Isabel (2011) s02e11 Episode Script


Almeria is now in hands of the Zagal.
He didn't hesitate
before killing my brother.
I have sad news from Almeria.
We'll take his most valuable possession.
I ordered to reinforce the city's defense.
The garrison of Ronda is on its way.
When Ronda wakes up unprotected,
our armed retinue will siege the city.
The Christians tricked you.
They made you gather your forces in Málaga,
but they're heading to Ronda.
- Cristobal Colón?
- Yes.
The king will see you now.
Then what stops us
from getting to the Indies from the west?
Only you think that's possible.
The properties of the Catalonian
noblemen are being sacked.
You will take two messages.
One, to Verntallat
and the other to Santángel.
Let me introduce you to
Don Pedro de Arbués.
The new inquisitor of Aragon.
My Lord, the serfs have
taken the castle of Anglés.
- Have the noblemen joined together?
- And they've become strong.
They're organizing an army in the city.
Now everybody knows what
kind of people they are.
Calling themselves Christians,
and they are just killers.
Your relative will die.
And the money you mentioned
will be used in the war of Granada.
Peasants must pay 60 wages maximum
as a price for emancipation.
In exchange for that sum
serfs will be able to break
bonds with your lands
and there's nothing you can
do that goes against the law.
Go back with the Zagal if you're so convinced,
and take your people.
Just don't involve my son.
What guarantees can you give
that after my husband dies
and no one can
overshadow you in Granada
you won't get rid of me and my children?
That day, you will become my wife.
A first mate who got lost during a storm
travelled beyond the Azores
and drew a navigational chart
which I have.
I met a monk who used to make imitations
of old books, and then he sold them.
He used to make the paper
look old with some liquids.
They had the same smell the
chart Colón showed us had.
I will leave Granada.
Neither you nor Boabdil will
feel threatened by me again.
Look for them!
Don't stop until she and her
children are back in the Alhambra!
I'm pregnant
and that could be a big risk for me.
Excuse me, my lord.
For the first time
I will disobey my lady.
We won't put your life at stake again.
We won't have more children, Isabel.
The Genoese is about to leave.
I'm afraid he might be
heading to a foreign court.
I still have to win the
war against Granada.
But if you trust me, as I trust you
one day, together,
we will make your dream
come true.
It is the will of the king to
expel from Vélez-Málaga
all of those who do not believe
in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.
[August, 1487]
Equally, mosques will be consecrated
with no delay to the true faith.
This is the punishment for your resistance.
And be thankful.
You deserve worse for
endangering the life of the king.
Finally, the king designates
as warden of Vélez
Francisco Enríquez
in substitution of the defeated
Abul Casin Benegas.
To you, Abul Casin
the king entrust you with a mission.
Go find the Zagal,
tell him what happened here
for this is the future that awaits him.
You shall not fear a thing
for you defended Vélez honorably
from the attack of those dogs.
I was not capable of helping you.
Return with your people if
you want to or stay with us.
The war has not finished yet.
Next time they will face greater difficulties.
May Allah bless you.
To be fooled at night by lambs
with fire in the masts.
It was night, so they thought it was
the infantry attacking from the north.
They shouldn't have left
the rearguard defenseless.
My lord
It was your honor to forgive the warden.
You don't lie when you say the stronghold
resisted with honor. Others did not.
And they shall be punished for that.
If you have any news on
the wardens of Benaque:
Casis, Laqus, and Maro let me know.
They will pay for their cowardice.
How dare you split the kingdom
of Granada with your uncle?
To negotiate with the Zagal
was surely difficult.
It surprises me that
you still have your head.
You broke the oath of loyalty
and obedience you made us.
I did not betray you
and I am here to tell you
about the agreement.
No treaty you have made
with the Zagal is valid here.
He accepted giving us half the kingdom
without shedding a single drop of blood.
Now Granada lives in peace.
You are so gullible. The
truce only benefits him.
In the meantime he regroups his
army waiting for reinforcements!
Do you think my army needs no rest?
I need time to recover Granada.
You do not decide
when it's time to rest.
You are committed to
the conditions of our pact!
Our men put you at the entrance
of Granada with a purpose:
to get the Zagal out of the Alhambra
and recover the throne for Castile.
Nothing else matters.
Understand it once and for all.
Do you want to have a moment
with your son before leaving?
I was so eager to see you.
As you can see, we treat him
as a member of the family.
Do not make more mistakes, Boabdil.
A lot of things depend on your decisions.
You may leave now.
Is he as clumsy as he seems,
or does he think we are?
Clumsy or not, we need him to
break the treaty with the Zagal.
The infidels have been so terrible that
you put yourself in the hands of Allah?
They won't allow the pact with the Zagal
you were right.
Either we get rid of him
or we face the Castilians.
It is convenient for the Christians
that we weaken by fighting among us.
They are pushing us towards a war
that will only destroy our kingdoms.
Do not surrender before it's time!
You can save Granada even now.
Obey the infidels, but demand
that they fulfill they part.
To pave our way to the Alhambra.
I doubt they would send more troops.
