Jack Irish (2016) s02e05 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 5

1 - Listen, I can commit, you know? - Oh, that's good to know.
She had a wedding ring.
The woman you had sex with the other night.
HARRY: There's one menace who needs to be brought into line.
Mr Ricky Kirsch.
And we're gonna bug his home.
Got the flights booked and I'm learning Mandarin so I can surprise Cherry in her native tongue.
They speak Cantonese there, don't they? No, no, she speaks Chinese.
Anyone here know Eddie Chin? SHAKTI: I told Eddie not to cause trouble.
JACK: All the As on the list, they're all dead, right? So, what do As and Ps stand for? Leave the hotel and go directly to the airport.
Maybe they were tapping our phones.
I think you might be right.
I'm working for the girl who was in this coffin.
What's it doing here? (GUNFIRE) Take the rest of the day off, boys.
So, you mentioned something about Martin Reed.
We provided him with a grant to do his research.
And if Martin was before your time, - then who was in charge then? - My father-in-law.
Thornton Finch.
Well, I've taken up enough of your time.
I'll let myself out.
This is day 17.
Who the hell are you, K? It is beginning.
MAN: Breathtaking passage beneath a bridge.
- How many letters? - Seven.
Oh, you're bleeding there, love.
Oh, I'm fine, Mac.
It's nothing.
Seven letters.
Breathtaking passage beneath a bridge.
Oh, did your friend end up catching up with you? - Friend? - The Russki.
She was in here this morning, looking for you.
You may run on for a long time Run on for a long time You may run on for a long time Tell them God almighty's gonna cut you down Tell them God almighty's gonna cut you down Go and tell that long-tongue liar Go and tell the midnight rider Tell the rambler and the gambler and the back-biter Tell them God almighty's gonna cut 'em down Tell them God almighty's gonna cut 'em down.
MAN: Imagine you're a little boy, standing underneath a sleek, black velvet panther its huge paws either side of you.
The vibrations of its chest against your body.
Feel the panther's power.
You're safe.
You're strong.
OK? Now I want you to activate the deepest wound within you.
And exhale through your heart.
Don't think.
Ask the body, not the mind.
(JACK SIGHS) You need to be willing to do the work, Jack.
No, I think I just need to get out from underneath this fuckin' panther.
Uh Kyle's one of the world's leading trauma specialists.
Yeah, well, I guess tonal chanting and power animals are just not my thing, mate.
Yeah, well, cognitive therapy's not a cure-all, Jack.
Neither's medication.
You are being driven by the past, by fear, by trauma.
We're talking decades of wordless pain.
So, not talking about it.
See? You've got all this repressed rage.
At the moment, I just feel like I've got real rage.
Storming out like that is just classic 101 Repressed.
It was an uncomfortable chair, OK? Very poorly built.
Well, you'd know about that.
Mate, I've made furniture that's stood the test of time.
What have you ever done? Does it upset you when people are critical of your carpentry? I know what you're trying to do, OK? Charlie Taub was a master of it.
Fair enough that he was hard to please.
Hard to please, like your father? Mate, you keep channelling Kyle, I'm gonna take you to the zoo - and feed you to a real panther, OK? - (PHONE RINGS) Not a word.
Hi, Jack.
It's me again.
Uh, can you call me when you can? So, we're seeing other people now, are we? Said the pot who fucked the kettle.
Have you ever asked yourself why? Oh, don't give me that, Phillip.
I hear these cop-outs every day.
"My needs weren't being met.
I didn't feel appreciated enough.
" You've got everybody else pegged except yourself, haven't you? A grown woman who still hasn't moved out of home.
My father is dying.
What, for 30 years? I should be the one getting a humanitarian award for putting up with you and your father.
Freud would have a field day with you two.
Oh, my God.
That is offensive on so many levels.
I have never been in this relationship.
Do you know what you did when I told you I was having an affair? You went and made yourself a cup of tea.
I was upset.
No, you weren't.
That's what was upsetting.
Sorry, I I didn't realise I'll go and get the kids.
You're going to leave him? 'Cause he's about to be the the new CEO of my company.
