Jack Irish (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

1 We're gathered here today because this is what Charlie wanted.
You've got to be related to Charlie, don't you? - Jack, you are depressed.
- What's that? It's a referral to someone who might be able to help you with your state of mind.
Am I wasting my entire life on you? I'm probably a bit old to be having a kid now at my age, don't you think? I've lost all of our money.
I must go back to the track.
Cam, we're back in it.
Norm's been dead for 18 months now.
MAN: And this is Norm's memorial stool, Stan.
You are bad for business.
Find someone to take that stool or I'll get Cherry Blossom to do it for you! "Although I miss you all very much, I have been made to feel "so welcome here that this almost feels like home.
" (SCREAMS) (SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) - Lakshmi, she's dead.
- It was not an accident.
MAN: We've got a break-in in the mainframe room.
A Chinese student by the name of Eddie Chin.
He was studying at a place called the Meritus Institute of Higher Learning.
Now, I found him dead down a mine shaft in Ballarat.
He had a friend called Lakshmi Agarwal, who may or may not have suicided round about the same time.
So, do you think you could look into this college for me? WOMAN: Getting into their internal site is another issue.
For why, I don't know.
They are a school.
(SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) Do you know what Lakshmi's screaming? "My head is on fire.
" "My head is on fire?" "Come to this address.
There is someone you should meet.
" Javed, they're onto you! (MECHANICAL CLANGING) (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Yeah, OK.
Yes, it's me.
I'm just on my way in to the meeting now.
I want you to tell me why Eddie Chin and Lakshmi Agarwal are dead.
What did you do? I demand to know! (POLICE RADIOS CHATTER, HELICOPTER WHIRRS OVERHEAD) - Police! Put your hands in the air.
- They killed them.
They're going to kill me! - Put the knife down slowly.
- Please listen! Put the knife down! - They killed them.
- Weapon clear.
Don't shoot.
Don't shoot! Please! (ELECTRICITY CRACKLES) You may run on for a long time Run on for a long time You may run on for a long time Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut you down Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut you down Go tell that long-tongued liar Go tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, the gambler, the back biter Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut them down Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut them down.
JACK IRISH: I have an appointment with Dr Finch.
WOMAN: Please, take a seat.
Eddie Chin? Descended from a long line of Chins, are you? Yes, all the way back to the Ming dynasty.
I'm not sure if you're aware of my standard consultation fee, but this is a rather expensive prank.
My real name's Jack.
I assumed you were a bloke.
- I assumed you were Chinese.
- Yeah.
I'm actually trying to track Eddie Chin's movements leading up to the point that he was killed.
- Are you a cop? - No, no, I'm a lawyer.
And Eddie did some courier work for me.
Well, I've never had a patient by that name, and I wouldn't divulge anything if I did.
Your name and an appointment time was found in Eddie's online student diary from three years ago.
I'm afraid that I can't speak to patients without a GP referral.
I have one of those.
This is for a different psychiatrist.
Does it matter? Look, I have a very full schedule today, Jack.
I'm sorry.
You don't happen to know a Lakshmi Agarwal, do you? She was also killed three years ago.
She was hit by a bus not long before Eddie was then shot point-blank and thrown down a mine shaft.
Yeah, I read about that.
- That was him? - Yeah.
They studied together.
They might have been boyfriend and girlfriend.
You weren't treating Lakshmi, were you? - Is that why your? - We've covered this.
I'm not at liberty to tell you.
Can I just show you one thing? Eddie left this.
Only accessible by code.
I've had this translated.
She's saying, "My head is burning.
It's on fire.
" (LAKSHMI SCREAMS ON VIDEO) And then, as you can see, she's gone.
Ah, smell that! Mothballs, Old Spice and the waft of the sewage farm.
Midweek races at Werribee.
Where else would you rather be? - Well - Ah, rhetorical, Jack.
Well, make some room in your wallets, boys.
When Strawberry Girl comes home, we're going to have ourselves a serious payday.
But it says here that's Dougie Smalls' horse? Yeah, yeah, but Len Faraday trained it.
