Jailbirds (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

It’s a Crazy Beautiful Kinda Love

1 You bitches is not like Mike, bitch.
This is not Mac MC, bitch.
I got Okay, listen to the one I wrote y'all.
It's call It's called "Hakuna Matata" I'm here, making it explicit Fucking it up with sises Devils stay a-dissing to my car's confliction I love propositions I'm so optimistic I hunt racks to riches I got no pot to piss in My niggas hungry been You know opps is missing No new friends though 'Cause you ho's cocks is snitching Jump in the rap game I'm in this bitch so listen If it's a ball game I'm in this bitch, stop trenching Hakuna Matata, nigga I'm my momma, nigga Hakuna Matata, nigga, Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata, nigga Bitch how about a dollar, nigga Hakuna Matata, nigga, Hakuna Matata It means It means no worries for the rest of your days, y'all.
For the rest of your fucking little lives.
For the rest of your days.
Hey! Hey! Hey, you hear me? Yes.
Oh, shit, blood.
What's going on, little bud? Squeeze? That's my baby.
I love him so much.
We met on the bowl.
When I come up there, you gotta shake that ass for me.
I respect him, and Squeeze has my back too.
Look, I'll twerk it for you, right? Yeah! You gotta do something for me too, though.
Hey, what you want me to do? I go by Squeeze.
So when I was younger, I was a shooter.
Used guns and stuff like that.
So people called me Squeeze.
I got into this lifestyle like around 13.
My mom started doing drugs.
She couldn't pay the rent and do all that type of stuff because I didn't have no dad around.
So, me coming home paying the rent at 13, 14 years old, giving her money that made her smile, so that made me smile and stuff like that.
I'll do that once you pull your pants down.
I can I can't do that.
Okay, I can't either.
Najla, that's my girl, right there.
I got the pictures through the toilet bowl.
Fished them up.
This is my favorite one.
Show 'em off a little bit, you know like, she likes to get shown off.
This is her favorite one.
Relationship's going good.
I told Squeeze, "Past all this jail shit, like, I can really see myself with you.
You're not like the tattoos on your face.
" - Hey Noonie! - Yeah.
I'mma time it with you in a minute, okay baby? - Alright, babe.
- I love your life, though.
Alright, I love your life too.
I see me and him going pretty far.
He's going to go to bat for me.
Just like I'm going to bat for him.
Girl, how do you feel being back over here? I was waiting for us to come here.
It was our whole plan to come here.
It was.
I was in trouble.
I got in a fight.
Fuck I'm talking about? All you bitches can die, blood! I was in the hole, ten days restriction.
We were like two doors apart.
So we were together the whole time.
I was like, "Write on the grievance tab that we don't feel safe in the facility.
" I told you if we wrote that on the grievance that we would come back in here.
- Mm-hmm.
- It was fate.
I feel better that I'm back at the Main Jail because the Branch was not cool.
You know that's called? A slip knot.
- Oh, that's how you do it? - Yeah.
Dolla is still in the picture.
I talked to Dolla out of the five of the six months that I was here.
So I was talking to him for six basically for five months.
He was emailing me while I was at the Branch and I emailed him back, and I wrote him every single day.
Go back there and pull it.
Now that I'm back, I need to contact him.
That has to make three tiers.
No, its the up-floor so it could be two tiers.
- Yeah.
- It's not even close.
Need like another whole foot.
There's this girl in here.
She knows of Dolla and she's told me if I write a kite, she'll get it to him.
So I wrote a kite.
I love him.
You feel me? And, I don't know what the problem is, because there's pretty bitches up here, you feel me? I'm not trying to be like, "Oh, I'm just the prettiest bitch and niggas want to fuck with me.
" No.
What's up? I need I need you to send some pictures up to me too.
What? With Ebony, we started talking and stuff like that.
So I talked about some of my little deep issues and problems with her.
She know some deep stuff about me too.
We strong as fuck, blood, and at the end of the day we not gonna let none of this jail shit break us.
What I'm feeling for Dolla is definitely genuine, you know? My husband don't even know about this shit.
But I found somebody I really care about.
This is who I want to be with, you know? So we just going to build a line and fish back and forth through the door.
You know, I could I could peep it.
So maybe, you feel me, I'll catch y'all on the yard or something.
Relationships in jail is everything because when you go through things in here it's kind of like, you don't have, you know, the outside world.
Come here, Tay.
Sit down.
Okay, hold it.
I got No! You hold it! So what? Okay, it's your mail.
