Jailbirds (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Dressed into Oranges

1 [female officer.]
Can you tell me your full name? Yasmin Sundermeyer.
[female officer.]
This is the first time you're arrested for a felony charge, so I have to get your DNA.
It's just a mouth swab and a few fingerprints.
Okay? Stand right here on the white X.
Face the screen.
Do your left hand first.
So, young lady you seriously did or allegedly did all this stuff in those house shoes right there? [Yasmin.]
[male officer chuckles.]
Now they're all dirty.
[male office.]
Have you been here before? Any jail? No? Did you flee? Did you run? Got up to, like, 130.
I got away, but then I got caught.
So you really didn't get away, did you now? Open up your mouth.
So, you know what's going to happen, right? The process? You have the right to bail.
What's your bail? Hundred thousand dollars.
Someone can bail you out.
Otherwise, you're gonna see a judge on Tuesday.
So you'll get arraigned, you'll enter your plea, and then go from there.
Questions, comments, concerns? All right.
Best of luck to you.
Head all the way down to your left.
You can use the phone in there.
You can call any of the bail bondsman's numbers or any of your family members or friends.
[woman shouts.]
Hello? Hello? Hello? [woman.]
Oh, my fucking God! What are you doing? Being in here in jail, it'll break you.
Nobody in their right mind wants to be sitting in a cell like this, caged up.
And this place is clearly crazy.
[police siren rings.]
[female officer.]
At the Sacramento County Main Jail, there are over 2,400 male and female inmates.
Jail is like a small town, but not like a normal small town.
You gotta pick up on a whole new set of rules.
Everyone is in everybody's business because our lives are really right on top of each other.
There's no privacy in jail.
We're women, we get periods.
You know? We all gotta use the restroom, all that, you gotta get used to that.
And then there's relationship drama, so it gets even worse in here.
One day, the one girl is dating one girl and the next day somebody is dating somebody else.
It's like a cluster fuck.
You gotta know who's around you, you gotta know who you can trust.
You gotta know all your enemies.
[all shouting.]
Back it up.
Go to your cells now! [door slams.]
But when you find a good friend in here it makes the time very easy.
I'm not gonna let this place eat me up or make me miserable.
We might be locked up physically but mentally and emotionally, I'm I'm free as fuck.
Can't nothing stop my shine.
- I'm rollin'! - I'm rollin'! [doors slams.]
But it's really bad still.
Like, I hate it.
You better kill me first Lay me down on the ground, crucify me [male voice on PA.]
All right, ladies, once again, come out then we'll do day room.
[unintelligible chatter.]
Whatcha doing? You draw my picture yet? You got talent, girl! You're gonna go somewhere in life.
We're a jail, so most people that are housed here are either waiting to go to court or they're waiting to be sentenced.
We see all different types of arrests.
Ones from DUI all the way to homicide.
All right, I need a shower after you.
I would get in with her, but we can't.
[all laugh.]
Ten percent of the population here are women, and they're only housed on the 7th floor.
- [door knocks.]
- What's going on? [inmate.]
Let me out! I need you to calm down and wait for your turn to go out for day room, all right? By law, they only have to let you out for, like, three hours out of the week.
Our shifts over here, like, our officers are pretty cool.
So they'll run day room, like, once or twice throughout the day.
Oh, shit! - [inmate.]
Good coffee? - Yeah.
Thank you.
The things we do in jail.
Are you getting in the shower? [Shawn.]
I'm in the shower after you, bruh.
I've been here for almost 90 days and I'm finally getting out of here.
Just the anticipation of knowing that I'm going to be free and be able to walk around, go get food when I want to, use the bathroom without having people around me and it smelling like boo boo.
Teddy, what you got in that bag? Did you come in with some dope? Yeah, I got you a doodoo, baby, I got you.
- You do? - I got you a doodoo.
I sure do need it.
I am a convicted armed robber with two strikes.
Last time I was here, I did 45 days and then this time I'm doing 90 days.
Being in jail sometimes can get easy for me.
Is your tongue split? Can you go like this? [Shawn.]
Ah! [chuckles.]
I get along good with girls because of the way that I look.
I guess it's my flirtatious personality.
Okay, I want to get my ears gauged.
