Jett (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Frank Sweeney

Are you okay? [GUNSHOT.]
- - My mom was a nurse; I learned all sorts of things.
If there is anything you need from me, you just name it.
WOMAN: Did you get shot? JETT: What do you say? Your best guess, that you find Blair and retrieve the score.
JETT: You know Blair in 307? Ever see him with anyone? Yeah, we saw him with some dude in a wheelchair.
JETT: I need to find Frank Sweeney.
MAN: I'll see what I can do.
Always hanging out behind doors, Bobby.
- MAN: You must be Bobby.
- I am.
Come on in.
Take a look at this.
MAN 2: What if he notices the software? - I'm such an idiot.
- It was on the counter.
Ray Brewer works for my lawyer's firm.
I'll find out what I can about Bestic, and I'll get word to you though him.
Have you been having dreams again? [WHOOSH.]
: Ms.
Kowalski? - Speaking.
- Hi, this is Jordan Kennedy from Stony Point Elementary.
- Yes, Jordan? - Hi, how are you today? I-I don't wanna worry you.
Everything is fine.
- Okay.
- I just Alice had a little accident today.
She and Sara were running around and they crashed into each other.
Anyway, she's fine, just a little scared is all.
Uh, but she bumped her nose, got a nosebleed.
Anyway, she just has a lot of blood on her clothes, and she's at the office right now, but I think it would be best if you came and got her.
- How come? - Well, we tried to, um, call the other number for, um, your for Maria, but it keeps going to voicemail.
JETT: But Alice is fine? Oh, y-yeah, she's, uh, perfectly fine.
Um Sh-She just you know how girls get.
So squeamish.
She's embarrassed, and, um, needs, the change of clothes.
Well, isn't there something there she can put on? Excuse me? Sorry, is this a bad time? Are you at work? Yes.
Look I can be there in 30 minutes.
- Just tell her to sit tight.
- Okay, will do.
MAN: Your parole officer was here yesterday.
I see.
Oh, no, no, no.
This ain't about more money.
- - I like you, Jett.
You're a good egg in my book, but I can't have this asshole looking too close into my business.
Why, what are you doing? I'm not saying I'm doing anything.
I'm not saying I'm not.
I just can't afford a nosy PO.
- JETT: What'd you tell him? - I told him what we agreed.
You work here a couple nights a week, showed him the time cards and everything.
But he doesn't believe you? He said he was gonna stop by, check in on you.
Asked if he wanted to know what nights you were working this week.
He said no.
"I'll come in whenever, see if I get lucky.
" As I said, I like you, but I can't keep lying for you.
- I have an ulcer - I, I understand, Mikey.
I wish you'd come back to work full-time, but I gather you have something else on the side.
Something better? [CHUCKLES.]
I don't need to know.
I'll come in tonight, tomorrow night.
See if that clown shows, and then we'll figure something out.
Come in tomorrow.
Uh, Liz is scheduled to work tonight, and I just can't bump her on a whim.
- I'll see you tomorrow night.
I gotta take this.
- Jackie? - DILLON [ON PHONE.]
: Hey.
- I got a line on Frank Sweeney.
- Tell me.
He cut a deal with the DEA, out of sight, out of mind last few years, but resurfaced a month ago.
- Resurfaced here? - Correct.
A place called Rolling Courts, some facility for disabled residents.
- I owe you.
- Hold on.
He checked out yesterday, and that is all I got.
Well, I still appreciate it.
And you still owe me.
I know.
See you around.
- Jett.
- Yeah.
If something happens to this guy, I don't know that he won't come up flagged.
The DEA's a little above my pay grade.
- Do you understand? - I do.
- Ah, thank you, Matilda.
- My pleasure, hon.
All good.
Nothing to see.
I wanted to talk to you about a patient you had staying here named Frank Sweeney? Not a patient here.
Really? I-I was told he was here until yesterday.
He was a resident here, not a patient.
He's not sick, he's disabled.
Of course.
I meant no disrespect.
Uh, he was here for a month, right? Something like that.
