Jailbirds New Orleans (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Y'all Might Want to Run

[indistinct shouting]
[Taylor] No, that was you up here
wanting to fuck with that!
[indistinct shouting continues]
[Taylor] That was you.
[shouting indistinctly]
- For what?
- [indistinct shouting]
[Laderika] Fuck wrong with you, ho?
Get on my level!
Bitch, I can't
[Taylor] Okay.
I ain't do dope.
So I ain't gonna never be on your level!
That ain't my drug of choice!
All the females have their struggles.
Some have their good days,
some have their bad days.
So you can keep saying
all that dumbass shit?
You don't know nothing about me,
so that don't even bother me!
We try not to put nobody down.
Everybody don't have help.
So I try to be there for them.
You don't want to listen.
Did they put their hands on you?
Did Listen to this here once again.
Somebody put their hands on you?
- So words hurt?
- No.
So if I call you an n-word,
that's gonna hurt you?
Y'all call us names every day.
But I still come every day,
'cause words do not hurt me.
Anybody call me all type of names.
But I'm still here.
Words don't hurt me.
You're right. I'm not worried about her.
She is not no factor to me, Picard.
Okay, well, go finish writing.
Put that on paper.
Put something positive on the paper.
I don't want to hear it no more.
Picard, you gonna let me take my shower?
Now guess what? Now guess what?
I'm 'bout to think.
Since y'all had your explosion,
let me sit down and think about this here.
[screams into toilet]
I always tell each female,
you can't change where you've been,
you can change where you're going.
[door beeps, buzzes]
[indistinct chatter]
Hey, hey, hey, ladies, hold on.
We do know it's in violation, right?
You doing signals over there?
Let me Let me take
Uh, uh.
Go over there.
Uh, Andrews.
[woman] Janae, really?
Don't worry about it.
She Obviously, she wanna go in her cell.
- And be on lockdown.
- Ain't no "her cell."
It's not my cell.
I'm not picking that cell.
It's the small things, I learned,
that you have to stay on top of
that causes the big ripple effects.
Especially when it comes to contraband.
You can always plug a hole,
but it seem like they always
find another one to utilize.
[Lacey] You know
there's a camera right there, right?
[playful music]
New inmates come in with it, and they
they let us buy it from them.
Then we put it in our hair.
I got this just out of one person's hands.
You know, it's new. [laughs] It's new.
Now she's just taking her hair loose
so I could braid it.
I'm not gonna charge her
'cause that's my friend.
So I won't charge her for it.
Byrielle, we gotta do this fast.
'Cause if it's not in my hair,
it's contraband.
[Picard speaks indistinctly]
You know, I always get my hair redone.
My old man comes once a week,
and I'm always fixing my hair nice.
For him.
That's my heart. Hoo-whee. [chuckles]
That's all you talk about.
I don't know why.
"'Cause when you find a dude,
you keep him," my daddy said,
and I finally found one.
They hard to find.
Not all the time.
A lot of the time.
[upbeat music playing]
- So you just want two braids?
- Yes, ma'am.
Hold your head down for me.
Byrielle, she 18, you know?
I'm about to be 36 next month.
I got a daughter older than her.
You know, and I always was,
like, a caregiver.
She's like my daughter in here.
Baby, hold up. I'm gonna stop and
get out your hair if you move too much.
Oh, I know.
You messin' me up here and I'm trying
to grip this little white girl hair.
I ain't gonna move it.
I'm staying right here.
Like, I have a mother. She's still alive.
But she gave me up to the state,
so she never raised me,
so I look at Crystal as a mother
'cause she sit down and talk to me.
She give me advice.
I told her I don't have no guidance,
so I asked her, can she guide me?
[interviewer] You look like
you're in a Beverly Hills salon.
[Byrielle laughs]
It's gonna come out like that too.
[inmate] I need my door open.
[indistinct chattering]
What's up with all the attitude?
I've been here a year, Steele.
- Okay.
- Listen
- I don't understand why I had to move.
- Okay, so,
how many opportunities you had
before you got moved off that pod?
About two.
No. You had been on lockdown
way more than two times.
All right, but,
in that cell, two times.
They moved me off F
because of the last situation
when Jamie tried to take my store,
and like, all that when that occurred.
So whose fault is that that you got moved
out of a lockdown cell by doing something,
breaking a rule or infraction?
- But
- There's no buts.
