Jiva! (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Flash Round

Stop saying you're sorry.
You promised me.
[IN ZULU] It was me and you,
- forever.
what I'm talking about!
That's what I'm talking about!
[HEAVY BREATHING] Do you like it?
It's too much drama for me, though.
Do I like it? I love it!
Move over, Kim Kardashian,
Makhekhe and the Cats
are taking over. Yes!
You keep this up,
I see a season five,
season Hey, hell, I see a
I see a season ten, my dawg!
[NATHI] You know what I'm thinking?
I think we should consider
cutting the Cats, you know?
And maybe call the next season:
Makhekhe Reloaded.
[SINGING] You can
have whatever you like ♪
Imagine when it hits Twitter.
[IN ZULU] All the memes,
left, right, and center.
See this chick, this chick is crazy.
Look at me, bro.
- Who blames her, huh?
[IN ZULU] Ah, Makhekhe,
there you go, Makhekhe!
What the hell, Vuyiswa!
Where have you been?
I've been trying to get a
hold of you for three days.
You missed all the auditions.
[IN ZULU] Oh, friend,
Well, you don't look "sick"!
[IN ZULU] Listen, we've got
our first rehearsals today.
Vuyiswa, come on! Just spill it.
I can't do it.
This whole competition.
I've got too much on my plate, Mngane.
Like what? Like getting your
facials done, going shopping?
Oh! Thank you, Google Calendar.
Now you know my entire schedule.
Or you mean, his schedule?
He's the one that told
you not to do this.
Vuyiswa, he controls your every move.
No! No, he doesn't. Hey!
It's just that I've been thinking
I can't believe you're gonna let
a man control your life like that.
You told me to follow my dreams.
Yeah. Your dreams, Ntombi.
You know I left dancing
a very long time ago.
All the wows.
[IN ZULU] Friend.
you know that right? But this!
[IN ZULU] Oh, my goodness.
[DEBRAH] Ntombi.
Hey! Morning, Debrah.
What a beautiful day.
You're late, again.
- Me?
- What do you mean, me?
You've been late the whole week!
No, no. No way. I've been busy.
I've been working here.
Look. Deb. The taxis are
striking in Umlazi. And
No, no, Debrah, please.
Uh-huh. Third strike and you're fired!
Come on, Debrah!
[SINGING] Hey, bye guys ♪
[MAN] I fucked up.
So you are gonna leave me now?
What did I say to you
when we got married?
To be discreet.
Exactly! I also said as long
as you don't embarrass me,
and as long as you don't
jeopardize our lifestyle,
that I don't mind your little hobbies.
[IN ZULU] I know. I don't
know what I was thinking.
You were not thinking, Sika.
She's pregnant.
You can't use a fuckin' condom!
Do you even know if the baby is yours?
She wants a million
rand for her silence.
Leave it to me.
I'll sort it out.
One-day special, buy one get one free.
[IN ZULU] Please buy some, bro.
[IN ZULU] Thank you. Please,
have them both. Thank you.
[IN ZULU] You know, I don't understand
why you don't want to buy this.
- It's a one-day special.
- Hello. Can I please talk to you?
Are you buying or what?
[IN ZULU] Listen
Look, I'm starting a dance crew
for the Jiva Loxion Dance Competition.
And I'm short of one girl.
No, sorry. I dance solo.
Listen, this is one million rand,
and we will share it equally.
Like I said, I dance solo.
I'm not joining your crew.
[NTOMBI GROANS] Come on, hear me out.
[SAMU] I can give you my other
homework as well, if you don't mind.
No, no, it's okay, thanks.
I just needed the maths.
Okay, um
- [LAUGHS] So, um
Is there anything else you're doing?
Oh, I'm actually on my
way to the rehearsal.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
- Okay, okay.
- Yeah.
Um, I'm guessing that means I'm
going to see you in class tomorrow.
Tomorrow, yeah. I'll see you.
All right.
- [IN ZULU] Hey, gents.
- [LAUGHS] Brother!
How're you?
Hey dude, what's up? Are you losing it?
- Why?
- Are you now dating, Nolwazi?
not in love with this girl.
[IN ZULU] I'm telling you.
I just want to hit that and we move.
- [LAUGHS] What?
- You know the mandate.
Yeah! You're the man. You know.
- [IN ZULU] I'm telling you, man.
Zibo, give me the 411, friend.
