Jailbirds (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

She Swung at Me, I Swung Back

1 Booda, let go of me.
What the fuck? Bitch up in my hair.
Booda, let go of me! What the fuck? You can beat everybody else's ass but you ain't gonna beat mine.
Bitch, please.
- Face the door.
- Blood, get the fuck off my neck.
I'm going after you, bitch.
I mean, it's been ongoing funk.
Since I been here she just been fucking with me.
And word is through the bowl, that Noonie has a knife and she was going to shank me.
So my focus was fighting Noonie and then somebody grabbed me by the back of my hair and at that point, that's when everybody just started fighting.
Basically it was just a even fight between Ebony and Noonie and I was just trying to break it up 'cause I'm not trying to let Ebony get into no trouble.
I seen Blanca get punched in the face, then I was trying to pull Blanca back then she's like, "They're jumping her, they're jumping her.
" So I went to get the Mexican girl off Ebony and then the Mexican girl started punching me in the face after I fell, so I punched her back.
I don't even know why they fought.
I don't even know what it's all about.
And I didn't want Ebony to get jumped so I tried to pull 'em apart, and I got punched in the face.
Like, come on now, four people just got rolled up behind this girl and she keep causing problems.
She's the issue of the whole pod.
And then she got this dude upstairs that she talking to and he sending her down weapons and shit like that.
You talking about she gonna stab us and shit.
And I guarantee you, if they go search that room right now they're gonna find a knife.
Right now we're just looking for any kind of contraband or any potential weapons that could have possibly been stored in here.
Obviously the pod doesn't like her.
Could be false, but we at least need to look.
I don't have a problem with nobody.
They all have a problem with me.
Bitches making shit up.
The fuck? How the fuck am I gonna make a weapon? What she doesn't understand is my beef with Squeeze doesn't come from jail, it comes from the street.
This man has shot at my husband and my car with my daughter in it.
He sent you a shank up and specifically told you to shank me.
And, specifically, Dolla is the one who told me.
He took the most comfortable bed out my room, that bed hella comfortable.
Think so.
You told Serge? So, are they stripping her or no? I think so.
We heard rumor that she had a weapon, jail-made weapon on her.
So, we searched her cell and we did not locate it.
So, we're going to go ahead and move forward with a strip search to make sure she does not have one.
I'll see y'all in a minute.
Do you have a weapon? No.
I don't.
Does somebody here have a weapon for you? Holding a weapon for you? No.
How do I believe that? Shit, I'm an inmate.
Shouldn't believe half of us.
But I don't have one.
Do you have room in the 400? No, we've got one cell.
One cell.
- So, potentially just - One in there, one on the east side.
- Ebony! We love you.
- These cuffs? We love you.
The wicked walk alone Into damnation Okay, but I didn't fucking do anything.
Trying to break up a fight because they want to jump people.
I'm upset.
Everyone else is getting moved to the east side and I don't understand why I'm getting left in this dirty-ass pod.
This is the 400 pod for the crazy people.
It's fucking gross.
I didn't start nothing.
I was just trying to break it up.
And they know The judgment day shall come Today's your day.
Finally getting married.
Right? Are you taking her last name? - Uh-huh.
- Oh, my God.
I'm so scared.
Look, I'm shaking.
This is jailhouse bride.
I feel Nervous.
Not ner I'm just I'm gonna cry.
Oh, God.
I'm sweatin', I might throw up again, I feel it.
Oh, my God.
I'm nervous for you.
Are you about to cry? - I'll slap you if you cry.
- No, but I care, bro.
I know.
Like, you have me doing this a lot to my face today.
You ready? Yeah, man.
You wanna go like that or put your orange on? No, I want to go like this.
- Well, you gotta put your orange on.
- Well, why was that a question then? We're gonna treat everything the same.
- Okay? - All right.
You're still an inmate, she's still an inmate.
When you guys get to the courtroom, whatever they allow there - that's their thing, okay? - All right.
These are my flowers.
