Jett (2019) s01e05 Episode Script


- Ah.
Thank you, Matilda.
- My pleasure.
- CUSTOMER: Hey, look out! - [WOMAN SCREAMS.]
Jacinto Salas, he's gonna kill you.
Either way, you won't be around to hear about it.
JUNIOR: What happened? That little shit Salas just took a swing at me.
We're gonna hit him back.
FRANK SWEENEY: Put me out of my misery.
JETT: You're gonna pay Neil and get him the fuck away from you.
I'm free.
I don't want you workin'.
What's that supposed to mean? JUNIOR: When you're with me, you don't need to work.
MAN: You're stalkin' her.
BENNIE: Just wanna make sure she's okay.
MAN: She's gonna recognize your voice.
She's gonna recognize your face.
You're gonna get busted.
Save me Somebody save me Save me Somebody save me I promised myself after the last romance That I wouldn't give it a second chance They say if you seek you're sure to find And I know how true that is 'Cause the closer I get to you, baby Yeah, you driving me Clean out of my mind I said save me Somebody save me Anybody save me Somebody save me Those who love always give the most We're crying together from coast-to-coast 'Cause love makes me cold and hurt inside These tears of ours unjustified I'm begging you to save me Hang on, somebody save me [SCATTING.]
Those who love always give the most We're crying together from coast-to-coast, oh! [SONG ENDS ABRUPTLY.]
Bennie, Carl.
BENNIE: Jett, he'll be just a minute.
Have a seat.
You know, I can come back some other time.
- I mean, if he's busy.
- You're funny.
- Can I take your coat? - Who's funny now? He'll be just a minute.
I heard.
Who's Blondie outside? - He bother you, honey? - I hate to say it, but he doesn't seem to know what he's doing.
Yeah, he's a real "pro.
" Yeah, he's not on the same page we are.
CARL: He's a page ahead of us.
MAN: I saw it in a dream recently.
MAN: And I knew, right away, that I would be there again.
Uh, Viktor, meet my dear friend, Jett.
Pleasure to meet you, Jett.
Sorry if I kept your friend.
No apology necessary.
I'm sorry to interrupt.
Do you like coin tricks, Jett? Never really thought much about them.
A disappearing coin trick is basically a trick that says now you see it, now you don't.
You are the same thing, but in reverse.
Now that you are here, you cannot be unseen.
You've used that before.
Take care, Jett.
Save me Hot damn, Jett.
You make me want to start smoking again.
So, smoke.
- I won't tell.
- Somebody save me I promised myself after - - [SONG ENDS ABRUPTLY.]
Where the fuck have you been? Huh? - What the fuck? - Fucking cow! Get your hands off me! Aah, stop hitting me you little prick! - [GRUNTING, YELLING.]
- Ow, ow, ow! My arm is broken! Did you do this? You did this, didn't you? Well, you walked out on me! What did you expect? Not for you to fuck my place up! Why would I expect that? Those guys messed me up.
The rich kid teenagers messed you up? The one fuckhead's uncle is some Argentinian gangster! He sent some gorilla, he almost broke my fingers! Why'd he stop? Look, I'm done.
I'm out.
And I never want to see your dickwad face ever again.
Where did you steal this? - Are you listening to me? - Are these bills marked? You're mentally ill, Neal! We're square, now leave! Those guys are gonna want interest on the initial loan.
I added a thousand on top for that.
Why-why we've gotten into this adversary relationship here, I-I don't know.
Look, it's like I said.
You get your sorry ass out of my sight, okay? Forever.
We're blood.
I-I'm the only one who's ever had your back.
- How? - Seriously? Do you have the slightest idea how stupid you sound right now? You think I enjoy my sister splayed out on a mattress, some douchebag cumming on your tits? Divided by the number of fucks I give about what you think, it comes down to triple zero.
It killed me.
But you came to me, remember? - It doesn't matter - You came to me, and I helped you fix your problem for you.
So now, if some kind of wild hairs springing up your ass - are making you go all amnesia - Either way, Neal, I'm out! Besides, don't-don't pretend with me.
You like it.
I'm not saying it's your true calling, but a part of you likes making money this way.
I don't really need all this perspective, okay? - Just fucking leave.
- I don't blame you.
You're naturally good at it.
You always were.
: You remember, uh, Esperanza Beach? - [CRACKS.]