Oh, you're going to have to read your own mail.
- Yeah, It's just my man.
- Gonna have to skip the parts Smells like a boy.
I got a free tattoo.
This is Dolla.
Dolla? Yeah.
You know what my brother says? Anybody who has a street name is a reason to turn around and go the other way.
When you love somebody and there's love there, you start to say little things that, you know, like, there's clearly feelings there.
He's a keeper for sure.
He has really a cute-ass name though, like.
- Yeah, he does.
- It was like love at first toilet bowl.
Morning ladies.
Day room, day room, day room.
If you would like day room access press the red light and close the door behind you.
Ooh, look at Bri.
I'm not going to play with you, brother.
You got too many bitches for me.
Oh! Your name was floating around at the Branch.
Ooh! I thought you wasn't tied down to nobody.
Oh yeah, I'm getting married on Friday.
You're getting married? On Friday.
We'll be out there at the jail.
You'll be happily married? We're going to throw you a bach No, not a bachelorette.
A bachelorette party? I heard about it at the Branch.
You and Bri and That's who you marrying? Bianca.
Yeah, I heard about that too.
I seen her.
She was crying over you and stuff.
She alright? She read her email, all the shit, everything.
She do that without even being out.
Anyways, how did it start with y'all? I've known Blanca from 2007.
So outside of jail.
In jail, out jail, both in and out.
Girl, you gotta start getting used to that shit.
You got that, right? What's the regulations as far as getting married in jail? You know what? - Honestly, I don't fucking know.
- They gonna bring her from the Branch? They going to bring her from the Branch, just lke she's going to court.
We in Department 60 We in Department 60 at three o'clock.
Fault line We're standing on the fault line We're standing on the fault line This is going to be a challenge.
You have to get your ass out first.
- You're good? - Shit, yeah.
You can only go so slow, she might go down with me.
I'm supposed to be getting out soon.
I'm getting married.
I want to be at your wedding.
Fun that you brought somebody from the Branch to witness.
I'm nervous.
So am I.
I've never been married.
People wanted to marry me, and tried to trap me and I was like, no, no, no, no.
Brianna is just like something that I want.
I feel like everything happens for a reason.
I am scared to death.
You're not scared.
You're excited.
I just can't wait to see her, to be honest.
Oh, you getting married? Yeah, I'm getting married.
Congratulations, girl, that's a good thing.
- To a girl, or a guy? - A girl.
To a girl you met in here? - Very awesome girl.
- Yes I've known her for Let me tell you something then.
I personally have an experience.
Uh, you know, girls that get with girls that are in here and then when they get on the streets it's a whole other ball game.
Just saying.
- Wait.
Wo-wo-wo-woah! - Tell them about the dream, though.
Yeah, okay.
So here's the thing.
I had a dream that we had sex, right? Oh, my God.
I didn't even know your name, remember? So I write her this kite.
"I had this crazy-ass, vivid-ass dream about you.
" So then I get the kite back from her and she's like, "I had the same dream three days ago.
" - Yeah.
- Yeah.
I've got faith in y'all.
So, you guys are going to, like take this relationship to the out's? That is so cute! So, Dani, you fell in love with Monster.
Now you're in love with Jazelle.
And you fell in love with her.
- We didn't even know.
- That part.
I never knew that you was cool with Monster.
Me either.
Whatever, whatever.
We lost friendships with Noonie because of Monster, like Noonie switched up on us.
And now, she don't wanna talk.
We don't like Noonie right now.
Her little friend is over there.
I literally sat on her lap.
Like, I was Santa Claus holding her neck, like, you know? It wasn't no gay shit.
But that was sis.
You get what I'm saying? We was all friends once upon a time.
She love me.
- I miss my Ebony.
- Drea.
I looked at Noonie, like, one day we could probably be friends on the outside of this.
But she let this dude from the 8th floor come into our friendship.
And for Noonie to get involved with him, I don't trust her.
She called me to her door.
I was like, "Nah, it's not good.
" My sis know.
And I was like, "It's not good.
I'm not fucking with you because I feel like you did some fake shit.
" She's not gonna fight me, but I'm like, "You know, everybody know us in this pod.
" I ain't gonna lie, I've been in my room contemplating, telling my sister I'm ready to get into a fight.
Well, I'll get into a fight with you because you know I don't care.
Well, it gotta be a big bitch in whoever y'all getting into it with - because I need the biggest one.
- No, I be This shit's hella funny.
Come on.
Go through.
No, no, no.
- Yes, me.