What is this about? I'm writing a report on assisted living facilities for Councilwoman Dias.
You've heard of Mariana Dias? No.
You will soon enough.
If she gets proposition 507 on the bill, it's gonna make a world of difference for places like this.
Look, I'm short one attendant today, so I don't have time to give the grand tour.
You're gonna have to schedule for a different day.
What happened to the attendant? What attendant? You said you were short one attendant? Called in sick.
Everyone's human.
Does she do that often? It's a he, and no.
Roland is very responsible.
Why? Does Roland know Frank Sweeney? Sure.
We share attendant care with our residents, so sometimes residents get attached to certain attendants - and develop a rapport.
- Oh, yeah? What is this, uh, proposition - 507.
- 507.
I'll bring you the literature.
I have it out in the car.
I would very much like to talk to Roland.
Is there a number that I can reach him at? We're not allowed to give out employees' personal information.
Are those the employee files, right there? I mean, maybe he lives nearby.
I have to get back to work.
What's your name? [SIGHS.]
Madisen, with an E.
And let me save you the trouble I am the supervisor.
What are you looking at? You don't have any cameras here.
No need.
Why? - [SLAPS.]
- [GASPS.]
Stay calm.
Focus on the desk.
: But I didn't [SLAPS.]
- You're not focusing.
I'm not here to hurt you, but I will if I have to.
Give me Roland's file.
This correct? [WHIMPERS.]
How do you know? That's the address we send his checks to.
- What's your last name? - Ma'am, I'm so, so sorry Don't cry.
I'm not gonna hit you again.
Turn around.
Nose to the cabinet.
Wait 30 seconds before you call anyone, but if you call Roland, I'll find out, and I'll come to your apartment, and I will hurt you.
- You understand.
: Mm-hmm.
All right.
Have a great day.
JOSIE: This shit's genius.
What now? "I'ma tear you open like a Christmas present and feel my way inside you.
" Junior said that? Junior's got the soul of a hip-hop poet.
He says, "My dick will open you up tonight like Moses.
" Bobby answers, "I can't stop thinking about stroking " Okay, I don't wanna hear any more of this.
- That one was kind of sweet.
- Mm-hmm.
You'd like me to text you that.
That's not really relevant.
I know you don't think I'm dirty enough in my texts.
Bobby goes on.
"I wanna slide my hands around your waist and pull you into me, so you can feel me hard against you.
" Later, he says, "Then the release.
"The first wave hits.
Every movement of my lips, "tongue, fingers plays you now.
"Twitching at the slightest touch, coming hard now.
Wow! - Bobby can write.
- Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna start.
I'm gonna text you something filthy once a day.
I look forward to it.
What's your name? [PANTING.]
: Fuck you.
I figured something like that.
Let me guess.
Your 15-year-old mother, mentally deficient, brain shorting out for the myriad of sores bubbling pus over her diseased body, took one look at your sorry ass as soon as you popped out, and said, "Look at this waste of semen.
"God! Look at this useless "lump of donkey shit.
"This one is called, Fuck You.
" Am I right? Fuck [INHALES.]
It's because of you, Fuck You, that I have been forced to reconsider my membership at my favorite golf club.
As luck would have it, it was up for renewal next week, Fuck You.
So, tell me something, Fuck You, that I don't know.
You're dead.
I am dead.
I am dead.
You do know that intention does not determine outcome.
: Jacinto Salas he's gonna kill you and your family.
Maybe not.
Maybe, Fuck You, this body is all bones and flesh.
Here today, gone tomorrow, but either way, you won't be around to hear about it.
- What was that? - [SHOUTS.]
What was that? [GASPING.]
I know something.
What do you know? [COUGHING.]
Okay! Okay, okay, okay! I know about a drop.
I know about a drop.
I know the whole thing.
Get him a glass of water.
You tell me everything.
Now, while it's still fresh in your mind.
Holy shit.
Jett Where's Frank? [GROANS.]
He shot me.
I got fucked on all sides.
Where is Frank? I'm so sorry about what happened.
I'm a born fuckup, you know that.
