Isabel (2011) s02e13 Episode Script

Lo que no supiste defender como hombre

Take this to the
king and queen of Castile.
This is good news. It is a matter of
days to have the surrender signed.
Is that how you plan the peace
for your people? With new wars?
Did you really think
that I would surrender?
The time for peace is now.
You will soon be able to
go back to your parents.
The queen! Protect the queen!
I hope you realize that Boabdil
is not planning to surrender.
We must fight until the end.
My men thought the truce was broken.
The truce? I will give you an ultimatum.
You must surrender Granada.
If Granada must be devastated
as Málaga was, so be it.
If they manage to connect
Africa and Granada
Hundreds of Muslims will defend
the Alhambra in the name of Allah.
The Christians are building a city of stone.
- You have to see that they will never go!
- Shut up.
But Ahmed is my friend.
From now on, he is a prisoner of war.
Give the city to the Christians
or we will all die.
You are the most beautiful
bride I have ever seen.
Prince Alfonso is very lucky
to have you as his wife.
Swear you only have
eyes for your princess.
- I swear.
- You are accused of sacrilege
and of having kidnapped and killed
the child Cristobal from La Guardia
for your heretical practices.
Do you want me to condemn a
man knowing that he is innocent?
Knowing he will die in the bonfire?
If the man is innocent,
God will not allow his execution.
I will never confess to a crime
that I have not committed. Out!
Get away from here!
You are condemned to the secular arm
to die in the bonfire.
I intend to reach the shores of Cathay
without going around Africa.
How do you plan to address such a feat?
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean.
You should also make use of
the currents of these islands
in order to cross the ocean.
Juan. Son, what is wrong with you?
His life is in danger?
You know well, as I do,
who will be the next person
in the line of succession.
Isabel and you would succeed her parents.
You would be the most powerful
monarchs of the peninsula.
I will take you to your brother.
We depart at dawn, but separately.
The fever has subsided.
The blood-letting and the cold
baths seem to have worked.
- Apparently, he fell off his horse.
- No!
We shall not fund any travels,
until the war of Granada is over.
Please know that Princess Isabel
will keep her titles and
privileges in Portugal.
Your father was right.
You do not deserve the throne.
If Boabdil does not surrender
Granada when we agreed
Ahmed, an innocent boy,
will pay for his father's betrayal.
Lift up the chin, let them look at you.
Let us return to Santa Fe.
You cannot leave Granada now.
Ibn Kumasa's estate has
been broken into by a mob.
He is one of our most loyal nobles,
I owe it to him.
- For Allah! What about our son?
- It will be just be a few days.
Trust me.
- They will kill Ahmed if you fail them.
- They will not.
They gave their word
and they will keep it.
As I will keep mine when the time comes.
If something happens to Ahmed
I will never forgive you.
- Surrender Granada at once.
- I am not their puppet.
I will when the time limit expires,
not before.
Meanwhile, I am still the Emir and
will not allow chaos in my kingdom.
Remain firm, I beg you.
There are no food or
weapons left in Granada.
It is likely that they will
surrender the city early.
I pray for that time.
I do not want the death of Ahmed
- on my conscience.
- Do not fear.
The child's life is not in danger,
I am sure.
Gentlemen, we are about to free
the peninsula from the yoke of Islam.
A great achievement for Christianity,
but what about the infidels?
Have you decided their fate?
They may go to Barbary at will
and those who remain shall be
attracted to the one true faith.
Do you intend to evangelize
the Moors? That will not work.
We saw what happened
in Seville with the converts.
I admit my failure, Brother Tomás,
but it is not the same.
Those converts held onto their faith,
not because of ignorance
but because their faith was contaminated.
And the infidel has never
known Christian doctrine.
When they learn the teachings of Christ
they will submit voluntarily
to the one true faith.
By the next generation,
Granada will be Christian.
It will help if we repopulate
Granada with old Christians.
We will offer them a home
and land and tax exemptions.
But if they do not pay taxes,
where will we get the money
to feed the population,
to seat the diocese?
Count on the excess of
the bull of the Crusade.
