Jailbirds (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Swimmin’ in Sh*t, Bruh!

1 [inmate.]
Watch out, watch out, watch out.
It's going to come down.
We woke up this morning, and No, it started last night.
It is raining in his motherfucker.
Like, it's shit and water everywhere.
Oh, my God, it smells.
Well, the men are flooding the women, and it's like the toilet bowl talking.
It gets obsessive, and it gets to where somebody's done did something to them to piss them off and they start flooding.
It's just really gross because they use human feces and urine and food and We as workers, we gotta clean that up.
Aw, man They call it a parachute and what they do is put this parachute through the toilet, and then it makes, like, shit water, explode everywhere, out of the toilet, the floor under you.
Don't flush the toilet or don't do anything with the water right now.
We have to shut it off.
But it's like Ashanti said, "Rain on me.
" Every bitch is getting rained on.
- We got a lot of - Oh, hell no.
I just seen a turd fall.
Oh, nope.
I just seen a turd fall [inmate.]
A piece of shit flew over the balcony A piece of shit, okay? It's going down.
Them bitches going swimming in shit, bruh.
[shower water gushes.]
Oh, my God, my face.
I wonder if she messed up my jaw, because it doesn't want to open.
This the furthest it goes.
Last night, after pill call, this girl came to me and was like, "Can I talk to you outside?" I thought we were just gonna talk about something.
I didn't know it was like that.
But everybody already said that she's sneaky.
And then, so we went outside, Carla was trying to punk Blanca for the commissary.
So, she punched Blanca in the face.
And she fell on her face and then the other girl got on her and I seen other people kicking and punching.
I jumped in like, "You're not gonna jump her.
" You gotta hit the bitch back.
Like, what the fuck? If it wasn't for Katrina to come and get the girl off me, I feel like I still would've been getting kicked because the police never came.
You know, like, they just backed the fuck up and I pulled her off.
- Yeah, everybody backed up once you came.
- I pulled her off of you.
So, if my friend's going to have a black eye, so are you.
I'm here on a robbery charge.
I've been feeling since I was a kid, but it got worser as I grew older and it became a really, really bad habit.
That's how I make my money, and that's how me and my daughter eat.
I don't do drugs, but my stealing is kind of like a drug to me.
Like, I'm addicted to it.
I was charged with the robbery because I ran out of Victoria's Secret with $11,000 worth of bras.
They were very harsh on me.
They offered me a year with half-time with a strike, and they basically told me that there was nothing else that I can take.
So, I just took it because I have a daughter have to go home to.
Well, I hope that the sergeant doesn't get us on discipline for it - because you got attacked.
- [Katrina.]
What would other people do if they were to get attacked? - [Katrina.]
Defend their selves.
- Defend their selves.
I don't care about nobody in here except us till we get out.
I don't really associate with too many people.
I'm always with Katrina, only with Katrina.
We don't really care for anyone in here.
I kind of wish Ebony and Lei Lei were here because those are my eyes and my ears.
Like, Lei Lei and Ebony, they would've been able to let me know ahead of time.
Like, "Look they're planning on doing this to you and we're not going to let this happen to you.
" [Ebony.]
Ooh, they nasty! [shrieks.]
[Lei Lei.]
 Dani, what happened? Why they fucking with you up here? [Dani.]
Because I wouldn't get on the bowl anymore.
[Lei Lei.]
For real? I was talking on the bowl to some guys.
[Lei Lei.]
She just didn't wanna talk to them no more so they start flooding your shit? [Dani.]
Yeah, because two days ago they started treating me like a punk-ass bitch.
But it was like if I didn't get on right away when they knocked, if I didn't respond right away, then I was in trouble.
Telling me I gotta look at you when I'm talking to you, all this bullshit.
- I'm like, "No, fuck you.
" - Look at you when he talking to you? Through the bowl? So I stopped going on the bowl, and this is what fucking happened.
- It's the fourth fucking time, bro.
- [Ebony.]
Oh, my God.
They're going to keep doing it until I get moved out of this cell.
They're going to keep flooding me until I get out of here.