- Mm.
- Do you know about that school girl?
[LAUGHS] She comes from a rich family.
- She's very sweet, though.
- And Ntombi?
Ah, that one, she's nice whenever
Vuyiswa's not around.
[NTOMBI] Hey, ladies.
Sorry, we are late.
Had to find the fifth Trollie.
Everyone, say hi to Ntokozo.
Oh, and then? What happened
to your home girl Vuyiswa?
No, she's out.
Five members, really?
- Isn't four enough?
- No, it's not.
I registered for a group of five,
so I want a group of five.
Like Makhekhe's group.
Oh, sister, obsessed much?
[CHUCKLES] I'm not
obsessed, I want to win.
And Ntokozo stays, and that's that.
I found it.
I have my passport. Dubai, here we come!
Just wait.
Um, maybe I can make
you something to eat.
Um, there's chicken, turkey, and, um
a salad.
Do me a favor.
Get out!
Sure, I'll just go outside, get a swim.
No, don't go to the pool.
Get out of my penthouse!
Go! Leave! [IN ZULU] Get out!
I do that? I mean, I live here.
Only thing that lives
here that's permanent
is the furniture. Understand?
- Excuse me?
- [IN ZULU] Get out, man!
Fuck! Fuck!
You've got it, Vee.
[IN ZULU] Come on!
on! Pick up your feet!
[IN ZULU] Come on, let's go!
where the party's happening.
Whoa, my goodness!
You literally look like you just
stepped out of a fashion magazine.
Come on! Who's this bundle of joy?
I'm Nolwazi, I'm doing grade 12.
I love reading, I love dancing, I
I love this. All of this.
I love your energy.
So keep it, and while you're
at it, go and get me a chair.
Okay, chair coming right up.
And then who got this madam
to be walking in here,
ordering people around?
Okay, what're you even doing here?
[IN ZULU] Excuse me.
can't support my friend?
[IN ZULU] Think of me as your
number one-stan, friend.
not one of the dancers,
but what kind of friend would I be
if I didn't show you that
I'm here, rooting for you?
- Okay, but then
- Okay.
Let's do it again.
[IN ZULU] Ntokozo, count us in there.
[IN ZULU] Five, six, seven, let's go!
[IN ZULU] Come on! Yes.
[IN ZULU] I'm sorry, friend.
one that knows these moves.
Everyone else behind you is struggling.
They're not. Guys, are you struggling?
Ntombi, your feet are
moving so fast, hey.
Yeah, and that stomping is not working
with your hip-hop-ish moves
Oh, is that so?
Okay, okay, okay.
Ladies, I have an idea.
Zee, Ntombi, you remember.
Back in grade 11, we had
that amazing fire-fire dance!
You mean, before you gained all of that?
One more strike, sis.
Look. Why don't you
use the same routine?
Revamp it, just add some fresh moves.
Come on! No one has ever cracked
it since we did it back then.
[IN ZULU] Well then.
Let's do it.
Let's do it.
Putting me on the spot now.
[IN ZULU] Join in!
[IN ZULU] Yes!
- [IN ZULU] What's up?
[IN ZULU] Look, man.
I had a chat with the guys.
when we win the Jiva Loxion
and the million rand, I honestly think
we should split the money equally.
I mean, look, we've been winning
this for four consecutive years.
And every time we win,
you seem to be the only person that
goes home with the biggest cut.
[IN ZULU] How come?
us with nothing but peanuts!
[IN ZULU] Come on, man.
way you did the reality show.
What was that?
[IN ZULU] Nothing, man.
What I'm saying, bro, is
financial problems, and honestly
I just think we need to
split this money equally.
The last time I checked,
I was the leader and the
founder of The Soweto Cats.
So go and tell your little groupies
that they'll take whatever I give them!
Actually, you should be thankful
that I took your broke
asses from Soweto.
You're nothing without me!
And hit the showers!
[IN ZULU] You stink!
- [IN ZULU] Yes!
- Let's go!
We're not messing around!
- Yeah! Girl, you can dance.
- Yeah.
- Um
Let's cool off, and
then we'll do it again.
[IN ZULU] Whoa! Sister
Vee, you can dance, hey.
she's still got it.
My girls, I think we did good.
We can call it a night, right?
Ntokozo, can I walk you home?
Ladies, wait, okay. Wait.
I don't think we can
quite call it a night yet.
