Jack Irish (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 4

1 An affair is basically just about that forbidden, illicit moment.
Did you see anyone else put money on Crimson Tide? A woman and her daughter put on a couple of thousand.
Ricky bloody Kirsch! I've got a story for you.
I think it's really big.
There's been two deaths and a cover up.
There's more names.
There's a list.
- (GUNSHOTS) - (SCREAMING) - Don't forget your pen, Jack.
- It's not mine.
He ain't gonna need it now, is he? I found this list inside a pen.
The names on the list.
I can't trace them to India.
You'll need someone on the ground.
There's 18 people I need to locate in India.
I need to know if they're alive and if they're not, how they've died.
Yeah, I'll do it.
This is good.
Thanks very much.
Ah, that's what I need.
Hey, can I get some water? No ice.
OK, right.
(OVER RADIO) More runs for India.
What's the population of the City of Fitzroy now? - Is it 10,000? - Uh, nine and a half? That's not even a village in India.
Take Shahpura for instance, where I'm sitting, population 800,000 and only 1,747 people called Rahul Dev.
That many? Yeah, apparently it's the most popular name in the entire sub-continent, so if you have any suggestions Well, I don't right now.
Do you mind if I call you back in a bit? Sorry, are you with someone? Well, not on the evidence.
I don't mind.
I'm happy for you.
Well, I don't need your blessing.
You're the one who left me, remember? And thank you for reminding me why.
I'm serious.
I don't care.
I'm not trying to make you feel bad or anything.
What you are experiencing is the complex human reactions to guilt and regret, and mainly regret, because I'm such a special person and it's dawning on you that the likelihood of you finding anyone like me again is remote.
You're missing me, I can tell.
Why am I having a discussion about a dead relationship at exorbitant international phone rates? Jesus, it's like I'm right back there again, except now I'm having a drink with the Shahpura Youth Club.
It's like I never left Fitzroy.
- Bye, Jack.
- Hang on, hang on, don't go.
Rahul studied bookkeeping at Meritus Institute, so why don't you see if you can track down any accountants named Rahul Dev? I mean, how many can there be? I hate you, Jack Irish.
You may run on for a long time Run on for a long time You may run on for a long time Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut you down Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut you down Go and tell that long-tongue liar Go and tell that midnight rider Tell the rambler, the gambler the back-biter Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut 'em down Tell them God Almighty's gonna cut 'em down.
I thought you said you weren't going to be a patient of mine anymore.
Oh, I just came in to finish this article I started the other day.
Did you know that on the World Happiness Index, Australia is ninth? What are you doing here, Jack? The Norwegians are on the top of the ladder.
What have they got to be happy about? Pickled herring and 340 days of rain? Jack? Yeah, I don't want to be a home wrecker.
Too late for that.
Phillip already did a bang up job with his girlfriend, and the one before her.
Right, so he knows you see other people, then? I haven't.
- Until now.
- No pressure, then.
You should be flattered.
Generally as a rule, husbands aren't too keen on their wives flattering other blokes on the side.
Well, Phillip and I agreed that when the kids finish school, we'll get a divorce.
Yeah, on the way home from speech night.
But until then, we'll both be there in the mornings for the kids.
I guess that's all been theoretical until now.
Well, maybe we're just overthinking it.
Well, occupational hazard.
How is your happiness index, by the way? Punching well above Norway today.
Madam! Welcome! I'm looking for Rahul.
You have the pleasure of finding him.
Ah, so relieved I found you.
I'm also relieved.
Uh, would you like some tea? Oh, if you (SPEAKS HINDI) Please, come in.
So Immigration had you all deported together? Yes.
The very same plane.
What'd the college do? Meritus said it was out of their hands.
They couldn't do much.
But then they handed me this degree.
Even though you had two years left of the course.
Very unusual.
But you know, my father spent everything he had to send me there.
- He's most proud today.
- I'm sure he is.
And how did you hear about the college? Mrs Khurana, from Meritus.
She belongs to this area originally.
She was in all the high schools, speaking to the parents.
- She came here? - Yes.