He left her to Dougie after he carked it.
Yeah, even Dougie, with his anti-Midas touch, he can't turn Strawberry Girl to shit.
Ah, the racing gods are smiling on us today, boys.
(SIREN BLARES) COMMENTATOR: Well, ladies and gentlemen, please take note, we've got a shock here.
Strawberry Girl is a late scratching.
Stewards will be holding an inquiry into certain irregularities.
Pretty fickle, them racing goods.
I'm not sure what's happened there Oh, that sewage farm's really starting to waft in.
The stewards' panel upholds a breach of AR17B, the administering of prohibited anabolic agents, corticosteroids and neuromuscular stimulants by registered trainer Douglas Smalls.
Why would I do it, Cyn? She's the only favourite I've ever had.
- Where's the stewards' room?! - Sorry about that, mate.
Harry! Are you sure this is a good idea, Harry? Stewards' room! Sorry about that.
Harry! I might just wait out here, I think.
Harry! This is a travesty, this is.
- Harry! - In all my years of racing Harry, this is a private hearing.
What sort of kangaroo court are you running here, Cyn? This is Dougie we're talking about! A trainer with a record like Dougie CAN'T be cheating.
He's never even had a Group 1.
- I've never had a Group 2.
- He's barely had a Group 3.
They need to invent a new group for Dougie.
Let's face it, Cyn.
Strawberry Girl is the only horse he's had that's even worth doping, and yet here you are meting out vindictive justice on one of the most inept horse trainers this state's ever seen.
Appreciate you sticking up for me, Harry.
I mean every word of it, Dougie.
Get him out of here, Cam, or I'll have him barred.
- Harry! - Trust me, Cyn.
Why else would I have my hard-earned on it? Keep self-interest out of this, Harry.
If you want to keep self-interest out of it, you might as well shut down bloody racing! Go well? This burns.
Burns deep.
That's the second anonymous tip-off to the stewards.
No, no.
Washed up has-beens, the lot of 'em.
Well, no.
What about this Bill Raynor? WILBUR: Well, where's he from? Well, he's been at The Cornish Arms 22 years.
The Cornish Arms?! Oh, give us a break.
I believe they've hung a dreamcatcher behind the bar there.
Hey, but I like the look of this bloke.
The one from The Pig And Wheelbarrow.
No way.
No, he's a Pom.
No Poms.
All they ever do is whinge.
One thing I cannot abide is a flamin' whinger.
Eric, that stool has to start paying its way.
Cherry and I are trying to run a business here.
We can't just plonk any tosspot on Norm's stool.
No! There's a delicate ecosystem at work, Stan.
If if you introduce the wrong species, then you upset the entire natural order.
Jack, you've got to help me out here.
I mean, God knows I love her, but Cherry Blossom, she's got a bit of a violent side.
- I'll see what I can do, mate.
- Thank you.
- (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) - Yeah? WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Transferring a call for you.
Hi, Fiona.
Thanks for getting back to me.
I was calling about a patient of mine, a former patient.
Agarwal, A-G-A-R-W-A-L.
Her first name is Lakshmi.
MAN: This is it, mate.
This is not right.
Are you quite sure this is it? Yeah, that's it.
- OK.
Thank you.
- Righto.
(UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS ON VIDEO) WOMAN: (ON VIDEO) So much has happened since my last letter home to you.
So many wonderful adventures have beset me that I scarce know where to begin.
The college is every bit as wonderful as the brochures promised, and I have learned so much in my time here.
Mr Agarwal? Anoushka Khurana.
They are Lakshmi's words in her letter to us.
Please come.
What what is going on here? I understand.
Please come.
- No, but how is that possible? - It's OK.
Please come.
- They are her exact words to me - Yes.
in her letter to us.
Her last letter.
You see the date on the death certificate? And the postmark on the last letter she sent us? - Huh.
- Huh.
The certificate is dated before the letter.
Now, you tell me, how can that be? Mr Agarwal on behalf of Meritus, I take full responsibility.
If it is of any comfort, the HR executive who sent you this letter is no longer with the organisation.