- Yes.
All right, I need you to take off all your clothes.
Stay there.
We strip the inmates that come from different facilities just to make sure they don't have any contraband on them.
Just want to make sure they're not passing anything through to our facility.
She's really searching us.
They're going to take my motherfucking ring.
This ring's been around for a couple of months.
It is made of plastic from the Listerine bottles.
It's a symbol of our relationship.
The meaning of it is what holds a lot of value to me.
It's a part of her.
Did you buy those shoes? - No.
- No, they were given to you? I don't like this.
What came out of your bra? Probably my earplugs.
I see the officer is kind of, like, by the book.
- Here.
- Can I keep the one? - That's from the Branch? - This one's from main jail.
Alright, you're going to go through that door.
Push hard.
Slam the door shut behind you, please.
I'm not going to lose this ring.
I refuse.
The Oh, shit.
Me? - Close the door behind you, please.
- Okay, I have a Thank you.
Did you buy these? Yeah.
Did you buy this here, or did you get it at the Branch? Um, I got it from the Branch.
All right, dear, get completely undressed for me.
Here you go.
Go and get dressed.
Looking good in them orange pants.
So I strip searched and everything, and it made it through.
Look it.
Ha! You got your rubber bands still? Ah-ha! That's what's up.
I would not let them take my ring.
Hey, Villanueva, I need to put a new wristband on you.
Hold on.
Hey, Sal, can you grab a pair of scissors for me? - And then you need pads? - Yeah.
- How many do you want? - Two.
Two? I'm going to I cut that off first before I put the new one on.
- Thank you.
- Never mind.
She just pulled it off.
I went into the next holding tank and she's like "Oh, I'm going to need the old wristband.
" and I still have the ring there, but she turns a little bit and I just slide it out.
Quick, in a hurry! Put it in my bra! - All right, there you go.
- Okay, thank you.
How to be slick.
I can't believe it.
Oh, no, we can use the coffee.
Where my best friend? I want to hide and make this.
Happy birthday, Blanca! It's an ugly B, but it's for B! What? Oh, it's my birthday! This cake is made with hot cocoa mixed with water and milk.
Twix and Rice Krispie Treats.
With a Honey Bun on the bottom.
It's my birthday! I'm 23.
Like Jordan.
Lick your teeth! My best friend forever! Is that black pruno? - No.
- Oh, okay.
What? Fuck! Happy birthday dear Blanca! Happy birthday to you! Fuck it up, bitch.
Woo-oh! Y'all nasty! Bitches be crazy.
Don't look! Fuck all of them, for real.
While we were in the process of making my cake and my food, um, we felt so much animosity from Noonie.
We already know where she's been at anyways.
Who? Who, Noonie? It's me.
It's Noonie.
You love to hate me, to fight me.
I have a personal beef with Noonie because she started talking to this Squeeze character.
My beef with Squeeze doesn't come from jail.
It comes from the street.
It goes real deeper on my part with my life.
You shot at my husband in my car with my child in the back seat.
And Noonie knew this.
I could have lost my husband.
I could have lost my child.
I could have lost everything that meant anything to me.
I don't know about Squeeze shooting at her husband or her child or none of that.
I'm pretty sure if my dude shot at somebody, your husband would be dead.
Okay? She just turned into like Billy Badass.
Jump me.
I want you to jump.
Jump me.
I'ma beat the brakes off your stupid ass.
You know, Billy Badass can get beat up too.
Like, what's up.
Like, I'm ready for whatever.
What's up? Fuck you.
Go to your cells! Go to your cells! Back up.
Go to your cells.
Lei Lei! Blood! - I have no problem with you.
- I ain't got no problem with you.
Back it up.
Back it up! Back it up.
Go sit down! Go sit down, bitch! Y'all got a problem, I get active, that's it.
I get active too.
What the fuck? Bitch, that's why you running at people, bitch.
You're hella fake.
You, out! Ebony was talking shit, and so I said, "Bitch, see me at pill call.
" Lock it down.
Let's go.
She told Lei Lei, like, Lei Lei's her bodyguard or something.
I'm like, "I don't have no problem with you, Lei Lei.
" My problem's with her 'cause she's running her mouth.
Face the wall.
What the fuck? I didn't swing on nobody.
She didn't wanna get active so the situation was squashed.
Squashed unless she wanna do something.
Crisis averted.
Somebody gon' get their ass beat that's what's going to happen.
Something's gon' pop off.
Somebody's gon' pop off.
