Jailbirds New Orleans (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

You're a Horrible Criminal

[tense music playing]
[Harley] Taylor!
- What? Bitch, I'm aggravated.
- Bowman, did you not hear what I said?
We on lockdown regardless.
No, I'm not on lockdown.
Yes you are, she just said.
Even Bree's on lockdown.
I'm not on no lockdown.
What am I on lockdown for?
I'm telling you. Watch.
You not gonna pop your fucking door.
[Taylor] Man, hold on.
[tense music continues]
[clicks tongue] Man! [mumbles]
I'm just pissed off 'cause
now I'm on lockdown for nothing.
We ain't even fight.
[Taylor] What you go to do with anything?
Who you is?
The bag went bad.
- Now nobody ain't getting it.
- Deputy!
And now I got to stay
in here for 23 hours,
come out for an hour, every day
until they feel like letting me out.
[Harley] It's like we're in a box,
and then we come out off lockdown
and we're in a bigger box.
And then you go back on lockdown
and you're in a small box again.
I mean
this is no way
for anybody to have to live.
Okay, so,
Miss Jamie is gonna be written up.
17 is gonna be written up,
16 is gonna be written up.
- And also 19 is gonna be written up.
- Miss Magen is gonna be written up.
So then we gonna let the disciplinarian
determine what they gonna get.
They come off,
they go longer, 15, 10 days.
- Half
- The board will decide.
- So that's their disciplinarian Monday.
- Monday.
So they'll be on lockdown until that day.
Like I give a fuck about lockdown.
["The Calling" by The Rigs playing]
Good morning.
[Steele] We got at least five females
on lockdown right now in three parts.
The four ladies plus
one of the fighters from last night.
[Picard] This is not a job for me,
this is my passion.
Me, I love a challenge.
I love a challenge.
[inmates clamoring]
[Steele] And just like that, bye.
- [woman] Why? Why it gotta be me?
- [Steele] Is why is bye. Thank you.
[Picard] Come on, let's go. Come on.
I ain't gonna take all day, bro.
This is not Burger King.
It's not Burger King, "have it your way."
I been here, like, 19 years.
I'm more like a mother figure.
Once I get mad, it's over with.
I'm serious.
Find you something safe,
and let me deal with this cell.
- Back up.
- I am safe, I'm not around y'all.
Well you need to go get
your Snickers, let it satisfy you.
Lieutenant Picard is like that inner
person that you wanna let out,
but you don't, because you're controlled,
but she don't control that person.
She that person.
And y'all know,
once this jacket come off, it's over with.
Me personally, I try to run my floor
like I run my household.
It's very structured.
You came up here, finish up that walk.
It's all about control.
If you can maintain your control
in your pod, you have no problem.
That cell better be right
before that door get popped open.
I'm coming through
looking for spring cleaning.
- Does she know what spring cleaning mean?
- I don't know. I'm about to teach her.
- [Picard] Like a tag team.
- [Steele] It is.
It's like a tag team duo.
She's the fire, I'm the ice.
Or sometimes I might be fire
and she might be the ice.
So we kind of complement each other.
How you do a "Q" sign?
I be trying to tell Qwan I love him.
I be like
Like that?
You could do it like that.
- It depends on what you saying.
- Or down. It's a little G.
[Steele] Oh, you heard that, huh?
They sign languagin' on your floor.
I'm snitchin'.
Oh, but guess what.
I'm catching on to all your slangs.
You could best believe that.
You don't know that.
Watch me.
Look at her. Talking about,
"Watch me." Look at her.
What this is, "west side"? Wait. [laughs]
[Steele] You're not in LA.
- See, this is how you do it.
- You're not in LA.
Oh, I know it was something
y'all be doing.
This is N-O. Not L-A.
Y'all are a special bunch of ladies,
I swear y'all are.
Let nobody else tell y'all
nothing different.
What happened between Magen and Jamie
and Harley and all them and
All right, so
I think Taylor too, yeah.
Magen's dumb ass puts money on
- Jamie's books.
- Jamie's books.
'Cause she can't order commissary
because she's on lockdown.
Taylor's like, "She'll probably fight you,
but she ain't gonna fight me."
- And she
- Magen was gonna fight.
I don't know.
