Joe vs. Carole (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Survival of the Fittest

1 Joe.
Water's great.
What ya thinking about? How happy you make me.
So where you wanna go? Somewhere where there's a beach, definitely.
Then the beach it is.
Maybe Galveston or Gulf Shores.
How long before you think we'll be able to go back? To Oklahoma? Well, I don't think we're ever gonna be able to go back there.
You know, Jeff Lowe's got a lot of shit on me, and the way I left things, he's not exactly a "let bygones be bygones" kind of guy.
So we're just gonna start another zoo somewhere else? No, I can't start a zoo, or they'll find me.
But doesn't mean we can't have pets wherever we go.
But how are we gonna make money? Have you even met me yet? You know I'm gonna find a way.
Just stay cool.
Think they see me? You think they're looking for you? Just act natural.
You think you look natural doing that? Shut up and eat the chips.
I didn't know what color you wanted, so I got brown and red.
You sure you gotta do this? Yeah, I can't risk being recognized.
- Hand me the scissors.
- Yeah.
Fuck it! I just won't get caught.
Agents Nishida and Thomas, Fish and Wildlife.
The surf-and-turf cops.
I was wondering when you would get around to visiting.
Why's that? 'Cause I'm the one that told Allen Glover to tell you guys what Joe put him up to.
I also told him to be totally honest.
- Is that right? - Yeah, that's right.
You wanna know why? Because I'm a big believer in transparency.
It's kind of like my personal philosophy.
You know where Joe is? If I knew where he was, I would've turned that piece of shit in myself.
Little fucker gutted my zoo.
You have anything to do with the murder-for-hire - Glover told us about? - Beyond what I heard? No, I I try not to associate myself with shady individuals like that.
Really? You seem to be mixed up with a lot of them in this case.
Yeah, well, you think you know some people, right? We have reason to believe Joe is abusing animals here in addition to the murder-for-hire.
Look, if you guys wanna take a look around my zoo, go ahead, knock yourselves out, be my guests.
But do humanity a favor, all right? You lock that motherfucker up and you throw away the key.
Yeah? I don't know what that guy's guilty of, but he is definitely guilty of something.
Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome to Big Cat Rescue.
I am Carole Baskin.
It's been a while since I've given a tour myself, but I am excited to get back in the swing of things.
Let us begin.
This is Cat Sajak.
He came to us about 16 months ago from an owner who was not very nice to him.
And unfortunately he's just one of countless abused and mistreated animals trapped in cages all across this country.
And that is why I am personally determined to get back to Washington to Arthur? Arthur? Come on.
Can you see? Mom? Mom.
I'm so sorry.
Where was I? Just Congress.
The bill.
That is wh excuse me.
That's why it's critical that we get our bill to the House for a vote, because cats like this are depending on it.
So let's move along to the servals, please.
It's so cute.
Looks just like the picture.
I'm gonna get the key from the lockbox.
- Hi there.
- Hi.
Did you rent the Gentry house? Yes, ma'am, we did.
Well, welcome to the neighborhood.
Thank you.
- I'm Deanna.
- Hi.
You and your son should come over, barbecue with us.
Well, he's actually my husband, and we'd love to.
How about this weekend? I cook a mean steak.
I'll check with my husband.
Sounds good.
You do that.
Thomas, you there? Yeah.
You find anything in Joe's house? Just an old laptop and a dildo.
Well, take the laptop.
Leave the dildo.
Roger that.
We found something.
You better get over here.
Looks like four tigers.
Scratch that, five.
We gotta get this guy.
The police were here, Joe.
Well, not the police.
I don't know who they were, but they had badges.
The FBI? Tell him they were chickens coming home to roost.
I don't know who they were, but they were asking all sorts of questions.
Well, did you tell 'em anything? I don't know anything.
They were saying crazy stuff about you trying to hurt Carole Baskin.
What's that all about? Fuck.
I think I really messed up.
Whatever it is, I'm sure you can fix it.
I don't know if I can this time.
You still there, Joe? I don't know what to do.
Well, you're gonna take a breath, and then you're gonna figure it out like you always do.
You're a good boy.
You hear me? Okay.
You need any money? I could maybe manage $200.
- How about three? - All right.
What's your new phone number? I wanna check in on you.
- 850 - Wait, let me get a pen.
Now, what was it? Eight something? 850-555-0187.
