Jiva! (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Fix Your Crown

[IN ZULU] Ma, please wake up.
- [IN ZULU] Wake up.
Call the ambulance.
take too long, I'll get my car!
[NTOMBI] Uncle Mzo always
says I take after my dad.
That when he looks at me,
he sees all the hopes and
dreams of his late brother.
[VUYISWA] Not your fault, we've got you.
[NTOMBI] But if I take after Dad,
that means I got the good with the bad.
[VUYISWA] No, no, no! That's my car!
Bring back my car! [CRYING] No, no!
[CRYING] Someone just stole my car.
my uncle, he's at Royal.
Hurry up, Vuyiswa!
- [IN ZULU] What's going on?
- She's inside.
- Hurry up, hurry up.
- Oh, no!
We found her lying on the floor.
Where's Sam'kele?
He's not answering the call.
Please just tell him to
meet us at the hospital.
[IN ZULU] Learn to open your own door.
Samukelo, please call me back,
something happened to your mom.
[IN ZULU] Ntombi. What happened exactly?
the wheelchair like a crutch.
[UNCLE ZO] It's fine.
She she'll be fine.
[NTOMBI] You don't know that.
We weren't there for her.
[NOLWAZI] Your room's so cool, Samu.
And these drawings? Is this all you?
- Mm-hmm.
[IN ZULU] Wait, you even have a camera.
[IN ZULU] Look, someone
started a new WhatsApp group
for the dance competition.
ranking the crews on style.
I want to see this.
- Shouldn't you call your sister?
[IN ZULU] Just look, they've ranked
Umlazi Pushers number three.
Please, listen to me.
I know. I know you're
worried about your mom.
Your mom's going to be okay. I promise.
I can't go to hospitals, Nolwazi.
[IN ZULU] Why not?
time I was there
It was after my dad shot himself.
He accidentally shot my mom
too when she tried to stop him.
[IN ZULU] I'm sorry.
Everything's gonna be okay.
[IN ZULU] Thank you.
Thank you.
He wants big screens.
He wants an outdoor stage.
He wants live streaming
and LED magic lights.
- [IN ZULU] Sika is going crazy.
You know Platinum Life
doesn't have money for that.
He's trying to sell
the Jiva Loxion rights.
Of course he's gonna
make it world class.
It's a street dance competition,
for God's sake!
[IN ZULU] Give him what he wants.
You're the boss.
Hey, I need a favor.
I need to take out some trash.
Eh bo eh bo ♪
This for my queens ♪
Get your money in between ♪
This is for my queens ♪
She's got too many rules ♪
Push my head up high ♪
Booty like full moon out there ♪
Shaking out the guy ♪
- Full confidence check ♪
- Yes ♪
- Skin something that I check ♪
- Yes ♪
- Keep them coming, I guess ♪
- Yes ♪
I'll see you during my check ♪
Walk in any room ♪
With my head up high ♪
Walk and navigate ♪
My limits reach beyond the sky ♪
- Full confidence check ♪
- Yes ♪
- Skin something I check ♪
- Yes ♪
- Keep 'em coming, I guess ♪
- Yes ♪
I'll see you during my check ♪
This is for my queens ♪
Fix your crown and raise the dream ♪
Get your money in between ♪
Be patient and hold on tight ♪
Women are not free ♪
I can't gossip anymore ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
This is for my queens ♪
Fix your crown and raise the dream ♪
Get your money in between ♪
Be patient and hold on tight ♪
Women are not free ♪
I can't gossip anymore ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
This is for my queens ♪
Fix your crown and raise the dream ♪
Get your money in between ♪
Be patient and hold on tight ♪
Women are not free ♪
I can't gossip anymore ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
This is for my queens ♪
Fix your crown and raise the dream ♪
Get your money in between ♪
Be patient and hold on tight ♪
Women are not free ♪
I can't gossip anymore ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
- Oh, my goodness ♪
Satan had tried, my child.
[IN ZULU] Not today, Satan.
it's a mild concussion.
You'll be home soon.
[IN ZULU] I'm sorry, Mom.
Everything I said.
What is done is done, Ntombi.
