
you back to me safe and sound.
This reunion will only last a couple hours.
I have to leave to Aragon immediately.
I know.
And these months apart
will be like years to me.
Time flies. You're leaving for Segovia.
When you realize it, we'll
be reuniting there already.
Don't forget that I love you.
Never. Never forget it.
And whenever you remember my mistakes,
know they're the result of the love I feel for you.
What's going on? I came back
safe and sound from battle
and so I will from Aragon.
Don't be sad, Isabel. This is our destiny.
To separate to solve our kingdoms' affairs,
and then always return to each other's arms.
Always together.
Every second of every day,
I'll be thinking of you.
Is it that strange for you that
the king asks you for money?
This is not the first time, Santángel.
And I'm afraid it won't be the last.
Sir, you didn't listen to our
petitions against the Inquisition.
- And now--
- For God's sake, what could you possibly fear?
To the Inquisition, all
converts are suspects.
Would you have anything to
hide from the Holy Tribunal?
Then it's no problem for you. What
we want is to end with heresy.
Don't you agree?
Santángel, I trust you so much
that in exchange for the loan,
I offer you royal protection.
Besides paying interests, of course.
As for you, you can
forget about the Inquisition.
'Death to tyranny.'
Another libel of the heretics.
Do you still think that the
Inquisition is not necessary?
Had you seen these before?
They're all over Zaragoza.
That's how this kingdom works.
They like to accuse stealthily.
Answer me soon.
Santángel is keeping something secret.
He's always served us faithfully.
As his father, before him.
Let's end with this
before it gets any further.
No. Let the conspirators unveil themselves.
Right now the noblemen are against us.
They will make them be with us.
Have you ever read Plutarch?
He was one of the first who made
me believe the Earth is round.
The ancient civilizations still show
us paths we don't know yet.
And thanks to them,
we're living glorious times
that drive us to the future.
- Isn't it a wonderful paradox?
- It is.
- If you'll excuse me--
- Wait.
Do you also believe the Earth is round?
- Ptolemy convinced me long ago.
- Take it.
I see that in Castile, wisdom
isn't exclusively for men.
Does the queen share
this erudition as well?
She's even more well versed in
topics I can't even comprehend.
- You know her well?
- I serve her the best I can.
I want to serve her too. I have been
waiting for a while to meet her.
You must be patient.
She has many things to do.
I shall persist then.
'He who has the will to
work may win any goal.'
- Cicero?
- Menander of Athens.
You should be talking to Brother
Hernando de Talavera and not me.
I doubt it. Talking to you is the best
thing that has happened in a while.
Is my lady the true recipient of this globe?
Let me find the best way
to give her your present.
Undoubtedly, Brother Diego
de Deza will be a proper tutor.
He's in charge of the professorship
in Theology at Salamanca.
Brother Hernando approves of him too.
About the prince's patrimony, it is my
will that you take care of his finances.
It will be so, no worries.
Now, about his marriage. Should
we look for an alliance with France
or isolate it with the
marriage of our children?
Your Highness, what's with the
urgency? They're still too young.
You taught me than an ounce of
prevention is worth a pound of cure.
But hurrying can be equally harmful.
- You still have a long life to live.
- Don't argue.
What's going on, Isabel?
Yesterday, you asked me to revise the
Concord of Segovia about the regency.
Now, this. Are you afraid
of the king's stay in Aragon?
Your Highness, you know
you're like a daughter to me.
- It's not the king.
- Then what?
I'm pregnant, and that
could be a big risk for me.
Badoz believes I could die giving birth.
How could the king leave you alone?
He knows nothing. And he must not know.
You have to promise me.
He must not worry about my fears.
- But if the risk is that big--
- Do I have your word?
- What are you attempting?
- So now you come demanding explanations?
Do you have something to do with this?
[Death to Tyranny]
The king knows about this. You're
my family and I appreciate you.
But if I have to denounce
you to the king, I will.
Stay and join us.
Or is it that our fears are
not your fears anymore?
I did what I had to do.
Although it was useless.
May God be with you, then.
My lord, Santángel sent a message.
You can count on the loan you asked for.
Set a meeting in no time.
Do you think that the
noblemen and serfs will agree?
They'll have to, or else
they will have to face me.
Why don't you tell me
who we're waiting for?
Here he comes.
How much did you get for
the betrayal, Verntallat?
Calm down.
I asked him not tell you,
so you agreed to come.
