Jestination Unknown (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Free Idiots/Leh

We're not going to be
in this world for long.
We're here only for a short time.
We have no right to harm anyone else.
My life's purpose is not to cause harm.
I wasn't born for that.
I have learned more
in the last three minutes
than in the last 60 days.
You've taught me so much
in the last three minutes.
I often ask myself a question.
How far am I really willing
to go to tell a joke?
Let me explain.
As a comedian,
to do my job I get out of my house,
go to the nearest comedy club,
and just do my jokes.
But I take my environment for granted.
The mics, the green room, the space,
electricity, permission to perform,
transport, and most importantly, audience.
But what if I didn't have
those things ready for me?
Would I still be interested
in doing comedy?
Would I still be ready to tell a joke?
So yeah, I made a list of everything
I need to pull off a show
and then found the one place in India
that didn't have any of those things.
Leh, Ladakh.
A place with a total
population of 30,000 people.
A place which is three kilometers
above sea level.
A place where nothing is nearby,
nothing is convenient,
and yet every inch of the land
stores the wisdom of the world.
The season finale.
Leh, Ladakh.
Why the fuck do you have
a strolley in Ladakh?
It's how I travel.
Come on!
This is beautiful!
It is though.
Now, when you think of
beautiful Ladakh you think of
annoying tourists,
just finding themselves.
Biker dudes from Delhi
finding themselves.
Monks finding themselves.
Basically, a whole lot of finding.
What are the people
of Ladakh actually like?
That's what this show is about.
To find out we began by meeting
a group of very interesting people and
What do I say about them?
They're nuns,
but that's not enough.
They are also teenage girls.
Still not enough.
They are badass teenage nun girls
who know Kung Fu.
Dude, this is amazing!
We'd like you to know that these
stunts are performed by professionals
younger than my comedy career.
-Please take care of Munni.
Take care of Mummy.
Take care of my daughter.
Okay, enough!
Too much!
I met some girls that are studying here.
That's pretty cool.
They are being taught
by Kung Fu Nuns.
Then I started thinking
about Kung Fu Nuns.
Two of those things,
individually I get.
Kung Fu; understand.
Nuns; understand.
The two things combined
I don't fucking understand.
Like why do nuns need to know Kung Fu?
Like who is trying to fight nuns?
Like what kind of an asshole
do you have to be.
Do you understand what kind of
shitty human being do you have to be
to look across the room,
see a bunch of nuns and be like
"Hey, you guys.
You see those nuns over there?
I'm about to kick some ass."
It's the weirdest thing in the world.
Thank you for hitting us so hard.
-So, only girls study in this school?
-Boys also study in this school?
-Do you beat up boys?
-Come on!
-Come on.
No, because boys are afraid of us.
-Because boys are
-Of course, I'm afraid of you!
I'm sitting here.
-Girls, do you like comedy?
What kind of comedy do you watch?
Kapil Sharma.
Kapil Sharma.
Very good!
So, I don't know if you know
So, I'm a stand-up comedian,
Raj is a stand-up comedian,
and Mushran is a stand-up comedian.
Much like Kapil Sharma
but with much less money.
So where exactly are we going again?
Lake Pangong.
How long is it going to take to get there?
-Four hours by car.
Five hours by bike.
Hey, remember that thing
I said about biker dudes from Delhi?
There's still a little bit of that in me.
Oh, come on!
We're in Ladakh!
There's bikes around.
It's allowed.
-This is amazing.
The open road.
The wind in your hair.
The roar of the engine.
Rugged men.
Sun in your face.
Against the elements.
Sun in your face.
I just said that.
-Good to go?
-Alright. Cool.
Now remember,
it's one down, four up.
Five? Or did you say four
You know how to ride bikes, right?
-No, no!
-Absolutely not!
Then why the fuck
did we do this montage?
It looks cool.
Hey, this is your travel show!
Where are the fucking stuntmen?
-Oh, you want stuntmen?
That's what you really want?
-You sure about that?
Fuck yeah!