My dad won't allow me to stay out late.
And we're tired.
Look, guys, I say, let's go home,
freshen up, hit the club,
grab a couple of drinks.
You know what I mean.
You're joking, right? I'm
pretty sure you're joking.
What? You think the Soweto Cats
are busy out there, chilling?
You think they're clubbing?
Please, don't be joking.
We're gonna do this
until we get it proper.
Please, let's get in formation, guys.
[IN ZULU] Come on, come on!
Five, six, five, six, seven.
The day has finally arrived.
It's the KZN flagship round
of the 5th Jiva Loxion
Street Dance Competition.
There are a lot of KZN crews that
have entered the competition,
but there'll only be three that
will represent us at the nationals.
Who's going to win this
great prize? R1 000 000!
May the best crew win!
[IN ZULU] Let's go!
- [IN ZULU] Yes, you.
- Let's go!
Yes, girls!
Attitude. Energy, ladies.
- Yes!
- That was amazing.
- Trollies!
[IN ZULU] Yes, we did it!
- Can you feel it?
- Definitely.
why we have to do the easy routine.
Um, friend, so that
everyone else can catch it.
[IN ZULU] Excuse me?
Ntokozo's got the new moves.
What're you trying to say
about myself and Nolwazi?
Guys, please take a two-minute break,
and then we'll pick it up again.
Ntombi, my feet hurt.
Mm, friend, I'm getting
really, really hungry.
Also, have we even decided on what
we're wearing for the flash round?
I thought jeans and a
T-shirt works for me.
Whoa, friend! Jeans and
a T-shirt? Come on.
Do you have a better idea?
I thought so.
Do you know why the Soweto
Cats are the reigning champs
for four years straight?
Because they're dedicated.
They're focused, they're united.
We're just playing games.
- [IN ZULU] We're messing around.
- [IN ZULU] No, Ntombi.
Those Cats have been dancing
with each other for years now.
Relax, dude.
Ntombi, side-bar.
You're starting to look
a little crazy right now.
Excuse me?
I'm talking about your obsession
with Makhekhe and the Cats.
Are you actually doing this for
yourself or for revenge on your ex?
The last time I checked,
you weren't even a Trollie.
So you don't get to have a
say on what goes on here.
As a matter of fact,
I can't have non-Trollie
members in my rehearsal.
I'm still your friend.
Please, give us some space.
[IN ZULU] Excuse me! Give
us some room to breathe.
Trollies, please can we be back
in two hours? Don't be late.
Like I always say, ladies, no
matter what happens in life,
wear your best accessory.
And that's your smile.
[IN ZULU] My baby!
Hush, I've heard you ♪
Oh, wow! Oh, wow!
- Hey, hey, what's going on?
This is not what we agreed on.
Mzwakhe, this isn't what we agreed on.
- What?
- Meeting up in random parking lots,
because of course, Vuyiswa,
the poor little mistress.
Come on, it's not like
that now, darling.
Uh-huh! And don't call me "darling."
I'm not the one right now.
Look, you know it's unsafe for
us to be seen in public, right?
But I don't appreciate being
thrown out like old goods.
I deserve better than that.
Yeah, you're right, and I'm sorry.
Forgive me?
Is it true?
Is what true? And why're you
standing over there? Huh? Come.
Come here now. Huh?
I saw on the news.
And they said Mzwakhe Gumede has
been caught using public funds.
Come on! Are you going to
believe every single lie
that you hear about me? Huh?
Come on! You know how our people are.
A Black man becomes successful,
and you know what happens.
Everyone gets jealous, and they
start spreading lies and rumors.
And you know that the opposition
is out to get me. Come on, now!
Look, if you don't believe me,
why have I not been arrested?
You have a point.
Exactly! Now, come here.
Enough about the politics.
Talk to me about what your
plans for tonight are. Hm?
Nothing much, I
I just want to see the girls.
I promised I'd come over if
If you don't mind, of course.
It's Ntombi, right? I guess she's okay.
If you don't end up
dancing for township boys
and some silly competition.
You can take the Hummer, if you like.
This is just my way of
saying sorry to my baby.
Thank you, baby.
- Ooh, you're the best.
You're becoming just like him,
selfish and unreliable.
Mom, can we please
not do this right now.
No, truth be told, my child.
You're busy chasing a dream
that you might never achieve.
