Jack Irish (2016) s02e01 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode

1 LAKSHMI: So much has happened since my last letter home to you.
So many wonderful adventures have beset me that I scarce know where to begin.
This is a beautiful country and the people are so friendly.
I feel like the world has opened up for me with new and exciting possibilities.
"The college is every bit as wonderful "as the brochures promised, "and I have learned so much in my time here.
" (SPEAKS IN HINDI) "The accommodation the college arranged is like a five star hotel.
"And I have eaten so well here, you may not recognise me when I return.
(SPEAKS IN HINDI) "Although I miss you all very much, "I have been made to feel "so welcome here that this almost feels like home.
"I am eternally grateful to you, my dear parents, "for all that you have sacrificed to send me here.
(SCREAMS) (SPEAKS IN HINDI) - Are you OK, dear? Can I help you? - (SPEAKS IN HINDI) (SHOUTS AND SCREAMS IN HINDI) "I shall have my degree soon, "and return to thank you a thousand times in person.
"Your loving, smiling, happy daughter, Lakshmi.
" You may run on for a long time Run on for a long time Run on for a long time Tell them God almighty's gonna cut you down Tell them God almighty's gonna cut you down Go and tell that long-tongue liar Go and tell the midnight rider Tell the rambler and the gambler and the back-biter Tell them God almighty's gonna cut 'em down Tell them God almighty's gonna cut 'em down.
You're not physically capable of opening the gate? I'm eating toast.
Would have been impossible.
- Special delivery for Mr Jack Irish.
- Oh.
I guess I don't need to ask who this is from? I don't think so, Jack.
Here, please sign for it.
How the hell do you do that, mate? Have you ever heard of Chinese acrobats? I thought you were studying computers.
If I'd have tried that, I'd end up with my face in the pavement.
How have you been, anyway? With my study and this job, full on.
Well, I'm gonna have to tip you next time, I'm afraid.
I've got nothing under this blanket, save embarrassment.
You don't need to tip me, Jack.
You two are my favourite delivery.
Thanks, mate.
Found it! What's that? My old Fitzroy footy club sock.
- Oh.
- The one I told you went missing.
Did you? Oh, that's right.
I have a vague memory of you mentioning that it was lost.
I think I said it must have been somewhere in that great pile of shit you left in the corner, if you only look.
Yeah, that's the one.
You got quite angry with me, didn't you? Did I? "I've looked there 100 times, woman, "and it's not there and these things are as rare as hen's teeth "and if you're not gonna help, then stay out of it.
" Oh, I don't remember saying all that.
It's only a very vague memory.
Well, clearly it wasn't there.
Someone found it on in the street and they mailed it to me.
What a very special person that must be.
I told you it wasn't in that pile.
- What? - Lakshmi.
She's dead.
No, please.
I'm so sorry, my friend.
No, this this is bullshit.
- This is lies.
They killed her.
- It was an accident.
- She got hit by a bus.
- No.
It was not an accident.
MAN: (OVER LOUDSPEAKER) Oi, you two! Not paying you to chat.
Javed, got a city to city.
Eddie! Where the hell's he going? I was going to use that on my face.
- Have you moved in? - No.
But I am spending five nights a week here.
It's your place.
There is no neutral ground.
If we move in together permanently, we'll have to find somewhere that is ours.
- Why? We've got everything here.
- It's only one bedroom.
You only need one bedroom.
I would want a second.
What for? As a ballroom or something? I'm nearly 40, Jack.
The clock is ticking.
It's now-or-never time.
We've danced around each other for six years and you haven't committed to a bloody thing! Hang on a second, weren't we happy ten seconds ago? For God's sake, I don't need wedding rings.
I don't want to trap you into anything you don't want.
I just need to know, am I wasting my entire life on you? I'm probably a bit old to be having a kid now at my age, don't you think? Then go ahead and rot in your one bedroom in The Prince of Prussia where nothing changes.
Yeah, who knows? They might even give you your own bar stool there one day so you can sit with the others who never went anywhere and never did anything! How's the cricket going? Rubbish.
(CRASH) Did you hear that? I think it's from outside.
We've got a break-in, in the mainframe room.
You go that way.
Check the fire-escape! Shit! (COMPUTER BEEPS) Hey! Stop right there.
Kalimera! (REPLIES IN GREEK) I'm wondering if you could knit this for me.
I'm in a bit of a hurry.
Small? Very small.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Ah, that's for me.
Hey, Eddie.
I've got a pretty important package here.