Some females don't get on the bowl, don't want to talk to nobody.
You know, the men feel like, you know, they're being ignored.
I don't know, It's a little pride thing.
They get mad and, I mean, so they tend to flood the cells.
Ain't going to lie.
I heard it's nasty, though.
I heard it's disgusting.
Why do they flood? The females don't want to bail out, talk to them.
Or somebody get played.
The females will play somebody on the iCare package.
For numerous stuff.
Some people just like playing with shit.
Oh, guys.
Thank you so much for my goodbye cake.
We ate it already.
No, I'm just kidding [chuckles.]
You saved me the crumbs.
If you don't knock it off.
I'm just kidding.
I'm joking.
I honestly saved You have a two-tier cake for your goodbye.
Hey! Where's my other Honey Bun? You ate it last night.
[inmate 1.]
I didn't.
I did? Yeah.
- [inmate 1.]
Did I? - You did.
You ate [chuckles.]
You ate the whole thing, to the face.
I did not.
You did.
Look! - [inmate 1.]
Oh, my God.
How embarrassing.
- Hold on.
[inmate 2.]
Oh, my gosh.
That was for your going away tonight.
It's okay.
I'm So, fingers crossed.
It's the final countdown.
And I'll be going home.
I don't want to see any more youth be taken, especially, uh someone as young and as beautiful, who has as much going for themselves.
Thank you.
You're a sweetheart.
It's not a goodbye.
It's just a see you later.
There you go right there.
So, I'm in here because I'm a badass.
No, I'm just kidding.
Um, my charges originally were possession of a stolen vehicle, GTA.
Transporting of narcotics.
I ended up only having to do 180 days and then three years of informal probation.
I got to do things differently.
Or else I'll end up right back in here.
And I'm not coming back.
Come hug me.
Ooh, are we going to group hug it? Yeah.
No, I love all you guys.
You're on my boob.
Sorry, I had to cop a feel.
That was yours? - Well, I'm damn impressed.
- [laughter.]
I'm sorry.
The food is not good at all.
It's nasty.
[Lei Lei.]
Like, mystery meat for dinner.
You turn it over and it's, like, fucking yellow and pink and shit.
Commissary is like money.
So people want noodles, people we want chips, people want those Honey Buns, those cupcakes.
Girls have boyfriends, baby daddies, or a side piece running money on their books or sending them packages.
But a lot of girls don't get commissary.
I'll give you a pack of noodles if I can talk to my daughter.
[Lei Lei.]
We trade snacks for massages, doing hair.
Yes, some girls open store.
[inmate 2.]
Commissary is a root to all evil in here.
Thing is, you don't want to get in debt.
You can't pay your debt, don't fucking borrow.
[inmate 2.]
People are hungry.
We can't get jiggy with this shit.
We took the cake, though.
Okay, so I'm going to make a spread.
And we've got noodles, jalapeno cheese, chili cheese Fritos, beef stick, and then we're going to wrap it in a tortilla.
You know, Jesus fed how many people with one fish? [laughter.]
[Lei Lei.]
Doritos chips, Top Ramen, jalapeno cheese.
You should see some of the stuff.
these girls come up with.
Honey Bun, cupcakes, brownie on top, and then M&Ms add a little more diabetes [Lei Lei.]
You do not fuck with a man's Top Ramen in jail.
This costs probably, like, 10 or 15 bucks, if we were outside of jail it'd probably cost like $3.
Probably a $10 burrito.
Most people that are incarcerated are artists or have higher IQs and they typically get bored of the daily nine-to-five life.
- Good? - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm? - Mm-hmm.
Outta there.
Woo! We got buckets today, baby.
Okay, outskirts.
Help! Still trying.
I haven't had the greatest life, but everybody has choices.
It was my choice in life to do the things that I did.
I've been on my own since I've been 15.
I was selling drugs, I was gang banging, you know, I was robbing people.
Shooting at people.
I couldn't stop.
I liked the lifestyle, I loved the adrenaline that brought with it.
The charges that I'm looking at is car-jacking.
I'm fighting a big case.
I'm looking at 30 years.
Only the strong survive.
