Jailbirds (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Ima Be That Phatt B*tch

1 [inmate.]
Who do you think you're talking to, blood? Who do you think you're talking to, blood? [male officer.]
Everybody needs to lock it down! - Now! Grab your door! - [female officer.]
Get in your cells! Lock it down! Let's go! Sit down.
Sit down! - [inmates yelling.]
- In your cells.
- [male officer.]
Stop talking now.
- [handcuffs click.]
- [male officer.]
I'll come talk to you.
- Okay.
- [inmate.]
What happened, Drea? - [Drea.]
I don't fucking know.
That bitch ran over here, talking about, "You talking shit!" I'm like, "I wasn't talking to you, bitch.
" And she came to the door acting like she wanted to start was swinging, so I started swinging back.
And then she backed up.
[Sergeant Hernandez.]
When a fight like this occurs in-house, we'll go ahead and charge in-house violations.
Typically, they'd get about 15 days of full restriction lockdown.
[unintelligible yelling.]
One, two Monster's coming for you [unintelligible chatter.]
Three, four Noonie's at your door [inmate.]
Five, six, She's a fucking snitch Seven, eight I'll beat the breath off you, bitch! [laughter.]
Yee! [Monster screams.]
They're singing this stupid song I can't stand.
They woke me up with the sound today.
[indistinct chatter.]
My time to wake up is 2:00, not 1:50.
Monster, she really had issues with Andrea.
And now they're going back and forth.
Like, why? I don't get it.
Because at the end of day I told her yesterday, I said, "Baby, you need to focus on that release, man.
Who are these people to you? Nobody.
" [unintelligible yelling.]
Here's the fact.
When I asked the girls upstairs, Like, "What are you guys doing?" So, Monster responds, "We're just chopping it up, like, talking shit.
" That's when Drea came out and kinda, like, you know what I mean, made a comment, which I already talked to her about it.
She shouldn't have done that.
That's where it escalated, one thing to another.
Sometimes it's just better to walk away.
We're supposed to be together, stick together, go through this together, not destroy each other.
He's knocking back right now? [Katrina.]
Hello? [chuckles.]
Hello! Hey [Dolla.]
I'm Daniel Carter.
I go by "Dolla.
" I've been here two years, fighting the case.
I'm facing life.
Only charge I have is attempted murder.
I'm dealing with it in court, know what I mean? First time in jail, you know? It's just It's just a little bit overwhelming, but I get through it day by day.
When I first found out about toilet talking, I was like, "Man, this is crazy.
" So, I mean, I got on there, and I started talking, introduced myself, you know, and so it just kind of led on from there.
You guys need anything? Y'all gonna send me some coffee or some chips or something, man? You know, we hungry up here.
I talk to a guy in here.
He's on the eighth floor.
I met him through the toilet.
Hmm I really like him a lot.
Okay, okay, okay.
Grown woman, huh? I got charged with four assaults with a deadly weapon.
Driving on the wrong side of road, causing an accident, and two vandalism.
I don't think I ever seen her before.
- Like a blind date type thing, you know.
- What? Some of the girls think it's weird.
I view it as, like when you meet someone over the internet, you know? You don't You haven't met them in person.
You just see their picture.
She can have a conversation with me and it's all good, you know? Personality is everything, that's what I go by.
He sent me pictures.
I have pictures of him.
He's really fine.
Try to put a spell on me, I think.
Katrina, she is, I mean I say she just caught my interest.
This is no love.
I call it "unconditional.
" Whatever happens, you know, whenever Wherever she go, you feel me? She She got me.
She'll be right there, you know? Hey, but I got a grown man mentality, you know, so it's all good.
And we have the same birthday, so that's the best part.
But the year is different.
He's a Pisces, I'm a Pisces.
He made me these from plastic bags.
Or they take color pencils and they melt and mix them.
Made her one, she threw down one.
It's, uh, something for her to keep, you know? [Katrina.]
And then, my ring.
It says his name, "Dolla.