No, but she should have never
put that money on the books.
- That was stupid from the get-go.
- Jamie's a shysty
I hate to say it, I mean,
I love her to death, whatever,
but she's institutionalized,
you know what I mean?
You can tell that's
how she lives on the outside and in.
That's all she does is hustle.
[Taylor] I don't want that.
I just want this out of my cell.
And I want some ice.
- You don't want this?
- No.
Give it to Harley.
[Taylor] I'm just ready to get
my fucking life together
and get the fuck out of here.
I'm fucking 28 years old,
but I don't feel 28.
I feel fucking 48.
But I've made decisions like
I'm eight.
["Analogue" by SINYI playing]
[Taylor] I'm in here for
two aggravated assaults with a firearm,
illegal firing of a weapon,
home invasion,
and violating two restraining orders,
aggravated criminal property damage.
I don't know, my life is just
in shambles right now.
It's like shit just go, just go bad, like,
But we be stuck
'cause we don't got no help.
New Orleans is gruesome and heartbreaking.
Either our family on drugs
or we on drugs trying to cope with shit.
I I lost
My daddy was murdered,
my step-daddy was murdered,
my brother was murdered.
that's just not right, like,
and it's just fucked up.
[gentle music playing]
[Taylor] This is the first time I really
came to jail for something serious
and I'm just praying I could just
go home on probation
without doing no jail time.
I wanna get out, I wanna go back to school
and I wanna write books and
fucking photography, and take pictures of
anything that I feel catch my eye
that I like to look at.
And raise my children, like,
and just be a parent full-time.
I have two daughters,
so they bring them every month
and we just spend like
two, three hours with them.
We eat, we do activities,
and you know, we just bond.
Girl Scouts is just like another form
of visitation, but it's like,
I could hug them,
I could touch them, you know,
instead of just talking on the phone
through a screen.
I'm not gonna be able to go
this week' cause of all this.
It's aggravating. I'm ready to just go,
I'm ready to get this shit over with.
[tense music playing]
We're gonna have a hearing,
a disciplinary hearing.
We're gonna have the offender
step in at this moment.
- Good morning.
- Have a seat.
Good morning, Miss Ellis.
- How you doing?
- You're before disciplinary board
for an incident that happened
on January 16th, 2020.
Yes, ma'am.
The charges you are being
have been accused of
possession of another person's property,
providing staff with false information,
interfering with the duties
of a staff member, and
property theft from another person.
How do you plead with
those charges, Miss Taylor?
Not guilty.
All three?
So, I plead not guilty to, um,
- Providing staff?
- Providing staff with
false information.
And you plead guilty to the other three?
Yes, ma'am.
She could serve up to three,
as the minimum days,
and up to 15 days on segregation.
I say three, just because
they put the stuff in her cell.
So you have three days' credit
for time served.
- So that means you get off today.
- So today will be your last day.
- Oh, yes, ma'am. Thank y'all.
- You're welcome.
Do we want to give her the minimum?
- [both] Yes.
- The minimum, which is three days.
You already served, today's your last day.
You'll be off tomorrow.
Thank you.
Have a seat over there.
Miss Hall, good morning.
Good morning.
The charges you are accused of
Just one?
Interfering with duties of a staff member.
How do you plead with that one charge?
- Guilty.
- Guilty?
[tense music playing]
I feel like she should do
finish her time,
- That she already has.
- Okay.
Since she tried to beat the system,
and we could add
I think, five more days to that time.
I agree.
[Stamps] Lieutenant?
I agree.
Do you understand? You have
the remainder of the prior incident.
And then you have
five more days added to that.
Thank you, ma'am.
I would have talked my way
out of all this whole thing.
- Good on you.
- That, I'd have backfooted out of it.
I just hate when they just
lay down and not fight.
Like, give me a good argument. The men?
- The men will argue off your drawers.
- Yeah.
[atmospheric music playing]
Miss Evans, how do you plead
with your charges?
Guilty with a statement.
Go ahead with your statement.
Yes, ma'am, all that happened,
but listen, uh,
at first I did lie to Miss Picard
and Miss Steele, but in the end,
didn't I tell the truth?
- She did.
- I did tell the truth.
I told them, "I feel bad for lying
to y'all, let me tell y'all the truth."