What the fuck? There's a spider! Oh! Oh! Oh! [shrieks.]
That's a big-ass spider right there! [inmate.]
And you just let it crawl on me? You know how I feel about that shit, man.
I could've Oh, my God! [screams.]
Bianca! I never got involved seriously in relationships in jail, but there's a woman that I dearly love and that everyone that comes across me knows about.
She never wanted to change me.
She let me make my own decisions and be who I was.
She basically helped me cared about my life more than I did at a certain point.
You! We go through a lot with you, okay? [chuckles.]
I lost ten pounds stressing over your case.
Knock it off.
She lost ten while I gained ten.
Me and Bianca, we have a relationship going on, but, you know, we don't put it out there.
We never kissed in public, we don't hold hands.
We don't have sex, obviously.
They There's too many cameras around to be doing things like that.
We're walking and talking.
That's basically all you can see of us.
I stress you guys out? No, we're stressed because we want the best for you.
You're always strong, but we can tell when you're hurting.
It bothers us.
Bianca did ask me to marry her.
I do want to marry her as well.
I'm kind of blessed to even meet somebody like Bianca.
That's the lady I'm in love with that I want to marry.
But at the same time, she's getting out soon, l got a long journey ahead of me still and I just hope she's ready for that ride.
- Come on.
- [inmate.]
Adios, amigo.
- I'm taking my ice with me.
- [inmate.]
Baby, come back.
When we came outside, and then she told us to come right here.
I was standing right here, and then the other girl with the braids was like, "Sis, take off on her, take off on her.
" So I was like, "You're not gonna jump her.
" And then I got in it, and then everyone just crowded and started hitting everybody.
We have CCTV cameras located throughout the facility.
So when I go to 8:16 p.
m Eight Take a look at the time.
Going out that door.
There's a group of them there exiting.
These girls are coming.
There we go, everybody's running.
Usually you don't see these gals moving that quick unless its chow time or there's a fight going on.
Unfortunately, the yard camera The inmates know where the cameras are.
The funny thing is a lot of inmates try and act as normal as possible.
You would think that the camera would catch it all.
But the camera wasn't even facing it.
The camera was facing straight at the tarps.
There's so many blind spots in his yard.
[Sergeant Lee.]
What's clear to us in the video, there's nothing actually on the video itself shedding light on on the actual fight itself.
Rarely do we have someone walk in and tell us the story from start to finish.
Because there are four girls involved, they're all going to have different stories.
I got an email that says it's from somebody that knows A1.
What does it say? It says, "Hey, I got a message for you but I'm a little confused because I thought you were on seven east.
A1 said try to move to 28.
But if you on the west, then I don't see how that's going to work.
That's about it.
He was going to get a letter up there, but I'm going to let him know that you're on the west now.
" I didn't understand that.
That's what When I got that, I was hella confused, so I didn't even call her or nothing.
Um, as far as A1 and I, um [Tayler.]
I don't know.
I don't know what he's been up to, he doesn't know what I've been up to.
Regardless, I think about him, I re-read his letters sometimes, you know.
Like, some of the stuff that he says helps me get through the stuff I'm dealing with.
We've always said, like, at the end of the day, like he's like, "You're coming home to me," so [Shayna.]
Do you still think about him? Like, do you miss him? [Tayler.]
I miss our conversations.
I haven't talked to him since since the last time we talked on the phone.
Out of mind, out of sight, out of sight, out of mind? [chuckles.]
It's A1.
I mean, he's probably on the east side hooking.
- Honestly, A1's a hooker, so - Probably so.
Damn! [Kerri.]
I am here for my boyfriend.
He's looking at a life sentence right now.
He might be doing a lot of time, so I come up here two or three times a week.
I always sneak pictures in here.
I show him pictures.
[male officer on intercom.]
Hi, I need a name, pod, and cell number, please.
Hi, Ellis, 328.
Okay, come on in.
Thank you.
I've known Kerri for about six months and I met her on social media.
She's solid.
She was there for me, uh, she brought me to her family's house when I was on the run.
She showed me that I can count on her, and over the six months we've like, built a relationship.