We've lost their trust.
Make them believe you
are their most loyal vassal.
- We'll give something in return.
- There's nothing left to negotiate.
We can regain their trust and deliver
a mortal blow to your uncle, all at once.
By opening the gates of the richest
city in the kingdom for them.
Boabdil's men attacked us at dawn.
- Did you fend off the attack?
- Yes, my lord.
It all happened as you had foreseen it.
I would be foolish if I trusted
the word of my nephew.
Were there any Christian
troops among their men?
Several pedestrian companies.
King Fernando is clever.
He sends Boabdil to harass us
while he prepares the real offensive.
Our guards must be more alert than ever.
We will soon know what
his real intentions are.
The Zagal is very busy defending the
Alhambra from the attacks of Boabdil.
This is our chance.
The time has arrived to attack Málaga.
It is his most valuable stronghold,
he will defend it fiercely.
First, he'll have to get rid of his nephew.
Conquering Málaga means
defeating the Zagal.
It means winning the war.
The campaign has two foundations.
First we'll besiege the city.
We'll take the meadow with our armies.
We must decide the route
Through Antequera or through Marbella.
Through Antequera,
but then we have the mountains.
From Marbella the road is
more accessible, we'll go faster.
We'll move forward towards
the south through Antequera.
We'll divide the kingdom in two
if we follow straight up to the sea.
Málaga will be isolated from Granada.
It is vital that they do not
receive help from the sea.
The Aragonese fleet
will block the entrance
and our retinues will do so on land.
The second foundation of
the campaign is the artillery.
There is where you come in, Ramírez.
We have doubled our number of batteries.
God bless the products
of the bull of the Crusade.
It is time to fire them
against the walls of Málaga.
The problem is to arrive there.
The roads are little more than paths.
It is impossible to transport
the artillery through them.
If it is necessary, build new roads so
that the carts arrive with no setbacks.
- Even if that delays the attack.
- Okay.
The conquest of Málaga
depends on you, Ramírez.
Do not forget it.
Give him everything he needs.
He must leave as soon as possible.
We'll see each other again
in front of Málaga.
We should wait before making
so many preparations.
We don't even know when
the wedding will take place.
Prince Alfonso will soon be 15.
Your engagement will be announced then.
Try the dress on.
Are you so upset by your wedding?
Come in.
Your Highness,
a woman wants to see you.
- We haven't finished yet.
- It is lady Isabel de Solís.
My God! Let her in.
Leave me alone.
Your father came to us desperate
looking for help.
We offered rescue to the
Emir but it was useless.
I am grateful all the same, my lady.
You did what you could.
I've prayed for you ever since.
I remember our first meeting.
Your generosity.
That is why I dare
to stand in front of you
and beg for your protection.
You can count on it.
You have my word.
I will do whatever I can
so you can forget all those sufferings.
I wish that were possible.
It has been the worst ordeal.
I have lived in terror.
Surrounded by infidels and
suffering countless humiliations.
I even thought
May God forgive me.
I thought about ending my life.
Only the yearning to
come back kept me alive
and yet I feel scared now.
Are you afraid of reuniting
with your people?
I fear my father the most.
What if he doesn't accept me after
everything I've been through?
I will not be able to bear it.
Allow me to write him a letter.
I will appeal to his feelings as a good
father and even better Christian.
Once again, I thank you
for your generosity.
You'll see he will be right at your side.
Beatriz, bring our guest
more appropriate clothing.
Come with me.
Do you mind taking me
first to see my children?
Do not worry about them.
They must be running in the garden with
my children and the prince and princess.
My son does all he can, Your Highness
but the Zagal has
strengthened in Granada.
We need more men, artillery
Are you asking me to take the Alhambra?
Do not despise our courage, sir.
You know that neither you nor my
son can defeat the Zagal alone.
You'll have to finish this task on your own.
I will not send more armies to Granada.
You will.
Once you have taken Málaga,
isn't that your next step?
Málaga will be Christian,
just as Granada will be one day.
But it is a very expensive campaign
that we cannot afford right now.
Very expensive, no doubt.
Nothing guarantees us the victory,
but you will suffer great losses.
Unless someone opens its gates for us.
Are you thinking of convincing
the Zagal to give it to us?
We can avoid bloodshed.
The city will fall intact,
with all its riches and prosperity.
Even if you were capable of such a thing
What is the motive of such generosity?
Loyalty, to you
and to our own.
We have supporters in the city.
What are you waiting for to
proclaim your son the Emir?
Many people suffer from
the tyranny of the Zagal
but they do not dare to rebel
because they fear for their lives.
And that fear will not obstruct
the negotiations to enter the city?
No. Not if the Zagal is still besieged
at the Alhambra by our armies.
They will open the gates
for us if we are generous.
Now tell me.
What do you want in return?
After you get Málaga, you will give Boabdil
enough troops to take the Alhambra.
Anything else?
When my son becomes Emir,
we'll renegotiate our agreements.
- You ask for a lot.
- It's worth it.
Open the gates for us,
and then we'll talk.
I thought I had lost you forever.