It's out of who did.
I would stay on lockdown
to stay over there.
But that's not gonna happen, 'cause now
you're trying to manipulate my system.
But we're not gonna do that.
Don't play with me.
I'm so sick to my stomach,
'cause, Fu Fu,
they took him away from me,
and I'm so sad.
I miss him so much.
I love him.
- How you love him and you don't know him?
- Listen. Don't ask questions.
Just know I love him
and I'm waiting for him.
Now you crying over people.
Y'all gonna see me
boo-hoo and crying again.
- Oh, my God. Please.
- Yes.
I'm It's, like, a real breakup.
Girl, oh, my God.
Here for real. Listen.
Man, you know they moved Magen
and your wife, a couple other people,
- Onto E.
- Yeah.
I woke up, I'm thinking
I'm about to talk to her this morning.
I mean, straight found out
they moved, dog.
- Yeah, they moved.
- Knocking on the toilet, nobody answer.
I'm here with my husband. [laughs]
His name is Tyrell Reddicks.
I'm Mrs. Reddicks.
I just got moved off 3F to 3E.
That mean I can't talk
to Tyrell in the toilet.
They move her, Magen,
and, like, two other girls.
I'm saying, "Why only them?"
I That's just the first-round
draft picks. [chuckles]
Magen, she was very upset.
And that was, like, man.
So once I heard that, I was like, "Whoa."
That's just big.
I'll pass, like, three hours away a day
talking in the toilet.
I pass more than that.
Way more than three hours.
What we gonna do?
I don't know. Something.
- I'm gonna decide it, man.
- I miss my girl. Man, it's
I'm thinking about moving too,
ya hear it?
I'm checking out, son.
[interviewer] What does that mean?
"Check out" mean that I'mma leave
this turf to go to another turf.
- [interviewer] But, guys, this is jail.
- I know.
It's not like the Motel 6 where
But we find out ways
to move around, you know.
[Tyrell] I might have to do, like, three
- [Fu Fu] 2-3 days.
- 3 to 5 days in the hole.
And once I get out the hole,
they gonna reclassify me to another turf.
Hopefully they put me under her
so I can talk in the toilet.
[both laughing]
I don't know, son.
I won't, but I don't
And it's, like, I don't, but I do
I'm stuck, son.
I'm comfortable here.
Guys know me. I know guys.
I'd rather stay here, but I have to take
into consideration of her feelings.
It's very stressful,
so I don't know what to do.
[indistinct shouting]
[inmate] Stevenson!
Is it okay for us to run a beat?
- All right.
- Run that beat.
- Come on.
- What?
Give it to 'em, give it to 'em
[all chanting to a beat]
- [laughing]
- [chanting] Give it to 'em
Don't capture no bald spots on camera.
[mimics scraping]
[all laughing]
Follow me. Follow me, you ugly bitch.
[all laughing]
["I Feel It" by Raphael Lake,
Aaron Levy & Wesley E. Smith playing]
[Heather] It's what we do in here.
That makes you feel like
it's just normal life. [laughs]
Oh, my God.
Girl, don't even get me started.
I miss all my makeup. I miss my lashes.
[Harley] Do you have a vision
and a plan for all of this?
Doing my hair, you know, my eyebrows,
like, just taking care of me.
Being in here, there's only
limited items you can receive.
- [inmate 1] Who is that? I like her hair.
- [inmate 2] I love her hair.
I dyed my hair purple and blue.
It's, uh, vegan hair dye.
I identify as trans-female.
Being in jail with a whole bunch of men,
I try to not forget who I am,
because I'm used
to walking the streets with makeup on,
um, a weave in my head.
We're getting pretty.
I love seeing people happy.
That's just what I do.
Excuse me. I have a little bit
of some hairs growing.
I call these my shaking pants.
'Cause I can shake in these pants.
[inmate] Ah, girl!
I wanna show my little shape or whatever.
Who are you getting all dolled up for?
Just like to look good.
Make you feel better about yourself.
[indistinct chatter]
My last two bags of chips.
I'm pissed off. Real pissed off.
The chips came out of my room!
Byrielle coming in,
took two bags of my chips.
[Crystal] Enough is enough!
What's going on?
- What?
- What's wrong with you?
Byrielle come in here and took my chips!
- [Picard] You told her to come up here?
- No, ma'am.