Sufficient to begin.
Does Rome not object?
Christianizing Granada was
the purpose of our crusade.
- So it will be the end of it.
- Your Highnesses
I praise your intentions,
but Granada will never be Christian
without establishing the Inquisition.
When we take the square,
we will decide. We must go.
Torquemada is right.
He may be right,
but I prefer to do it my way.
Your Highnesses.
I know you are immersed
in events of great importance, but this
This cannot wait.
I must leave in the summer to
take advantage of the weather
so I cannot delay preparations.
I need funds to build ships, to hire
You want two million maravedís!
Do you take us for fools?
You can verify each expenditure.
All is well detailed.
With such a fortune he
should have no need for travel.
He will be rich before
he even leaves the port.
We will study your proposal,
but be patient.
We will not undertake any venture
until we have entered Granada.
I share your sorrow
but you cannot fail, you least of all.
I do not have strength left.
You must help your husband in
his heroic mission. Do not waver.
Is it heroic to surrender a kingdom?
Boabdil will not surrender Granada.
If he does not save the kingdom,
he will die with it.
You have lost your mind.
Any other solution would
have been a disgrace for him
- and for our race.
- You want to kill my son?
To get us all killed?
Get out of my room.
You are the disgrace of Boabdil.
You have made him as weak as
Zoraida made my husband weak.
If Granada falls into Christian hands,
it will be your fault.
One hundred times we will surrender
the city to save the life of Ahmed. Out!
Get out or I'll call the guard!
I do not understand your anger.
Is it the journey of the Genoese?
He is selling smoke at the price
of gold and you give him hope.
- We agreed to support his expedition.
- Not with so much money.
- This is not the time.
- Yes, it is.
Castile is about to recover
territories that belong to us
- and then
- What about my kingdom?
Roussillon and Cerdaña are still in
French hands. Have you forgotten?
I promised my father
that I would recover them
and you promised I
would have your support.
This war is not over yet
and our retinues must rest.
I have neglected the affairs of Aragon
whenever Castile has needed me.
Now keep your word.
Colón will have to wait.
Thanks for having me, Your Highness.
- Say, what is the urgency?
- Frankly
I worry about your intentions
with the infidels of Granada.
You suffer prematurely. We will not
decide anything before we have it.
If the new diocese does not
act firmly from the beginning
Granada will be a refuge for
heretics, infidels, and Jews.
Brother Tomás, focus on your
own tasks and leave it to me.
Precisely, Your Highness.
Have you decided who will
be the new archbishop?
Do you also worry about that?
You know I have never
pursued such an honor
but in Granada the church
will require someone
to defend the faith
without his hand trembling.
Someone like you?
If I can serve as archbishop
for you and the church
I would be willing to
accept that appointment.
I will remember your offer
when the time comes.
- You may leave.
- Your Highness.
It is half of what I owe you.
I will give you the rest as soon as I can.
I will take care of this.
Moses, better times will come.
In the court you suffer less
than in the Jewish communities.
That is why you still have hope.
I regret that you have lost hope, Nephew.
They have attacked my
business twice this month.
- Why don't you move away?
- Again?
Nowhere is safe for the
Jews in all of Castile.
Soon the war will end
and Granada can be an
opportunity for us all.
Many Muslims prefer exile
than to live under the laws of Castile.
They sold their homes and
businesses at a low price.
If we take this opportunity,
there is much to gain.
What makes you think that in
Granada they will respect us?
The crown needs people
to help rebuild the kingdom.
It is rumored that it will be different.
There will be more tolerance.
Dear Nephew
The monarchs see the Muslims as invaders.
If they are tolerant with them
don't you think that they
will be tolerant with us?
On his deathbed,
King Louis of France recognized
our legitimate rights.
Now Charles must fulfill his will
- and return those counties.
- Are you going to declare war on France?
I hope it doesn't come to that.
Portugal will remain neutral
and I have the support of
England and the Hapsburgs.
Then I do not see
how I can help you.
I need to concentrate
troops at the border.
And we will fund it with
the bull of the Crusade.
Your Highness,
the bull can only be used
to fight the infidels.
