Jaguar (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

El hotel

[rock music playing]
It's good.
You don't have a wife or a daughter to
worry about, you do what you want. Right?
[Marsé laughs]
Castro, did you know the word "companion"
is the Latin word for "a person
who shares his bread with others"?
[Castro] He loves this.
- Oh, no, no, no.
- [Marsé laughs]
- It's been a quirk of mine since
- No, we all have our quirks.
- [laughs]
- Thank you.
Uh, thanks.
Which camp were you in?
Marsé was in Dachau.
And he was in Auschwitz.
They branded 'em like pigs there.
[chuckles] Right?
Truth be told,
the Nazis loved branding everything.
The SS had their blood type
tattooed on their arms.
Stupid German motherfuckers.
- You don't look like you were in a camp.
- Because I wasn't.
When they conquered Valencia,
my father had to leave.
He left me there with my grandfather.
I found out later that they relocated him
to "Booshenwald"
- or "Bushenwald," or something.
- [Lucena] Buchenwald.
That's where he met the Deaf Man.
My father made him promise that
if anything happened to him,
he would take care of me,
and the bastard kept his promise.
He showed up here, what, five years ago?
And he won't leave my side,
even to take a shit.
I'm asking about before that.
What's your story?
[Marsé] Look, Isabel, we're like moths.
No one knows where they come from.
My family owned a pyrotechnics shop
which was opened by my great-grandfather
We were in charge of the mascletá.
- Do you know what a mascletá is?
- What do you do?
Me? I'm a driver.
- And him?
- The Deaf Man?
Don't bother asking, he's mute.
- [Isabel] Why do you call him Deaf Man?
- [Castro] Deaf, mute, who cares?
[Marsé] He's handy. He can counterfeit
anything you need. Documents, money
- And those names?
- [Marsé] His tattoos?
[Castro] They're his friends
who died in the camp.
Well, be careful, now,
because he's got a bad temper.
Hey! [chuckles]
And what do you do?
- [Castro laughs]
- I look after them.
Mother Lucena, we call him.
Now he'll look after you, too.
- I don't need anyone to look after me.
- [Marsé] Isabel, everyone needs a mother.
I was raised without one.
I really don't need one now. [chuckles]
[Marsé] Everyone has lost
someone they loved.
Someone has to stop those bastards
from dying of old age in bed.
What's so funny, Marsé?
Lucena, I just came up with a little joke.
Two guys in Heaven are arguing about the
concentration camp they were in, right?
One in Auschwitz, like you, Lucena.
The other in Treblinka.
Each is arguing his concentration camp
was much worse than the other one's camp.
So, you know, God arrives
to bring calm and peace
and tells them, "Gentlemen, please.
There's no need to argue now."
"You're already dead.
All you have to do is rest in peace."
Then one of them turns to God and says,
"You don't get to have an opinion, because
you weren't in either one of those camps."
- You know what I mean?
- [Lucena and Deaf Man laughing]
[Isabel chuckles]
- [Castro] That's it?
- [Marsé] Yeah, that's it.
[all laughing]
I don't get it. Explain it to me.
Because God was never there.
- [Marsé laughs]
- [Castro] Okay
Comrades, we're up against
the most dangerous man in Europe.
Otto Bachmann. By the end of this week,
we need to have entered
his circle of trust.
It's the only way to find out
how he plans to help Heim.
Let's have a toast.
- Come on.
- Come on, Lucena. Come on.
- Come on, Lucena!
- Come on.
Do it.
- "We swear before the whole world"
- We swear.
"in this public square,
this place of fascist cruelty,
- that we will never give up the struggle"
- Yes, sir.
[all] "until the last of the guilty stand
before us and are judged by the people."
[Castro] Yes, sir. Amen.
["Vientos del Pueblo"
by Ebri Knight plays]
- [Isabel] This car?
- [Lucena] We're resourceful people.
- Did you steal it?
- [Marsé] No way, no.
Stealing's a sin.
Borrowing is the Christian thing to do.