She told us how we could get first-class education and how we could come back and help our families.
Ah, thank you.
Are you a fan of cricket? - Not a huge fan, sorry.
- Oh.
Sorry, do you mind if I make a quick call? No, please.
You know, bookkeeper is the only word in English dictionary which has three consecutive double letters.
- (OVER PHONE) Linda - Sorry.
- Any lucky? - Define lucky.
Day two and no dysentery? Oh, I am currently having a selfie with Rahul Dev, the human abacus.
Who incidentally serves a delicious chai.
Oh, thank you.
And? Say hello to Jack.
G'day, mate.
Well, he still has his head, so that's good.
Yeah, good for Rahul, bad for your conspiracy theory.
Very good for Linda who is now going home.
What about the other names? Listen, I'm not interested in a story about shonky schools giving away dud diplomas.
Can you just show him the list? It's a dead end, Jack.
Can you ask him what he knows about the others.
(SIGHS) Right, this is the last favour I'm doing you, OK? Do you know if anything strange happened to any of the other students? Oh, yes, Mitul Varma.
He was on the same plane.
But he was very sick when we landed in Mumbai, you know? How sick was Mitul? Have to call for an ambulance.
That sick.
Thank you.
(SPEAKS HINDI) My name's Linda.
I'm a journalist from Australia.
I'm looking for Mitul.
Can I speak with Mitul, please? (SPEAKS HINDI) Thank you.
(SPEAKS HINDI) Come on, out you get.
Has anyone ever died from lavender fumes before? It's from Stella's pillowcase.
Is the hood absolutely necessary? Absolutely not, but Harry's got a bee in his bonnet, so let's just leave it at that, alright? Yeah, step over.
Step up.
That's it, yep.
Right, straight ahead.
Apologies for the cloak and dagger.
A necessary precaution.
This is the inner sanctum of the racing world.
We have to protect our anonymity.
Yeah, I've met everyone here thousands of times before, Harry.
Today, we're incognito.
No-one in this room has a name.
- Jack.
- Dougie.
Troubling times.
That's why we're here.
It's hardly a meeting of the five families though, is it? There's trouble brewing and it's my duty to put it right.
That's why the fates have recalled me to the sport.
Gentlemen, Cheryl, our sport is in crisis.
The integrity of racing is in jeopardy.
Oh, not the integrity.
There's a line you don't cross.
A code of honour that binds us in a fellowship of men and Cheryl.
But there's one menace who not only flaunts the regulations of racing but breaks even the unspoken rules.
And he needs to be brought into line.
Mr Ricky Kirsch.
Or more recently, Mrs.
Sick bastard.
And like a cane toad, Ricky has snuck across the border to once again poison our industry.
So far it's just weekday races, nobbling winners, fiddling weights, just so he can push his nags up into the winner's circle.
I mean, he's already fitted up Dougie and Colin.
I got done for a drug I can't even say.
Yeah, Cavelli, he's walking around like the Fonz.
Two broken thumbs.
He can't even wipe his own arse.
And meantime, Kirsch has skimmed 20 large in dodgy bets.
So tell Cynthia what you know and let the stewards handle it.
If you want to uphold the law, sometimes you have to go outside it.
So we'll have him clipped.
No, not that far outside the law, Cheryl.
Not yet.
Well, it's not as expensive as you might think.
It's gotta be something he won't forget.
Well, he'd remember that.
What I want to know is where all this is leading.
- Well he's building to a big payday.
- Yeah, exactly.
And when we find out what it is, we'll hit him where it hurts, right in the bank accounts.
And sooner or later, the cane toad's ego is gonna get the better of him.
He'll be trying to fix a group one and then just bet the house.
And so how do we know which race he's gonna hit? Well, we're gonna shadow him and we're gonna bug his home.
So, everyone in? - Of course.
- Yeah.
Is this the point where perhaps a legal opinion might come in handy? No, not really.
In hindsight, probably a mistake getting you here so early on.
Oh, you think? Now forget everything you've heard.
- Got that pillow slip there, Cam? - Yep.
