Isabel (2011) s02e12 Episode Script

El último reino en Granada

No treaty you have made
with the Zagal is valid here.
He agreed to give us half the kingdom
without shedding a single drop of blood.
The time has arrived to attack Málaga.
It is his most valuable stronghold,
he will defend it fiercely.
We can regain their trust and deliver
a mortal blow to your uncle, all at once.
Do you fear reuniting with your people?
I fear my father the most.
I receive you with open arms
but they are infidels.
The queen and you are the victims of
her lies. She took the name of Zoraida
and joyfully converted to Islam.
She followed Muley in his retirement.
I demand your obedience and loyalty.
From you and your children.
I must be sure they won't claim
their rights as heirs of Muley Hacén.
- I will not send more armies to Granada.
- You will.
Once you have taken Málaga.
The most valuable feud of the Zagal
will be the ruin of the inhabitants.
What do you suggest?
A pact which guarantees
the lives of your families.
Prince Alfonso will soon be 15.
Your engagement will be announced then.
The Zagal is still at the Alhambra.
We thought the people of Málaga would
agree to a pact if he wasn't there.
They won't do it. The Zagal
requested the help of the Gomeres.
Surely he won't devastate
one of the most thriving
regions of Granada.
You are right. But he won't be shedding
a single tear if they starve to death.
- Shoot from the walls!
- The Zagal is ahead of us. Let's go!
I have failed you.
We have lost many of the parts.
The Zagal plundered the riches
of the Alhambra and has fled.
Nothing will be the same from now on.
I am the legitimate Emir of Granada.
Take the traitors to the catapults
and throw them to the enemy camp.
You will go to the Christian
camp on my behalf
and deliver my message
to the king and queen.
- We can negotiate
- Do not trust the Zagal.
The negotiation is just a
ruse to buy some time.
I will ride in front of the walls of Málaga.
I want those infidels to see
that their cruelty didn't work
that I am safe and sound.
It is still possible to surrender the city.
To negotiate in order to save
our people is not a disgrace.
How dare you tell me what I should do?
We offered the best agreement and
they respond with the worst betrayal.
They must face the consequences.
The city is yours.
The Sultan of Egypt
has promised to help us.
He will demand that Castile
respects our borders.
When this gets out,
all other African sultans shall unite.
And you will get all of Islam
to unite for the same cause.
We only need to negotiate
the surrender with Boabdil.
Let us be generous. Granada is ours.
I will never surrender Granada.
My son!
My son!
Son! Where are you?
Where are you?
Here. Take this now to the
king and queen of Castile.
Do not doubt that Allah is on your side.
'We consider you the monarchs' princess,
the greatest and most noble of them all.'
'The Emir and his people
are at your full service.'
It's good news.
That's like a siren's song. Compliments
in opposition to what our spies told us.
There are hundreds of infidels
receiving shelter in Granada
and they long for revenge.
They will not give the city
away without a fight
and they won't agree to obey our laws.
Granada is not Málaga,
nor is Boabdil like the Zagal.
It is a matter of days to
have the surrender signed.
We shall inform every noble
about the good news. Take note.
Know that after our
struggle and hard work
our Lord's compassion
has finally ended the war
in the kingdom of Granada.
The Earth is a sphere,
the same as this fruit.
There is no impediment for my ships
to get to its limits across the ocean.
At what distance do you think
you will find the Indies?
My calculations differ from
Toscanelli's by about 600 miles, so
So you are mistaken.
The world, according to you
and that Florentine, is too small.
What do you mean?
You are using the Latin mile
to make your calculations
when you should actually
use the Arab mile.
Then the journey will be far longer.
How could I be so stubborn?
Eratosthenes, Alfagrano
Those people gave these references
to calculate the length of
the Earth's circumference.
I was wrong.
It's better to be wrong on land
than in the ocean, don't you think?
Open to the guard!
You'll arrive at these coasts.
Your Turkish ships will meet the
sultan of Tlemcen's ships there
as well as the sultan of Egypt's.
Our kingdom will have the largest Muslim
fleet ever seen in the Mediterranean.
May Allah protect you.
Is that how you plan for peace
for your people? With new wars?
Did you really think
that I would surrender?
With Allah's help and with our allies,
we'll confront the infidels.