The Pope will not accept its use
for a war between Christians.
We are managing a great
feat for all of Christianity.
Rome owes us support!
You know I cannot please you.
All right.
I will wait for Granada to be Christian
then we will see what the Pope says.
You may leave.
Boabdil has agreed to the surrender
of Granada to the Christians.
He betrayed us, my own son,
blood of my blood.
We shall not surrender
Granada to the infidels.
Noble sirs, the war is lost.
The help we were promised by
our brothers is not here yet.
But it is my will that the fight continues
while every one of us lives.
My lady, we may be defeated,
but we will never be slaves.
Your support makes the
betrayal of my son less bitter.
If it is sacrifice that awaits us, so be it.
But we should not be the only ones to die.
Let us give the infidels
the reception they deserve.
With the last reserves of gunpowder
we shall raze the Alhambra.
The whole city will burn with them inside.
- Allah is great!
- Allah is great!
Nobles of Granada
Do not listen to her.
Only hatred is moving her
and hatred has made her mad.
The Emir is your rightful lord,
he watches over us.
Await his return.
No one else has to die.
Take her away.
Out! Out!
- Have you seen Colón?
- Hardly.
He is very busy planning his journey.
I have been thinking of the
possibilities for his venture.
It is a great opportunity to
take our faith to the Indies.
God willing.
I am glad to be in
agreement with you in this.
Spreading the word of the Lord is
the duty of every servant of God.
Regrettably, the venture is at risk.
I do not know how to
get funds to finance it.
You could help me.
You mentioned a surplus
of the bull of the Crusade.
I'll tell you the same thing I said to
your husband. Rome will not accept.
My husband asked for the money?
To retrieve the Catalan counties,
am I right?
I hope you accept my
refusal better than him.
If we can use the bull
to evangelize Granada
we could use it for Colón's venture.
It is not so different.
Your Highness, right now this
is about financing a journey.
It is not possible.
Brother Tomás came to see me.
He proposed himself to
be archbishop of Granada.
Torquemada? Archbishop?
As you know, my intention
was to evangelize the infidels
but he insists that there will not be
conversions without the Inquisition.
I have not made a decision
but I will soon, once Granada
has been surrendered to us.
Please help me.
My husband should be alerted
about what is going on.
I beg you, the Emir should
know about Aixa's plan.
He will stop this madness.
My lady, I follow orders.
- When the Emir returns
- We cannot wait!
If the Emir does not return in
time with his troops, we all die.
You are a soldier and
you do not fear death.
But think of your family,
of your children.
Why would they die?
What do you want to do about this?
Let me free, and carry
this note to my husband.
Hurry, he is at the estate of Ibn Kumasa.
What are you going to do?
I have to save my son's life.
Your Highness, I swear, Boabdil
knows nothing of this betrayal.
Do not hurt Ahmed.
You are also a father. Have mercy.
Where is your husband?
I hope he arrives on time.
If he does, will he be able
to tame his mother?
Do not suffer for your son,
he will not suffer any harm.
I promise we will save the city.
If we had wanted to destroy Granada,
it would be ours by now.
Spare no gunpowder to
cause maximum damage.
- Nothing should be left for the infidels.
You are still on time. Defend us
and be prepared to fight to death.
Your madness has only
accelerated our end.
Lock her in her room!
No, no!
Traitor! Coward!
I curse the day you
were born from my womb!
Come out and you will pay with your life.
Open, open!
Traitor! Coward!
I will get out of here!
Do you hear me? I am not alone!
Coward! Traitor!
I, Boabdil, Emir of Granada
in my name, in the name of the nobles
and in the name of all
the people of the city
surrender to Your Highnesses,
or their representative
with love, peace, and good will
the fortress of the Alhambra
and the city of Granada
Albayzín and its suburbs
for occupancy in your name
with your people and at your will.
And upon the surrender of the fortresses
thereunder, you shall leave
my people in their homes
farms and estates forever and ever.
You will respect their mosques
and will not disturb them
in their habits, their laws
their schools, where they teach
children, or their religion.