Does it hurt? No.
Hella ratchet.
Hey, I like it.
There's always somebody that wants to do something, that wants to cook for me, that wants to give me things.
You can use my phone time, it's good.
I can use your phone time? But I'm married.
Even though I'm a big flirt, I don't want nobody else but my wife.
And so I'm gonna keep my spit in my mouth and my hands to myself.
[unintelligible yelling.]
Let me play with your ear! Ah! Which is going to be Yeah, I'ma stay to myself.
Thank you.
You are a gem.
You just saved my life.
Girl, I was supposed to be outta here four days ago.
- Really? - Yes.
It started off when I was young.
My first robbery It was kinda funny, 'cause we were watching I was at the movies.
And I was with my ex girlfriend.
We were watching one of those shoot 'em up bang-bang movies.
We were carrying knives.
And I kinda just hinted around like, "We should rob these girls behind us.
" So, at the end of the movie, she was like, "You ready?" I was like, "For what?" She was like, "To go rob these girls.
" And I was like, "You're serious?" And I'll never forget, she asked one of the girls, "Can I have some change?" And the girl was like, "Yeah, sure.
How much you need?" She was like, "Matter of fact, can I have your whole purse?" So, we pulled out the knives and we took their purse, and it was the most pointless thing that I've ever done.
We didn't get no money from it.
And it kinda started a chain of events that just spiraled out of control.
[unintelligible chatter.]
- You wanna play? - I don't know how to play.
- You know how to play? - Uh-huh.
Do you wanna buy some pills? - Buy some what? - Pills - The pills? - Do you want to? Oh.
Like what? Um noo-noos? Or na-nas.
What's noo-noos or na-nas? Neuron? Okay, hold on.
What about hop? Some black? Oh! Hell no, not that.
Booda! Explain to her what a na-na make you feel like.
- Man, I love it.
I fucking love it - [Shawn chuckles.]
Makes you feel like you smoked a blunt.
Oh, no.
I'm good.
- I don't like it.
- But in a good way.
There's like microphones over my head.
This was just a drill.
Everybody says that I'm a monster, but looks can be deceiving.
I've got almost half my body covered in tattoos.
I kind of have, like, my good and innocent side and then my monster side.
Girl, you know you want this dick.
I'm from the east coast.
So, I grew up over there.
I was living in New York.
I was happy.
I had my own place.
I was running a business on 5th Avenue.
I was doing tattoo conventions.
Then side money would be, like, hustling and selling drugs.
I got locked up on the east coast.
I did three months over there, then once I got released, I came over here, and I've been mainly in the streets, just hustling and doing that whole thing.
My charges originally were possession of a stolen vehicle, GTA, transportation of narcotics, 13 pounds of weed, 65 grams of meth, fictitious checks, and catching felonies while out on bail.
It took me getting locked up to, like, look at my life and be like, "Okay, you're fucking up, you're fucking up.
What are you doing that got you in here? What's the real reason I'm in here? Or, you know, how am I treating people?" [producer.]
Well, and frankly, you're also committing crimes.
Well, yes, I mean, that too, but [chuckles.]
Hi, I need to bail myself out.
Given my experience, it is unusual for a first-time offender to come into custody with as serious of charges as she has.
Miss Sundermeyer's bail is set at $100,000.
If she does not post bail, she will be here until her arraignment.
[bail bondsman.]
How much is your bail? It's $100,000.
I can't hear what you're saying.
One hundred thousand.
One hundred thousand? Okay.
What did you get arrested for? I got arrested for carjacking.
Okay, how much money do you have for bail? How much is it to do a payment plan? I can do I don't even know who you are.
Okay, my name is You won't give me how much money you have.
You're just bullshit.
You hear that? [phone line beeps.]
I'm bullshit? What the fuck? I'm bullshit, I guess.
I'm just bullshit.
Hi, I need to bail myself out.
It's for a $100,000 bail.
Eight thousand? How much can we do for a payment plan? - [unintelligible.]
- You can't do any less than that? [dial tone rings.]
I can do, like, $500.
I don't know.
I just wanna go home.
[phone line beeps.]
I'm not going to see my baby.
[inhales deeply.]
[Yasmin sobs.]