I don't know how to ride this.
All for stuntmen raise their hands?
Get the Sherpas!
So we hit the road to see
the world-famous Pangong Lake.
The serene lake is also the largest
water body at this height in India.
On the way to Pangong,
you see lakes,
rivers, mountains, forests.
You may even a see
a white man and an American man
hugging a Ladakhi man.
That's three dudes hugging.
-Hey, Raj!
-Hey, buddy!
-Do you like my bike?
-I do!
-You know this bike does amazing things.
-Like what?
Except it can't
because there is a fucking
suitcase in the back!
Are you even allowed to
bring anything else?
Who brings a fucking suitcase to Ladakh?
I look like a school girl!
My wife gave me that!
You know what, man?
Fuck you and your
star-spangled head, alright.
I hope your country gets Donald Trump
for ten more years.
Ten more years!
I wish that on you!
-Oh, don't you dare!
-I curse you!
-I curse you!
-Oh, no!
This is you're just cranky right now.
By the way, how about this?
-This is awesome.
-This is beautiful.
It's weird.
Like the people of Ladakh,
even the highways are very
polite and profound in Ladakh.
Like the highways give you
lots and lots of advice.
I love your literature.
Like you know, England had Shakespeare.
Russia had Chekov.
But in Ladakh you have,
The Border Road Organization.
Have you heard that one?
"Lower your gear or the end is near."
That is some Honey Singh shit,
ladies and gentlemen.
Well done!
You know, people come to
find themselves in Ladakh.
I think that's selfish.
Just come here and try to find
the real Ladakh.
And it will give you so much.
It's beautiful.
Absolutely beautiful.
We made this whole thing,
just for the show.
Looks like they've
given us two men pop tents.
It's a tent for two men.
Look, the rain fly is sturdier,
the stakes go in easier.
You know, when I used to go trekking,
we used to stay in these dome tents
and Sherpas used to stay in these
big ass Sherpa tents.
It was cool.
Hey, Mushran.
When did you get your
bachelors in "tents"?
Do you know anything about tents?
I know a little bit.
You know, you got a big tent
for the families,
then a medium tent
for the couples,
and then the little tent
for sad people.
That's pathetic, man.
-Oh, I'm pathetic?
You two needed Bike Sherpas,
just want to point that out.
Hey, hold on!
If you fall out of a tent,
you don't break every
fucking bone in your body.
Hey, Raj.
Would you like me to
help you set up your tent?
Oh, that would be mighty kind of you!
-Oh, that's how it's gonna be?
You two are just gonna
-No, it's fine. You go ahead.
-We will.
You know what?
You "tent" that shit out.
We in"tent" to.
That's our in"tent"ion.
-Yeah, yeah!
-It's funny!
-You enjoy that shit!
Yeah, walk away!
-That's fine.
-Walk away, yeah!
Oh, and seriously,
thanks for all the help.
Hey, no problem.
You wanna go check on Vir
and see what he's done with his tent?
he hasn't done a goddamn thing.
I bet it's just a sheet on the ground.
Alright. Let's check it out.
Well, in Ladakh
-karma is host privileges.
-Hey, guys.
'Cause when you get an Amazon show,
like I have
you get to overcome karma.
When I think about Pangong Lake
and the area around it
I am wondering that India and China
are not really fighting
over land and water.
They are actually fighting over tourism.
If you think of it
all the attacks really happen
during the tourist season.
It's like nobody wants
Ladakh in the winter.
In the winter they are like,
"No! You keep it."
"No! It's yours! It's October!"
"You can start.
April we'll
We'll take it back in April."
I have to admit it, man.
This place is incredible.
And kinda creepy.
But you know what's missing, right?
No, a ghost story.
Do you know any ghost stories?
I have no ghost stories, no.
No, I don't know one either.
But what we can do
I know a ghost story.
There was once a man who lost his yak.
He then went out to look for his yak.
Night fell,
and when he was returning home,
he saw a beautiful, fairy-like girl.