You promised to surrender. Don't you
remember what they did to Málaga?
What will happen to our son, Ahmed?
You will have him killed in
the hands of the Christians!
- Tell me!
- If he must die for Granada, so be it.
He will be remembered as a martyr.
You should be proud.
- Is that what you want? Martyrdom?
- No!
Not Ahmed's nor any of my subjects'!
With the help of our brothers,
we will be strong again.
Together we will negotiate and
we'll have our son back. I promise.
My lord
Only by fulfilling your promise could
you negotiate an honorable surrender.
- And to live by their laws?
- We'd rather die.
Move away. Let me see.
Are you pleased?
There is little time for arrangements.
And your patience is running out.
You are the most beautiful
bride I have ever seen.
Prince Alfonso is very lucky
to have you as his wife.
Put it on her.
I wore this very veil at my wedding.
It is my wish for you to wear it at yours.
You have the best aim.
You killed three times more
pheasants than your father.
You can have a rematch tomorrow.
Let's keep some pheasants alive
until your wedding celebration.
Father, this wedding is stressful.
Can't we postpone it?
You are an adult now.
You are the heir to the crown
and the dignitaries from Portugal
already gave their consent.
It is time for you to get married.
I can't see myself married to a woman
whose face I don't even remember.
- I'm still young. All I want is
- That wedding is a state affair.
I assure you it will be no impediment
for you to enjoy your youth.
This matrimony is a guarantee of peace.
Peace leads to prosperity.
That will be beneficial to Castile.
And what about me?
Do you not care about my happiness?
I was also engaged before I
got to know my husband-to-be.
I know exactly how you feel.
And what if I don't like Prince Alfonso?
When I met him, he was just a child,
and King Juan frightens me.
You must not fear King Juan.
As for the prince
I remember I stayed awake
so many nights praying to God
for your father to be a
handsome gentleman.
And what did you feel when
you saw him for the first time?
'That is him,' and Cárdenas pointed
to him within a group of nobles.
He turned around, stared at me
and he approached me to
take my hand and kiss it.
And what happened then?
I had never seen him before
and yet I felt we had
known each other forever.
Why would you not have
the same experience?
I swear on my life,
I'm not a spy, I'm a seaman.
I'm a Genoese seaman. A science man.
He can confirm what I am saying.
Calm down. If you were a spy,
you would be dead by now.
I heard you have an
amazing journey in mind.
Talk to me about your plans.
Tell my lord about your intentions.
Do not fear.
I intend
I intend to reach the coasts of Cathay
without going around the African coasts.
- How do you intend to do so?
- Going through the Atlantic Ocean.
I will complete Marco Polo's journey,
but by sea, going always to the west.
I assure you, my lord, that this
seaman is capable of such a deed.
I would be lying if I said that you were
the first to know about my intentions.
The sovereigns of Castile and
Portugal know about my plans.
- And they dismissed your proposition?
- They did, due to the lack of finances.
I'm afraid I cannot finance
this journey either right now.
All my money is being
used to help my people.
I understand.
However, I also consider
myself a man of science.
I appreciate knowledge above everything
and I assure you
Granada will blossom again.
Be patient.
Please continue preparing your
journey with my cartographers
- until we have better times.
- I appreciate it, my lord.
The day when you leave the
port is not far from today
with me wishing you the best of journeys.
These are the terms for
the princess' wedding.
I would like to have
masses celebrated for her.
And all the bells must ring
at the time agreed.
My lady, there is one more thing.
What is it?
There is a missing child in La Guardia,
a village in Toledo.
That is causing some confrontations
between Christians and Jews.
This matter is delicate.
They Jews are accused of killing
the child in atrocious rituals.
And people are taking justice
into their own hands?
My lady
You have always said that peace
and order must rule in Castile.
If such an abomination is true
the guilty must be found
and given their well-deserved punishment.
Only then will we have peace.
Can't the brotherhood take care of this?
I'm afraid they can't.
I'll assign this task to the Inquisition.
You know I don't quite agree with
Brother Tomás de Torquemada's method.
You must accept it is efficient.
You said it yourself.
In Castile, peace must rule
and there will be no peace if people
take justice into their own hands.
Let my will be done.
'Yucef Franco '
'Shoemaker in Tembleque.' Is that you?