If we find all their loads, we could
prevent them from exploding.
There is no time.
Our advantage is that they do not
know that we know their plans.
Boabdil's surrender.
'To adequately fulfill the surrender,
it must be hastened'
'in order to prevent riots
and other damage.'
Today, at sunset
Boabdil will open the city
for us to take the Alhambra.
Can we trust his word?
- He would not risk his son's life.
- He has managed to curb Aixa
- but new plots may arise.
- True, she was not alone.
We will take all possible precautions.
Cárdenas, you take possession
of the Alhambra on our behalf.
Thank you, Your Highness,
there is no greater honor for me.
Give three cannon shots
when you complete your mission.
If you please, we will wait
together for the signal.
Gentlemen, let us proceed.
Lay down your weapons!
Granada no longer belongs to us.
On behalf of Their Highnesses,
Fernando and Isabel
by the grace of God,
the king and queen of Castile
León, Aragon, and Sicily
Counts of Barcelona and lords of Vizcaya
I take possession of this palace,
of this city, and of this kingdom.
I surrender it.
We must inspect the palace
to see that there is no danger.
My captains will guide you to the towers.
The queen wants all the captives
to be released immediately.
It will be done.
Do you need something else?
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
We have achieved what
we longed for so much.
Christianity will remember this day.
To the greater glory
of the kingdom of Castile
and our Lord. Praise the Lord.
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
- For Castile!
[Granada, January 2, 1492]
You are the ruler of Granada.
You must not humiliate yourself.
Take the keys to my city.
I, and those who are inside, are yours.
My lady
Victory is far more pleasing
when you have suffered for it.
Long live the king and queen!
What a beautiful building.
Brother Hernando
It is our desire that a large cross
be erected on the highest tower.
It must be seen from the
last corner of the city.
Granada is Christian
and everyone must know.
I thank Allah.
Come to my arms, my son.
Do not hold this against him.
These are difficult times for all.
What will become of us?
Where will we go now?
We will go south
to a castle in Al Busherat,
where you will have everything.
That place is fit for a king?
It is not the palace
what dignifies a king.
It is the king who honors
it with his presence.
Come on.
Weep. Weep like a woman
for what you could not defend like a man.
Everyone expects your words.
Long years of war have elapsed
so today we could celebrate
our victory over the infidels.
It would not have been possible
without the determination and faith
of all present.
And without the sacrifice of
all those who gave their lives
for God and Castile.
Today I envy them all
for they have the privilege
to celebrate this victory with our Lord.
As queen of Castile, I promised
to do everything in my hands
At daybreak, you will depart
to France with an ultimatum
for Roussillon and Cerdaña
to be returned.
Your Highness, with all due respect
do you not think that it is
too soon for a new conflict?
Let us hope that it will not be necessary.
But if France declares war on us,
Aragon must defend itself
and Castile will be forced to support me.
Let us drink to our victory.
For Castile and Aragon.
For Castile and Aragon!
Do you hear what I hear?
It is a spooky song.
A litany from beyond.
It chills the blood, it is true.
It reminds us that this place
does not belong to us yet.
That we are in a strange land.
My lady, something must be
done or I will never sleep.
I will order for bells to be
hanged at all the towers
and to endlessly chime over
the sound of their songs.
Even with the noise of the bells
I would rather sleep with them
than with those voices.
You must know
that what you hold in your hands
is the sacred book of the infidels.
Do you understand what it says here?
You waste your time
with useless knowledge.
I think not. I only comply
with the command of Jesus
for all knowledge is a
form of love for others.
Again, you are wrong.
The Lord does not approve of
the reading of these infidel books
or the insulting sensuality
of this palace.
I trust the queen to erect a cathedral
on the foundations of this infernal place.
- There must be nothing left of this.
- Thank God
the queen admires the
beauty of this place.
The devil knows well how
to weaken the will of men.
So we must be relentless.
- You are blinded by hatred.
- And you, by condescension.
So we will never agree.
Brother Hernando
I inform you that I have
written to the Pope
for him to allow the use
of the money from the bull
in order to establish the
Inquisition in Granada.
