Joe Pickett (2021) s01e09 Episode Script


- Mom?
- I'm--I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- Mom.
- Charlie, wait!
- Leave him alone!
- Get out of the way!
- Don't go!
- Get back here!
You gotta come home sometime!
- Were you scared
all night out here by yourself?
- A little. Mostly 'cause
I didn't know what to do,
how to start a fire and stuff.
You know what we need
in case it happens again?
We need a plan.
- Like a survival guide?
- Yeah, a plan for survival.
- Mom says if I don't start
eating more they're gonna have
to give me a feeding tube.
- Well, there's been talk
of lots of things.
- I want to eat,
but I try, and I can't.
I don't know why.
- You know, I remember
what it was like to be seven.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
I found it really scary,
like the whole sky was gonna
fall on me at any moment.
And maybe it was my worries
that were the only thing
keeping it up there.
- Yeah, and did you stop
feeling scared?
- I don't know that I ever did.
I guess I just learned
not to run from the fear.
Fear can be good.
It's there for a reason.
Keeps us safe.
You know what?
I got something that I think
I want to show you.
- Really?
- Why don't you come
with me, young lady?
Let's see what we got here.
My brother Victor and I,
we made this together.
We made this little fort
in the woods,
and we spent all our time
there trying to think
of every single thing
that scared us.
And then we came up
with a plan to survive it,
and we found it comforting.
Maybe you will too.
- You don't talk
about your brother much.
Do you miss him?
- Every single day.
Now, if you like,
we can go through it together,
and then I can even
help you come up
with your own survival plan,
if you feel like.
- Can we start right now?
- Sure. Let's have a look.
Right. Lesson one.
Fight, flight, or freeze.
And when a person's in danger
fight, flight, or freeze.
And it's true.
In a dangerous situation,
the ones who survive
tend to be the ones who react.
So if you ever find yourself
in a dangerous situation,
Sheri, don't freeze. React.
Oh, God. Help me.
- Mom?
- Argh!
- Run.
- No.
- Run!
- Hi.
It's Marybeth.
Please leave a message.
- Hey.
I need you to call me, hon.
- Where's he going?
- Not to his house.
He lives back that way.
- Police?
- He would have turned down
16 for the police.
- Mommy, please get up. Please.
Come on, please.
Please. Please. Mommy.
Mommy, come on.
Please. Get up.
- Hmm.
Why are you
still here, Marybeth?
I got you the Kensingers' place
so you wouldn't be here.
- Good news?
- No. We got a problem, Vern.
- Yeah, no shit.
Now, I already know
about Pickett poking around
elk camp and that he probably
has proof.
- What?
- That's not why
you're calling?
- No. I'm calling
about Pickett's wife.
I think I just killed her.
- Jesus Christ, Wacey.
Are you serious?
- It's not my fault.
She jumped out at me,
and I shot her.
She wasn't supposed to be here.
I got 'em the Kensinger place
so something like
this wouldn't happen.
- Wacey, you stupid asshole.
Marybeth P--Marybeth Pickett
isn't some piece of shit
like Ote Keeley.
She's an officer
of the law's wife.
This kind of thing
just doesn't go away.
They gonna be coming
for you now.
- They're gonna come
for both of us.
- I sure as hell
didn't shoot her.
You know what?
This is too much.
I'm gonna wash my hands of you.
They gonna burn you for this,
and I'm gonna let 'em.
- You're gonna let 'em?
Now, everything I have done,
I've done for you, Vern.
Suddenly things get
a little sweaty,
you're just gonna step aside
and let me go down?
Like hell I will.
You listen to me.
If I go down,
you go down with me.
- All right.
Well, let's just calm it down.
Maybe we can figure
something out.
- Thank you.
- Did anybody see
you shoot her?
- No.
- Was anybody else up there?
- No. She was alone.
No one else is here.
- Did anybody else go up
there with you?
- No. Of course not.
You think I'm stupid?
- Well, yes, Wacey.
At this moment, I do.
Now, did you ever find
those weasels?
- No, but I know
where they are.
I can burn 'em out quick.
- Burn 'em?
- Mm-hmm.
Here in the woodpile
- I think.
- All right. All right.
Well, that's good.
Maybe we can make it look
like a--a robbery.
- Hmm. Smart.
- And, Wacey
- Mm-hmm.