One of the girls, she just heard I'm getting married and she just slid it under the door when we were coming in.
I was like, aw.
Ready? Yep.
I'm nervous.
Good luck.
I'm scared.
Okay, wait.
Okay, I'm going to gather my bearings.
You're good, you got it.
Good luck, girl.
Ma! - Look, I brought you flowers.
- Aw! Oh, man.
- You scared? - I'm hot, I'm scared.
Come on down.
- We'll have you guys face that back wall.
- Okay.
- Shayna's on - Where are you going? Basement, for marriage court.
God, this is crazy.
Are you scared? Yes.
Are your feet cold? Boo - Yeah.
- Do you want to run? I don't know.
When you love somebody so much you don't want to hurt them.
What if I get 30 years? I mean, are you going to be loyal and stay committed within that period of time? Who's to tell that? Are you sure you want to do that? I don't want to be selfish.
We have three weddings ahead of us right now, so we have to wait for the courtroom to open up.
Hey! Tell me this.
What? That it's unconditional no matter what.
It's unconditional, girl.
Ain't nothing going to stop it.
Nothing? No-thing.
True in-depth love is really hard to come by.
And she gives me all those feelings.
And I wouldn't trade them for the world, despite whatever she's looking at.
I don't see the time, I see her.
Well Hey! What? You know what I love about you? What? It's that you know me so good, that you accept me for me, and you love me.
I do.
You do? I do.
Ma! What? Aaron did something he's not supposed to be doing and got a message to me, and I can't find it.
I'm looking for it.
Oh, I found it! Ah! "Hey, babe, I miss and love you so much.
I lost everything again, I'm about to take seven years.
I just want you when I come home.
I love you, Tayler.
Please be there when I come home and stay in contact with me.
" With my case, I plead out to seven years and 85%.
It means, for me, that I have, for sure, five years to do.
Megan, her statement was pretty much saying everything that happened.
And me already having two strikes, if I would've went to trial and lost, it could've been way worse than what it is right now.
"I choose you, Lady A1.
And I'm yours if you want me.
Love you always and forever, A1.
" Aaron.
I wrote Tayler a kite two, three weeks ago.
Pretty much said, like Like, "I'm still thinking about you, I love you.
" You feel me? Like, "I'm still here, I just want to know what you're trying to do.
" I love him to death, but he's an idiot.
I know he's going away for a long time and at the end of the day, like, regardless of what we are, like, we're friends forever.
I mean, it could go somewhere I guess, but I don't know, I'm really focused on myself right now.
This Friday I have court.
It's scary, but it's like a relief because, I mean, I've been fighting this for almost three years.
And now I just got to move on from that.
What are you doing? I'm just thinking.
What are you thinking about? That I love you.
Here we go, babe! When you guys get up there, there's no hugging, kissing, anything.
Alright? It's just like normal, okay? - Well, that's not normal.
- Yeah, it is.
We're going in the east? We're gonna go upstairs.
Follow the elevator ahead.
- Watch your head.
- Are we supposed to stop? - And then wait, like that? - No.
At each Right? Aren't we supposed to do it? - Right? - Yeah, see? We're gonna go to the left here.
Hi, cutie! Hi, Auntie! Right here.
- What's up, bro? - Right here.
Hi, lady, I miss you! This section right here, just make sure everything's accurate.
Yep, it's accurate.
So, I'm gonna have you take an oath.
If you could raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear or affirm the information you provided on this certificate is true? Uh, yeah, I swear.
I'm gonna have you sign on 23.
- Okay, so Bianca? - Yes.
- So can you raise your right hand as well? - Yes.
And is there any legal objection to the marriage known to you? - No.
- Okay.
So I need you to sign on 24.
All right.
Do you take Bianca to be your lawful wedded spouse? I do.
Bianca, do you take Brianna to be your lawful wedded spouse? I do.
By the virtue of authority vested in me as Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages I now pronounce you are married.
Thank you.
Hi, Mama, I love you.
- Bianca.
- Hi.
- I love you.
