Jiva! (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

The Trollies

Good morning, my friends.
Remember, today is the
last day to register you
and your crew for the Jiva
Loxion street dance competition.
Registration closes at noon.
And don't forget one million
rand is up for grabs.
So, "Dala what you must,"
and "Fetch your life."
A boom boom boom ♪
Shala boom shala boom shala boom ♪
Shala ♪
Shala boom shala boom shala boom ♪
Shala ♪
Shala boom shala boom boom boom ♪
- A boom boom boom ♪
Today is going to be good.
Look how long the queues are.
[MPILO IN ZULU] Hey, hey,
goodness. [GROANS]
Pass the lighter, boy.
Focus, focus, focus, focus!
You lost your focus yesterday,
that's why you couldn't
give Sika your CD.
Hi, gents.
May I have some loose change?
I only have 100 rand,
and you know how those drivers are
about big notes in the morning.
- Please, help me.
- Yes, I do have change.
see you smiling today.
It's always good to just smile.
[IN ZULU] No matter how bad your day is.
- What?
Thank you.
with that Shakespeare nonsense.
What Shakespeare nonsense?
I was trying to be nice.
[IN ZULU] You see, girls
want someone who's fast.
You're slow, Bheki.
You You're an embarrassment, boy.
Ah! Hey, lady!
- Listen. Don't tell anyone.
- Uh-huh.
I've got a famous Nigerian
artist coming at one o'clock.
- Oh, that's nice!
- Yes! I'm so excited.
We're gonna get great
reviews for uShaka Marine.
And I was just imagining it.
If it's Davido, oh, I'm going to
lose it! I'm going to lose it!
If I tell you say I love you, oh ♪
Okay! [LAUGHS]
No do, No do, No do ♪
Don't you know the song?
- Eh of course I know the song.
- Come on!
- No do, No do, No do [CHUCKLES]
- No do, No do, No do ♪
- Yup!
- Right there! [LAUGHS]
We're gonna have a great day.
- Great day.
- Maybe. Amazing! Uh
Positive vibes, Ntombi!
Ooh, yeah.
Excuse me! Hello?
- Hi.
- Could you please call Debrah for me?
- Tell her it's an emergency.
- [CLEANER] Okay.
[SOFTLY] All right.
Hello? Somebody called for me?
- Ntombi!
Oh, my gosh! I [SIGHS]
I'm not fine. I
Get cleaned up and get gone,
we don't want to get whatever you have.
- [DEBRAH] Hm-mm-mm.
Ntombi, please get yourself
a pregnancy test.
I know these things.
Okay. Tell me when you're home.
- Okay.
- Bye.
Hello, sister. I'm here to register
for the Jiva Loxion Dance Competition.
You're too late. I'm done.
- Sister, please, I beg you.
- Uh-huh. Rules are rules, sister.
Twelve o'clock noon. It's 12:01.
Sister, mine says 11:59.
I'm not losing my job because of you.
I've got kids to feed.
Look, I understand.
I've got a family to feed too.
Look, you wake up at 5:00 every morning
to get your family ready for the day.
You wait in long queues at the taxi rank
because you don't have a car.
Then you get to work,
and you have to deal with a boss
that doesn't even care about you.
You're on your feet all day,
watching happy people
walking in and out,
and you keep wondering
when your day will come to
be like them, to be happy!
You work so hard,
yet no one ever says thank you.
You pay the bills.
You put the food on the table.
And you're the one that's
cleaning up after everyone.
- When you wake up, every morning
it's the same thing all over again.
That's been my life since high school.
And I guess it'll always be.
You'd better win that damn million.
Thank you so much!
Thank you so much.
- [IN ZULU] Thank you.
registration is 500 rand.
Then you thank.
- What?
- [IN ZULU] Geez, sister.
the rules, you know.
So, here's your form.
You'll need to fill in
your group's name.
Oh, I don't have a crew name.