I'm not a mean person.
I want to be a veterinarian, like I want to be back to how it was before, going to school, when I was happy, seeing my baby happy.
Like, that just all made me happy.
I was supposed to be at work today at seven or something.
I don't know.
I just I need to stop.
I just wanna be happy.
I always do this to myself.
I'll have everything, you know, being good, instead I just ruin it.
[Yasmin sobs.]
It's cold and breaking in size Why it's alright Sold in by [Shawn.]
I get to go! I'm so excited.
So now I'm just waiting to get released.
They'll probably release you after dinner.
Oh, my God.
I'm going back to sleep.
I'm not gonna be able to sleep.
Hope they give us day room.
Yeah, I don't see how you'll be able to sleep.
I'm ready to go.
I can't believe it.
Look, man This is my old bunkie.
Like, I love her.
I love her so much.
You guys always find a way back to each other.
It's precious.
[both laugh.]
I feel like I keep fighting a lot, huh? And don't realize it.
Yeah, you do.
- I thought I fought a lot.
- That part, though.
People don't fuck with me no more.
I got into four fights already.
Some people call me sweet, some people call me mean.
Like I am who I am.
I'm a nice ass real bitch.
I love this lady right here.
She is so crazy.
I can honestly sit here and say, like, I trust her with my life.
Wouldn't want to be anyone else's bunkie.
She's my lighter to a cigarette, like Like that, you know? Like We go together, so - [Monster.]
Love you, Noonie! - We're just I love you, too, Monster.
I'm in here for pimping and pandering.
Um, my bail is $1,000,000.
I've been here for a year Thirteen months, actually.
I had a pretty decent childhood.
I mean, I was in and out of foster care.
Everybody dreams of being a lawyer and a doctor, but I wanted to be a social worker, because I was in and out of the system.
I'ma go back to school when I get out, go to college, you know.
I'm not really trippin'.
Yeah, and then Noham.
Hey, you on the end.
Your feet that way.
[unintelligible chatter.]
Two more fingers.
We have two more fingers.
You're gonna fall over, aren't ya? I'm sober, man.
[male officer.]
File in.
I am getting her jail clothing ready.
She said she's not gonna bail out and she'd like to go upstairs.
So, this is the jail rolls.
Jail shoes.
Our jail underwear and bra.
So, sometimes we have brand new ones, and then sometimes they look like this.
Pull that door.
So, I'm going to need you to get fully undressed.
Put all your clothing in this clear plastic bag.
Completely naked.
Socks, shoes, everything.
Thank you.
All right, now turn, face me.
Stand on those yellow footprints.
Bend forward at the waist.
Reach behind you from behind with both hands, spread yourself open, cough hard three times.
You have to get your fingers closer to your vagina, spread yourself open, cough hard three times.
Here's your clothing.
Get dressed.
And then come on out.
Stand right here and face the wall.
Hands are considered weapons in this facility, so make sure they're in the front waistband of your pants whenever you're walking by any kind of staff.
Seven East from female booking.
One en route, escorted.
We're heading this way, to your right.
[indistinct shouting.]
Let's walk up these stairs.
We don't want you! That's my friend.
I have a question.
This cell is dirty.
Can I get a clean cell? No, you can't get a different cell.
But I just want one that was wiped off.
Yeah, it was.
Our workers cleaned.
There's nothing on the ground.
What the fuck! [man.]
Okay, yuck it up, ass-jackal.
You're on camera.
[all laugh.]
Being on the Trustee floor is so different.
Bro, we've got it made here, bro.
We get food, we get our own cell, we get TVs, we get phones all day.
We can sit in the hallway and look at all the women.
- All day! - All day long.
I see you! [woman shouts.]
I love you! She was screaming last time.
We're called workers, or trustees.
We all have to wear these white shirts.
You know, you have to get classified and go through a certain criteria to be eligible to work down here.
We work our asses off down here.
What's up, pimp? High-five! High-five! Ha, gotcha! [chuckles.]
Oh, my God.
What's up with you, girl? I'm doing all right.
Just slip on through.
Funny thing, you making friends always everywhere we go.
Hey, what do you want me to do? I'm a friendly guy, you know? [Wolverine.]