And I promised that as you
came, you will be free to go too.
Your courage and lack of support of the
crown have the nobles against the wall.
They are now where we both wanted.
It's time to stop fighting and negotiate.
Surrender when victory is so
close? Give me one reason.
I cannot let a riot win in my kingdom.
If you agree, I guarantee
I will ban the abuse.
No mercy will be shown to those who
try to keep treating you as slaves.
With the crown on our side,
I will have peace and law.
Vilajoan, peace for our people. Finally.
- You gave us your word once.
- And the time has come to keep it.
Surrender would be betraying those
who left everything for the cause.
It's precisely for them
that we need to stop.
They deserve to go back home,
proud of what they achieved.
- And alive.
- Give it a thought.
If you don't stop, I'll send my soldiers
against those you try to defend.
So be it.
- Excuse me.
- Fool.
Don't make an enemy you will never
defeat, or give yourself up for dead.
I give you my word.
- I beg you.
- Don't insist!
- I will not name the Zagal regent!
- That's our only chance.
- No!
- You won't live forever to protect us!
Now I feel a fear I've never felt before.
It's not fear of death.
But of knowing that I will leave
you and our son defenseless.
Who will stop the Zagal now?
Who will stop him from killing you?
He could have done that
long ago, but he didn't.
Let me help to defend your heir.
Why should Her Highness see you?
Because the western route to the Indies
would provide great riches to Castile.
I can assure you that it is not gold
that makes the queen start an endeavor
- or look for adventures.
- Brother Hernando
it's not an adventure that I propose.
I've travelled the Sea of Darkness for
years. I know all its currents and winds.
And I have the navigational charts that my
father-in-law, Perestrello, gathered in Portugal.
- You show a lot of faith in your project.
- It is not faith!
It's not faith. It's certainty and sureness.
A certainty close to arrogance.
I've worked on this project for years.
No one knows more than me, no
one has read more than I've read.
D'Ailly, Mandeville, Ptolemy, no one
has heard and seen what I've seen and--
What have you heard and seen?
- Let me not reveal everything I could.
- How can we help you, then
to be received in royal audience?
A first mate who got lost during a storm
travelled beyond the Azores,
and drew a navigational chart
- which I have.
- Did he arrive to China?
Don't ask me to keep talking. I've suffered
by saying more than I should have.
I'll try to make the queen meet with you.
But you must be patient.
And I hope you won't spare to show her
that wonderful document you have.
Of course.
- Thank you.
- To Her Highness you must tell more
about the souls that faith will enlighten
than about the gold you will find.
My lord, the serfs have
taken the castle of Anglès.
How could a bunch of
peasants take a fortress?
Nothing is going to stop them, until
the noblemen face them in Barcelona.
- Have the noblemen joined together?
- And they've become strong.
They're organizing an army in the city.
They were cornered, begging for my help.
And now, they don't need me anymore.
Because that bastard of Sala!
Only the king can win this war.
And it has lasted long enough.
Here it is, the Emir's abdication.
Can you guarantee that after my husband
dies, and no one overshadows you in Granada
you won't get rid of me and my children?
Just one, you won't need any other.
That day, you will become my wife.
I will teach and love my brother's
children as if they were mine.
I will rule until the heir becomes an adult.
On his behalf, I will unite the kingdom
and give it to him more prosperous
and powerful than ever.
Time goes so fast.
To navigate without landing for so
long, has never been done before.
But it's possible, if we know where
that land is that is waiting for us.
And if we know the ocean currents well.
Could it be true that at the end
of your route is earthly paradise?
- I see you read Mandeville.
- Quite closely.
However, so much wonder sounds
more like a legend than reality.
Maybe. But I'm sure of something.
That route will circle the world, and thus
we will use it to spread the gospel.
Just think, the infidels will be surrounded
by Christians from east to west.
Something that will be
good for faith, of course.
Will it be good for our economy too?
Your Highness, all the gold, spice and
sugar trade will pass through Castile.
Your kingdom will grow in lands and
riches like no monarch dreamed before.
May God let us leave
such legacy to Castile.
I'm glad I heard from you.
You will hear from us
soon. You can be sure.
You can leave.
If you let me, I will take
this document with me.
He strongly believes in what he says.
I met a monk who used to make
copies of old books and then sell them.
He used to make the paper
look old with some liquids.
They had the same smell that the
chart Columbus showed us had.