Yeah, I'm a man on the edge Don't want to push me My time is coming around And I've got big plans What's up with the pictures? Oh, man.
Motivation to get back out, to get back home.
You know, this is part of the outside world looking in, you know? Well, what do you mean? You want to know what's going on with the Kardashians? Uh.
- Better than looking at dudes all day.
- Yeah.
My forte is women, I like a variety, I like I like the way they look, I like the way they talk, the way they sound.
It's just, you know My mom raised me my whole life, you know? Dad in and out, you know? So I kind of got a little bit of game from my mom mostly.
You know, respect women.
Treat them as you want to be treated.
Oh, man.
Oh, yeah, you everywhere, boy.
This is crazy.
So, I took a soap and I wrote everywhere that I could to Dolla a message, basically that I loved him.
I wish I was in love like this.
Yeah, your name everywhere, bro.
Hey! Dolla Dolla bill, y'all.
I didn't know you had that effect on women.
I didn't even know I had that effect on women, man.
I guess Katrina came back from the Branch and still was trying to talk to me.
I mean, honestly, I don't do relationships, you feel me? You know, outside of jail, never did relationships.
You know, I was more of a free spirit.
I just like to have fun.
- Man.
- You ain't gonna write back? - It's gonna happen.
- Hell yeah.
But sometimes you got to you know, got to go with your gut.
Like, you feel me? Got to go full speed ahead, full throttle.
Think she'll see that? She got to.
"Dolla love you.
Keep your head up, it's unconditional.
" Just got to wait and see, bro, wait and see.
This is nasty! Oh, we need cleaning supplies.
Hella bad.
So, you're the one Bri's waiting for.
I know I'm excited, we're getting married tomorrow.
I wonder, is she nervous? Do you know? She's been driving me crazy all day asking if you're here yet.
Tell her I love her and I miss her and I can't wait to see her.
- Okay, I will, babe.
Okay? - Okay I'm so nervous! Tell me you need me to do your hair, I'll do it for you.
Okay, yeah.
I got you.
I used to do hair before I decided to be convict.
I connected with Bianca.
Shit, she's getting married.
My little girl's getting married.
While my dude's at home waiting for me.
He'd better be waiting for me.
My man, Kadin.
He means a lot to me.
Probably the best dude I've ever met in my life, that hopefully will still be there for me when I get out of this bitch.
I talked to him last night and I told him, "I need you to come visit because I think it'll make it more comfortable for when I actually get out.
" Because I haven't seen him.
Shit! I'm pissed.
Really, after four months, now is not a good time to have that happen.
Yeah, there's positive sides to that.
Being sober.
I mean, opiates cause you to not having those cycles.
Can't believe I get out of here the day after tomorrow.
I'm so fucking excited.
Excuse my language.
We're two incarcerated people who are about to get married.
I don't know.
It's like my heart drops to my asshole.
I don't know how to feel.
I just don't know.
I slept like shit last night.
I pace all fucking day today.
I was up at fucking breakfast.
I never go to breakfast.
I don't know.
I mean it's here, like, now.
At least she'll quit bugging us.
Yeah, hopefully.
What was the girl's name you were waiting for? Bianca.
- She's here.
- Found her.
I just talked to her.
She can't wait to see you, and she loves you, and she misses you.
She didn't know that she was even coming down here.
And they brought her straight to the west side.
- Where? - In 100 pod.
Cell 14.
This is very scary.
Is it awkward? A little bit? This is a very fucking scary situation, okay? Fuck! Are you nervous? I don't know! - Yeah, you are.
- Fuck! I don't fucking know! Fuck! Man, this is crazy.
Can you open the door? Can we open the door? - No.
- Why? - Because.
- Why? I need to go.
I need to walk or something.
You need to walk? Before I fucking faint in here.
Please just let me get the fuck out.
I need out! - Are you okay? - Are you Bridezilla? No.
I'm not okay! - Hey.
- Move, Vicki! Yes ma'am.
Can you pop the door, please? - She pushed the button.
- Oh, yes.
I got to go.
It's okay.
- Bridezilla.
- It's not okay.
I got to walk, you guys.
- I gotta walk - You're getting married tomorrow.
This is not okay.
Aww, lovers! Congratulations, Bree! Oh, my God.
I'm fucking tripping.
Ma! Ma! What are you doing here? I fucking miss you so much! - Do you? - Hey! Yeah! Are you ready? Are you ready? Oh, fuck! Being with a woman is very deep.
It's more in-depth than being with a man.
It's very sentimental and it has a lot more emotions.