(CHUCKLES) I mean, I would like to know.
We can't all have a marriage like you and Mum did.
What's that supposed to mean? I could not have done more for your mother.
I'm sure you're right, Dad.
You always are.
It just hit me, the kind of person you are.
(CHUCKLES) I've got bookshelves full of people like you.
Well, I think I deserve to at least know what I did.
Nine foreign students who get shipped home to India wind up dead, and your husband is funding the research scientist whose van just happens to be plastered with pictures of those kids.
The scientist who got murdered in front of me, by the way.
And this being the same supposedly estranged husband who tells me that he's just been on the best summer holiday of his life, with you.
What, you think he'd come clean about the state of his marriage to a stranger? Why would he even say it? Why would you say you can make a commitment? People say things that aren't true.
Lakshmi was your patient.
You visited Javed Nazeem in a detention centre and Martin Reed is tied up with your father's foundation, run by your husband.
What else am I gonna discover? That that you're on the board of Meritus Institute and Anoushka Khurana's your secret half-sister? You played me.
Nice one.
How the hell could I play you? You came to me! Jack? (SIGHS) (HORNS HONK, INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS) Oh! I got one! (BOTH LAUGH) Refresher? Oh, no, I'll just finish this first.
How's your Bollywood story coming along? I can feel a Pulitzer.
People deserve to know about skin-saving creams that can slow the ageing process by as much as 10 years.
It's a story that must be told.
And the other story? (SIGHS) You're just gonna leave it at that? 10 dead Indian students? All those alarming facts? I'm impressed.
I couldn't do it.
Orton, we're adopting a child.
My life was threatened.
It's not just about me, it it's about the safety of our family.
We live in the Philippines, Linda.
You think we are that safe? Why are you turning your back on this? Are you afraid of getting involved with Jack? Ridiculous! Maybe you're adopting the child with the wrong man.
Look, there's nothing between Jack and I.
It's over.
Like Tutankhamen dead.
Pharaohs are preserved for eternity, their tombs available for visits.
What am I to make of this? You are impossible.
It's a gift.
(CHUCKLES) Right, my turn.
I'm gonna get you! (FATMA GIGGLES) This is bordering on harassment, Mr Irish.
I don't want to have to call the police.
No, I'm sure you don't, 'cause then you'd have to explain why you illegally signed off on a cremation, and why Lakshmi Agarwal's coffin was found in a meth lab in Coburg with the toe tag still in it.
I don't even know where Coburg is.
Well, that'll stand up in court.
Where's her body? I don't know.
I've had hospital records checked in Mumbai.
Nine Indian students are dead.
10 with Lakshmi.
What You sold out your own people.
I I don't know anything about that.
You don't seem to know a lot, really, do you? Which I suppose qualifies you to be a teacher in this bullshit college.
I have told you that I'm trying to help them break from the poverty cycle.
By buying a Porsche? Has this got something to do with the Next Horizon Foundation? Just tell me where her body is, OK? It's the least the family deserves.
(STARTS ENGINE) (PHONE LINE RINGS) MAN: (ON PHONE) Yes? ANOUSHKA: 10 students? 10! Did you know? DID YOU KNOW?! Did you?! Don't call me again.
(PHONE HANGS UP) (URINATES) Found it, Ricky.
Harry bloody Strang.
(TOILET FLUSHES) This fuckin' foundation's a nightmare.
It really clogs the pores of your skin.
Ohh! You OK, boss? It's just this sodium build-up.
I tell you, Dyson, once we've cleaned out Harry Strang, we'll take one of his fuckin' kidneys, put him on dialysis, see how HE likes it.
Yes, boss.
We'll take care of his Aboriginal mate and then we'll just pick Harry off from the herd.
Pass me some more of those facial wipes, will ya? CYNTHIA: Right, so far, Ricky's only targeted Group 3s that are under the radar.
What do these racers have in common? All three-year-olds.
And sprinters.
HARRY: If I know Ricky, and, sadly I do, I'd say he's got his shifty eye on a Group 1 fix.
OK, so, we're looking at a high-profile city race.