Your Highness, I'm afraid he's a trickster.
Cultured, maybe experienced as a sailor.
But still a trickster.
What if, despite everything, he's right?
Call a meeting where better-
versed men study his project.
Choose the best. And find out the
projects he realized in Portugal.
You will be able to do it with
the necessary discretion.
I warned you. You could have avoided
defeat. I feel bad seeing you like this.
You will respond to God for
your people's blood, but first
you will respond to me.
In the name of the king, you
are found guilty of treason.
You will die in the scaffold.
You will be carved up.
And your head will be shown on
a pike so it works as a lesson.
When you're in front of the executioner,
think about how valuable the king's word is.
I've saved noblemen whose heads
I would happily see on a pike.
More stubborn than this.
- The war is over, that's what matters.
- It is over.
But the victory isn't mine yet.
Brother Hernando.
- I have a doubt you can clear up.
- Tell me.
Is it possible to confess a crime you
haven't committed but you know you will?
If you regret and want to amend--
But then again, why would you sin?
Because even if I don't
want to, it's necessary.
Are you going to sin deliberately?
That will only make your sin bigger,
and I don't see repentance on it.
Don't wait for the absolution.
Now the remorse will be with me
I hoped to lighten my
conscience before leaving.
What are you thinking of doing?
I gave my word to the queen
but I won't keep it.
Tomorrow we will be free.
- The heretics decided to end tyranny.
- We found weapons in the cathedral.
Your Highness, don't go to the
mass for the victory in Catalonia.
- The king of Aragon can't hide.
- We don't know what they planned.
- Protect me, but do it with discretion.
- Sir, you can't expose yourself.
All the opposite, let them come for me.
They'll show themselves and everybody
will see who are the enemies of Aragon.
I need to talk to you.
My father abdicated.
The Zagal, as regent, wants to see me.
He says together we can save the kingdom.
The Alhambra is trembling,
seeing us strong in Albayzín.
- They know our time has come.
- I want to listen to his proposal.
Now that the throne is so close?
I will go, Mother.
My uncle is right, only together
can we stop the Christians.
Don't you see it's a trap?
You won't get out alive.
The Alhambra will fall.
And you will be the Emir.
Emir of a kingdom doomed to disappear.
That's my fate. To be the one
to give Granada to the infidel.
- Listen to me.
- No, Mother.
I will agree with the devil if I have
to. I will go to talk with the Zagal.
[Cathedral of Zaragoza]
King's pet.
The Inquisitor Arbués, he was the tyrant.
It was in the cathedral, at
dawn, while he was praying.
His killers are even more cowardly for that.
They did to him what they
didn't dare to do to their king.
Your Highness.
My lord, the city is in chaos.
They accuse the converts
of killing the Inquisitor.
All of them, without distinction.
Swear to me you didn't know anything.
I swear to you, my lord. I was a
messenger of the discontented
but I never thought that--
My lord, we have to act if
we want to avoid a bloodbath.
Look for the killers and punish them.
Among them, there's a relative of yours.
Is that what made you come so quickly?
- I beg you, Your Highness, have mercy--
- I promised to protect you.
But those who did this will be punished.
Please, first listen to my offer.
Moderate your punishment and
thus let's settle the debt we share.
Do you want me to forget this
crime for a bunch of coins?
- No, my lord, I didn't mean--
- The heretics did us a big favor.
They showed us how
necessary the Inquisition is.
Now everybody knows what
kind of people they are.
Calling themselves Christians
when they are just killers.
Your relative will die. And the money you
mentioned will be used in the war of Granada.
That will clear you of your fault.
Days ago, they were protesting against
the Inquisition, now they celebrate it.
It happened just as you wanted. Now
nobody thinks it's just a whim of yours.
Nor an imposition of Castile.
Your Highness.
What are you doing here?
Did anything happen?
Excuse me, my lord. For the first
time, I will disobey my lady.
You? What are you talking about?
No single man has to live what I
went through when my wife died.
And much less, my king.
Come on in.
Were you about to pray?
Let me do it with you.
As you wish.
But you know that even if we pray with
someone, we are always alone before God.
Facing problems alone seems
to be part of your nature.
Alone before God and before men.
Excuse my impudence,
but I am your confessor.
It's my job to take care of your soul.
My soul isn't in danger, Brother Hernando.
But it has to strengthen before
the difficulty that is coming.
I'm discreet. Don't ask how I knew.
