Joe Pickett (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Open Season

- Sheridan?
Where's Sheridan?
- She left with Mrs. Pickett.
- Left to go where?
- I don't know.
- Where's Mom?
- Listen to me, both of you.
I need you both to get dressed,
put your shoes on,
and be ready to leave
this house in one minute, okay?
- Where are we going?
- I don't know. Just do it!
Missy. Hey, wake up.
- I'm sleeping.
- Wake up. Get up now.
- No, I'm sleeping.
- Wake up. Hey, answer me.
- I'm sleeping!
- Marybeth has been shot,
Sheridan's missing--
I need you to tell me
exactly where they were
headed last night.
- What are you talking about?
- Think, think.
- She said, uh, something
about that Keeley woman.
She wanted to find her.
I don't know.
- I need--I need
something specific.
- I don't know!
She talked about
Jeannie Keeley,
that's all.
- Okay, get dressed.
Get dressed. We're going.
- What do you mean
she's been shot?
- Oh, no. Willie.
Please, Willie,
get out of there.
Damn it!
Oh, God--
- It's okay.
- Joe!
- I'm sorry to wake you up,
but my family's in danger.
I really need your help.
- Come on in, girls.
Come on in.
Do you like hot chocolate?
I think I've got marshmallows.
- Come on. In.
- Welcome. Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Nobody goes outside, okay?
You stay here.
You stay quiet.
Nobody looks outside.
Don't call anyone. Nothing.
You got it?
- Dad, I'm scared.
- Hey, it's all right.
I'll be back soon.
You're gonna be okay.
I love Lucy-girl. Okay.
- Hey.
You said Romanowski was here.
- You know they don't pay us
nearly enough
to risk our lives
going after
someone like Nate Romanowski.
- You okay, Boss?
- So what do you say
we turn off our radios,
kick back here for a while,
and have some drinks?
- But Boss--
- That was an order, Deputy,
case you didn't get that.
- All right.
- God damn it.
- Barnum, it's Joe.
I need to know exactly
where Marybeth was found.
Anybody, please!
- Aah!
Got me right in the leg!
- Call Mama.
Tell her to send someone
to get us outta here.
I'll burn the truck.
- Here you go.
- Let's go. Drink 'em up.
- You gonna answer that?
- Nope.
Probably just the Devil callin'
to tell me I'm goin' to hell.
- Well, I hear hell
ain't so bad this time of year.
- You heard wrong.
- Well
you know what they say.
When you're going through hell,
keep going.
- Vern.
I need Vern Dunnegan's
room number.
- I can't give that to you
'cause of privacy.
- Which room is it?
- 138.
- Oh!
What the hell?
- Aah!
- Joe?
- Ma'am
I suggest you get
outta that bed right now
unless you want Vern Dunnegan's
brains splattered all over ya.
- What in the hell's goin' on?
This isn't like you at all.
- Vern, maybe that's because
you haven't seen me on a night
where my wife got shot,
my baby dies,
and my daughter's missin'.
- Well, that's awful.
That's just awful.
But--but you don't think I had
anything to do with it, do ya?
- Vern.
- Well, I--
I was at Stockman's all night,
and I been here ever since.
I mean, you coulda asked
my friend you just ran off
or you could ask
the--the--the bartender
if you want.
- Call Wacey.
- What?
- Call Wacey.
You tell him he wins.
Okay, I will back down.
I'll go away.
All I want is my daughter.
If she's safe, this ends.
Call him.
- But--but if Wacey
has your daughter,
why they hell--
- Because if he doesn't,
I'm gonna
kill you right now, Vern.
- Okay. All right.
- Call him!
Put it on speaker.
- I'm getting it done, Vern.
I'm Wacey Hedeman
and I get it a-done!
All right, kid.
Let's get it done.
This is Wacey.
Leave a message.
- He's probably asleep now.
I don't know
what you want me to do.
- Get dressed.
- Why?
- Because you're gonna
help me find her. Get dressed.