But I know you'll do the
right thing for the family.
You'll quit that competition.
So, are we, like, together now?
Yeah, I guess so.
[IN ZULU] Come here, you rubbish!
What were you guys doing?
- What were you two doing here?
- But what's going on?
What were you doing in the house?
your mother's house, huh?
[IN ZULU] No, nothing happened, Uncle.
- I promise, nothing happened.
- We didn't raise you like this.
I raised you since
you were a little boy!
[IN ZULU] Don't talk rubbish!
I'm sorry, Uncle.
Uncle, she just came to check
on me, nothing happened.
I slept on the floor,
she slept on the bed.
[IN ZULU] Samu! Don't you ever
take me for a fool! You understand?
[VUYISWA] Don't know why
the elevator's not working.
[IN ZULU] What? What's going on?
- What's going on?
- Calm down.
- [IN ZULU] Calm down. Okay.
No, no, no, no!
You're right. The car! It was not
stolen, it was repossessed!
[IN ZULU] Okay, calm down,
let me try. Let me try.
[RECORDING] The number
you dialed does not exist.
- I'll try again.
- Try again, try again! Don't Fine.
- Keep trying, keep trying!
- Okay, okay, I am going to try.
It's okay, we're going to figure
it out. I'm here for you.
We're going to figure it out.
Debrah, I'm I'm so
sorry I'm late. Look.
My mom's in hospital.
- What happened?
- She hit her head on the counter.
Argh, man! Oh.
You know what, do this one
tour, and you can knock off.
Okay. Thank you, thank you, so much.
All right, take care of your mom.
[IN ZULU] Hello. I've brought my nephew.
He's always asked me to bring him here.
- Hello.
You're going to love it here.
[IN ZULU] And I like your costume.
Thank you. This little thing.
- Size 30.
- Okay, we got you.
- Green.
You're not as awkward as I thought.
But, though, you need to
work on your dancing skills.
I saw you at Royal.
My boy, do you want to show
her how we dance at home?
Okay, it's fine. Forgive him.
So, um, the government
officials took everything.
Car the place.
Blocked the cards.
I literally have nothing.
Except my clothes and this bag, but
Hey, come here.
- No, please.
- Come here.
Don't don't feel sorry
for me now. Please.
This is exactly what I get
for making dumb decisions,
and you know you were right.
This is Karma.
Karma? Come on.
What do you know about Karma? Huh?
[IN ZULU] Listen here, Vuvu.
You and I go back a long way.
So, don't tell me about "Karma."
the moment where you say,
"Vuvu, I told you so"?
No, this is not the part where
I go, "Vuvu, I told you so."
[IN ZULU] Huh? You know
all my flaws. Huh?
what are you going to do now?
I don't know. Um
[IN ZULU] Obviously, my grandmother
is the last person I want to see.
the whole time judging me,
waving her Bible in my face.
Reminding me that I
failed the family again.
Ah, no, no, no. Uh-huh.
I don't want that.
I don't need that now.
Hey, hey, hey.
Come on.
[IN ZULU] You know that your
home is my home, right?
And my home is yours.
got a roof over our heads.
Huh? Plus You know,
we we've got a bed.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's okay. Okay?
Thank you. You don't have to do this.
My stuff, my clothes, my wigs!
[IN ZULU] Oh, my God!
[IN ZULU] Uh-huh, come here.
[CRYING] My wigs.
Don't worry, I have a plan.
[VUYISWA] Menzi!
[MENZI] Hey, Vuvu!
I am inside, calm down.
[IN ZULU] Move back, move back, girl.
- [IN ZULU] Wait!
- Were you dating a "Bruce Lee"?
Malo, Lerato, Abby,
Sister Bertina. I am sorry!
Baby, I'm I'm sorry!
Sister Bertina!
Hey, I'm really going to
miss this place, yeah?
Well, you know there
were ones before you,
and there'll be many after you.
[IN ZULU] So, the only
thing you can do
is to leave your mark, so they
can see that #VuvuWasHere.
What am I on about?
What am I on about?
What am I on about? Uh-huh.
What am I on about?
What am I
- Oh, yes. Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
- Ho-ho-ho!
