Jiva! (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Fetch Your Life

Look, if you want me
to keep dancing then
give me a sign.
And hope, something.
Give me a sign.
[IN ZULU] Here's the space.
It just needs a bit of cleaning,
but it's big enough.
What do you think, girls?
[IN ZULU] Cool space, bro Zo.
of having this big rehearsal space
if Ntombi quits?
[IN ZULU] Remember, you are
Zulu girls. You don't quit.
Talk to Ntombi and convince
her to come back to the group.
Let's put in some work here.
[IN ZULU] Let's clean.
I agree. I say yes.
This jazz song that inspired my hook,
best ever made.
Way to go, Hugh Masekela!
Stop it, man. [LAUGHS]
Wow, friend. This song has
it has that wow factor!
It has a certain je ne sais quoi.
But there is one thing
you need to learn.
You need to learn to be a good salesman.
- You see now
- I am telling you,
good salesmen know how to push CD sales
and sell their stuff, you see.
They once said
Oh, beautiful lady.
There is beauty in truth.
I must admit, you're the
most beautiful woman
I have ever seen in my life.
[IN ZULU] There's a
sadness in your eyes.
If only you would let me
in to wipe it all away.
My heart dances to a
million songs for you.
But you and I, one day we'll
dance together to one song.
- Hello.
- Hello.
[IN ZULU] We don't sell water, but
- [IN ZULU] Just rinse out the jug.
- Mpilo, stop.
Actually, I wanted change.
- [BHEKI] Yes.
[BHEKI] Oh, here.
[IN ZULU] What?
You walked off yesterday before
I could give you something.
I don't need anything from you.
Do you still remember this?
It's the promise we made
to each other, remember?
And I still kept yours all these years.
Well, I'm sorry because I
don't know where yours is.
[NATHI] You know what?
Keep it, maybe it will remind
you of where you left mine.
Is this you?
[IN ZULU] Just a little
something I do on the side.
Ah! No, I
[IN ZULU] Thank you, sister.
In fact, you are R10 short.
[BHEKI] All right, ciao.
[IN ZULU] You're the man.
You are a fool.
Hey, hey, hey, hey
Menzi is not romantic!
Menzi is not romantic, huh? [KISSES]
I made you some tea, my lady.
Just a measly tea? I thought
I ordered a café latte.
Café latte.
[IN ZULU] In a shack?
- There's no way.
- No, no, no.
As soon as the girls and I win
the competition, I promise you,
I'm gonna be out of here and I'll
get myself my own apartment, hm?
[IN ZULU] You only know
how to plan for yourself.
I don't like that. I want
you to make plans for us.
Us? Move in together?
[IN ZULU] Forget it.
down that road with you.
Then let's take a different road.
[IN ZULU] I promise, I will
leave my hustling behind
if you do the same.
[IN ZULU] You're the laces to my shoes.
And I know you love me too.
Menzi, I hear you.
But of the many things I am
willing to put myself through,
I'm not going to be with a man
that walks around with
spray paint in the pocket.
[BOTH] Ah, ah, ah!
- That was for you. [LAUGHING]
That was for you, okay?
But-but I'm be I'm being serious.
[IN ZULU] Let's make this happen.
- Nine to five.
- No.
You don't have the range for that.
I'll have the range for that,
when it comes to you.
On one condition though.
Promise me.
[IN ZULU] You will stop with Blessers.
- Stop it.
- Come here, baby!
You're early. And you
have a mop in your hand.
Look, Gugu wasn't in, so I took
it upon myself to clean the floor.
And I did the toilet and
I have a tour later on.
That's why I needed to be tough on you.
You keep this up,
you're going to be employee of
the month, I am telling you.
- What?
- Mm-hmm!
And get a little bonus.
Wow! Hey, Ntombi! I like it.
[IN ZULU] Hey, you still don't want
to tell us what happened there?
What are you talking about?
You are very secretive.
What happened between you and Nolwazi?
happened, we just talked.
[IN ZULU] You talked all night?
That's bullshit. Did you
sleep with her or not?
and for you to find out, okay?
Lwazi! Lwazi! Hey!
- Hey.
- Yeah, um, where are you going?
Oh, I'm just getting my hair done.
Oh, I can keep you company
while you do that.
[IN ZULU] No, it's okay. I'll be fine.
you wanna go get something
to eat after this?
- I just had my lunch, actually.
- Can I give you a call later on?
Oh, I have so much homework tonight.
But, we can talk at school?
Yeah. Sure, sure, sure, no problem.
- Yeah.
- Okay. Oh, oh.
[SAMU] Hmm. Okay.
[CHUCKLES] I'll see you.
[ZINHLE] Okay. Okay, one more time.
Five, six, five, six.
[IN ZULU] Here we go!