Who's going to pay Samu's
varsity fees next year?
I will. When I win this competition.
You know your father thought he'll
make it big one day as well? Hm?
Perform with the likes of Hugh Masekela.
Tour the world with
Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
Have dinner with the president,
and perform for the Queen of England!
But none of that happened. None of it!
- He died poor and depressed.
- Mom!
I'd rather continue to follow
my dreams like Dad,
than to give up on life like you!
You've been sitting in
this chair for years.
You don't exercise, you
don't try to stand and walk.
But all you could ever do,
is sit there and criticize
everything that I do!
I will walk the day God helps me.
Mom, God helps those
who help themselves.
- Mm, friend, what's the driver's name?
- [ZINHLE] Skhumbuzo!
Girls and girls and girls.
This is what I'm talking about.
[LAUGHTER] Champampa, baby!
I think this calls for a toast.
Here is to the good life!
[IN ZULU] To the Trollies!
please, no drinking.
- I just
- [IN ZULU] Give it to me.
[IN ZULU] Look
Life is good!
Amen, home-girl!
Whoa. I've never seen so
many hot people in one place.
[NTOMBI] You can say that again.
Trollies, we We can do it.
We've got this.
[IN ZULU] What the hell, Samu!
You should be home studying.
No, me and the boys entered
the dance competition.
- Umlazi Pushers.
- For life!
[IN ZULU] As you can hear for yourself.
matric, you can't afford to fail.
This is a chance for my fashion line.
Who knows who could be here and
see our stuff. Come on. Huh?
[IN ZULU] Listen
the best sibling win.
[WOMAN] DJ Sika!
- Ayeye!
- Party people, where you at?
Rhythm life, where you at?
Welcome to the 5th Annual
Jiva Loxion Dance Competition.
I love you, Sika! [SCREAMS]
I love you too, baby. I love you too.
Let's get straight into it.
Round one is the flash round.
Fight for your spot to get your
platinum tickets to Johannesburg.
Keep it flowing, keep it
sexy, and most of all
[IN ZULU] Dance!
what's at stake here.
And that is one million rand!
And the title for South
Africa's best dance crew.
You have 30 seconds to impress us.
If I nod, you're hot.
If I hit the buzzer, you're not.
And in Jiva Loxion tradition,
the reigning champs are here
to open the competition.
Welcome The Soweto Cats!
[MC] Pansula Dancers!
[MC] The Ingweja.
[MC] The Instant Entertainers.
[MC] The Umlazi Pushers!
[MC] The Incredibles!
[MC] The Dudes!
[MC] The Swankables!
[MC] The Dancing Dudes!
- This guy is buzzing everyone out.
He wants some real talent.
And right now, [IN ZULU]
it's no child's play.
my shoes. Guys, I'll make a plan.
[MC] Silver Lining!
Come on!
[MC] The Boogie Boys.
[MC] The Bat Girls!
- [IN ZULU] I'm ready.
[NTOMBI'S VOICE] You've been
sitting in this chair for years.
I will walk the day God helps me.
Mom, God helps those
who help themselves.
[MC] The Trollies!
Whoop, whoop, whoop, whoop!
I love you, Bontle!
Don't go.
Go! Go!
[LADY E] Girl, you saved the day.
- You saved the day.
- [ZINHLE] Yes, shame.
Jealous down, sister. You did the thing.
You're right, hey.
We were two seconds away
from being eliminated.
[IN ZULU] Then in came Vuyiswa. [LAUGHS]
So, does this mean she's
officially a Trollie now?
[IN ZULU] Friend?
- [IN ZULU] Yes, friend!
[IN ZULU] Okay, guys.
the club and celebrate!
[IN ZULU] I'll be back.
going to get a jacket.
- [IN ZULU] Hurry up, sister.
- Yes.
- [IN ZULU] Mom, I'm going out.
- Mama used to say
don't let your dreams get in
the way of what's important.
Did I let them?
Mom! Mom!
Vuyiswa! Vuyiswa! Vuyiswa! Vuyiswa!
[IN ZULU] Mom, please wake up.
Please wake up, Mom.
Amazed by your kindness ♪
We're building homes ♪
Like swallows ♪
Under the bridge ♪
Just for a little while ♪
You were facing the same direction ♪
As the sunflowers ♪
A thousand ♪
The greatness of your kindness ♪
You handle things with care ♪
You are genuine ♪
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