I am deeply sorry for the pain you have suffered as a result of administrative failings by former staff members.
Three years, Mrs Khurana, three years, and still, even now, we cannot put our Lakshmi to rest.
Are you saying you have never received your daughter's remains? No! We have made countless requests to your office.
Written letters.
International calls.
This has taken All my family has to save just for the airfare so that I can attend to this matter personally.
I can only imagine the suffering this has caused you, Mr Agarwal.
I will personally liaise with the coroner's office and get to the bottom of this.
This is where I'm staying.
I will be in touch very soon, Mr Agarwal.
You have my word.
Yeah, I see, Mrs Perlman, but I'm really sure that your neighbour's dog doesn't mean anything by it.
- Stan, I'm working here, mate.
- STAN: Oh, yeah, sorry.
Serious run on dunny rolls, Jack.
I won't go into details.
Oh, except to say I would give the gents a bit of a wide berth.
Just a few teething problems with the change of cuisine.
- Kind of on the phone.
- Yeah, I I think it's the kung pao chicken.
Yeah, I'm listening, Mrs Perlman.
I can't personally say that I've ever heard of a racist dog before.
No, not even a German shepherd.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) We could go down that I'm going to call you back.
How are you, young fella? - It's been a long time, son.
- Good to see you.
Good to see you too.
Yes, thanks, mate.
Yeah, we'll let you know, OK? Good on you.
You're a hard man to track down, Des.
Thank God for the Past Players Association.
Yeah, I had to move up to the old raisin ranch about a year ago.
Some, um, plumbing problems downstairs.
All that to look forward to.
Oh, well, the good news about retirement villages is the women outnumber the men two to one, apparently.
Why do you think I moved there, boy? Them's my kind of odds.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, Jack, what's this all about, son? So? So, what do you think? I mean, I like him.
Well, yeah, he knows his footy and he knows his nags.
And I liked his position on the Queen.
I'm not sure that he's middle-stool material, though.
What? "Deaf in right ear.
" I mean, I don't want to be repeating myself all the time.
You've been repeating yourself for 40 years, Eric.
I mean, just just switch stools with him.
What are you talking about, Stan? I I can't go in the middle.
I'm a wingman.
I need the open spaces.
No, it's not going to work.
Cherry's going to kill me.
Wilbur, you remember Des Connors.
- G'day, Wilbur.
How are you, mate? - Oh, yeah.
How are you? 53 games for the Roys.
Just a player.
- And Eric, of course.
- Yes, a man who knows his football.
Des! How are you, mate? - Lovely to see you again.
- Yeah.
- Pull up a pew.
Sit yourself down.
- Don't mind if I do.
Thanks, mate.
You might be able to lend us a hand here, mate.
Wilbur and me, we've been debating.
Look, who did we beat in the final round in '57 to avoid the wooden spoon? Oh, gee.
Yes, it was Geelong by four goals at the old Brunswick Street Oval.
Well played, Jack.
Well played, mate.
Told you.
He thought it was Richmond.
I checked with the coroner's office.
There was no autopsy.
It's against the family's religion.
So, Lakshmi Agarwal was Muslim? According to the death certificate.
They also said that the body was released to a funeral director for embalming before being shipped back home to India.
It was signed off by her mother.
I'm sending you through the paperwork now.
Yeah, OK.
Thanks, Dr Finch.
You're welcome, Mr Chin.
Don't you know anything? Lakshmi's a Hindu goddess of prosperity, health, purity.
It's nice to know that my phone conversations are private, Wilbur.
Jack, no Indian Muslim's ever going to name their daughter Lakshmi.
- You sure about that? - Yeah.
I spent years in the Far East when I was in the Merchant Navy.
India? Never been there myself.
Not a fan of the curry.
WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Dr Greaves' office.
Yvonne speaking.
This is Dr Finch here.
I have a referral from Dr Greaves.
I was wondering if you could send over his patient file, please.
Jack Irish.
AJEET: Did you know my daughter Lakshmi? Lakshmi Agarwal? - No, sorry, mate.
- Excuse me.