Blair, where's Frank? [COUGHING.]
He had his male nurse kick the shit out of me.
A male nurse.
He talked me into it, Jett.
He's a persuasive fuck.
He told me about how you made him cripple, and that he would set me up for life if I just did this one thing for him.
But I said I wouldn't.
I said no way.
Not Jett.
Then the gun in the safe, and I thought, shit, that must be some kind of sign, right? I won't ask again.
If I tell you, you're just gonna kill me.
No need.
You're not gonna make it.
Can't you call me an ambulance? No.
Can you untie me? I don't wanna die like a dog, all tied up.
He's going to Brookhaven.
He has a sister that lives there, - but I don't know where, Jett.
- When? - What day is it? - Tuesday.
Still? Shit.
When and how? He only takes trains now.
Car ride's too long.
Too many stops.
They're leaving today.
How'd Frank get you on this crew? Huh? He didn't.
He didn't.
It's just - one of those - [SNAPS.]
It's just a coincidence.
I don't believe in them.
I swear to you.
I saw you the other day, and I called him and I told him "Shit.
You're never gonna believe who I'm working with.
" I ask you something? What does your pussy taste like? Summer.
- - [BUZZING.]
You don't think maybe she wants you out here, watching her? I hadn't considered that, no.
That's unlike you.
- What does that mean? - You consider everything.
Why would she want me watching her? We agree it seemed stupid that she came to you about Sweeney, doesn't it? Yeah.
So maybe she wants you out here watching her, while the real action takes place some place else.
Let me ask you something.
Do you feel threatened by her? What? She said you feel threatened by her.
She said that.
I don't think you do, I just figured I'd ask.
If you have to ask, then you don't know me at all.
Come on, it's, uh just a question.
- Should I feel threatened by her? - No.
You think I'm a rule-follower, and she does whatever she wants, is that it? No.
Both out.
Come on, now.
I can't believe you didn't tell me.
- I just told you.
- Right after it happened, that's when you should've told me.
See, that's like compartmentalizing shit that I'm talking about.
- What? - That you do with Helen, and that you don't need to do with me.
- Oh.
- You need to unlearn that husband shit.
- I don't even know what to say - Don't.
You know full well what I'm talking about.
Are you hungry? I'm hungry.
- Is that the best you can do? - [LAUGHS.]
You want another coffee? [MUTTERS.]
: Fuck.
Oh, yeah? [LAUGHS.]
What's going on? - I thought we were stopping.
- We are stopping.
- Okay.
Except for texting.
That still don't count.
Eyes ahead.
Oh, shit.
- [SIGHS.]
Sorry to interrupt.
Hi, Josie.
I thought I was pretty clear about you guys not tailing me.
We're not tailing you, officially.
But you don't get a free pass just because of us sharing history.
I still have to follow up on you.
Makes it easier for you, I bet.
- Right? - What? He's such a bad liar.
At least you know where you stand with him.
What did you find in there? Dead guy.
Blair Howell.
Shot twice in the gut, not by me.
- That's my guess, too.
- Why? You remember Frank.
It doesn't take much to set him off.
I gotta pick up my daughter at school.
Wait, come on, we can't just let you walk away from a crime scene here.
Call a local law enforcement officer if you like, but I'm going.
I only stopped by to give you the heads up.
No pun intended.
I cannot stand her.
Is that them? - MAN: Are you here for Josh? - Yeah.
Are you Josh? Uh, why? I understand it's your birthday.
Yeah? And also that you're a virgin.
Well, I'm here to put an end to that.
You guys can't be in here.
Why? Are you shy? [SCOFFS.]
You just wait outside and leave Josh to me.
You got something for me first? [SIGHS.]
Hey, got 60 on you? What's your name? It's Lexie.
Is that with one X or two? - Yeah, or three.
All right, we're short 35, but there's an ATM in the lobby, so why don't you start, and I'll get the rest? I'll wait.
Really? - [PHONE BUZZING.]
- Yeah, really.
Seriously? Do we look like we're gonna stiff you 35 bucks? [BUZZING CONTINUES.]