[man] Welcome to the Ritz Hotel.
MONDAY 4/23 - 09:00
[Castro] What's wrong?
The phone is protected.
I guess the bastard
doesn't even trust his own shadow.
And here is a small dressing room.
I hope you like the suite, sir.
[Lucena] It's perfect. Thank you so much.
[Castro] Hey, Deaf Man.
- Here's the key.
- Thank you.
We have half an hour before he arrives.
[clattering outside]
- [keys clinking outside]
- Deaf Man!
Come on.
[lock clicks]
[door closes]
[floorboards creaking]
[keys clatter]
[floorboard creaks]
[cocks gun]
[telephone rings]
[telephone continues ringing]
Yes, hello?
[static crackling]
Yes, who is it?
[breathing loudly]
I can hear you breathing.
Who are you?
[Deaf Man breathing]
[faint squeaking]
[telephone rings]
- Yes?
- [static crackling]
Listen carefully.
You don't know who you're calling.
Hang up the phone and forget this number.
Don't call me again. Ever.
Otherwise, I will find you,
and I will rip your fingers off
one by one.
[dog whimpers]
[car approaching]
[engine revving]
- Well done, fellas.
- [doorman] Good morning, Mrs. Bachmann.
- Good morning.
- Welcome back.
- Thank you.
- I'll let him know.
[knocks four times]
Bachmann's phone has been tapped.
His wife just arrived. She's downstairs.
[chuckles] Now it's your turn.
Isabel, we have to go.
[in German] Mom!
[sighs] My little boy!
You got bigger.
I swear I won't leave again.
Go on, let Dad know I'm here.
Off you go.
The blonde woman in the blue dress
is called Ilse. She's married to Bachmann.
It was a fairly uneventful trip.
But I'm glad to be here.
She likes to go by the name
"Countess of Finckenstein." She's not.
- She's the niece of Hjalmar Schacht
- Hitler's Finance Minister.
You aren't the only one
who knows who these people are.
What name is she using nowadays?
She's using hers, like Bachmann.
Which gives you an idea of
how at home the couple feels in Spain.
They've stopped hiding since
they have Franco's protection.
Why are we going after her? Why don't we
just approach her husband directly?
She's the only way to get to Bachmann.
If she tells him someone can be trusted,
- he'll let his guard down.
- [laughter]
The rest of the women are wives
or daughters of the regime's officers.
What do you want me to do?
Do you really want me
to have tea and crumpets with them?
- [woman laughs]
- Elbows off.
How do you think one attracts magpies?
By leaving a shiny object in plain sight
so they can't resist.
In a few hours, Ilse and her friends
will go see the most fashionable couturier
in the city right now.
You'll be there too.
[Lucena] Go in, let them see you,
and get out. That's it.
Is that clear?
- Is that clear?
- Totally clear.
They have to see Pertegaz treat you like
someone important, so they think you are.
Who helped you convince this so-called
Pertegaz to treat me like that?
You don't need to know.
Well, considering I'm the one risking
my life, I'd appreciate if you told me.
[Marsé laughs] Forget it.
No one knows where the money
to pay for all of this comes from.
[Isabel] You don't know either?
If you don't wanna do it,
you can just leave now.
One last thing.
Give me your gun.
I won't go in there alone and unarmed.
It's just women
trying on clothes in there.
I've seen women in Germany
act like the worst of men.
[Marsé laughs]
Son of a bitch.
Lucena, do you think she's ready, or what?
No, Marsé. But who is ready for all this?
Can I get you something to drink?
- No, thank you. I'm okay.
- Please.
- Mr. Pertegaz will come in a minute.
- Thank you.
[woman laughing]
I really mean it.
The more cleavage I can show, the better.
I'm looking forward to this new outfit.
[all chuckling]
Look at this dress. I like this one.
Did you see María's dress
the other day at the party?
- Yes.
- [woman] Yes!
What was that?
I don't understand what she was wearing.
She looked ridiculous.
- Mrs. De Vega?