I thought that by not saying my
fears, I would dominate them.
I sinned of pride, Brother
Hernando. May God forgive me.
I will give you a penance.
But let me, from now
on, share your burden.
Together we will get you to face the
coming difficulties with peace and integrity.
You won't be alone, Your Highness.
Not you nor your soul.
Noblemen of Aragon, you turned
your back on me in Tarazona
and nevertheless, I helped you.
You thought I was wrong instituting
the Inquisition and I showed you I wasn't.
Today, it's my will to fix the problem with
the serfs with the authority God granted me.
With or without your approval.
- Traitor! Traitor!
- Traitor! Traitor!
Shut up!
This man is under my protection.
Frances de Verntallat, you are free.
You aren't guilty of anything.
Thus you will keep your dignity, because
just for honor, you fell from grace.
My mother named you Royal
Captain, and I took away your title.
I give back to you what I took.
I gathered you to know the sentence
that will end with your fight.
- 'I, Fernando, king of Aragon--'
- Straight to the point.
'After scrutinizing, considering,
and thinking over the matter'
'I decided to end with the
feudal abuse in my kingdom.'
To the commitment.
'The peasants have to pay 60 wages maximum,
as a price for emancipation.'
'In one single payment,
or by annual installments.'
In exchange of that sum, serfs will be
able to break bonds with your lands
and there's nothing you can
do that goes against the law.
This is my sentence.
Woe become the person who
goes against it, noble or serf.
For he will have gone against the crown.
How could the Earth be round?
It's as flat as a table.
The Genoese says that at sea, the ships
disappear little by little on the horizon.
- That proves it's round, according to him.
- He's nuts.
What about those who live down here?
Did he tell you why they don't fall?
Or is it that they live stuck to
the ground and upside down?
I will ask him one day.
You come without
announcing your return.
Shouldn't you be in Aragon?
Now, more than ever,
I can only be by your side.
Why you didn't tell me anything?
Because I love you.
That's my only excuse.
- I wanted to avoid your anguish.
- Don't do it again.
I live for you. To love you and
protect you is my most sacred duty.
Together and with God's help,
we will overcome this difficulty.
I'm the one who should
kneel and apologize.
I obeyed my conscience,
and nonetheless, I betrayed you.
You have always been known
to see further than me.
I still have to learn a lot from you.
Without the king by my side,
I couldn't have faced all this.
You are my queen, but sometimes
it's hard for me to put the duty
before the love I feel for you.
I hope you continue doing it.
I have many vassals
but just one who is a father to me.
I summoned you to tell you the dictum
of the councils of Córdoba and Salamanca.
It's been proven that your
calculations are wrong.
For the diameter of the Earth
is wider than you estimate.
I challenge the members
of such councils to prove it.
Don't insist. No ship could travel to
Cipango without refueling supplies.
You saw the navigational chart yourself.
You really thought you could deceive us?
Why, if your intuition is accurate,
do you use apocryphal documents?
In my desire to get support,
I thought that maybe showing a lure--
Abstain, Genoese.
With that kind of game,
you will seem like a trickster.
Tell me, does the queen know?
Brother Hernando, my project
is based on solid knowledge.
We know.
That's why we ask you
not to use hawker ruses.
It's impossible to embark with our ships.
Brother Hernando, I'd like
to apologize to the queen.
Knowing her, I'm sure
she wishes that too.
From the beginning, God shows Himself.
God, creating it all and
building it all by His word.
- That leaves to men, an eternal proof--
- Your Highness.
Have you come to apologize?
I'm ashamed by my trick, but--
To apologize I should be sorry.
Aren't you?
I would draw a thousand times
what so many need to see
if with that, I could do my trip.
- That doesn't speak very well of you.
- The result will.
I'm right, Your Highness.
And knowing it is the only thing
that keeps me from discouragement.
It won't be Portugal, and Portugal won't
want me to do it in Castile, but one day
a king will trust me and I will
take his kingdom to glory.
Don't doubt it.
Just as the wise man said that
movement can be proved by walking
I will prove my project by doing it.
I'm glad to know I was wrong.
I thought your mother would convince
you that this meeting was a trick
to end with you and you wouldn't come.
She warned me so,
does it surprise you?
- I didn't kill your brother.
- I don't know if I can believe you.
But I'm sure you won't kill me when the
whole kingdom is watching this meeting.