It may get a little crazy too.
But it's, like, a crazy beautiful kind of love.
Look! Can you see me? I can look in your soul! I want her to feel that it's something serious.
That if she goes to prison, she can take that with her.
I got cold feet.
I'm not even going to front to you, bruh.
I have cold feet.
I'm not lying.
It's not funny, like, for real.
I'm not kidding right now.
No, I told you I'm serious.
I'm not like the rest.
I know I love you.
I love you too, Ma.
It was a short goodbye You laid me down What I was doing at the door was, I was checking her temperature.
You know, I love her unconditionally.
She's very loyal.
But we're still in jail.
So, I wonder if she's going to be there to support me when she gets out.
I need to talk to her face-to-face, eye-to-eye.
Like, it's the day tomorrow.
Are we sure we want to do this? Because I'm facing beyond 30 years right now.
But that puts me at like 70 years old.
I'm an old-ass hag by the time I come home.
And I'm married? Come on.
For you I rest here Buried in fallen leaves Oh, I'm just bailing out so I could talk to my nigga.
Hello? Who is this, Dolla? Yeah, this Dolla, man, what's up? Baby, I just got some information that motherfuckers close to home been low-key speaking on me or whatever.
Katrina, she feel like, um, you played her, because when she went to the Branch and she come back, she find out you fucking with me.
I found out about Dolla and Katrina once Katrina came back.
He told me he used to talk to some girl named Katrina, but it never crossed my mind.
It was just kind of like, "Oh, I used to talk to her.
" I never knew how deep the relationship got, or nothing like that.
That's his ex-bitch and regardless she's going to always, and still be, messy about the situation.
And it's not that you're sitting there trying to hurt people that you care about and that she feel like, pretty much, I snatched her nigga.
She want to fuck with you.
Like, I really don't want to feel like I'm some ho-ass bitch or I'm, you know, like wrecking y'all relationships.
We built that type of relationship where I know I can always come and talk to him about anything.
What's going on over here, brother? I'm hella irritated.
Why are you irritated? Because I'm ready to fight.
Who? I don't give a fuck who it is, I'm ready to fight.
I was just feeling, like, punch her when she's not looking, but Who? Ebony.
I was ready to fight, because at the end of the day you're talking about me on the bowl to him.
When the door pops, you demand respect, and that's that.
I mean, because, it's like, at the end of the day she's never going to bowl against her best friend, period.
But my best friend was really hurt.
She wants to talk to Ebony.
You feel me? Oh, shit! Can I have my homegirl, Katrina, come in here? No! Oh, God.
Hi, Katrina.
Hold on.
Hold on, babe.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hold on.
No, I don't think so.
- What's up? - Well, we're going to have a talk.
Because I also have something to tell you, so unplug it.
Katrina just walked in here, so hold on.
Yeah, you sent me kites talking about you love me and a bunch of other shit, so I don't know where this weird-ass shit is you told me that you wasn't with Ebony and whole bunch of other stuff.
So you just hella weird and hella messy.
I came in here to tell you I'm not fucking with you.
So you can go on and do whatever the fuck that you want to do 'cause you hella weird, hella messy and you a motherfucking child, not a fucking grown-ass man who's gonna do something for me and my children.
You's a bitch, so have a nice life.
Yeah, I'm feeling it.
Man, stuff hit the fan.
It got all crazy.
It was one of them days, for sure.
Hella dumb! For sure.
Blood, you just played the fuck out of me, blood.
I just got a whole-ass divorce behind your weird-ass.
He need to stop playing both sides.
We already done.
Fixed this conversation - It ain't even playing both sides.
- He was playing both sides because That's sneaky.
I'm tired of being in the middle of this shit.
Hello? You didn't intentionally try to hurt Katrina? - No, it was intentional.
- You intentionally - Tried to hurt me.
- Both of them, duh.
No, it's not intentional to her! You intentionally tried to hurt me, blood.
I don't give a fuck if her nigga wanna roll me and be like, "I love you, this and the other.
" I'd have been like, "Bitch, this is what's going on.
" You waited until everything hit the fan and you seen that I was over here motherfuckers was in their feelings about shit, then you wanna bring shit up? That shit is messy as fuck! I don't give a fuck! Fuck! Wait, what? All the letters that Dolla sent me.
All these motherfuckin' kites about how he loves me.
Shit that talks about he wants to marry me, he wanna have babies, 'cause he don't have a baby, and no one loves him, and hella shit.
He even done gave me his momma's number.