Group 1, three-year-old fillies, over 1,000 to 1,200 metres.
Cheeky bastard.
Staring us right in the face.
What else can it be? (SNORTS) Oh, it's so obvious.
(CHUCKLES) Write it up, Cyn.
For the others.
Oh! Your race.
We have to look at every potential horse that's running in this race.
We have to know which one's Ricky's horse.
I reckon a little bit of trackside reconnaissance might be in order.
(VEHICLE PULLS UP) I'm a busy man, Jack.
Yeah, I know.
I just needed some good old-fashioned police intimidation, so, of course, I thought of you.
- (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) - WOMAN: Open the door! Just wait over here.
It's not even open? WOMAN: Hey, wait.
There's someone up there! Is anyone in there? MAN: Not that I know of.
I'll leave you with it.
Thanks for tip-off, Jack.
Looks like we're gonna blow this one wide apart.
I'll expect a commendation.
But aren't you gonna question Anoushka? Noushie's gone, mate.
The door's locked.
She's shut it down.
The whole shebang.
Hang on.
Where you going? To file this under 'W' for Waste of My Fuckin' Time.
But don't you think there's some police work that needs to be done here? - Like an arrest, perhaps? - You know what? You're right.
Constable! Arrest that building.
Police work Anoushka Khurana.
Confirmed departure, Passport Control, Tullamarine Airport.
And where did she go? Well, somewhere where they don't have an extradition treaty.
Tasmania, probably.
Bloody hell! Listen, just while I've got you here, don't suppose you would recognise any of this lot, would you? All four of them took a bullet to the leg.
Oh, well, what do you know? Their story is they were tooling around with a gun and accidentally shot each other.
Boys'll be boys, hey? Interestingly, though, your mate, the nutjob, Brendan O'Grady, was caught on CCTV just one block away.
I refute any implication that Brendan O'Grady is my mate.
Anyway, the way I see it is if four drug dealers want to shoot each other in the legs, for mine, that is a feelgood story.
It's just a pity about the students.
But I told you it was about drugs.
(RACE CALLER COMMENTATES ON TV) STAN: Oh! Careful! So, you're still actually going through with the sale, Stan? Yep.
Today is the first day of the rest of my life.
Doesn't mean you'll live any longer, mate.
No, but I'll be happier.
What, speaking mangled Mandarin in a Cantonese province? - You still can't use chopsticks, mate.
- Yeah, well, I will learn.
You've gotta have the two sticks in the one hand for starters.
You see, that just doesn't make any sense.
You've never even left the postcode, Stan.
Well I want to be with my wife, Jack.
Look, trust me, Stan, that feeling will pass, right? And when it does, that's what pubs are for.
You're not hiding from your black panther are you, mate? I AM the panther, Jack.
Well, if you want to be a prisoner of pain, that's up entirely up to you.
How's your relationship with Simone going? Arctic, mate.
The coldest of cold shoulders.
Right, well, you may want to pop your coat on.
You look good.
- Nice earrings.
- Thank you.
- Well, take care.
- Yep, yeah.
I didn't know he was gonna be here.
That's fine.
We're all adults, now that he's left.
What actually happened with you two? Thought you'd make a good couple.
You know, I'm on my lunch, Jack, so let's get to it.
OK, here is the photo from your phone.
Postmark is only partial, but it starts with a D.
The first postcode digit is a three, the last is a two, so we know which state.
I'm going to search all the suburbs and towns.
ERIC: Well, you know what? You're looking at Dingley 3172, Drysdale 3222.
Then you got Dergholm and Dorodong.
- That's, uh, 3312.
- How's he know all that? 47 years with Australia Post.
Dean, Dereel and Dunnstown, that's 3352.
And not forgetting Dargo, that's 3862, yeah.
Well, do you reckon that's an O at the end? I think that is an O.
OK, so we've got to look up anybody in Dargo whose name begins with K.
Population of Dargo is only 150.
It's on the electoral roll.
I just hacked into it.
You know that's a federal offence, right? I am living on the edge, Jack.
So, we have Kieran, Kerry, Kyle, Kelly, Kim, Kayla, Kelsey and Keith.