Did you know my daughter Lakshmi Agarwal? WOMAN: No.
Did you know my daughter Lakshmi Agarwal? - No, sorry.
- No? Excuse me, sir.
Did you know my daughter Lakshmi Agarwal? She was your daughter? I'm her father.
- Did you know my daughter Lakshmi? - I never actually met her, but Sir, can you please tell me where this place is here? This is what we dreamed of for our daughter's education.
Everything was so different in the brochure.
You know, Lakshmi, she just wanted to make us proud, to change her destiny.
Such a bright girl, Mr Irish.
She must have been so ashamed.
So, you never received her body? Her remains? No.
That's why I'm here, Mr Irish.
Call me Jack, please.
Three years of bureaucracy, Jack.
Of lies.
I have to bring Lakshmi home to put her ashes in the river so that our Ganga can take her to the next life.
But didn't your wife already come out here to do that? What what are you saying? My wife, Bhavna? On the coroner's certificate.
Um she signed the authority to the funeral director for embalming prior to shipment.
My wife has never left our village, let alone India.
And why would she sign off on the body being shipped when it's Hindu custom to cremate our dead as soon as possible? Ollie, get back! (TYRES SCREECH) What's happening, Mum? It's OK.
We're OK.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) I did warn you about going on the stewards' panel, Cyn.
Racing people have a tendency to get their noses out of joint.
They shot at me and my kids, Harry.
No, not all your kids.
Marie wasn't here.
They weren't actually shooting at you, Cyn.
Look at the bullet hole.
Yeah, Cam's right.
These are three-metre ceilings.
Whoever did that aimed at the cornice.
It's good shooting, though.
Well, I would have preferred an angry email.
Nasty business.
Still, you've got to love racing, Cam.
The passion.
There's nothing like it! (GROANING) Ow! You need a hand, Dad? I need a whole new bloody body, that's what I need.
(CHUCKLES) Good day at the office? If you call waiting for a cab for 50 minutes a good day.
I thought Phillip was driving you.
He's as useful as tits on a bull.
Well, you should have called me.
Look, stop fussing, Rory.
I'm alright.
Three years and they still don't have her remains.
Well, why would someone knock off her boyfriend if she'd topped herself? Doesn't make sense.
Well, I reckon Eddie's found something or discovered something they didn't want getting out.
- Who's they? - I don't know.
The college.
So Eddie died for love, eh? - Oh, shot, mate.
- Poor bastard.
Is that what this retreat in Healesville's all about? Bunch of lovesick blokes talking about their feelings? It's about men looking to evolve, Jack.
Into what? Women? It's a healing workshop.
You spend two days in the bush.
You know, nature, building a fire, shamanic dancing.
Grooming each other's back hair? Probably wouldn't hurt you to have a look at it, my friend.
Drew, you need to let this Simone thing go, mate.
It was a fling.
She ended it.
It happens.
RORY: Kids go down OK? Yeah.
I can sleep in the spare room if you like.
No, it's fine.
I've got an early start.
- Night.
- Night.
- I give too much, you know? - Mm-hm.
That's my problem.
I need to be more enigmatic.
Gaze into space, like I'm dealing with, you know, vast reservoirs of complexity.
Women love that stuff, but when I do it, I just look constipated.
Oh, which has its own charm.
Simone's not coming back to me, is she? I don't know, mate.
Um, last time I saw her, she was a pirate.
I shouldn't have given her a key and a toothbrush on our first date, should I? Might have come across a bit strong.
But when you know, you know, you know? Yeah, I know.
But I think it helps if they know too.
- Yeah.
Anyway, night, Drew.
- Yeah, night, Jack.
Aren't you Charlie's grand-daughter? (GROANS) Have you ever heard of knocking on someone's door? It works really well.
You knock, I answer and no-one gets hurt.
- What were you doing, anyway? - I don't know.
- How did you know where I lived? - I don't know.
- Does your mother know where you are? - I don't know.
How does the Hadron Collider work? I don't know.
Oh, good.
Finally, the truth.
- You're weird.
- I'm possibly concussed.