And, uh,
Bartholomew had money put on her books
week before last by inmate Hall.
To make store for her.
So let's tell it all.
Yes, let's tell it all.
Let's get it all out there in the open.
[interviewer] You gave up a name.
Oh, well.
[interviewer] Why?
Just to be dirty.
This is my first report.
Can you put a little leniency on me?
- I will try.
- All right, thank you.
- Have a seat.
- No, you have a seat.
Well, that's how you do it at St. Gabriel.
Good, but it's not over.
This is Orleans Parish.
Mm-mm. So,
we're gonna find you guilty
of the three charges.
The max of the time
that you can serve for this is 15 days.
Do you think she deserves 15 max?
- I would go half of the 15.
- [Stamps] Okay, we'll do seven.
So I get the max?
- That's half.
- Max would have been 15.
- Everybody else got three days.
- [Stamps] You Your part
- and their part was different.
- It's different.
Your charges are different.
Looks like you're gonna be seven days.
Credit for time served
- I won't tell the truth no more.
- [Steele laughs]
Yes, you will.
- Keep telling the truth.
- If you don't, you would have had 15.
So you're not thankful
for the seven days you haven't got
- Not at all.
- No?
- Bye, Miss Evans. Let her go.
- [Steele] I think you're good.
[Jamie] I want Bartholomew investigated.
[Steele] 10-4.
What you all gonna do with her?
- I don't know.
- Jesus!
- [Jamie shouting indistinctly]
- She's loud. You hear her?
She's a very loud person,
for a person so small.
So what you wanna do?
You wanna just do wraps
- instead of potato logs?
- No, we're doing potato logs too.
We're doing all this?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- [Amber] Hot pickle juice with Kool-Aid.
- [Julie] Okay, so it's sweet pickle?
[Amber] Sausage, tuna
- All right.
- hot pickle.
And this is my trash, cause I'm trifling.
[Crystal] Hot pickle, what's with that?
- You don't like spicy?
- I love spicy, I'm from the South, babe.
- You like me.
- All right.
[Julie] They got knives upstate?
- [Amber] No. In St. Gabriel.
- Where'd you come from?
I was in work release in,
um, Lake Charles.
Work release ain't really where
it's at, though, no more.
Them people work you like a dog and
disrespect you every chance they get.
Escaping work release was probably
one of the best things I did.
- I needed to get out.
- You see a chance and got to go.
[Messy Bun] I was a runaway a lot.
I ran away a lot.
Get out of Juvenile, run.
Break up with a boyfriend, run.
Once I got in foster care
I hated foster homes. Couldn't stand them.
So, I ran away.
Always on the run ♪
I lost a finger and everything,
running from the police.
I lost all feeling in it.
Maggots came out my finger
before I got it cut off
'cause I was scared to go to the hospital,
because of the police.
[Julie] So, how did you escape?
- From, um, work release.
- Girl, listen,
- you just
- [laughter]
[Amber] We had a window in my bedroom,
and then I took some Klonopin.
- Ooh!
- And,
in my mind, I'm telling my loaded self,
"Am, you can make it out of
a second story window."
[tense music playing]
Like the asshole I was, on Klonopin,
I jumped out the window.
Took off running.
I jumped two barbed wire fences,
ran through the woods,
was cut up from all the thorn bushes.
I made it to a little gas station,
and, um, some man pulled up
and I told him that my old man
just beat the shit out of me and
- Hmm. You're running.
- [laughs]
that I took off running,
and he brought me to the bus station,
gave me some money to get a bus ticket,
and I made it all the way
down here overnight.
That reminds me of something I did
years ago, it was so stupid.
- Tell me. Come on, tell me.
- But I got away with it.
After Katrina,
a guy staying across from me,
he had a stolen truck.
[Julie] He had a stolen truck off
the showroom floor.
[Crystal] The boy next door?
[Julie] The boy across the hall.
He had a stolen truck off the showroom,
'cause after Katrina, they did that.
- They took trucks.
- [Crystal] Yeah.
- I mean, and just went wherever.
- Yeah.
It even had the things that hold the tire
from moving in the back of the truck.
He said, "You can use my truck."
I went and took his fucking truck,
and I took off to Tallahassee.
