Jaguar (2021) s01e01 Episode Script


- What do we know about her?
- [man 2] She's like a ghost, invisible.
There's no such thing as ghosts, Marsé.
She doesn't socialize
with anyone at the guesthouse.
She sleeps by day
and only goes out at night to work.
[man 3] Never the same route twice.
Today, she got off at Antón Martín
to transfer Bilbao,
and from there to Goya.
I almost lost her in one of the cars.
[man 1] Yet she always arrives
at the restaurant at 6:20 p.m.
She's as punctual as the clock.
- At half past, she's waiting on tables.
- [Marsé] Did she see you?
[man 3 scoffs] Of course she didn't.
[Marsé] An hour and 15 minutes
to get to work.
The restaurant's
less than 20 minutes from home.
[man 3] When she finishes her shift,
she does the same to return home.
The question is, why go to all this
trouble if she has nothing to hide?
- Because she does have something to hide.
- [chuckles]
[man 1] Let's keep watching her.
How long will we have
to keep following her?
- [man 1] For as long as it takes.
- We're shooting in the dark.
Well, we'll have to keep at it
until we hit our target.
If she tries anything, I don't need
to tell you what we have to do, right?
I don't want any mistakes
now that we're so close. Understood?
["Vientos del Pueblo"
by Ebri Knight plays]
[train engine chugging]
[lights crackling]
[baby crying]
[garbled voices]
[sounds stop]
[in German] Your dishes.
Rheinischer Sauerbraten.
[woman] Mmm!
[in German] My goodness, it smells divine.
- And rabbit.
- Delicious.
[in Spanish] That's very kind of you.
[in German] You're welcome.
[in German] Miss?
Is everything to your liking, sir?
- Everything is excellent.
- [telephone rings]
We wanted to ask you something.
Are you German?
No, sir.
If you aren't, going by your accent,
I'd say you lived in Germany a long time.
That's very kind of you to say.
[baby crying]
[in German] Everyone away from the door!
[man] Come on, quickly.
[garbled shouting]
[man] Just don't come in.
[soldier shouting in German]
[in Spanish] All men and boys over 20,
you're going.
- [girl] Javier!
- No!
Isabel, listen to me. Stay here.
Isabel, stay here!
[Isabel] Dad!
- [dogs barking]
- [baby crying]
Men and boys only!
Women and girls, do not get off!
- [barking]
- Do not get off the train!
Men and boys. Quickly.
[soldiers shouting in German]
Get out!
Come on!
Get up!
Move, everyone!
Get up! That's an order!
[dog barking]
I said, get up!
[soldier speaking German]
- [dog barking]
- [Isabel sobbing]
[soldier] Captain Bachmann!
Captain Bachmann.
[soldier speaking German]
[Bachmann, in German]
What the hell's the meaning of this?
Why are you here?
[in Spanish] I don't understand.
[father] Isabel!
- Wait, no! Dad!
- [men grunting]
No! No, no!
- No!
- [gunshot echoing]
No, Dad!
No! No!
[man] Have you found anything interesting?
I wanted to see
how many reservations we have tomorrow.
Discretion is a virtue, without which
the other virtues aren't virtues at all.
Isabel, tell me.
How long have you been with us?
It's been almost a year now.
Let's hope you make it one full year.
Go get some rest.
Tomorrow will be a tough day.
- The restaurant's completely booked.
- [Isabel sighs]
[woman sings in Spanish]
Farewell, dear Spain ♪
I carry you in my soul ♪
Although I am an emigrant ♪
Never in my life ♪
Will I be able to forget you ♪
When I left my homeland ♪
I looked back in tears ♪
Because I was leaving behind ♪
What I loved most ♪
[woman] There is so much sorrow
in that body.
[song continues]
Antonio told me you were coming,
but I didn't expect you so early.
Do you have what I wanted from him?
- Yes.
- [glass clinks]
Here you go. You's be able
to kill a lot of rats with this.
But watch out.
Don't let it touch your skin.
One minute and that'll be it.