Opa said you were weird.
Yeah, well, he was German and they wear lederhosen, so, you know, glasshouses and everything.
(GROANS) My mum has a photo of him in lederhosen.
(LAUGHS) Ah, bet you miss your grandpa, eh? Yeah.
I just came to get his mortise and chisel set.
Well, you could have just asked me for it instead of hitting me on the head with it.
- You attacked me.
- You broke into my house.
Yeah, they're my tools.
I'm family and you're not.
You have no right to them.
I completely agree.
You can take the lot of them.
- I have nowhere to put them.
- Ah.
So, you'd like me to look after them for a while, eh? Except the chisel set.
And you will knock next time you come over? - Can I go now? - Oh, really? So soon? This has been positively sparkling.
I should have hit you harder.
Gus! Gus! I mean it.
Just come any time you want, OK? (DOORS BANG IN DISTANCE) (FOOTSTEPS PASS) NEWSREADER: (ON TV) The alleged terror attack by Indian student Javed Nazeem occurred three years after his visa was cancelled.
A spokesman for the minister today released a statement announcing an urgent review into all foreign student visas (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) under the student visa framework criteria.
Javed Nazeem has eluded (RORY TAPS KEYPADS) (SENT MESSAGE TONE BEEPS) (ON TV) Said it was now a matter of priority that - all student subclass 500 visas - (MOBILE PHONE BEEPS) be reviewed with stricter conditions imposed.
Coming up soon, we'll have the weather (CHUCKLES) Even if she did forge the wife's signature, why wouldn't the school send the body back? I mean, what are they trying to hide? Running scared of a compensation case, maybe? And what sort of condition was Lakshmi in when you saw her? Jack doctor-patient confidentiality is not just a guideline.
It's a law, and I'm bound by it.
Your patient's dead, Rory.
So, if there's a cover-up going on, who's being protected by confidentiality? Not the patient.
Come on.
You've read the papers.
You know these private colleges are a rort.
They run Mickey Mouse courses, they drain taxpayer money and they're ripping off families all over the world.
Look I do pro bono work for mental health clinics.
Refugees and migrants mainly.
Lakshmi was referred to me by her GP.
I only saw her once.
And all that stuff you saw her saying in the video, did you see any of that? Did you get an indication of that? Well, she complained of headaches, anxiety, depression.
And then she had her accident and I never got to see her again.
And that's all I know.
So I read your file.
Well, I'm flattered.
Dr Greaves sent it over, following up the referral.
I wasn't actually serious about that.
You should be.
Your doctor is.
You've suffered some major personal traumas.
And that's where the confidentiality thing goes out the window.
So, you've got an entire personal history on me, and I've got nothing on you.
We all need help, Jack.
And if not me, then you should see someone.
It's not actually necessary because happiness is on its way.
I saw it written on a wall just outside your office.
(CHUCKLES) Subliminal advertising.
Like I said the offer's there if you want to see me.
Do I need to make an appointment for that? (CAR BEEPS) That's a nice car, Anoushka.
Must go for about four times the annual minimum wage, I'd say.
I wouldn't know.
You wouldn't know the annual minimum wage or the cost of your Porsche? If you're going to spend so much time at my college, Mr Irish, perhaps you should take up a course.
I actually have a degree.
One that means something.
(CHUCKLES) You'll have to make an appointment, I'm afraid.
And would I do that under your name or Lakshmi's mother's name? Javed Nazeem was a student here as well at Meritus, wasn't he? I'd have to check our records.
You know, he's been all over the news.
Do you know why his visa was cancelled? Many of our students run into visa issues, Mr Irish, and it's out of our hands, unfortunately.
So, you get fully paid up front by a bunch of foreign students, who might just be randomly deported, freeing up space for another student.
Can't really go wrong with that business model, can you? We provide all our students with a migration agent to facilitate on visa matters.
Thank you, Mr Irish.
- Can I get a name? - (CAR ENGINE STARTS) Excuse me.
Do you know where Simone is? She's hiding behind the filing cabinet.