Well, there's a kiss after that K, so it's a female we're looking for, right? We can forget about Keith.
I once knew a bloke called Karen.
Persian, he was.
He cleared out our toilet for us.
I might pass his number on to Stan.
What am I supposed to do? I can't really go wandering around Dargo, looking for an initial, can I? Are there any women in Martin Reed's life that you know of? I don't Hi.
- Back again? - Yeah.
I'm just wondering, you don't happen to know who the woman in that photo is, do you? That's Kendra Raspovic.
I'm looking for a Kendra Raspovic.
I believe she's got a post office box here.
You a friend of the friend? - Someone been here already? - Well, it's unusual.
Young lass tends to keep to herself, and then a few of you turn up.
- Morning, Mac.
- Ralphie.
So, Kendra gave me her address, but I must have written it down wrong 'cause I can't seem to find the dirt road turn-off Dalgetty Road.
Third on the right past the Mitchell River.
- Thanks.
- Yep.
Oh, tell her we've got some more of those beans she likes in stock.
- You got it.
- Good.
JACK: (RECORDING) All the As on the list, they're all dead, right? LINDA: (RECORDING) As? Yeah, they are.
Yeah, well, Lakshmi was an A.
Rahul the accidental accountant's a P, and he's alive.
(GASPS) Fuck! Find anything interesting? Are you stalking me now or something? You should know this guy's a serious threat to your family.
If you care about him, tell him to stay away.
Feeling threatened, are you? I didn't say us.
I said your family.
I can tell you everything.
But do you really want to know everything? I'm going to bed.
Of course you are.
Some of us have to live in the real world, Rory.
Oh, fuck! Oh, Jesus, Cam! What are you doing? I gave you a wake-up call half an hour ago.
I must have I must have drifted back off.
Put some pants on.
Harry's waiting.
Why do we have to be up so early? It's character-building, Jack.
Right, is that why there's so many crooks in racing? No-one said GOOD character.
Can I ask why I need to be here? Well, morale, mostly.
I mean, how do you think we'd all feel being up at the crack of dawn, while you're snuggled in your doona? Harry wanted you to know that we worked out where Ricky's gonna land his big sting.
The Harry Strang Stakes.
Which is his horse? Well, that we didn't know, not until a truck ran into the back of the favourite's float and did its Achilles.
Hmm, you'll never guess where the first emergency's from.
Ricky Kirsch country.
- Queensland? - Oh, that that's her.
Panda Panda.
And you couldn't have just told me this on the phone? It's too sensitive! Come on, let's get to work.
- Nice morning's work.
- You go, boss.
I'm going to take some photos of Panda Panda at the stables.
See you back at the homestead.
So, just to be clear, there was no need for me to be here at all? Completely pointless, Jack.
You got to see a sunrise, didn't you? (SNORTS) Some people are never happy.
(TOOLS WHIRR) That's coming along.
Yeah, it's getting there.
I've got some spare time, if you need a hand.
God no.
Thanks for mulling it over.
What happened to Rory? You'll be pleased to know that's over.
You liked her, didn't you? Ah, you gotta wonder what's wrong with me, don't you? I do.
But then I get bored and focus on my own shit.
(HEAVY METAL MUSIC PLAYS ON STEREO) (MUSIC CONTINUES IN BACKGROUND) Jeez, that throat cancer must be a bit of a bitch.
How do you reckon you got it? Fuck off.
Who's the body bag for? (METAL MUSIC CONTINUES) (SONG ENDS) (BIRDS SQUAWK) Fucking nature! (PHONE RINGS) That's him.
- Dyson, where are ya? - (ELECTROLARYNX CRACKLES OVER PHONE) Alright.
He's taking a dump.
Right, let's go.
Nice work, boys.
- Where's Dyson? - Taking a dump.
He's starting to come to, boss.
Shitting himself.
(CHUCKLES) This is Ricky, Cam.
Shhh, shh, shh.
I just want you to know, this is the last voice you are ever gonna hear.
Throw him over, boys.
God, that must be fuckin' cold.
(ALL LAUGH) Where's Dyson? He's missing all the fun.