" These are all our kites.
We write kites.
Kites are letters where you communicate with another inmate.
So, I just got two from him today.
How do you get them back and forth? Through the toilet.
Passing them fishing.
Because we're a tower, and the pipes run from the eighth floor all the way down to the ground, people are passing contraband through the toilets in a process called "fishing.
" Ay, are you ready to fish that down? Okay, okay, okay.
It's called "fishing.
" What we do is use a white undershirt.
That's why I don't have one on.
Tie it together and then you make a line.
And then I just bend the spoons.
You put like, five spoons at the end of the line.
She's gonna get her line ready.
I'm getting my line ready.
All right, drop! - She's gonna flush her toilet - Flush! [male inmate.]
I'm gonna flush my toilet.
And then the spoons will click together and they'll tangle.
Both lines intertwine.
And then either he pulls me up or I pull him down.
Okay, pull! [Katrina.]
This shit's long as fuck.
You know, you tie a sock to it and you can put anything you want in there.
Like, yesterday I sent some chips and some noodles.
It's nasty.
You can send anything you want.
Like, people send drugs through the toilet, and all that stuff.
Like, you can fish all you want.
Unless the police come catch you.
[unintelligible yelling.]
[Deputy Durham.]
So, fishing is the main cause of contraband getting on floors like this.
Whether it be drugs or weapons.
The contrabands can put us in danger.
One thing we do here at the Main Jail in order to circumvent fishing is limit their flushes.
So, they're limited to four flushes per hour.
After that four flushes, they have to wait another hour until they can flush again.
They know it's wrong.
They know it's a violation of the rules.
At the same time, I can empathize.
If I was locked down in a cell, I'd want any sort of means of communication.
I get that.
I would do all my time down here, even though it's It is boosie being in here.
A lot of girls like to stay down here because they can talk on the toilet.
- And I don't - True.
- I don't do none of that.
- That's nasty, too.
You get pimples and shit all along your face.
Breath be stinking.
- [Shawn.]
Talking through that toilet.
- Shit be all in there.
It's a lot of stress being in here.
You know, the Branch is way better.
Yeah, but I don't even wanna go back to the Branch and show my face right about now, because I know too many people there.
In Sacramento County, we have two different correctional facilities.
The Sacramento County Main Jail and the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Facility, which is known as our R-triple-C or "Branch" location.
The Branch is more sentenced inmates.
A lot of them have already been pre-acclimated to a jail house setting.
Inmate Beason will be transferred to the Branch today.
At least there's more freedom, though.
You can You can walk around.
- Right.
- The food's better.
- You don't have to be - Can walk outside.
Go outside anytime, all day.
All the girl drama.
I know how that is.
- 'Cause I hit every single dorm.
- Yeah? I got over-familiar with another inmate.
You crazy.
But I miss my wife.
My wife and I, we were planning on having a baby soon, um, 'cause she feels like she's getting old.
I asked my brother if he would be a donor.
And he was like, "You know what, sister? I'd be honored to do that for you.
" We can't afford to go into the clinic, so we're going to have to do it, the, um, the hood way.
Which is like, my brother would beat his meat, and my wife, we would get her ready, so the little swimmies can swim, and it's more of a slide in and slide out type of thing.
I'm absolutely in the room, but I don't wanna see my brother's dick, so I'm going to kinda like turn away from that part, but I'ma be there to hold my wife's hand.
[both laugh.]
[bell rings.]
[male officer.]
Pill call! Pill call! Oh.
[male officer.]
Pill call! Pill call! Pill call! Come out and get your pills, return to your cell.
[male officer.]
Get your pills and return to your cell.
I need a phone, please.
On aisle two.
Thank you.
[medial worker.]
Gotta show me your mouth, okay? Please.
I know.
[speaking in Russian.]
Are they giving you the detox meds? [Jay.]
They just started this morning.
Yeah, you're gonna kick hard for two weeks.
I can tell you.
I kicked out of methadone here, hard.