[IN ZULU] No, let's do it again.
Yo! My Trollies, my Trollies.
[IN ZULU] We're slacking
because Ntombi is not here?
No, honestly, why are we rehearsing?
[IN ZULU] Let's just
quit, guys, it's over.
speak for yourself.
I need this money, so
with or without Ntombi,
we're gonna win this thing.
[IN ZULU] Oh, there it is.
colors start to show.
Been waiting for this moment.
Let me understand.
Ntombi starts this group,
got you into this group.
[IN ZULU] What's in it for you?
you from the beginning?
I think that someone here
is very opportunistic.
[IN ZULU] Who are you
talking about? Just say it.
what I'm talking about.
- [IN ZULU] Speak!
- Open a dictionary.
- How about close your legs?
- [LADY E, IN ZULU] Stop it!
This is why I don't do girl groups.
You guys are petty.
You're supposed to be
role models to Nolwazi,
but you're out here acting
younger than she is.
- [IN ZULU] No, she
- Stop, Zinhle, relax, my friend.
I could be making money, but
I am out here with you girls.
So, get your shit together.
We need to focus on what is important.
And that is getting Ntombi
back so we can win this thing.
- [IN ZULU] Are we together?
- Yeah.
then, uh, let's carry on.
Should we take it from
the top? Okay, let's go.
[NOLWAZI] We can do this.
Five, six, seven, and gagagagaga.
- [SAMU] Mama.
[NTOMBI] Welcome home, Mom.
Imagine being welcomed
into your own house.
[IN ZULU] You know, you two.
I made this sign, as you can see.
Mm-hmm. Me, me, me.
That's so like you.
doctor sent me an e-mail about
[IN ZULU] What did the doctor say?
[IN ZULU] Jeez, why are you
treating me like a patient?
carry on as usual, guys?
I'm not learning dance steps.
[IN ZULU] I'm not like you.
anymore. Because
[IN ZULU] I have quit the competition.
It's good to be home.
[IN ZULU] Madlamini, tell me something.
that she has quitting?
It's for the best.
[IN ZULU] What about Samu?
Samu is just a child,
he doesn't have a job to
worry about like Ntombi.
[IN ZULU] We have a lot to discuss.
Why don't you do something about it.
[IN ZULU] Why don't you take
rehabilitation seriously?
You know I worry about Ntombi.
- What if she ends up like him?
- She won't, she is too strong.
- Please step in.
- You called me.
You want to talk to me, so you step out.
So what do you want? Car, flat?
A million rand.
[IN ZULU] You're taking
chances, aren't you?
I'll make sure that you
have a place to live
and grocery money every month.
But that's it.
You must sign this.
It's a non-disclosure agreement.
- Happy?
- Ecstatic.
You will not go to the press.
You will not claim that
as Themba's child,
and you will stay away from my husband.
- First month's allowance.
[CHUCKLES] You know,
I knew you were the smart one
in the marriage. [LAUGHING]
Thanks for meeting me.
[IN ZULU] I am also happy
that you contacted me.
Where did you find that song?
[IN ZULU] the one you remixed.
There was an old shop
that was closing here.
[IN ZULU] They sold cheap records
when I first moved from my village.
Do you know the song?
Yes, I do know it.
It's actually my father's song.
Are you telling me that
Jabu Xaba is your father?
[IN ZULU] Jabu Xaba is a legend.
[IN ZULU] Maybe if I hadn't
stayed so long in my village
I would have met him.
- Where are you going now?
- Come, follow me.
You know, I've never seen
this view from up here.
me up here when I was a kid.
You see?
[IN ZULU] Right there.
and then right next door to it
is Pastor Mlhongo's church.
- [IN ZULU] Wait.
You're telling me there is
a church next to a tavern?
Dad used to say that
people get drunk on
Saturday night at eRoyal,
then sneak into church
on Sunday morning
forgiveness for Saturday night.
[NTOMBI] Umlazi has changed.
One thing remains the same.
I'm still here.
[SIGHS] Don't you
Don't you sometimes
want to do something big
[IN ZULU] with your life?
Like right now.
Bheki, I
I don't do romance.
It never ends well.
If you find the right person
who says it has to end?
[IN ZULU] Guys, we are back in Umlazi.
get the best sheep head in town.
- Actually, actually, in SA.
- [IN ZULU] In SA? No.
[NATHI] Dude, give us some meat.
Hurry up, boy, hurry up.
Artist. [LAUGHS]
I guess every one wants to be a star.
[IN ZULU] We're not all the same.
Some of us
are driven by passion.
Some do it for fame.
What do you mean exactly?
I mean, some of us are born
to be under the spotlight
and the rest, well
Whoever you are, keep the
change, hm? For the music.