Gus? Gus, you here? (DOORBELL RINGS) Oh, Gus, where are you? (GLASS SMASHES) Is that you, Gus? Gus? Rack off, you perv! Here, take this will you? Uh, I'm not up with all these new-fangled gadgets.
There used to be a time when you when you just watched it when it was on or you missed it, you know.
Hard cheese.
- Made it special.
- It's still special.
Here we are.
Fitzroy's last game at the G.
Who wins? It's not about who wins, love.
This'll help you camouflage the gristle.
You two must do this a lot.
No, it's the first time I've seen inside his place.
- It's not that sort of relationship.
- Nah.
- Yep.
You didn't tell me where you were going.
- I looked everywhere.
- No need.
Oh, good, we're back to monosyllables.
That was two.
Can we just stop all this bullshit? She had a wedding ring.
The woman you had sex with the other night.
Uh, yeah, well, I That's sort of complicated.
(SCOFFS) Sure.
Her marriage is pretty much over.
Yeah, nice excuse.
Dad's favourite.
I actually went to your Dad's place.
Thought you might have gone there.
- Didn't ask you to do that.
- Well, I got worried.
Didn't ask you to do that either.
Listen, I'll do you a deal, OK? You can sleep here whenever you want and I can sleep with whoever I want, whenever I want.
But if someone's going to stay over, I'll try and give you a heads up.
What's the catch? The catch is if you're not going to come home, you let me know, OK? Yeah, I'll think about it.
I've already left a bunch of messages for your CEO, Phillip Quinn.
Listen, the University told me that The Next Horizon Foundation was funding Martin Reed's research before Yes, I'm aware he's away on a seminar.
Can we just maybe make an appointment for when he gets back from the seminar? Great, thank you.
I will be there.
Ah, the walking dead.
Ah, so about 4am, I'm lying there, freezing my moobs off, and there's a light dew starting to form on my face when suddenly it comes to me like a bolt from heaven.
My road to Damascus.
It's not about the hole in the ground, Jack.
It's about the shovel.
Right, so the secret to life is in a rusty gardening tool.
No, it's a metaphor.
Life throws all sorts of shit at you but you'll be fine, so long as you've got a big enough shovel.
You know with my eyes closed, that could be Plato.
Uh, important, important client meeting, mate.
Thanks mate.
- Hi.
- Very shabby chic.
More shabby than chic.
Yeah, well I'm, you know, waiting for the multi-million dollar fit-out to be completed.
If you are still interested, I wake up at 6:45am five days a week.
I make adequate school lunches, better breakfasts, drive the kids to school and manage to get to work on time most days.
I take the kids to sports three nights a week and on Saturday mornings.
Are you starting to get a picture of my glamorous life? I certainly get that you have a family and I don't.
So if we are going to have sex again, and I would very much like that, I have limited time.
I can do Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 10:30pm.
Uh, Thursday afternoons are a possibility, and Friday nights are good, but only after 9pm.
- So no sleepovers? - Not how I'd prefer it, no.
But it is what it is.
I don't need an answer straightaway.
I've got to get back to work.
- Bye.
- OK, bye.
I've written those times down if you need them.
ON COMPUTER: Hello, my name is Peter.
Ni hao, wo de mingzi shi Peter.
Ni hao, wo de mingzi shi Stanley.
He's learning Mandarin.
It's a language, not a fruit.
- It's all Greek to me.
- Yeah.
I am from Australia.
Wo laizi aodaliya.
Wo laizi aodaliya.
- Full steam ahead here, Jack.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I can see.
Got my flights booked and I'm learning Mandarin so I can surprise Cherry in her native tongue.
- Isn't she from Guangdong? - Yeah.
Why? They speak Cantonese there, don't they? No, no, she speaks Chinese.
Can I have a beer and a mineral water? Right, will do.
I'll just turn the internet off.
Beer and a mineral water.
Ni hao Oh, I forgot the second bit.
Well, it's official.
Water's more expensive than beer.
Can't put a price on your health, Jack.
Did you find out any more information on my John Doe? Yeah, it's all about drugs.