[Crystal] I wouldn't lie. I went down
I got up this morning. I brushed my teeth.
- I went take my medicine.
- Okay.
She took chips out of my room,
when I come in here,
it's my last two bags of chips.
So what I'm supposed to eat?
I ain't been in my room all day.
I been doing hair.
I go to get a bag of chips.
I ain't got none.
Nah, I know what I got.
Every night, I eat chips and noodles.
That's what I needed to cope
for that day, you know?
Like, I needed it.
And, putting two and two together,
I seen Byrielle
with the chips I'm missing.
Byrielle, I'mma ask you nicely.
Give me the chips back
and you going on lockdown.
Pop 11.
So you stealin' in my face?
- I ain't steal.
- Why you in there though?
She call me her daughter.
I don't care.
- Now she wanna
- Where they at?
- Hold on.
- You're not gonna pass me up.
- That's what you're not gonna do.
- I'm 'bout to tell her.
Crystal, she wanted me to braid her hair,
so I told her somebody else
have some hair for sale.
Crystal said, "I have two bags of chips
if you wanna go buy the hair
then go get the chips."
So I didn't know she was
gonna pop off like that.
How I stole those snacks
if you told me to go get it?
It ain't have to be all this.
I'm trying to talk to her personally.
[Byrielle] I'm I'm
I'm stressing. Like,
I don't understand.
I'm really upset with her.
Highly upset.
So we need to talk.
Close it!
[PIcard] Byrielle, go down and wait.
If I come up there,
you're going on 90 days lockdown.
So help me.
Hold my jacket.
I'm not playing with her.
Mace that ho!
[inmate] Mace her!
So you really not going in your own cell?
You're going on 90 days lockdown.
- How about we talk about that, Crystal?
- Byrielle.
[Crystal] You should have asked before
My last two bags.
- What I told you?
- Don't talk to her.
- What I told you, Crystal?
- Leave it alone. Let's go.
[Picard] Go on lockdown. Goodbye.
How you doing that shit bad?
- Stop going in people's stuff.
- You You gave it
- You told me to go get it, Crystal!
- Bye.
You a fuckin' liar!
Okay, I did go in her stuff,
and I stole the chips,
but keep in mind she call me
her daughter and I call her my mama.
So she give me whatever I want.
So I really don't know
how to handle all that. [sniffles]
[Byrielle] I'm not going in there.
You're making it worse on yourself.
- That was supposed to be my mama, though.
- Who supposed to be your mama?
- Crystal! Like, I don't understand.
- Well, that's on you and Crystal, okay?
- Why would she do that?
- She said she's gonna investigate.
When I finish doing my investigation,
you could do all that.
That's so messed up.
Don't do me nothin' like that.
- [guard] She gonna arrest you.
- [Picard] You gonna go in your cell. Bye.
- No.
- [guard] Let's go.
[Crystal] Trust me. I feel bad about it.
But the little girl knows
she could have asked me for anything.
And I don't care if it was my last,
I would have given it to her.
No questions asked.
- Ms. Picard.
- You gonna start unraveling.
- Listen.
- Unravel! Now!
- When you I'mma do it.
- What I say to do?
- Ten minutes I'll be out.
- Let me see. Start.
- Who? I'mma be over like that.
- You heard what I said.
- Yeah.
- Start.
[Crystal] Maurice, my baby,
he'll be here Tuesday
at 8:00 with bells on.
I mean, I stay looking good for him,
but we don't have no more hair.
They took it all.
And it all could have been resolved if
she would have just asked me for my stuff.
It was fuckin' Byrielle!
Byrielle come in my cell and
took that without me knowing.
I get where some of
these women have anger,
but you ain't never really gonna
catch me angry. Not really.
Not unless it's about my hair.
[Picard] All the hair comin' out.
Ain't nobody have no hair.
I'm done talking.
They don't have to have hair anyway.
[inmate] Janae?
[inmate 2] Ten at the top?
[Jamie] Eight at the top.
[prison worker] Thank you.
Come on!
[inmate] I'm sorry.
Anybody else for feed up?
All right, I'm keeping all these extras.
I miss Taylor.
She went home.
She got released on one-year probation.
I'm happy for her.
Taylor was the only one
I was really close to.
That I really like, you know,
click-clacked with.
So I'm just alone
by my lonely fuckin' self.
- You talk to Taylor?
- No.
And you feel like we would
have heard from her?