[IN ZULU] Hello.
I thought I'd cook
something special for you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[IN ZULU] So I'll see you after work?
You'll find me right here.
I'll see you later.
[ZINHLE, IN ZULU] Oh, you!
[LAUGHING] I am not judging you, relax.
Ah, ah, ah.
[LAUGHS] [IN ZULU] The world
never ceases to amaze me!
Zi? Whoa, you 're one of those.
One of what?
I-I just never took you
for the church-going type.
Oh, so a bad girl doesn't go to church?
I didn't mean it like that.
[IN ZULU] Listen.
probably going to judge me,
but I can explain the situation.
Girl, you don't need
to explain anything.
I also watch the news.
I heard that Mr. Gumede is
under investigation, my doll.
I was wondering when you were going
to stop living this lie of yours.
Please don't tell the other girls.
[SCOFFS] Relax, dude. I am not
a snake like you always say I am.
And besides,
[IN ZULU] I don't care where you live
or who you live with, all that, yeah.
stop being so hard on yourself.
Actually, listen. Go change. Hurry up.
[IN ZULU] Get dressed and look pretty.
I've got a plan to bring Ntombi back.
- Go change.
- Yeah, but
- Yes!
- Oh, okay! Okay.
[IN ZULU] Hurry up. Go look better.
What you're wearing won't work.
need to look like a
[IN ZULU] You know what I mean.
I am cleaning stinking shit.
What are you doing here?
I'm going to be in so much trouble.
Oh, my God, you guys.
Five, six, seven. [IN ZULU] Here we go!
[IN ZULU] Here we go!
[IN ZULU] Dance, guys!
[IN ZULU] Fight girl.
[ZINHLE] Fight girl.
Whoa! What's going on here?
[IN ZULU] Why aren't you working?
And who are these people?
- Debrah, I can't.
- What do you mean you can't?
Because this this is not me.
- Oh
- I was born to be a star.
And look, thank you so much for
never giving up on me, but
With all due respect
I quit.
You quit? You quit!
You know what, you don't even
deserve to wear this cap.
You are going to regret this.
I am telling you, Ntombi,
you are going to regret this.
Thank you.
Ntombi, you are going to regret this.
Ntombi! Ntombi! You're gonna
- Ntombi!
[NTOMBI] Turn.
[LADY E, IN ZULU] Let's go, guys.
You're going to regret this. Ntombi!
[WOMAN] Guess who's back.
[NATHI] Yoh, back in my hood,
you know back home,
this is where we used to hang around.
[WOMAN] It's Makhekhe and the Cats.
Get that, get that, get that.
That's my ex.
[WOMAN] This season promises
more drama than the last.
As things get a little more personal.
[NATHI] I missed you.
I've always wanted you
to be my son-in-law.
But it's never too late.
What the hell is going on here?
[IN ZULU] Get out!
[WOMAN] Make sure you
catch all the drama,
all the dance, all the
excitement on season four
of Makhekhe and the Cats.
[IN ZULU] They say in English,
moral of the story, listen to P.
[IN ZULU] Pour!
Here you go!
Who knows how to read?
[IN ZULU] Look camera crew,
you pour your own drinks, piss off.
[LAUGHS] [IN ZULU] Here you go.
of Makhekhe and the Cats.
[IN ZULU] Here you go, my friend.
my signature is on that contract,
I am happy. Man, I am happy.
Look, keep delivering the epic drama.
Make it look messy and ugly.
Everyone calls her trash.
You walk away looking like
the gentleman, the good guy.
- I'll drink to that.
- Cheers!
Sign, sign, sign.
[DJ HAPPYGAL] KZN are you ready?
Are you ready for the Jiva
Loxion Dance regional finale?
It's going to be intense!
It's going to be epic!
It's going to be fire.
The competition will be available
on all streaming services.
So follow the hashtag Jiva
Loxion Dance Competition.
Oh, my God, is that Makhekhe?
Oh, my God. Go take a pic.
- Hey, baby.
- Let's take a picture.
What's up, dawg?
Where's that ex of yours?
Can you just chill, bro? Just chill.
Not everything is about this
damn brand, my brother.
Have I taught you nothing?
Everything is about the brand, dawg.
- Everything is about the brand.
- You know what? I'm not
Hold that thought I'll be back.
[BHEKI] Sorry, I just
I just won't make it in time.
Okay, no, no it's fine. Uh,
we'll just meet up at our spot.
- Okay.
- Okay, see you later.
Guys, it's going to be so lit tonight!
[IN ZULU] Okay, listen up.
guys up, I am so sorry.
One day of rehearsal, guys.
[NERVOUS SHOUT] [IN ZULU] I am nervous!
Don't be scared, you'll be fine.