Based on ten minutes of exhaustive investigation, you've determined it's all about drugs? No, based on it's always about drugs.
Well, I may be able to shed some more light on things.
Go on.
- He's a research scientist.
- Well, fucking bingo.
What did I tell you? Scientist.
Who do you think puts all the chemical shit on the streets? Well, he was a leading biochemist called Martin Reed.
Really? Leading biochemist, eh? Bugger me.
- Do you know all this? - Yeah, course I know all this.
And you know what, I would have known quicker if you hadn't have withheld information that was vital to my investigation.
I've just gotta wonder what else you're holding onto.
That's it.
- Can I give you some advice? - Oh.
Don't bullshit a bullshitter.
Look, for For someone to get whacked in broad daylight, they've got to be into some pretty serious shit.
Which has you one degree of separation from said shit.
These guys don't play by pub rules, Jack.
- Is this his stuff? - Yeah.
It's all he had on him.
Just a mystery key and ten bucks.
Dunno what the keys are for.
It's gotta be from an old car, doesn't it? Doesn't matter if it's from the fucking Spaceship Challenger.
It's still all about drugs.
Martin Reed's shout.
Hello ma'am, how may I help you? Hi.
I'm Australian and I was hoping Ricky Ponting, right? - Yes.
- Yes.
Steve Smith? Yes.
Steve, um Actually, I'm looking for a friend of mine that I believe may have been treated here.
- Ah, Mitchell Starc, is it? - No.
Anjali Doshi.
- She's a patient here? - Yes, I believe she was.
This was three years ago now, so if you could Thank you.
Oh, sorry.
Oh, I'm very sorry, but your friend is no longer with us.
Uh, not for several years now.
Do you know where she might have gone? Uh, no, ma'am, she has passed away.
I'm very sorry.
How did she die? Oh, I'm afraid patient records are completely confidential, ma'am.
Unless you're family.
I have some other friends that I believe may have been here around the same time.
Are you a colleague of Mr Martin? Who's Mr Martin? Well, a man who was here last year.
He showed me a list just like this.
Um, he showed me a list just like this, too.
Oh, what was he doing here? Well, he was an Australian just like you.
He was here for some special research.
Right, the others on this list.
You know anything about them? I mean, maybe they were patients here too.
Sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm afraid most of your friends have passed away.
Passed? What from? I'm not supposed to tell you any more.
I know, and you've been so helpful.
I Um, do you know I might actually be able to get an autograph, because my cousin went out with uh, Shane Warne, so, you know - Um - (WHISPERS) OK, thanks.
They seem to have died with dengue fever.
It was really bad those days in Mumbai, especially with the early rains.
How many on the list are dead? This one.
Mahendra Kapoor.
Ah, this one, Neerja Singh.
This one, Sanchit Kumar.
- Hey, fellas.
- Jack.
Stan won't pour Norm a beer anymore.
No, it's like he never existed.
Yeah, careful, or I'll cut you two off as well.
What, after 43 years of loyal patronage? Just pour the man a beer, will you, Stan? No, I'm not serving those two any more beers until they sort out what's happening with the stool.
I'm bleeding beer here, Jack.
- Come on, it's my shout.
- Ah.
You know he's going to try and kick us all out.
What? They've got the shits because, for the first time in my life, I'm thinking about my own happiness.
Following my heart, Jack.
Moving to China to be with my Cherry.
I thought you were just going over there to surprise her.
Yeah, yeah, by moving there.
There's a real estate bloke coming this week.
Putting this pub on the market.
And you don't think that's a bit rash? That's just the thing, Jack.
I've never done anything rash, not in 40 years.
Whereas before, it was all a grimy fog and and now all I see is just blue skies and possibility.
You may want to check the smog warning before you go to China.
Ha! He'll never listen to reason, selfish bastard.
Shut up.
So, yeah, I just wanted to pick your brain.
Get a professional opinion on something.
- All care and no responsibility.
- Yeah.
I'm looking into this scientist who was shot in front of me in Carlton.
Oh, that's Bilotti's for you.