[engine revving]
- [Julie] It was a stolen truck already.
- [Crystal] Yeah.
- You re-stole the stolen truck? [laughs]
- Re-stole the stolen truck.
And I just I get paranoid because
I saw a cop, um, circle.
Well, I pull over and I fucking just
walk out the truck and leave it.
Well, I saw a park with a pond.
I jumped in that fucking pond, took off
my pants, and I ran into a guy sitting
and said, "This guy was trying to rape me.
Please, can you bring me to my hotel?"
And he fucking did it,
that's why it reminded me of that.
That was crazy. That was wild.
And I ended up getting caught
I had cocaine in my hotel room.
Ended up getting caught with that cocaine,
and that's what got me
in the trouble I was in to go to prison.
Well, just think about it.
The shit that we done and did
Man, I'm lucky I didn't get killed.
[announcer] Pill call, ladies.
Get out and have a cup of water
ready for the officer.
Pill call.
Well, I'm ready right here.
I'm the first one.
I'm just here to get my meds, Miss Levar.
I got to make sure that
they're taking their medicine,
make sure that they're not
trying to hover it, or you know,
put it in their cells or, you know,
do whatever with it.
I just need my BuSpar.
- My anxiety's bad.
- [woman] Yeah, I'll bet it is.
A 30 milligram BuSpar
is just, like, the hot thing.
- Ah!
- It's a non-narcotic anxiety pill.
So what it makes you feel like is like
you just smoked a bunch of weed.
I get my own BuSpars
three times a day, and then
I get other people's during the day too.
You got it?
You gonna give me a little bit?
Yeah, I buy other people's medication.
[Heather] She said she got a 30 for sale
for two snacks.
30 milligram BuSpar cost two snacks,
which is usually like a noodle and a chip.
[Juicy] I get BuSpars.
And I don't like taking them,
I don't really need them,
so I sell them.
Ah, ha, ha!
If they want my pills,
they got to have something
I'm interested in.
Like maybe braid my hair.
I keep my towel game up, you know, soap.
I take commissary, of course.
Anything I want and they got,
I'mma get it.
Okay. Candace.
This my girl.
Life here is,
just do whatever you have to do
to get through to the next day.
Whether it be snorting BuSpars,
talking in the toilet,
whatever it is
that gets you through till tomorrow
without shedding a tear, without breaking,
without letting this place break you.
That That's what it's about.
[hard rock music plays]
I got a possession of crack charge.
Uh, my very first felony
that I've had since, ever.
Right now, I'm here
on a parole violation.
I got caught with a bottle of Xanax
and I've got my second felony.
Yeah. In less than a year.
Hold on, let me go grab it for you.
Hold on.
I know everybody.
I wheel and deal with everybody.
Diamond, downstairs,
she wanted a BuSpar, so
I went and asked Candace
if she had a BuSpar.
She gave me
a little piece of one in my hand
so I'm walking down the stairs,
and Miss Stevenson saw it
and was like, "What's in your hand?"
Huh? It's
I'm coming. [chuckles]
I walked towards her
but I dropped it on the floor
right underneath the chairs.
[tense music playing]
You throwed it on the floor?
Girl, what? Baby, I didn't throw nothing.
- All right.
- All right.
[Heather] I just got caught,
so I got to go pick it up off the floor.
All right?
- By Stevenson.
- [inmate] Oh!
So give me a second, okay?
[Heather] Tsk.
Yeah, you heard it?
Oh, you about to do
designs on her head?
Know what I'm saying?
Is this yours or hers?
All right, can I have some of yours?
Just a sip.
[tense music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
[Heather] Huh?
Over there by the chairs.
[tense music rising]
Huh? By Diamond.
You got it?
All right.
- Girl, I just got busted.
- What are you talking about?
She said, "What you got in your hand?"
I said, "thunk."
Fingers. I said, "What you wanna see?
Nothing? Nothing?"
"Oh, girl, I'm not stupid."
I'm gonna try to get up
in my cell real fast.
- So I can get that
- Me, too.
- [Stevenson] Heather.
- Yeah.
Come here.
So, what you really did
when you went down there?
I went and I got a Tylenol
and I gave one
But you can't do that.
You supposed to take all your pills.