You know what I forgot last night? What? I forgot to send you the emails.
So, you didn't get no emails today.
I was like, "Oh, my gosh, it's the first day ever he's not going to get an email.
" So you talked to your attorney, yeah? Yeah, he was like, he still don't know nothing.
He said he's going to send an investigator over to talk to her.
To Megan? Yeah, to see if she changes her shit.
I don't know nothing about Megan.
I know that that's his ex.
I know that she's in jail too, and that's all I know.
Like, I don't know nothing about her.
I'm lightly having a heart attack right now.
Why? I have a crazy ex-boyfriend, and I filed a domestic case on him.
I battle back and forth and back and forth all day in my head.
Why? - I'm petrified of him.
- [Jay.]
But I know if I see him again, that's all then I'll take him back.
I think that everybody has a sacred part of them inside that nobody's allowed to get past, and I let him pass that.
And I let him destroy me to the point where I feel like my perception of love is so fucked up.
I don't know.
I feel like she's going to change it.
I just, I don't know.
She needs to.
'Cause my charge is still the same charge right now, but, I mean, they said [Kerri.]
Yeah, I know, I check it all the time.
And they said they can change it whenever.
I haven't really talked to her personally.
I've Um, I've sent her a couple of emails, but I haven't, like, actually talked to her, never.
Like, this is his new girlfriend, I guess.
It says, "Hey, no disrespect.
Aaron is in jail.
You know he didn't do anything and now he's facing life because of the charges you falsely made.
But I'm here to ask you to change your statement to the truth.
[clears throat.]
There's a lot of people that are going to be hurt.
So can you please I'm begging you to change what you said what really happened.
I'm sending you this email hoping that you stop and think about what's going on.
" And this bitch is really that blind? I can't believe she even had the nerve to email you.
Kerri? So, talk about the emails.
Why are you emailing her? I don't want to talk about the emails.
I don't want to.
I don't think it's a good idea.
If it does go to trial, then she'll be there to testify or something, right? If Megan gets out, she's not going to come.
I know Megan.
She's not doing that.
Well, then she needs to hurry up and get out then.
I don't know if Megan's gonna testify.
She knows the little code of not telling and everything till we're out.
I feel like, I don't know, but I'm not going to chance that.
You know how many women don't have the balls to actually stand up for themselves? Then why do I feel so shitty? He's got me that fucked up that I still feel guilty that he beat the fuck out of me.
Because he beat the fuck out of you.
That causes you to have PTSD.
Like, I've been through all this shit.
It's gonna bother you more if you don't do anything.
If they give him life in prison, that's where he belongs.
Where he won't do it to somebody else, he won't to it to this stupid bitch that's emailing you.
Guess what? You're saving her ass.
You're saving her ass right now.
If you only knew.
I don't know what the right thing to do is.
- [Jay.]
It's a mind fuck.
- [Monster.]
This is the best thing, 'cause he'll end up in prison for murdering somebody.
- Yeah, me, probably.
- And we don't need that.
There's no proof that I did nothing.
I know that.
So, it's just, like So her word can't They can't charge you for her word.
Yeah, they can.
And just 'cause she said I was there, that's going to be enough.
That doesn't mean that she's telling the truth.
- She's not telling the truth.
- Obviously.
I know she's not.
But if I have to get you subpoenaed, because I was with you.
Well, yeah, we were in my car.
Yeah, so [producer.]
So you're his alibi? Yeah, I'm his alibi.
- [A1.]
- Okay.
I love you.
I love you, too.
- [A1.]
All right, bye.
- Bye.
How is she feeling? [Bianca.]
I'm just mad.
I'm mad because they took her downtown.
Brianna, they moved her from the facility.
Then I seen her come out the door, and I seen her with her stuff.
And they took her.
And then I started crying because when you're in here, you know Yeah, there's rules and there's regulations, but there's so many people in here that are in relationships, it's ridiculous.
I just think it's bullshit, and I feel like I'm powerless over the situation.
And it just makes me just want to lash out.
I know, but you can't.
You're so close.
You been here so long and you're so close to just going home, and she needs you more out there than she needs you in here.