I've wrapped it in plastic in case it rains, - so, there you go.
- I don't want your money.
Are you OK? Fine.
Yeah, fine.
Um, it's for I know who it's for.
Well, she's not going to be home for an hour, but it's really important she gets it tonight, if if that's OK, so (CAR ENGINE STARTS) (BRAKES SCREECH, HORN BLARES) (PANTS) (BIRDS SING) (BIRD CHIRPS) (CHIRP) The X-rays say it's nothing more than bruising.
Probably a bit of arthritis.
These are chronic injuries.
You've got the organs of an eighty year old man, hiding inside the body of a 45-year-old.
Well, just give me some of your best painkillers, will you? Well, take some paracetamol if you must.
I can't sleep.
Well, I suppose I can prescribe you a really strong painkiller Thank you.
which will destroy what's left of your kidneys, your stomach and probably your bowel.
Great, I'll take them.
And then I could give you some drugs to deal with the side effects of those painkillers, and then you need medication to deal with the side effects of the drugs helping with those side effects.
Great, I'll take them all.
Jack, you are depressed.
Come off it.
Maybe clinically.
You've been to hell and back twice now.
It's got nothing to do with that.
It's just a shoulder.
Yeah, so every ache, every niggle, seems much worse than it would be if you were happy.
What's that? It's a referral I know you won't use.
To whom? To someone who might be able to help you with your state of mind.
And what does it say? It says you're a well adjusted, happy-go-lucky lawyer completely free of any personal problems.
What happened to the lovely Linda? I liked her.
She moved to Manila.
That's a shame.
Marriage knocks off the dark edges.
Replaces it with a general flatness.
It's much healthier.
What's with the bag of fruit? We're gathered here today because this is what Charlie wanted.
"I, Charlie Taub, being of sound mind and dying body, "hereby state I don't want any money-grubbing bastard "being paid more than 100 bucks to cremate me.
"A box of matches and some wood, and please, use cheap wood.
"What does it matter? I'm dead.
"I have a Tupperware container for my ashes.
"I don't want a stupid vase.
" And he goes on to say, "And I don't want any funeral or geschwafel about me.
"I have lived, and now I am dead, and there is an end to it.
" And this is what he wanted doing with his ashes.
You OK? It's a pity Charlie didn't want anything said about him.
We all have a lot of stories that I would have liked to have shared with you about what an extraordinarily good and decent man he was and how much he meant to me.
But that's Charlie for you.
Wouldn't mind jumping right in there with him.
Let it swallow me up.
Slowly merge with the ooze, become soil and re-emerge as a vegetable, or maybe even a flower.
Half his luck.
You believe in reincarnation, Jack? I take it things didn't work out with Simone, then? Hi, I'm Jack.
I know.
Have we met before? No.
You've got to be related to Charlie, don't you? Yeah, you're absolutely correct, Bernadette.
They had no right whatsoever to put that fence where they did and we will fight it.
But you've got to ask yourself the question, is it worth going to court for six extra centimetres of land? Mm-hm.
Yes, it's exactly the same as what's going on in the Gaza Strip.
I've got to go, Bernadette.
(DOORBELL MAKES BIRD NOISE) Are you Geoffrey Walker? Indeed.
But if you are here to sell me something, friend, I'm not in the market.
No, no.
I'm more than content with what I have.
I just want to thank you for returning a package to my place, yesterday.
- Oh, you got my note.
- Yeah.
Oh, well, thank you for thanking me.
Gratitude is often the shortest-lived emotion.
Well, I am grateful.
I'm just But if you are here to offer me money, no, not who I am, just who I choose to be.
No, no, no money.
Just wondering if you could tell me where you found the package.
Well, therein lies an interesting yarn.
I was in bushland near Ballarat.
I should preface this by saying my passion being native birds Ballarat? What the hell was it doing in Ballarat? Well, it was slap bang in the middle of a nesting ground of the spotless crake.
Do you reckon you can show me on a map where that was? No, I will do you one better than that.
- I will take you there.
Now! - No, no.
That's completely unnecessary.
Just a map.
I cannot change my spots, my friend, it's who I am.
- I am a giver.
- But I And you would never find the place without a trained eye.
- Look - And it will give me another opportunity to catch up with our friend the spotless crake.
- Just give me a moment.
- Yeah.
I'll just follow you, eh? Oh, that car would never make it.
Are you a Gilbert & Sullivan man? I've got the original cast recording of The Mikado in the car.