What do you say?
His Holiness will see this gesture
as the culmination of the
war against the infidels.
You should have consulted me
since the extra money of
the bull no longer exists.
Can you explain the purpose
of Cárdenas's trip to France?
He went to demand the return
of the Catalan counties.
- And if they do not agree?
- I am ready for battle.
- There is no money for another war!
- If France threatens us
Talavera will have to grant
us the money from the bull.
You only care about your own interest.
I have given everything
for Castile, you know that!
And so it will remain,
but learn at once
that the problems of
Aragon are also yours.
Your Highnesses
Brother Hernando de Talavera
has diverted the Crusade funds
who knows for what purpose.
What did you say?
He refuses to reveal how
the money was spent.
Do you know something about this?
What are you and
your confessor planning?
Did you give the money to
Colón without consulting me?
I have nothing to say.
Now if you will excuse me, I have more
important matters to attend to.
Brother Hernando
There is an awkward issue
I want to bring up with you.
Torquemada accuses you of
using the money of the bull
for your own benefit.
And you
- Do you doubt me?
- Of course not.
I know perfectly that you lied to him.
- God forgive me.
- Do you prefer to fall into sin
before allowing the Inquisition
to be established in Granada?
These people deserve a chance that
Torquemada will not give them.
Brother Tomás seems eager
to report you to Rome.
If he does,
you will have only two options.
To recognize that you still have
money and give it to him
Or admit the robbery to the
Pope and take the punishment.
I am not sure which one is worse.
You are in a bind
Of which I could free you.
Fund the expedition of the Genoese
and you shall have my protection.
I would not ask this of you if you did
not believe it is a great opportunity
to spread the gospel abroad.
We both know that more mundane
interests prevail in that expedition.
Do you prefer that Granada falls
into the hands of Torquemada?
Promise me that you will respect the
religions that exist now in Granada
and that you shall not
impose your faith on them.
Promise me that
and Colón will have the money.
You have my word.
And the king?
Will he be angry when he finds out?
Fernando looks after his own interests,
as I do for mine.
Brother Hernando will receive
the punishment he deserves.
Be careful of what you say.
You speak of the confessor of the queen.
Rome will be made aware of
how things are being done.
You boast of your faith,
but the Pope will know about this.
- Watch your words!
- Do you not condone the infidels?
Do you not you encourage
the Jews to fill the city?
Who accuses us of such a thing?
It is rumored that the infidels
will not suffer persecution
and Jews from all the
kingdom are on their way.
Are you sure of what you are saying?
You can throw Muslims
to the sea if you please
but the Jews are scattered
around all the towns and cities.
They are the true danger to our faith,
the source of all heresies.
Whoever says that convert Granada
will be a refuge for heretics is a liar.
But you prevent me from
establishing the Inquisition.
Brother Tomás,
we want Castile and Aragon
to live in the one true faith, you know it.
For blessed Christ!
We have shed blood
we have sacrificed men and
fortunes against the infidels.
That is not enough.
You must eradicate the
evil of your kingdoms.
You can count on my support
and Rome's if you do.
You want Castile and Aragon
to change overnight.
Impatience is a bad counselor for a ruler.
- Ask the Pope.
- You can do it.
Once Islam is defeated,
the Jews must know it is their turn.
This is the time to punish them.
Are you going to miss the opportunity
that Rome considers you
the best supporters of Christianity?
According to you,
what should we do to get it?
Expel the Jews?
For what reason?
They have lived for
centuries in our realms.
True, but their condition is
different from the other subjects.
Legally, they are not part of
the kingdom but only inhabitants.
An independent people that is
allowed to live in your territories.
There are Jews among our tax collectors.
Their loans have financed our ventures.
Their loyalty to the crown
is beyond doubt.
There is plenty of business
passing through their hands.
Are we to reject the ones who favor us?
France, England and Austria have
expelled them and they are thriving.
Under only one faith,
we would get the unity we want.
You know that we have never
been at odds about that.
It is true that hatred toward
Jews is very much alive.
It has not helped to point at them
or confine them to the alhamas.