I think it was at the fling thing first for Brianna.
But we got so close.
When you're in here, you know, you can be your authentic self, and I got to see her for her and she got to see me for me.
It's a beautiful feeling.
She is facing 30 years.
I'm not hurt for her time.
I think I hurt for her.
Because I can't even begin to imagine what she feels waking up every day knowing that that can happen.
I got this kite last night.
"I just want to love you.
I keep getting my spirit knocked down, but I get back up.
And I'm sorry for whatever happens and things out of my control.
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
And I'm scared to lose you within" [inhales.]
It's okay.
She loves you.
She loves you so much.
She tells me all the time.
She just loves you so much.
It's just going to test your guys' faith and your strength.
You guys are going to make it.
They can't stop you guys.
["Wait For Me" playing.]
I’m a sinner darling Don’t you ever let me go Hear the silence talking You are all I know In this asylum I will sit outside And wait for you Will you wait for me too [male officer on PA.]
Day room, day room, day room.
If you would like day room, come out and set the red light and close the door behind you.
Wristbands and orange shirts on at all times.
Day room, day room, day room.
Hi, Blanca.
[Lei Lei.]
So how was the visit bitch? [inmate.]
Hi, Bri.
Love you.
Everybody is back.
You got hella fat, blood.
You got hella fat too.
How long you got? I don't know.
Still fighting the same case.
- The same one? - Yeah.
- From last December? - Yeah.
And they just sent you back from the Branch? Damn.
Most of these people I've known for a long time.
I have very close friends that I've done a lot of prison time with.
And you build family.
Now that I'm at the Main Jail, it's hard being without Bianca.
But at the same time, I still have a journey ahead of me.
So I have to maintain.
I need to know what Baby Girl's still fighting.
- She still fighting the same case? - She out here right now.
I know, I'm about go over there real quick.
[Baby Girl.]
But I only have Fritos.
Is that enough? - What are they giving you? - [Baby Girl.]
Uh they're talking about life without, right? [Brianna.]
Been here 18 months.
They still got me with that 30.
I go to court on Friday.
Me too.
I'm ready to get it over with.
Before you even leave, your appeal's going to go through.
Oh, I know.
It's gonna be done.
You love my life? I love my mother fucking life too.
I'm here for, um, murder and robbery.
I'm here for murder and robbery.
The victim happened to be my wife.
She was a good person.
She just made some fucked up decisions.
Prior to that, me and her had a really big falling out.
She was a very outspoken person.
That was her downfall.
She got shot, execution style.
[gunshot blares.]
[Baby Girl.]
Then I left.
And I know how to drive.
And I went on a high speed chase because I didn't want to get caught.
[sirens roaring.]
Someone got killed and I got caught.
I can't really discuss it because I'm still fighting it.
I regret it.
I mean, I feel like you can never forget someone's face when you see them die.
And I'll never forget her face.
Like, I'll never forget the look she gave me.
Lala, you going to do my eyebrows? [Lala.]
I'm going to need them not to be bushy.
We have a witness to the case and she's testifying, but the way they have is just that we're both guilty of the charges.
The DA's hell bent on taking the two of us down together.
More than likely, I'm going to end up with a life sentence.
- No matter what, I'm fucked.
- Just 'cause you're still going saying, "Fuck getting lesser time.
I'm still going anyway, so just let me take this life sentence, that this man is trying to give you.
" I think he's going to try to lie on you, and say whatever he has to say.
I don't think that you should let him just take you out like that.
I can't do it.
Everybody feels I should go against my co-defendant.
You're gonna make me cry, bitch.
I gave my co-defendant my word, and I live by my word.
Even if it means I'm going away for the rest of my life.
We weren't raised to tell on people.
Move, before you have one eyebrow.
Bitch, I wish you would.
- We'll take this whole strip off.
- I wish you would.
It's too early in the morning.
Where's my toothbrush? Me coming in here, with Bianca and our relationship, sometimes I can't be with her.
So, I deal with my stress in different ways I need to see if I can get some more gloves.
I need to get some gloves, some large gloves.