Come on, let's go! Three little maids from school are we Pert as a school-girl well can be Filled to the brim with girlish glee Three little maids from school! Everything is a source of fun Not sure that's the best choice of footwear.
Anyway, I got extra water and some scroggin.
Sing out when you need fuel.
It was there.
So not that hard to find, then, really? Well, not if you have an eye attuned to landscape.
Careful where you tread.
There's a lot of old mine shafts around here.
Oh, shit! You alright down there? Yeah, I'm OK.
Let me throw my torch down to you.
Oh, shit! Thanks.
Your shot, Harry.
Might go the wood, I think.
Hey, listen, Harry.
Brenton Securities.
They're offering me a senior position.
Well, as long as it doesn't interfere with your working obligations to me It would be fulltime.
Well, in that case, you clearly can't take it.
Harry, I'd give my right arm to stay working with you.
That's if you were still in racing.
Since the heart attack Episode! I drive you occasionally to a golf course.
I've got to get a real job.
I can't believe I'm hearing this.
I've got to move on.
Don't concern yourself about me.
I've got a good life.
I'm I'm free to relax and enjoy myself.
Fore! (LAUGHS) Ah, playing a tactical game, I see there, Harry.
Just when you thought your day couldn't get any worse.
Getting value for money, playing multiple fairways all at the same time.
Creeping up on the hole from every conceivable direction.
Why don't you piss off? Easy, Cam.
What's your handicap, Harry? What did you do on the front nine, or would you need a calculator? My only handicap is you at the moment.
I thought they'd banned you from this state.
No, only the racecourse.
I've moved on.
I have new interests.
But I did learn with great sadness that you two are no longer involved in the sport of kings.
I retired.
They gave me a celebration dinner and named a race after me.
But how did you finish up again? Oh, I think he was banned from every course in Australia, from memory.
And lost a kidney.
You hear a lot of things, not all of them true.
But let's not squabble.
Perhaps you would like to let some serious golfers through.
Until I can get you banned from this course, be my guest.
Much obliged.
Went further than yours, Cam.
And on the right fairway too, Harry.
- You go tell them now.
- OK.
- Or I tell them! - No, I I will! - Now! - OK.
Er, who exactly is going to pay for this beer? - Well, Norm will.
- One day.
- In another place.
- Yeah.
Well, I'm not in another place, Eric.
I'm here.
And so is my bank loan.
Now, Norm has been dead for 18 months now, and every day I put a beer down here on the bar And we pay for it.
And every day, you stop paying customer sitting in that stool.
There are no paying customers.
Not the point.
It's the principle, isn't it, Cherry? You are bad for business.
Well, if you hadn't stopped serving meat pies And this is Norm's memorial stool, Stan.
Yes, Wilbur, but there's only so long you can honour the dead.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
And what about Winston Churchill, mate? What? Or or Gandhi? I haven't heard of anyone who has stopped honouring them, have you? No, and there's a stand at Adelaide Oval for Bradman.
Hey, look, I liked Norm a lot, but he was hardly Gandhi! Oh, so we only remember the famous ones, do we? Ah! Look, find someone to take that stool or or Cherry Blossom will do it for ya! One week.
I give you one week.
- Two beers, thanks, Stan.
- Yes, Jack.
Ah, actually, no, just make it a mineral water.
Oh, times have changed, Deputy Superintendent Homicide.
Come through to my office.
Don't you start.
I'm stuck behind a desk all day.
Now it's all performance indicators, team building and KPIs, and frickin' staff rosters.
And can you please tell me what the fuck due diligence means? Actually, you know what, Stan? Make it a beer, will you? - Yes, Barry.
- Thanks, mate.
Stan, you do remember I am paying rent for this office, don't you? Oh, yes.
Um Um, Cherry Blossom just doesn't like anyone else near the till.
Why not? There's never anything in it anyway.
Well, OK, just this once.
Otherwise, she'd like you to use the side entrance.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
So you found another corpse.
How many is that now? What did the autopsy say? Was he murdered? Oh, there's no full autopsy yet, but everything points to it.
So, location of the body, the angle of the head.
The bullet in the skull was a bit of a giveaway.
Oh, Jesus.
Probably just drug related.
Maybe a Yakuza hit or something.
Eddie was Chinese, not Japanese.
Ah, six of one.
Why do you give a toss about this bloke anyway? He was a nice guy.
I knew him.
He was doing a computer course, working as a courier.
He didn't deserve this.
No, no, no.