No measure adopted in Parliament
has calmed things down.
From time to time there
is a revolt against them.
That would put an end to the riots.
You are right.
To get peace in Castile,
expulsion would be beneficial.
And we need the favor of Rome.
We have done the largest and most
expensive crusade against the infidel.
Why would Rome deny us their support?
Maybe they doubt us.
Now that you have taken some
of the money from the bull.
The expulsion will appease Torquemada.
I will ensure that he does
not report it to the Pope.
- I just have one condition.
- Speak.
That I dictate the terms of the expulsion.
I will not allow Torquemada
to do what he pleases.
My heart cannot accommodate
a greater happiness.
I assure you that you will
not regret your decision.
Tell us, what will you do?
Your Highness, we must first
find the best possible ships.
In Palos they have offered
me three caravels.
Three ships for a single journey?
They will be full of provisions.
I want the best sailors.
To do this we must set
the amounts available.
How eager you are to get
your hands into our coffers.
Were you not planning to talk
about my economic conditions?
Your conditions?
If you risk nothing,
you will receive nothing.
I risk my life.
You do not have much trust in
the success of your journey?
Say, what are your demands?
My lady, I declare myself your vassal
and so shall be all the lands discovered
in exchange for the rents
associated with my position.
What position is that?
As viceroy of all the islands
and lands that I conquer.
You want to be part of Castilian
nobility in exchange for a trip?
Lower your requirements
if you value our support.
You must compensate reasonably
what I will bring to your kingdom.
- The crown will pay for your travel.
- If you do not agree, let me know.
- France is also interested.
- For the love of God, Genoese!
Your ambition and your insolence
will end your journey
before you even leave.
There is nothing more to add.
Your Highness.
You will be satisfied.
Colón is no longer up for the
money for the war against France.
What satisfaction could cause
me to see you like that?
Forgive me. You know well
How much this project means for you.
What is happening to us, Fernando?
We are unable to enjoy
what we have achieved.
The nobles are at our service,
not the other way around.
We live in peace with Portugal
we have conquered Granada
Maybe it is time to be happy.
Will we ever stop thinking about
the future to enjoy the present?
We got here because we
never stop looking forward.
It is in our blood.
We were born for this.
That sometimes makes us rivals.
I do not want that.
Would you kiss a rival?
Do you hear that?
It is the first time that
bells toll in our Granada.
They must not stop ringing.
They will remind us that there is nothing
we cannot accomplish together.
Was it you who has requested
this meeting with the monarchs?
I want you to know that Fernando and I
have agreed to expel the Jews.
- But
- You have chosen wisely
Silence, I'm not finished.
We will expel all the Jews who
will not embrace Christianity.
You know that the Jews are obstinate.
They will not convert.
Your Highness, you cannot
force anyone to be a Christian.
- Your conversions will be false.
- Souls shall be won to our faith.
The crown, only the crown,
shall decide the conditions of expulsion.
This is our will and as
such must be obeyed.
- My lady, please
- It is a final decision.
You promised tolerance
for the money of the bull.
There is no greater tolerance than
admitting those who want Christianity.
Fear will make them convert,
not the love of God.
That is more than you have
achieved in recent years.
If you have so little
appreciation for my work
I beg you to allow me
to leave you at once.
Brother Tomás will be a good
counselor to suit your purposes
and a better confessor
to relieve your remorse.
If it is your will to leave the court,
so be it.
'After much deliberation'
[March 31, 1492]
'we have agreed to send out all the Jews'
'from our kingdoms'
'without them ever returning'
'under penalty, if they do'
'of death'
'with no other process,
statement or representation'
'until the end of the month of July.'
'I, the king; I, the queen.'
Make no mistake.
Our alliance never involved
your failure to embrace
the one true faith.
My lady, I do not wish for
you to revoke the edict.
I only wish to negotiate with you.
Negotiate a matter of faith?
It has come to my attention the
need of money by the crown
to finance a formidable
journey to the Indies.
Dear Abraham, it would be
too expensive, even for you.
I am willing to offer you
the required amount
in exchange of this edict
being subject to interpretation.