Best way to kick it is cold turkey.
Get it out of your system.
I'm at day three in detox right now from methadone and benzodiazepines.
I got arrested on some stupid shit and a warrant charge.
Uh, a warrant for not completing a sentence from January I was supposed to be doing, but my My dude and I just got on a bad one again, and we didn't get I didn't do what I was supposed to do.
Gone to college.
I was an EMT at 19, I began at 21, and my mom just died last year.
She had Stage IV cancer.
Shit's just gone downhill since then.
What's up, pretty girl? It's not easy.
Did you enjoy your shower? Oh, yeah.
My bunkie before you smelled like she was on her period for about seven months.
Well, I say she said she had an IUD in for eight years.
Bitch, your pussy's rotten.
Do you feel better though? I feel like death.
I feel sick as shit right now.
[inmates yelling.]
Chow time.
You're welcome.
Yasmin got moved.
I don't know what cell she's in.
We'll have to find out.
Yasmin left our pod, uh - A couple days ago.
- Yeah.
[indistinct chatter.]
She got classified the same night she came in, and then, um I haven't heard anything, so that's good.
No news is good news around here.
So [Tayler.]
I want to be asleep right now.
I'm 19 years old.
I'm currently here for home invasion.
I've been incarcerated for two years.
I took a deal for seven years State time with 85%.
So, I'll have go to prison for that remainder of time.
I was with three other individuals.
Me and the other girl wear at a hotel.
Just hanging out.
Her boyfriend came over One thing led to another, I got in the car.
We went and picked somebody else up.
We went to get weed to smoke.
Went to another house.
I was in the car - and I could hear everything going on.
- [glass smashing.]
Yelling and then commotion going on inside the house.
The house ended up getting robbed.
An older woman and older man was running out of the house.
My male co-defendants ran out and one of them proceeded to just open fire on the man in the driveway.
And he just fell.
It was hard to watch.
Three people ended up getting killed.
Four people now behind bars in connection to the recent murder of three family members in a South Sacramento home, killing 56-year-old Than, and his two sons.
The suspects under arrest are 21-year-old Elijah Johnson, 18-year-old Amanda Tucker, 24-year-old Daniel Nguyen and a 17-year-old girl in juvenile custody now.
I wake up every day and, like, you know, have to, like, think about that.
And it's hard.
It's not only hard for myself because of, like, having to think about it and, like, realize that, like, although I didn't do it myself, like, first-handedly, like, I was associated with people who can bring themselves to do something like that so easily, you know? I have to constantly remind myself, like If I can't forgive myself, then how can anybody else forgive me? [screaming and clattering.]
[indistinct yelling.]
[Babt Girl.]
 AD-SEG's fucked up.
It mind fucks you.
I really wanted to get off AD-SEG because I don't really belong in AD-SEG.
[Deputy Herold.]
The AD-SEGs usually do go to the hour 400 pods.
That way, it's a more controlled environment.
Generally single cell or single inmate pods.
It's very hard and kind of depressing because they have that total separation.
[Baby Girl.]
I gotta write Sgt.
Hernandez, the classification sergeant.
This is what I wrote to her.
"I'm requesting that I be allowed back into GP.
Can I please be reclassified as a high GP inmate?" I was on AD-SEG for 14 months, and it wasn't because of my behavior.
It was because that's how classification classified me, and that's not fair.
Yeah, I understand, I fucked up, but at the same time too, like, they didn't have to do me like this.
[Baby Girl.]
When I was born, my dad was 15, my mom was 13.
My mom didn't really raise me.
My aunt did.
My aunt was 11.
She used to take me to school with her.
My mom spent most of her time getting high.
So, I ended up getting into foster care.
I was fighting all the time.
I was already running away from home.
I was already involved in drugs by the age of ten.
I started gangbanging at 12.
I spent my 18th birthday in juvenile hall.
No matter what you do in life, there's a good or bad consequence.
I chose to commit crimes I chose to gangbang, I chose to live a different lifestyle than your average citizen.