Oh, I like the way you move for me ♪
Move for me ♪
Oh, I like the way you move for me ♪
Move for me ♪
Oh, I like the way you move for me ♪
Move for me ♪
Oh, I like the way you move for me ♪
Move for me ♪
Oh, I like the way you move ♪
Girl you really got me in the mood ♪
Outchea with your
friends acting loose ♪
Got me and my brothers outta juice ♪
Teddy had a minute chuck a deuce ♪
Girl you really got me in the mood ♪
Outchea with your
friends acting loose ♪
Got me and my brothers outta juice ♪
Teddy had a minute chuck a deuce ♪
Don't change the islands ♪
We fly, you ride it ♪
It's all reviving ♪
The vibe is delighting ♪
Girl I love that tick-tock timing ♪
[IN ZULU] What are you doing here?
I'd like you to join my
new crew. The Trollies.
[IN ZULU] You actually
came all this way here
stupid crew called "The Trollies"?
In case you haven't noticed,
I have some real work to do.
Oh, come on!
Don't pretend you never wonder
how far we could've gone
as the "Jiva Babes."
Remember us?
We were the best dancers here in Umlazi.
Probably the best
dancers in South Africa.
You and Vuyiswa disowned me.
You two were ashamed of me!
'Cause I was pregnant.
[IN ZULU] Now that there's
a dance competition
and dance crews needed, now you need me!
You pushed us away.
You thought we were gonna
judge you for being pregnant.
- You should've tried harder.
- [IN ZULU] Geez, Zinhle!
had just passed away.
Look, we all fucked up our relationship.
But what are we gonna do?
Are we gonna fix it and move forward,
or are we just gonna carry
on living in the past?
[IN ZULU] But as for that rat you
call a friend. [CLICKS TONGUE]
- Zinhle.
This is our chance to shine.
[IN ZULU] If you change your mind,
come over to my house later on.
you know, that rat
she's the one that told me to
come down here and talk to you.
Would you rather be remembered
as the girl that fell pregnant,
dropped out of school,
and became a busker,
or would you rather be remembered
as the star you truly are?
[SOFTLY] I don't know.
It's your choice.
[IN ZULU] I'm definitely a star!
- [NTOMBI] So, friend.
- [WOMAN] Hm-mm.
Absolutely not. Uh-huh!
Come on! She said she wants to
end the beef between you guys.
Oh, you know she's lying.
She's still mad about everything
that happened with Menzi.
Him choosing me over her in high school.
And honestly, do you blame him?
[IN ZULU] I mean, friend,
that happened ages ago.
Yeah, but she's a stripper now.
Okay, no, she's definitely a busker.
And we used to be amazing
in high school. So
Yeah, before the scandal.
That's not fair.
He was our school teacher.
He should've gone to prison for that.
You have a point, but think about it.
Teenage pregnancy, high
school dropout. Busker.
I don't know if that's the brand
you are going for with The Trollies.
Girl, she's a great street dancer.
- We need her.
- [ZINHLE] Hi!
Hey, Nana. Hello.
- Oh, okay!
Yes, vrr pha.
- [NTOMBI] Thanks for coming.
- [ZINHLE] So,
I'm down to join the crew, but
I'm only available when I can,
when I'm not gigging.
So, do not take me away
from my time at Royale
and do not take me away from
my mommy and daughter time.
No problem. Because we need you,
- we can work around that.
- Mm-hmm.
[IN ZULU] You, vrr pha?
[IN ZULU] No. Go ahead, girl.
Ntombi said that you are here
to apologize to me, so
- Apolo-where? Apologize? Me?
- Oh, yes.
[IN ZULU] You know,
weren't you begging Ntombi
for me to join the group?
Hell, no, girl! Me? Beg?
- Lord, please help me.
- Forget it.
- Lord, help me.
Ntombi, you lied!
- Zee.
- Huh-uh.
[IN ZULU] Wait, wait!
Friend, friend. Ladies!
and we're gonna split it equally.
[IN ZULU] This is money in
our pockets. Guys, come on.
[IN ZULU] Just asking one favor.