How I have longed for this moment!
At last God has listened to my prayers.
These are my children.
Your grandsons.
Did you bring with you the
proof of your dishonor?
How dare you?
I beg you, father.
They are not to blame.
I receive you with my open arms
but they are infidels
children born from sin.
They should have stayed in
Granada with those of their breed.
Do not ask me to stay away from them.
I'm not asking you.
I demand it of you.
Castile is planning to attack Málaga.
The city will be besieged.
You and your families will
be victims of bombing
sacking and illnesses.
The most valuable feud of the Zagal
will be the ruin of its inhabitants.
Fortunately, it can be avoided.
You are the most
distinguished men in Málaga.
The most prosperous merchants.
You must decide the future of our city
- not the Zagal.
- What do you suggest?
A pact that guarantees
the lives of your families.
As well as your properties
and businesses.
All of that for rebelling against your uncle?
Give us the city.
King Fernando will turn Málaga
into royal land with all its benefits.
Your customs will be respected.
So will the precepts of Islam.
What will you gain from all of this?
The support of Castile to free Granada
from the hands of the Zagal.
The king promised you, so no doubt
but when he enters Málaga,
he will forget his promises.
He will take everything he wants
and will persecute all non-Christians.
Do you doubt his word?
We should have been more cautious
when he gave his word at Naples.
There he promised before the Pope
there would be no retaliation and
that barons could be at peace.
He was sincere about something.
Now they all rest in peace.
I had to flee with my
family to save my life.
And you put it in the hands of the Zagal?
We have been fine with him
and he has fulfilled his promises.
His best men defend the city.
It will not fall so easily.
Think about it more.
A good peace agreement could
be as advantageous as a victory.
If all you have is the word of King Fernando,
you can count me out.
I thought the request of
the queen would be enough.
My God.
This suffering will never end.
Calm down. If it is necessary,
my wife will talk to Sancho.
- Let me go.
- Stay by my side.
You have no reason to
hide before the infidels.
I thought I would never see you again.
This lady is under the
protection of the queen.
- You must respect her.
- After she stole my husband?
Your husband kidnapped her.
He humiliated, enslaved her.
Turned her into his
concubine against her will.
- Did she tell you so?
- I beg you
- do not listen to her.
- Yes, she arrived as a slave
but my husband freed her and
she became his wife at her own will.
- Did she have a choice?
- Muley never forced a woman.
Are you saying she is not
a victim of your brutality?
The queen and you are
the victims of her lies.
She took the name of Zoraida
and joyfully converted to Islam.
She followed the Muley
in his retirement.
Did she tell you he died in her arms?
That nobody cried for him like she did?
- My lord, none of this
- Shut up!
Hold her prisoner, awaiting new orders.
Follow me.
My husband lost his head.
She took every advantage she could.
Do not let her fool you
with her sheep's clothing.
She didn't seem so ambitious.
She is. She even got Muley to
designate her son as his heir.
She agreed with the Zagal he would
be regent until the boy became a man.
So Nasser could fight over
the throne with your son?
That is why Granada is divided in two.
Boabdil defends his legitimacy
while the Zagal pretends to rule
in the name of that boy.
I wasn't aware of that.
Little Nasser is a threat to my son
but he is also prejudicial to you.
That boy legitimates the Zagal,
your true enemy in Granada.
- If the Zagal got him
- You are right, we must mitigate it.
- But I don't know how.
- He must not get the throne of Granada.
We must leave the Zagal defenseless,
so everybody sees he's a usurper.
There may be a way.
Would Granada accept being
ruled by a Christian Emir?
Bring me Isabel de Solís.
- Boabdil wants the people to betray us.
- Are you sure?
Nobody sighs in Málaga
without me knowing.
- He wants me to surrender the city.
- They will not dare.
Some have already met
with Boabdil behind my back.
If a rebellion breaks out, it
would be hard to defend it.
The infidels will attack.
That's for sure.
We cannot lose Málaga.
We must secure its defense.
Gather the largest number of troops!
I cannot let it fall into
the hands of Boabdil!
Write to our allies in Africa.
The Qaid of Gomeres
promised to send us troops.
The sooner they get to Málaga,
the sooner they'll take control of the city.
Those traitors will pay for it dearly.
Nerja and Bentomiz, leaders of Comares,
surrender before you.
Their inhabitants are now your vassals.
Take these gifts as a symbol
of loyalty and submission.
We promise your customs
will be respected.
You will have peace and justice in
the shelter of Castile. You may leave.
Not you, Boabdil.
We expected the surrender of Málaga.
Did your allies turn their backs on you?
I'm sorry, Your Highness.
I did not win their trust.
The Zagal is still at the Alhambra.
We thought the people of Málaga
would agree to a pact if he wasn't there.
They won't do it. Not anymore.
The Zagal requested
the help of the Gomeres.
They are the fiercest soldiers in Africa.
We expect their imminent
arrival to the city.
No one will dare to disobey the Zagal.
You may leave.
The Gomeres in Málaga.
The conquering won't be any easier.
What do we know of the Aragonese army?