You bitch! You broke my nose! CHARLIE: Do you know what I appreciate about you the most? JETT: Trick question.
CHARLIE: You're not a herd animal.
So many women I know, even the smart ones, they like being in packs, doing the same thing, the same way, and then checking in with each other to discuss every detail.
You aren't built that way.
You know why that is? - I don't know.
You think, uh, it was your upbringing or what? - Never really thought about it.
- Hmm.
What were you like as a kid? Maybe we should listen to this one more time.
In a nutshell, don't ask me any personal questions.
JETT: No, in a nutshell, I'm just getting warmed up.
You gonna tell me how you really got hurt? Or you gonna keep pretending you had a mole removed? If I did, you'd never believe it.
Try me.
You ever go through periods where you sleepwalk? No.
Save me Well, this isn't exactly something I go around admitting, but when I was little, I guess I just, uh, I don't know, I guess I'd just leave my bedroom and go looking for the bathroom, and end up outside in the yard, like, staring at a tree.
That's where my grandma would find me.
So now, when there's a lot going on in my life or, I don't know, maybe not a lot going on, I revert to sleepwalking.
You find yourself in the backyard, looking for the bathroom.
- Bare-assed.
Now, you're just trying to distract me.
I smashed into a tree in the middle of the night and impaled my arm on a branch.
It hurt like a son of a bitch.
I don't know why I'm laughing.
It wasn't funny.
I don't want you thinking that if we fall asleep, I'm gonna go strolling down the hotel hallway in my birthday suit.
It might bring some undue attention to you hiding out here.
You have a bunch of fun being a girl, don't you? Well, I can make my own decisions, if that's what you mean.
You mind, uh, if we do it with the lights off this time? You tired of looking at me already? Oh, no.
I want to fantasize I'm with you, and then turn the lights on and have it come true.
Well, aren't you a poet? ["SAVE ME" BY NINA SIMONE PLAYING, MUFFLED.]
- Jesus Christ.
I'm surprised the old ticker can even take anymore.
Everything's a medicine, everything's a poison.
What is that, Indian wisdom? - I don't know.
I read it once.
- Oh.
Like anything you have sugar, drugs, sex, it can either all be a medicine or a poison.
Yep, everything in moderation, including moderation.
You never saw that one coming.
This is us, brother.
No sirree.
We're not the pawns? Back when I started, maybe.
Now, you're this guy.
You still stalking that chick? - Not stalking anyone.
- Pardon me.
You still hanging out outside her apartment all night, watching her windows? Check.
How you figure? Oh, that's not fair.
That's not fair.
You say Arabs invented this shit? Out in the desert.
They had all the time in the world.
See, that's what I don't get.
They got all the time in the world to figure out mathematically precise ways in which all these other pieces move, right? Like, diagonal, L-shape, up and down, two steps at a time.
Then they get to the queen.
What, they just get tired? It's like, fuck it.
This bitch can move whichever fucking way she likes.
Maybe we should bust in there, make sure he's all right? I'm pretty sure he's better than all right.
JETT: What about you? What were you like when you were a kid? I remember one year, I tried to go barefoot year-round.
I was 13 or 14, and I was determined to go year-round without wearing shoes, except they wouldn't let me into church, and I loved going to church as a child.
I'm a C-minus Christian, but, you know, I am one.
You? I don't really believe in all that cosmic moral accounting.
Then you're lucky.
I wish I could tell you I didn't buy into it.
But I can't shake some faint awareness in the back of my mind that if such a thing as retribution exists, well [SCOFFS.]
I damn well deserve it.
What's wrong? Wrong? Why should anything be wrong? The Mexican bedbug again? Aah, he took a swing at me.
I got to hit him back, but that's not what I was thinking about just then.
Do you remember my friend Frank Sweeney? Sure.
Paul Smith suits.
You worked for him a couple of times, didn't you? A long time ago.
Well, he croaked in his sleep the other night.
I don't know why it's affecting me so much.
I keep thinking it used to be I knew a lot of people who died in the course of doing business.
It comes with the territory.
But lately, it seems I know a lot of people who are dying just 'cause, well, they're getting old, and in our line of work, you can never admit to getting too old.
Because just saying it, gives people the wrong idea.
You're not old.
Not judging by first responder over there.
That's a sweet thing to say.