Therefore, I know the consequences of it, so there's no point in me sitting in here crying about it every day.
My plan for right now is to not get no write-ups so I can get off AD-SEG.
My whole goal is to go GP.
GP is General Pop.
General Population.
We can be around with everybody, we can program together with everyone.
AD-SEGis like administrative segregation.
You get in fights, you come here.
Get caught stealing people's commissary, you come here.
You're separated from General Population.
This is like the hole.
This is like detention for jail.
"Out of pocket," what does it mean? "Out of pocket" is like She stole my Snickers bar, and that's out of pocket.
Disrespectful, like, just out of line, like who do you think you are? Not to be done.
It's disrespectful.
It's out of pocket.
It's not 'cause she's out of pocket, she's out-of-propriate.
PC is protective custody.
"Locked down" is where you're in your cell 23 hours a day and they give you a discipline shower every other day.
Like, that's strictly like, a lockdown.
Messy? She's messy.
She's hella messy.
If you're messy, I'll tell you about it.
"Messy" is just like drama.
Someone who gets in, like trouble a lot.
It was, like, hella messy, like, when she was here.
She spreads people's business around that don't need to be spread.
Just basically saying, "She has hella drama all the time.
" She's a real messy bitch.
Pruno is jail alcohol.
- That's jailhouse alcohol.
- They ferment the fruit.
Yeah, you get drunk.
[male officer.]
Gunderson! Here's your bag here.
Don't eat it all at once.
Thank you.
I'm getting my commissary.
This is my birthday present.
'Cause I'm in jail for my birthday.
I'm not sharing, because when I didn't have anything motherfuckers didn't wanna help me out, so I'm not helping nobody.
I'm missing my family a lot right now.
I also have Monster, she's still talking shit.
And me and Noonie are still at that place where we wanna punch each other.
So, like, I really do not need to be here right now, you know? [inmates yelling.]
She gonna get a birthday present.
Happy birthday to you I'll give her a nice little birthday black eye.
Bitch is a snitch anyway, so Happy birthday, bitch.
- Yeah.
- [both laugh.]
[bird chirping.]
You have to push this water thing five times to get it hot, 'cause otherwise you just get cold ass water.
And you gotta reuse the same fucking cup about 100 times.
Unless you have commissary cups, which my commissary didn't show up today.
So fortunately, my homegirl down the hall shot me some coffee.
I'm gonna try and put tea in here.
Wish me some luck.
I feel like shit right now, 'cause I haven't got my meds all day.
Tastes fucking good to me since you don't have anything else.
I sold a lot of drugs and I've done a lot of drugs and it was always just to numb out some pain that I had.
And it never fucking numbed shit.
Just a temporary fix.
And I'm so sorry to the people that I've hurt in the meantime, like my dad and my son, my mom, rest in peace.
I'm fucking hella disappointed in myself.
I was always the one that was, like, the go-getter.
The straight-A student, scholar athlete.
I was a cheerleader.
Played college soccer.
I never needed shit from my own parents.
And yet here I am in jail.
I just really want to get my shit together, 'cause I got a son.
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy.
His name's Alexi.
He's a kick-ass kid.
And he's with my dad, but, you know, my dad's getting old.
He can't raise him.
I don't want him to raise him.
I'm sitting here in a fucking cell by myself because of shit that I did.
And I just know I'm better than this shit.
You know, the making fucking tea out of a hair net.
Like, Jesus Christ! This is so not my get-down.
I need you to do me a favor.
I need to get a hold of Tayler.
Once I connect with Zak, I just need you to shoot your line over there.
How you wanna do this? You wanna fish to him? I think the best way would be to Zak, to you.
You already know when you drop the line to make sure she drops hers at the same time.
Don't let the line snap.
Don't pull it.
- You said she was a white girl? - Yeah, she's a white girl.
You already know she's a white girl.
But yeah, I met her I met her on the bowl, like I've been talking to Tayler like damn near, like, a year now, so - Damn! - For real.