And the girl said,
"Can I please stay here just for tonight?"
He said happily, "Of course!"
When they walked a few steps ahead,
the girl said
"It's a dark night.
I'm scared.
Can I hold your hand?"
The man said, "Of course!"
And when the girl held the man's hand,
he realized that she wasn't a normal girl.
Then he looked towards the girl.
Her hair was straight up, in the air.
Her beautiful eyes were popped out.
Her teeth turned into fangs.
And her tongue hung all the way down.
Right then, the man cleverly
took out his knife,
and chopped off the girl's hand.
However, even today
you can hear a voice near the site,
crying out,
"Give me back my hand!
Give me back my hand!"
Can you believe that?
Till this day
people in that village can hear,
"Give me back my hand!"
That was intense.
I mean but we
-Okay. He's gone.
-Yeah, okay.
That's not weird.
But, check this version out.
A long time ago,
there was a man called
Raj saw a beautiful woman
walking towards him.
And she was
Raj had never seen
a prettier woman before.
She walked up to him and said
I am lost.
Can I crash at your place tonight?
Definitely, my darling.
When the night got colder,
Mushran asked Raj
if she could hold his hand.
He turned around to find that Mushran
Oh, shit!
Was actually a witch!
So, Raj pulled out his giant Machete
and cut the witch's arm!
Get over it, man!
It's a dumb story.
I hear it all the time.
I am not a scary ghost,
I am just a handicapped.
You've been haunting people
asking for your arm.
That dude chopped my arm off!
Of course I am asking him!
So, it's all just a misunderstanding?
Sometimes you need a helping "hand."
Real classy, Mushran.
I guess you are all "right" then.
Stop it.
Don't mind Mushran.
He is an
"armless" guy.
Okay, that's it!
Run! Run!
-She is a witch!
-Go! Go!
Crazy bitch!
Every time I come to Ladakh,
this place just blows me away.
Peace, nature and tranquility.
It's so good when you wanna decompress.
Not great for comedy, though.
Comedy comes from a place of angst.
And look around here, there's no angst.
Hey, asshole!
Shut the fuck up!
So, there is some angst.
Once we came back from Pangong Lake,
we had a lot of work cut out for us.
We had to find a venue.
We had to promote the show.
And it also helps
if the first venue we recce
makes amazing momos.
Yeah. That's so good.
I meant to tell you
Your momo so easy
she's like,
"You wanna get in bed with me?"
And I was like,
"Nah. Schezwan for later."
Yeah, that's good.
Okay, fair enough.
Let's go.
Hey, Raj.
Your momo so fat
she was like,
"Hey, man. You wanna get it on?"
I was like,
"Nah, girl. I gots to Gyoza."
-It's my turn.
Your momo so stupid,
that she dim-sum, and mo.
Hey, Mushran.
Your momo so fat,
I was like,
"Hey, girl, how much do you weigh?"
and she said, "Wan-ton."
Your momo
-is so ugly
that its mom left it behind,
and all of its brothers
and sisters left it behind,
and it was just staying far away
from all the other momos.
And it went on its own personal journey.
And what it lacked in its looks,
it made up for
in self-esteem and personality.
Until eventually, after many, many years,
everybody accepted it
as a wonderful momo.
And that,
is the story of the ugly dumpling.
Let's talk about this place.
Venue, Summer Harvest.
What do you think?
For lunch, for food,
for momos, great!
But for a show?
I don't know, I mean,
not the best shape.
I have one major problem
with this place.
-Which is?
-Pick that momo.
Put it in your mouth.
-The whole thing?
-Yeah, go for it.
Do it.
Now laugh.
There you go.
This will not work. Nope.
So, should we look at other venues?
So went around Leh looking for a venue.
But, of course, we got distracted.
-Oh, shit! You know what this is?
-Not at all.
-This isn't hash?
-No, it's not hash.
-Is that legal here?
-Hash is legal here.
You can buy hash here?
Just ask the cop over there,
he'll sell you hash.
-No, I'm kidding.