In a couple of days they will be in front
of the city, ready to block the port.
We must prevent the
reinforcements from disembarking.
- And Ramírez, the artilleryman?
- He must be arriving to Málaga.
It all depends on him planting
his batteries in front of the city.
We must leave as soon as possible.
You tried to fool me.
Forgive me, I beg you.
You took advantage of
my trust and good faith.
- Your excuses are not enough.
- You are a mother too.
- I swear I did it all for my children.
- Stop crying!
I cannot tell true tears
from false ones anymore.
Please, Your Highness, have mercy on me.
I'm lost without your protection.
I promised I would protect you.
And I will be true to my word.
But from now on there won't be more lies.
I demand your obedience and loyalty.
- From you and your children.
- My children?
How can a child prove his loyalty?
I must be sure they won't claim
their rights as heirs of Muley Hacén.
You have my word it will be so.
As you understand,
your word has little value.
Let God, Our Lord, be the one
who seals our agreement.
The troops of Boabdil are ever-growing!
Reorganize the defenses,
and let the soldiers take turns resting.
My lord, the Gomeres have
disembarked in Málaga.
How long can we resist at the Alhambra?
We have provisions, our position is safe.
But here we are isolated.
We will never get the help we need.
But in Málaga
We should not waste the
opportunity of the Gomeres.
Will you let the Alhambra fall?
I wish I could keep both places
but I fear if we get
stubborn we will lose both.
Maybe if we draw back to Málaga
we can reorganize our forces.
So be it.
Let's go, right now.
Excuse the urgency of this visit.
I heard you will go back
to the south soon.
Indeed, the Zagal is
still a fearsome enemy.
We still have a lot to do.
Tell me, what are your concerns?
I'm aware of the conditions imposed
on the defeated in Vélez-Málaga.
Do you consider them disproportionate?
They paid dearly for their resistance
but I'm not the one who
should judge such a thing.
Besides, I trust the magnanimity
of the king and queen.
I doubt the Zagal will accept
any kind of agreement.
He won't surrender Málaga on good terms.
He will surrender.
Whether it be before Fernando
or before the Jimenas.
How does that affect you?
I fear the conquering of Málaga
will be achieved by turning
innocents into vassals.
You are not a man of weapons.
I have not seen a war where
innocents ended unharmed.
- Aljama lodges hundreds of Jews.
- Imprisoned by the Moors?
Imprisoned by the siege
and they are not the enemies of Castile.
Do you have relatives there?
Are they interested in fleeing the city?
My dear Andrés, will you
leave your house, businesses, and things
to be pointed out as a traitor?
It's very probable I wouldn't even
get to the gates of the wall.
According to you, what can be
done for the Jews of Málaga?
For now, very little.
But the monarchs may
guarantee their future.
What do you propose?
I'm asking you not to chase them.
Nor to consider them enemies.
But that after the victory you respect
their properties and customs.
You think the Moors will resist and
you don't want the Jews to suffer.
I fear the ferocity of the Zagal
exhausts the benevolence
of the sovereigns.
I understand.
Let me make an inquiry before
going to the monarchs.
Leave it in my hands.
I don't see the artillery.
Where are Ramírez's men?
- They are not here yet.
- They should be.
They left the court way ahead of us.
The artillerymen should have
already taken their positions.
I'll send a detachment to look for them.
They may return all the way
to the castle if needed.
I want them here as soon as possible.
They're firing from the walls!
The Zagal got ahead of us. Come on!
Seeing that Málaga was in danger
I hastened to request your help.
I abandoned the Alhambra to protect you.
You will understand my
regret upon finding out
that some of you have
listened to my enemies.
Any attempt to achieve agreements
with the infidels is deemed high treason.
And is punishable with death.
And you?
Do you want to surrender Málaga too?
My lord, do whatever you want with me
but I did not betray you.
I swear I'm with you.
Imprison him.
You'll soon be able to
demonstrate if that's true.
Take the traitors to the catapults
and throw them to the enemy camp.
No, please, no!
I understand the concerns of
the rabbi, and he's quite right.
I also believe that taking Málaga
will take time and
it will cost many lives.
If it were my decision, I would not
forgive the besieged only because.
they do not share the
beliefs of the enemy.
Even if they were caught in the crossfire?
Can the rabbi assure us that no Jew
defends the Alcazaba with the Saracens?
It would be like granting absolution
before listening to the confession,
without knowing if there's repentance.
A gift and a sacrilege.
I must ask you not to pass
this proposal to the monarchs.
Not only that.
You must make him understand that
Málaga is not just any other village.
Many will fight to
exhaustion to conquer it.
And things will not be
the same after the victory.
The bounty has been already distributed.
Even before crossing the walls.
You know that the monarchs have more
to do than live up to their agreements.
They should also exhibit
generosity towards their armies.
Even if it is at the expense of the Jews.
I therefore baptize you
in the name of the Father
the Son
and the Holy Spirit. Amen.
You may go in peace.
Let's rejoice on this day.
Let's rejoice for the true faith
triumphs in its crusade against the infidels.