That's a hell of a long dump.
Dyson?! You did look inside the bag, didn't you? Oh, fuck.
Did you send an email to Jack? You know I can't email.
(COMPUTER CHIMES) REPORTER: Police were called to a suspected terrorist incident this morning.
Indian national Javed Nazeem was arrested in a building owned by the Delatech Corporation, a medical research multinational.
Well, it's a simple question, really.
I'm just wondering what sort of research you do in that building.
Yeah, I gather it's scientific, but what are you researching, exactly? Hello? Hello? Jack?! Jack?! Brendan.
Come on in and meet my work colleagues.
Come on.
Priyanka, Bhagat, Farouk, Asinku and Anil, not Anal! Called him Anal for the first six weeks.
This is Jack, everyone.
ALL: Hi.
Very dear friend of mine.
We're like brothers.
- Well - You're a lucky man, Jack.
Brendan's a straight-up guy.
Asinku, stop it.
Actually, Brendan, can I just have a word for a sec? Sure.
Anyone touches my macchiato, I'll shoot you in the head, yes? So, they know what you do, then? Yeah, I told them, yeah.
Not sure they realise I'm serious, to be honest.
Listen, about those meatheads that you shot in the leg.
Remind me again? - The drug lab in Coburg.
- (CHUCKLES) Oh, yeah.
Well, it seems like the cops are onto you.
And? Well, you won't mention my name, will you? Jack I take that stuff to the grave.
We're family.
- Not really.
- Come on, bring it in.
Ah Don't worry about that.
That's not contagious.
It's just a side effect of this medication I'm on.
Brendan, I have to go.
- You off? - Yeah, I'll see you next week.
Asinku, my man.
- Tuesday, yeah? - Yeah.
Look forward to it.
Is Asinku on the same medication? Yeah, looks like we're both on As.
This is one of those ones where you wish you were on a P.
What do you mean, As and P.
What? Clinical research trials.
Active drugs and placebos.
So you're a a lab rat for a pharmaceutical company? No, no, no.
They contract all that out.
It's like my work.
And I prefer the term 'guinea pig', Jack.
We're all guinea pigs.
Just that some of us get paid for it.
Your friends aren't all students by any chance, are they? Yeah, all students.
And how did you get involved? You know, I don't, uh I don't get to make many friends in my line of work.
I've come into the cafe one day, I've seen Anil with a big rash on his face and I think, you know, "What's that all about?" I get chatting to him and I think, "Why not?" Chance to make an honest dollar and who knows, maybe make a difference.
Listen, the work you're doing, it wouldn't happen to be in Doncaster, by any chance, would it? Yeah.
Might just dwell here.
Good luck.
Have you ever taken part in a clinical drug test before, Mr Ireland? No, this'd be my first time.
Any allergies? Pre-existing medical conditions? Nuh.
You brought your doctor's report? So, most of your participants are foreign students, yeah? We draw our volunteers from a variety of sectors across the community.
And you offer payment? We offer financial incentives on all our programs.
It's standard practice.
And you can guarantee safety? Clinical trials in this country are highly regulated and we are, of course, fully compliant.
However, we do require our volunteers to sign a standard waiver agreement.
Mind if I take a look? So, these are the first, uh, human trials of untested drugs? How can you be sure you know? Thank you for coming in, Mr Ireland.
We'll review your application and let you know.
Well, I think I have an inkling.
How'd you go? Not the best meeting I've ever had.
You haven't put me in an awkward position in there, have you Jack? These people are my work colleagues.
They're like family.
Brendan, you're a standover man.
This is a multimillion-dollar- turnover-a-year CRO.
They toss you a couple of shekels every now and then like a cup of tea and a biscuit, in exchange for boils, rashes and God knows what long-term physiological effects.
It's not just biscuits, Jack.
It's cake as well, sometimes.
I really need to see their clinical trial tests.
I don't like where this is going.
Has there been a death? Yeah.
The death of fun! They all voted against office theme days.
So, no more dress-ups? Said they were spending a fortune on costume hire, so they cancelled it.