- [Ilse] I don't know what
It is a pleasure to have you in my studio.
Manuel Pertegaz.
A pleasure. And thank you for seeing me.
Of course, one of the most compelling
reasons to come to Madrid was to meet you.
I could not refuse to see you. After all,
you come recommended by my friend.
- [woman 1] Is this
- [woman 2 laughing] Yes!
I think we have company. What do we do?
- Let me talk.
- Okay.
- Good day to you, officer.
- Didn't you see the sign? No parking here.
Sorry, officer. We're waiting for my wife.
She's trying on a dress at Mr. Pertegaz's
atelier. You know what women are like.
They say it'll be one minute,
and then it takes ages.
Do you have any ID with you?
- Mine?
- His too.
Yes, of course.
Here you are.
Stay here.
- Car registration.
- Mm-hm.
Here you are.
Get out of the car and open the trunk.
Move it.
[Marsé] Don't move.
Let's begin.
Thirty-five centimeters
My God, you're shaking. Are you okay?
Yes. I'm fine.
Doesn't look like it.
This one.
I must just be nervous to be here.
Oh, you shouldn't be.
Why don't you try to breathe?
- You're so pale.
- [sighs]
And now smile.
Let's go.
You were right.
They didn't take their eyes off me.
We were watched as well. Let's go.
[engine starts]
What was that?
[Lucena] I'll explain later.
[crows cawing]
[Lucena] Listen to me. We have your ID.
We know who you are and where you live.
If you tell anyone anything about us,
we will come for you and your family.
Do you understand,
We have nothing against you.
Don't force our hands.
Good boy.
[Marsé whistles]
He's seen the license plate.
The Deaf Man changed 'em. [chuckles]
How's the girl?
It's too early to know yet.
She's a rebel. Too much of one.
Rebels end up dead in the ground.
- Just give her some time.
- Time? That's exactly what we don't have.
She's been living alone all her life.
I don;t know if she's ready
to take orders from anyone.
But what we do know
is that she's good at living in disguise.
[Lucena] "A masquerade organized
by the Women's Section of the Falange."
- Is this a joke?
- [Ramos] Bachmann will be there.
I've worked an angle and managed
to get you on the guest list.
The party is at the home
of Pilar Primo de Rivera.
Clara Stauffer organizes it every year
to raise a lot of money
for the Women's Section of the Falange.
Stauffer, who's she?
A Spaniard of German origin.
A Nazi sympathizer
and militant of the Falange.
You focus on Bachmann.
- [crowd yelling]
- I've seen those faces before.
They could also take us
to some Godforsaken place in the country,
shoot us, and nobody would ever know.
That's what happened
with Cristino and the rest of them.
We came back to Spain to fight
with the resistance and stop Franco.
We were caught, of course.
I managed to escape, don't ask me how.
But my companions did not.
Not even the French
Minister of the Interior
- could prevent them from being shot here.
- [gunfire and shouting]
If only we'd stayed in Paris
[sighs] Cristino would've lived there
as a hero.
Heroes no longer exist, Lucena.
Only the dead do.
The dead do, yes.
And the memory of the dead.
Because Cristino is still lying
in a mass grave in Carabanchel.
Cristino García was
a man who fought for the Republic,
and who finished one war
just to join another in France
to fight the war against fascism.
I can't even remember how many times he
saved my life at the Madeleine crossing.
We were no more than 30 men,
and that bastard got a whole column
of the Wehrmacht to surrender to us.
Almost a thousand Nazis
surrendered to the Resistance.
[sighs] I don't know. I'd like to think
that somebody's going to remember us.
And Cristino.
And the others.
And Laura.
Do you know why this painting is here?
So that no one forgets.
So that everyone, someday,
knows what they died for.
They wanted the same thing
my daughter wanted.
To stand against injustice
and fight for freedom.
What they did to the Spaniards in Germany
that can't be forgotten, Vicente.
No, but they are succeeding.
Nobody knows anything about the thousands
of Spaniards who died there.