How can I help you?
You have been brought here
to appear in the court
of the Holy Inquisition.
I'm Jewish, not a convert.
What am I accused of?
You are accused of sacrilege
and of kidnapping and murdering
Cristobal in La Guardia
for your heretical practices.
No, that is false! That is false!
You are making a mistake!
I swear, I'm innocent!
I haven't done anything, I swear!
I thank you for these
celebratory days I have had.
The fact that your wedding
is to be held in Ebora
does not mean we cannot
celebrate it together.
Take it with you.
But this is your good luck charm.
Not anymore. It is yours now.
May it bring you good luck, Sister.
I promise I will never take it off.
My lady
The Luso knights are ready
to leave with the princess.
You have our blessing.
Leave with no delay.
There is a long journey ahead of you.
I will miss you.
Don't be afraid, my daughter.
I know you will be very happy.
As for you, don't be distraught.
I have prepared a surprise for you.
This is the surprise I promised.
Look. Isn't it beautiful?
The most beautiful of all cities.
Many men lost their lives so we could
contemplate its beauty from here.
The time for peace is here.
You will soon be able to
go back to your parents.
My lady I'm sorry to bother you
but we should go back to the camp.
We are too far away.
The queen! Protect the queen!
- Get her out of here!
- Go to the horse! Quickly!
Come on, go to the horse!
- Where is the prince?
- He is in his tent
safe and sound, thank God.
And thanks to our soldiers.
How could you take the queen
and prince so close to the front?
I swear I am very sorry for my mistake.
It was not his fault.
He followed my command.
I wanted to see the Alhambra
as close as possible.
I hope you realize that Boabdil
is not planning to surrender.
We must fight until the end.
Let me remind you that the terms for the
surrender of the city are not complete yet.
I'm tired of this war.
The Roman emperors used to say
that in order to have peace
we must be prepared for war.
We already are in war.
Let's not give up on peace too early.
Pay a visit to the Emir.
Demand an explanation
and remind him not to play with Castile.
You have attacked Queen Isabel.
- How could you?
- They were complying with their duty.
- They were defending Granada.
- This could not happen at a worse time.
We need to gain time,
not provoke the enemy.
Calm down. What's done is done.
We need to be more cautious than ever.
We cannot make a false move
before having our backup.
Not even a hundred rubies
would calm the queen's anger.
Please send her my
most sincere apologies.
I regret what happened. My men
thought the truce was broken.
The truce? I will give you an ultimatum.
You must surrender Granada.
My lords are willing to
take this region by force.
If Granada must be devastated
as Málaga was, so be it.
It is up to you.
Tell their highnesses that
we will sign the surrender
as we agreed.
These are the terms for the surrender.
Let us at least make an honorable retreat.
You just sign
and it shall be granted.
Everything you see here is to honor you.
I appreciate it.
I am very flattered.
Yet you seem nervous.
You don't get to know your
husband-to-be every day.
Noble ladies and gentlemen
of the kingdom.
Before your grace is the
future queen of Portugal
Isabel of Aragon and Castile.
Princess, let me introduce you
to my son, the heir prince
Alfonso of Portugal and Viseu.
It is a pleasure and an honor.
This torment you are being subdued to
can be ceased immediately
or it can last until you tell the truth.
Why do you insist on denying
the abomination you did?
I don't know what you are talking about.
I will say it again.
What have you done to
the boy from La Guardia?
Swear your innocence on the Holy Bible.
- I swear.
- Do not swear in vain.
I haven't done anything,
I swear it a thousand times.
A peddler accuses you of
kidnapping and murdering
that innocent boy.
You and your accomplices.
What can you say about that?
Talk to the rabbi Abraham.
He knows me well.
He could give credit to my innocence.
I beg you.
You may retire.
My wife will soon be here.
Will you not come to our bed?
Please turn around,
I will take off my clothes.
You are very kind.
If you prefer, I can sleep on the ground
until you feel comfortable
having me by your side.
You can turn around now.
There is no doubt you are the
most beautiful flower of them all.
You probably have heard it several times.
I have never.
It is hard for me to believe that.
But being such a sweet creature
I know you would not lie to your husband.
What are they waiting for?
We should have stayed
inside the bedroom.