Simone! Simone? Oh, thanks a lot, Jack.
I was going to surprise my supervisor.
Ninja Thursday? Yeah, well, admit it, you didn't see me when you came in.
Well, I guess the element of surprise is in the fact that I was expecting to see an IT person sitting behind her desk.
"Made in China.
" Wonder what the Japanese think about that.
Now, I need to find a migration agent at Meritus College.
I'm sure they've got it ferreted away in there somewhere.
Denis Bontempelli, Sydney Road, Brunswick.
- How did you do that? - It's on the college website.
- A cat could have found it.
- Well, I don't have a cat, do I? - I have a full-time job now, Jack.
- I do pay you, don't I? Your jobs are never fun.
Get out.
Look, admittedly, we don't have dress-up Thursdays, but I reckon compulsory happiness in the workplace is a little bit overrated.
It is not compulsory.
It just happens naturally.
- Try telling that bloke.
- Just get out! So, the window's been completely smashed, and she's just sitting in there.
POLICEMAN: You quite comfortable there, young lady? Come on, Miss.
Grab your gear.
So, you're the uncle? Yeah, that's me.
Uncle Jack.
Well, she doesn't appear to have stolen anything, and the owner doesn't want to pursue charges.
When we found her, she was just sitting there, staring at the wall.
- I wasn't staring at the wall.
- Hmm.
Right, if you could sign here, please.
And you'll personally vouch for the safekeeping of this? - Um, yes, I will.
- Right.
- Alright, you're free to go.
- After you.
Oh, enough with the apologies.
It's too much already! Can I have my chisel set back? - Why didn't you call your mum? - 'Cause we live in Perth.
Have you got a ticket to get back? You can drop me at the station and I can catch the bus to the airport.
Well, there's something you need to do first.
Come on.
Get in.
- This is bullshit.
- Oh! You're not my father.
I'm not your uncle either, but at least I showed up.
Now, I'm tipping, if Charlie was still with us, you would have called him, but guess what.
He would have brought you here as well, so come on.
You can give her this.
My friend Augustine here would like to apologise to you and pay for your broken window.
Well, I appreciate you doing the right thing, but you did give me a bit of a fright.
You know, you read about these things in the papers and Yeah.
As I say, we're very sorry, aren't we? Are you done humiliating me? This is about honour, not humiliation, and you owe me 300 bucks.
But tell me, that wall you were staring at, it wouldn't happen to be the one with that handcrafted, oak sideboard against it, would it, that she obviously had the good taste to commission from Charlie? I can walk to the station from here.
Have you got enough money? You don't want to take $20 just in case? If it makes you feel better.
Yeah, it makes me feel great.
(CAR ENGINE STARTS) Cam, it's Jack.
Listen, mate, I'm just wondering if you're free today at about 4:30.
I've got a little mystery rendezvous I may need some backup on.
No can do.
I'm stuck here with Harry at Kyneton.
Don't you have somebody else to do it? Yeah.
Unfortunately, I do.
Jack fucking Irish.
Brendan, you're two hours early, mate.
- Really glad you called, Jack.
- Yeah.
Well, look, it's no big deal.
I just need you to sit at a nearby table at a cafe and just be backup.
- That's that's it, you know? - Do you want me to break his thumbs? No.
No, just backup.
Good to get on the front foot in these matters, Jack.
My experience, opening gambit, break their thumbs.
Everyone knows where they stand.
Yeah, I hear you, but maybe let's just go a different way on this one, eh? Good call, yeah.
I'll head over there now.
Have a little reccie.
Scope things out.
I haven't given you the address.
It's, um It's Bilotti's in Carlton.
That's a nasty-looking rash you've got there.
Yeah, it's this medication I'm on.
Few side effects.
Yeah, and be discreet, eh? Won't even know I'm there, Jack.
(SIGHS) (MAN COMMENTATES OVER TANNOY) Any mail on who tipped off the stewards at Werribee, Razor? Nothing from my spies, Harry.
Anyone clean up on the race after the favourite was bumped? Nothing unusual.
Mind you, this old bird had serious place money on Liquid Amber at long odds.