I wouldn't get too close if I were you,
because it won't be a very pretty sight.
This is in case the rats are bigger.
Antonio asked me to give this to you.
No, thank you.
[song continues]
[gunshot echoing]
- [gunshot echoing]
- [gasping]
[intense rumbling]
[door closes]
[Isabel grunting]
[gasping] What do you want?
- Let me go!
- Who are you?
Hey! What do you want?
- How did you get in here?
- I'm sorry!
Tell me!
I thought you'd left.
My mother has the master key.
I came to listen to music.
I do it when you leave for work.
Sometimes I listen to it from the hallway.
I like the songs, I don't understand them.
Please don't hurt me.
It's eight o'clock.
You're never here this late.
It's confirmed, she's doing it today.
We stop her, whatever it takes.
Whatever it takes, Lucena?
I want her alive, but if it's necessary
as a last resort, yes.
Kill her if we have to. Let's go.
[laughs] Yee-haw! We're goin' huntin'!
The guests in the private dining room
already arrived. Serve them some bread.
- They're important people.
- Right away.
- [man laughing and speaking German]
- [fork taps on glass]
On my way here, I thought,
"Another year, what do you say?"
[in Spanish] Don't speak German.
You've been here for ten years
and you still don't understand
that you need to stop talking
like a foreigner.
[all] Oooh!
I can barely understand you either,
after you've had a couple of drinks.
Well, as I was saying,
while I was on my way here,
I thought, "Here we are yet again
with the same old good friends."
I mean, what else can we say about him?
Today, the most important man in history
would be 73 years old.
If it hadn't been for him,
our country would never have achieved
the glory or the respect we deserved.
He made us dream that it was possible.
We are the ones in charge of realizing
his dream and making it come true.
- [man 1] Well said.
- [man 2] Well said.
[singing in German] Raise the flag ♪
The ranks tightly closed ♪
The SA marches ♪
With calm, steady step ♪
Comrades shot ♪
By the Red Front and reactionaries ♪
The day of freedom and bread dawns ♪
- [lock rattles]
- [banging on door]
[maître d'] Isabel, are you all right?
Yes, I'll be right out.
[woman from club]
One minute and that'll be it.
I wouldn't get too close if I were you,
because it won't be a very pretty sight.
[men laughing]
[men speaking German]
[Bachmann] Let me.
I want to be the first one to try it.
If Spain continues like this,
selling out to the Yankees,
those Zionists,
we're going to end up eating nothing
but rugelach.
- [man 1] Rugelach!
- Gentlemen, I think we're clear
about the situation
that concerns us right now.
[man 2] You mean Eichmann?
[man 3] How long
has he been held in Israel?
[man 2] A whole year waiting to be hanged.
[man 1] That trial was a farce.
Everybody knows it.
You can't take Eichmann
out of Argentina illegally
and say that you're trying him
according to the law.
Come on.
[Bachmann] My friends,
let's not speculate on Eichmann's fate.
[man 3] The Jews had the knife
in their teeth from the very beginning.
[Bachmann] We need to remain calm.
Let us pray to the Führer
on this special day
that he may guide us
with a watchful eye wherever he may be.
[in German] Enjoy.
[all, in German] Enjoy.
What's wrong?
Go get a bottle of dessert wine.
Come on, move it.
[maître d'] What are you doing?
I'm not feeling well. I need to go home.
I want you here first thing
tomorrow morning. And no excuses!
[man 3] Let's go to Florida!
That's where they know
- how to close a deal.
- Yeah!
[Bachmann] Gentlemen,
one can make deals at night,
but they aren't closed until after
a cup of strong coffee in the morning.
[singing in German]
Our faces may with dust be laid ♪
But spirits never fade, no, never fade ♪
[pistol clicks]
[man] Don't move.
You're not gonna scream.
And you're not gonna turn around and
[man grunts]
Don't move, damn it.