Nah, because when I was fighting my case last time I thought you just came in though.
- I did.
- He just came back.
My first and last name is Aaron Ellis.
I go by "A1.
" So right now I'm in here for great bodily injury.
'Cause I have two strikes.
I just got out two and a half months ago.
I've been in prison for attempted robbery.
And that's where I got my first strike.
I just plead to assault which carried a strike.
Even though this isn't one of them big charges, because it's violent, I can possibly get struck out.
That's what's gonna carry life.
And Tayler, you feel me Me and Tayler got an understanding.
I gotta do what I gotta do.
Tayler's my girl.
Tayler, I met her on the bowl.
I was on, like, 60 days cell confinement.
So, like, it was just someone to talk to, and that turned into, like, a relationship.
What do you have to do? Get the letter from him, then do the knot, - make sure she on the bowl.
- Make it happen.
That's it.
- Disperse.
- [inmate.]
Let's get it.
You almost gave me the Blood handshake.
I saw that.
I won't tell nobody.
[indistinct speech.]
Aaron and I met over the toilet bowl.
I had just got here from juvenile hall.
I dunno.
We just got super close.
Aaron and I have never met in person.
Like, I've never seen him face to face, like, ever.
This is the whole little process.
So right now, I'm just finishing the letter, and then this is my line.
Just telling her just how I feel about her and everything.
Before I send it over to Zak, he's gonna have to send it over to Grim.
They're gonna have to fish this up.
A1 and Tayler Romantically, they they seem like, I mean, they're compatible.
They're very compatible.
They go to the lengths of having me send letters up through the toilet, and messages and you know what I mean? That's cool to me.
Hello! [knocking.]
Tayler! Who is this? It's Grim! Hey, I got a letter from A1 for you.
All right, I got one for him, too.
You wanna fish right now? Yeah.
Lemme get it all together and then I'll knock.
All right.
This is his note.
Roll it, roll it, roll it.
I'm ready.
Does it feel like you caught 'em? [knocking.]
- Tayler! - [Tayler.]
Gloves? - Yeah! - Did you get it? I don't know, hold on.
I'm pulling still.
You're pulling my line, so we're connected.
Shit! Ew! I just can't.
- [gagging.]
- [laughter.]
- [Tayler.]
What's that? - [Shayna.]
It's boo boo.
- [chuckles.]
- Here.
I mean I guess it's a little late for that now.
No, I can't.
Oh, jail life.
Broken line.
Hey! [cellmate.]
Yeah? My line just snapped.
Oh, my God.
Are you serious? - Oh, my gosh.
- [Tayler.]
He's an idiot.
So Grim must be a dumbass.
Grim, the little smart cookie, his line snapped, so now we have to wait for him to make a new one, and then try to reconnect.
Or B wait for him to make a new one and try to reconnect.
That's really our only option.
Tayler! A1 said he loves you.
Huh? A1 said he loves you.
I can't hear you! I said, "A1 said he loves you!" [chuckles.]
["How it is" playing.]
Ever since I was a little kid I knew I'd be the reason That hip-hop lived That's just how it goes So that's just how it is That's just how it goes So that's just how it is [Jay.]
You were in holding and Yeah, 'cause I ran up in that girl's room.
I'm still in lockdown, but I'm almost done.
I get off lockdown Saturday morning.
That's why they put me in here, so they can see everything.
They knew what they were doing.
Cops are smart.
Most of the time.
So, what the fuck? Where'd you come from? Uh, I got moved to the 300 pod because I had to run up into someone's room.
- You had to run up in someone's room? - I had to.
Who do you think you're talking to, blood? Who do you think you're talking to, blood? [Christiana.]
Trying to stay away from Drea 'Cause I really don't like where I'm at right now in my mind.
Like, any little thing will piss me off.
I was locked down for, like, five days straight.
And I didn't come out my cell at all, 'cause everyone's crazy over there.
You went to the East? - Yeah.
- They sent her to the kookie bin.