- Okay, but [INHALES]
Please keep that thing on a leash.
- I will slap you!
- There she goes.
- All right.
- I'm not doing this for you.
I'm doing it for myself and my daughter.
Perfect. Perfect.
That's great. Bring it in.
- Bring it in!
- [IN ZULU] Bring it here!
of The Jiva Babes!
[IN ZULU] Listen up, Umlazi.
Now we need two more
girls and we're sorted.
She wants a million rand,
or she's going to the press about
how you seduced a 19-year-old.
There is no way!
If the sponsors find out, they'll
pull out of the competition.
Come on! This girl is messing with me!
Nobody wants a scandal,
especially in this day and age
of #MenAreTrash #AmInext.
I suggest you pay her before
the world finds out about it.
[SIGHS] I'll pay her from
the business account.
You need Belinda's signature for that.
I'm dead.
I'm dead.
Belinda's gonna kill me.
Belinda's gonna kill me.
[IN ZULU] Heh pop!
Hey, guys!
Let's hustle!
[IN ZULU] Hey, you know this, friend!
- [ALL] Zinhle!
Lady Easy!
This is Ntombi. Ntombi, Lady E.
Hello, Lady E.
[IN ZULU] I hear you're the
best female dancer in Durban.
remove "female."
I'm the best Pansula dancer. Period.
- Let's stop talking. Get to it.
- [ZINHLE] Hm!
[LADY E IN ZULU] Guys, let's do this!
[IN ZULU] Take it away, friend!
[CROWD] Yo, yo, yo!
- Yes!
- Yes! [LAUGHS]
[ZINHLE IN ZULU] That's my
friend! That's my friend!
- I told you!
It is my greatest pleasure to
welcome you to The Trollies!
What kind of a name is a "Trolley"?
It's a bit of a long story.
I'm not joining some girl group.
I'm a grown woman.
Um, what she means is that she's in.
have some meat, my friend.
Oh, damn! That was good.
- Yes, it was amazing, wasn't it?
- [MAN SIGHS] It was, eh?
I'm going to Dubai next week.
You should join me.
I won't be able to.
Yes, you will.
The tickets are booked already.
[SIGHS] Yeah, um, but, uh
Eh, Ntombi is starting this dance crew
for the Jiva Loxion competition.
Who's Ntombi?
My best friend.
I literally speak about
her all the time.
I'm not having my lady dance half-naked
with some township
girls for small change.
Want money? I'll give you money.
Please do.
I've been asking you for a
job at the mayor's office,
- but someone's dragging
- Listen!
Don't ever talk to me like that again.
[IN ZULU] You understand?
wife at home for a reason.
I'm sorry.
You'd better be.
And we're not going to be talking
about this competition ever again.
[SOFTLY] Yeah.
[SIGHS] Good.
- [IN ZULU] Dad.
- Uh-huh?
- [IN ZULU] Are you missing Dad?
[IN ZULU] You hear the song?
- I love it a lot.
- Yeah.
Especially this part.
Your dad outshone himself on this song.
- Jabu. He nailed it.
[IN ZULU] I didn't want to
say this in front of Ma,
the dance competition.
Well, it's about time.
You've been sacrificing for this family.
[IN ZULU] It's time you do
something for yourself,
but you must speak to your mother.
Can you talk to her?
[IN ZULU] Please, Uncle.
She listens to you.
You know what? I'll ease her into it.
However, you'd need to sit her
down and tell her yourself.
- No secrets.
No secrets.
[IN ZULU] Pass me that spanner.
May I use the garage
as the dance studio?
I'll tell Ma that I just have a
couple of friends coming over.
[IN ZULU] Just to hang out.
I promise you, I will talk to her.
How will I approve if you haven't
spoken to your mother?
Well, when you love someone,
you'll do anything for them.
You think you're smart.
[LAUGHS] A little. Thank you.
Love, Mzwakhe.
Look at that!
[IN SESOTHO] Let's go to Dubai!
[NEWS REPORTER] Mzwakhe Gumede
is in the headlines once again.