Is it that the princess is
not to my son's liking?
Praise the Lord!
I knew my son was not
going to disappoint us.
Okay. I need no more proof.
Boabdil claims that Granada will surrender
but I saw Turkish soldiers.
- Turkish?
- There is no doubt.
He has the support of
several Muslim kingdoms.
With his missives and his
promises of surrender
he was only gaining time
to re-arm his army.
Son of a bitch!
This is what we get for trusting an infidel.
- Betrayal!
- God knows he will pay for that.
We must prepare our forces
for an imminent attack.
Your Highness.
Alert all the regions taken from the Moors.
There are Muslim troops besieging
Lanjarón and Salobreña.
Francisco Ramírez is still in charge
of Salobreña. Can he hold on?
We can't afford to lose
our best artilleryman.
Here is Lanjarón.
And Salobreña is a few leagues south.
If they take these two regions
They will open a gateway to the ocean.
That is what they intend.
- To take supplies to Granada.
- And even worse
If they manage to connect
Africa and Granada
hundreds of Muslims will defend
the Alhambra in the name of Allah.
Alert the army of Aragon.
We must stop any landing
in the peninsula.
The Portuguese sails will
work near the coasts.
The wind will destroy them
when we are far into the ocean.
You cannot count only on the wind.
Enrique, the Portuguese,
made that mistake.
You must also use
the ocean current at these
islands to cross the ocean.
In that case, we must design
new hulls for the ships.
New prows that split the waves.
Keels to sail through shallow waters.
You still have a lot of work to do.
Here, here. And here.
My lady.
Be prepared to listen to the drums of war.
We will build more towers
so we can fire from there.
In a few days,
our army will go into Granada.
The same way as in Málaga.
Do you intend to destroy the city?
If I remember correctly,
it is you who wants to end this war.
I do, but not at that price.
The Alhambra must remain standing.
Our weapons shall not
break any of its bricks.
My lady.
The Emir wants us to divide our forces
between the coasts and Granada.
We must finish here so we
can go south immediately.
With all due respect, my lady
the king is right.
Boabdil does not only want to
open a gateway to the ocean
he wants to weaken us with that strategy.
Then we shall remain here.
We will besiege his city until
the Emir has no more supplies
and he comes to me begging for mercy.
We will not hesitate to
sacrifice all his animals
and lay waste to all his harvest
until there is starvation in all
their streets and their stomachs.
We will cut down the vines,
poison the wells
and we will make his fields fallow
until their throats dry
and they cannot even lament or cry.
While our enemies agonize
we shall stand here. Strong.
For that we will build a new camp
[January, 1491]
stone by stone
until we raise a whole new city.
A city in the meadows of Granada
which will be called Santa Fe.
This city will be remembered for centuries
for our determination in
this war against the infidels.
God almighty and everlasting
send from heaven your holy angel
to keep and protect
the inhabitants of this new village
Santa Fe.
- Amen.
- Amen.
God bless Santa Fe!
God bless the king and queen
of Castile and Aragon!
Behave, for God's sake.
They could see us.
There is nothing wrong
with what we are doing.
Can you not wait until tonight?
No, I need you by my side right now.
You are mistaken. I know Yucef Franco
very well and he is an exemplary man.
The only thing he could be accused of
is fixing shoes nonstop
to support his family.
It is not the court of the Holy
Inquisition who accuses him.
It is his own neighbors.
Who have borrowed money from Yucef.
For God's sake, look into the debts
they have with this shoemaker.
To investigate every Christian
that has any debt to a Jew
I would need a whole new life.
If you will not do anything
to save Yucef's soul
why did you even make me come here?
To avoid the propagation of
hate against your brothers.
The queen ordered us to
find the guilty, and Yucef
He is the suspect.
- Collaborate with me.
- Collaborate?
He wants to talk to you.
Ask him to tell the truth. I do not
want to torment him anymore.
You will be able to convince him.
Make him
sign this confession.
Again. On guard.
My hands hurt.
It will hurt more when you lose a battle.
A king must rule from his
throne and from his mount.
Do you know what my men call me?
The Soldier King.
If you prove to be brave at the front
if you fight next to your soldiers
if your blood is spilled
and is mixed with theirs
you will earn your army's trust.
Nothing will be able to stop you.