Exactly, no need Ntombi,
you got this well. Imagine.
If you forget, just improvise.
[LAUGHING] Imagine.
I am going to dash, guys.
I just saw my friends.
[VUYISWA] Never mind.
[DJ HAPPYGAL] Give it up for DJ Sika.
[DJ SIKA] Party people, where you at?
I said, party people, where you at?
Welcome to the Jiva
Loxion KZN regionals!
By the end of tonight,
three dance crews will
be heading out to Joburg
to represent in the nationals.
Which crew will it be?
Where the hell is Samu?
[IN ZULU] I don't know
where he is, let me call him.
Come and show us what
your hood is made of.
[SAMU] Sure, bro.
Everyone's here with their crew.
Why aren't you here? Where are you?
Relax guys, I am putting
final touches on my attire.
Because Pushers need to
make a good impression.
We are changing three
times tonight, you feel me?
How can we do that
when you are not here?
All the crew members are
here, except for you.
Hurry up, man.
Samu, dinner is
Hang on! Where are you going?
we have a competition to win.
[IN ZULU] You think I am going to
let you go out and play with girls?
Uncle, you know what?
It's my matric year. I'm old
enough to do all these things.
You can't hold me back, please.
[IN ZULU] Samukelo? You think
you are a man of this house?
Let me tell you something.
You are staying right here,
you are not going anywhere.
Okay, fine.
Let me go talk to the person
who actually owns this house.
[IN ZULU] I promised your father
that I would take care of you.
I'm not going to allow
you to fail Matric
because of your own stupidity.
I am not the failure here.
[IN ZULU] You are the failure, Uncle.
yard, fixing people's scrap cars.
What have you been doing?
You're not even my dad, fuck!
[DJ SIKA] We are here to do
one thing and one thing only.
- That is to burn out.
[IN ZULU] You know what?
Forget this guy,
we can do this together.
[IN ZULU] Let's do this!
show us what you got. Let's go!
[IN ZULU] Move!
I'm so glad Ntombi came to her
senses and entered the competition.
[IN ZULU] Look at Ntombi.
- Give me the tea, Zo.
- Wait.
- Huh?
- [IN ZULU] Look!
- for dance competitions.
[IN ZULU] Give me tea, Zo.
[IN ZULU] And then?
What are you doing here?
I am here to help. It looks like
you can do with some help.
I am here to help you braai.
You braai, I'll look out for customers.
No problem.
[IN ZULU] Show them, baby.
[DJ HAPPYGAL] Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Things are getting real hot!
Ntombi is really good.
Look at what the audience
is doing, look.
Look. Just look at Ntombi! [LAUGHING]
You want to stand up?
Come, let me help you.
- Come on.
- [IN ZULU] Look, you are standing up.
- Yes.
The first crew going
through to nationals is
[DJ SIKA] All right.
Second crew, come and
get your platinum shoes.
Umlazi Pushers from Umlazi!
[DJ SIKA] And last,
certainly not least
Pack your bags, you are going to Joburg.
Trollies, also from Umlazi.
[IN ZULU] You see that girl
over there? That's my girl.
[MENZI] Will you marry me, baby?
- [MENZI] Yes? No?
- Yes!
Give us the mic!
Baby, yes!
I've always said that we rock.
[IN ZULU] Too much!
doubted us, not once.
- Okay.
- Where is the ring though?
Oh, my God, Amapiano
girls! They are on fire!
[IN ZULU] Thank you.
[NTOMBI] Do you know them?
They actually came second
in last year's competition.
This is our competition! [CHUCKLES]
[NATHI] I am actually glad that
you decided to start dancing again.
Well, I have a crown to win, so.
- Okay, our Miss Thing.
Can you still dance like you used to?
- What do you mean?
- Huh? Can you?
- Hey!
[NTOMBI] My father used to say,
"If you can dream it, you can do it."
Uncle Zo used to say that
I take after my father.
That when he looks at
me, he sees all the hopes
and dreams of his late brother.
For the longest time,
I was afraid to follow my dreams.
I listened to everyone else
about what is best for my life.
[NTOMBI] Mama.
[NTOMBI] You used to
say this is real life.
[NTOMBI] Dreams don't
put food on the table.
You also said,
don't let your dreams get in
the way of what's important.
But the thing is,
this thing, dance,
it is important
to me.
I only have one life to live.
And Mom, so do you.
I love you.
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
Your eyes are waning like a moon ♪
Like a dream deferred ♪
Whose time has come
and gone too soon ♪
We live for the weekend ♪
To numb out the damage ♪
We pray away, pray away, pray away ♪
The pain of not being in alignment ♪
With our dreams ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
Fetch your life, go on be alive ♪
Ain't nobody living out, yeah ♪
Be someone who's living out, yeah ♪
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