The protests in Umlazi/KZN
continue to spread like wildfire
as the residents demand answers
from eThekwini Mayor and business mogul
Mzwakhe Gumede.
Enough is enough.
How long will the poor keep getting
poorer and the rich get richer?
[SOFTLY] Help me.
[IN ZULU] Hi, friend.
[NTOMBI] We're at the car wash
auditioning Trollies members.
Where are you?
Just popped out to shop.
I'll be there soon. I'll be there now.
[NTOMBI] Hurry up and get here.
It's not looking good.
[LADY E] Ta ta ta, hey!
- Yes!
- [IN ZULU] Nope, too much of this!
Oh, my gosh!
[VUYISWA] Your girl, Vee.
Don't leave a message 'cos
[CHUCKLES] I'm living my best life.
Yes, oh!
[ZINHLE] Hello. Stop messing up!
[IN ZULU] Unbelievable! Get out of here.
[ZINHLE IN ZULU] What are you
doing? Cancel. Cancel! Next!
Show them, mami.
Check her out! Yes, girl!
Yes, Ntombi.
This is my favorite dress.
- [SAMU SIGHS] Mamzo.
- [MOM] Hm?
[IN ZULU] This dress is getting old.
- fix you some good designs.
- [MOM] Samu.
[SAMU] Some of Italy's best.
- [SAMU] No.
- [MOM] My fashion designer.
- [SAMU] Of course.
Ntombi has something to tell you.
- Oh?
- Hmm.
[IN ZULU] What is it? Tell us, Ntombi.
Tell us, Ntombo.
[MOM IN ZULU] Tell us. What is it?
[IN ZULU] Um Yes, I
Mmm! How much?
- One rand.
- An hour.
[MOM] Well done.
[MOM IN ZULU] This means
you should work more hours
more money, my child.
[IN ZULU] Yes, Mom.
She has to work more hours.
This is not a raise, it's upbringing.
One rand per hour? That's not peanuts.
That's raisins, my friend.
Samukele, what are you wanting?
[IN ZULU] Okay, sister.
So, I hear you're entering
the dance competition.
- [IN ZULU] Ah, dude.
I know things. I hear things.
I know your dancing crew
is lacking a few members.
So, I may know someone
willing to help you out.
What's in it for you?
We are family. That's what we do.
- We are family ♪
- Okay, I'll give you a chance.
- Yes!
- Samu, please don't screw it up.
Let the coolest kid in Umlazi
find you that girl because
it shouldn't be that hard.
We're the Umlazi Pushers.
No job is too hard. Out. Thank you.
- Hey, baby. [IN ZULU] How are you?
[IN ZULU] Stand on the mark.
- Yes, I am.
- [IN ZULU] Great.
[IN ZULU] Baby, no, no, no. Thank you.
[IN ZULU] Next person, please.
- I'm good.
- [IN ZULU] Great, let's do this.
Ah, ah! Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Next time, my love. Thank you.
who knows how to dance!
[IN ZULU] Geez! No way.
It's fine, it's fine.
Hey, hey! [LAUGHS]
Wait! Whoa, whoa!
Who said you can dance?
Because I don't know what's going on.
- Zee.
- Huh-uh. Thank you.
- [NTOMBI] Thank you.
- Thank you.
[IN ZULU] Stay beautiful and smile.
never seen such wack dancers.
Girl, this entire process has
- [NTOMBI] Huh-uh.
- [SAMU IN ZULU] Guys.
Your newest member.
Oh, my gosh! Ntombi.
I've heard so much about you.
- From who?
Samu, of course.
Do you know how to Jiva?
[IN ZULU] Do you listen to Babes?
I know all her dance moves.
I watch all her videos,
like, 100 times a day.
I promise you. Can I dance?
[LADY E] Hi.
[SAMU] Relax. Give her
a chance. You'll see.
Should I dance now?
Guess so.
Yoh, okay.
- Yoh!
- Yes!
- I told you.
And she's adorable.
Exactly. Exactly!
- You're in!