[tires squeal]
[engine revving]
[tires screech]
[tires squeal]
[Isabel gasps]
[tires screech]
[Isabel gasping]
[grunts and sighs]
[tires squeal]
[engine accelerating]
[tires screech]
- [tearing]
- [gasps]
[low piano note resonating]
[low note resonates]
- [clicking]
- [gasps]
Who's there?
Who's there?
Let me go!
- Shh. Shh.
- [grunting]
Untie me!
[Lucena] Why were you following those men?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Untie me! I said untie me!
[Isabel gasps]
[Lucena] Who are you?
- Tell me your name.
- Isabel Sánchez García.
Tell me the truth. Now.
My name is Isabel Sánchez García.
- I live at 22 Salitre Street
- My partner isn't as patient as I am.
- He'll make you regret lying.
- I live at 22 Salitre Street
with my parents.
[Isabel whimpering]
I'll ask you one more time,
and you'd better tell me the truth.
If you don't, I swear this is going
to hurt. I'll count to three.
My name is Isabel Sánchez García.
- I live at 22 Salitre St. with my parents.
- What is your name?
- One, two, three.
- I live at 22 Salitre Street!
[Lucena] Carmen did a good job,
didn't she?
Sweet anisette diluted with water.
Did you think we were gonna
let you poison him?
But with the pistol,
you almost screwed things up.
- Where did you get this from?
- [clicking]
- It's not mine.
- Is that true?
The magazine holds eight bullets. Do you
know how many bullets are left in it?
Your name is Isabel, that much is true.
But your surnames are Riaza Chacón.
French passport,
issued in Angoulême, France.
Who are you?
Hmm? Who are you?
The man you were following, Otto Bachmann
I wasn't following anyone.
It bothers me that you're lying to me,
because you're wasting my time,
- and I've wasted too much time already.
- [Isabel panting]
Look, Is.
There it is.
"You witness many things in life."
My grandfather would say that.
And those eyes have witnessed too much.
- I don't smoke.
- See? Now you're telling the truth.
[strikes match]
Tell me something.
How did you survive in Mauthausen?
In Mauthausen, only the men were allowed
to stay. Women were taken to
Where was it, Marsé? Ravensbrück, right?
- You were only a little girl when you
- Whatever you're gonna do to me, do it.
So why Bachmann?
Because he killed my father.
Keep a close eye on her. If she tries
anything, you know what to do.
Can I go now?
Can I go?
[footsteps echoing]
[woman] Look at the wild boar.
What do you think it was thinking?
[Lucena chuckles]
Fear never lets you think.
It was close, right?
They would've killed her
as soon as she fired her gun.
That's true,
but she would've achieved her goal.
[both chuckle softly]
The truth is, it would take a lot of guts
to point a pistol at that rat
in the center of Madrid.
Yeah, well, either that
or you'd have to be crazy.
What do you want us do with her?
We've been following her for weeks now.
She's alone.
How do you think she knows Bachmann?
We have no photographs of these Nazis.
If we are finally going to arrest
all these bastards,
we will need someone
who's actually seen them
- to recognize and identify them.
- That's true.
But what she intends to do is quite
different from what we're trying to do.
- Teach her how to use her head.
- I don't want dead weight.
She didn't open her mouth
during the interrogation.
But I don't trust her, Ramos.
When I was a little girl,
my father really enjoyed
taking us into the woods.
One day, we found a baby fox.
It couldn't have been
more than a few weeks old.
I begged my father
to let me take it home with us.
But he said that foxes
are unreliable animals.
He hit it on the head
with one of the stakes
and killed it.
I'm still convinced that
if he'd allowed me to keep it
I would have managed to tame it.
[sighs deeply]
But what if you're wrong?
In that case,
you'll prove that my father was right,
and you will never have to
ask me what to do with her again.
[man 1 laughs]
[man 2] A bit late for cooking lunch.
[man 1] Was it tasty?
- [man 2] Castro
- What are you doing?
- What do you think? We're having lunch.
- Where's the girl?
- Didn't I tell you not to leave her alone?
- She's tied up. How could she escape?