Jack, stay away from it, would you? I beg you.
I couldn't handle another promotion.
What the! You're going to have to use the other door.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for a Ryan Neubecker.
Ryan Neubecker? Who wants to know? I'm Jack Irish.
I had a package delivered to me the other day and Well, look, if it was damaged, we take no responsibility, alright? It's on the form that you sign.
Decha, get your arse over to 67a Merton Grove.
Parcel for Richmond.
It was damaged a little, but that's not the issue.
It was three years late, it never made it to the recipient and it was only returned to me by someone who happened to find it.
Did it have the particular courier's name on it? 'Cause I'll kick their arse in.
Eddie Chin.
You know him? Eddie, yeah.
He went back home to China in a hurry a few years back.
Yeah, except he never made it to China.
He was found murdered in Ballarat.
Yeah, I'm I'm sorry to hear it.
I knew Eddie a little bit.
He always seemed like a pretty cheerful fella, but last time I saw him, when I gave him the package, he wasn't himself.
He seemed stressed, you know? Yeah, I mean, it's probably visa issues.
I mean, these guys are always overstaying their welcome.
I noticed actually that most of your couriers are either Chinese or Indian.
Is that policy? It's humanitarian.
We're not racist here.
Arush, you got a package for William Street.
And Eddie was studying too, wasn't he? He was doing a course at a college I don't know, was he? Look, I'm very sorry about the package, but if you're chasing money for the loss, then you're going to have to take that up with a solicitor.
Next available, parcel to be picked up from Elwood.
Anyone here know Eddie Chin? No? Did you? Speak English? Probably much better than you.
Why do you want to know about him? Did you know him? A little.
I knew Lakshmi.
Lakshmi? Who's that? Lakshmi Agarwal.
We were students at Meritus College.
We used to share an apartment.
I told Eddie not to cause trouble.
What sort of trouble would he cause? I knew they would get to him.
Who? What do you mean? I finish at six.
Come to this address.
There is someone you should meet.
WOMAN: (ON COMPUTER) Many students feel so terribly isolated.
I was a stranger myself once, to these shores.
I understand the enormous cultural adjustment it takes.
The Meritus Institute of Higher Learning prides itself on its pastoral care program.
We conform to the world's best practice.
(DOOR OPENS) - Oh! - (CRASH) Look, don't mind me, Jack.
I just need to, ah, check the fuses.
Righto, which one? Oh, yes.
Look, I'll get an electrician.
Should sort it out.
Won't be long.
Javed, move! They're onto you.
Look what you've done! Is that him? I should never have told you anything! Excuse me! Leave me alone.
I've done nothing wrong.
I'm not accusing you of anything.
I just want to talk to you.
I made a mistake.
(PHONE RINGS) Jack, you're on loudspeaker.
Harry wants a word.
Hi, Harry.
Sorry, mate.
I want you to understand that Stella and I delayed our usual 5.
30pm meal time by half an hour to accommodate you.
Yeah, I'm I'm really sorry.
I got held up in the city.
Well, the others managed to be seated on time.
Perhaps you'd like to apologise to them and to Stella, in particular.
My apologies to everybody, particularly to you, Stella.
The whole purpose of this meal was to show that even though we've gone our own ways, we can remain friends.
The other two honoured that understanding.
As I will in the future.
I've got to go.
Oh, shit.
Anyone for seconds on the soup? Ah, no, that was really lovely.
Thank you, Stella.
It's an interesting combination.
Brussels sprouts and carrots.
Jack doesn't know what he's missed.
His loss.
The sirloin would be ready about now, wouldn't it, darling? Oh, God! So, Cynthia.
What's it like working for the enemy? Well, Harry, I needed a real job.
Yeah, but a racing steward? I've got school fees.
Anyway, I can't tell you how much I miss you two at the track.
It holds no attraction anymore.
My heart episode is the best thing that ever happened to me.
A warning to enjoy life.
I'm now a man of leisure.
Well, you do look dapper for it.
Well, Stella takes care of the finances.
Crossword in the morning.
Lots of leisure.
I'm so sorry.
I seem to have burnt the meat.
Yeah, that's maybe a little charred.
Um, just a little bit for me, thanks, Harry.
I'm really full from the soup.
Cynthia, why don't you tell Harry about Colin? He was caught for doping.
He's been banned from racing for two years.
His horse is disqualified.
Doesn't make sense, does it? Colin's one of the finest men in racing.
It surprised us.
We got a tip off.