Yeah, maybe the blue ones.
Are they large? - [laughter.]
- Oh, my God! [Booda.]
The middle finger.
Bruh, this is fucked up.
Oh, shit.
Oh, my God! Ta-da! [chuckles.]
And that is a fucking thick one.
Bitch! Everything that they would do in the free world, they do it in here.
I mean, the nightlife is, is amazing.
Stop playing, brother! I can't believe you got dick slapped! [chuckles.]
It's 42.
- Uh, so what's happening with your case? - I got 43.
You think Megan's You think Megan's going to testify? I don't know.
I mean, I doubt it.
I mean, she You haven't heard nothing from her? Me and Megan are over.
I picked Tayler over Megan.
What's happening with Tayler? But I mean I had Kerri email her.
You had Kerri email her? Yeah.
What the hell? [laughter.]
Kerri probably has a little bit more on, on Tayler right now.
You don't think she tripped out behind that? I told Kerri that, uh [chuckles.]
Told Kerri what? That Tayler's my cousin.
- You told her that's your cousin? - Yeah.
Y'all mind if I plan on having sex with my cousin? c - [chuckles.]
- I thought it worked at the moment.
I'm not giving up on Kerri.
Tayler's just I just feel like out of everybody that I talk to in here, like, she's worth it to me.
And, uh when I was out, she was telling me she was talking to people on the bowl.
I mean, I just respect that about her.
She's doesn't do, like, sneaky shit.
So, did Tayler break with you? You think she done with you? Nah.
- Nah? Why not? - [A1.]
Because it's me.
I doubt we broke up, because I'm A1.
If she really wanted to get through to you, she would've contacted you, just like you doing her.
Dude, I don't think she broke up with me.
Thinking and knowing is two different things, bro.
We got the phone book right here.
I'll be fine.
You're just going to keep adding, like we just added that one? - Oh, Cassandra.
- Cassandra.
Oh, yeah.
Who's Cassandra? I missed a whole chapter.
[Deputy Turner.]
How you doing Folkerson? Feeling a little better? What's up, Walker? How you doing? - [Booda.]
Do you want some M&M's? - Bam! 7 West control.
Pop 229.
[door alarm buzzes.]
- [Deputy Turner.]
Really? - [laughter.]
[Deputy Turner.]
Stop! - Let me see it.
- Dick and balls! Let me see it.
Damn, we can never have no type of fun.
Not even our own cell? - Man, this where all my gloves go? - [Brianna.]
This right here, no day room.
Y'all be staying in, then.
Nasty! Staying in? Staying in where? - Hold on, staying in where? - Enjoy.
It got a lot of coochie juice on it! Be careful! For this, they're gonna get written up.
So they'll lose some days and they'll lose their day room.
We try to keep anything sexual or anything like that, out.
Hawkins, box 74.
Hawkins, box 74.
[male officer on PA.]
Go on and roll it up for me, you are going home.
Hawkins, 74, roll it up.
[inmate 1.]
Bye, Megan! Bye.
[inmate 2.]
Good luck, Monster.
Thank you.
I am thankful for every day.
And that took some time.
Enjoy yourself.
Thank you.
To realize, like, yes, I'm in here.
Yes, it sucks.
But I have to deal with the consequences because of the actions that I took.
- Here's your property.
- [Monster.]
Go ahead and take that in the bathroom there.
Dress out.
Bring out all your inmate clothing and we'll put it in the basket.
Thank you.
It just feels good.
I can't wait to put shoelaces in and smoke a cigarette.
I'm excited.
My whole body is trembling.
Okay, go ahead and wait in the first holding room.
Thank you.
- [Monster.]
What's up? - [producer.]
So your pants still fit? Yes, my pants still fit.
My booty is probably on point.
My nipples are hard.
Story of my life.
The desires that you see Hold my hand up say you're free [Monster.]
I know how to be in the streets and hustle over here.
But I'm determined to keep pushing, 'cause I really don't want to get stuck in that same life.
My plan is to call my mom.
Hopefully, see if she can help me get a room.
Thank you.
I feel fantastic.
Happy to be out, freezing.