- Joe,
where you taking me?
- We're goin' to
the Scarlett's.
- The Scarlett's?
Well, why the hell
we wanna go there?
- Because whatever the hell's
goin' on here,
you and I both know
they got something to do with.
- I sure don't know that,
Joe, and you don't either.
And the Scarletts
are dangerous.
They're not the kinda folks
you wanna mess around with.
- Right now, Vern
I'm the one
you don't wanna mess with.
- Well, I-I see that, Joe,
but the Scarletts
don't have your kid.
They're not dumb enough
to get their hands dirty
in something like that.
- Well, maybe
we'll find Wacey there.
- I will tell you this, Joe.
I didn't have anything to do
with whatever Wacey--
- Vern, you better start sayin'
something that I believe.
- Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
I-I-I wasn't exactly straight
with you on that one, okay?
But--but--but this?
Th-th-this here?
What's happening right now,
this--Wacey's lost
his goddamn mind.
- Wow.
- There were weasels, yes.
Extinct weasels.
They've been gone
for like a hundred years.
Was anybody worried about them?
Nobody was crying for them.
They didn't even know
they were there.
It was a victimless crime,
U-until Wacey went and killed
those two outfitters.
And I didn't want that.
I didn't want that.
Nobody wanted that.
And--and Joe,
when you went up
to Crazy Woman Creek,
I told you to stand down.
I didn't want anything
to happen to you.
I was tryin' to get you
to drop the whole thing.
I didn't want you
to go to jail.
Y-you're like a son to me,
I didn't want anything bad
to happen.
What's happening?
What are you doing?
- Smoke signal.
Hold on, Sheridan.
Good girl.
- What the hell is goin' on?
- Sheridan.
kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty.
There you are.
Nowhere to go now, kid.
Not bad, kid.
You little shit.
You are dead.
- Aah!
- Dad.
- Sheridan?
- Dad, look out!
- Uncuff me. Let me go!
- Now, Joe, sorry about that.
- Joe, let me out!
Joe, uncuff me.
Joe, what's going on, man?
Let me go!
- Joe, I can't help you if--
- I see that you're angry,
Maybe we should
talk about this.
Not really my fault.
- Sheridan. Sheridan.
Come to me, honey.
- Daddy.
- Right here, right here.
That's it. Hang down.
Now just drop down, baby.
I got you.
Shh, be quiet.
Stay here.
It's over, Wacey,
you son of a bitch.
It's over.
- Actually Joe, it isn't.
- Vern
What are you doing?
- I didn't want it
to come to this.
I tried to do this
so many other ways.
- What's your end game here?
Get me to drop my gun,
and then what?
You gonna kill me?
Let my daughter go?
- I pleaded with you
to drop it,
but you just wouldn't stop.
So put your gun down,
or I'm gonna be forced
to hurt your kid.
- If you hurt her,
I swear to God,
I'll kill you, Vern.
- Well, maybe I'd rather die
than go to jail.
- Dad behind you.
- Jig is up, Joe.
- All right. All right.
You release my daughter, Vern,
I go peacefully.
That's my offer.
- I really don't think
you have
that kind of
leverage here, Joe.
- Not to mention
your kid's
seen too much, Joe.
- You rat dog
son of a bitch, Wacey.
- Sometimes
things just go cockeyed.
For what it's worth,
it is a shame you ended up
on the bad side-a things.
- For what it's worth?
Let her go, Vern.
And I go peacefully, okay?
That's my deal.
- Dad.
- Not yet. Not yet.
Someone's gonna have
to take fall for this.
You both realize
that, don't ya?
Dead state agent?
They're not gonna let that sit.
Someone's gonna have
to go for it.
You think it's gonna be Vern?
No, I drop this gun,
he's gonna kill you too, Wacey.
- This is ridiculous.
Don't listen to him.
- You can see he's lying,
can't ya?
Have a look at him.
- Don't listen to him.
We stick together, we're good.