I talked to his momma, his sister, like all this shit.
I feel like he does this to every bitch that comes in here.
You give the bitch the same motherfucking You tell the bitch the same shit that you tell the next bitch and it's hella weird.
I'll go punch the fuck out of him.
I don't care.
I got real-life anger issues.
I'm in here for fucking a bitch up, and the bitch blind in one eye to this day and I still don't give a fuck.
- You ready to go right now? - Yes, sir.
Floor 7M.
Aw! You're - I can't even think right now.
- Get on the phone! What's up, pretty girl? Hi.
I think you look more nervous than I do.
That's Might be.
Don't you dare look at my wristband.
Let me see that mugshot.
That will not happen.
- No, you'll never look at me - Is it worse than the last one? No.
You're a dick.
That's fucked up.
No, the last one was way worse.
And look! Wow! Look how big he is! That's crazy.
Right? My son is awesome.
He's a beautiful four-year-old.
He just turned four on the 16th of this month.
I miss him so bad.
Yeah, no, he looks great.
He looks the same, doesn't he? I can't wait to see him.
- That's the card I made him.
- You made him that card right there? Yeah.
I'm glad you came because I think I would've been hella nervous on Monday to get out.
You still nervous? I don't know, it's hard to just think about shit when I'm in here, you know? It's just crazy.
I don't know, it's just a little bit of, like, realization that, like, when I came in here, I had a dad at least left.
And now I'm leaving, I've got my mom's gone, my dad's gone.
I can't My grandma's gone.
My sister's on a bad one.
- It's - You got me, baby.
You don't know how much that means.
Because when I came in here, I didn't have that either.
Yeah, all right.
Things are going to be different this time.
Hell yeah.
Yeah, baby.
They gonna try to get us to O-REC.
Hopefully they let us come out there.
Man, if they do, blood, I'm They're gonna need to let me out.
Like, we been cool.
No fights happened.
Like, in the last few days.
Niggas better leave when we come in the pod.
Yeah, I know.
All these bitches over here kept saying Squeeze this, Squeeze that.
That nigga hella weird.
And I'm like, "Bitch, stop talking about my nigga.
" With Najla, females kept picking on her, everybody in the pod was against her.
Like, I told her, "You gotta be comfortable in a place where you live at so you can't just let females keep talking shit and doing all this," you feel me? I mean, it's multiple ones though.
So, this shit crazy.
Yeah, that's crazy.
You gotta defend yourself.
I might send something down there through the toilet bowl.
Fuck all them, green light.
You hear me? Yeah.
Green light mean go get on somebody's green, so they gotta touch 'em, they gotta get on 'em, they gotta hurt 'em in some type of way.
Yeah, it's all clear out here.
Help me take take care of the door.
Are you gonna crush that down? Yeah! This is our jail syrup.
- Jailhouse.
- So, since we don't have cough syrup, it will be all kind of downers crushed up, mixed together.
Mine is a Remeron, and then there's a muscle relaxer, a pain reliever, and Buspars.
- See - That's a lot of stuff in here.
It's on the bottom, look.
It's going to work really, really good.
I can still taste it.
I was very taken back by the whole situation with Dolla.
I feel really dumb because, like, I shouldn't be that gullible.
I ripped up all his pictures.
And I put, "bitch ass, ha ha ha.
" I feel like you should just flush that shit down the toilet because if you send it to him he's gonna be like, "Man, this bitch still thinking about me.
" But, you're gonna laugh because I couldn't bring myself to do it all the way.
So, I still have a picture of Dolla.
Let me see.
You would keep one of the pictures.
Wait, are they about to be let out for lunch? Yeah, it's pizza.
Okay? I want my pizza.
If I don't get it, y'all gonna have to take me to the round table.
I need to get something.
The Noonie situation You telling motherfuckers they can have the green lights on me? Yelling through the door, always scream, "Lights on Ebony.
" It's a lot of drama, and I'm, like, I don't want nothing to do with it.
Like, I'm just sitting here, and I'm just holding it in.
I'm like, "Oh, okay.
" All right, ladies, chow time, chow time, chow time.
Make sure that you are fully dressed.
When your door pops I need you to come out, grab your food, and head back to your cell.
Dreamer, I love you, friend.
Yeah, that's my friend forever.
That's Baby Mama.
Do you have a lot of friends? No, I don't.
 I don't have no friends.
Associates is different than friends.
Hey, Dani.
Hi, love.
What's up? Move, Dani.
What's up? - Whoa! Okay! - What's up?