Okay. Don't Don't lock me down.
[Stevenson] I gotta You gotta lock down.
[unlocking door]
I mean, I told you the truth.
You told me the truth,
but that's not the point.
Okay, so what's gonna happen?
I'm gonna be on lockdown all day?
You writing me up?
What the fuck?
I never thought that I would be
34 years old in this place, like
It's surreal.
[Picard] You learned your lesson?
- For real?
- For real.
So when you come out, what you gonna do?
What's your changes?
I'm not gonna put my money
on crackhead's books ever again.
[Picard] But you the one who started this,
to be honest with you.
Trying to beat the system. Let's say that.
I paid her to do something for me.
But you know it wasn't
You trusted in her?
She did it last week.
Oh, really? Hmm, okay.
- News I can use.
- You know what?
- See what I'm doing, Picard?
- Oh, that's so nice, Jamie.
- So you can take a break.
- You know what, though?
You could have been doing all that
and you wouldn't have did what you did.
All right, and I told you
the truth, didn't I?
Something inside of me was like,
man, just tell her the truth.
Don't lie to Picard.
Picard don't ever do you wrong.
I never I helps!
Right. Can I apologize to Magen?
To me, to be honest with you,
it takes a woman to apologize.
- What I say, what you want me to do?
- No, don't do it because I want you to.
- You got to be within your heart.
- All right.
- And you got to be sincere.
- All right, come here.
Man, listen, listen, listen!
I don't even wanna be the bitch,
but listen, I don't want
to hear this shit. For real.
She a straight flock.
So you don't want her
to apologize, Magen?
She a flock!
She can't fuck with me.
She not Listen, I don't want to hear it.
So, there's something you really
wanted to apologize,
- or you just doing it to be doing it?
- Just to do it.
- If you're not sincere, then go ahead.
- I'm sincere with you!
- Right, but why
- That's all that matters, right?
[blues music playing]
Miss Stevenson is on one today.
I was getting a BuSpar,
Candace just handed it to me.
And she's like, "Heather, come here."
Girl, I dropped it.
But I went back and picked it up
and she followed me.
I told her I gave her a Tylenol.
You can get Tylenol on commissary.
- So
- Oh, fuck.
And she's writing me up.
- How long do you think I'm gonna be here?
- [scoffs] You get
Um, if she writes you up, you can get,
you can get 30 fucking days for it.
I hope it's not that long.
Clean your room up
cause they might do a shakedown on us.
- Huh?
- Get rid of all your straws and shit
- and clean your room.
- All right.
I got to go get something out of my room.
Fuck it, it is what it is, baby.
Well, I have everything in the world.
I have a great man, I have, um,
a brand-new car at home,
I've got my own house.
I've got all the money in the world,
and, I just can't get it right.
And it's just me being an addict.
I can't deal with everyday life.
I've been an addict since I was 14.
Born in Chicago.
I was raised there
until I was about eight.
Um, me and my mom
don't have the best relationship,
so, um, I was sent down to Biloxi
to live with my father,
and um, my I mean, I got in a lot of
trouble growing up as a kid.
[tense music playing]
[Heather] I started hopping trains
and, like, traveling.
You know, coming from Biloxi down here,
um, the Mardi Gras after the hurricane
I hopped my first train.
And to be honest with you,
I moved down here
because I was a heroin addict
and there was no heroin in Mississippi,
so I moved down here where it was.
I want to be able to stay out of jail and
stay sober and be okay.
[interviewer] How do you do that?
I don't know.
You know? It's hard.
["Kiss Me Like Summer"
by Sam Shrieve playing]
[indistinct chatter]
- [inmate] What is it?
- [Harley] It's Jambalaya.
[inmate] Let me see!
[indistinct chatter]
- You want some pap?
- No.
[Harley] I will be leaving in less than
48 hours on almost a year incarceration.
I'm nervous, but I'm very excited.
Laura, since you're my monkey,
you approve of this message, correct?
- Message?
- Our plans?
- What message?
- For lockdown?
- Yeah.
- Okay, just wanted to double-check.
So, we might have a little, you know,
going away party or whatever
to send me off.
- [Robin] Robin and
- Me, you.
- Ask Magen and Nancy.