Yeah, we would have.
If we didn't hear now,
we're not gonna hear from her.
- She's over with.
- Right.
We was just a thought on her mind
while she was here in her presence.
I hope she's not out there doing
the things that's gonna lead
her back in here. So
Yeah, I hope not.
At one point, I loved her,
but it's over with for her now.
Do I still love her? Yeah,
but I don't love her like that no more.
Well, I love her just regular.
You loved her like that too.
- No.
- Yeah.
Timanisha Taylor,
she was always my rock.
Always by me.
You know? It's hard.
[Jamie] You fat.
- I'm not fat. Stop. Not funny.
- You are. Look at that stomach.
Look at that stomach.
You got rolls on the side.
Ow. That hurt.
You grabbed my skin.
I'm not that bad.
I don't got rolls, but I'm big.
Shit. You got double butt and double chin.
- Still eating that cake?
- Stop.
- You ain't put that cake down yet?
- Throw it away. No, I'm lying.
Ha. Fat ass. [laughs]
All women ain't good women.
Some of these women is not good.
They don't even smell good.
Okay? [laughs]
You gotta watch what you're doing in here.
We used to have a thing.
- Oh! Oh! Oh!
- Oh! Don't fuckin' tell people that.
Oh! Yeah.
I got beat down
and everything 'cause of you.
- Your fault. I didn't have to do with it.
- Taylor beat me up behind her.
- It was funny.
- It was funny?
I hang out with Janae Andrews.
We're not even on a sexual level.
It's just a friend.
You cold?
- You want me to come keep you warm?
- Jamie, stop playing with me.
I'm not playing with you.
I'm dead-ass serious, and you know that.
So tomorrow morning
we're gonna have a little coffee date.
- And we're just gonna talk and hang out.
- Okay.
And then we're going
to pack up your stuff,
make sure you're all set to go
for the second that they call you.
- Okay.
- I don't care if we're sitting by the door
- on top of your bed waiting for it.
- Okay.
Gonna miss you.
Gonna miss you. Mm.
So I will be out of here tomorrow.
I'm very anxious, but I'm ready.
Ready to get out of here.
I asked my mom to bring me a Red Bull
and a pack of cigarettes. [laughs]
Did you ask her to bring you
a spare set of clothes?
- Yeah. I did.
- Yeah. Good.
You know what I rolled in here with was
- Dump it.
- Ready to get rid of that.
Old habits, clothes, everything.
Like, just start over fresh.
- Burn it. [laughs]
- I'm burning it. I'm burning it.
I want to,
like, start a new way of life.
I want to be a lawyer.
My background's corrections,
and I went to school for criminal justice.
So I wanna help people.
Really wanna be a good mom.
Good friend, daughter, sister.
But it's a lot.
I think tomorrow's gonna be very
therapeutic for you and your mom.
She's You know, she's believing
in me this one last time, and, like,
she's giving me this benefit
of the doubt again, but, after this
I can forget it, you know what I mean?
There is no more chances.
Friends and family, my child,
everybody's ready for me
to either make it or not.
It's all great to talk about all this,
but then whenever you, like,
actually walk out the door
- who knows what's gonna happen?
- Yeah.
You know what I mean?
I have time,
but I also feel like I've wasted
the past five years of my life,
so I have to fit ten
into the next five to make up for it.
And I know that's not logical either.
All right, let me calm down.
I gotta calm down for a second.
Good night.
Good night.
Down go Frasier.
I want y'all to clean up
while you up in there.
- That's what I want.
- There ain't nobody cleanin' up?
I'm trying to give you
some praise and worship.
I want you to go in
and pray it and clean up.
And won't He do it?
Yes He will! ♪
Amen! I'll see you later.
Praise and worship. Let's go.
Put it on. Be blessful
Look there. Look at God. Ha.
Look there.
I got more hair.
From Byrielle.
She totally called me at my cell,
and she's like, "I got this for you."
She's like, "I'm sorry."
Yeah. I'mma get it done today.
What are you doing?
Nothing. Just thinking about you.
I know.
I'm sorry.
I know you are.
You move too fast
a lot of times, but it's okay.
I'm still Ma.
I love you. You know it?
And I still love you.
Now you know I learned a lot
since you've been here.
I know.
You've grown a lot since I've been here.
But, you know,
actions could have been
taken differently.
The man up above don't sleep.
Trust me.
He don't.