- Hi, I love you too.
I love you! Congratulations! Good job.
The ceremony was quick.
I mean, I wish I could've just kissed her one time.
Just one time.
I love you.
I love you guys.
I love you! Come see me! I love you guys.
Whoa, that felt good, boy! Oh, shit! I got a sexy-ass family! That was crazy.
That was crazy.
I haven't seen my family in hella long.
So when I seen them, I just got real pumped up.
Like, it went to a whole other level.
Like, oh, shit, everybody's really on that shit up in here, huh? What y'all doing? - Just got done doing the thang-a-thang - Where are you going? I ain't going nowhere.
- What happened today? - What happened? You did something bad? I didn't.
I went to the altar.
You did! Oh, yeah, I told you I was going to see you today.
Congrats! - We gonna turn it up tonight.
- We are gonna turn it up tonight.
I just wanted a moment.
Because I know when we got off the elevator, it's going to get harder.
Okay, ladies.
Step out, hang a left, head straight back to your housing.
- I love you, Ma.
- I love you too.
How can I wait Oh, man.
Don't cry, dry your eyes.
- I love you.
- I love you too, baby.
I love you, love you, love you.
- Huh? - I love you.
I love you too, girl.
I love you, girl.
I feel complete.
My name is Bianca Tobian.
A new start.
Congratulations! It's been quiet.
Just endless time of nothing.
Maximum lockdown.
Total separation.
I'm segregated from everybody.
I can't get out of this room, and when I go to day room, I have to be by myself.
Everywhere I go I'm by myself.
Dolla kept sending me kites and emails, and I wrote him back.
We've actually talked, and been through a lot, so that's good.
What me and Katrina got is, you know, is real, you feel me? With Ebony, I wouldn't I wouldn't even call it a full relationship.
At the end of the day, though, man, I still chose Katrina though.
I'm just hoping for the best.
After the whole fight, I freaked out because I wasn't even the main aggressor in the fight.
I'm kinda scared because I have 91 good days.
That means they can take away my good days and give me more time in jail.
I take care of my kids, so I don't want to spend three more months in fucking jail.
If I lose days, I swear I'm going to drop dead right there.
I swear.
I'm gonna have a heart attack.
I'm here to do a hearing on inmate Natt-Smartt, and then Najla Jones.
Hi, can I get Haslam out of 420 for her hearing? Hello, Ms.
So I'm Sergeant Gillock.
I'm here to conduct a hearing for your write-up.
You're Hasam? - Yeah.
- Go ahead and have a seat right there.
- Hi, Ebony? - Hello.
- Did you receive a copy of your write-up? - Mm-hmm.
So I'm Sergeant Hernandez.
You want to go ahead and do your hearing right now, right? Yeah.
How do you wish to plead? There's not guilty, guilty, or guilty with an explanation.
Not guilty.
- Not guilty? - Yeah.
She swung at me, I swung back.
How can I stop that? I'm guilty.
- You're guilty? - Yeah.
So I'm going to sentence you to ten days, full restriction.
Because you have previous major write-ups I could've given you 20 days, but because the officer said you were the victim, I'm gonna give you ten days, full restriction.
In jail you got to stand up for yourself, because if you don't peoples just gonna run over you.
Any questions for me at this time? - No? - No.
You can go ahead and go back to your cell.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Girl, I'm proud of them ten days.
I'm just saying though, okay? I don't regret nothing I did.
I'll take my write-ups, my punishments, whatever, 'cause when it comes to my safety, if the police can't protect me then I'm going to try my hardest to protect myself.
Okay, so per the video it shows that you were fighting.
We don't tolerate fighting whatsoever.
I wasn't trying to start a fight or nothing like that, I was trying to break it up.
You shouldn't have even been out of your cell to go help or anything like that.
Well, I was getting chow.
It doesn't matter.
You see a fight going on, the best thing you can do is push an intercom button.
But because you decided to get yourself involved in it, what ended up happening? - I got in trouble.
- You threw punches, right? Okay.