This mystery woman, you know anything about her? Never seen her before.
Teal pant suit.
Good set of pins.
Bit of alright, if you ask me.
- Somebody joining you? - I think so.
Who are you with? Um, nobody.
I'm here on my own.
- Are you working for them? - I'm not working for anybody.
I'm not even sure who you're talking about, to be honest.
Question is, who are you? I'm not divulging anything until I know what your interest in this is.
Ah, well, a very small knitted Fitzroy Football Club jumper that, if it'd been delivered, would have changed the course of my life.
- So, you knew Eddie Chin? - Yeah.
There's more.
More names.
There's a list.
Believe me, the mendacity of these people knows no bounds.
(GUNSHOTS) (SCREAMING) (TYRES SCREECH) - Bilotti's, Jack? For fuck's sake! - What? This joint's a known underworld hangout.
We keep a roll of police tape on the premises.
- Well, I didn't choose the venue.
- And an outside table? They don't even have to get out of the car to shoot you.
- I did organise backup.
- Oh, yeah? How did that work out for you? - Did he have any ID on him? - No, nothing.
John Doe.
No mobile phone, no credit cards, no driver's licence.
This was a man who went to some serious trouble to go off the grid.
He say anything to you before they turned him into a colander? - He'd barely sat down.
- Any idea why he wanted to meet? Jack! Ooh, fuck.
You're alive.
Where were you? Fell asleep on the tram, didn't I? It's these pills I'm on.
They make me all drowsy.
This was your backup plan? I'd never have forgiven myself if anything had happened to you, Jack.
- Here's your stuff, mate.
- Yeah.
- You alright? - Yeah.
Maybe you should take him home.
I think he might be in shock.
- See you, Jack.
- Don't forget your pen, Jack.
It's not mine.
He ain't going to need it now, is he? I take it you did this conveyancing.
I thought we agreed that your days of debt collecting and conversations with the wrong end of guns, boots and fists were over, son.
How was Perth? What happened to your neck? Someone shot at me.
OK, don't tell me, then.
You, um? You need a place to crash? You alright? Yeah.
That oak sideboard, I helped Opa make it when I came over for the school holidays once.
- He let me mortise the joints.
- Nice work.
Nah, he did most of it.
Yeah, but he trusted you with it, though.
Obviously saw some talent.
- Did you make this? - Yeah.
What do you think? Looks like the work of a small child.
Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, then, does it? I'm off to bed.
You can have the couch.
I'll get you a blanket.
Bathroom's through there.
- Have a good sleep, Gus.
- Night, Jack.
(BANGING) - MAN: Come on! Not now! - (BANGING CONTINUES) No! Come on.
No, don't do this to me now, you useless piece of shit! Denis Bontempelli? Do you know anything about printers? Ah, just that they're supposed to be plugged in.
- (PRINTER WHIRRS) - Some sort of IT expert? Do you know an Eddie Chin from Meritus Institute? Bit of a blur of Chins, Wongs and Wangs around here, to be honest, mate.
He's the one who was found down a mine shaft about 10 days ago near Ballarat.
Is he alright? Not really, no.
He's a bit on the dead side, which I don't imagine is a good look for you.
I didn't handle his deportation.
I just do the visas.
But you know about his deportation paperwork, yeah? Who are you exactly? Exactly I'm Jack Irish.
I'm a lawyer.
And who's he? I'm Brendan O'Grady, Denis.
I hurt people for a living.
Perhaps we can, um, come to some sort of arrangement.
Well, you could start by telling me when Javed Nazeem was supposed to be deported.
(CLEARS THROAT) Um, day after Lakshmi Agarwal died.
- They all were.
- And how many are we talking? - 20, including the dead girl.
- Not so blurry now, hey? They all went, except for Javed, who shot through.
But Eddie Chin wasn't one of them? Do you know why their student visas were revoked? I'm just a spoke in a wheel, Jack.
Do you reckon you could tell me who your contact might be at Immigration? Oh, you know, I I don't really, um, deal with anyone sort of specific there.
