iZombie (2015) s04e05 Episode Script

Goon Struck

[Liv] Previously on iZombie.
[Liv] Chase Graves decrees a death penalty for scratching someone.
[Chase] Renegade's operation turns more humans into zombies than all other county outfits combined.
[Mama Leone] We need to be focused on our very massive brain shortage.
If you fail in that, the 10,000 zombies we made will come for your head.
[Chase] You bring me Renegade, you go back to running your establishments in peace.
[groans] [Blaine] Renegade, meet Chase Graves.
[indistinct chatter] Painfully evident that zombies and humans do not mix.
Just so I'm following your logic, Councilman.
Because humans and zombies, as you say, do not mix, the appropriate response is for the mayor to fire this bus driver? This zombie bus driver.
UNION REP: You know the union's position.
First of all, they've got no proof that Mr.
Harrison is a zombi.
Of course he is! Look at him! Every day he becomes more belligerent.
Last week he snapped at me! With his teeth? No, for not having correct change.
Look, my constituents rely on this route.
Harrison has an exemplary service recommendation.
What you're asking is tantamount to discrimination.
This is not how this city operates.
Fillmore-Graves has mandated no one gets fired for being a zombie.
This will end badly.
Come on.
Can I, can I have a minute? I'm sorry, just give us a sec.
Uh, forgive me, Mr.
Harrison, but You're looking a little malnourished.
Are you getting enough to eat? We get what they give us.
Brain tubes don't go as far as they used to.
- "We"? - Me, my wife, our kids.
Give me your address.
I'll uh, I'll make sure extra rations are delivered to you and your family.
- [radio channels changing] - [Don E.
] No whammy.
No whammy.
- No whammy.
- [radio channels change] No whammy.
[music playing on radio] Oh, cows on my side! When are we stopping, Majey-Maje? I'm having a snack attack.
We're not stopping.
We've been on the road for hours.
You know you're not in charge here.
This is a joint operation.
Lighten up, Major! Look at us! We're out of the city.
Open road, wind in our Hair.
If you can't enjoy the little things, I don't know what to tell ya.
Punch-buggy green, no punchbacks.
[groans] I said no punchbacks.
[girl, muffled] Let me out, let me out! [banging] Hey, help.
Anybody! Help me! [Muffled scream] - [radio volume increases] - [muffled screams continue] [theme music playing] The bodies were stuffed into the trunk of an old LTD at the wrecker's.
A junkyard dog found them before the cars were demolished.
[inhales sharply] So the bodies were moved from the original crime scene.
Unless they stuffed themselves into the car trunk at the junkyard and Waited to get shot.
Well, that seems like a long shot, Clive.
[scoffs] Three zombies, one human.
All four of them shot in the head.
Ah, a hate crime.
Most likely the work of the Dead Enders.
The human was, how you say Dommage collateral.
That's not how I say it.
This reads like a professional hit, Inspector.
The Dead Enders are Molotov cocktail-tossing street punks.
[clicking tongue] Bien non, Babineaux.
They are adapting, learning, thinking outside the proverbial box.
If only the Seattle Police Department were capable of the same.
My men will come shortly to retrieve the three zombie bodies.
- Adieu.
- Oh, uh, don't you wanna wait until we've completed the, ah [in French accent] How you say, examination postmortem? You believe Enzo Lambert requires your assistance? [speaks French] Crimes against zombies are under Fillmore-Graves' jurisdiction, as you well know.
We will conduct our own autopsy.
[in Cockney accent] Keep em taters for me till then, eh, old chap? Au revoir.
I hate that guy.
What's on the menu? Gordie Schultz.
We were able to pin Gordie down thanks to his unique dental records.
He's missing his front teeth.
How does that happen to a guy his age? Let me show you.
[indistinct shouting in video] This is him? It's a highlight reel of sorts.
You're going to be a hockey player, Liv.
He's not a hockey player, he's a felon.