- You're welcome.
And you're more than
welcome to join us, but
I don't know if you want to lock down
in our room for lockdown.
We're allowed to do that?
No, not necessarily.
We have to make a dummy in our bed,
and we have to hide underneath
the bed which is gonna kinda be a problem.
You don't have to.
We're inviting you in case you wanna come.
I have a million emotions right now,
but I know that I have been
through things with these women
that nobody's gonna be able to forget.
I'm trying to get
a group of people in my room.
[Nancy] Who else is sleeping over?
Robin is,
and, um
Who's Robin?
Last time I was in here, last year,
I knew I wasn't gonna get it together.
This time, it's a completely different
a completely different vibe.
Um, and when I get home,
starting before I get home,
but really when I get home,
I'm wiping my hands of it.
My son, he's five.
He turned five January 1st.
I'm 23,
so I had him when I was 18.
I need to change the way that I act.
'Cause I always had that excuse.
"Well, he's young, he won't remember.
He's young, he won't remember."
Now, he's gonna remember.
That's actually I wanna read something.
Can I read something?
Can I get it from my folder?
It's not really a poem,
but it's a, like a just a piece.
It says, "Mommy is sick.
She's at the doctor."
"Mommy is at work.
Mommy is at Mom School."
"Mommy can't lie anymore.
You're getting old enough to understand."
"I'm in big girl timeout
for making bad choices."
"I have to change my behavior."
"My name is Harley Himbor
and I'm an addict."
"My clean date is 1-1-20,
and my drugs of choice are
crack cocaine, heroin, and meth."
"I pray every day I make it home to my son
so he doesn't fall in my footsteps."
"I love you, son.
I will fight my hardest for us."
That made me feel like,
"Okay, it's time."
Like, I'm really ready.
My friends are at their wit's end,
my parents are at their wit's end.
Like, my sister's at her wit's end.
Everybody's at their wit's end with me,
and losing all these relationships
is not something I'm willing to
forfeit for another five years
of partying, if I make it five years.
[indistinct shouting]
Oh my God!
[Nancy] You heard him?
[Magen] Fu Fu!
[male inmate] Hey, what's up girls?
[all screaming]
I was just yelling for Fu,
and I guess they're out
in the yard of whatever,
so I can hear him yelling right now.
I love him!
I miss him so much.
Oh, man.
Fu Fu!
[Stevenson] Do not stand in that window.
[Magen] My bad.
I'm gonna go talk in the toilet now.
Some guys play cards.
[Fu Fu] Some guys watch TV.
Some guys doing the phones.
And some guys get in the toilet.
You know, we guys,
so we wanna hear a woman's voice.
You know, it's a sensual thing.
What you doing?
We've been talking for a few weeks.
It's like, three or four weeks,
but it seems like longer than that.
We don't have nothing to do
but talk all day, so we know, like,
everything about each other.
She's Her favorite food is
Mediterranean food.
He's 29,
he's tall. He's got some long, curly,
good hair.
[Fu Fu] She likes to listen to
um, rap, R&B, pop.
[Magen] I haven't really just seen him
up close and personal,
but I've seen him
through the door and stuff.
You start out as just friends.
You know, just conversation
starting out as friends until, you know,
one thing leads to another.
I love him because
he's helping me, like,
forget about a lot of shit
that's going on.
She's on a pretty, you know, bad charge.
["Gepard" by Mai Ligne playing]
[Magen] I was basically like living free,
doing what I wanted to do.
I came with two
of my friend girls from Memphis,
and we were just down here for Mardi Gras.
You know, we were out drinking,
just having fun and
supposed to be partying, and then
just one thing led to another, and,
a situation occurred.
New information in the murder of a tourist
in a New Orleans hotel.
[reporter] 62-year-old Patrick Murphy
was a beloved businessman
and owner of Murphy Jewelers.
An Empress Hotel worker found Murphy
in bed stabbed multiple times.
The NOPD is now looking for this woman,
identified as Magen Hall,
and she's wanted for second-degree murder.
Second-degree murder is, uh
carries up to life.
I would be lying if I told you
I wasn't scared.
I just gotta keep, you know,
pushing and being strong
because I'd break down
if I just wasn't mentally
strong enough for it.