- You need to get
your head straight
and finish this thing right,
no more stupid cowboy shit.
You destroy those weasels,
and you cover your tracks.
You understand?
- Yeah. I hear you, Vern.
Just need a little time.
- Hello, Vern.
- Arlen, we've got a problem.
I met with your mom about it,
and she wants me to relay
a message to you.
- Why wouldn't she just call us
directly then?
- She doesn't want you
to call.
Phone records and such.
Now, if this thing
goes sideways,
there's something
she needs you to do.
- Yeah? What's that?
- She's gonna need you to kill
Joe Pickett
and keep his gun.
We're gonna plant it on Wacey
later when we kill him.
Shit. Okay.
- 12 sleep.
- Cricket, I need to speak
with Sheriff Barnum right away.
- Sorry, Joe.
He's out on a call.
I'll have him call you back.
- But just tell him
it's important.
- I always liked you, Marybeth.
I did.
Just in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Nothing personal.
Did you bring
a rugrat with you?
That is shitty parenting,
God damn.
Didn't anybody ever tell you?
Never bring a kid
to a gunfight.
- Now, where the hell'd he go?
- Oh, shit.
- Why aren't you
calling me, honey?
- Sheridan, are you out here?
There's been
a terrible accident.
Your mom's hurt real bad.
We gotta get her
to the hospital.
If we don't hurry,
I think she might die!
I'd take her
to the hospital myself,
but I can't leave you out here
all by yourself.
What do you say we call a truce
and get her some help?
You're wasting time, Sheridan!
She's not gonna last long
if you don't come out.
She's bleeding real bad.
I'd hate for her
to die, Sheridan
and for you to know
that it was your fault.
we'll do it a different way.
- No, no, no.
- Kind of scary, isn't it?
You can yell as loud
as you want out here,
and there's nobody
that'll even hear you.
Go ahead.
Call for help.
Yell it loud.
Help! Help!
Somebody's trying to kill me!
Olly olly oxen free.
Come out.
Come out wherever you are.
You can't hide in here forever.
Where are you?
- Sh-Sheridan.
Damn it.
- Huh?
Damn it!
- Damn it.
God damn it.
- Don't freeze. React.
- Shit.
- What in the hell?
Oh, my God.
Call 911!
- Mama. Mommy.
Come on. Please.
- Sheriff.
Thanks for calling me back.
I need your help.
- Joe, I'm actually calling
with some bad news.
It's about your wife.
There's been an accident.
If you're driving,
you might want to pull over.
Shot, and she's in bad shape.
They're gonna
I'd suggest you try
to get there right away.
- I need--I need you to send
someone around
to check on my family.
- We'll send someone
right over, Joe.
Take care of your wife.
- Okay. What would you need?
- To survive all night
in the dark?
- Mm-hmm.
- I'd need a flashlight
- Right.
- Warm clothes, water.
That's probably enough
for one night.
- See? No longer need to be
scared of the dark.
- Dad?
- Show me your hands.
- Jesus, Opal. It's Vern.
- Why are you here unannounced?
- Well, I wanted to make sure
there'd be no way to prove
that we talked tonight.
- Why?
- Well, that's what I came
to tell you about.
Can I put
my goddamn hands down?
- He's clean.
- This better be important.
- Marybeth Pickett.
Where is she?
- She's still in surgery.
I'll send the doctor to talk
to you once she's available.
- Help!
We need help!
- Oh, my. Come here.
- Tell us what happened.
- Does Wacey know about me
and my family?
- I don't know
how to answer that.
- How about the truth
for once?
- Well, I'm afraid
if I say to you that yes,
he knows about you,
then I trusted the wrong guy.
But if I say no, you may start
to think I'm the one link
between you and proof
of criminal wrongdoing,
which I recognize
would be bad for me.
- So why are you here?
- There's always a bright spot
in every bad situation
if you look close enough.
- And what, pray tell,
is this bright spot?
- Your boys are killing
Pickett right now.
- They wouldn't.
Not without my go-ahead.
- I told 'em you said to.
- You did what?
- It needed to be done.
They'll do it.
There'll be no record of you
ever giving the order.
Then we'll go after Wacey
after he cleans up
our rodent problem.
Everything falls into place.
Wacey killed Pickett's wife.
Pickett goes after him,
and they both die
in a gunfight. And Barnum?
He'll do whatever I say,
to remain sheriff.