And karma's a bitch, and you know it.
- You hear, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- You know what I'm talking about?
- Yes, ma'am.
I'll be foolish to hold a grudge on her.
I'm old enough to be her mother.
It's all right. I forgive her.
I ain't gonna forget,
but I'll forgive her.
Where's Where's Trouble at?
[Byrielle] She's not on the pod.
Oh, yes, she is.
- Where she at?
- Right there by that door.
[Crystal] Okay, hand me a couple pieces.
[Byrielle] Okay.
["Hard Shoulder" by Lennon Hutton playing]
- [inmates laughing]
- Okay, perfect.
[Byrielle laughs]
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
I love her.
[dreamy jazz music playing]
[knocking continues]
Oh, Fu!
So he made his way over here on E side.
I didn't think he was gonna
be able to do it.
But I just love his vibe.
I love him as a person.
He's a really good support system,
so I was just so happy, like,
aah, I heard his voice.
My whole face just dropped.
I just started screaming.
But we're trying to keep Steele
and Picard from finding out, 'cause
they're gonna feel very played
if they find out he's down there,
and so that's why I've been trying to,
like, not say nothing, keep it a secret.
I'm like, "Just be cool. Be cool."
And then he's sitting there
with that loud banging all day.
He just don't listen.
- That's, like
- [Fu Fu] Hello!
He wants to get popped. What?
What's happening, yo?
[Fu Fu] What are you doing?
I'm not
Listen. Listen.
[Magen] Maybe we shouldn't talk right now.
You not getting on the phone tonight?
[Fu Fu] You gonna act funny like
I'm the only one being in the toilet.
That's crazy, yo.
No, I think you're just
I think you're just trippin' right now.
Wait. What you said?
I said I think you just fuckin'
trippin' right now.
You're pissed at me, huh? For real.
That's not a good terminology. [laughs]
Man, chill out. You
Listen, I'm about to flush my toilet
'cause you just need to chill out.
I can't hear you.
Can you fuckin' hear me now,
you stupid dumb bitch?
[Fu Fu] Huh?
[toilet flushes]
I just hung up on him.
It's, like, I'm just gonna give him
a second to realize
what's coming out of his mouth
and then let him think about it,
and then when I open my toilet
back up he's gonna be like,
"Yeah, I was trippin'." I'll be like,
"Yeah, you were trippin'."
So happy, though.
[indistinct chattering]
[Jamie] Magen, I need
two coffees from you, please.
Two coffees?
[Magen] No. What you gonna give me?
I can't say it on camera. [laughs]
[interviewer] You're asking
for something after you stole!
After I stole her commissary! Yeah!
[Jamie] At the end of the day, that's
my real friend. We just get into it.
Look how long her nails are.
Freddy Krueger type shit.
You You can't even play
with yourself, huh?
- You gonna cut your shit off.
- I don't need to play with myself, bitch.
[Magen] She's apologized.
You know, everybody's apologized.
We made up or whatever.
We actually used to be, like,
really good friends. And,
just being able to talk to somebody.
That helps me out a lot.
[Jamie] Come here.
- No, I'm about to go.
- Don't go.
- 'Cause you
- Long hair don't care.
We have our days. We women.
We talk shit. We run it.
We gonna be loud and rowdy.
- Oh, I'm scared now.
- No, you ain't. Uh-huh.
- [Jamie] What I am?
- You something else.
- Can I have a hug?
- Huh.
- You don't miss me?
- Uh-uh.
- Give me a hug.
- Walk away.
But at the end of the day,
we all get along.
Come here, friend.
- [Magen] I'm about to go, yo.
- So you leaving me?
- All right. I never liked you neither.
- [Magen] You said what?
It was a feeling. It's gone now.
[indistinct chatter]
[Crystal sighs] I'm nervous, babe.
- It's alright, friend.
- He'll be here soon. Don't worry.
- Whoo.
- [inmate] Your hair's so cute.
Thank you, babe.
Maurice is, uh
See, when I when I'm at my visit,
- I'm not here.
- Yeah.
I'm I'm out this place.
- For 15 minutes.
- Right.
I'm just waiting for Maurice.
I talk to him at least six,
seven times a day.
But still, when we see
each other, it's like,
start off right where we left off.
He loves him some Crystal.
[Steele] Crystal?
You got a video.
Ah. Whoo.
I get nervous. [giggles]
I get so nervous.