So are you gonna plead guilty or not guilty? Um, guilty.
So, it shows that I can take some good time away.
You have a projected release date of 10/10 right? I'll give you ten days of discipline and I'm going to take two good time days away.
Thank you.
We're gonna start your discipline tomorrow night at 1900.
Do you have any other questions? - No.
Thank you.
- Okay.
- All right, go ahead and head back.
- Thank you.
Don't fight.
What are we going to do next time? Get on the ground.
Get on the ground and push a button, and wave an officer down.
Okay? No matter what.
Thank you.
I'm very happy.
They only took two of my good days so I'm still gonna get out this week.
I get to go home to my kids! I'm excited to tell Dolla.
You still haven't learned how to put the arms through the shirt.
See, what had happened was, when they hit me, I forgot some shit.
I know.
It was it was crazy.
I forgot how to put on a shirt.
I'm a victim, Herold.
Temme was given a chance to come off of AD-SEG into GP.
I spoke to her face-to-face.
She gave me her word as a woman that she would behave, and not even two weeks, she got into two fights, and created disruption.
I'm disappointed.
Frustrated, mad, um Gave her that opportunity.
She created her own problems, she created her um inability to follow the rules, and now we know.
There ain't no telling how long I'm going to be able to see you when you go.
I know.
I just want you home.
I hate I hate that you're in this I hate that you're in here with me.
That's my baby.
I watched her grow up, I watched her go through so much, I watched her lose so much.
And it's just like I'm going to miss her, and it makes me sad.
It makes me really sad.
You know I love you, right? I love you too.
You're so young, baby, and this is not where you need to be.
This isn't you, Shayna.
This isn't you at all.
I was your age when I went to prison, and look what it did to me, Shayna.
Look how I am.
You still have so much, you have such a life ahead of you, fool.
You know, I got my case going on and I go to trial in a couple months.
My wife, she was shot.
And her family's mad that I won't talk, but I'm not going to go against my co-defendant.
I left my bitch for him.
Hang on, hang on.
You left your wife for your co-defendant before she was killed? Like, I still, to this day, feel bad, but there's nothing I'm going to do to change it.
Oh, yeah.
I'm getting out.
See my countdown? And all This is when you realize you're going crazy.
When you start writing on the walls.
I'm excited to leave.
Tick-tock, the clock's painful.
I'm ready to go.
- Koranda.
- Yes? Roll up all your stuff, keep all your personal belongings.
Come to the control fully dressed.
Sweet, let's do this.
You are released when the door opens.
Follow the yellow line and meet the officer.
That you have in your hands.
Step to the window in the back.
This is the longest time I've ever done.
Over three months.
So you're going to change between those two metal panels.
- Where she is? - Yeah, where she is.
She's detoxing, she don't feel good.
- You're detoxing? - No, her.
- Oh, she's detoxing.
I was like, that's - No, hell no.
I already been Did a long-ass detox.
No, I stayed straight my entire stay.
Oh, good for you.
Oh, my God, they're so tight.
But see, I thought ahead and got these little zippers on the side so when they got really small.
Lost my mom and then now my dad.
I mean, I carried around a lot of guilt with me for a while about, you know being here.
Put your jail clothes in the bin.
- With the bag, or no? - Yes, the whole bag.
I owed it, I feel like, to my parents to get stable.
Sign the yellow line.
My son is right now with his daddy's mom, but I'm not having that.
I thought this day would never come.
I have another court date in November.
My dad left the entire estate to my son.
And now I'll definitely be in a mind state, and a financial state to be able to take care of him.
It's time that he comes back home.
I'm outta here.
Oh, you're so cute.
I'm honestly this is going to sound absolutely crazy right now, but, like, I'm glad that I was in jail this long.
It was hard as fuck.
But, I mean I I tried to do the best I could, and it was - Babe, you did excellent in there.
- I needed this, I think.
It was almost like rehab.
I'm really glad you're here.
I love you, babe.
I love you.
- Things are gonna be good.