Pay attention to everything.
Listen to the orders.
Get familiar with war.
You must get used to the
smell of death, blood
and the soldiers' wounds.
Do you think I will be like you some day?
I'm sure of it.
Here he is, my lord.
Say goodbye to him.
What will you do to Ahmed?
The Emir's son will be sent to a tent
that will be guarded day and night.
But Ahmed is my friend.
From now on, he is a prisoner of war.
His presence here will keep
the infidels from attacking us.
Take him.
War makes no distinctions.
An enemy is always an enemy.
Ahmed risked his life for me
when we were attacked.
Work with the sword.
The next time you are under attack,
you will not need anybody's help.
On guard.
For God's sake,
what have they done to you?
I swear I haven't devoured
any Christian boy's heart.
What man could commit
such an abomination?
They are false accusations.
Praise Yahweh!
Only you believe in my innocence.
Get me out of this dungeon, I beg you!
I will, I will. But first, tell me.
Did you know the missing child?
He was a water carrier,
everyone in town knew him.
I once fixed his shoes
for being on the road.
I need something more to help you.
Do you know if any neighbor
held a grudge against the boy?
I know nothing.
I swear! I can only
say that I am innocent!
Let them take all my possessions,
my money, my animals
But please let me go back to my family.
I will do everything I can.
I will not divide my forces.
The infidels will not conquer Salobreña.
We will not resist without backup.
We need you here, in Santa Fe.
My lord, as the city's mayor,
I must protect the region.
We need every hand possible
and also the inventiveness of a
man who can complete this task.
I appreciate your trust,
but I belong to Salobreña.
It is our desire that you
remain here, by our side.
Get used to that idea.
The new mayor will defend
the region by his own means.
- You are condemning it to a sure defeat.
- No.
His first initiative will be to offer
the privilege of the right to shelter.
Are you aware of what that means?
Every man with any debt to justice
will be forgiven for his crime
as long as he is willing to live
one year in the fortress
and he services it for its defense.
There is the reinforcement you needed.
With all due respect, my lord,
Salobreña will be filled with criminals.
I'd rather see the city filled
with criminals than with infidels.
I never thought I would be so blessed.
Swear you only have
eyes for your princess.
- I swear.
- And that you will always be by my side.
I swear. Nothing will separate us.
Not even death. Our love will
perpetuate for centuries.
Don't talk like that, you scare me.
Don't be scared.
Now you are with me.
What do I need to convince you?
Yucef is innocent!
He will admit his guilt with time.
You are forcing me to go to the queen.
Her Highness will know about the crime
that is being committed on her behalf.
Let her know also that the synagogue
of Sepúlveda has been attacked.
What do you mean?
Entire Jewish families
have been beaten to death.
People are asking for justice
- and they will not cease until they get it.
- Justice?
That want revenge for
a crime based on lies!
Has somebody seen the boy's body?
The queen cannot tolerate
the hate against my people!
You are right.
Her Highness wants to end this right now
and you can collaborate
to make that happen.
Convince Yucef to confess.
Do you want me to condemn a
man knowing that he is innocent?
Knowing he will die in the bonfire?
If that man is innocent
God will not allow his execution.
A Christian knows that
the sacrifice of one man
can save the souls of many others.
I prefer to think as a Jew.
He who saves a life
saves the whole world.
You are praying in vain.
Allah stopped listening to
your prayers some time ago.
In the meadows, the Christians
are building a city of stone.
- Accept that they will never leave.
- Shut up.
We barely have grain in the silos.
There is starvation among your subjects.
Your army will never connect
Granada to the ocean.
The Turkish ships are unable to land.
I curse the fleet from Aragon.
My lord
We are on our own.
You must accept that.
You say that even Allah
has abandoned us
Think of our people.
Think of our son, Ahmed.
Give the city to the Christians
or we all will die.
Allah may have abandoned us
Let's not abandon our people.
[March, 1491]
Tomorrow we will place the bells
of the church with the mules.
Bravo. You were capable of
raising a city in just a few days.
You can leave.
I want to hear those bells ring nonstop.
- They will.
- Let the Moors hear our victory.
You are burning.
Are you sick?
Juan, son, what is wrong?
Call the physician.
- You promised you would help me.