Or whose fault it was
that it even happened.
We don't paint pictures,
but you and I can be the ones
who bring them to justice.
Eichmann was also an untouchable,
and look at him.
The Nazis are starting to get scared,
and that means they'll make mistakes.
You know,
fear is the worst travel companion,
and they never counted on that.
It has to be now.
I set myself a reasonable goal
at the time, you know?
To capture these bastards,
to bring them down before they died.
Now I'm aiming for something
more difficult.
To capture them
before it's my turn to die.
[chuckles softly]
[pop music playing through headphones]
[Castro] Oh! Your sideburns are missing.
Oh, and the scarf?
Auf dem rechten Auge blind sein!
It means to be blind in the right eye.
It's a German saying, to criticize
the government when it turns a blind eye.
Like your home is infested
and you don't call an exterminator.
When you get this profound,
you're so annoying.
Can someone help me, please?
Here. You have to tighten it.
Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.
- What?
- Nothing.
What did he say?
That Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.
- You can relax, I won't crash and burn.
- [Deaf Man] If you say so.
[Isabel sighs]
You okay?
You sure?
Ilse looked me in the eyes.
They never did that when I was a child.
You have to learn
to hold their gaze, Isabel.
- [sighs]
- [loud buzzing]
- Castro, the radio!
- [buzzing continues]
[buzzing stops]
- Is it Bachmann?
- [Deaf Man] Yeah.
He will meet with his lover tonight.
[Castro] He seems to be having
a better time than we are. Huh, Lucena?
- We must be doing something wrong.
- His wife isn't gonna be happy about that.
- [band playing slow jazz]
- [murmur of conversation]
[singing in Spanish]
I'd forgotten what it felt like.
- What do we do if he doesn't show up?
- He will.
You can earn twice as much
as you spend at these parties.
Bachmann knows that
to defend his ideology,
- he's going to need these people's money.
- [man guffawing]
- [woman laughing]
- [man growling playfully]
[man laughing loudly]
You're like a child.
- [chuckles]
- [Bachmann] Darling.
[song ends]
They're men.
They don't think with their heads.
But then, they always come back.
Yes, drunk, but they come back
for what they want most,
which is their wives.
They can never be satisfied.
It's so pathetic.
Her name is Marta.
They've been seeing each other for weeks,
and I don't care.
He has his life and I have mine,
But it's different when he flaunts it
in front of the whole world.
The important thing is
that you don't forget who you are.
His wife.
Isabel Carán de Vega. Nice to meet you.
Ilse Bachmann. Likewise.
Excuse me,
I'm stealing my husband for a few minutes.
She reminds me of Dietrich
in The Blue Angel. Have you seen it?
Of course not. You weren't born yet.
Darling, do you mind?
I want you to meet someone.
[in German] What was that about?
We were just talking.
[in German] Keep talking if you like,
but let me know first so I can go home.
[Bachmann] What's wrong, my dear?
Don't bother with jokes.
That was never your forte.
[in English] Isabel?
Isabel Carán de Vega
and her husband, Vicente de Vega. Otto.
- Pleased to meet you.
- [Lucena] Nice to meet you too.
No, Joan of Arc.
For a moment, you were
making me feel right at home.
Have we ever met before?
- [Isabel] No, I don't think so.
- They've just arrived in Madrid.
[Bachmann] For work?
Yes, I'm thinking of settling here
and opening an office.
[Bachmann] What do you do?
[Lucena] Little bit of everything.
Import, export
[Ilse chuckles]
What a coincidence.
We are in the same business.
But I've never heard your name before.
What was it?
[Lucena] Vicente de Vega.
de Vega
I don't know it.
And I thought I knew everyone.
That's because I'm very discreet.
But ask around Portugal,
around the border.
That's where we operate.
[Bachmann] Hmph.
Don't you find the Portuguese troublesome?
[Lucena] You have to know
how to deal with them.
I only care that the trains arrive
when they say they will.
I never ask what's inside them.
See, hear, and say nothing.