Might have the coronavirus in here.
Whoo! He's dressed like a hot boy.
Whoo hoo hoo!
Ha ha.
Yeah, well, I been knowing Crystal
for about five years.
Yeah. She all right.
- Hello?
- Hey, baby. Whoo!
What's up?
[Crystal] He don't miss a court date.
He don't miss a visit.
I don't care if I call ten times a day.
He gonna answer.
And I got sentenced to seven years.
He's still here. He's not running.
I can't see you, Maurice, at all.
You're gonna have to sit up on your feet.
Maurice, I can't see you
and I'm freakin' out.
Now you look like
you're stretching your neck.
Stand up, crazy.
- Hey, Maurice!
- Whoo!
[Crystal] You so hot.
Oh, my God.
Oh. I wanted to tell you,
I was gonna surprise you.
I got fingerprinted today.
- That don't mean nothin'.
- Yes, that does mean something.
That means that I'm one step closer
to getting out of this place.
We'll see.
So I did my hair again. You like it?
It took me hell and high waters
to go back and get the hair.
It looks all right?
You look all right.
The Crystal hair thing, I don't know
what that is with that. I have no idea.
It ain't like you be payin'
for on the street,
but it's good for being
with the place I am.
Every Tuesday she tell me,
"I gotta have my hair braided."
I say, "You got it braided yesterday."
People with hair braided on the streets
stay braided for weeks.
I say, "Whoever braiding your hair,
if they're spending that much time
braiding hair on the streets,
they wouldn't be in jail."
The video's about to end.
I love you. You know I do.
- I love you too.
- I'm gonna I'm gonna call you in,
um, I don't know, probably,
like, a half hour or so?
She calls me a lot, and
it's three dollars to connect,
25 cents a minute.
And they're 15 minutes at a time.
They're $7.
Two to three times a day.
It's adding up quick in a week.
I love you. I love you so much.
Oh, there went the phone call.
[sighs] This is where I go crazy.
He's my best friend.
I mean, y'all can see how we are.
Like, it's
it's crazy.
You wanna sit back there at our table?
Who's at our table?
- I don't know, but they can move.
- [laughs]
So what about, uh, Harley?
I'm worried.
- Me too.
- I'm very worried.
You know how many times I've been
in jail and someone gets released
and the next day the nurse comes,
is like, "They OD'd"?
At least we know she doesn't,
like, do dope or anything.
[Heather] You know?
That's the scary situation.
Like, you know.
- [gentle music playing]
- You gonna be all right?
Ugh. I just got a lot going on, you know?
I know. I know how it is.
I'm scared to death to touch that world.
- You heard me?
- Yeah.
'Cause I'm a beast out there.
- That's what scares me.
- Anything goes, son.
Anything goes.
I don't wanna let nobody down.
I'm waiting for them to call my name
and tell me to pack my stuff and then
my mom's gonna be outside waiting for me.
And I can make a transition to rehab.
[Stevenson] Harley there?
Girl, you going home?
- [Steele] You bringing that roll out down?
- Me? Roll out?
[emotional music playing]
- All right, come on. Give me a hug.
- Like, actually rolling out?
- Yeah.
- Aww!
You're leaving. Why you crying?
She know she going home,
you know? It's It's
- [sheriff] All right, well, listen.
- It's a demon.
[sighs] Okay.
[sheriff] Ready?
- I'm ready.
- Okay.
- [sheriff 2] Jamie, back up.
- [sheriff 1] She's ready.
We love you!
[Harley] I love y'all too.
It's so not exciting to live in here.
Exciting is seeing
your child's milestones.
Exciting is being able to be,
you know, at Thanksgiving or Christmas,
watch your kid open up his presents.
I don't wanna say "normal people stuff,"
but it is kinda normal people stuff.
Holler if you know your best friend, baby.
Don't do it too big, but do it big.
Make sure you don't come back.
- I'm not.
- All right.
I can't even wipe my face.
[emotional music playing]
[Harley] Last time I got out of here,
I went right back to the street.
I didn't wait to see my mom. Or my son.
The plan this time is
I am gonna go into a, um,
substance abuse
and alcohol treatment center.
And then I am to not be in
communication with
toxic people.
All the old ways of life
that I thought I knew,
I need to do the opposite of that.