Hey! Uh, call you back? No.
You busy? Um, kind of.
Can you make yourself available? Well, I'm booked tonight.
Yeah, I can meet you in about an hour.
Are you high right now? No.
No, I-I told you this.
I'm not How much do you owe your brother? Uh, a lot? JETT [OVER PHONE.]
: How much? I don't know.
It's all in around [SIGHS.]
12 grand.
Meet me at my house.
I'll get you the 12.
You're kidding me.
Do I sound like it? No.
- Hey.
- You ever done any babysitting? - Hey, come on.
He's ready.
- Just a minute.
- What? - Kids.
You ever been around them? Hey! Do not touch my ass! Pardon me all over the place.
- You know, I paid for it.
- I'll be off in a second.
Yes, I-I babysit my friend's six-year-old sometimes.
What are you doing? I need you to watch - my daughter for a little bit.
- Hey, what are you doing? I'm on my way.
- I gotta go.
- What's wrong? - Well, I can't do this right now.
- What do you mean you can't? - Hey, these guys booked you legit! - Well, pay them back! - Hey, you cannot just walk out - Let go of me you! - JOSH: Hey, where's she going? - Oh! I'm so sorry, Josh, but have a nice birthday.
What the fuck do you think she's doing? Hey, get back here! Don't be such a bitch! [LAUGHING.]
: What a fucking cunt! You're acting professional about this or what? You know, I've met a lot of loudmouths like you before.
They like to swing their dicks around and talk a big game.
But they never last longer than 10 seconds in my ass.
Note to self, get better friends.
ALICE: Blood is scary.
JETT: I know.
- But it doesn't hurt.
- JETT: Hmm.
Here you go.
Where's Maria? She's at the doctor's.
She's staying the night.
There you go.
She has a lot of sleepovers now.
I used to get bloody noses when I was your age.
Really? It feels weird, and it tastes like a penny.
Mom does everything bleed? Yes.
Are we going home? Just to pack a bag.
I have to go on a plane ride for work, and you're coming with me.
Today? - Mm-hmm.
- For real? [SNIFFING.]
JUNIOR: What happened? CHARLIE: Oh.
I'm good.
It's fine.
That little shit Salas just took a swing at me.
What are you gon - Look, you're sure you're all right? - Yeah, I'm better than all right.
Bennie collected some Intel, we're gonna hit him back.
I need you to be forewarned, and I need you to lay low.
What Intel? It's an opportunity.
Hijack a shipment.
Well, I wanna help.
- Okay? - We got it under control.
I just need you to lay low.
I can't afford a loose cannon running around, with no sense of self-preservation, getting everybody hurt.
Is this about Marseille again? How many God damn times - do I have to apologize about that? - Junior Look, I was high out of my mind, so I fucked up the deal.
- Junior.
- Look, I'm sorry I fucked up! - I'm sorry, Dad! - Junior! It's him Salas.
He's the fucking loose cannon.
Maybe we got handed a break, I don't know.
That's why I'm giving you a heads up.
Well, um I wanna be part of it.
No, we got it covered.
If you really wanna help, you can look into something for me.
You know my buddy Augustus, right? Yeah, your golfing buddy, Fat Gus.
He had some gold bricks being held by Joe Garson at that Lynnville club that got hit.
Why does it feel like you're about to throw me some scraps your errand boy can handle? [SIGHS.]
I want you to find the punks who did it.
I want you to find out where the gold ended up.
Augustus is pretty broken up about it, and I'm not too happy either.
Have you never regretted anything? Not once in your past? The past doesn't interest me.
'Cause you've heard it all before, haven't you? I have.
In fact, there isn't a God damn thing I haven't heard before.
Now look, you go home, and I will let you know when it's handled.
Just glad you're okay.
Hey, Mr.
Frank, please.
WOMAN: Let's start from the top.
Daisy Kowalski.
Doyle Dayton's goddaughter in the flesh.
Well, good-looking girl is always welcome in this line of work.
Particularly a pro who's not a junkie or a hooker.
Are you either? - Nope.