Dinner and a show.
Ah, well, Barry Tregear has him pegged as a drug cook, but I'm not buying it.
Why not? Well, he's been living out of his van for the past two years for a start.
Well, he could have pissed someone off.
Some-one up the food chain.
He's connected to this dodgy college in the city somehow, and these Indian students who keep having psychotic episodes and topping themselves.
It's never just straight forward with you, is it, Jack? You know, never a meat and three veg murder.
And it started with a courier company.
And you want my professional opinion? That's what I'm not paying you for.
Barry's right.
It's drugs.
I mean, you look at it.
You got a chemist, you got a mob cafe, India, you got uni students tripping out.
That all says drugs to me.
Was it a bike courier? Yeah.
So? Oh, come on, Jack.
You've never got a special delivery from a bike courier before? No.
Is that a thing? It's a classic.
(LINE RINGS) Go Couriers.
Yeah, I need a delivery.
Pick up address? No, I need to order a delivery, a special delivery.
Friend of mine said to call you.
Ah, hold on.
Who's this? Uh, hi.
My name's John.
A friend of mine, Martin Reed, said that you do special deliveries.
I used to order directly with him, but I see.
OK, well, we can sort you out.
- COD.
- Yeah.
But we don't deliver to houses or flats.
Not till we get to know you.
So, uh, where then? (GROANS) (CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) (GROANS) (MOBILE PHONE BLEEPS) (CHUCKLES) - You're sure it's working? - I'm sure.
- Batteries aren't flat or anything? - No, Harry.
For someone who likes the sound of his own voice, Rick's not talking much.
Instant? We're not heathens.
(MAN OVER LAPTOP) Come on, Selena.
Quick love! I think the tablet's kicking in.
Oh, yeah, we got lift off! - What's going on? - Finally.
- (WOMAN GIGGLES) - Maybe we'll get some pillow talk.
Oh, no, what goes on between a man and a woman is private business.
Have you got no respect for the sanctity of the boudoir? The bedroom's where everything comes out.
(MOANING) Jeez, he got out of the gates quickly.
Some things you don't need to hear.
People having relations is on top of the list.
Turn it off.
(MOANING INTENSIFIES) I don't think I can take any more.
The man's a sex addict.
On the kitchen table, for God's sake! Someone's got to eat off that.
Cynthia! - What a lovely surprise.
- Hello, Harry.
Looks like a Jaguar convention out the front.
Oh, you know love, just a few old punters chewing the oats.
Need butcher's paper for that, do you? I hear Ricky Kirsch is back in town.
That so? Well, I hadn't heard.
You, Cam? No, all quiet on the Western Front.
Also heard that you might be planning something special for him.
Now where would you hear something like that? Little mouse.
Or a little rat, more like.
Come on, Harry.
I'm not some mug punter.
He's a menace to the game.
Someone needs to step into the breach for the sake of racing.
Cometh the hour, cometh the man.
And then cometh the lifetime racing ban.
You have a race named after you, Harry.
Don't put that at risk.
Then let's work together, like horse and jockey.
Oh, and who'd be riding who? I'm a steward now.
I took an oath to protect the integrity and good name of racing in this state, not join a lynch mob.
Well, a lynch mob was never our plan A.
No, not plan A.
You have to leave Kirsch to us, Harry.
We've been watching him for weeks and I don't want you lot compromising our investigation.
If Ricky smells a rat, you know what he's capable of.
Now, all of you, get in your Jags and go home.
Meeting adjourned.
Correct weight, Cyn, but only because of the deep respect I have for your office.
Right, back to it Cam.
Can't keep your mouth shut, can you, Dougie? You're as solid as a pound of butter in the sun.
(PANTING) You're not joining me? No, I've already done my exercise for the morning.
Did a couple of laps with the missus.
- There you go.
- Cheers.
Ah, I just thought I'd keep you in the loop with that guy you met but had never heard of.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, we found his van, parked around the corner from Bilotti's.
- Someone broke into it.
- Ah.
Any idea who? Yeah.
No, the culprit's known to police.