[Magen] Man, it fucked me over.
They told me I had to do
the rest of my 30 days, plus five.
Goddamn. You know me, you let
She needs to be worrying about
the letters she about to get.
[Magen] Ray.
That's what she needs
to be worrying about.
- [interviewer] Letters?
- Letters.
When an inmate says they have letters,
letters stands for life sentences.
It's like, um, letters Life, L-I-F-E.
[Picard] Versus, an inmate says
numbers, that mean
Well, how many years
or how many months they have.
So she She needs to be gonna focus
on that time she about to go look at.
[Juicy] She says, you need to be worried
about them letters.
She think I care 'cause she go
and tell her what I said
- I don't give two fucks.
- I don't give a fuck.
[Juicy] I don't care if you care.
This is my mouth.
I do what I want. I say what I want.
- I'm not talking to you.
- This is my mouth.
I'm not about to fuss with you.
I'm not about to fuss with you, man.
Bitch, kill yourself. That's what you do.
[Juicy] You stank, girl, you stank.
That room stank,
everything about you stank.
- [Juicy] Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!
- [indistinct yelling]
- Check this girl's bag for a bomb!
- Bye. Good day.
- Bye. Good day. Lockdown.
- [indistinct yelling]
- [Picard] What I ask you to do?
- Listen!
You're gonna go back,
what I ask you to do?
- [Juicy] I'm about to go right now.
- [Picard] Bye.
[indistinct yelling]
I know where that's coming from. [laughs]
Taylor, she was talking through the toilet
with Fu Fu before I did that. So,
she's just big old mad
and hating right now,
so she's gonna say any and everything.
You just got out of disciplinary.
But listen.
All right, she started with me.
I didn't even say nothing.
So there's no helping you, right? Tell me.
There's no helping you.
So you gotta want help, okay?
When you want it, let me know.
'Cause you don't want it.
Magen, she wanna do the right thing,
but somewhere down the line,
she just keep mixing up.
She go right back
and do the same thing all over again.
So keep listening.
'Cause she keep on
[indistinct shouting]
You two going up to the wall
and start packing up.
[Whitley] Taylor.
We gonna move Taylor to eight at the top.
[Steele] So Magen and Taylor, you know,
they have been in trouble in their pods.
So that means we have to move
all those ladies off of the 3-5's.
- You ready?
- No!
What's the problem?
'Cause that shit maddening!
Got me on lockdown mad as a motherfucker.
I ain't even supposed to be on lockdown.
I ain't talking about moving.
Not going no where.
Girl, they're trying to make us
Like they're trying to move us
where they want to move us,
so we don't be comfortable
in our own little world.
I don't give a fuck.
I'm gonna do what I want regardless.
[Jamie] Me, I'm gonna do my time
the way I wanna do it.
This been a lockdown cell all this time,
- All of a sudden it's not a lockdown cell.
- Listen.
[Taylor] For real, I didn't even
fucking do nothing.
[Taylor] Then you said that. No!
- [Picard] Listen, are you moving or not?
- Man, no, I'm not moving!
[Steele] 10-4. So look,
we're gonna do this one here.
Close the door. Write her up.
Girl Scouts, canceled.
[Taylor] Man, they can't fucking
put me on lockdown!
No, no, no, listen. Listen.
- Not just now, Girl Scout is done.
- [indistinct yelling]
Put it in the report.
[Taylor] What was that for?
I got no fucks,
so don't fucking tell me that!
[Picard] Magen, come on.
[Magen] I'm not going.
I'mma be real with you. I'm dead serious.
- I don't want to leave Fu Fu.
- If I gotta move it, so be it.
[Magen] The one thing I had to, like,
take my mind off stuff,
talking through the toilet with Fu Fu.
Like, they're trying to like
take it away, so I'm very upset.
Magen, come on. I don't have all day.
Come on, I done give you enough chance.
[Janae] Magen!
Hold up.
Fu's on the toilet.
He in there?
What you want me to say?
Man, tell him I'm leaving!
She said to tell you that she leavin'.
- [Steele] Magen.
- [Janae] Huh?
Tell him I'm so for real.
He better make way.
She's moving to E! You better make way.
You really playing with our time now?
I'm sorry that you gotta leave
your toilet person, but you gotta go.