So, we really don't need no problems in here.
No shit.
But, seriously, though, you ain't getting into any more trouble because I can't lose another cellie.
I can't wait to get out of this room.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm ready to shower and use the phone.
[female officer on P.
Ladies, day room, day room, day room.
Gather up all your belongings.
- Jay, will you call my mom for me? - Okay.
Tell her I said to tell my son I love him and I'll call him Saturday.
[dial tone rings.]
Hi, this is this is Jay.
I'm your daughter's cellie.
All right, she's on lockdown so she can't talk.
Tell my mom that I love her, okay? She said she wants you to know that she loves you.
Alright, she said she's sending out pictures today.
Thank you! She says "Thank you.
" Your daughter's such a sweetheart.
All right.
Have a good one.
Now my time.
I need to call my dad first.
[dial tone rings.]
[dial tone continues.]
Hello? [inmate.]
Get it, girl! Don't cry.
My dad's refusing my calls.
I need to talk to him.
He's got my kid.
I can't even fucking talk to my kid.
And I got out once.
I've been trying to get out for three days to use the fucking phone.
Hella irritated.
It feels like shit.
I could be dead in a ditch somewhere and they wouldn't even fucking know.
Or give a fuck.
Ooh, I'm on fire on this bitch so bad.
Stop looking at me with that crackhead-ass look.
Fuck you, bitch.
Stop running your mouth! Will you watch my back while I'm in the shower, please? [Jay.]
Come here, then.
Fucking get over here, then! I'm right here.
Then don't fucking talk your shit unless you're gonna do anything! Dumb-ass bitch.
Crackhead fatass! I'm gonna be that fat bitch.
You are fat bitch.
I'm not gonna act like a fucking pussy 'cause of this bitch.
So, what happened? She just keeps antagonizing me.
Saying smart remarks.
- [Deputy Turner.]
Do you know her? - [Katrina.]
No, I don't.
- She new? - Yeah, she just got here.
She said she's gonna fuck me up.
- That's what she said? - Yeah.
Just let it go.
She's a dysfunctional crackhead.
I don't like her.
And she's bumping into me every time that we do pill call or get our food, and her hair swipes over my food tray.
I told her to say "excuse me.
" and she once said, "Fuck me, bitch.
" Says she's gonna fuck me up.
And she went and called me a fat bitch, and that's why I got this tatted on my arm.
That whole back and forth arguing and stuff, let it go.
- I'm not about that shit.
- Just walk away.
I don't want any more problems here.
I'm here to do my time, that's it.
- There's an unnecessary beef going on.
- That's the thing.
I don't bother her.
I just look the other way.
That's all you need to do.
I need her to leave me the fuck alone.
I don't know her from jack shit.
[Deputy Turner.]
All right ladies, wrap this stuff up! Go to your rooms! Lock it up! Lock it up! Just unnecessary bickering back and forth.
All in all, it's just all bark, no bite.
I almost fought that bitch, dude.
I said, "You wanna run your mouth? - I'm right fucking here.
" - What'd she say? She said, "I'm right here.
" I said, "Well, guess what? Your fat ass can walk five steps over here.
" - [chuckles.]
- She's all, "Okay, crackhead.
" I'm like, "I've never done crack in my life.
" I've tried everything but that.
[indistinct yelling.]
[Sergeant Hernandez.]
Rebecca Temme, she's on discipline.
When they did a shakedown of her cell and her person, they located .
01 grams of heroin.
Therefore we classified her as an AD-SEG, administrative segregation.
- [Baby Girl.]
I don't wanna go to court.
- This is a new charge? - Yes.
- Wow.
Did they hit you or find anything, though? Oh, my God, Little Bit! Listen to what I'm telling you! - I hear you, I just - Listen! They came to my cell Wednesday morning at, like, 2:30 in the morning, they got us all cuffed up, I'm sitting out there, I'm nodding the fuck out.
I'm high as fuck, I'm nodding out.