Do we agree that Granada's
well-being is above our problems?
Be clear. What's your offer?
But above all, be sure I won't
give up on being the Emir.
Can't Granada have two Emirs?
Neither you nor I will give up
before killing the other first.
Let's split the kingdom and keep
it strong and faithful to Islam.
Explain yourself.
You will rule over the vast
border with Castile.
Reach an agreement with
the Christians if you will.
We will rule Granada and the coast,
devoted to our independence.
Time will tell which politics are best.
My husband is dying.
- Not you.
- He's my father.
You are a physician.
Maybe the best one I ever met.
Nothing can be done?
She's in God's hands. Even if this birth
goes well, the next one could be deadly.
If all your science is useless
What would you do
if she were your wife?
If she were, I would pray.
And if God didn't call her home, I would
make sure she didn't get pregnant again.
Bury me
in the closest place to heaven.
And the furthest place from men you find.
Don't talk about that.
I have fought against death
in order to not leave you.
You and my children,
in these uncertain days.
But the time has come.
And I'm dying with that worry.
Don't be afraid.
Nothing will happen to us.
How could I be so cruel to you?
I took you away from your world
and now I'm abandoning you.
Without you, I wouldn't
have known what love is.
I owe to you my happiness.
My Zoraida.
I never thought I could love like this.
If we had lived in other times--
I wouldn't have been so happy.
May Allah forgive me.
I would have given a thousand kingdoms
in exchange for one more hour with you.
This is Princess Catalina.
Thank God, everything went well.
Don't think it's sadness what is only joy.
I finally see you separated.
I will leave Granada.
Neither you nor Boabdil will
feel threatened by me again.
What about your son?
My husband meant the world to me.
Nothing makes me stay in this land.
I will go back with my family.
Remember the slave who served you
when you arrived at the Alhambra?
Her sad fate will be yours now.
They will never see you like they used to.
Now, you will be a foreigner everywhere.
If he had loved me as he loved you,
Granada's history would be different.
Look for them!
Don't stop until she and her children
are back in the Alhambra!
In honor of your great-grandmother Lancaster.
She's the last child we will have.
We won't put your life at stake again.
But everything went well.
Better than ever.
We won't have more children, Isabel.
The kingdom, our children
and I cannot risk losing you.
But we love each other.
Isn't this the biggest proof of it?
Without you,
everything would be meaningless.
I love you so much.
- Is the queen in her office?
- I just left her there.
- Alone?
- Yes, that's right. What?
Come with me.
Come in.
- What is it, Brother Hernando?
- My lady.
Excuse my impudence. But Castile might
be about to lose a great opportunity.
- Explain yourself.
- The Genoese is about to leave.
I'm afraid he might be
heading to a foreign court.
I learned you were about to leave.
Yes, I have to.
- I won't give up.
- I know.
I also know that men like you
make their dreams come true.
- Do you believe in me?
- I do.
And in your project. They made me
have doubts, but made me give in.
- So?
- I still have to win the war against Granada.
But if you trust me, as I trust you
one day, together, we will
make your dream come true.
- The time has come to attack Málaga.
- That's his most valuable stronghold.
- He will fight tooth and nail.
- We cannot lose Málaga.
We need to reinforce its defense,
and gather a large number of soldiers.
I can't let it be in
the hands of Boabdil!
- Fire from the walls!
- Are you afraid to reunite with your family?
- I mainly fear my father.
- You brought the proof of your dishonor?
Young Nasser is a menace for my son,
but he's also prejudicial to you.
Take the traitors to the catapults and
have them thrown to the enemy camp.
What do you want in exchange?
Once Málaga is in your hands, you will give
Boabdil enough troops to take the Alhambra.
We will attack at dawn.
Pray so the siege in Málaga extends.
May the Zagal and the infidels suffer
the exhaustion of war while we join wills.
You will go to the Christian camp on my
behalf and give a message to the monarchs.
What can be done for
the Jews in Málaga?
At the present, not much.
I only wish you never
regretted not helping me.
We offered the best agreement,
and they answered with the worst betrayal.
Now they have to answer
to the consequences.
Granada's gold doesn't enrich the
Christians anymore. We will not pay Castile.
May they get ready to die in the name
of Allah. He will reward our sacrifice.
I'm not asking for precision,
only that the missiles go over the wall.
That a rain of fire falls over the city.
Nothing will be the same from now on.
I'm the rightful Emir of Granada.
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