A good rule to live by.
- And where are you from?
- Austria.
Also, I think we're becoming
more and more Spanish.
Madrid is a city full of opportunities.
And over time, you get accustomed
to the way that they live here.
Well, as you can imagine, my husband likes
to have his German refuge
without having to leave Madrid.
- Do you know the restaurant Haus?
- [Bachmann] Ilse, please.
[laughs] They told you that
they just arrived in Madrid.
[Ilse] So what? I've been here 12 years,
and you haven't taken me.
We usually meet once a year
with some fellow countrymen.
It's like being back in Vienna.
Of course, when you get out of there,
the Manzanares is not the Danube,
but still.
You've been there?
- [Lucena] Where? To Vienna?
- No, we haven't.
Well, that must be rectified.
First Haus,
and Vienna can come later.
[Lucena] I'll hold you to that.
Don't worry.
Look at it.
If you want to
Do you want to touch my scar?
[Ilse] Otto, stop fooling around.
No, no, let her do it if she wants to.
Most people wouldn't dare touch me.
You did it while looking me in the eyes.
He loves to provoke people. [laughs]
- So, what do you say?
- Any night you want.
We can meet for dinner.
Any day? Tomorrow, maybe?
[Ilse] It's settled.
Tomorrow's perfect. Hmm?
They won't recognize you.
How could they not?
I worked there for an entire year.
We can't go.
What if we change restaurants
at the last minute?
Bachmann wants to play on his home turf.
We have to give him that advantage.
Besides, you'll wear an expensive dress.
If they recognize you,
they won't say anything.
- Comrades?
- [Deaf Man] Hello.
[pop music playing on radio]
[voice breaking up]
[static crackling]
[pop song in Spanish playing]
- Good night, old man.
- [chuckles]
Let me help.
[Isabel grunts softly]
[Lucena sighs]
- Got it?
- Yeah, I think so.
[both sigh]
Get some rest.
[both sigh]
It's funny, isn't it?
In Germany, the nightmare was waking up.
Here, it's falling asleep.
I've found a way to do it.
In the daytime.
[echoing shouting]
If I can hear children playing,
women coming back from the market,
bells ringing,
I know I'm not there.
[echoing shouts continue]
That's why I always look for night jobs.
[echoing shouting]
From Zaragoza.
My brother's name is Javier. Javier Riaza.
If you get me more information about him,
I can get more teaspoons.
[siren blaring]
- [siren continues]
- [phone tap buzzing]
[buzzing continues]
Castro, it's your turn. Castro!
[buzzing continues]
All right.
[Deaf Man sighs]
[Marsé] Hmm.
- He should be here.
- Well, he's not.
- [sighs]
- Where'd the kid go?
- Deaf Man, the kid is your responsibility!
- I know!
Your responsibility!
- Fuck.
- [lock clicks]
[Deaf Man] Where were you?
- I went for a walk.
- [Deaf Man] Where did you go?
- Don't yell at me.
- Listen to me, Castro.
He's yelling because Bachmann got a call
while you were away.
Now we don't know who called or why.
- You're busting my balls.
- Listen!
[Deaf Man] "Busting my balls"?
[Marsé] Leave him alone!
Come on. Stop that.
Where did you go? Where? Where did you go?
I just went for a walk, okay? Let me go!
Fuck off.
"Tomorrow we'll know if it's true."
- That's all?
- [Marsé] Yeah, that's it.
That's all I was able to hear.
[Deaf Man] We have
to call off the meeting.
No, we can't. We may not
have been discovered. We don't know.
If we back out of dinner now,
that will give Bachmann
a reason to distrust us.
We'll miss our chance.
- Then we'll never catch Heim.
- [Marsé] Let's not forget who they are.
What they did to us
and what they can still do to us, okay?
Those people live here among us,
we see them, they smile at us.
And they do it as if they have
nothing to hide. They're not afraid.
They don't even hide their real names.
They go on vacation, sunbathe,
they swim on our beaches.