We're going to seven where all his fans are.
Oh, yeah! All the girls are gonna be, "Oh! Wolverine!" [laughter.]
Happens every time.
Look at him.
He has the chops, the hair.
That's his hero.
When I was in prison about eight years ago, we didn't have access to mirrors and razors, but maybe once a month, so I just kinda cut it, and then there were telling me, "You look like Wolverine," so I kinda went with it.
Gives me strength, you know? Be something strong, you know what I mean? Hopefully it's my last trip here.
Been here a lot of times.
I'm trying to find some help when I get out there, so I don't end up back here, at the same spot.
What's up? Generally, we're not allowed to communicate with the females.
Sometimes we cross paths.
What's up, girl? What's happening? You know what I mean? They come up and they ask me to sign my poster, all that.
I can't do that.
Don't forget them cupcakes I love cupcakes.
I got cupcakes.
 I mean [Becky.]
Well, those are not very fluffy.
What's wrong with them? They're fluffy.
More squats.
More squats? Oh! That's out.
Right? [male officer.]
What are you doing on this floor? [Wolverine.]
I don't want to get fired.
Bye, Becky.
- [man.]
I knew you'd get us in trouble.
- [Wolverine chuckles.]
[male on radio.]
Those male workers should not have been talking to those female workers.
[male officer.]
I guess that's why they don't call them trustees any more, right? Yeah.
[male officer.]
They call 'em workers.
You know, what's crazy is you go to eighth floor, where a lot of your shot callers are, and if those guys have clout enough to get dope through the workers, it just comes straight from the eighth floor, the top floor, all the way down.
At first I thought it was an issue on seven and eight, but then you're finding it on - all the floors.
- Yeah.
A lot of the girls here have ties with some of their male inmate counterparts, and I just see a lot of them putting themselves in stupid positions they don't need to put themselves in.
That's why we gotta keep hitting cells.
- Yeah.
- Maybe they'll get the hint not to float dope through.
[door alarm buzzes.]
Make your way to your rooms.
Let's go.
Girl, cut that shit.
Cut that shit up.
The fuckin' boys moved everything.
I dunno where anything's at.
Bunch of assholes.
Shayna Wimberly.
I'm Tayler Coatney.
And we work night shift together.
We do chore time and clean up after the girls.
We're supposed to be role models.
Sometimes, we kind of We get a little out of hand, but we have fun with it.
[Shayna screeches.]
[Tayler chuckles.]
- [Tayler.]
I want to hit you with it.
- [Shayna.]
Yeah, I know.
Meow, meow.
You get more freedom being a worker.
We can go into other pods.
We can shower, use the phone.
My door's always popped.
Like, all day is day room.
It's nice.
This girl just came into booking.
Where is she? At 28? [Shayna.]
Is that her? [Tayler.]
- [Yasmin.]
- What's your name? Yasmin.
Yasmin? That's a pretty name.
Thank you.
- [Yasmin.]
What's your name? - Tayler.
- Nice to meet you.
- I'm Shayna.
We overheard that some girl came in here with a Sawzall blade and a fully loaded pipe and a lighter - inside of her.
- Yeah, like, she Shoved in her, you know, nani.
So, we were I was like - [chuckles.]
It was so bad! - She had a hospital band on, and she, like I'm like, "She's walking kinda funny.
Maybe that was her, you know.
" - [both laugh.]
- [Tayler.]
I really thought that was her! But I mean, like, she's not like that at all.
She looks super innocent, you know? If you don't mind us asking, what are you in here for? Carjacking.
- [Tayler.]
That's no fun.
How old are you? - I'm 19.
Nineteen? Me, too! [Yasmin.]
I'm facing five felonies.
She said carjacking.
She made it up.
There's "carjacking, assault with deadly weapon on peace officer, receiving known stolen motor vehicle, reckless driving, alcohol and drugs.
" Oh, my.
Well, she was on a good one, right? What time do we come out? [Tayler.]
Day room is really whenever they feel like offering it.
Try to use the phone and try to get a shower in, 'cause you don't know when your next one's gonna be.
- [Yasmin.]
I wanna see my mom.
- [Shayna.]
It's going to be okay, okay? You'll get through this.