- I cannot do anything for you.
You cannot imagine how
hard it is for me to ask you
to sacrifice for our people.
You know that every now and then the
gentiles unleash their fury against us.
With that boy's disappearance
their thirst for violence
found the excuse they needed.
You take me for the scapegoat
of the Jewish people of Castile.
No, but the people who have your
life in their hands have decided so.
- I am innocent! I will die burning!
- Confess.
Convert to Catholicism and
they will give you a quick death.
That is the only thing I can promise.
Embrace your destiny with courage.
Think it will not be in vain.
A lot of people will be saved thanks to
I do not want to die!
I do not deserve to die!
Yahweh will reward your sacrifice.
Yahweh has abandoned me
and you have betrayed me!
I will never accept responsibility
for a crime I did not commit.
Get out! Get out of here!
Prepare a mustard poultice.
Ahmed, don't be afraid
I will be by your side.
Save your energy, my son.
Ahmed is fine.
The physician says Juan
is suffering a severe cold.
Let's go back to Seville.
I want Badoz to see him.
Think of how unsuitable that journey is.
It could be detrimental
to the prince's health.
Our son will not get well in this place.
My lord
Let me go with the queen.
- I will protect her and the prince.
- I want you here, Beltrán.
My lord
I am afraid I am not apt
to serve you anymore.
Do not argue. I need you here.
Prepare everything necessary
for the transfer.
We will depart immediately.
As you order.
Don Diego, my son
Without hesitation, I must confess that
thanks to the light from the Alhambra
I mended the direction of my knowledge.
Now I must depart.
But I leave knowing that the
further away I am from Granada
agonizing under Castile's punishment
the coasts of the Indies seem even closer.
They were caught stealing grain.
They deserve a punishment.
Take them away and whip them.
Next time I will not be so benevolent!
Is this how you will confront the rebellion?
Know that your people fear
punishment more than starvation.
You filled this city with
starvation and despair.
What do you want them to do?
Let themselves die?
What are you waiting for to turn their
starvation and despair against the Christians?
You are their Emir!
They still worship you!
Build an army with them
and destroy the region!
With no weapons? No preparation?
- They would be going to a sure death!
- They'd better die fighting than starving!
- Let them at least earn paradise!
- No!
There was a time for weapons.
Now it is time for words.
Your father was right.
You do not deserve the throne.
His pleura is swollen.
For God's sake, speak Christian.
My lady, I am afraid this journey
only made him worse.
Is his life in danger?
I'll perform some blood-letting procedures
to keep the damaging
humor from the lungs.
Do whatever you need
but remember that in your
hands lies the life of the heir.
The blood-letting must be performed
far from the source of the illness.
This is from your daughter,
Princess Isabel.
Beloved mother,
nothing pleases me more
than to let you know how
blessed and happy I feel.
You know that I came to my marriage
with my heart gripped by doubt
and fear.
Well, know that as of today
I would marry Prince Alfonso again
one or one hundred more times.
I must thank you for that.
I apologize to God, our Lord
for rushing into living in paradise
before he considered me worthy of it.
I am sorry, I was expecting
to meet Her Highness.
Brother Hernando, I have
good news about my journey.
I am afraid she will not be able to see you.
Her son, Prince Juan, is very sick.
I understand.
Brother Hernando
Please tell the queen
that I am willing to wait.
And that I will pray for the prince's health.
God almighty
Please do not let the prince die.
Take my life if that pleases you.
Take the soul of any other
of my family members
before the soul of the heir to the
throne of Castile and Aragon
kingdoms that are fully at your service.
Your Highness
Everything remains the same.
Thank you.
If there is anything else I can do for you
If I told you there is a good end
that could justify perverse
means in order to achieve it
Would you agree with me?
I guess it depends on
the goodness of the end.
And the perversity of the means.
I am facing a dilemma that is
making me make a terrible decision.
I need to consult with someone.
I suppose it will not be your wife.
The queen must never know
anything of what I tell you.
I am at your full service.
If this disease were to
take the prince's life
did you think of the
consequences for the throne?
- My lord, I understand your concern
- I have not slept for days.
We are facing a serious
problem of the state.
- The prince will get better.
- What if he does not?
The prince is our heir.
You know as well as I do
who will be the next person
in the line of succession.