- Uh-huh.
Man, that's, like, some beauty right there.
That's your folks right there.
Look at 'em all.
Ah, that's sick.
But they're all just only right here where we were standing.
Damn, that was crazy.
They're gonna shit on us next, though.
Supposed to be good luck, right? Today's the day I get sentenced.
I'm feeling anxious.
I'm charged with home invasion.
Two people got killed in the house, and one got killed outside.
I heard and saw it.
I'm going to get sentenced to seven years, and then I'll probably be gone the next two weeks to prison.
Like, I do have nightmares on a daily basis about my crime.
It screws with your head, like, big time.
But, um, I'm able to keep my mind off of it and stay occupied.
And going to prison, you know, it can't get any worse, I guess.
I hope not.
Counsel is ready? - Yes.
- You guys ready? Please remain seated.
Come to order.
Now in session.
Well in the matter of the people of the State of California versus Tayler Renee Coatney.
Hightower? Thank you, Your Honor.
I have three victim impact statements I would like to read into the record.
"Three of my family members were tragically murdered, execution style.
These will never be passing thoughts, but continuing horrors, reliving the moment, and dealing with the consequences, every day, for the rest of our lives.
I cannot comprehend the fact that an individual could do something this horrible and not think twice about it.
Whether you were the one who pulled the trigger, to being someone who was just simply involved by driving the car, seven years in exchange for three lives seems like an unfair exchange.
My family and I would like to petition for a 25-year sentence.
That would not only bring justice to my family, but peace as well.
" Well, the Tayler Coatney that is sitting in front of this court is very different from the Tayler Coatney that testified in front of a jury.
Sitting before me right now is a tearful, vulnerable looking young woman, and I understand why.
You are the least culpable of the four that participated in it.
But quite candidly, you're in a sense, to me, a lot more scary.
You didn't just go along for the ride, you provided a mask.
You took off your shirt, and he used that to disguise himself when he broke into that home and murdered those innocent people.
You watched a man get gunned down in front of his very home.
And then what did you do? You went back to the hotel and went down to the breakfast buffet.
Who eats? Who has an appetite? After hearing and watching people getting murdered? Who does that? It's crazy 'cause I don't even remember going to the breakfast bar.
When I really, like, fully processed what was happening it was already too late, like It was just, like, self-preservation mode after that.
But I don't even want to say that because that sounds like an excuse and there really is no excuse.
Like, at the end of the day, I should've got my ass out the car.
So the court will go ahead and sentence you pursuant to the plea agreement.
You are sentenced to the state prison for the middle term of seven years.
But make no mistake.
Unless something significantly happens to you, in your mind and in your heart, you will be back here.
That judge basically called you a sociopath.
Yeah, pretty much.
There are some extremes that she went to, but, I mean, she didn't lie about the things that she said.
The person that was there, it's just not me anymore.
The defendant is now remanded to the custody of the Director of Corrections.
I don't deal with it.
And maybe that's my problem.
Maybe that's what she's seeing as me having no remorse, is I purposefully don't deal with it.
Well, I probably have a little over three years that I've already served.
And I'll probably have to do, like, two at the most.
But I feel like it's selfish for me to even be upset right now.
Like, in less than three years I get to be home with my family, and these people that are gone now, like, don't get that.
I know I didn't do it, but it's like I got away with it.
I feel wrong.
- Tobian, right? - Yes.
Uh, let's go have a conversation in the classroom.
All right.
Okay, so I know that you're married to Villanueva.
I know she's here, she doesn't want to leave here - because obviously you're here, right? - Alright.
But the issue is at R-triple-C where she was at, she was enrolled in some programs to help her.
At the Branch, she's part of a re-entry program, and they're requesting that she comes back to complete that.
If somebody signs up for those type of programs, we like to encourage for them to stay in those programs because it's things to make them better as a person so that they don't re-offend.
If you can help me encourage her, that would be great.
- Are you on board? You agree? - I agree.
I do.
- Villanueva? - Yes.