Keep that number to yourself, Ma.
Don't you worry.
I love you, Ma.
I love you too, Joe.
- Nishida.
- I'm busy.
You're gonna wanna hear this.
I got Joe's burner number and pinged it.
- Are you serious? - We know where he is.
Shit, Thomas.
Did you just do something right? I won't let it get to my head.
Let's go.
I really wanna work on my lats.
Get that V shape going, you know? Did I tell you I found a gym? It's so great here.
I gotta find me a second job so we can afford a house that'll accept pets.
Got any leads? Well, there's a job up at the hospital.
I was thinking of dropping my résumé up there later.
- Look at you.
- I know.
That's all I really want now, Dillon, is a small place for you and me and a couple of dogs.
Maybe a snake.
- On the ground! - Federal agents! - On the ground! - Get down! Get down! Quiet.
Doesn't that sound nice? Joseph Schreibvogel Maldonado-Passage, you are under arrest.
Hey, Jamie.
How are you? Well, it's nice coming around without having security guards.
Just getting used to the feeling of sitting out here without having to worry someone's trying to kill us.
Sort of forgot what that was like.
Where's Mom? Oh, she's inside packing.
Hey, what's a three-letter word for Never mind, I got it.
I have nothing to wear.
What are you talking about? You've got everything to wear.
Cat print works in Tampa at Big Cat Rescue.
I'm testifying in Oklahoma in front of Oklahomans.
Do you think that's safe? Joe's people are gonna be there.
What if something happens? The U.
Attorney's Office is providing protection.
They've got everything pretty buttoned up.
I mean, it's just that, you know, things are starting to get back to normal.
And they have other people testifying.
- You don't have to go.
- Jamie, they didn't just charge Joe for trying to kill me.
They charged him for trying to hurt those tigers.
If he's convicted, that opens the door for law enforcement to go after all these other animal abusers.
I can't stop now.
I just think you should be going on a vacation after everything you've been going through.
Oh, I haven't taken one of those since my honeymoon.
Yeah, that's 15 years ago.
You guys deserve one.
You should be lying on a beach somewhere, Mom.
You won.
Not yet.
People find Joe charming for God knows what reason, but they do.
It's a court of law.
It's not a popularity contest.
That's what I thought about Congress.
All he needs is one juror, Jamie.
Just one.
What about this? It's dull and bad.
Do you think the jury will think I look weird? Couldn't look any weirder than Joe.
How are you, man? Oh, it's good to see you.
Good to see you, man.
- How you doing? - Good.
Come on in.
Oh! Hey, now.
- Oh, sorry.
- That's okay.
This place is like an obstacle course with all the baby stuff, but I don't know.
I can't walk by this shit in the store and not buy it.
You know what I'm saying? Daddy kryptonite.
- Yeah.
- I been there.
So how's Amber? We're trying to work it out.
Yeah, I been there too.
You going to the trial? Shit.
Only if they make me.
I can't believe Joe could go to prison basically for the rest of his life.
He made his bed.
Well, you don't feel bad for him at all? Look, I feel lots of things.
But bad for Joe ain't one of 'em.
Now, John, don't hold on to that anger, buddy.
That shit will eat you up.
And you got a whole new life here.
- Forget how he treated you? - No.
But I also haven't forgotten how when I was down, he was there for me.
You don't miss him at all? I miss the zoo.
I miss the gators.
I miss Travis.
She's up.
Oh, my.
Look at you.
You are precious.
- You gonna say hi? - Hey, baby.
- Got your little gators on.
- Ain't she cute? Come on, say hi.
You wanna say hi? Hi, baby girl.
Oh, my gosh.
You were supposed to be here yesterday.
- Well, what happened? - I'm staying with my sister.
It's far, and the truck's been acting up.
I wasn't sure it'd even make it.
You ain't on Grindr, are you? No.
- You fucking somebody? - Stop it.
It's just this place creeps me out.
Yeah? How do you think I feel? I gotta live here.
They got me in an 8x8 box.
- This is hard for me too.
- I know it is.
But you gotta put your big boy pants on now, Dillon.
The trial's starting.
I need you there for support.
What? I don't think I can come to the trial.
Why the hell not? I gotta get a job, Joe.
Pay for food and gas.
What am I supposed to do? I didn't count on you being gone.
Listen to me.
They're gonna find me innocent.