Nobody has ever called me sweet.
They don't know you like I do.
What are you gonna do about Salas? Aah Salas is someone used to power, not brains, but I can't afford to wait him out.
He's got a boat full of heroin docking here next week.
Can you help me put this earring back? - Oh, yeah.
- It keeps falling off.
Yeah, it's a mess of a setup.
There's only one exit route.
What would you do? Given a choice, I never go in somewhere with only one exit route.
Thank you.
MARIA: How it works, no one but the doctor can be with you during labor.
- - JETT: No one? No.
MARIA: But the guards watch you on monitors.
JETT: Sure.
You get 24 hours with the baby before they take it away.
They don't want you forming an attachment.
A social worker takes it, places it in the system for adoption.
What else? They handcuff you right after you give birth, sometimes even during, it depends on the prison.
That's it? I can't imagine how it can get any worse.
There's a man named Mr.
Carlyle? It doesn't look like I can fix this one for you.
I'm sorry.
But you keep your mouth shut, you'll be out in four.
I knew the risks.
There's no other way.
- He's your boss? - Not my boss.
Someone who knows how the whole game is rigged.
What? I'm pregnant.
When it rains Yeah.
JETT: Tell him I sent you.
Tell him you need everything on the social worker assigned to my case, and their backup.
- And then what? - Then on the day, you replace the social worker.
He'll make the paper trail disappear.
Prison's no place for a child.
I know.
Healthy infant, people will pay a lot of money.
I'm not suggesting you do that.
MARIA: And just steal the baby? JETT: I don't see why not.
Don't ask me to kill a social worker, Daisy.
Nobody's killing anyone.
Unless I have to.
JETT: If you're gonna back out, this is the moment.
MARIA: What are you gonna call her? Alice.
Alice? What do you think? I love it.
Mom! Please don't let the alien catch me! JETT: Not an alien.
Alice, come! [SPEAKS SPANISH.]
I didn't mean to just drop by.
I was in my car, waiting for you and Alice saw me.
What happened to your forehead? Oh.
You should see the other guy.
Tell me it was your brother.
It was my brother.
So, you're all paid up? Out of debt and dead broke.
Now, I got to start again from scratch, which is something I have a lot of practice doing.
What happened to going back to school? Maybe, but I need to save up.
So, I was thinking, you could really use some help around here.
What'd you have in mind? I could pick up some of Maria's chores with Alice.
Drive her to school, take her to ballet, buy groceries, take Maria to her treatments, cut the grass, feed the chickens, whatever.
I know you don't have chickens.
How many times you practice that speech? Twice.
Three times.
What kind of hours? If you trusted me with this, I'd be at your disposal 24/7.
We're gonna need a bigger house.
I spoke with Miljan.
He agreed to let you keep 400.
Thoughtful of him.
Is that a problem? No.
Tell me the bad news.
No bad news.
Only good news.
You said you needed to know how many more jobs.
He said three.
Three more, then what? Then, your debt is paid up.
No point even asking what the three jobs are.
And here's job number one walking in now.
His name is Nolan.
Hi there.
I feel like we're spies in Berlin.
You didn't mention she looked like a movie star.
Why don't you lay it out, let her see what you have in mind? Sure.
Miss, I'm a doctor, and I got all kinds of patients, and they like to talk a lot, so I listen.
Like, there's this one couple.
She's an actress, couple of TV shows in the '90s, nothing ever really hit.
She's married to this businessman, my patient Tell her about the car.
Yeah, I-I'm just setting the table.
Miss, you ever read Home & Design Magazine? Not unless I'm at the doctor's office, like, waiting to get a Pap smear.
There's a lot of good stuff in the shelter mags.
A lot of big egos, too, like my patient.
- The one that's married to the actress.
- Mm-hmm.
He owns estates all over the country, and he has a summer house in Portsmouth by the lake, that's closed nine months out of the year.
It's got a staff of eight that dwindles down to two during those months.
Now, look at this.
Authentic iron hardware on all the doors.
Nice, huh? Sure.
You can pick any lock in the place with just a screwdriver.
What I was fishing for.
A knockout, but cunning.
Anyway, parked in that garage is a 1958 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Roadster.
You know what that's worth? Why don't you tell me? That car sold at auction for $2 million last year.
Stealing it's not the problem.
The problem is after.
That's the beauty of it.