FEI tested one of his horses, found traces of arsenic and caffeine.
But Colin's in Rotary.
What did the Coroner's report say? That Lakshmi Agarwal was dead.
You know, buses being heavier than humans.
They were more interested in the state of the bus driver.
And? Sober as a judge.
Actually, much more sober than a judge.
Bystanders reckon the woman was mad.
She was holding her head before she decided to test her resistance to moving metal.
- Barry? - Yeah? Interesting set of numbers, weren't they? Yeah, very.
A striking variance to the projection the graphs were telling us.
Yeah, striking variance.
Do you know, honestly, I have no fucking idea what anyone says to me around here.
Listen, Eddie Chin obviously thought there was something suspicious about her death, right? Was there an autopsy? No, but if you check the grill on the number 53 bus to Clifton Hill you might still get some answers.
But Eddie Chin was murdered around the same time.
What the fuck does "touch base offline" mean? I I don't know.
Don't you smell a rat? Yeah.
So, you leaving? Go and bother someone else, will you? No.
Whatever it is.
It will only take someone of your great skill a minute.
No, I have a proper life now.
Ole, everyone! Ooh, ole! Hey, ole! OK, enough fun, amigos.
Back to work.
I'm sorry, this is a fun workplace, something you would know absolutely nothing about.
No, probably not.
So this is Fiesta Thursday.
We dress up and wear crazy costumes and eat paella for lunch.
Thursday being a natural siesta kind of day.
Fiesta kind of day.
We have all different theme days.
Makes everyone excited to come to work.
"What will we find this week?" Presumably IT.
Listen, a Chinese student by the name of Eddie Chin was at a place called the Meritus Institute of Higher Learning.
Now, I found him dead down a mine shaft See, there you go.
Trying to drag me back into your bleak little world of murders and violence.
He had a friend called Lakshmi Agarwal.
Now, she may or may not have suicided You see, Jack, I need to feel happy.
I had a marriage that lasted two weeks, my passionate affair with Drew is over.
I am a woman of great desires.
I have been through an emotional grinder, but now I'm in a good place.
I understand.
So do you think you could bear just a couple more moments of bleakness and look into this college for me? If you promise to go away, I will see what I can find out.
A five-letter word meaning 'abode'.
I've lost all of our money.
Say again? Remember when I said I was moving our money from the bank into an equity brokerage company? Well, you said you were going to move a quarter of our money.
Oh, they were doing so well, I moved it all.
They've gone into liquidation.
I I probably shouldn't have gone ahead with the renovation.
Yeah, I'm getting that feeling.
Oh, Harry, what have I done to us? So we've got nothing? Please, don't hate me, I beg you.
We'll have none of that talk.
What's done is done.
And now we have to put on a brave face.
Horrible as the thought may be no matter what the personal cost I must go back to the track.
Oh, I can't put you through that misery again.
No, no, shh! Fate has dealt us a cruel hand.
Let's face it with courage.
Cam? We're back in it.
MAN: I'm here to see Mr Bond.
But of course, go in.
Just over there.
Mr Irish, Anoushka Khurana.
My receptionist said you were here on some legal matter or something? Yeah, I'm the lawyer representing Eddie Chin's family.
I'm not sure if you've heard, but his body was recently found down a mine shaft.
It's a terrible business.
Please come through to my office.
I'm really just after some background details.
Is that your daughter? She is.
At Melbourne Uni? She didn't study here? Not here, no.
She's doing medicine, and we don't offer that course here.
You have just about everything else, though.
I was reading your brochure.
You've got degree and diploma courses galore.
We do.
All in such a tight little space.
You've got accounting courses, astrology, golf management.
We cater to a broad spectrum.
Are you from a teaching background yourself? Just a passionate interest in upscaling and learning.
Now, you wanted to know about Eddie.
My understanding is he was a student here himself, three years ago.
Mm, one of thousands who passed through those doors.
Young people desperate for a good, solid western education, to lift themselves from the cycle of poverty and begin professional careers back home.
I read all that in here as well.
And he had a girlfriend at the time, I believe.
A Lakshmi, um, somebody, who suicided, is that right? Lakshmi Agarwal? Sadly, all too common.
Unable to make the transition.
I sometimes question whether we are doing the right thing bringing them here.
Eddie was a brilliant but difficult student.
He was always lashing out, blaming everyone.
What was he blaming everyone for? Oh, anything and everything.
Some students have trouble adjusting to a new country.
Despite our best efforts, they run into visa problems and try to outrun Immigration.