They're gonna let me outta here.
Then you and me are gonna start a life, and it's gonna be better than it was 'cause all this shit's gonna be behind us.
We just gotta get through this.
You hear me? Yeah.
You look good.
You been hitting the gym? Yeah.
Tanning bed too.
Baskin? Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God? I do.
Imagine having to live your life every day not knowing if you're gonna get attacked or shot when you go to the grocery store or when you go get gas.
That's what Joe really took from me the ability to live my life and to have some sense of control over it.
I can't imagine what that must have been like.
He took far more from those tigers.
Five tigers beautiful, healthy tigers.
Killed them in cold blood.
They were defenseless.
And he executed them one by one.
He claims to love animals, and yet he did that.
The person that Joe really is is the person who ordered my murder and who murdered those tigers.
Thank you, Mrs.
Baskin, for sharing that and for your courage in coming here today.
Ju can I just say one more thing? Joe is just the tip of the iceberg.
There are so many more out there who are hurting big cats by breeding them and keeping them in cages for their entire lives.
Objection, Your Honor.
- Excuse me.
- Sustained.
And they say that they are licensed by the USDA, but the only thing you need to get a USDA license is a name and an address, and I'm not making that up.
- Your Honor.
- The law itself must change.
Please go to our website, That is the only way it's going to stop.
- Mrs.
- Sorry.
- Mrs.
Baskin, I'm gonna - Thank you.
Baskin, I'm gonna ask you to refrain from answering questions that weren't asked of you.
Your witness.
- Mrs.
Baskin? - Yes.
Isn't it possible that Joe was just blowing off steam when he said he wanted you dead? That he didn't mean to be taken seriously? Well, I certainly took it seriously.
So you called the police, then? Well, n I mean I didn't call the pol That's what someone does when they're threatened.
So when Joe trespassed on your sanctuary, as you claim, did you call the police? Well, I had him removed and then, after that, had no grounds on which to call the police.
And when Joe chartered a helicopter, flew it over your sanctuary, did you call the police then? I did not know, actually, which authorities to Just answer yes or no, please.
When Joe made a video in which he shot a blow-up doll he named Carole, did you call the police? I tried to obtain a restraining order but was denied one.
Yes or no, please.
When Joe blew up a mattress and said you were next, did you call the police then? Answer the question, please.
I'm I'm trying.
He's not letting me answer the question.
They're yes or no questions, Your Honor.
Sir, he's trying to make it seem like because I didn't immediately call the police, I didn't feel threatened.
And any survivor of domestic violence will know that that's not it's not that simple.
I'm gonna ask you to answer the question that is asked with a yes or a no.
If you can't do that, I'm gonna have to hold you in contempt of court.
For answering the question? You're not answering the question.
I am trying to provide context.
Baskin, yes or no.
This is the last time I'm asking.
All right.
Let's try this again, shall we? Mrs.
Baskin, when Joe visited your sanctuary, did you call the police? No, I did not.
And when Joe chartered a helicopter and flew it over your sanctuary, did you call the police then? No.
Sorry, a little louder for the jury, please.
Why don't you unwind and I'll order us some dinner? Maybe a bath? I was thinking maybe takeout.
Oh, you don't want room service? Nah.
Could we get from that Mexican place on the corner? Oh.
Yeah, sure.
I know it wasn't without some bumps today.
I think you did a great job.
I'll be back in a minute.
I forgot my wallet.
I'm so angry.
I'm so angry.
I see that.
I know today didn't go the way you wanted, but It's not just today.
It's every day.
Every day, I am so angry.
Can you tell me what you're angry about? The judge, Joe's lawyer, Joe, Doc Antle, Jeff Lowe, my first husband, my second husband, men.
All these men who treat me like shit! I'm I I'm so sorry.
I didn't know you were feeling all this.
I know.
I didn't I didn't want you to know.
Why? On our wedding day when you were late, I had this feeling like, "Oh, my God, he knows.
"He knows I'm fucking crazy.
"And he's figured it out, and now he's trying to get as far away from me as possible.
" And then you showed up in your caveman outfit.
But that feeling never left.
That feeling of, "Oh, my God.
He knows.
"He knows I'm messed up.
"He knows that I have a broken heart.
" And and you don't.
And you deserve Something better.
From the first day we met you made it clear that you weren't perfect.
But I always knew you were perfect for me.