They take me to the bathroom, they strip me out, and before I can fucking move the dope, the heroin she fuckin' snatched it.
The lady got on the speaker, and was like, "So, who gave it to you? I said, "I don't know, bitch.
You did.
" [chuckles.]
Somebody told her that I had dope.
You don't know who did it? No, I don't know who did it.
If I knew who did it, do you think [laughter.]
I'd be on another charge.
Have a seat in the chair.
All right.
So, I received your kite about wanting to change back to General Population.
What is your definition of General Population and Administrative Segregation? What is my definition? General Population - What do you think the difference is? - Okay, the difference is, over here, with AD-SEG, it's like, you guys got us separated, we barely get to come out for day room.
It's a bunch of people that are screaming, that are separated from each other, and it's just like, they come and they smear stuff on your windows.
They scream and talk to themselves all day long.
I can't deal with them.
I'm freaked out.
Let me just confirm a disciplinary hearing was conducted, right? Yes, and they gave me ten days disciplinary, I did my ten days.
And you became an AD-SEG, why? Because I caught a dope case.
They found heroin on me.
Wanna tell me a little bit about that? Uh, not really.
I just got caught.
Did they get it through toilet talking? Did they get it passed on? You get it Ooh, that That's a hard I'm not saying you.
I'm not saying you, - but it's for my own purposes.
- I cannot answer.
I cannot reveal those kinds of answers.
So with that said, let me go back downstairs to my computer um, and then I'll determine whether or not to bring you back to General Population.
- Okay? Do you have questions? - Okay.
- Nope.
Thank you.
- Okay.
Go ahead and check into control and I'll come back and see you in just a little bit, okay? - All right.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Herold! Can you pop my door? [Drea.]
Today I'm feeling kind of down just because it's my birthday.
My first birthday being in jail.
Kind of angry about being here.
Me and Noonie, we have a weird love-hate relationship.
I'm still not cool with her.
Christiana was sent to the East side after that little argument went off, and she just came back yesterday with my new bunkie.
And she hasn't said nothing to me, she hasn't looked my direction.
So hopefully we just gonna keep it at that.
Monster, she left talking shit.
She got rolled up into the Branch.
It was, "Hi, bye.
See you later.
" [Monster.]
Feuding with Drea, very tough.
Which is why I think I got moved over here.
That feud will continue until I see her.
I will see her on the street.
Talking shit to make herself look cool.
Like, I don't care who you are, where we are, when I find you, when I see you, it's all bad.
When I see her, I'm putting her jaw to the curb.
I don't care.
The world know you mine, 'cause I love you for real for real.
But you know who just leave it alone 'cause you know God's not gonna give us nothing we can't handle.
Right now I'm just finishing a letter to Tayler.
Just because I'm in here, I didn't forget about her.
I care about the time, attention, honesty, loyalty, and effort, 'cause those give me more than money can buy.
"I'm not gonna play with your heart or your head 'cause I know how that feels.
I'm always gonna be there.
You're gonna come home to me.
" [chuckles.]
I'm not reading that part.
Right now I'm in here for a corporal injury to spouse.
I might never go home 'cause "you said too much" or something.
You know what I mean? [Tayler.]
The whole domestic violence case that Aaron's fighting right now, as far as I'm concerned, Aaron didn't do none of that, like, what she's saying, like They probably argued.
She probably got pissed off that he didn't wanna be with her anymore, and she made it up.
That man did not lay no type of finger on her.
Aaron when he got out, I got an email from him, and he was like, "I'm out, call this phone number.
I love you.
" I called the number, well, a girl answered.
She was like, "Well, how do you know Aaron? I was like, "I met him in jail.
" We got into it a little bit, and then I pissed her off, because she was like, "Is there any other messages you want me to pass him?" And I was like, "Yeah, tell him to give you a gold star for being such a good fucking secretary.
" Like, click.
When I got caught at the scene of the crime, I think that if she was sober, the decisions she was making wouldn't have put me here.
So the spouse is Megan.