- You really think
that he values you
more than he values me?
Maybe if you could get
the jump on him, Wace.
- You see what he's doin',
don't you?
- I see what he's trying to do.
Don't worry, Vern.
- Yeah, don't worry, Vern.
You got Wacey on your side.
What's that phrase
you like to say, Wace?
"No honor among poachers?"
How about we test that theory?
How about we test it right now?
- Wacey, don't.
- Dad.
- Aah--
- Sheridan!
- Oh--
- Wacey!
- Ah--uhh--
- They're going to give you
a Goddamn medal.
May sound stupid,
but I think I need to be
around people today.
Family people.
- Sheridan.
Come here, honey.
- Mom, she's shot.
- I know.
Mom's safe, okay?
Everybody's safe.
Everybody's safe.
- Why don't I take a shift.
You go home.
You can get a little sleep.
If anything changes,
I will call you, I promise.
- Thank you.
Governor Budd.
- Mr. Picket,
I got something for ya.
My fishing license.
I haven't had one of those
in nearly a decade,
and you made me get it.
Now, I'm not gonna lie
and tell you
it didn't look bad
on both of us.
Can I ask you something,
Mr. Pickett?
Now that you know who I am,
if you were to see me fishing
right now without a license,
what would you do?
- Well, I'm not a game warden
I got fired.
- But if you were game warden,
what would you do?
- I'd ticket you
all over again.
- Even though I could fire you?
Finally, a single man in this
crooked county I can trust.
Well, I mean, you kinda blew
my state pipeline deal
but still trust ya.
Listen, I-I told Etbauer
to hire you back.
the prick refused.
He said it was
either you or him,
so I fired
the stupid son of a bitch.
- Really?
- You're reinstated
I mean, that is if you still
wanna be game warden
of Twelve Sleep County.
- I do.
Thank you, Governor.
- No. No, thank you, Joe.
Now, I know you been through
a lot personally
to sort all of this out.
State of Wyoming could use
a few more good men like you
on the payroll.
And you know, and who knows?
I just might call on you
from time to time
to help me with certain things.
As someone I can trust.
Now, good day, Mr. Pickett.
- You as well.
- You'd ticket me
all over again, huh?
Ha ha.
Crazy son of a gun.
- Unfortunately,
the truck that attacked you
was burnt to holy hell
and the VIN number
was filed off,
so there's just nothing
to follow up on.
Checked all the hospitals
and clinics in the area.
No reports of anyone with
a gunshot wound to the leg,
so you must not've hit him
like you thought you did.
- Hey.
- Joe?
- Yeah, I'm here. I'm here.
It's okay. Just rest.
- Sheridan.
- Sheridan's safe.
They're all safe.
It's okay. They're okay.
- The baby. The baby.
- Here they come.
Come on.
- Missy, they're here!
- Go see Dad!
- Mom's back!
- Mommy.
- Mommy.
- I missed you so much.
April, come here, honey.
Come here.
Get in here. Hey. Get here.
Hey, April,
Joe and I were talking
and we're really hoping you
you might stay here
with us from now on,
if that's okay with you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- We made you a picnic.
- You did?
- And Missy got cheese
that smells like feet,
but she says grownups like it.
Come on.
Come on, Maxine.
- Welcome home, honey.
- Hi, Mom.
- Hi.
You're okay.
You're okay.
- I got something new
I wanna show ya.
Come over here.
Let's go.
- I swear I don't know where
you're gonna put that girl.
It seems to me that you are
burstin' at the seams as it is.
- You're right.
- Yeah.
- So I need you to move out.
- What?
You were drunk, Mom.
That's why nobody
knew Sheridan was missing.
- Look, I know that I was not
at my best that night,
but how was I supposed
to know something like that
was going to happen?
I'm not clairvoyant, Marybeth.
Since I've been here,
I've been the one
taking care of these kids
as if they were my own.
I would think I'd get at least
a little appreciation for that.