He's a goon.
You're going to be a goon, Liv.
I didn't know Seattle had a team.
Minor league team, the Sockeyes.
And we don't, anymore.
They were booted from their league one Seattle became zombie-town.
Lucky for us, they still practice and play exhibition games all the time.
They're on the ice tomorrow.
We'll head down there and see if Gordie's old team can shed some light on what might've gotten him killed.
We're not going to talk to his family first? Oh, did I forget to mention? Gordie's not from here.
Where's he from? North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada! Coo roo coo coo, coo coo coo coo! What are you doing, Clive? Stop.
Stop that.
Take off, you hoser.
Fry up that brain like back bacon, and wash it down with a couple of wobbly pops, and let's get to the rink, eh? Oh! Uh-oh, Liv I think Clive is cruisin for a bruisin.
Make it quick.
Aye, aye, Corporal.
You need anything? Protein shake? Eyebrow comb? [chuckles] Be a dove and toss in a bottle of that Hella Hot Hooch whiskey, too, would you? I've earned it.
- Just need to see our ID, hon.
- [laughs] - No ID, no sale.
- [snaps fingers] Yo! Don't test me, you daffy old bat! [door bell dings] - All set? - You bet.
[Clive] We're just trying to learn more about Gordie's life.
Anything you can think of that'll help us understand who he was off the ice? Nothing? Sorry, Detective.
Schultzie pretty much kept to himself.
I mean, he wasn't the sharpest skate in the shed.
[in Canadian accent] Oh, sorry.
But he was as nice as they come.
Levon's right, Schultzie was a beaut.
Hell of a teammate.
Let's light some lamps out there, eh, boys? Play as a team! Did he ever have any issues with painkillers or harder drugs? That's our friend you're chirpin'.
Hey! He's trying to solve your teammate's murder, you plug.
Why don't you quit stonewalling? All right, take it easy.
It's time, boys! Don't forget to watch your language, there's kids out there! Blow it out your ass, dillhole.
They know something.
Not much we can do about it thou.
We can't make them talk.
[sighs] They're so cute.
Which one's yours? Mmm The little blonde one.
[grunts] - [grunts] - [groans] - What kinda trouble was Gordie into? - I don't know.
[Levon] That didn't feel like fan appreciation! Ooh, sorry.
Excuse me.
Oh, hell Yes! [Sighs] Thanks for texting me.
- Would you have forgiven me if I did'? - Never.
[both gasp] You're cruisin.
Oh, you wanna have a tilly? Do it.
Do it.
You want this? Let's do it, chump change.
It's all You think you can handle it? Show me what you got, peewe.
You're gutless, fours.
You won't go me, you won't tell me about Gordie Why don't you give your gitch a tug, meatbag.
Keep your stick on the ice, kid.
Ooh, ooh.
Ooh! [grunting] Got enough, huh? - [Liv screams] - [all groaning] Yeah, I fought Gordie.
More than once.
But I was already convicted and served my sentence.
Five minutes and a game misconduct.
But you were teammates.
I'm, I'm sorry, I'm having a hard tie taking you seriously.
I'd try harder if I were you, Mr.
Yeah, we were teammates.
But not when Gordie played for Portland.
After he was traded to Seattle, we were good.
And I was probably his closest friend on the team.
That fight was three years ago.
How'd you even hear about that? Uh, it's a known fact.
Witness accounts.
Multiple sources.
I've met better liars in my time.
Oh! I think he knows I ate Gordie's brain.
I've had whole brain.
I know how it works.
Plus, you play just like Schultzie.
It wasn't hard to piece it together.
There were three zombies killed with Gordie.
All of them shot in the head.
The Fillmore-Graves investigator thinks it was a hate crime.
Any of that means anything to you? It's as good a theory as any You say Gordie was your friend, but you act like you don't care who killed him.
Oh, I care.
But this is New Seattle we live in.