[Castro] Besides,
the old man is watching her.
The picture of your father. Give it to me.
What for?
Be careful with it. [kisses]
[Isabel] What are you drawing?
Well, I don't know yet.
So how do you know
what you're gonna do, then?
[Isabel breathing heavily]
- [Lucena grunts]
- [Isabel gasps]
Does this mean I can go now?
How do you think the Nazi high command
managed to escape from Germany
after the war?
Odessa. A network that helped the Nazis
escape from Germany
through Spain or Italy
with the support of the Vatican.
And from here
to Brazil, Chile, or Paraguay,
where they live peacefully
with their new identities.
Do you know who
the Odessa man in Spain is?
- Otto Bachmann.
- All the more reason he should die, then.
Yeah. You don't really think
it would take them a long time
to find a replacement for Bachmann?
By watching Bachmann, we control
the Nazis who pass through Spain.
His freedom is the price we have to pay
to hunt down many others.
Who do you work for?
People like you, who aren't willing
to forget what those bastards did.
And then what will you do?
Once we hunt them down,
we'll bring them to justice.
What justice will you get in this country?
International justice, the courts
that condemned them at Nuremberg.
If you'd seen the things I've seen,
you'd know the only justice
these people deserve is death.
[soft tapping]
What makes you think
we haven't seen the same things?
- [rustling]
- [Lucena sighs]
This was published
on October 17, 1946 in the ABC newspaper.
These men died anyway,
but make no mistake.
It was thanks to that trial
that the world knew who they were
and the terrible things they'd done.
If they had been shot in the back
in a park in Madrid as you intended,
no one would know about their crimes.
No one would have been ashamed
to show their faces.
If we had tied up Bachmann,
we wouldn't know this either.
Otto Bachmann is going
to help Aribert Heim escape through Spain.
That's not Aribert Heim.
How do you know?
Because I know what he looks like.
I know every officer who went in and out
of Commander Ziereis's house
in Mauthausen.
And that's not Heim.
And I think we both know that.
Tomorrow, nine o'clock,
Chamberí metro station.
If you don't show up,
you turn down our offer.
- What offer?
- Help us hunt down Aribert Heim.
Make him pay for everything he did.
What do you see here?
- [Isabel] A hand.
- [Lucena] Yeah.
I see something else.
This is what we can achieve
if we work together.
I've been waiting 20 years to get revenge
on Bachmann and get justice for my father.
You're either with us
or you're against us.
You decide.
["J'attenderai" by Rina Ketty playing]
[song fades]
Five minutes to go.
- I bet three cigarettes she doesn't show.
- Me too.
Honestly, that's the best thing
that could happen.
I don't feel like
carrying her around with us.
That woman survived in Mauthausen.
She's been working
at the Haus restaurant for a year
to hunt down
the man who killed her father.
What the fuck have you done?
What did this Heim guy do
to be so important?
He was a doctor in Mauthausen.
While he was there,
he tortured more than 300 Spaniards.
He gave them injections of water,
phenol, and petroleum in the heart
to see how long before they died.
He operated and removed organs,
without anesthesia, of course.
Just to see how much pain
his victims could endure.
Oh, yes, two boys about your age,
he cut them open
while they were still alive.
Then he decapitated them
and boiled their heads
and skinned them
to use their skulls as paperweights.
And that
that was Heim.
["House of the Rising Sun"
by the Animals plays]
There is a house in New Orleans ♪
They call the Rising Sun ♪
And it's been the ruin
Of many a poor boy ♪
And, God, I know I'm one ♪
All right, listen up.
If the information we have is correct,
we only have a week to prepare
before Heim arrives in Spain.
If that bastard crosses the border,
we'll get him.
We'll make him pay
for everything he's done.
Well, I got one foot on the platform ♪
The other foot on the train ♪
I'm going down ♪
To New Orleans ♪
Well, there is a house in New Orleans ♪
They call the Rising Sun ♪
And it's been the ruin
Of many a poor boy ♪
And God, I know I'm one ♪
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