- [VUYISWA] Menzi?
- Yes, baby.
- [IN ZULU] Let me tell you
- Yeah.
I remember that man once telling me
that he bought it from Italy, and
it cost more than most houses.
- [IN ZULU] Imagine!
- [IN ZULU] It's obviously from China City.
- What?
- You're thinking what I'm thinking.
No, no
- Come on!
- Yes!
[CHEERS] Yes! Wait!
Wait for me, wait for me!
Yes, yes!
One, two, three!
[IN ZULU] What are you doing here?
and offer your family some support.
So now you're stalking my family too?
No man, Samu posted about
Ma being in hospital.
- Samu!
- Hey, I'm here if you need anything.
[IN ZULU] Really now. Why do you care?
[IN ZULU] You think you can rock up
after seven years like nothing happened.
got you back on the dance floor.
And I'm very proud of you.
[IN ZULU] Excuse me?
it to make you proud.
But anyway, it's not worth it,
any of it. Mom could've died.
- Yeah, but she didn't.
- She could have.
I mean, who's going to take
care of my family? Samu?
Come on, Ntombi. Samu's 18, he's grown.
[IN ZULU] But I'm not selfish like you.
[IN ZULU] You know, the
Ntombi I knew back then,
dad died, was fearless,
she would never let any
[IN ZULU] Don't you dare
talk about my father!
even come to his funeral.
[IN ZULU] Leave me alone, Nathi.
The home of talented dance crews.
These dance crews will go
head-to-head at Club Royal,
spot at the Nationals in Joburg.
[IN ZULU] Things just got super intense.
Out of six regional finalists,
[IN ZULU] only three pairs of platinum
sneakers will be handed out.
Securing them a trip
to the Joburg bootcamp
and the Nationals.
Which group will represent KZN?
Out of the three,
who will represent KwaZulu-Natal?
Fire team!
Yo, Zinhle, that was lit!
Yeah! I guess there's one way to put it.
I get it. Actually,
I don't. Did you just
[IN ZULU] roll out of bed, fall into
those moves, because it has
[IN ZULU] You're so
disrespectful, you rat!
You're full of it!
us your choreography the other day?
And now this one is difficult.
[IN ZULU] You're so jealous!
I think we can do this.
- Let's try it out.
- Yeah, I agree.
That choreography is good, Vuyiswa.
Join the club, man.
[IN ZULU] Ah! Come on, Kardashian.
[IN ZULU] Okay, okay, I've heard enough.
have to check with who?
Ntombi. Because she's what? The leader.
The madam speaker, thank you.
a video and show it to her.
- [IN ZULU] Let's do it then.
- [IN ZULU] Let's do this!
[IN ZULU] Yes! Yes!
[IN ZULU] Yes!
I wasn't kidding when I said I
missed you the other day, Ntombi.
[NTOMBI IN ZULU] But you left,
and after the tour you
decided to stay in Joburg.
[IN ZULU] Right after my
father died I needed you.
You promised me.
[IN ZULU] Me and you
[IN ZULU] I can't go to Joburg.
- Shh.
I'll reason with them,
they'll keep your spot, okay?
Please make sure you fill this
out and hand it in for me.
[WOMAN] Um, excuse me?
Um, sorry.
[IN ZULU] Ntombi's dad died,
I don't think she'll make
the tour right now.
[WOMAN] Oh, man, that's a shame.
Um, but we still can have
her before the tour starts.
She can join us in Joburg
after she buries her father.
Well, if she still wants to, that is.
Actually, uh, she-she gave me her form,
and asked if I could take
her place on the tour.
I don't want to, but
I-I'd do anything for her.
[WOMAN] Well, that's a pity.
You were runner-up.
We'll get back to you.
What's your name again?
Nathi, Nathi. But but my
friends call me Makhoekhe.
- [IN ZULU] Hello, Uncle.
- [IN ZULU] Hello.
[IN ZULU] Hey, Ntombi.
Are you all right?
[IN ZULU] Hey, sis.
[IN ZULU] Guys, there's
something I need to tell you.
[IN ZULU] I'm sorry, but I'm
quitting the competition.
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