Today, Juan de Granada
has been baptized
and that has been a great victory.
He was born under the
oppression of Islam
and thank God
he escaped from its claws.
He has embraced our faith
and as he is now our Christian brother
we accept him with delight.
- Long live Castile!
- Down with the infidels!
- Long live the queen!
- Long live!
I'm glad you shared this fateful
day with your grandson.
I'm only fulfilling the wishes
of Your Highness.
And I will compensate it all.
Your Highness
I don't know how to thank you.
I will always be your most loyal vassal.
Your debt with me is settled.
Now leave the court.
I do not want to see you again.
Son of a bitch!
You are witnesses.
The Zagal plundered the riches
of the Alhambra, and has fled
abandoning them to their fate.
What else matters to the tyrant
other than his own destiny?
Nothing will be the same from now on.
I am the legitimate Emir of Granada
and I bring a new way of governing.
My way is justice. My goal, peace.
My kingdom, my reason for being.
I will not stop until Granada is free.
Free of the tyrant.
You have my word.
- May Allah protect and guide us.
- Allah is great!
My son
you are the head of Granada.
The torch that illuminates
us in these dark times.
Long live the Emir!
- Your Highness
- Don't
I have failed you.
We have lost many of the parts.
We were ambushed in a valley.
My men fought fiercely.
Rest and recover.
Nothing can be done.
How will we beleaguer
Málaga without artillery
and their camp at your batteries?
We have too many injured.
The first thing is to heal the troops.
Dig trenches up around the camp
and double the guards.
I do not want any more surprises.
For the Sultan of Egypt
for Tlemcen and the Sultan of Turkey.
Go as soon as possible.
Let us hope they listen and
send urgent reinforcements.
They will. Granada is a key
stronghold for Islam.
If it falls, they also will lose
power in the Mediterranean.
I have sent messages to some
leaders loyal to my uncle.
- They can join us now.
- How can you be so naive?
The Zagal controls them with an iron hand.
As long as he is resisting,
they will not do anything against him.
The reinforcements will arrive.
The more the Zagal resists in Málaga
the weaker our enemies will be
and the greater our strength.
People keep seeking refuge with us.
They're fleeing the war
against the Castilians.
Give them shelter and food.
Protect them as a good father.
Order arrangements for this to be done.
Pray for the siege of
Málaga to be extended.
For the Zagal and the infidels
to suffer the ravages of war.
When the king and queen of Castile
demand the cession of Granada
I will have with me all of Islam
ready to defend our kingdom.
Right now, whatever happens in Málaga,
it will only benefit you.
The Christian neighbors of Málaga
have refused to relinquish the
city to our King Fernando.
The siege is imminent.
Then it is urgent to beg for the
mercy of our king and queen
For God's sake.
Now the king thinks that he reached
out to Málaga, only to be spat on.
Offended as he may be
surely he won't devastate one
of the most thriving regions.
You are right. But he won't be shedding
a single tear if they starve to death.
Christians or infidels.
Do you really think that he will be
gracious with such disobedience?
Who are they?
Are there Jews among them?
I do not know.
And you?
Do you know how much
Aljama would support us?
You mean if they would relinquish the city?
I know nothing of what goes on there.
But I fear what awaits its citizens.
May I give you some advice?
May I say no to anything you say?
Focus on the future of the survivors.
about what you may do for them.
Do not expect anything
from the king and queen.
Whatever you may
receive is a grace of God
in reward for your efforts.
What do you know
that you do not wish to share with me?
I know nothing.
But I am afraid to guess
what awaits your people.
They look like rats,
running from one side to the other.
Let's pray that the wind
will blow from the west.
It will sweep away the ships
stationed off the port.
Do you think they will stop the siege?
If there is free access by sea,
they will be much worse.
For the moment, order the
escalation of the attack on them.
We need to break the
siege, again and again.
We must convince them that their
attack is bound to be a failure.
The men of the Zagal
keep breaking the siege.
The troops don't talk about anything else.
We must tackle their raids
before our men are discouraged.
But how? They know this
region better than we do.
We need to strengthen our lines.
Either we stop the enemy from crossing
or the siege will exhaust
all of our strength.
Are you all right, sir?
We need more space
and food for our troops.
There is dirt everywhere.
If we do not fix that, diseases will spread.
Some of the troops must withdraw.
First, we must stop the infidels
from crossing our lines.
- Your Highness.
- Take a seat.
I wish I could wait for you to recover,
but we have no time.
We are the besieged ones
and it gets worse every day.
We need artillery to
punish them relentlessly.
Only you can make that happen.
We do not have a good angle to shoot, sir.
If we get closer,
we would be an easy target.
Just do it, Ramírez!
Or we will have to give up the siege
and go back to Castile, humiliated.
We are in your hands.
Distribute all the provisions
among your vassals.
Newcomers are coming
in waves to our doors.
They seek the protection of their Emir.
The more supporters we have,
the better it is for our cause.
They are too many.
We cannot guarantee their well-being.
- We barely have any food left.
- I will buy more grain.
With what money?