Whatever you're feeling, everything you're feeling, let me hold it with you.
Where the hell's Carole? I don't know.
Reinke ain't here neither.
Green, your next witness.
Your honor, I call Erik Cowie.
You imagine You're in a cage and the man who's supposed to protect you, he pulls out a gun and I didn't know what you were cap what he was capable of.
What did Joe ask you to do for that $3,000? He told me to kill the bitch.
Excuse me, lady, Carole.
I was never gonna do it.
And what exactly did the authorities have you on? It's so stupid.
Turning the feds on Joe got you out of that charge, didn't it? Man, that's not why I did it.
I told the feds what was going on because it was the right thing to do.
Finlay? Yeah.
You were married to Joe, but you had a falling-out, isn't that right? Lots of marriages don't work out.
You were barely out of high school when you met.
Do you feel Joe acted in a predatory way towards you? Like? Did he take advantage of you? What we had was real.
I know some people might find that hard to understand, but I loved Joe.
And I know he loved me.
Were you aware of threats Joe made against Carole Baskin? Yes, ma'am.
But I don't think he meant any of them.
I mean, she's alive, ain't she? Mr.
Finlay, doing something illegal badly doesn't make it less illegal.
Tell me, did Joe have firearms? Everybody I know has firearms.
Did Joe have an AR-15 assault rifle? Yes, ma'am.
And did this assault rifle have a special name? Yes, ma'am.
What was that special name? Mr.
Finlay? He called it his "Going to Tampa" gun.
And who lives in Tampa? Carole Baskin.
Thank you.
No more questions.
You should have seen it, Dillon.
That prosecutor bitch made me out to be some kind of Yosemite Sam on meth.
Who? Fuckin' Cowie stabbed me in the back.
And Rink don't even show up to the court no more.
Don't those guys get it? I had to put down those tigers.
I had no choice.
I gave those guys a home.
I guess that fucking zoo wasn't everything I thought it was.
- Hey.
- Hey, what's going on? - What the fuck are you doing? - Getting gas.
Who are you talking to? I'm paying.
I'm pouring my heart out here! Okay, I'm listening.
I'm just saying that no one's stepping up for me! I'm all alone in that damn courtroom.
What are you getting at? I'm saying I gotta get up there and defend myself.
Didn't your lawyer say testifying was really risky? What the fuck does my lawyer know? It's my life on the line.
That's what I'm worried about.
Look, I've been performing for crowds longer than you've been alive.
If there's one thing I know how to do, it's connect with an audience.
Your Honor I call Joe Maldonado-Passage.
Joe are you a violent person? No, I am not.
Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you who I am.
This is a story of a young man who wasn't given much of a chance to be anything by anyone.
It was a man who, against all odds, built his own business with his two bare hands.
Take a look at 'em.
They're small.
They're strong.
They're hardworking.
And with them, I carved out a little slice of heaven in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, where kids could come and love on some beautiful and often unwanted animals.
It's where society's human rejects also found sanctuary, gainful employment, and community.
Every one of you were welcome at my zoo! Then one day, a rich woman from Florida came down from her mountain to make my life a living hell! She had a way of doing that with people.
You know, I'd tell you to ask her husband how he ended up, but you'd have to find his corpse first.
That's right.
I ain't found it.
She ain't telling, 'cause she's so far above us.
And I'm just a dumb redneck faggot who nobody gives a rat's ass about! But there's one thing she don't realize.
I am you.
I'm you.
And I'm you.
And I might very well be you.
I worked my whole life.
I live paycheck to paycheck.
I earned everything I got.
You know what? Never asked for a handout.
Were there times where I didn't have enough food for my cats? Yes.
I bet there were times when you could not give the best of everything to your children.
Your Honor I'm sorry if I scared Carole, even though she kind of deserved it.
If I could take back blowing up that Carole doll, I would.
You know, telling everybody that she was the next to die Cutting off that Carole head and putting it in a jar I was angry.
I'll admit it.
But wouldn't you be, too, if someone was trying to tear down everything you built? God damn it.
My whole life, all I've ever wanted to do Was to bring joy to people.
And like I said, nobody gave me much of a chance to do it.
But you can.
Brothers and sisters, I'm innocent.
I'm as innocent as you are.
And that's the 100% God's honest truth.
Howie, I'm about to go on Spanish TV.