Okay, let's go in the classroom.
Tobian, what would you like to say? Ma, you don't want to go? I don't want to go.
Honey, I want you to go, though.
Yeah, I wanna be selfish.
And be like, "Oh, stay here with me because we don't know how long we gonna see each other.
" But you gotta do it for the kids.
I'm being serious.
I know you are.
At least I'm gonna know that you're doing something to be on a successful straight for us.
Because don't forget, getting thrown out there to the wolves is gonna be hard.
I've been in and out of jail for a long time, and you gotta be ready to change.
You gotta want it.
So I just want her to worry about her kids and her life and how to better herself.
Talk to me.
It's hard.
I can approve for you to get out three days early, okay? Get through what you need to get through so you can see your kids three days earlier.
Does that work? But you need to make a promise to yourself, to her, and give me your word as a woman that you're going to do your best to stay out of trouble and complete that program.
You going to go? Yeah? Promise? I mean, I'ma go.
I'ma go, I'ma do it.
Just make sure you send a message.
I will.
I didn't hear that.
I'm happy.
- Are you happy? - I'm totally happy.
All right, Tobian, we'll go ahead and have you head back to control.
Go ahead and have a seat in control, okay? Thank you guys.
I'm gonna so cry right now.
- See that window right there? - Yeah.
- The one without the cells? - Yeah.
Like, that's the day room window.
We could see out of it.
My cell was, like, right there.
I ain't gonna lie, I was so miserable in that mother, I didn't even wanna look out the window.
I'm still kind of shocked, surprised, at the outcome of me being out right now.
It's amazing, man.
Yeah, that do feel great though It feels awesome.
My public defender came and they said that they wanted to offer me a deal and everything.
And they basically they said it was either take that or go to trial.
So, I just took the little the deal.
Three years with a strike and five years' parole.
By me having a lot of time in jail, in Sac County, they just they just ran all that concurrent and had the time served, so I was out.
I hope Ebony's bitch ass can see me.
Little bitch.
Aw, man.
Cut it out.
Cut it out.
First, she got out, and then I end up getting out, like, a couple days after her.
And then, you know, I called her.
We linked up and stuff like that, you know.
It kinda started from there, I mean, shoot.
I mean, I ain't gonna say it's, like, a little fairytale or whatever.
But you know It's a little something.
It's something.
It's in the making, you know, it's in the works.
Two people met in a dark place.
It was an ugly situation and we turned it into a beautiful situation.
I'm tryin' - It's been a beautiful struggle, though.
- Definitely.
- You said in Davis? - Yeah.
Pain it comes in waves So dive in They weren’t lying There’s no denying Oh no the vertigo’s coming Can’t keep me on my feet God knows I’m trying to be someone My vision’s failing me I live like I’m dying tomorrow God gave me one last chance To take all the time That I’ve borrowed And make a new man I get in trouble every day for that.
It's a pad to cover the speaker so they don't fucking be listening to everything I say or do.
They got me fucked up in here.
She gots me fucked up.
Fuck that bitch.
She's dead to me.
That little girl's dead to me.
She just did some underhanded shit that just was out of pocket.
It's on sight when I see her.
There's no And she knows that.
She knows what's up.
You'll beat up your sister? In a heartbeat.
In a motherfucking heartbeat.
Can you tell us what she did? I don't feel comfortable talking about it in here, though.
I really don't.
Because I can get in big trouble.
Like, I'm nervous.
I feel horrible, first of all.
Why? Because I have a whole husband.
So what happened and when? When I was in 100 pod, I was talking on the toilet with somebody.
And I didn't think it was really gonna happen.
It's real.
And then, um, I started to like the guy a lot.
So that's why I was like, "Okay, fuck it.
" You know? He was my man.
It's real serious.
Technically, you didn't cheat.
But my husband will find out, and then it's my ass.
You wouldn't believe who it is.
We know him? No, but you know of him.
Is he connected to somebody we know? Is he connected to Baby Girl? Her co-d.
Don't say nothing to no one.