I am sorry to inform you that the
journey has failed before leaving.
If the impediment is economic
tell me what is the total amount
of which we are speaking
and I assure you that I
will surpass that amount.
'At the council of eminent men
and gentlemen of our reign'
'after much deliberation'
'we have agreed to issue
the following edict.'
'All Jewish men and women
must abandon our kingdoms'
'and shall not be allowed
to return ever again.'
'We also order the Jews of any age'
'to leave with their children'
'servants and family of all ages.'
'They are not allowed to carry gold or silver'
'horses or weapons'
'apart from being disengaged
from the rest of their property.'
'If a Jew does not accept this edict'
'and is found in these
domains or returns here '
'They will be guilty under penalty of death.'
'This has been ordered by King
Ferdinand and Queen Isabel'
'as agreed on March 31, 1492.'
But my lady, is it not
enough proof of mercy
to allow them to prevent
expulsion by converting?
No Jew is more than another.
But some serve the
crown more than others.
It would be unfair to lump
them all in one basket.
And what do you propose?
That by paying a certain amount
some of them may remain in our kingdom
or at least leave under better conditions.
Not a single Jew should remain in Castile
- you have signed on that.
- Everything may be refined.
Everything but heresy
which must be pursued until it is
erased from the face of the earth.
That is how I see it
and that is how Rome sees it.
The king of France is ready to
agree with the crown of Aragon.
Will they return Roussillon and Cerdaña
without asking for anything in return?
Only one condition.
You must refrain from intervening in Italy.
The king of France has
no more rights to Naples
than the bastard heir of Ferrante.
Of course not,
but after the war of Granada
you ought to give in. You have
achieved what is most important.
I will agree. Time must recant.
I will write the conditions myself.
These are several letters
from Cristobal Colón.
I had the opportunity to
intercept the messenger.
It did not take much effort.
His negotiations with
France are about to close.
Of course, so it seems.
I thank God for preventing
the war with France.
And I congratulate you
for finally regaining the counties
that you wished for so much.
I am just sorry my father could not see it.
Nothing is more certain than
determination to succeed.
You were proof of that in Granada.
Now you can do it with the Indies.
Employ the money of the
bull on Colón's expedition.
But remember all the
requirements of the sailor.
It is no longer a problem of money.
Just think that if he succeeds
his travel will bring us more
benefits than anything else.
You do not know how
happy you are making me.
This helps to compensate
for my failure with the Jews.
Failure? They are leaving
the kingdom in spades.
With hardly any conversions occurring.
That confirms Torquemada's words.
Jews will never disown their faith.
Would it not be more beneficial to have
the conversion of a renowned citizen?
What are you thinking?
Bring Cabrera.
My lady has great appreciation for you.
So far your loyalty to the
crown is unquestionable.
As a collector of the kingdom
you are irreproachable
and you attended
whenever you were needed.
I would do it a thousand times
more for the king and queen.
The queen knows that.
Therefore, she offers you the opportunity
to meet the greatest act of loyalty.
Ask and Abraham shall fulfill it again.
Then turn.
You would be an example
of nobles as loyal as you.
Think that whoever decides
to follow in your steps
shall not be doomed to
leave under hardship.
We know it is not an easy decision.
Keep in mind that your conversion
assures you a position
in the Royal Council.
The fate of the Jews in Castile is written.
Take my advice.
Give in to the designs of the queen
for nothing can be done against them.
- How did you know about France?
- News travels fast.
How should I respond?
- Am I under arrest? I'm not a fugitive.
- Please watch your manners.
You stand before the man
who will enable your idea.
In the name of Aragon or
for a benefit of your own?
My orders are from the king.
He wishes me to invest my
money in your venture.
He must hold you at high esteem.
Your investment shall
make you a rich man.
Have no doubt.
Unfortunately, I cannot be twice as rich.
Upon my return I will show you otherwise.
Stop making fun of me and
explain what am I doing here.
- I have a long journey.
- And so it will be.
You will leave today for Granada.
You offend me.
This figure does not reflect
even one tenth of the
value of my possessions.