["Give It All Up" by Pastis plays]
Life's too short ♪
To get it all right ♪
First time around ♪
[Harley] Last time I got out,
I overdosed twice within three weeks.
My addiction hasn't just gone away
because I came to jail, you know?
Hey, Ma.
My son, that situation for me is,
um, very touchy.
Win or Lose ♪
It should be worth the fight ♪
Good luck to you.
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
Woo ♪
I wanna be okay ♪
I want a second chance ♪
Cuz this time around ♪
I made a lot of mistakes in my life.
And it comes to a point
when you have to say,
"Wait a second."
"How are you gonna change?
Are you gonna change at all?"
Oh my God, it's so bright.
I couldn't remember what it felt like
to be outside. Like, that's
dehumanizing. Seriously.
Is that a word?
Okay. I wanted to make sure.
Ooh, is that my mom?
That's my mom.
["And I'm Coming Home" plays]
It's hard giving life to dead ♪
Some things can't be unsaid ♪
But I'll try ♪
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey, kiddo.
How you doing?
- Coming home.
- I'm coming home.
This time for real, right?
Yes. I promise.
I know it.
I know it. I already know. Okay?
I love you so much.
I love you too, babe.
I know you've been through a lot.
But you know what?
I was the one who always knew.
- I know.
- Right?
You always told me
I was gonna get it together.
- No matter what. I'm strong.
- That's right.
All right. We got this, right?
- Yeah.
- All right.
St. Tammany, huh?
All right.
It's not over yet ♪
Hearts still beating in our chest ♪
So don't let go ♪
Because I'm coming home ♪
Ooh ♪
[lazy country tune plays]
[Julie] Harley left this morning.
This is jail, so you want everybody
- to go home.
- Right.
We're all mad that we're not out there.
We're in jail, I mean, almost two years
now watching Mardi Gras on the news.
No, I don't think so.
That was my favorite time of year.
So it was a big depressant for me.
I've been locked up
since August 28th of '18.
it's been a while.
["Been Too Long" by Richardson,
Murrill, Ford & Cocozza playing]
[interviewer] What do they say?
They say that "You look like
somebody that would, um,
like, credit card fraud or something."
But, no, I'm
No, I wish I was.
Y'all know I been here
Pushed back. I didn't go to court
for nine months one time.
I didn't even saw the courtroom.
[Heather] Came home, back,
you still hadn't been in court.
- And still hadn't been in court.
- [woman] That's fucked up.
I've been an addict all my life.
I started using heroin
about ten years ago.
And then, January 2018,
my dealer offered me a deal and said,
"I'mma drop some stuff with you,
instead of racking up a bill with me,
you know, I'll send
I'm gonna send my customers to you."
"And you can get two grams a day."
- And he brought me into some shit that
- You should had no business being in.
- Just ain't fuckin' right.
- Come on.
Let me bust your ass right quick.
Play and talk.
I can't play and talk sometimes.
Y'all know. Y'all know
how me and Julie get.
Shut up.
[Julie] It was on a Sunday.
My dealer called and told me to go outside
and bring something to this guy.
I didn't know it at the time, but, well,
he went home and overdosed.
- Damn.
- Yeah.
We never knew the guy was gonna overdose.
It's just a big ball of confusion.
And then a couple days later,
walked outside,
and the FBI jumped out from everywhere.
The guy that overdosed
was a CI for the FBI.
And, um
[tense music playing]
[Julie] And I'd have never imagined that
all that would happen from me using
and just wanting to get high.
I'm charged with second-degree murder,
conspiracy to a drug ring,
and about 12 possessions
with intent to distribution of heroin.
I'm far from a goody two shoes.
I'm stuck here some more. Like, longer.
I'm waiting for my co-defendant
to get sentenced.
It's a big It's a big mess.
Then they were gonna
sentence me on the fifth.
Well, now I got My mom said the DA's
talking about manslaughter and they did.
They said, "You beat the murder, but"
[indistinct shouting]
[shouting intensifies]
Somebody's fightin'.
Yeah. Y'all might wanna run.
[Julie] Y'all probably wanna run.
[indistinct shouting]
[Picard] Wanda, look!
I'm trying to help, okay? Sit down!
Call Nicole. Sit. Call Nicole for me.
Sit down, girl.
- [indistinct clamoring]
- [Picard] Wear your own handcuffs.
[Indistinct shouting]
[clamoring continues]
[Picard] Get my jacket, please.
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