- You like lapping cunts? Not particularly.
Not an ounce of silicone on that stage.
I'm allergic.
The tall one's a second-year law student.
Can you believe that? Yeah.
You know, credentials are one thing.
And Dayton was a big deal once a upon time, but in the real fucking world, you gotta deliver.
This job I want you for, there's no room for error.
Now, you're thinking this guy, he's a pussy hound, throws away money away on flashy suits, and drinks during the day.
I'm thinking this girl can barely hold a conversation.
Now, I can't tell if that means you're being respectful, or if it means you're just some dumb-fuck country mouse who can't string a sentence together.
Well, I'm used to dealing with dumb fucks.
After a while, you start gearing your intelligence to their level, but I can do whatever you need me to do.
I'm not delicate.
What I'm gonna need you to do is distract a councilman, talking his ear off for an hour or so, and short circuit a keypad alarm that lets us get into one particular room, and then offload the score without breaking a sweat.
I can do that.
That's it? You don't have to like me.
You just have to believe me.
Sweetie, liking's not the problem.
I love a girl with a rack like yours that talks tough.
WOMAN: What are you doing? - No, no, no! - [SHRIEKS.]
I fell down backwards.
I'm not here for the company, Frank.
Long as you're clear on that one point, we'll get along just fine.
You need a new name.
Daisy sounds like a schoolteacher.
Go and meet the others.
Flexibility, it's the key to life.
Gentlemen meet Jett.
She'll be the new ringer.
This is Blair, Murphy, and Dennon.
And I'll walk you through the layout again from the top, and this time, I want the questions to wait till the end.
Okay, Murph? There's a charity auction two weeks from today at the estate of Councilman Donald Norris.
Okay, take a taxi downtown.
Check into the Sheraton.
Where will you be? See you there tonight.
You go with Phoenix, okay? Read her some books, order in food, teach her how to run a bath.
She's never run a bath before? You can't be too sure.
MAN: Go.
We're gonna be late.
Gonna be late.
You didn't stay very long.
Well, I forgot my passport.
Yeah, that'll do it.
You were always smart.
You wake up your sister and Roland, that's two more loose ends I gotta deal with.
Your call.
The most excruciating part about this shit is when you wake up, and just for a moment, you forget you're paralyzed.
Happens about once a week.
It was stupid to have Blair take a shot at you.
I was upset.
I always liked you Jett.
Will you accept my apology? Can I ask you something? As long as it's not what my pussy tastes like.
Oh, that would be a sweet answer to contemplate.
Did you do this to me? Was it you who shot me? No.
In that case, would you finish what you didn't start? [WHISPERS.]
: Put me out of my misery.
So long, Jett.
SISTER: Frank? You okay? Frankie? [DOOR OPENS.]
: Good morning.
Good morning.
Good morning! - No school today! - [PHOENIX LAUGHING.]
- No school today! - Are you ready to surrender? - ALICE: Never! - [LAUGHING.]
ALICE: Pillow monster attack! The pillow monster is back! PHOENIX: No school today! [LAUGHING.]
ALICE: How come we're not going back on the plane? It's more fun this way.
We can see the countryside out the window, make a new friend in the food car.
- They have a food car? - PHOENIX: Yes.
BOBBY: You coming in? I don't want you working.
What's that supposed to mean? JUNIOR: I have enough money.
When you're with me, you don't need to work.
What, do you want me to quit my job? JUNIOR: Yes.
And do what? Wait around here for you all day? Why not? No.
It's it's funny.
Stay here.
Swim some laps.
Work out, read a little.
I read.
You can always read more.
I need something to do, Charlie.
I I can't just exist for you.
It's it's not healthy.
But showing houses is healthy? That fulfills you? I have a right to meet other people.
- Oh, am I infringing on your rights? - No, I Then why are you bringing up rights then? Our mutual friend.
He thinks what? I'm five years old? I'm supposed to think that he never made copies? He said you would want them.
- He say anything else? - Yes.
He gave me a message for you.
Why the fuck didn't you start there then? What's his message? His message is, he thought it over but no.