- See, that's just the thing.
I grew up
with an alcoholic mother.
I remember that special
kind of neglect.
I swore my kids would never
have to go through
anything like that,
but they did.
- Hmph.
- I need you to go, Mom.
- Well, where would I go,
What do you expect me to do?
- Mom, just look at what
your granddaughter survived.
Wat I've survived.
We Vankeuren women
are tough as hell
and stronger
than we even know sometimes.
It's time for you
to stand on your own.
I'm done.
I'm done.
- Well
- Willie!
I thought he got killed
in the fire.
- Apparently not.
How long have
you known about the litter?
- The litter?
- Babies!
- Yeah.
- Where's their mom?
- Well, apparently
Willie's their mom.
- But Willie's a boy.
- Mm, apparently not.
- You're gonna have to
report them, aren't you?
And then they're going
to take them away.
- Well, seems to me like
you've been doing a better job
at keeping them safe
than the people
that get paid to do it.
Maybe you and I can take 'em
somewhere safe.
Somewhere no one
knows about abut us.
- And maybe we could
visit them sometime?
- Maybe anytime you like.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- No. Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How you doing?
Really how you doing?
- His due date was two months
from today, you know?
I just can't believe I'll never
feel his little hands
around my neck
or his head on my chest.
Never watch him play
with his sisters.
Joe, I'm gonna
miss him forever.
- I know.
You have so much love in you.
He's lucky that he got to spend
the time that he did with you.
We all are.
We all are.
- You know
There's some things a child
should never have to
go through.
- Yeah, I know.
- I'm talking about you, Joe.
- Me?
- Yeah.
The things you endured
were terrible.
But somehow,
somehow you learned
from that trauma.
And you--you took
what you learned
and you taught it
to our daughter.
And you protected her
by teaching her
to protect herself.
For the rest of my life,
I will be grateful to you
we didn't lose two children
that night.
- Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you more.
- I know.
- We haven't done a song
in a little while.
- A song. Hmm.
- Please.
- I lived in a place
called Okfuskee ♪
I had a little girl
in a holler tree ♪
I said, "Little girl,
it's plain to see ♪
"There ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me" ♪
She said,
"It's hard for me to see ♪
How one little boy
got so ugly" ♪
"Yes, my little darling,
that might be ♪
"There ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me" ♪
Way over yonder
in the minor key ♪
Way over yonder in
the minor key ♪
There ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
- We walked down
by the Buckeye Creek ♪
To see the frog
eat the goggle-eye bee ♪
To hear that west wind
whistle to the east ♪
There ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
Oh, my little girly,
will you let me see ♪
Way over yonder
where the wind blows free ♪
Nobody can see
in our holler tree ♪
And there ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
And there ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
Way over yonder
in the minor key ♪
Way over yonder in
the minor key ♪
- Do you think we can
name them
even though they're
going back into the wild?
- Well, I don't see why not.
- That one looks like
a Nellie to me.
- Yeah.
- And that one I'm going
to call Snuggle Bear
even though it's kind
of a baby-ish name.
And that one,
I think we should call
that one Victor,
if that's okay with you.
- I think he'd love that.
- It stung lots worse
than a hive of bees ♪
But there ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
- See ya around, Victor.
- Well, I've walked
a long, long ways ♪
Still look back
to my Tanglewood days ♪
- Come on.
- I've led lots of girls
since then to stray ♪
Sayin' ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Way over yonder
in the minor key ♪
Way over yonder in
the minor key ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Way over yonder
in the minor key ♪
Way over yonder in
the minor key ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
Well, I've walked
a long, long ways ♪
Still look back
to my Tanglewood days ♪
I've led lots of girls
since then astray ♪
Sayin' ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
Way over yonder
in the minor key ♪
Way over yonder in
the minor key ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Way over yonder
in the minor key ♪
Way over yonder in
the minor key ♪
Ain't nobody
that can sing like me ♪
Ain't nobody that can
sing like me ♪
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