Well, to this cop in particular.
This criminal mastermind left a print on the door when he, or she, popped the lock.
That was very careless of her.
Yeah, it was.
Yeah, hope he or she didn't lift anything from the scene, 'cause that would be a criminal offence.
No, I'm sure she didn't do that.
Yeah, I hope she didn't.
'Cause that'd piss me off more than almond milk lattes.
Yeah, understandably.
You wouldn't know anything about this who Sheila Martin was playing hide the test tube with, would you? No.
No, of course not.
Well, I tell you what, if you see this woman that broke into Reed's car, just let her know that she's walking a very thin line, yeah? I'm talking, like, cigarette paper thin.
Yeah, OK.
- So, you still on schedule? - Ahead, even.
Oh, sorry about that.
I've actually got time for lunch now.
- I'm happy to be of service.
- Mm.
I thought the no commitment thing might appeal to you.
You lone wolf types, you love a secret rendezvous.
Ah, yep, yep.
There's nothing wrong with that.
We've all got secrets.
We're all flawed.
Some people, they know it and they admit it.
And others, they spend their whole lives in denial.
And which are you? No, I'm talking about you, Jack.
I'm perfect.
Oh, is that just the professional opinion? My mum died when I was young.
Um, my Dad and I, we're very close.
It was just him and me for a long time.
- I was running the house at 15.
- Mm.
And that is the end of today's session, Mr Irish.
Listen, I can commit, you know.
- Well, that's good to know.
- Mm.
You can get dressed and I'm going to make you a sanger.
A sanger? Wow.
Phillip's away on business for a few days.
We could do another lunch tomorrow.
Two days in a row.
Dad, is that you? No, it's Quasimodo.
Who's here? I thought you were at the office.
- Well, I'm back.
- This is Jack.
Uh, Jack, this is Yeah, I can, I can still speak.
- Jack Irish.
- Thornton Finch.
So, are you two in love or just fucking? Charming, Dad.
Well, I can see I am superfluous to need.
Fix your make-up before you go out.
What do you want on your sandwich? Just the same as you.
So now what? Now we wait for our courier.
How long have you had this place, then? - Oh, I suppose ten years.
- Unbelievable.
What, for a blackfella? No, for an Art Deco apartment.
I don't think I can hit this one.
What What's going on? Let me ask you something.
Your boss, Ryan Neubecker, he's dealing drugs out of that courier company, isn't he? We can protect you.
If he had anything to do with Eddie or Lakshmi's deaths, you want him to pay, yeah? What good will that do them? Well, it might prevent it happening to other students.
Ryan looks after all the deals personally.
GBH mainly.
How do we order? You need a code word.
White lady? Argh, what the fuck?! Shut up.
(GROANS) - What's the passcode? - How's fuck off sound? - What's the passcode? - (GROANS) (PANTING) - Here we go.
- Right.
So, this one I can hurt, hey? Argh, fuck! Ohh! Now, that evens things up.
Now, start answering the man's questions.
Was Martin Reed cooking GBH for Ryan Neubecker? - Who? - (CRACKING) Argh! I don't know any Martin.
- Really.
- Where was Ryan's lab? I can't tell you that.
You don't know what he'd do to me.
Yeah, I'd concentrate on the present moment if I were you.
Yeah, we were being very nice before.
So, now, where is his lab? Fuck off.
(GROANS LOUDLY) - A hearse.
- Novel form of transport.
You know that drug courier, he was either loyal as a dog or shit scared, because nobody lasts three fingers.
(COMPUTER BLEEPS) Meet me at the factory.
Now! Should I close it? Yeah, close it.
Well, it's a step up from your average kitchen, isn't it? We shouldn't overstay.
What? Well, that explains the hearse.
You don't think? - Should we open it? - We? You do it.
It's taboo for me.
Just do it quickly.
Like a bandaid.
Oh, interesting hidey hole.
Toe tag.
Find what you're looking for? Hands where we can see 'em.
Now you, you're gonna tell me who you're working for and what the fuck it is you're doing trespassing on my property.