- Meaning? - It's Chinatown.
That about it? [door opens and closes] [sighs] Chinatown.
What does that mean? It's like the movie.
The line speaks to the futility of obtaining justice in an inherently corrupt system.
Oh! Huh.
I still don't get it.
Goon brain.
General Mills has been on every network this week promoting his "Seattle Solution.
" Polling is starting to swing in his favor.
We need to take this threat very seriously.
He wants to nuke Seattle, Chase.
I've got the General Mills situation under control.
Anything else? Rumor has it that you've captured the smuggler known as "Renegade.
" Is that true? If so, why haven't you told us about it? Zombie jail? What? No guillotine for me? You're a good man.
Maybe once I'm unfrozen, Seattle will be a zombie-human utopia, and there'll be statues of Chase Graves in every city park.
For he was the George Washington of the undead.
Or maybe you'll wake up because the power grid is down and there's no one left alive to turn it back on.
Yes, I have Renegade.
Why haven't you executed him? Because Renegade is a little old lady.
And where I come from, smashing open the skull of a little old lady is considered bad manners.
Not to mention bad optics.
Renegade? Hmm.
A little old lady - [laughs] - Not that old.
But that's how the public will see it.
You decreed the creation of new zombies a capital offense.
If we do not execute Renegade, that decree Is meaningless.
- [Enzo] An example has to be made, no? - [Hobbs] It does.
[Mama Leone] I don't envy your position, Commander.
That said, you're going about this all wrong.
Please, enlighten me.
You are having a public relations problem.
Oh? I thought I was having feeding-thousands-of-zombis problems.
[chuckles] When you're asking your fellow Americans to donate their brains for our cause Optics matter.
Saving human lives.
Now, that's good optics.
So, that's why you broke the law? You're just a zombie patriot looking to provide better optics? No, Chase.
I broke the law because it feels good to save lives, it feels good to reunite families.
It feels humane.
[Groans softly] [breathing heavily] You should try it sometime.
Renegade is in prison.
[Hobbs] We only have one option here, sir.
- Once word gets out - That's where she'll stay.
[Don E.
] It's okay, I've got! Save your strength for the crossfit games.
Shut up.
I'm trying to find out if anyone's reported her missing.
[muffled groaning] [breathing heavily] Ow! What's wrong with you? Do you know who I am? Huh? Do you know who my father is? I know exactly who you are, Sloane.
Put the gun away, Don E.
My wrists hurt.
Can you untie me? Please.
[groans] [Don E.
] Damn it! [Reporter on TV] Earlier toy at an Arcade gas station, a 170 miles south of New Seattle [female reporter] You're claiming this is a zombie attack? His eyes went red, just like in those YouTube videos.
Oh, he was a squirrelly little runt.
[male reporter] And now exclusive footage - While visibly shaken - [Sloane] Oh, my God! You're zombies? [Reporter] If you've seen the small bald zombie.
- [turns TV off] - Don E.
, what the hell did you do? Really? All you had to do was get your food and not go into rage mode.
Forgive me! It's called having emotions.
You should try it sometime.
You realize half the cops in the state are probably looking for us right now.
We still have an hour before your smuggling contacts get here.
You saw that old bat.
She's the kind of redneck who claims aliens probed he.
There's video, Don E.
! [sighs] [water running] So, uh Do you still have some of that whiskey? What? No.
Even if I did, it'd be my whiskey, wouldn't it? [sighs] Please I'd been partying hard all night when you grabbed me.
[breathes heavily] I've have like, no serotonin in me.
What can I tell you? Make better life choices next time.
[laughs sarcastically] Next time I get kidnapped? Come on, you must have something that'll take the edge off.
Go to sleep or something.
Dream you're someplace else.
Now, there's an idea.
Wake me when your people show up.
Keep an eye on her.
What are you guys planning to do with me? Our dental plan is brutal.
You know how much a new Chiclet costs? Keep your head down, Chaksi.