We only hold onto it for 24 hours, then it ships overseas.
You're handling the shipping? I got a collector who wants it.
That's not my question.
I'm liking her more and more as we go along.
Shipping is taken care of.
You get the car.
We'll handle that part.
I'm sorry.
He was just nervous.
That's what makes me nervous.
What size crew will you need? I got to look at it first.
Your cut's 250.
Split it up however you want.
My judgment's being trusted all of a sudden? I told you.
I only have good news today.
This is a good lock.
Good lock brings good luck, is what I say.
Guys want to break in, they think, what a hassle.
And they move on to the next place.
Thank you.
- You don't look very happy.
What is wrong? - Nothing.
- Oh.
Sometimes good lock not enough.
You need more for home protection.
Is this your problem? How do you mean? This America.
You need a gun.
You take a class.
Learn to use.
Do-do you know where I could get one? A handgun? [SIGHS.]
Think about it.
If you need something, a friend of mine can get you something.
A-around how much are we talking about? This is not me, this is my friend, but a Ruger 9mm or Walther PPK, you can get for 400.
Nice dependable gun for short range.
10 or 14-round magazines, four-inch barrel.
Easy to disassemble and clean.
Ruger fits in your pocket, weighs nothing.
Feels so good in your hand.
You will love it, I promise.
Sleep on it.
- Uh - Then, call me.
- - Mm.
Where are you going? Oh, gym.
I didn't mean to wake you.
We have to talk.
Never the best way to start a conversation.
Kim and Alma were over yesterday.
We had lunch, got into a really long conversation.
Kim was really dishing it out.
- You listening? - Well, yeah.
She can be a little witchy, Kim.
- She's my best friend.
- I thought Alma was.
Both of them.
- What do you have against Kim? - Well, Alma I trust.
Kim can be a little manipulative sometimes.
Anyway, - I'm so not getting into this.
- Well, you brought them up.
What I was bringing up was - Forget it.
- Okay.
Just The way that they were talking about their husbands, I just I don't want us to end up like that.
Like what? Kim was saying but you've got to swear you won't repeat this.
Who am I gonna repeat it to, Alma? - [TOILET FLUSHES.]
- Kim was talking about how when they were engaged, she used to have Rick finish, you know, in her mouth.
And now she couldn't even believe why she ever did that.
And Alma was agreeing, saying it was vile, and something you only do before you marry the guy and then never again.
DILLON: Okay HELEN: That's your response? Okay? DILLON: What, you're surprised? Neither of those women look like they even like sex.
That's mean.
Kim is very sexual, and Alma I don't know.
I think Walter's cheating on her.
- Maybe you can find out.
- How? I don't know.
You're a detective.
What am I supposed to do, put a tail on my friend? [CHUCKLES.]
You can't even stand the guy.
He's my wife's best friend's husband.
- Second best friend.
- All right.
My point is, I don't want to end up like that.
Cackling behind my husband's back.
Women versus men, same nonsense till we're 80.
There's got to be a better way.
And I was thinking, our anniversary is coming up.
So starting now, - a new resolution.
- Honey I - am gonna train my gag reflex.
- What? I want to get better at oral, and I want you to relax and finish in my mouth, often.
- Whoa, whoa, I - [MOANING.]
: I don't know what you're saying.
- You're not fucking serious.
- Well, it's work.
I've got your cock in my mouth, show a little respect.
Honey, it's work.
I have to It's like you don't even want to be here.
What? Of course I want to be here.
- I just have to get - He's calling you back.
: Hey, I'm so sorry.
Uh, it couldn't be helped.
I'm five minutes away.
Meet me at the corner of Benning and 33rd.
Why, what are you doing there? Jacinto Salas and Junior, cozy as fucking lice.
- You positive? - A hundred percent.
What did I say about tailing Bobby on your own? - BOBBY: Mrs.
Castillo? - Who's that? Bobby.
I just got made.
It's okay, just play it cool.
He's excited to see you.
Crazy coincidence, that's all.
I'll be there in three minutes.
- Easy does it.
- Get here now.
- Small world, huh? - [CHUCKLES.]
- Bobby Larcum.
Bobby! What are you doing here? My sister-in-law's just meeting me to go shopping at this patio furniture place around here, and - I guess I'm early, so - Huh.
I never been to this church before.
I thought I'd check it out.