We couldn't make Eddie see reason.
Well, someone certainly managed.
MAN: (ON TELEVISION) Meritus College, where international students may enjoy a first-class education in multiple disciplines, whilst living in style and luxury right in the heart of Melbourne, the world's most livable city.
Er, excuse me, I'm I'm just looking for an Indian girl who Hi.
I'm I'm looking for an Indian girl.
She she works as a bike courier.
I was supposed to meet with her yesterday.
Um, anyone know who that might be? I knew a friend of hers, an Eddie Chin.
Anyone remember Eddie? Or Lakshmi Agarwal? No? Does anyone speak English? Why are you here? You will only cause us more trouble.
Please go.
- What trouble you in? - Javed Nazeem is gone now.
Please go! Javed Nazeem? Is that the guy you were with yesterday? Was this his home? Did he used to live here too? For years, we hid him.
- From who? - From Immigration! How much do they charge you to live here? (SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) Quick, hide here.
Hide! WOMAN: Check the first three rooms! Check everywhere.
Where is he? Come on! He was seen coming up to this floor! Do you understand me? - Clear.
- Nothing? Go and search every room! See what you've done? - They can't all be from Immigration.
- Go! - Are they from the college? - Do not come back here.
Go! You! Stop! He's here.
Tell me where he gets off.
MAN: (OVER RADIO) He got off on level five.
Got it! - Now go clean up, please.
- Yeah, OK.
Everything OK, Jack? Yeah.
Hey, listen, this'll cheer you up.
I thought you'd like to be the first to know that Cherry and I are going to have a baby.
- Oh, congratulations, mate.
- Yeah! God, I never thought it would happen to me.
You know, thought I was too old and I'd be leaving this place to developers.
Now I'll have a little Stan to take over the place.
When's the happy date? Oh, we haven't done it yet, no.
- I'll let you know as soon as we do.
- OK.
Oh, it's a funny thing, life, you know? You meet the right woman, everything just comes good.
Hey, just just keep it under your hat.
I'll go tell the boys.
Well, shiver me timbers.
I got onto the Meritus student website easy enough.
Mind you, getting into their internal site is another issue.
Double encrypted and multiple firewalls for why, I don't know.
They are a school aren't they? But I'm too busy to try and break that code, so please don't ask me.
It's not actually Thursday, is it? No, I've just been to an office fancy dress party.
So you have fancy dress party and themed Thursdays.
So Eddie Chin had a student diary, they all did, but his was so easy to get into, you could have done it.
Do you know what his password was? His name, and that didn't make sense because he was doing computer studies and no computer person would ever use their name as a password.
They said he was really good at this stuff.
He was.
Super good.
He made it so simple because I think he knew someone was looking at it, but underneath it all he buried this other layer and I can't crack it all because it is so smart! I think I would have really liked him.
You would have liked him.
He was a really nice guy.
So, go to April 12.
That is his last entry.
"Hired Stars Wars the Holocrons of Fate.
"Best Star Wars ever.
" Don't you see? I'm not a big sci-fi fan, so Well, it's a message.
No-one on earth thinks that's the best Star Wars ever.
So highlight the 12, press Command L, and then go to the Highlight the 12 Right, no, let me.
Someone recorded this on their phone.
- That's Lakshmi.
- Mm-hm.
People were filming her instead of helping her, poor girl.
So he embedded that in his last diary entry.
He ripped it off the internet before it was taken down.
How do you how do you rewind it? The arrows are a clue.
Oh, OK.
Can you stop it? Stop it.
Freeze it.
- Yeah, pause it? - Pause it.
That woman, that's the big Russian wrestler woman that tried to whack me.
Yeah, spare me.
I don't want to know.
(SHOUTS IN HINDI) Do you know what Lakshmi's screaming? Yes, she kept screaming so I had it translated.
"My head is on fire.
" "My head is on fire.
" Again and again.
"My head is on fire.
" Eddie Chin? I'm Doctor Finch.
I want you to tell me why Eddie Chin and Lakshmi Agarwal are dead.
What did you do? I demand to know.
Your patient's dead.
You know these private colleges are a rort.
You see the date on the death certificate? The certificate is dated before the letter! Are you saying you have never received your daughter's remains? No! Though I'm not sure that he's middle school material, though.
"Deaf in right ear.
" I mean, I don't want to be repeating myself all the time.
You've been repeating yourself for 40 years, Eric.
My experience, opening gambit, break their thumbs.
Everyone knows where they stand.