I think it's a great look, personally.
But if you insist on getting it fixed, there are several mouthfuls of free Chiclets in these drawers.
Head down, you say? [grunts] [groaning] [gasps] You okay, Liv? It was Blaine.
Blaine killed Gordie.
- You saw it? - For the most part.
He killed at least one of Enzo's zombie victims, too Ravi, this could be it! If we can find enough evidence to back up my vision, we could finally put Blaine away.
Put him in zombie jail! Freeze that clown! Dare to dream.
Thank you.
We'll be waiting.
They're bringing Blaine in right now.
We're on the same page, right? He did it.
I saw him.
All right, we still need to prove.
We don't know where it happened and we don't know why.
Blaine's not just gonna give that information up.
This interrogation is gonna be a slog.
I need you in the game.
Gloves stay on.
Good talk, Babs.
- [exclaims] - Go get em.
[Harris] Detective? Blaine DeBeers, table for three.
So What's new with you two? Oh, nothin' much.
I guess the big news with me is uh, I saw you murder a couple guys.
What? I did.
Where were you Tuesday night between 11:00 p.
and 1:00 a.
? I'm sorry, are we not gonna address the missing tooth? It's none of your business.
And my whereabouts Tuesday night are none of yours.
Unless you're charging me with something.
Didn't think so.
Which means you didn't really see me kill anyone.
Oh, I saw you all right.
I watched you put a bullet in a zombie's head, right behind a building.
Another man ran over to help.
And you shot him, too.
That sounds an awful lot like a vision to me.
The last I checked, hearsay evidence isn't admissible in a court of law, so I swear, you guys used to be better at this stuff.
You wanna see what I'm better at now, pigeon? Keep beakin'.
I'll tune you right up.
What What happened to us? We used to be the OGZ's.
Now every time we get together it's all "Where were you the night so-and-so was killed?" Hmm.
Tuesday between 11:00 and 1:00, I was at my restaurant.
A Mister Donald Eberhard can verify.
- What else you got? - [Clive clicks pen] [sighs] [Don E.
Snoring] [groans] - Wake up.
- What? What do you want? Your smugglers were supposed to be here two hours ago.
Where are they? Relax.
They'll be here.
Sloane! Where's Sloane? She was just here! - Major! - Yeah? I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.
Oh! Oh, she's not breathing.
Looks like she took two rides on the U-Boat.
Come on.
Come on.
She's dying, man! What are we gonna do? [knocking on door] [banging on door] A dead girl is no bueno.
[banging continues] [banging continues] [breathing heavily] [gasps, coughs] [banging continues] [Sloane coughs] How many times must I evade and deflect the same questions? I got a new one for you.
Next time we scrap, which hand do you want me to knock you out with? [sighs] Walk me through everything you did last Tuesday, one more time.
Come on! You're better than this.
You got no witnesses, no murder weapon, no motive.
You'll never put me at that laundromat.
[sighs] What? What laundromat? You said you had a vision outside of a laundromat.
No, she didn't.
We had no idea where she was in the vision.
Until now.
Clive I met Seattle's number one human importer/exporter at a laundromat.
You know, the night Na Na Na.
I can't hear you.
That can't be a coincidence.
She always had muscle around.
So what are we thinking? Blaine kills Gordie and the other zombies to get to this coyote? She goes by Mama Leone.
And Renegade! What part of, "Na Na Na, I can't hear you" don't you understand? This is dangerous info, Liv.
What does Blaine have against Mama Leone? Wasn't she just creating more customers for him? I don't know.
- Which laundromat? - Detergent Care.
I'll send a CSI unit over there to canvas.
If we can establish the laundromat as the scene of the crime and link Blaine to it, we'll have him.
[Enzo] Case closed, mes am.
I have found our murderers, and secured their confessions.
[chuckles] Whodunnit, you will a? Two Dead Enders terrorists.
Just as I predicted.