The taxes we pay are all for Castile.
My people shall not go hungry
while the coffers of Castile
teem at our expense.
Will you deny the payment?
You should not provoke them. Not yet.
It is 12,000 pieces of gold.
Maybe there is another way.
Allow me to call the physician again.
He will give you some
remedy against fever.
The physician has too
many injured to tend to.
We will not bother him about this.
Your Highness, I found the solution.
Assault towers.
We'll use them to place the lombards here.
This will give us the right angle to shoot.
It could work.
The hard part is to build them.
We need wood, ropes and pulleys.
We have none of that here.
We lost them with the ambush.
Cárdenas, leave for the court immediately.
The queen will provide everything
the artillerymen ask for.
It is vital that we build these towers.
You finally recovered the government
of Granada. Congratulations.
It is a bitter victory.
Bitter and ephemeral, I know that.
It must not be pleasant
to be forced to relinquish
- after fighting so much for the city.
- That is not my only concern.
The war has devastated our crops
and a flood of refugees are
looking for shelter and food.
We need your help.
I am not sovereign of Granada yet.
You must solve your problems
- as I do in Castile.
- True.
Boabdil must feed and
care for his subjects.
But this would be beneficial to you
since his failure would be
to the benefit of the Zagal.
I doubt that he is able
to receive any benefit.
If my people lose their faith in Boabdil
they will throw themselves
in the arms of the traitor.
He is cornered.
He cannot help anyone.
Out of desperation, some prefer
a heroic death over misery.
I only ask for a delay in
the collection of our taxes.
That way we can feed our people
and get through the winter.
Castile also needs those funds.
We have a war to win and
our resources are limited.
I will not beg.
I just don't want you to
regret denying the aid.
All right.
I grant you a six-month delay.
Your Highness.
I must leave you now.
Are you comfortable in your
new home, Neapolitan?
You are better here than on the other
side of the wall, that is for sure.
Tell me.
Was Lidor Dux
at the meeting with Boabdil?
- No, my lord.
- Are you sure?
And the warden Komisa?
No, my lord.
Even if they were, I would not say.
Although there was no
covenant with Boabdil
just their presence there
would make them traitors.
You are brave, Neapolitan.
I am a man of honor.
Today we discovered the tunnels
that the Christians were digging.
They were killed on the spot
like rats.
Málaga will not go down, Neapolitan.
If we need to go out and fight them
I will first kill the elderly, the women,
and the children of this city.
So my men will not have anything to lose
when I send them against the infidels.
My lord, do not do that.
Even if you succeed against the Castilians
you will lose the support
of your people forever.
but think, Neapolitan
if I am willing to do this to my people
imagine what I will be doing to the infidels.
Sit down. You look exhausted.
Thank you, Your Highness, but I will go
back as soon as the shipment is ready.
I heard of a cholera outbreak at the camp.
How is my husband?
Is he sick?
- Tell me the truth!
- He has a cold.
He has a fever, but it is not serious.
Go tell Badoz.
Tell him to prepare to travel.
We do not have much time.
We depart tomorrow early.
Your Highness, you cannot come.
My husband needs me.
Forgive my boldness,
Your Highness, but you cannot.
The camp is no place for a queen.
I remind you that this is not the
first time that I go to the front.
The king will not approve.
Let us not waste any more time,
we still have much to do.
Why are you here?
Drink this. It will diminish the fever.
This place is dangerous.
You are sick.
I could not stay at the palace.
It was reckless of you.
It is not safe for us both
to be at the same place.
I brought someone to cure you.
- Please go back to the palace!
- Stop asking me that.
I will remain here until
you are fully recovered.
Yesterday the queen of the
infidels arrived at the camp.
Damn whore.
Many people of Málaga climbed the walls
in their eagerness to see her.
There is a rumor
that her mere presence
is always a signal of victory for her people.
Say that again.
Say that again and I will
take your tongue out.
Follow me.
You look much better.
The more reason for you
to return to the palace.
I still cannot leave you.
Your Highness.
The towers are almost ready.
The artillery will be ready
ahead of schedule.
When will you be able to start firing?
A day at most.
We just need to adjust the angle.
As soon as possible.
Your Highness.
Promise me that you will leave
as soon as the combat begins.
I won't have you injured in any way.
All right.
When you start the offensive.
I will give you the opportunity
to prove your loyalty to me.
I told you.
I am not a traitor.
You will go to the Christian
camp on my behalf
and deliver my message
to the king and queen.
You think that King Fernando
will welcome a Neapolitan
sent by his enemy?
- Do you refuse?
- No, no, no, my lord.
I will serve you willingly.
It may just be convenient
to send someone more
suitable for such a delicate task.
- You are a Christian.
- Yes.
You will be received with less
suspicion than any of my men.
I am sure that you will fulfill your mission.
- Father!
-Julieta, Rosa!
Do not hurt them. Not them.
I will do anything for you, but
Fulfill your mission so you
do not have anything to fear.
But if you fail
Your wife and your daughter
will pay the consequences.
I will. I will, I will.
You better.
Do not hurt them, please not them.