I'll make sure
he sits this one out.
A closed loop.
- What a mess.
- A mess that'll be clear
by sunrise.
- If it isn't,
I will kill you myself.
- Doctor? Doctor?
Just so you know
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Is she alive?
- She is,
but your wife has had
a very serious injury.
One of her lungs was punctured,
and her C5 vertebra
may have been nicked.
But she is a fighter.
She's in critical condition now
and resting.
She'll need to go back
into surgery
once the spinal surgeon
- What about the baby?
- I'm--I'm so sorry.
I promise we're gonna
do everything we can
for your wife.
- Thank you.
- Sheridan?
This is your last chance.
Save your little pets.
Going once.
Going twice.
- "People were animals
for a lot longer
"than they've been people.
"If you're ever in danger,
real danger
"The animal part of you
will know what to do."
- "The trick is to listen
to your fear in those moments."
"Let it tell you what to do."
- This is McLanahan.
I've reached the Kensingers'.
Going in
to do a wellness check.
Missy, you in there?
This is McLanahan.
We may have a problem
over at the Kensingers'.
I'm requesting backup.
This is the police! Come out!
I'm not telling you again.
Open the door!
- Golly, I'm--
- Oh, Jesus.
- Oh, sorry.
Wasn't expecting company.
- I could have shot you.
Please do.
- Forget the backup.
We're fine.
How much did you have to drink?
- I don't know.
Three maybe.
Yeah. Why? Am I in trouble?
- You were left in charge
to watch your grandchildren
like this?
- Why?
Are you the babysitting police?
- Everyone's here and safe.
- Yeah.
I'm here now.
- Don't worry, Joey.
You'll never have to see
your own wife like this.
- You're not allowed to die
before me.
I'm supposed to be first.
Please don't go.
Just stay here.
I'll be right back.
- McLanahan made it
to the Kensingers' house.
Missy was there.
Girls are safe.
Missy'd had a bit to drink,
but everything checked out.
- Thanks.
- Any idea who might
have done this to her?
- Wacey Hedeman.
- Wacey Hedeman? Holy shit.
- And I know why too.
I got evidence in my truck that
I'd like to hand over to you.
Where was she found?
- Well, she crashed
into a house,
over on the west side.
Looks like she was shot,
then drove herself
some distance to get help.
Um I gotta take this.
Why don't you just grab that
evidence, and I'll log it in?
- You got a sidearm.
- Of course.
- Is it loaded?
- Yes.
- Can I trust you
to keep my wife safe?
- With my life.
- Anyone goes through that door
that's not a doctor,
you shoot 'em.
And if it's Wacey Hedeman,
you shoot to kill.
- There's been a
Nate Romanowski sighting.
- What? Really?
- Yeah.
I gotta go deal with that.
You stay with Pickett.
Be careful.
- There you are.
Damn it.
- "Tribes could use
smoke signals
"to tell really
simple messages.
"Like three puffs of smoke
meant danger,
and one puff of smoke
meant all is well."
Come on, kiddo.
Let's get some sleep.
- No. I want to learn more
about smoke signals.
Please, please, please come.
- Sir? Sir, you can't
bring that in here. Sir.
- Where's Barnum?
- There was a Romanowski
sighting. He had to go.
- He left?
- He asked me
to collect your evidence.
- It's gone. They stole it.
- What?
- Which means they're here.
Hey, you're gonna do great.
- Sheri.
- What's that?
- Sheridanrun.
- I need your walkie.
McLanahan, you saw three kids,
right, at the Kensingers'
when you went inside?
You saw three kids?
- What do you mean? No.
You've only got two kids,
- I need you
to get back inside
and make sure
there's a third girl there.
- I'm not there.
I got pulled away
to look for Nate Romanowski.
I figured Barnum told you.
- I woke up one morning
to know that I had gone ♪
Finally taken the step and
jumped right off the wall ♪
When you come to call
on me ♪
That's why my eyes
are glazed ♪
I've been with the devil
in the devil's resting place ♪
I am loathe to say
that I have been to stay ♪
I've been with the devil
in the devil's resting place ♪
When you ask to drink of me
I think out on the case ♪
Look down to my aloe cup
and take myself a taste ♪
If you must drink of me
take of me what you please ♪
I am loathe to say
it's the devil's taste ♪
I've been with the devil
in the devil's resting place ♪
Water won't clean you ♪
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