With all due respect, Inspector, how did you come up with Investigative techniques.
You've heard of these, yes? - [Liv grunts] - [Enzo groans] You don't have the killer, because we have the killer here.
Liv! [grunts] You will pay for this.
[speaks French] [sighs] The lieutenant doesn't need to know about this.
What did you do with Mama Leone? Who's that? Oh! Is she the one that left a note on the door? 'Cause she thought Anthony should move out to the country? [laughs] Uh-oh I smell a lawsuit.
Detective Babineaux, make sure the camera's on.
Liv, Liv.
Calm down.
Just breathe.
Whoa, whoa, big fella.
It's okay.
All right? Mama Leone said it's okay.
I have permission.
[gasps] - I have to go.
- You gotta go? The pieces are falling into place.
You really should get that tooth fixed.
- [door bangs] - [gasps] [sighs heavily] I gotta go, too.
No, you don't.
[Clears throat] Worth a shot.
Could've used you out there today.
Covey was really laying down the lumber.
I know who killed Gordie.
It was Blaine DeBeers.
You know him? The zombie who owns The Scratching Post and Romero's, right? People say he's shady.
You and Gordie both worked for Mama Leone, didn't you? Why do you need to ask? Haven't you already seen it in a vision? Do you know if Mama Leone's still alive? I don't.
Do you care? Very much.
Blaine DeBeers killed Gordie to get to Mama.
Why does the owner of a couple zombie hot spots go after Mama Leone? Think about it, Liv.
Who most wants to put an end to the creating of new zombies? And who does Blaine DeBeers need to keep happy if he wants to stay in business? Got it.
It is Chinatown.
Peytsie? What are you doing here? Doesn't matter, you'll want to hear this, to.
I think I know why Blaine took out Mama Leone's security detail.
Who is Mama Leone? - This very sweet lady - A human smuggler.
Blaine is doing Chase Graves' dirty work.
If forensics can find Why is Blaine out of interrogation? Hey! Who said you could go? [Peyton] I did.
Fillmore-Graves called the Mayor's office, said their investigator solved the case.
You've got to be And in no uncertain terms, to release Blaine immediate.
Thanks for having me over, guys.
Let's do it again soon, huh? Yeah? How about right now, ten-ply? Easy, tough guy.
[chuckles] There's never a dull moment with you two.
- Harris.
Get him out of here.
- All right.
[both grunting] Why didn't you let me drop that bender like a bag of feed? Because I don't know what that means.
And because you can't keep beating people up in the precinct.
You wanna get suspended? If you're gonna bench me anyway, what's the difference? Either way, I'm not in the game.
[sighs] Game's over, Liv.
We lost.
Go home.
[sighs] Oh, thanks.
If Fillmore-Graves is going to let murderers go free, the least they can do is handle the paperwork.
Excuse me.
What What happen? - Miss? - Harris.
What's going on? There was a bus crash in Delridge.
Plowed right into a telephone pole.
Lots of fatalities.
I guess the bus driver was a zombie, because he started chowing down on the available brain.
This one had a gun in her purse, shot back at him in self-defense.
Where is he now? The driver? She got him.
He's dead.
[Peyton] They begged me to fire him.
They warned me something like this would happen.
This wasn't your fault, Peyton.
[door opens] You.
What's the assessment? Me? Dr.
Excuse me, yes, Dr.
Chakrabarti, Ms.
What can you tell us about what happened here? Five dead, including the driver.
A cursory examination suggests he hadn't consumed brains in some time.
Passenger say he passed out at the wheel, which caused the crash.
When he came to, the blood and head wounds of the dead passengers evidently pushed him over the edge.
He devoured one passenger's brain, and then chased a young woman, a nurse, out the rear exit and into a busy intersection.
She had a gun on her, and was eventually able to put the driver down with a headshot.
That's great.
A mindless, bloodthirsty zombie attacks Florence Nightingale in broad daylight.