I'm not gonna lie to you, it's not gonna be easy, but you'll be okay.
We will see you in a little bit.
Okay? - We'll come check on you, okay? - Try to take it easy.
[Yasmin sighs.]
She was like evading and like, assault with a deadly weapon? Look at her! - She's going to be here a minute.
- [Tayler.]
She'll probably be fighting her case for a couple months.
I mean, I thought I would be fighting mine for a couple months.
I've been here ten months.
I don't even know how many days I have.
I might have forever.
I might leave tomorrow.
I don't know.
I'll be here I don't know how long.
Long time.
I don't even count no more.
I'm just trying to, trying to wiggle the numbers around and see what I can do with it.
My max was nine years, and doubled, since I'm a striker.
He wanted to do four years doubled, which means eight years.
With the seven years and 85%, I've already been two years flat.
I have to do a 90-day commitment first, and then consecutive 150 days with half.
That offer came down to 16 months doubled.
Eighty-five percent of seven would be, like, five years, eight months.
And then two years on top of that that'd be like three years, eight months.
Which means 32 months.
Once I get there, they'll knock off 16 months.
And then 85% hopefully will go down to 66% when I get over the wall in prison.
I have four months already in, which doubles to eight months, so I would have eight months left.
It would just be way lower than that.
I'd probably have two years left to do.
So - [producer.]
I'm a little confused.
- [inmate laughs.]
So I'm fucked.
Don't go to jail.
[male officer.]
Chow-time, chow-time, chow-time.
Pop your doors.
Come out and grab one tray and return to your cell.
Do not try to grab an extra tray for yourself.
That's a long-ass line! Whatcha want me to do? Push these bitches out the way? See this nasty-ass food? Fake-ass chicken strips.
This some beans.
Nasty-ass carrots.
That's called, "I'm hungry.
" I don't know if I'm doing this pruno right, but [inhales.]
It's really just oranges and pineapples, but we probably won't get no more pineapples.
Pruno is alcohol.
It's usually made with fruit.
I always make the best mother-fucking drink.
It's not infrequent for us to find pruno, as far as cell searches and shakedowns are concerned.
We'll obviously confiscate it.
It's one of the easiest things to make in jail, as long as you have some form of a sugary substance, access to fruit, which we give them on a daily basis and warm water, which they also have access to.
You put it in a bag, wait for like a week or so You gotta burp it when the bag blows up.
Then it's done.
[indistinct chatter.]
Whatcha doing in there, girl? - Bitch there's nothing but food in here.
- [laughter.]
Leave me alone.
Better, like, talking to my fucking self.
All right! I don't fuck with Drea.
I'm here for burglary.
Jail gets a little boring, so I like to entertain myself and my way of doing that is with females.
Yeah, yeah.
I have a lot of females in here that do want to be with me.
There's kinda a lot of ducks in here.
There's not really too many pretty people right now.
I'm not gonna waste my time with no ducks.
Unless they're profitable.
If they got something for me, commissary or something.
I don't know.
You've got straight bitches, bisexual bitches, and then you got bi-choosy bitches.
Wait, you're telling me I'm choosy? There's always drama behind Drea.
She wants attention whether it be negative or positive.
She's an agitator.
If she causes an argument with somebody, it gets our day room shut down.
[male officer on PA.]
O-rec! Go to O-rec.
Again, O-rec, go to O-rec.
Come on, you don't need to be on TV.
[inmate 2.]
I know I'm finna watch.
[woman 1.]
Hey! - [woman 2.]
Hey, girl! - [woman 1.]
Whatcha doing? She's tryin to get at me, girl.
Gotta get the good view.
Look at these thirsty-ass thots.
I'll be out there to deal with ya.
Ey! [woman 2.]
Oh, hell no! I'm gonna be on.
It's hard to hear them.
They're so far down there.
[woman 1.]
It's heavy.
I can tell.
Yes! [chuckles.]
[door alarm buzzes.]
[male officer on PA.]
All right, ladies, outdoor rec is over.
Please return to your cells.
Ladies! Why are we screwing up already? Quiet! We could have easily put you guys on lockdown for that little stint you guys pulled in outdoor rec.
- [unintelligible protest.]