Lakshmi Agarwal.
What? I'm working for the girl who was in this coffin.
What's it doing here? You ever tried getting rid of an empty coffin? It raises a few eyebrows.
Turns out they're perfect for transporting chemicals.
What cop's gonna pull over a hearse, right? So it was you who picked up her body from the funeral parlour? - I don't know, was it? - Well, she clearly wasn't cremated.
Where's her body? You're a fucking nosy prick, you know that? - (GUNSHOT) - (GROANS) - Put him up, lads.
- Brendan.
- What are you doing here? - Man of my word, Jack.
Still feel bad about Bilotti's.
You been following me since then? Yeah, when I could fit it in around work.
Just as well this didn't happen on a Thursday between 11 and three.
Mondays are tricky, too.
The rash is not really clearing up, is it? Oh, not too bad as side effects go.
Last test I did, my glands were up for about three weeks.
You can probably put your hands down now, Jack.
- Can we make ourselves scarce? - Yeah, hang on, one sec.
Listen, after you picked up her body from the Coroner, - where did you take her? - Piss off.
Hey! I'm not getting paid for this.
I'm doing it for pleasure.
Where's her body? You're going to have to shoot me.
Ah, yeah, OK.
Let's Let's just go, eh? Take the rest of the day off, boys.
- Hi, babe.
- Hi.
Why don't you tell Linda about the picture you drew? Fatma drew a picture today, didn't you? This is you, Linda, and this is me, happy.
Well, you've certainly captured the essence of your subjects and their underlying reality.
But this person? Who's that? He's very, very handsome.
- Who is this? - That's you! - Of course it is! - You're stilly.
Yes, I am.
You know, before we go, I think we should tell Linda how much we miss her.
- We miss you.
- I miss you, too.
- Bye, Linda.
- Bye! - We love you.
- Bye.
Yeah, I've got the cord thingy.
Where does it go in? On the left hand side.
The long thin holes.
I've tried that.
It won't go.
You know chimpanzees can do this.
Something's blocking it.
No, no, no, really, they can.
They don't even need training.
They think it's from generations of chimps watching scientists study them with cameras and computers.
Yeah, well, that's fascinating.
Next time I'll call Jane Goodall.
- Why won't it go in? - Turn the plug over.
I've turned the plug over.
It's just It's working.
How many photos of your feet, Jack? Bye.
(PHONE RINGS) - Namaste.
- I'm glad you called.
I've been to the hospital in Mumbai.
What'd you find out? - You see, that's what I mean.
- What? I say I've been to the hospital, and your first reaction is not, "are you alright?" - Well, are you alright? - It's too late, Jack.
It's always too late.
What should I ask now? It's possible I may have been wrong about this story.
How so? The hospital confirmed that four more of the kids are dead.
And last year, there was an Australian, Martin someone, who was at the hospital asking after them.
Oh, that's gotta be Martin Reed.
I met him just before his funeral.
- Natural causes? - Not particularly.
He gave me this list of students.
Hey, all the As on the list, they're all dead, right? As.
Yeah, I see that.
Yeah, well Lakshmi was an A.
Rahul, the accidental accountant, is a P and he's alive.
- So what do As and Ps stand for? - I have no idea.
I just know which one I'd rather be.
The hospital said they all died of dengue fever.
Doesn't that make your brain swell up and bleed? In severe cases.
Maybe there'll be something more in their autopsies.
Do you reckon you can get hold of them? I'm seeing the coroner tomorrow.
It's so sad, Jack.
These bright young kids, their whole lives ahead of them.
Hello? Is anyone there? (GASPS) Who are you? Get out.
I'm calling security.
Ms Hillier, if I meant to harm you, it would be already done.
What do you want? I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of preparing myself a drink from your bar fridge.
I have to say that the prices seem very inflated.
Even for a hotel.
- Can I offer you some? - I don't want a drink.
I want you to get out.
You're right to be anxious.
I was paid by a third party to kill you.
But not enough.
Everyone wants a bargain here.
Is that the best price? How much for two? There is no appreciation for craftsmanship or experience.