- No what? - I don't know.
I'm only the messenger.
He thinks I'm asking for permission.
There's two kind of men in this world, Mister, um Evans.
Those who suck dick and those who get their dick sucked.
I wasn't asking him for permission.
But what am I telling you for? Why don't I just cut your balls off and mail them to him, as my message? May I point something out? Oh, by all means! - [CLAPS.]
- Speak, motherfucker.
You wouldn't know where to send them.
Go get me the garden shears.
- Charles Junior - Shut up Miljan Bestic will do what he does when he does it.
If you ever decide to make a move, don't wait for him, otherwise, conduct yourself accordingly and relish that thumb up your ass.
I'm expected at Victor Solonik's house in exactly 30 minutes.
You can't talk to me like that.
I'm only the messenger.
Sorry, Charles.
Bobby, go away.
Pardon me.
BOBBY: Hey, watch it! Nobody ever taught you how to carry scissors? Get this sorry-ass little tick out of my house, man.
- Can I help you? - No.
- Are you sure? - Help with what? - Anything? - Can I come in? Brought you some lunch.
I'm Rosalie.
It means rose in French.
Bennie, right? How'd you know? [SIGHS.]
I'm gonna count to 10, and you're gonna turn on the light.
One, two, three, four, five Bennie.
My grandfather's name.
six, seven, eight I always wanted to go to France.
nine - [SIGHS.]
Good night, Rosalie.
She zonked out.
Whatever mess you got into, you really didn't need to pay me all this for hanging out with Alice.
She's awesome.
I hope you're not gonna give it back.
No, I need this.
I just, um [SIGHS.]
I just don't know what to do now.
You're gonna pay Neal, and get him the fuck away from you.
I know.
That's it.
I'm free.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- You earned it.
Best time I ever had earning money.
What day is it? Oh, Wednesday.
Mikey, I am so sorry I'm late.
I-I'm on my way.
How do you feel about spending the night tonight? Yeah, I don't have any plans.
Wait, you have a job job? Long story.
Hiya, Ms.
Where have you been hiding? - In plain sight.
- Ah.
How's your daughter? Healthy, loves school.
What can I get you? Been staying out of trouble? I'm keeping it real simple: work, family, home.
Regular homebody, that's you.
- Oh, Coors Light.
- Mm.
Coming up.
You like working here? - Pays the rent.
- Does it? 'Cause, you know, I came by a couple nights ago.
It seems to me, you're hardly ever here.
Well, shifts are pretty competitive, but I'm getting by.
Excuse me.
- What are you doing here? - What am I doing here? - Is that your parole officer? - My break is in half an hour.
Meet you outside.
I can't talk here.
Who said you can come harass me at my job? Did you do what Mr.
Bestic requested? We need to discuss the new split.
I don't follow.
The score is worth two and a quarter, and that's a very conservative estimate.
Seeing as how I'm the only one standing, - I would like half of that.
- You want half? It's a fair split.
Bestic doesn't renegotiate.
Why? He's a lawyer, is he not? He's not giving you half, I can tell you that.
But am I safe to assume that you actually have it in your possession? I need new parameters.
I can't just jump when he says jump.
There are logistics to be figured out.
I need to be able to choose my crew.
I need to know how many jobs are expected of me.
Is this another negotiation? It's not a negotiation.
Jerking off, in other words.
When I jerk off, you'll notice.
We can't predict on any level at all.
We can take a phenomenon after it's happened and explain it in all sorts of ways, but we can't tell you that it's coming before it gets here.
So, I can't tell you what Mr.
Bestic will say or do, but I will relay the message.
You don't have to worry about that parole officer.
He won't bother you anymore.
What did you do? You won't see him again.
Everything's a medicine, and everything's a poison.
- CHARLES BAUDELAIRE: What would you do? Given a choice, I'd never go in somewhere with only one exit route.
When it rains.
If you want to make this disappear, we need to work fast.
Some people lack vision.
- Focus.
- Now that you are here, you cannot be unseen.
The whole game is rigged.
I knew the risks.