- Hold on! There were a group of people screaming at people on the streets and it caught someone's attention outside.
Yes, we understand.
We apologize.
Which one apologizes? [all yell.]
It was an old man, and I couldn't tell if he was my lawyer.
There are many old men walking the streets of downtown Sacramento.
I highly doubt that was your attorney in particular.
All right! If you guys have questions, I will answer them as I do the next cell check.
[male officer on PA.]
Into your cells for lockdown.
- [male officer on PA.]
Hey, Beason.
- [Shawn.]
Yes? Beason, roll up your stuff.
You're getting released.
- Okay, I'm rolled up.
- [cellmate.]
Amen! - [cellmate.]
Bye, girl! - [Shawn.]
- [cellmate.]
Good luck! - [Shawn.]
Thank you.
Don't forget.
Are you going home? [Shawn.]
Yeah, they just let me go.
Good luck, don't come back.
I'll try not to.
Alright, head on down towards the elevator for me, please.
Thank you.
There you go.
Uh! Uh! Let a real one free.
[male officer.]
All right.
There you go.
I don't want to do this forever.
It's time for me to grow up.
I want to go back to school.
I'm willing to, you know, work hard, I guess, for money.
And not just take it.
Hey, babe! I'm in the release tank.
You here to pick me up? [Christine.]
I'm here.
- Are you going to be in the same spot? - Yeah.
Okay, I'll see you in a minute.
Okay? All right.
My wife, I know that she loves me.
She's there for me as much as she can right now, but it's tough for her.
Every time I go to jail, it seems like it's longer and longer each time I go back.
Come on.
My ride is waiting.
We're a team, and when a piece of the team is gone, it just makes it hard.
- Is there a Ms.
Beason? - Yes.
Go ahead and step out right here.
Right around this way.
Follow that yellow line down.
Stop right there.
Face the wall.
Officer? Why am I going in here? Still in the process of processing your release.
Your parole officer decided they wanted to place a hold.
So you're not gonna be going home at this time until your parole officer takes care of all that.
Oh, my gosh, this is crazy.
When I first was assigned to the Intel and Classification Unit, everybody had a theme to their desk.
A football theme, puppies theme, and then they asked me, "What is your theme going to be?" And I thought it was a joke.
So I said, "I don't know, unicorns farting out rainbows?" Well, they decided to decorate my cubicle.
So I just kept the theme and now we got it going.
It was at one point a really blowed-up unicorn and it had Skittles coming out of the mouth.
We have to do our best in our facilities to ensure that everybody is safe.
It's in human nature for especially inmates here to break rules and violate rules.
We can't catch everything, but it happens.
[keys rattle.]
Girls, get fully dressed.
Hawkins, control.
Jones, I need you in the classroom now.
- [Monster.]
What the fuck? - [Noonie.]
Why? Get fully dressed.
All right, we coming.
That hella fucked up, man.
Because we have approximately 135 inmates that are booked daily, we try to conduct shakedowns as often as we can.
And sometimes, we can get tips from other inmates.
They'll let us know, "Hey, something's going on in this cell.
" Do you want to go through this side and I'll go through this side.
Don't know why she has all this.
Table's clear.
Somebody snitched on me.
So, they raided my room.
They always like to throw around my shit.
It was like a handful of people that knew I had pruno, so bitches was hating.
This bag's clear.
We got some joy juice.
Some pruno.
[female officer.]
Oh, nice.
I'm hella mad, 'cause they probably found my pruno.
Kickstart our Friday.
[female officer.]
Happy Friday.
I have disciplinary hearings for Hawkins and Jones out of 118.
Hi, Hawkins.
Hernandez, I'm here to do your hearing.
Hi, Jones.
How are you? Tired.
I wanna go back to sleep.
And I'm tired, too.
So apparently, some officers did some shakedowns and they found a plastic bag, odor of an alcoholic beverage, and they found pruno in your cell.
I mean, it's just I don't know whose it is.
There's no way it was a gallon and a half.
How much do you think it was? Maybe a couple cups? So you're pleading guilty or not guilty? Uh I plead the fifth.
This is just basically in-house rules.
You're not gonna get extra charges if that's what you think.
- Penal Code charges.
- [Monster.]