Your daughter, Princess Isabel.
After so much work and sacrifice,
so much blood spilled
a Portuguese king will be ruling
over Castile and Aragon.
I pray God forbids such a thing.
God forbid it.
And men will not allow this either.
- What are you doing with this letter?
- It is addressed to my wife.
Let me tell you it
contains bad news for her.
It seems that her brother,
Prince Juan, is very sick.
They do not know if he will survive.
This will ruin her happiness.
Be clever then and don't tell her.
Are you asking me to lie to my wife?
You will only keep her from the truth.
And if her brother dies?
Pray for that to happen.
Isabel and you would
succeed her parents.
You two would be the most powerful
king and queen of the peninsula.
Son, you must learn to look to the future.
That is another reason
for telling Isabel the truth.
I will not mix politics with
the love I feel for her.
- Now is when you must love her the most.
- Please, do not mock me.
When Isabel finds out,
she will want to see her family.
She will want to be with her brother.
- We will depart immediately.
- I will forbid it, for your safety.
- What are you insinuating?
- I do not trust Castilians.
- My wife is Castilian.
- Do not be stubborn!
You cannot risk falling in their hands when
your future depends on a boy's death.
You must resign to stay in the court.
The crown of Portugal
is above your feelings.
We must depart immediately.
It is useless to go all the way to Seville.
I will be by my brother's side.
I do not understand.
The king forbid us to leave
the court for safety reasons.
What are you saying?
My father knows that if your brother dies
you would be the next in line
and I would be there too.
I see how soon I stopped being
the most important thing in your life.
Before me, there is your ambition.
Please have mercy! Stop!
- It was me
- Stop.
He wants to confess.
Do you admit your guilt?
Will you sign a confession?
I killed that boy.
I opened his chest to take out and devour
his innocent heart.
I stole consecrated hosts and
drenched them in his blood.
I admit it.
But I beg you
Stop this torment.
You are not being entirely honest.
You crucified the boy on Good Friday.
It is hard for me to believe
that such an abomination
was made only by you.
You are right, you are right.
There were more people.
I was not alone.
We all crucified him
using sticks as a cross.
Give me their names
and I promise that this
torment will then be over.
Mose Abenamías
Juan de Lucas
Benito García
Are you not planning to get out of bed?
- Never again?
- I am here as a prisoner.
That is not true.
I love you more than anything in the world.
If you really loved me, you would
do anything for my happiness.
Then you will see how wrong you are.
I will take you to your brother.
We will escape together.
Will you disobey your father for me?
We will depart at dawn,
but we will do it separately.
I will go first and we will meet on the way.
Outside of Sintra.
Get ready for the journey.
My tutor will take care of the rest.
You have tricked me.
You already had your guilty Jew.
How come you now have
eight convicted people?
The queen will hear about
your infamous business.
I swear!
There is your shoemaker's confession
as well as the other seven convicts'.
Take a copy to the queen,
if you feel like it.
You know this is result of the torture.
We got justice.
There will be no more
reprisals against your people.
You murder in the name of God.
That is your justice.
Stop right there!
I am the princess,
you cannot keep me prisoner.
- My son. Where is he?
- I do not know.
Where is my son?
I do not know! Ask his tutor.
Nobody saw him this morning.
Were you not supposed to meet him?
Find the prince!
He cannot be too far away.
The fever has ceased.
It seems that the blood-letting
and the cold baths took effect.
I say he will live.
I thank God for answering my prayers!
My brother's life is in danger,
you cannot keep me from going to him.
When Alfonso gets back, we will go
to Castile and you will not stop us.
And my son? Did you find the prince?
I am sorry, my lord.
'I am sorry?'
What are you sorry about?
Do you know where the prince's tutor is?
Find him. I want him alive.
The new shape of the hull
The new shape of the hull
will take advantage of the
force of the ocean currents.
If with new sails and riggings,
your ships are faster and more efficient
why is this journey longer?
Because I was mistaken in my calculations.
Now I know with certainty
that this journey will last
30 days longer than planned.
Which means this expedition
will be more onerous.
It does, but still this route is even shorter
- than the Portuguese route.
- I am sorry.
We will not finance any journey
until we have ended
the war with Granada.
Your Highness, this journey
must be done immediately.