What about you? What are you doing here? Oh, my friend Charles is He's a he's a member of the congregation.
- Hello.
- Hmm.
Hey, Bobby, we better get going if we're gonna make that brunch.
Tiffany and her husband are looking at houses.
And we are still talking about that last place, - don't think we're not.
- BOBBY: Oh.
It's just my husband, well, he likes to take his time with big decisions.
And what was it called? The patio store.
I'm not sure.
My sister-in-law's the expert.
Well, I'm always on the lookout for good outdoor furniture.
But anyway, we better get going.
It was nice to meet you.
Have a great day.
- And God bless.
- You, too, Bobby.
Can I see that? [DOOR ALARM BEEPS.]
What are you doing? [CRUNCHES.]
What the fuck did you do that for? I'll get you a new one.
What the fuck is wrong with you? - She's a cop.
- What? She's a cop, and you brought her there.
Are you completely out of your mind? She's a client.
She's She's looking for a two-bed, two-bath with a pool.
- No.
- What do you mean, no? You see anything other than spics in there? No.
Only non-spics are you and me, right? And little Tiffany, and you two know each other.
And you think that, what? There's coincidences in life? Random occurrences just suddenly coming together for no apparent reason? Is that what you think? No connection? Do you have any idea how naive that is, Bobby? You're skipping so many steps, I don't even know what you're talking about.
First of all, - why are you mad at me? - I'm not mad at you! - Well, you're yelling at me! - I'm yelling at you because this world that you're peering into like a dumb tourist is where I live.
I been doing this my whole life, Bobby.
When my Spidey senses tell me that something's wrong with this setup, I'm never wrong.
You need help.
Seriously, I mean, I love you, but you need help - [SLAPS.]
- Ow! Do not patronize me, ever.
I'm trying to teach you something and not go off the handle and do what I normally do.
So, shut the fuck up and learn.
- Jesus.
Leave Jesus out of it.
What is it? There's a guy in the kitchen waiting for you.
- You let him in? - He's really handsome.
You ever meet Ray Brewer? How handsome? My ass hurt just looking at him.
BREWER: Miljan Bestic.
Born in Moldova, went to school in London.
Officially, he focuses on foreign bank expansion into all types of non-bank services and securities-related businesses and on cross-border initiatives, financial institution mergers, acquisitions thank you joint ventures, and strategic alliances.
Tell me something I can understand.
He repped a $6 billion money laundering cyber network out of Costa Rica against the US government and won.
He's good.
He has a château in Switzerland, moves in and out of Marseilles every eight weeks.
Hasn't officially been on US soil since 2004.
A year ago, he was present at a fund-raising party in Marseilles.
Charles Jr.
was there on behalf of his dad.
What about clients? Russians and ex-Russians, mostly.
There's got to be something.
There is.
Uh, a sister, younger, lives in Miami.
Kids? Husband? Divorced.
Ex works for Bestic.
He was married to Bestic's sister.
Do you know him? Some.
There's one other connection.
Twenty-five years ago, Bestic dated a fashion model named Cristelle.
She was some kind of big deal in the Caribbean back then.
You ever seen her? Yeah, she was famous for a minute.
Her plane went down off the coast of Aruba.
Why would I care who he dated 25 years ago? Because a year before dating Bestic, she was photographed stateside at a half-dozen nightclubs, hanging on the arms of Charlie Baudelaire.
Do you live here full-time? Where are you going with that? I thought maybe we could get a drink some time.
Talk for a few days.
This is the best coffee I've ever had in my life.
Thank you.
- DILLON: Thank you, my friend.
- Enjoy.
So, you tracked Bobby's phone to the church, and where was Salas? Inside with Junior like best pals.
Why would Junior be helping Salas? Maybe he wants to take over the old man's business, can't get himself to do it, brings in the competition, cuts a deal.
Okay, so Salas gets rid of Charlie, and takes over and he gives Junior, what, a piece of it? What does he need Junior for? I don't imagine he needs him for anything.
This may not be about brains, you know.
Junior doesn't strike me as dumb so far.
Crazy, but not dumb.
Survival then.
Salas is gonna do what he's gonna do.
Junior's hedging his bets.
Charlie's getting old, losing his iron grip.
I think we should bring Bobby in.
Not yet.
Didn't you just tell me that Junior's crazy but not dumb? - Bobby's not safe.