They look like normal people,
but they aren't.
Just look 'em in the eyes.
They still have that darkness in there.
That evil is always there.
What scares me most is that
they show off their crimes
as if they were medals.
I'm in.
[Castro] Me too.
Me too, you know that.
Everyone, let's go.
You see anything unusual,
call this number.
Okay, who do I ask for?
Only call if there's trouble.
You look great.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
We're here for a reservation
under Mr. Otto Bachmann.
Yes, Mr. Bachmann and his wife
are already here.
If you'd be so kind as to come with me.
Right this way.
It's so good to see you again.
- Isabel, Vicente.
- Mrs. Bachmann.
- You look gorgeous tonight.
- [chuckles] Please, just call me Ilse.
You look beautiful, my dear.
I think we're a little late.
I hope you'll excuse our tardiness.
Otto, bitte. Do you have to be like that?
Don't pay any attention to him.
After 12 years living here, we're already
familiar with your Spanish punctuality.
- [Bachmann] Bring more wine.
- [maître d'] Right away, Mr. Bachmann.
[Bachmann exhales]
I was an excellent swimmer.
I was very good at many sports,
but swimming, that was my thing, you know?
I could have made it to the Olympics.
- [laughs]
- What happened?
I had to choose between water and tobacco.
- [chuckles] Which was also my thing.
- [Ilse] He smokes too much.
[Ilse laughs]
And it's true that he won
some competitions in college.
But going to the Olympics [laughs]
You like to exaggerate.
Did you play any sports
when you were young, Isabel?
Really? I love ice skating.
Well, used to.
Have you ever been ice skating?
No, I don't like the cold.
[Ilse] You get used to it.
I sometimes go to the Retiro
and put on my skates.
But it's not the same, you know,
because I miss the snow.
No, it's not the same.
Are you not hungry?
No, I'm fine.
Otto, I have some business
you might be interested in.
[Bachmann] Tonight isn't the night.
Maybe later.
We've got to get to know each other first.
Are we out of wine again?
I order another bottle.
Sounds good. Why not?
- We should be leaving now.
- It's early.
[Ilse] What if we skip the wine
and order dessert?
- I'm dying to try the Baumkuchen.
- It's getting late.
- Come here, please.
- [maître d'] Yes, sir?
We're going to order desserts.
Baumkuchen, right? You want to try?
- That will be all. Thank you.
- Right away, sir.
[Ilse] So, have you ever
been to Haus before?
[Lucena] This is our first time.
- We'll come back.
- [Ilse] Yes, do.
- I like it.
- [Lucena] It's really good.
[Ilse] He's never brought me.
- Can you imagine?
- Excuse me.
[Bachmann] This is one
of the best Baumkuchen
you can taste outside of Germany.
- So, it's How do you say?
- [Ilse] It's a cake.
Take dessert to the Bachmanns. Thank you.
Let's go. Come on!
Don't talk again. Don't look at me.
You don't know me.
You're gonna serve us, and that's it.
Whether I'm at the table or not.
Do I need to repeat that? Do I?
We're on the same side! Lucena told me
you were coming. I collaborate with him.
[breathing shakily]
We were afraid you were going
to miss this wonderful delight.
- No. Excuse me.
- It's okay.
- Everything okay?
- Perfect.
Is it good?
Very good.
Why don't we order another bottle of wine?
Good idea, yes.
Excuse me?
Another bottle of wine, please.
[horn honks]
[car door opens]
Well then,
thank you very much for everything.
Good night.
"Good night"? What good night?
No, no. Come on.
Come on?
You must come with me.
I have something to show you.
It's late. We should be getting home now.
Isabel, speak for yourself.
For us men, it's never too late. Ilse?
Why don't you accompany Isabel?
Don't worry, sir, that's not necessary.
We should drop the formalities,
don't you think?
Come on, Vicente. Get in.
See you back at the hotel.
I won't be too late.
[engine starts]
[car doors slam]
["Vientos del Pueblo"
by Ebri Knight plays]
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