This is
You are just showing me your fist.
No, if you have this
You can fight?
-No, you can't fight.
-Get biceps?
Sir, what is it called?
-When you eat Shilajit,
your bones get stronger.
It's a really good medicine.
It strengthens your bones.
The bones
So, that's basically
your version of Viagra.
This is why we have a billion people.
So fuck all this other shit.
This is what you should
take home with you.
I'm I'm good.
I found Shilajit.
You know what I'm talking about?
God's Viagra.
And he sold it to me in a best way,
he was like,
"Sir, if you take this
your body's bone will have immense power
for the next two hours."
"Body's bone."
Let's just talk about that.
Firstly "Body's bone"
is the best nick name
for a penis, I have ever heard.
"Body's bone" sounds like
one of the early films
that Pahlaj Nihalani produced.
"Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla starrer,
Body's Bone."
I think what I want to do is
I really want to have a Diamox
and Shilajit at the same time.
And just see what happens.
'Cause Shilajit gives you a rush of blood.
And then Diamox is a blood thinner.
It will be great to watch them interact.
Watch my dick do a Mexican wave.
Okay, guys.
This is Gesmo.
It's an iconic venue.
A landmark venue in Ladakh.
Okay, guys.
This is The Tibetan Kitchen.
Looks nice and airy.
I like it.
Raj, this is it.
This is where we should
be doing a show in Ladakh.
It fits the whole Ladakh image,
the vibe!
I think the ceiling
is too low for lighting.
That's an issue for me.
It costs two lakhs.
-It's not gonna work.
-Not enough space.
I don't like it, guys.
Plenty of seating.
Wide open, under the stars.
This is perfect and I love it.
So, no?
Let's just look at one more venue.
We're settling for this.
Please? One more?
This is Bon Appetit, guys.
-Yes, yes!
Nice! There are pros and cons,
but yeah.
Are you insane?
Pros and cons?
Look at where you are!
There's mountains over there!
-There's an abandoned field.
-That doesn't matter!
There's a monastery over there!
When have you done stand-up
with a monastery in the background?
This place screams Ladakh to me.
-I'm with him
-Okay, listen, 5:00 p.m. show.
Sorry what?
-What did you say?
-5:00 p.m. show.
For stand-up comedy?
At 5:00 p.m.? You know what?
I like that idea. Hold on.
Let's do it like this.
Let's do it at six o'clock in the morning.
And I'll serve fucking pancakes.
Okay. Here me out.
Okay, stay right there.
Okay, come on.
Now, imagine you are an audience member.
Mushran, just pretend to do
stand-up please.
-You have a mic?
-Oh, yeah! Sorry, yeah!
Five Ladakhis walk in a bar
and they ask for an Old Monk.
Okay, ignore the jokes.
Imagine you are an audience member,
and this is what you see.
Yeah. Okay.
-Do I look good?
-Yeah, I mean
Do you need a hug? What the hell!
Look at that!
I know. Okay.
-You trust me?
-I do.
You trust me after Jodhpur?
Speaking of Jodhpur, what if it rains?
Why the fuck would you say
I'm sold, I'm just
Hey, Ladakh! What's up?
Yeah, hey.
So if it rains like some
extremely negative people
-Practical people!
Inherent pessimist.
-Prepared people.
-Dead inside.
We'll just use this place, alright?
The stage will be over here,
audiences over there,
some LED lights,
some long stars,
like some mirchi lights.
It'll be a pretty charming vibe.
-I'll see you tomorrow at five!
-Suck a shoe!
-That went well.
-He is such a child!
It was the perfect venue.
And it wasn't going to rain.
I have to promote the show.
Okay, what are we doing?
We are gonna be riding yaks?
I don't thing Raj wants
to ride anything anymore.
I'm done with any kind of animal.
Marketplace is a good place.
It's busy.
We could rent a truck
and announce stuff.
Yeah, politicians do it that way.
But we do need to make a noise,
so we could
Oh, no.
Oh, come on.