Hail Mary, full of grace
I know some of you
were doubtful about me.
About my skills as a ruler.
You thought I would sell the
kingdom for a handful of coins.
Behold an example of
how wrong you were.
Listen to me carefully.
Granada's gold no longer
enriches the Christians.
We shall not pay any
more tributes to Castile.
We seemed doomed to starvation.
With this money,
we will replenish our silos.
There will be provisions for everybody
as well as grain for sowing.
No one will starve because of the infidels.
A thousand times I will face
Castile to save every one of us.
With the help of Allah
Granada shall regain its splendor.
I give you my word.
A Christian serving the infidels?
My name is Domenico Coppola.
I am a trader in Málaga.
The Zagal has ordered
me to deliver this to you.
Coppola? Where do you hail from?
From Naples, my lord.
The Zagal wants to open negotiations.
He wants to relinquish the square.
What are his conditions?
That the administration
stays in Muslim hands
and that justice remains under their laws.
Freedom of worship, respect
to the power of the imams.
Nothing small.
But I did not expect any less.
- We may negotiate.
- Tell the Zagal that we start tomorrow.
But he must come in person.
I guarantee his safety
with my word of honor.
Know that it is our desire to safeguard
the trade and wealth of Málaga.
We will offer a fair deal.
I thank you on behalf of everyone.
Your Highnesses.
Know that I attended the meeting
with Boabdil and the notables.
I was wrong.
I will never regret enough
that I did not help you.
Let me tell you, to mend my mistake.
- Do not trust the Zagal.
- What did you say?
That infidel dog harbors no
intention to give Málaga to you.
The negotiation is just a
ruse to save some time.
Trust me. Soon they will get
troops to his aid from Guadix.
They intend to attack you from behind.
You came on his behalf
with the intent to deceive us.
Now we must trust you?
My wife and daughter
are in his possession.
I was forced to act this farce.
You value them so little?
By breaking your loyalty,
you put them in grave danger.
My lady, I doubt that the Zagal
will fulfill his part of the deal.
His cruelty is infinite.
I can help you stop him
without a bloodbath.
Where is my breviary? Have you seen it?
Look for it among my things.
I want to pray before going to bed.
I know the city very well.
Here is the port
and here is the magazine,
to the right of the Alcazaba.
Between the wall and the fortress.
If you attack the magazine with artillery,
you will set a huge fire.
They will flock to the water tanks,
which are here.
While they suffocate from the fire,
this gate will be the most vulnerable.
Through there, you will
get straight to the palace.
In less than an hour, Málaga will be yours.
What do you think?
Concentrating the artillery will take time.
But if we get the magazine,
Málaga will be ours.
We attack at dawn.
Give the orders to your captains.
We will arrive in time to
save your family. Have faith.
Guard, give our friend
food and a good wine.
- He deserves it.
- If you do not mind
I would rather have a nice bed.
- Neapolitan.
- Sir?
Is the Count of Sarno related to you?
No, my lord.
Don't be deceived by my name.
I do not have noble blood.
Do you trust him?
I have no doubt of his
grudge against the Zagal.
I do not think he is lying.
Help! Help!
Will she be all right?
I did everything in my hands.
She must make it.
Let us hope that she gets
through the night without a fever.
Pater Noster qui es in caelis
Lord, I beg you to save her.
Her life is in your hands.
You are just and merciful.
Hear my prayers. Beatriz cannot die.
Thank God you're safe.
Calm down. Badoz will take care of her.
He mixed us up.
He was trying to get me.
It was a trap of the Zagal.
All along, these were his intentions.
And now Beatriz is on the brink of death.
I swear to you, they will
pay in blood for this affront.
When I get the Zagal,
he will wish he had never been born.
You must return to the palace immediately.
I may have made a
mistake by coming here
but I cannot leave now.
What if he had hurt you?
I will not lose you.
If I go now, our enemies will think
that they achieved their purpose.
That they scared us and
that we will step back.
How is Beatriz?
She will recover with God's help.
Praise the Lord.
I need you to prepare a saddle for me
and to give my horse the best gear.
You cannot leave the camp.
I will ride in front of the walls of Málaga.
Jesus, Isabel, what do you want?
I want those infidels to see
that their cruel acts didn't work.
That I'm safe and sound.
I want them to tremble when they
know that they will not defeat me.
I want a saddle too.
We will go together.
She is alive!
The Neapolitan has failed.
My lord, the city awaits your decision.
We only need to resist.
Martyrdom awaits us.
It is still possible to surrender the city.
To negotiate in order to save
our people is not a disgrace.
How dare you tell me what I should do?
Think of your subjects.
They have served with loyalty.
They do not deserve to die.
They must prepare to die for Allah.
He will compensate us for our sacrifice.
We will rejoice together
in the afterlife.
I am not Boabdil. I shall never be a
trophy for the monarchs of Castile.
Leave me alone.
Prepare my best horse.
I do not ask for precision.
Only that the pellets go above the walls
in order to unleash a
rain of fire on the city.
If we focus the fire at one point,
we will open a gap
and our troops will be able
to enter more easily.