Our money is committed
to a heavenly cause
the expulsion of the Muslims.
Extending Catholicism over unknown land.
- Is that not a heavenly cause as well?
- It is, without a doubt.
Will you let the Portuguese
set forth on such a great task?
Is this a threat?
I know you
and I know you are a proud man.
You have already been
mocked once in Portugal.
You will not let them do it again.
My lady
- It is in your hands.
- Be patient, Genoese.
You will definitely need it
for such a long journey.
Your Highnesses
I am sorry to inform you there has been
a tragedy in the court of Portugal.
Prince Alfonso has passed away
after falling from his mount.
You are accused of
killing an innocent person
for the practice of your heretic rituals.
You are also accused of apostasy
and of committing crimes
against the Catholic faith.
Do you regret and abjure your actions?
That is the biggest lie in the world.
Your attitude
turns you into penitents
with no confession or regret
so you are condemned to the secular arm
to die in the bonfire.
The sentence will be executed
in Brasero de la Dehesa, in Ávila.
All the properties confiscated
from the convicts
will be used in the construction
of Saint Thomas Monastery.
My daughter
Poor daughter.
Mother, I do not want
to live without Alfonso.
So you did not find the tutor.
No, my lord.
Nobody has heard of him.
I have.
I know where he is hiding.
Go away.
Misfortune has shown no mercy
to either of our kingdoms
however, I heard that, thank God,
Prince Juan is getting better.
Our Lord let death take my son
and you can keep yours.
This was his will and
we must resign to that.
Let grief not turn into
hate against your plans.
Nothing will bring us Alfonso back.
Please know that Princess Isabel will keep
her titles and privileges in Portugal.
May God let us find a way to
amend this atrocious setback
and let peace continue to
rule over our kingdoms.
My lady, I know these
are terrible times for you
but there is something I
would like to tell you about.
I heard that Castilian villages
are in peace again.
- How many were they in the end?
- Eight.
Two Jewish and six converts.
- At least, revenge is over.
- True, my lady
but I am afraid it has been
quite a blunder in your name.
The body of the boy was not found
where he was supposedly martyrized
nor any trace of the practices
these men were condemned for.
Are you saying that God allowed
the execution of eight innocent men?
I would not dare, Your Highness.
Then tell me,
if such a thing happened
don't you think He has had his reasons?
It is true that some people
die for others to live
Our Lord had it that way,
dying on the cross for us.
- My lady
- Brother Hernando
I begged to God
to save the prince's life
in exchange for another.
The Lord heard my prayers.
You were living in despair.
Nothing hurts a mother more
than her children's death.
I know that well.
And yet, if Boabdil does not
surrender Granada when we agreed
Ahmed, an innocent boy,
will pay for his father's betrayal.
Let's pray to the Lord
for the infidels to give in.
I do no more than that,
I can assure you.
But I am tormented by
thinking that given the time
he will be capable of
ordering his son's death.
For Castile.
For my people's lives.
It is just a child, Brother Hernando.
What has become of me?
There are no more supplies
or weapons in Granada.
They may give up the region
before the time agreed.
I pray for that moment to come.
Surrender Granada right away.
I will not be their puppet.
I will do it when agreed, not before.
There must be no Jewish people
in Castile, that is how I see it.
That is how Rome sees it.
I need finances to build ships,
to hire a crew
Do you intend to obtain two
million maravedís from us?
Do you think we are stupid?
Drop your swords!
I have put aside Aragon's affairs
when Castile has needed me.
Now honor your word.
I inform you know that Fernando and I
agreed to expel all Jewish
people from our kingdoms.
- You decided wisely, my lady
- Silence! There is more.
I curse the day I gave birth to you!
Any Jew who does not accept this
edict and is seen in these domains
will be sentenced to death.
Use the last reserves of powder
to blow up the Alhambra.
Let the whole city burn with them inside.
- Allah is great!
- Allah is great!
I swear Boabdil knows nothing of
the betrayal prepared in Granada.
- Stand up.
- Let me know if it is convenient.
For God's sake, Genoese.
Do not test me.
Your ambition and insolence
will end your journey
before you even depart.
Defend yourself from Christians
and be prepared to fight until death.
Your madness did nothing
but bring us closer to our end.
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