What sort of people do that? Well Nobody wants to be happy.
I mean, they would just rather sit in their little cubicles like rats in a cage, processing data, preparing spreadsheets, sending memos.
I mean, what is it all for? We are just like hamsters, spinning in a wheel.
Well, I just don't think rodents want to wear costumes, do they? They just want to eat cheese.
Dress-up days were the cheese, Jack! Yeah, no, I get this is probably not the time to ask you, - but I need a favour.
- Oh I need you on the end of the phone, because I I'm gonna break into the Delatech building in Doncaster, and I need you to talk me through how I access their computer files.
Look, you don't have to do anything dangerous I am not sitting on the end of some phone while you commit a crime.
I'm coming with you.
I work with dead people and I need to feel alive.
- When do we break in? - Tonight.
I know exactly what I'm gonna wear.
What next? Climb up there? No, no, I've got a security pass.
Brendan nicked it for me.
Is she wearing a ninja outfit? Just be thankful I talked her out of wearing the mask.
There's a security camera up there.
I'm gonna cover it.
Swipe us in.
- (LOCK BEEPS) - Stay out here.
Camera's gone out in the server room.
Oi! Yeah, alright.
- All clear.
I'll wait outside.
- OK.
- Do you need that? - Yep.
- (BEEPING) - Yeah, that looks right.
Up against the wall.
Give me your torch.
Right, I'm in.
I really don't pay you enough, do I? Not even close.
Clinical Trials, Human.
- So, it's Lakshmi Agarwal.
- Right.
So Kev, how much do they pay you for your graveyard shift? Well, it works out at 480 for an eight-hour shift.
Before tax? - Yeah.
- That's not bad.
But it's not exactly danger money, though, is it? It's not worth trying to be a hero for.
So, how long till your mate comes downstairs to check where you are? Probably any minute now.
We keep pretty strict protocols.
(EXCITED SPORTS COMMENTARY CONTINUES ON TV) Goal! (BEEPING) When you're done here, meet me upstairs in the foyer.
What for? Shit.
So so we need to get t-trial dates - Yep.
- .
and chemical compounds.
(CLEARS THROAT) All sorted out? Hands in the air.
Don't touch that button.
Now, Kev, what I want you to do is go around there and disable the security recordings.
And no funny buggers.
I'm very familiar with the system.
Good work, Kev.
Who's winning? Uh, Tiges.
Uh, by by two.
- (BEEPING) - Got it.
Uh, OK.
MAN: Yes! (INDISTINCT, EXCITED SHOUTING) - Yes, yes, yes, yeah! Goal! - CAM: Goal.
He's done it again.
Kicked another one.
- He's a freak, that's what he is.
- Yeah.
- Shall we? - I love those boys.
RORY: Gus! I was wondering if I can buy you a milkshake? - A milkshake? - Yeah.
My marriage hasn't exactly been very happy, Gus, and I spend my working life hearing about everyone else's unhappy marriages in excruciating detail.
So, when I met Jack, it was like the clouds parted.
I know.
This is really embarrassing.
It really is.
I know how much you mean to Jack and I was hoping that we could get along.
No, this is fucked up.
My mother pulled this kind of shit.
Thanks for the milkshake.
JACK: No, no, C.
Not B.
C for Charlie.
And then two, H for Harry, two-two, B for Barry, little R for Rory, F for Freddie, N for Nellie, two-zero.
You Well, I don't I don't know.
That's why I'm asking you.
I'm not a chemist.
That'd be great.
GUS: Jack! Someone's broken in, and there's three of them! - Jack! - Gus, don't open the door.
Gus, listen to me.
Gus, can you hear me? Are you OK? Let me go! Let me go! JACK: I'm coming.
Listen to me.
Hold on! (SCREAMS, MUFFLED) Let me go! JACK: Hold on, I'm on my way.
I'm coming.
Just hold on, OK? Sit tight.
I'm on my way.
Gus?! Gus? Shit! Gus?! BARRY: Jack? Jack? So, you don't think this was random? This is me, Barry.
What do you reckon? Alright, well, who in particular have you pissed off lately? I broke into a drug research building in Doncaster last night.