- [NTOMBI] Thank you.
- [GIRL] Oh, my gosh!
- Thank you so much.
- Welcome! Welcome to The Trollies.
Thank you for always
opening your doors for me
when I was growing up, Ma.
[IN ZULU] Nathi, thank you. [CHUCKLES]
They're so beautiful. [CHUCKLES]
You know, my child,
watching your TV show.
I'm so proud of you.
- [IN ZULU] Thank you, Mom.
- Ha!
[IN ZULU] And now,
are you recording here?
So, does that mean I'll also be on TV?
- [IN ZULU] Yes, Mom.
at them. Just look at me.
- Oh, okay. [CHUCKLES]
[IN ZULU] You know, Nathi
always been a good boy.
A good boy. Treating
my daughter very well.
And I wanted you to be my son-in-law.
[IN ZULU] I'm sure I could
be in a mansion right now.
You know, Mom, Ntombi
Ntombi was my first love.
- And, is she is she here?
- Mm. Yes.
Oh, she just stepped out.
She was in the garage
with her friends all day.
- Oh?
- Mmm.
[NATHI] I hope she entered
the dance competition.
What dance competition?
[IN ZULU] Look at the time, Mom.
- Oh.
[MOM] Ntombi.
Is that how you greet your boyfriend?
- Boyfriend?
- [MOM IN ZULU] What is it, Ntombi?
Mom, please. You, get out!
Get out!
Ma, thank you. Okay.
[MOM] Pleasure was all mine.
Ntombi, look.
I know you must be mad at me,
but I'm back. We can fix things.
Are you serious?
And how dare you bring
your cameras into my home?
These cameras follow me.
I don't care, Nathi!
Look, Ntombi. I wasn't kidding
when I said I missed you the other day.
You left, and after the tour,
you decided to stay in Joburg.
Ntombi, I'm sorry, but you're
the one who told me to go.
You told me to take the spot.
You lied and said they
wouldn't wait for me.
- [SOFTLY] I'm sorry.
- No! No!
Stop saying you're sorry. You promised!
You promised me. You said
it was me and you forever!
I taught you how to dance.
I got you those auditions.
I'm the fool that stays behind and works
while you go and live our dreams.
Nathi, I waited.
I called.
And then you make me a fool like that.
Look. Ntombi, I'm truly sorry.
I am truly, truly, truly sorry.
And I know that you still
love me like I still love you.
- But if you want me to go, I'll go.
- [NTOMBI] Go.
Leave, like you always do.
[IN ZULU] What is this, Ntombi?
- This competition.
Do you think this is wise?
You have a good thing going at uShaka.
Ma, it's a dead-end job.
But it's still a job!
Would you want to jeopardize that?
I'm going to win this competition.
And what if you don't win?
It would be so nice,
if for once, you'd believe in me.
Your back sways in parabola motion ♪
Right on time ♪
With the latest club incantation ♪
We live for the weekend ♪
Working up the courage ♪
And we pray away, pray away ♪
Pray away the pain ♪
Of not being in alignment ♪
With our dreams ♪
Fetch your life ♪
Go on, be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out there ♪
[NTOMBI] Dad used to say,
"If you can dream it,
you can do it."
Fetch your life, go on, be alive ♪
[NTOMBI] Mama used to say,
"No, this is real life. Dreams
don't put food on the table."
Fetch your life, go on, be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out here ♪
Be someone who's living out here ♪
Fetch your life, go on, be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out here ♪
Be someone who's living out here ♪
Your eyes are waning like the moon ♪
Like a dream deferred ♪
Whose time has come
and gone too soon ♪
We live for the weekend ♪
To numb out the damage ♪
And we pray away, pray away ♪
Pray away the pain ♪
Of not being in alignment ♪
With our dreams ♪
Fetch your life ♪
Go on, be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out here ♪
Be someone who's living out here ♪
Fetch your life ♪
Go on, be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out here ♪
Be someone who's living out here ♪
Fetch your life ♪
Go on, be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out here ♪
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