- No, we need him where he is.
What's that look mean? What's that look mean? Do not take pity on this guy and fuck this up.
I texted you last night.
I didn't see it till this morning.
I thought for sure Helen saw it, so I stayed up all night, worried out of my mind, feeling like a fucking moron.
I can't do this anymore.
I want a regular partner.
Somebody who has my back and who doesn't keep me up all night or piss me off.
- We both want the same thing.
- No, we don't.
We do, and it's gonna happen.
I-I-I'm gonna talk to her.
This isn't about your fucking wife.
- This is about me right now.
- And it's not connected? Then I don't know what the hell we're talking about.
I'm talking about I hate feeling like a fucking cliché.
So, leave your wife or don't leave your wife, but don't do it for me.
Meanwhile, the new judge assigned to Charlie is setting up a task force, and I think I should transfer over.
Come on, those guys are fucking assholes.
I'm not gonna let you do that.
I'm not asking for your permission.
You know how long it took me to write that stupid fucking text, and you don't even respond? Hey.
- Don't.
- I'm sorry.
You smell like her.
She She wears that, what do you call it? That, uh, essential oil.
I'm not talking about oils or lavender soap, Jack.
You smell like her pussy.
- Okay, all right - And that's fine, okay? Because wives need to get fucked on Sunday mornings.
I get that.
It's part of the contract.
- I take that into account.
- Oh, my God, would you stop? - We weren't.
- She hung up on me, like I had some nerve interrupting.
We were just talking.
Do me the courtesy of not treating me like I'm a fucking idiot.
- Ernesto, gracias.
She had this wacky notion.
She wanted to give me a a blow job.
The horror.
How unpleasant for you.
I don't particularly want oral sex from her right now.
Well, you must be giving off the wrong vibe then, because it seems Helen and I can't stop wanting to suck your cock.
Would be nice if you chose which one you liked better.
I can't talk to you when you're like this.
You can hardly talk at all, Jack.
That's my point.
NARRATOR: Here, the tennis ball represents a single particle.
Its movements appear equally probable forwards and backwards in time.
The players, however, represent the myriads of particles that make up our world, which is a world of past to future time.
When the film of the game is reversed, their behavior also looks remarkably probable, as long as their movements are determined by the single particle.
But the moment the girl steps away from the time symmetry of the single particle of the ball, we realize that film is not reality.
Events in the world we know do not happen backward in time.
: Wait! Get off of me! [GRUNTING.]
: No! What are you doing? [PANTING.]
TUCKER: Stop bugging.
- [SLAPS.]
- Fuckin' bitch.
: Please stop! Wait wait.
- TUCKER: You little - ROSALIE: No! [GRUNTING.]
No! No! No! [GRUNTING.]
What the fuck? [GUNSHOT.]
Oh, shit.
Wake up.
Wake up, this is a dream.
: Rosalie Rosalie BENNIE: Rosalie! Rosalie! [PANTING.]
: What do you want? [PANTING.]
Put that down.
Get up, stop looking at him.
Throw some clothes on and meet me in the kitchen.
We'll work this out.
Oh, my God.
What did I do? I didn't I don't know what I - [PANTING.]
- Sit down.
Sit down.
- I know you.
- Do you have a shower curtain? - A what? - A shower curtain.
Oh, my God, I know who you are.
You're the guy who killed Felix.
That couldn't be helped.
You have two choices now.
You can deal with me, or you can stay here until the cops show up, spend some time in jail.
What are you doing here? We're gonna need to borrow your shower curtain, and you're gonna have to buy a new one to replace it.
- What? - Rosalie, focus.
What's done is done.
Felix was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and your husband pushed you too far for the last time.
What you do right now determines the rest of your life.
You want to explain to a jury what happened, throw yourself on their mercy, get a reduced sentence, you can do that.
But if you want to make this disappear, we need to work fast, okay? Chamomile? We're gonna need to plug that bullet hole.
You have any caulk or cement? Bullet didn't go through, so we just need a little bit.
Under the sink.
When I moved in, I got something.
That's what happens when you lose control.
It happens sometimes, you just have to learn from it.
He broke into my apartment.
I know.
He tried to rape me.
It's awful, I understand.
I was defending myself.
And you did.
No one's debating that.