Just give him the name, Denis, or you'll be eating through a fucking straw too.
WOMAN: (ON INTERCOM) Denis Bontempelli to see you, Helen.
Send him up.
MAN: And if she's not wearing a wedding ring? Yes? And they were wearing burqas, you say? (PHONE RINGS) WOMAN: How many of them would you say are living there? - What is it, Denis? - Denis sends his apologies.
Denis, what's going on here? I, um, can't really talk right now.
My real name's Jack Irish.
I'm Javed Nazeem's lawyer.
- Doesn't quite work like this.
- How does it work, then? You've got all these foreign students paying a fortune to get visas, which you can just revoke on a whim.
How much does Meritus pay your department, exactly? We don't consider national security a whim, Mr Irish.
- Right.
Well, tell me this.
- (INTERCOM BEEPS) How often would, say, a group of 18 students who go to the same school, and I use that term ironically, get kicked out of the country on the same day? We don't comment on departmental matters.
You're welcome to write to your local member.
Yeah, that always works.
It's lucky they didn't treat your parents like this, eh? Oh! Oh! Look, what's going on? Phone.
No, it was your handball across goal that cost us that 1960 prelim against Collingwood.
WILBUR: Oh, still, remember this, it was Des who made that spoil on their ruckman, you know, in the pocket, and saved a certain goal.
No, look, the horse had bolted by then.
We should have been in the big dance at the 'G.
I mean, what were you bloody thinking, Des? I'll tell you what I was thinking.
I was thinking, "Now, where's Eric Tanner? "Why isn't he out on the ground? Oh, that's right.
"Because he never played one single bloody game "of League football in his entire life!" Oh, well, if you want to get shirty about it, pal Oh, bugger this.
I've had a gutsful.
I'd rather be drinking on my own at the retirement home.
- I'll see you later, Wilbur.
- No, Des.
Um, mate, don't go.
We can work it out.
- Um, I'll get you a pie.
- Look, tell Jack I'm terribly sorry.
I'm out of here, mate, away from this arsehole.
No, Des.
Don't go, mate.
No! Come on! What was Jack thinking? No way was that bloke stool material.
Stanley, are you just going to stand there and let them run your business to the ground? Cherry, sweetheart, please.
I will fix it.
- Leave it to me.
- Stanley Collins? Yes.
Are you the owner of this establishment? Um, yeah, yeah.
- This your wife, Cherry Blossom? - Yeah.
What's this about? Homeland Security.
We've had an anonymous tip-off regarding the marital status of Ms Blossom with regard to your temporary partner visa, subclass 820.
- No! - You're coming with us, Ms Blossom.
No, I'm legal.
I have a visa! You can't do this! I've got paperwork! - Stan! - No, I'll sort it.
- Stan! Stan! - I'll sort it out, darling.
Please, where are you taking my wife? Let my wife go! Let her go! - Stan! - Mate, I'll I'll You can't do this! God! (PANTS) (KEYS JANGLE) - You've got a visitor.
- Thanks.
I'm Dr Finch.
Javed? Can you get me his medical chart? Can you hear me? Javed? Thanks.
Who the hell administered this? What have they done to you? - (PANTS) - (CAR DOORS OPEN, CLOSE) (CAR ENGINE REVS INTO DISTANCE) (MOBILE PHONE RINGS) Hello? WOMAN: (ON PHONE) No more warnings.
Enjoy the walk.
You're accusing a government department of abduction.
Well, given the fact that I was abducted 10 minutes after I left their building, then I'd say there's a connection.
Someone rang the authorities about Cherry and if there is one thing I will not tolerate at The Prince, it's treason! - Drew! - DREW: Jack! You can't go calling out a bloke's name when he's lying in a grave.
- You nearly gave me a heart attack! - At least you're prepared.
I've got a story for you.
It's about a private college that's promising to educate international students.
There's been two deaths and a cover-up.
- Really? - Javed Nazeem.
He wasn't a patient of yours, was he? You really struggle with this whole confidentiality thing, don't you? Javed, can you speak English, mate? (SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) (SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE) Run! Run!