[hard rock music playing]
She was crying, though. She's upset.
She don't wanna come over here.
[Jamie] I don't blame her.
She upset 'cause she ain't talking
to that boy in the toilet.
Girl 'cause I'm going home tomorrow.
- Hi.
- Hi.
She coming?
I want you to look next door
at how clean Robin's room is.
[Laura] Robin made a body.
Looks like a body, but it's not her.
There's a book and everything.
[interviewer] Who is it?
[Laura] Ooh, we're about to have fun.
If we get caught?
So it's a chance we're taking,
but I think it's gonna pass.
- Come help you make your bunk?
- I'mma tell 'em.
[woman] All right.
- All right, I can deal with that.
- Wait.
We need something for the head.
[Nancy] Oh.
There you go.
[shuts door]
[Trina] Oh, man!
Sprinkle a little razzle-dazzle on that.
[Nancy] I think that's good.
That definitely looks like me. Yeah.
[Laura] I would say so.
[woman] Yeah, I like you [indistinct]
- [Harley] Stop looking so suspicious.
- [Nancy] Don't. No.
- 'Cause your act [gasps] Oh!
- [door locks]
- Pop my door.
- [Laura laughs]
Nae, tell her to pop my door.
Why did you do it so obvious?
You're a horrible criminal.
- Bitch, she was looking.
- I know!
You're a horrible criminal.
[Robin] Do not get me caught.
Yeah, you were really bad at that.
- [Harley] I don't think she's hearing us.
- And Janae is trying to rat on us.
- [Harley] She's not.
- She is.
[Nancy] Don't you think, um
No, she's not. I asked her to come.
[Laura] I'm positive she did it.
She tried to get me
locked down last time.
When she gets bored,
she'll do shit like that.
[Nancy] Oh, no, I can't sing, babe.
- Get out, Nancy.
- You gotta get out.
I'm waiting to leave.
As soon as the door pops.
I'm in 11.
[Nancy] Yeah!
We can't do nothing.
[Janae] Harley, why you trying to
get out the cell?
- What?
- Why you trying to get out?
- I'm not trying to.
- What are you trying to do?
Get her out.
- I thought she wanted to be in here.
- You didn't say nothing?
What I did?
[door unlocks]
- Wait, what I did?
- I don't know.
[Harley] She thought you told on us
or some shit.
- What's up?
- [Janae] Who is she?
- I'm out!
- Her?
- Just myself.
- What you talking about?
First off, I'm not no snitch.
I don't do with all that snitching.
[Laura] We already been through that.
- I did 'cause
- You did last time.
I didn't snitch. That lady seen you.
What is you talking? Didn't snitch on you.
- [Laura] Old lady.
- Stupid ass, dunk ass.
Why would you do that?
You said it. You said it in front of her.
[Laura] You went repeating what I said,
you're my friend.
So you don't repeat
what I say to other people.
You was talking about it in front of her!
- Are you my friend of not?
- I wanted to know.
- I wanted to know.
- Are you my friend?
I wouldn't say something you said to me
to somebody else.
I wanted to know.
I wanted to know if it was true.
Whatever. Five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
Oh, God.
[tense music playing]
[aggravated sigh]
Not how it was supposed to go.
[Robin] Where's Whitley at?
- You don't wanna move?
- [Robin] I don't.
I hear a walkie-talkie.
[Harley] It's not Whitley's.
I'm telling you, she's gone.
She's not in here.
[Robin] All right,
I heard the door close. I'll move.
It can be all fun and games in here, and
it's not.
It's not.
This place is not fun.
I'm still young, I'm only 23 years old.
I do want bigger and better things
for myself, and for my child.
I'm very, um,
worried about
how my decisions
will affect him later in life
if I don't get myself together.
I'm just tired of being around so many
females in one place. It's too much!
Too many personalities,
too much attitudes.
Too much different opinions on things.
Way too much fucking drama.
It's time to get my life together.
I don't tell anybody this because
I don't want them to think anything.
Actually, my past is
My background is corrections.
[interviewer] How so?
I was a deputy for two and a half years.
Always on the run ♪
Always on the run ♪
They just hide it ♪
What's inside ♪
Always on the run ♪
Uh! ♪
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