What's that gonna do for our optics? Check the distribution record.
I want to know why this man wasn't getting his brain tub.
- What was his name? - Otto Harrison.
I met him a couple days ago.
I Promised I'd have extra brain tubes sent to him.
- Then hunger shouldn't have been - He wasn't eating them.
His wife and kids are zombie, too, and the brains are so diluted now, they were still going hungry.
Otto gave his tubes to his kids.
I'll make sure the situation is rectified asap, and that Mr.
Harrison's family is provided for.
Sorry if I was rude.
It's been a long day.
I'm sure you can relate.
I don't.
There's press outside.
Why wouldn't there be? I told Enzo to find the people responsible for cutting our brain tubes weeks ago.
Yes, sir.
That's supply.
But what about demand? Every new zombie strains our resources.
You need to make an example of Renegade before the decision-makers in Washington decide General Mills is right, and nuke us out of existence.
[Blaine] We're living in a zombie city now, all bets are off.
Up is down, black is white.
Don't tell that to the Seattle PD.
No, it's It's business as usual over there.
Blaine DeBeers is evil, so let's put the screws to him all night.
Well, you did kinda kill all those guys.
Where's Don E.
? [groans] Damn, that's cold.
- Hey! [Laughs] - Hey! - There's Don E.
- [laughs] - [Major gasps] - GI Joe.
Everything go according to plan? Not everything.
I guess not.
Hey! That's my brain, Missy.
[speaks French] I'm gonna let you handle this.
These brain tubes will cover your first we, after that, you pick up your rations from one of our distribution centers.
You can't do this to me.
That pamphlet there tells you where you can get your zombie ID card.
You'll need that.
Do you know who I am? We've provided you with a place to live, but your activities and communications will be monitored.
[blows] That's all.
My father works for the Defense Department! General Mills, maybe you've heard of him? He'll turn this city into a parking lot when he finds out what you've done.
He loves you, I assume.
Of course, he loves me.
Then I think his long-standing desire to turn Seattle into a parking lot will be mitigated.
Thought I was the only one here this late Ran out of booze in my office.
Good work on your assignment.
You may have saved us all.
Yeah, well, it didn't go exactly according to plan.
Well, it so rarely does.
We've all had to do things that we never would've imagined ourselves doing.
You gotta do what you gotta do.
Zombie-human utopia? You've been found guilty of the crimes of human smuggling and the unauthorized creation of new zombies.
The sentence for these crimes is death.
To be carried out by public execution at 12:00 this afternoon.
I'm not ready to die.
It'll be painless.
What kind of justice can there be if we're living in a dictatorship? What we do, solve crimes, why bother? Blaine will answer for his crimes someday, one way or another.
I have to believe that.
I wish I shared your optimism.
What is it? Fillmore-Graves is gonna use that stupid guillotine.
They're gonna execute that human smuggler.
They didn't even announce it.
They're ashamed of it.
Which they should be.
[Chase] Fillmore-Graves takes no joy in this act.
But this is a new world.
The laws we've enacted are essential to ensuring our place within it.
[crowd] Save her! Save her! Save her! You're a monster, Graves! Let her go! [crowd protesting] Penalties for breaking these laws are necessarily severe.
Crush her skull! Kill her.
Kill her.
[clamoring] You have no right to do this! [crowd] Kill her! Kill her! Any action that endangers our survival cannot be tolerated.
Fresh brain-bites, get your fresh brain-bites here.
There are those outside our walls who want to destroy us.
There are those in our city working toward that same end.
We will show the world that humans and zombies can co-exist.
Our survival depends on it.
[man] Kill her! The smuggling of humans into Seattle, and creation of new zombies, stops today.
Major! Major! [crowd continues clamoring] [man] Kill her.
Stand down.
[gasping] [man] Oh! I need you to gather whoever's left in Mama Leone's organization.
Why? We're gonna pick up where she left off.