We had to promote the show
in a quintessentially Ladakhi way.
So we danced along to
their annual spring song.
It was beautiful.
And we thought Ladakh
barely had any people.
Turns out,
we just had to get their attention.
Oh, we got some attention.
And an audience.
Raj on the other hand,
looked like an audience member
who came in costume
and felt bad we stole his thunder.
These Americans I tell you!
I've been in Ladakh for over
48 hours and it just hit me that
everything you know about Ladakh
is from the point of view of a tourist.
And I wondered what do Ladakhi people
want to tell the tourists?
I went and found out by just asking them.
Literally asking them.
Hey, what do you guys
want to tell tourists?
So here goes.
Don't throw wrappers everywhere.
Have a bath once in a while,
we can smell you.
Use sunscreen, don't be a hero.
We have a lot of things
other than Maggi and momos.
Don't eat my brains.
Don't come here to find yourself.
This is a mountain,
not a self-help book.
Shapta, Tingmo, Thenthuk, Thukpa
Everybody here is not a Buddhist.
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian
Everybody is here.
Don't take my photo without permission.
Not just 3 Idiots,
there are other movies as well.
like Jab Tak Hai Jaan,
Benjamin Button,
Seven Years in Tibet
Dil Se.
Thenthuk, Chowmein, Fried rice,
wanna eat something more?
Mary Kom is not from Ladakh.
By the way, Ladakh is in India.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please put your together
for the very funny
Ashwin Mushran.
My name is Ashwin Mushran
and when I landed in Ladakh
there was a woman who
gave me an immigration form
because of the way look, obviously.
I mean normally,
I wouldn't fill up a form like that
because this is my country.
But I decided to have some fun with it.
Name: Jason Statham.
Occupation: Transporter.
Purpose of visit:
Normally to save the world but now
to save your WiFi.
Sexy has no age.
In case you are wondering, it's 45.
Just so you know, I look good.
I came to Ladakh because,
I wanted to know
a little bit more about
Speak to people.
Speak to some monks.
Drink some Old Monk while speaking
to some old monks.
I don't know if any of you
have heard about the
conspiracy of the moon landing?
Anybody out here?
Because there are
people out there who think that
the moon landing wasn't real.
I actually believe that.
Because I think the moon landing
happened here in Ladakh.
And just as Neil Armstrong said
those immortal words,
"One small step for man,
and a giant leap for mankind."
A ten-year-old Ladakhi monk
ran across screaming, "Julley!"
And that's my time, I'm Ashwin Mushran.
But before I go,
I'd just like to introduce the
next comedian on stage.
He is a fabulous comic,
all the way from Los Angeles, California.
Please give a big Ladakh welcome,
to the one and only
Raj Sharma!
Thank you, thank you.
That was plenty,
thank you so much.
It's good to be here, man.
It's good to be here in Ladakh.
It is.
It's my first time here,
I'm not going to lie.
It's beautiful I love it.
Everybody here
They say
people in Ladakh are the happiest
people in the world, do you agree?
I agree with that.
Because nobody here gets bad news.
Because no one has fucking WiFi.
How do you find out
if any bad shit is
going on in the world?
You guys do know Trump's president.
You do know that, right?
I just don't want to be the
one that breaks the news to you.
Like, "What the fuck
happened in America?"
And you have Pangong Lake.
Ashwin was talking about Pangong Lake.
That's an impressive place.
But getting there
you guys don't tell tourists about.
I noticed, nobody tells
anybody how the fuck to get there.
Because if you did,
nobody would fucking go there.
It's eight
You have to ascend to 18,000
You're nodding your head already.
He's like, "Yeah, we don't tell people
that shit at all."
18,900 feet.
And here's the beautiful
thing about India.
You guys don't give a fuck
about barriers.
Like, on the side of the road.
Like you make us earn
going to Pangong.
"How bad do you want to get there?
Are you willing to risk your life?"
Going to Pangong Lake
will turn you into a 60 or 70-year-old
Indian man very quickly.