Coming from a dying industry like yourself, you would understand.
So their budget only buys them a stern warning.
There's a flight to Manila tomorrow morning, via Hong Kong.
I checked and they have seats.
Leave the hotel and go directly to the airport and you're not to go back to the hospital, or to the coroner.
Or what? For my drink.
Go home, Ms Hillier.
Go home to Fatma and Orton.
I'm not changing my mind, Jack.
I'm in a taxi on the way to the airport.
No, I wouldn't want you to.
Are you alright? Well, clearly he meant to frighten me, and it worked.
Oh Jesus, I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to you.
I'm I'm OK.
I'm just a bit shaken up.
There was something.
He warned me not to go to the coroner.
He was very specific about that.
You were the only person I told I was planning to go there, so Not just a coincidence? Maybe they were tapping our phones.
Well, I don't know how.
The only time mine's not with me is when I'm in the shower or or if I'm locked in the boot of a car in the middle of nowhere.
What are you going on about? Uh Oh, nothing.
I'd better go.
I think you might be right.
Who the hell are you, K? (TYRES SCREECH) Ollie, turn the TV down.
- Cyn.
- Harry, count me in.
Call the Jag convention.
Blinkers are off.
- Jack, isn't it? - Yeah.
Can I get you a coffee or a water? - No I'm fine, thanks.
- Good.
You're a hard man to track down.
Not-for-profit conference.
Earnest affairs where charities get together for a week in a five star hotel, talking about how cash strapped they all are.
Sounds like money well spent.
So you mentioned to Sophie something about Martin Reed.
- Are you aware that he died recently? - Yeah, saw it on the news.
I didn't recognise him at first, but then the police came by.
But you're not with the police.
No, I was sitting opposite him when he got shot, and I'm just trying to make sense of it all.
- I know he worked for you.
- Not exactly.
We provided him with a grant to do his research.
Have you got any contacts for him? You know, next of kin, that sort of thing? Somebody beginning with K, by any chance? Sadly, no, K or otherwise.
I pulled his file for the police, and they seemed to think it was something to do with drugs.
You know, like ice, GBH.
All that new chemical stuff.
Oh, so he was making crystal meth for you? That would certainly solve our cash flow issues, but no, he was conducting research.
- Into what? - Oh, I couldn't tell you.
It was before my time.
It'll be something to do with mice.
You don't want to know how many millions we've tipped into improving the life expectancy of mice over the years.
Don't researchers have to publish their results, though? Ordinarily, yes.
Um, it's a bit embarrassing.
Martin made off with our grant money.
Disappeared off the face of the earth, until now.
Right, and you didn't try to recover it? Oh, it's not that simple, Jack.
95% of what we fund goes nowhere.
It's like swinging at a pinata with a blindfold on.
You can spend five years researching a new miracle drug for lowering cholesterol, and turns out it also gives you diabetes.
The truth is, it wasn't worth chasing Martin.
It represented such a small percentage of what we give away every year, all over the world.
And if Martin was before your time, then who was in charge then? My father-in-law, Thornton Finch.
There's no point talking to him, though.
He's He's not long for this world.
The big C.
Oh, right.
Sorry to hear that.
That was taken at our holiday house in Portsea.
Place is falling about our ears, but that's exactly why we like it.
Looks like fun.
We just had the best summer of our lives down there.
Wish it was always like that.
Ah, well I've taken up enough of your time.
I'll let myself out.
This is Day 17.
It is beginning.
Well, I think I deserve to at least know what I did.
Nine foreign students wind up dead, and your husband is funding the research scientist whose van just happens to be plastered with pictures of those kids.
We're adopting a child.
My life was threatened.
It's not just about me.
It's about the safety of our family.
If I know Ricky, I'd say he's got his shifty eye on a group one fix.
So we're looking at a high-profile city race.
This is the last voice you are ever gonna hear.
Three! I'm in.
I really don't pay you enough, do I? Not even close.
Someone's broken in, and there's three of them! Gus, don't open the door.
I'm coming.
Hold on! - No! - (GUNSHOT)