- By July they will be worthless.
- You want to gain at our expense.
Did you know who you are talking to?
A Jew.
And you, do you plan to
accept the sum I am offering?
I will give you my possessions next week.
- You are acting wisely.
- You are being robbed.
At least I will get something for my lands.
I have no choice.
I could buy your possessions
without you wasting a single penny.
I will get privileges from the crown
and receive exceptional treatment.
By converting?
You were an ordained rabbi.
You cannot renounce your faith!
If you betray Yahweh
neither I nor any of my family
will want to hear from you.
Dogs. Get out of here!
Hear, O Israel.
Adonai our God. Adonai is unique.
Thank God everything is good for us.
Certainly something that we owe to you.
It has been an honor to serve you,
so I wanted to say goodbye
despite the circumstances.
I honestly counted on your conversion.
Conversion only guarantees shame.
I know that those who renounce
their faith are also persecuted.
Only those who keep their faith.
I promise you recognition, titles, benefits.
What do you want?
You brought my children to this world
hence my favorable
treatment towards you.
And because I need you.
Who will heal my family now?
You force me to choose between
my queen and my faith.
What would you do you?
I want you to keep this.
As a souvenir of all your births.
We are not allowed to carry silver with us.
Nobody forbids you to read those texts.
So that is how you pass the time now?
Since I stopped serving
you I have devoted my life
to study and contemplation.
I live in peace for the time the
Lord is good enough to give me.
I am sorry to be the one
to disturb your peace
and to avail myself of your
temperance with a new assignment.
Tell me.
Would accept you to be
the archbishop of Granada?
Do you have nothing to say?
To what do I owe this honor?
You were right,
faith must not be imposed
however true
however convinced we are that
we are winning souls for God.
I am afraid it is too late to rectify.
By not wanting to lose the favor of
Rome I committed a grave injustice
and made a mistake by empowering
someone I should not have.
I imagine that with your proposal
you wish to use my temperance
against Torquemada's methods.
No one better than you to
maintain peace in Granada.
And who will face Torquemada?
You, when necessary.
With your support?
So do you accept the nomination?
I accept.
And be doubly happy
since the Genoese expedition shall
soon take our faith to other places.
If you ever ask me about my
negotiations with the monarchs
I will say that I spent
most of the time waiting.
Anything worthy requires
patience and faith.
I imagined that it would be me
who would prostrate before you.
My conditions remain the same.
We accept.
- All of them?
- The royal jewelers are already
working on your crown of viceroy.
Are making fun of me?
What guarantees do you give me?
You will sign a covenant with the crown.
Is that sufficient security?
If I may
I wonder what has made your
opinion to take this course.
You are sure of your success
and that will make you succeed.
I only know two other people
committed to impossible causes
with your same tenacity
and I assure you that
they have been rewarded.
The crown grants you the title of admiral
viceroy and governor
with hereditary power
of all lands discovered.
You shall also receive a tenth
of the riches obtained
such as gold, silver, spices,
and precious stones
and one eighth of the journey's profits.
Do you accept?
Then sign this document,
and may God guide your ships.
Everyone else was skeptical.
Only you showed signs of
intelligence, effort, and courage.
When I harbored no hope
you endured my venture
until it could be done.
I would never have enabled
France or Portugal to undertake it.
Your Highness
God has called on you and me on a mission
that promises glory in
exchange for sacrifice.
So you understood my desire.
I am eternally grateful.
I wish you the greatest of
success on your journey.
If God is with me, the next
time I find myself before you
your kingdom shall be
extended beyond the seas.
You have succeeded.
You must be proud.
I envy the Genoese.
I would love to see the ocean,
knowing that he
will bring the glory that
will magnify our kingdoms.
If I have to contemplate an ocean
I choose the ocean of your eyes
those that conquered my heart.
Remember the first time
we saw each other?
There is no more vivid
memory in my head.
It all began there.
None of this would have
been possible without you.
Years will come
within many centuries
where the ocean will set its bonds free
and a large continent shall
emerge from the waves.
Then, Thetis will rule new worlds
and Tule will no longer be the last land.
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