I'm gonna say I'm not guilty, because it's not I don't know whose it is.
Was it good stuff? Did you make it? - No.
- Did you even taste test it? [Noonie.]
I wish I did.
So are you saying this is your stuff that was in here? No, I'm not saying that.
So whose pruno was it? - Miraculously - I don't even know how to make pruno.
And you were just waiting to drink it.
So, some magical unicorn came into your cell and put this whole bag of pruno inside your cell.
Is that what you're telling me? I appreciate you saying that you were ready to drink and you knew it was in, acknowledged that it was in your cell.
I'm going to find you guilty, even though you plead not guilty.
You're going to get the max of 15 days.
Do you know what it means to be on restriction? Have you been? I can't come out in day room.
Yeah, no day room, you get a disciplinary shower every other day.
You're allowed to have legal mail and make legal phone calls, and that is it.
Do you have any questions? All right, go ahead and check back in and head back.
This is crazy.
Hi, I'm not getting released.
What? [Shawn.]
My parole officer put a parole hold on me.
[Shawn sobs.]
I'm sorry, Christine.
This time I came to jail, it's been a struggle on me and my wife.
She isn't working, and she's doing the best that she can.
Do you love me? Yes.
Would you be able to do me a favor? Could you send me some money? Wow, are you serious right now? Yes.
I don't have any.
You need to grow up.
[Shawn sobs.]
Now I gotta get back dressed into oranges.
[female officer.]
You're going to get completely undressed.
Put everything in this bag.
Okay? [inmate.]
Shawn? I thought you were leaving.
Bro, I'll tell you later.
I really did wanna drink that shit.
Probably would've been good right now.
I wouldn't admit to it even if I did or didn't make it.
I'm not gonna admit to that.
I'm not gonna incriminate myself or anybody um, in that matter.
I think she shoulda got ten days.
I think I should have gotten nothing, but Or, that's true.
Somebody definitely opened their mouth.
It's wrong.
There's no need for somebody else to put their nose in anybody else's business.
It's not really hard to figure out who's talking.
Especially in here.
We have nothing but time to sit and listen and observe.
No, they hit our room because somebody - Opened their mouth.
- Yes.
[unintelligible chatter.]
Whose? You know? It's the one who wouldn't drink it last time.
The one who didn't want it.
That bitch, right? [laughs.]
Okay, okay.
If you snitch, then you're going to get to meet my fist.
You're fucking with my freedom.
And I know I fucked with my freedom by getting myself here.
I don't need nobody else do it for me.
We love you Monster and Noonie! [Noonie.]
Bitches is crazy.
I love it.
"Monster and Noonie, we love you!" [yelling.]
Team Monster Gang! Yeah, yeah! - [yells.]
Noonie Squad! - [both.]
Yeah, yeah! [both laugh.]
[unintelligible yelling.]
We need to let the whole jail know, let the guys know upstairs, knock on the bowl.
Yee, yee! Hello? Hello! Yo, Andrea Gunderson is a mother-fucking snitch and everybody needs to know.
- [both chuckle.]
- Snitching is trouble.
Do what? [male inmate.]
Let that bitch know snitching is a no-no.
Yeah, that bitch snitching is a scaredy-ass bitch.
You feel me? She's in her fucking cell - [male inmate.]
What cell is she in though? - She in 28.
[male inmate.]
It's always good to know about people like that cause snitching is a no-no.
Snitching is a no-no, okay? Fuck these snitches, man! Yeah, I be talking on the toilet.
It's fun.
It's better talking to the boys than these raggedy-ass girls all the time.
Hey, bruh.
- Hello? - Hello! - Hello? - Who's this? What are you doing? I had just got here from juvenile hall and so, I didn't know anything about toilet talking or any of that.
My bunkie was like, "There's some guys banging on our line.
" - Hello? - What are you talking about? - Hello.
- People were talking into the toilet? - Like, really? - Yeah? I miss you! So, to talk on the toilet bowl, you have to bail out.
You take all the water out, dump it in the sink.
She bailed the toilet out and knocked, and somebody answered.
I was like, "Oh my God, what is happening here?" Everybody has their own knock, because there's people on the eighth floor, on the sixth floor, there's people on the fifth floor.