Like, it will turn you
into an old Indian man.
The guy who was driving us,
does this where he turns
the tightest corner
where you can see your death.
I have never in my 41 years in life
uttered these words till then.
"Lord Almighty!"
I have never
said that.
Only old people say that shit.
I've never been like,
"What are you doing with your life?"
I have never said that
to another human being.
And it's a beautiful place.
You also don't tell people
how fucking cold it is here.
No one tells you that.
And the oxygen thing is great.
I'll tell you why you guys are
also the happiest people in the world.
Because you are drunk.
I got off the plane
and I found myself chewing words.
You guys don't know this
'cause you have acclimated.
I came off the plane and I was like,
"Man this place is fantastic!"
Like I was trying to be sober
while being fucking sober.
You guys have been great.
That's my time.
Thank you, I'm Raj Sharma.
Put your hands together right now
for Mr. Vir Das!
How wonderful it is to be in Ladakh!
I love your city.
Round of applause for this lovely place.
Come on, can we do that?
I just got back from Lake Pangong,
ladies and gentlemen.
Has anybody been to Lake Pangong?
Raise your hands if you have.
If you haven't and you have
95 hours to spare, please go.
It's true.
I mean after that journey
Lake Pangong could be
a bucket of water
with one tablespoon of salt,
you'd still be like,
"Fuck! That's the most beautiful
thing I've ever seen.
I'm alive!"
Then you go up and you go down.
You go left, you go right.
Your brain compresses
and decompresses all over again.
Midway into the journey you start
looking at the other passengers
like that boy from Life of Pi
looked at the tiger.
Like, "Are you real?
Are you even here?
Are you me?"
And Ladakhi drivers,
you guys are amazing.
Round of applause for Ladakhi drivers,
can we do that?
But you are fucking liars.
You lie to all of your passengers
that is the basis of your industry.
Like you know,
how the slogan of restaurants is
"The customer is always right."
The slogan of Ladakh is,
"We're almost there."
No matter where you are.
"Where is Pangong?"
"We're almost there."
Nine hours later:
"We're almost there."
"My family is dead."
"We're almost there."
"I'm going to eat my wife now.
"We're almost there."
You could put these fuckers
on a NASA scientist rocket ship to Mars.
They used to be like,
"Oh, Mars? We're almost there!
Take the left after Changla.
Five kilometers."
Then the first time
you arrive at Lake Pangong
you see those beautiful mountains,
the water all shimmery,
with the reflection of the sky.
Then you sit down in those chairs.
You know the chairs
I'm talking about, right?
The bum chairs?
Three of you will sit down.
The 4th, 5th and the 6th idiot.
And you take a selfie of yourself.
Meanwhile there are soldiers
in China that way and Tibet that way
just looking at you like,
"What the fuck are
these crazy Indians doing?
Why are they putting
a bum inside another bum?
Surely there are better
things you can stick inside a bum."
Go to jail, you will find out."
No, I am just joking.
People in Tibet can't afford binoculars.
But when I think
of all the religions like
I believe Buddhism is the best religion.
It's the most peaceful
happy, compromising religion.
You know what I'm talking about?
Buddhism is like Kajol
from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
You want good things for Buddhism.
And Siddhartha discovered Buddhism
while sitting under a tree
for 14 years.
14 years is the number, right?
Six years! I'm sorry, much shorter.
Six years. I mean he could have gone
to Lake Pangong
in half that time.
He sat under a tree
for six years,
and I don't think he was
trying to invent a religion.
This is Ladakh.
I think he was trying
to get out of the sun.
I think that's what was happening.
It was sunburn.
'Cause your sun
is unlike any fucking sun
I have ever seen!
I feel like every time
Ladakh faces the sun,
the sun is like,
"Let's see what's happening here.
I'll take a closer look."
And that's what the tree was.
It was SPF6 for Siddhartha.
This is a travel show called
Jestination Unknown.
We went to six cities.
The reason that we came here
is because we wanted to understand
what people in the
harshest region of India
find funny.