They're doing a piece on the Big Cat Act.
And so uno momento, por favor.
The verdict is in.
In the case of the United States of America versus Joseph Maldonado-Passage, on the first count of murder for hire, we, the jury, find the defendant Guilty.
He's guilty.
On the second count of violating the Endangered Species Act, we, the jury, find the defend guilty.
He's guilty! I'm so sorry, Joe.
Hey, Cowie.
Did you hear the good news? They found that little fucker guilty.
I guess there is justice after all, huh? Mm-hmm.
And in other news, in the trial of Joseph Maldonado-Passage, also known as Joe Exotic, the verdict is guilty on all counts.
Sentencing is to be scheduled in the coming days.
Now back to traffic.
How about I get some massage oils and give you one of my world-famous foot rubs, hmm? - Howard.
- Hmm, hmm? - No, I'm working.
- Huh? Please, I'm working.
- Thank you.
- All right.
I would've thought, with the news, that you would be ecstatic.
I'm relieved.
He's just one, Howard.
And there are so many more.
I know this is important to you, to us.
Let's say that you end all big cat ownership.
We get everything that we worked towards.
Would that bring you a bit of peace? I don't know.
You're being transferred.
Where? It's a good facility.
Don't worry.
We'll take good care of you.
We take care of all of our rescues.
Hey, it's Dillon.
Leave a message.
Where the fuck are you, Dillon? You're supposed to be answering your phone.
I'm all alone here.
Nobody comes to see me.
It's like I don't even exist anymore.
I can't do 20 years, man.
I can't do 20 years.
I don't even know if I can do another day.
Oh, dope.
That is a fine-looking Frida Cat-lo.
Valerie, are you blind? This is a Jackson Paw-lock.
I stand corrected.
Hey, the documentary people are here.
- Hold my calls.
- Okay.
Oh, she's dressed perfectly.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Eric Goode.
- Hey.
- Thanks for doing this.
- Oh, my pleasure.
I'm always happy to talk about big cats.
So how many people are gonna see this little documentary of yours, do you think? Oh, hard to say.
- I hope a lot.
- Oh.
Me too.
Sounds exciting.
Where, like this? Or you want me to get down so you got this cat? Yeah, that's great.
Thank you.
This is Joseph the lion, and he's from a facility in Ohio.
And he's about to get nasty with me.
I don't usually get this close.
You're Joe, the Tiger King.
My cousin saw your movie on Netflix.
He said you were dope as shit.
You mean that documentary came out? Dude, do you check your email? No.
Hey, yo.
It is the Tiger King.
That's motherfucking Joe, the Tiger King.
Everybody loves me.
Well, it's official.
I'm a meme.
Try to put your phone away, Mom.
Twitter is the worst.
Some of them are clever.
"NEW FRISKIES FLAVOR: dead husband.
" You shouldn't read those.
Here's Don on a teenybopper magazine called "Tiger Meat.
" Here's an arrow pointing to my crotch and it says "Grey Gardens.
" That's great.
If it gets people talking about the plight of big cats, - then it was worth it.
- Mm.
That's what it was all for, right? Okay.
We are here.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Hey, I'm gonna go have a look around.
- Have fun.
- Okay.
Carole they're just stupid internet people.
Everybody hates me.
They don't know you.
That never stopped anybody.
Well, if they would just stop focusing on the lurid for one second, they'd see everything you've accomplished.
Who else could have gotten the House of Representatives to pass a sweeping big cat bill, hmm? Still has to pass the Senate.
It's within reach.
Everything you set out to do.
Look around this zoo.
This is yours now.
No cat will ever be bred here or put in a cage again, and you did that.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
I think there's somewhere else I'd like to go.
Where? You'll see.
So this is relaxing? Mm-hmm, that's the idea.
Would you like some sunscreen, my lady? No, I'm okay.
You got a big glob on your cheek.
Do I look undignified? Impossible, my prince.
I must say I am shocked you decided to go on a vacation.
I wanted to take a moment to celebrate my victory.
Did you hear? I won the Howie sweepstakes.
I didn't know you'd entered.
I mean, you know me.
I'm never gonna stop trying to save big cats.
I'm never gonna chill out.
But I don't know.
World can't be all bad with you in it.
I have an insane idea.
- May I have this dance, sir? - Oh! Oh-ho-ho! I'm back, motherfuckers.

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