You can even talk to the boys on the fourth floor.
You can barely hear them, it's very quiet.
I hear you, motherfucker.
Is there any bitches on the line? [female inmate.]
I've been trying to get bitches on the line for a minute! And then you can, like, create a relationship.
I've been missing you all my life.
He was hella hot, and I was like, "Ooh, okay.
Talk to me.
" This is my microphone.
Hello? Oh, hello? I was like, "Oh, my gosh, this is so cool.
It's like having a cell phone!" Hey, you hear me? Who is this? - It's Graham.
- I'm on six.
[female inmate.]
Are you black or brown? Nah, I'm a white boy.
[male inmate.]
I'm trying to go out of my way to get ahold of somebody.
- Whatcha want me to tell her? - I don't know who figured it out, but whoever first did it was a genius, 'cause that's real science, for real.
[male inmate.]
Tell him to get on the phone tomorrow.
All right.
Okay, later.
He flushed, so he hung up the phone, so That's it.
I see you, bitch.
Be cool.
Just [Monster.]
I'm in here for 15 days.
- You got 15 days lockdown? - Yeah.
They gave me 15 fucking days.
She's disrespectful.
[unintelligible chatter.]
You know she ain't gonna do anything, blood.
That's why she's all hyped up on you, like you gonna save her.
Just leave it alone.
You know, it's not that big of a deal.
Ain't no one going to do shit.
No she isn't.
Who is she talking to? Someone behind me? [chuckles.]
I know she ain't talking to me.
Stop it.
Stop it.
We all know you tellin'.
Excuse me? That's one thing I'm not, is no snitch, bitch.
You got me hella fucked up, bro.
That's one jacket you ain't giving me.
I will not wear that one.
You got me hella fucked up.
Anyways, get on the phone.
- [Princess.]
You're cute.
- Get on the phone.
I know I'm cute.
Thank you.
At least I got a full set of pearly whites, bitch.
Bitch, your teeth about to fall out, bro.
- You look like a duck, bitch.
- [inmate.]
- Huh? - Stop.
Ah shit.
That shit's drama.
There's so many haters in here.
They are just jealous.
All right.
The whole issue with Drea is she speaks on people.
There's multiple people who don't like her.
One time.
Drea, she's just always running at the mouth.
It's like, either you run up or shut up.
Little Miss Monster.
Hey! Hi, boo.
Some people aren't going to let it slide.
Not me.
No more chances with me.
No more.
I don't know what she's doing, you feel me? She needs to keep my name out her mouth.
What is she trying to do? [Monster.]
Tell her to come up here.
Bet you she won't.
Drea! Monster wants you.
What's up? I never said nothing about you from jump.
- [Monster.]
Bitch, hold on a second.
- I never said nothing about you from jump.
Pump your fucking brakes.
I'm not gonna talk to you if that's how you speak to me.
You can talk to me like a grown-ass woman.
I am talking No, you're not, you're cussing at me.
Bitch, better calm the fuck down bitch.
I'm done with you.
You're a fucking punk-ass Yeah, right.
That all you have to say? - [Noonie.]
Bitch, you're scary! - [Monster.]
Suck my dick, bitch! - Maybe it's her fucking - [unintelligible yelling.]
I'm telling you, she's hella hard right now.
Go get your fucking teeth fixed, Princess! [Princess.]
Step in the shower now! Stop.
Step in the shower right now, though.
- [inmate.]
Stop! - Shut your dog-ass up, bitch.
You're hella ugly, bitch! Move, move.
[unintelligible yelling.]
Alright, we're gonna lock down day room if you don't stop, alright? [inmate.]
Yeah, exactly.
- [Princess.]
Meet me at the shower though - [inmate.]
Look at me.
Stop, please? Stop.
That's why every bitch I've been talking to, you wanna get in on my nigga's line every single time.
That's why I snatched your bitch, that's right! Miss me with that, bitch.
Go fix your teeth.
With your ugly ass.
[unintelligible yelling.]
Who do you think you're talking to? Who do you think you're talking to, Drea? Who do you think you're talking to, Drea? [control agent.]
Day room's on lockdown.
[unintelligible yelling.]
[male officer.]
We need to lock it down, now!