And we can agree this
is one of the harshest regions of India.
Can we agree on that, yes?
I feel like the people
in Ladakh sacrifice
more for India than
any other people in India.
All we do is Facebook
and Tweet about patriotism.
You guys can't do that,
because firstly, no network.
But you live patriotism.
You know there are wars being fought
one kilometer away
and yet you have the
happiest people in India.
You give up your WiFi,
you give up seeing your friends.
You eat an unnatural amount of momos,
I don't know why.
So it's fair to say that you are
maybe the most patriotic people in India.
And we are going through
this comedy change in India
where every time you know
you make fun of something
people act like Indians
don't have a sense of humor.
Do you agree with that?
How many people feel that
Indians have a sense of humor?
Raise your hands.
We live in this culture
in India right now.
Yes, ma'am. You have a question?
Even Ladakhis
have a good sense of humor.
Ladakhis have a good sense of humor?
I agree with you.
Ma'am, will you tell me why?
I'd like to know why.
Why do you think Ladakhis
have a good sense of humor?
Because of the nature.
We are natural people.
Because of nature
you are natural people?
We are with the sky,
we are with the stars,
we are with the mountains.
-So, we are purely natural people.
We have a natural sense of humor.
Give her a round of applause please.
For those of you who didn't hear
what she said,
she said,
"We have the sky.
We have the moon,
we have the mountains.
We have the sand,
we have the forest.
We are natural people.
We have nature."
Which is also a subtle way of saying,
"We don't need comedians
to come to Ladakh.
We have whatever we need."
So, that's my time.
I think we are done.
Thank you so much, guys.
Good night.
And there we were, in Ladakh.
Kung Fu girls, a pristine lake,
and a hell of a show later.
Ladakh still had so much more to give us.
It makes you endure so much.
And when all you really
wanna do is tell jokes,
even then
Ladakh keeps on giving.
-Did you like it, ma'am?
-I liked it very much!
I think people
in Ladakh like to laugh a lot.
We do laugh a lot.
We like it.
we are very different from other people.
Because we don't have
any wrong or hidden intentions.
We are very straightforward.
We are taught to think
positively since childhood.
Do you think people are
scared to laugh nowadays?
-We are not scared.
-You aren't scared in Ladakh?
-We don't get scared.
-You don't get scared?
We don't know what fear is.
What is the one thing that you feel
other nations can learn from Ladakh?
We're not going to be
in this world for long.
We're here only for a short time.
We have no right to harm anyone else.
My life's purpose is not to cause harm.
I wasn't born for that.
I have shot for almost
60 days for this show.
I went to countless cities.
Met a lot of people.
I have learned more
in the last three minutes
than in the last 60 days.
You've taught me so much
in the last three minutes.
Whenever somebody gets mad at me,
or shouts at me,
I'll keep your words in mind.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
-That's the show, man.
-Yeah, man.
-That's the season.
-That is it.
Guys, thank you so much,
so much
-for being on this with me
-I appreciate it.
Takeaway from the show?
Oh, God!
Laughter is universal.
Yeah, you can make
people laugh anywhere.
I think the local content that we did,
really worked out here.
More comedians should make an
effort doing that, because
that is how people enjoy comedy.
-Make that effort.
For me
soldiers laughing,
-and an old lady smiling.
-There's no price on that.
-And that's the show.
-Yeah, man.
All right, boys.
I think it's time.
Yeah, it's time.
Let's go get some Chhaang.
-Come on.
-Bottoms up!
So, that's it.
The end of a season.
We went to the coldest places in India.
We went to some of the most
beautiful places in India.
We got rained on in the desert.
We found our originality in Mysore.
Man, Lucknow was just poetic!
In Patiala we discovered
our inner Pund.
Multiple faces.
Beautiful people.
Crazy laughs.
Average jokes.
Makes you wanna think.
As tired as I am
would I sign up to do this again?
In a goddam heartbeat!
'Cause you know, that's the journey.
That's the destination.
It's unknown.
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