I'm not going to go around the same people I was hanging out with.
Because I really want to change my life.
There is nobody that is going to stand in my way anymore.
My first priority is, like, me.
[crickets chirping.]
[Sergeant Lee.]
Have a seat.
Uh, the facility rule violation is correctional rules 1.
03, which is assault.
How do you wanna plead? You can plead guilty, not guilty, or guilty with an explanation.
Guilty with an explanation.
And what is that explanation? Garza came up to me when I was sitting at the table - and asked to speak to me outside.
- My friend Katrina approached me and told me Garza wanted to talk us outside.
So I walked outside to go talk to her And Garza hit Blanca.
- Garza hit Blanca? - [Katrina.]
And then, when she punched me in my face I just felt a lot of punches coming towards me And I tried to break it up and I ended up getting hit and I had to protect myself.
The other two gals said the house mom told you guys to take it outside.
Which, you know as well as I do, taking it outside or taking it or to a bathroom means you guys are going to settle it Not necessarily.
It doesn't mean you're gonna settle it physically.
It does.
I've been doing this job for 20 years.
You chose to go outside.
- Nah.
- I'm not gonna say who started it, who threw the first punch, 'cause I don't know.
- I didn't even fight.
- [Sergeant Lee.]
The write-up is for fighting, regardless of whether who started it or not, okay? So I am going to find you guilty.
So I'm going to find you guilty as well.
You're going to get ten days restriction.
Which is pretty much what all the gals are going to get.
I was assaulted outside and jumped, and no help came for me or Blanca.
There were plenty of opportunities for you to stop and alert an officer.
I didn't even want to fight her.
They, like, bullied me.
Okay, well, I'm not saying that, that what you did deserved you getting beat down or getting getting into a fight.
I didn't want to fight her.
She just hit me.
I had to protect myself.
Like I said, I can't make that determination.
I don't know what happened.
I keep getting messed with.
People keep fucking with Before the prior week to that, somebody stole all my stuff.
And before that, the first day I got here, they stole my pants.
It's like everybody keeps messing with me.
I got a daughter to go home to.
[Sergeant Lee.]
My daughter's birthday is on the 20th of October.
Your daughter's still going to be there, okay? - You can still be a mom to your daughter.
- She don't remember me no more.
- She will.
- She already forgot.
Because she's not going to remember her mom.
She will remember.
I'm irritated as fuck.
I'm getting ten days' restriction so I have to go in the hole for ten days.
If he gots this whole report, he claim he has a video, which I know for a fact he don't have because the camera was not there.
If the camera was there and seen it, then the police should have responded.
Why am I in trouble for something? For protecting my fucking self? Now I can't go home to my kids.
I just did six months for some bullshit that I shouldn't be in here for.
And now I got ten extra days? I got two kids at home.
I got a six-year-old and a four-year-old, and I want to go home to my fucking kids.
Not everybody want to know what you talking about.
Shut up! Yeah? You want to know what the fuck I'm talking about? You want to know what the fuck I'm talking about? [inmate.]
What are you so upset about? Because I'm upset! Because one of you bitches is a fucking rat! All you bitches are rats! Then come see me then! I don't give a fuck about none of that! Then come see me then! I don't care about none of that! I don't give a fuck about none of that! - [inmate.]
What do you want to do? - I don't give a fuck about none of that! I don't give a fuck about none of that! What the fuck you want to do, blood? What the fuck you want to do? I don't give a fuck about none of that, bitch! I don't give a fuck about none of that! I don't give a fuck about none of that! I don't give a fuck about none of that! I don't give a fuck about none of that, bitch! I don't give a fuck about none of that, bitch! Get the fuck off me! Get off me, blood! Get off me, blood! I don't give a fuck about none of that! All you bitches can die, blood! I don't give a fuck about shit! Yeah, now y'all want to respond when it's a problem! [Katrina.]
Yeah, now y'all want to respond when it's a problem! Not when people is getting attacked! Y'all don't want to respond! The fuck kind of shit is this? You're supposed to protect your inmate.
Fucking pissed! [Katrina.]
I don't give a fuck!