It's only the gun's probably not legal, and you're gonna have a hard time with the whole rape thing, since he was your husband.
Just the way the law is skewed.
Right now, you're gonna have to wash the wall, clean up all the blood.
And while you're doing it, you might feel nauseated, but you are not gonna throw up.
You know why? Because if you do, you're gonna have to clean that up, too.
I heard the shot, I got scared.
I thought maybe you, uh, turned the gun on yourself.
You've been following me? I was watching over you.
- Why? - [GRUNTS.]
I feel responsible for your situation.
I shouldn't.
I mean, from a professional standpoint, I shouldn't, but I do.
You got to forgive yourself for what happened to Felix.
That's what my priest said.
- He's right.
Excuse me.
What are you up to? Uh-huh.
Listen, send her home.
Get a hold of Eddie.
Tell him I need a new lock.
Thumb turn.
Yeah, and a new door, too.
I don't know, a fucking door.
He's got a whole truck full of them.
Then meet me at Franklin's funeral home in 30.
Just one.
I'll explain.
The faster you get this done, the sooner you'll get back.
I appreciate it, buddy.
There's no shame in fainting, Rosalie.
But in a perfect world, not at the scene of a crime.
As I was saying, a lot of people faint their first time.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So? Did you find Frank? No need.
The situation changed, but thanks for the info.
Because he's dead.
Good thing I didn't go looking for him then.
Salas is bringing in a boat full of heroin next week.
- Charlie knows about it.
- How does he know? Salas sent a hitman to take care of him, but must have shopped around for a bargain, and Charlie caught the guy.
Tortured him.
Killed him? Didn't ask, and I wasn't there.
What's Charlie gonna do? What do you think Charlie's gonna do? Hijack the shipment.
Except I doubt there'll be any shipment.
Junior and Salas have been spending time together lately.
Why don't you bust Junior already? Because you get paid to wait? Nothing sticks yet, is that it? Right.
So, when Charlie tries to hijack the shipment and no one shows up, he'll figure someone talked.
DILLON: Look, I know you're not big on taking my advice, but you better make sure he doesn't think it's you.
JETT: Soon as I get back, I will.
Where are you going? Uh, spa weekend with a girlfriend.
Somehow, I can't picture that.
Some people lack vision.
Good morning, Rosalie.
I have to go to work now and didn't know if you preferred coffee or tea first thing.
What's wrong? Turn around.
What are you doing? I said turn around.
What did we say about self-control [TRAY CLATTERS.]
- MAN: What's your name? - [LOCK CLICKS.]
You know my name.
Mom? - What's up, monkey? - ALICE: Where are you? - JETT: Just workin'.
- Shh.
MAN 2: Nobody is coming to save you.
Episode five starts a little bit with a timeout.
Charlie and Jett are having their next date that he wondered if she would actually want to have.
SEBASTIAN GUTIERREZ: We get a really good sense as to how much she and Charlie like each other as people.
If Jett gets nervous at all, she's a little nervous here.
And these coincidences that are piling up, it's not gonna take very long for Charlie to start putting together that Jett might be involved.
You gonna tell me how you really got hurt? CARLA GUGINO: She makes up this story about waking up and sleepwalking.
If I did, you'd never believe it.
You know, she knows that he knows her pretty well.
I think if anyone could see a tell, - it would be him.
- Try me.
We realize that part of this is true.
Like, she is actually revealing things about herself that she normally wouldn't, and so this is mixing truth and fiction.
Different characters here are technically betraying the other characters, so Jett is collecting information that will hurt Charlie.
JETT: What are you gonna do about Salas? Ah, he's got a boat full of heroin docking here next week.
GUTIERREZ: This is a world where life really is cheap.
And the only person he can say that to is Jett.
And of course, Jett is one person who's actually working with the cops to bring him down.
Ah, it's a mess of a setup.
There's only one exit route.
What would you do? And also, she does have a soft spot for him, there's no doubt about it.
Given a choice, I never go in somewhere with only one exit route.
This parallel story that we've been seeing with Rosalie and Benny, who shot her lover, has felt guilty the whole time.
BENNY: It's what happens when you lose control.
It happens sometimes.
you just have to learn from it.
There's no shame in fate, Rosalie.
Not in a perfect world, not at the scene of the crime.
And that story [CHUCKLES.]
is gonna take other turns.
What did we say about self-control?