(GROANS) Jack, when are you gonna stop this David versus Goliath bullshit? The Bible's not exactly Hansard, mate.
For all we know, David's slingshot could have been bung and he could have got the shit kicked out of him.
What's happened? Are are you OK? Gus has been taken.
- Is there anything I can do? - You're kidding, aren't you? (SIGHS) (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) OK, Phillip.
Now I'm listening.
(PHONE CHIMES) (APPLAUSE) RORY: This man has been a mentor to many of you here today.
But to me, he has been so much more than that.
When I was a little girl, I loved rules.
I measured the length of my socks.
I always swam between the flags.
Even my stuffed toys had strict curfews.
In in rules, I found comfort and security.
Then one day, at the beach, my father, he led me away from the flags.
He took me out into the raging surf and I was dunked over and over again.
My eyes, my nose, my mouth was full of salt and sand, and I'd never felt more alive.
In that moment, he'd shown me the thrill of of the unknown.
The forbidden, the uncharted.
And my father has done that his entire life.
Gus? RORY: It is a great honour to present to you the man who has fearlessly leapt into the unknown to advance humanity and to ameliorate world suffering.
He is an innovator - Gus?! - .
and a pioneer.
And he will leave this world a far better place than he found it.
The recipient of the Queen's Trust Award for Services to Humanity, my father, Professor Thornton Finch.
(APPLAUSE) Gus? Gus? Gus? Gus Gus! Oh, Jesus! - Gus? - (GUS GROANS) Gus? - Gus, can you hear me? - (MOANS AND SOBS) It's alright.
It's alright.
Shh, it's alright.
(WHIMPERS SOFTLY) It's alright.
(APPLAUSE) You've made me very, very proud.
I know what you've been doing.
(TRAM BELL DINGS) Coasters! Eric! I just polished that.
I told you, I'm having an inspection.
What are we supposed to do for lunch? Well, just sort yourself out in the kitchen.
Just don't make a bloody mess.
Your father pointed me to that stool 43 years ago, and I've been sitting on it ever since.
So, you could do with getting up off your arse.
- Ah, don't be so miserable.
- Oh Oh, it's only you.
- Should I have dressed up, mate? - Oh, no.
I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm just nervous.
The agent said he's a very serious buyer.
No, here they come.
Jack, how do I look? How do I look? Like a man who's never worn a suit.
- Good.
- Hey, how's young Gus? Oh, she'll be alright.
She's she's just really shaken up.
They they drugged her with something, so she's in overnight, for observation.
Well, when you find out whoever it was done this to her, do not bring him in here.
Probably best just to let the police handle it, Wilbur, eh? Ohh Well, that's not like you to sit on the bench, Jack.
- I know.
- Huh? STAN: So, just come in.
Watch your step there.
So, this is the main - (GROANS) - .
public bar area.
Hey, Stan, what's the use-by date on these beans? Yeah, not now, Eric! Um, and um, and here's the commercial bar, fully appointed, with top-of-the-line taps and fridges.
Hey, what gives? Come into the pool room.
Ohh Kendra? Kendra! It's OK.
I'm not here to hurt you! Kendra? (GUN COCKS) Kendra, I know what's been going on.
You're not safe here.
Let me help you.
She was right.
It's like it's on fire.
I can get you some help.
It's gonna be OK.
Uh, this is Orton, my husband.
Ah, it's good to see you two back together again.
We're not back together.
She's married this bloke.
- Orton? - Yeah.
Much better choice.
The horse he's backing is a Queenslander, Panda Panda.
Ricky'll back it to the hilt if he can get the odds.
Don't know which horses you drugged, but it wasn't them.
Go, Panda! You know I met my Vera at the bar here, and she left to live with my cousin through that door there.
There's just so many happy memories.
WILBUR: Come Monday week, opening time, where are we? - Forgotten men.
- Yeah.
My name is Kendra Raspovic.
We are responsible for the death of at least 10 people.
Oh, for Christ's sake, Rory.
I am truly sorry.
(GASPS) Captions by Red Bee Media Copyright Australian Broadcasting Corporation