Entering is no longer our main purpose.
Our soldiers will wait until
everything is decided.
Do you want to destroy Málaga?
We offered the best agreement and
they respond with the worst betrayal.
They must face the consequences.
Many innocent people will die.
Innocent people who vowed
allegiance to the Zagal.
I do not care if it's entirely devastated.
They tried to kill the queen
so they must not expect mercy.
The city is yours.
Take it. Unconditionally.
Too late.
Your Highness, I beg you in the
name of the people of Málaga.
Have mercy on us.
Don't you speak in the name of the Zagal?
He has fled. No one knows where to.
- He abandoned you to your fate.
- Your Highnesses, I beg you.
Seize our warriors if that is your wish.
But behind those walls,
most of the people are traders
women, innocent children.
The people of Málaga
decided their own fate.
They must face it with integrity.
Such cruelty is not worthy
of the monarchs of Castile.
You are right.
Cruelty is more characteristic
of the infidels.
I will let you go back to your people
to announce to them that you will all
be slaves for the rest of your lives.
But those who want to buy
their freedom may do it.
They must pay 30 gold coins
and convert to Christianity.
No one in Málaga has that much money.
I will not concede anything at all.
Take him away.
Our victory was very costly.
But from now on there
shall be no more wars.
We only need to negotiate
the surrender with Boabdil.
Let us be generous.
- Granada is ours.
- Finally.
Shalom Aleichem.
450 Jews from Málaga are now slaves.
Most of them are women.
They speak in Arabic language
and dress in Moorish clothes.
The ones who converted to Islam
do not show up on the list of slaves.
They were put at the disposal
of the Holy Inquisition.
Waiting for an act of faith.
Is it true that they killed the children?
Many things are said about
what happened in Málaga.
Not all of them are true.
What will become of the slaves?
Those who have failed
to pay for their freedom
have been embarked on
two ships of the navy.
Where are they being taken to?
They will be disembarked
at the Bodegón del Rubio.
From there, they shall be taken
to the citadel of Carmona.
- To the dungeons?
- No.
The monarchs have arranged
to have built tile-covered
canopies to accommodate them.
Trust me.
This is not the worst fate
that they could have.
They will be allowed to
keep doing what they do.
Only always accompanied by royal guards.
- Did you listen to my advice?
- As much as I could.
That will make things easier.
20 of the captives will go to Castile in
order to raise funds for their freedom.
We need your help.
Count on my fortune and
the fortune of my people.
I mean to accompany
the Jews from Málaga
who only speak Hebrew and Arabic.
How much do they need to pay?
Around 20,000 pieces of gold.
It will take years to raise that amount.
And you will not be able to raise
it from the Jewish community.
Their houses have new owners.
Even the synagogue.
'To Fernán Beltrán
along with other houses
know that he is converted.'
The mosque of Málaga
no longer exists as such.
Hasten to collect the money.
I know that there is a fund
to allow the return of some.
How many?
No more than 50.
They will have to start from zero.
Hundreds of dead.
And the survivors are enslaved.
All of them. Even the children.
- Today is a day of mourning for Islam.
- And a bad omen.
Without the Zagal, they will come
after us. May Allah protect us.
They will ask us to
surrender the Alhambra.
This is our only hope.
The Sultan of Egypt
has promised to help us.
He will demand Castile
to respect our borders.
And the Great Turkish
are sending us a squadron
to the command of Kemal
Reis, their best captain.
When this gets out,
all other African sultans will unite.
And you will get all of Islam
to unite for the same cause.
The defense of our kingdom.
I will not betray our people.
I promise you that.
I will never surrender Granada.
Where are you?
A child disappeared in La Guardia,
a Toledo village.
The situation is serious.
They are accusing the Jews of killing
the child in order to do terrible rituals.
You are accused of sacrilege.
I will complete the journey
of Marco Polo, only by sea
always heading west.
Prince Alfonso is very fortunate
to have you as a wife.
It is a pleasure and an honor.
The time for peace has come.
You shall soon return to your parents.
Take this without delay
to the monarchs of Castile.
My calculations differ from
those of Toscanelli by 600 miles
- so
- So you are mistaken.
If they manage to build a bridge
between Africa and Granada
hundreds of Muslims will go to defend
the Alhambra in the name of Allah.
His Highness will know of the crime
that is being committed in his name.
Let him know that the mosque of
Sepúlveda has also been attacked.
In the valley, the Christians
are building a city of stone.
When will you understand
that they will never leave?
I hope that you are convinced at least
that Boabdil does not intend to surrender.
We must fight to the end.
Now, more than ever,
we must be cautious.
We must not take another misstep
before the reinforcements arrive.
Peace must prevail in Castile
and there will be no peace as long as
people take justice in their own hands.
Only you believe I am innocent.
I implore you,
get me out of these dungeons.
You will reach these shores.
Our kingdom will have the biggest
Muslim squadron of the Mediterranean.
Juan. What is wrong with you, son?
The prince is our heir.
You know as well as me
who will be the next one
in the line of succession.
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