JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e02 Episode Script

A Letter From the Past

1 Seven years have passed! The year is now 1888.
On this year, London would be terrorized by an unknown serial killer dubbed Jack the Ripper whose primary victims consisted of Whitechapel prostitutes.
But this year of terror did not belong to Jack alone.
On this very year, the feud between Jojo and Dio would be rekindled! Once, there were two shooting stars descending from Heaven, Sora kobore ochita futatsu no hoshi ga Hikari to yami no minamo suikomareteyuku flying straight into an ocean of emotion.
hikiauyouni takanaru hamon And from their impact, a ripple of strife exploded! hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, while the other strove for unbound ambition yabou no hate wo mezasu mono ni ikenie wo no matter the cost.
furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku The star of the Sun, unwavering, burning with vigor, sono te kara hanate kodou radiates a courageous flame karada minagiru yuuki de engulfing its entire being! mayoi naki kakugo ni gassai wo Both stars ready to collide sono chi no sadame for it's in the blood of all JoJos! A Letter from the Past Episode And a catch! Jonathan Joestar, the star of Hugh Hudson Academy, has caught the ball! Usually, he stands as a silent giant with a stature of 195 centimeters! But now this giant is now bellowing his way towards the goal! This will be his final rugby match before graduation! Can he graduate with a victory?! Joestar's been tackled! But he stands stout! He takes two more tackles! Joestar's being held down by all three! Incredible! Joestar continues to the goal as the three struggle to hold him down! With brawn and bollocks, he's an unstoppable steam-locomotive! We have a fourth tackle! Joestar's starting to sag! It's a pass and catch! The catcher is Dio! Dio Brando, the pride of Hugh Hudson Academy, has the ball! Can he slip through?! A slip! Another slip! He's done it! A one-man sprint to the goal! My, how graceful he sprints! It's a Try! He's done it! Hugh Hudson Academy has won the final game of the graduating class! Jojo and Dio made a brilliant pair! Perfect synchronization! We did it, Jojo! Your one-man sprint was marvelous, Dio! Thank you, but I couldn't have done it without you! Dio Brando will graduate with the highest marks in Common Law.
Jonathan Joestar, however, will graduate with an outstanding thesis in Archaeology! We couldn't have won this game without either of them! They're both stars of Hugh Hudson Academy! Jojo, we should hurry home and tell Father about our victory.
How long has it been since Dio started addressing my father as "Father," and not "Lord Joestar?" We may seem like a pair of chums, but our friendship feels strangely superficial.
Why is it? He can be very pleasant, but I feel nothing but mistrust for him.
Even after seven years! Dio, could you comment on your chumship with Jojo for the school paper? Our friendship? The words escape me.
Please Dio.
We'd love to hear about it too.
Very well "Friendship?" You sods can take those pens and shove them up yer arses! I'll graduate soon.
I no longer require the aid of George Joestar.
I've bode this seven-year farce with Jojo long enough.
Succession is nearly at hand! I will inherit the Joestar Estate.
I am now of the age when I may legally receive any inheritance! Father, how do you fare? I fare well, my son.
Though, this confounded cough won't cease.
A doctor recommended I admit myself to a hospital.
A hospital? On the contrary, Father.
The greedy doctor must know that hospitals are environmental reservoirs.
I declined the suggestion myself.
I feel most comfortable within my estate.
The pain in my chest and swelling in my digits have gone as well.
I feel at ease.
Father only had a case of the common cold.
Why were his chest and digits affected too? Also, Dio and Jojo, congratulations on your victory.
You knew? A friend from the university paid me a visit earlier.
How could they spoil it? We hurried home to surprise you with the news as well.
I am overjoyed, boys.
I'm very proud of you both, my talented boys.
I heard about your dashing sprint as well, Dio.
Once you've graduated, you may pursue what you may.
If you need monetary assistance, my son, then you shall have it.
I am utterly indebted to you for my upbringing, among other things.
I shall not disappoint you.
I'm the only one who knows of blood's effect on this mask.
I wonder what use its creator intended for, when contacted with blood? Nevertheless, I am attached to this mask.
It belonged to my dear mother.
Perhaps this stone mask will become a grand phenomenon after I unravel its mysteries and publish everything I know about it? Drat! Lord Dio, you don't always have to do this Please.
My apologies, but these old legs just can't handle the old staircase anymore.
A most terrifying thought occurred to me just now! Dio Dio is! Dio! Where is the original prescription? It's on this tray.
Do you always take medicine to Father, instead of the butler? As a matter of fact, I do.
Moments ago, I came upon the letter your father wrote to mine.
It follows: "I am ill and bedridden.
"I'll be passing soon.
"I just know I will "I know not this sickness, "but my chest hurts, my fingers swell, and I cough without end.
" My father's symptoms match your father's! Explain yourself, Dio! What are you insinuating? I shall examine that prescription! Jojo, examining that means you'll be doubting our friendship.
Doubt me, and we won't be chums! His glare made me avert my eyes! I may have suspicions, but I'm not certain that he even is the culprit! Jojo return the prescription to the tray.
Do that, I will forget that you ever doubted our friendship.
Dio! On Dario Brando's honor, swear a gentleman's word of your innocence! This, alone, will suffice! Swear on your father's honor, and I will return this to the tray and apologize for ever doubting you! If my suspicions are proper, Dio's pride won't allow him to lower himself so! Dio! A gentleman's word, now! A-A word, is it? You want me to swear on his honor?! You know nothing! That pissant never had a shred of honor about him! Dio, now I'm convinced that you're the culprit.
Your hatred and spite for your father are profound.
Indeed, I know nothing of your relationship with Dario Brando, but I do know that you murdered him! I shall defend my father and the Joestar Estate! Y-You're trying to kill me? Dio, your seven-year scheme is evident to me! No longer shall you flout of an imaginary friendship between us! No longer shall you approach my father! I shall conduct an analysis of this poison and see that you are thrown into Newgate, or worse! Curses I was only centimeters away from the inheritance! Was finding that letter just a sick coincidence? No! I won't have my ambition halted by that sod! Yer mum's dress will fetch for fine coin! My mother suffered until her death.
The very thought of being that pissant's son sends me bedlam! Whiskey! Whiskey, now! But now, there's no turning back! Father, I'll be away in London for two or three days.
Until I return, I ask that you seek care from these doctors, and no others.
Have you no faith in our services, Lord Jojo? He does.
But I ask you to trust Jojo.
Though I know not of his reasons, my son has my trust as well.
F-Father His symptoms have worsened.
I need an antidote.
Jojo will take three days to return with any evidence of that poison.
I'll need him dead before he returns.
And what better way than to make it appear accidental? Seven years ago, my blood coaxed spines from this mask.
If these spines were embedded into his skull, it'd be fatal.
With Jojo, it'd become an "experiment gone awry.
" The authorities wouldn't suspect my hand in his death! Jojo, your research will be your undoing! I couldn't distinguish the poison's components, not even in a university laboratory.
It must have come from the Orient.
The rookery Good sir, the only street around here is "Ogre Street," the most foul and violent street in all of London.
I am aware.
Nevertheless, I seek a resident of this street.
You may leave.
Dio once lived in London, and the only rookery one may acquire oriental medicine is Ogre Street! Once I locate the proprietor, I shall attain the antidote and evidence I require! Another dead end By George! That cat was eating a pup! Tatty, lead the way! Aye! Flay that toff's skin off, and we'll tan it into a hide! "Ogre Street," indeed.
I see three foul ogres already.
Blimey, is this toff thick?! He's got my blade in his hand! But if I pull back on me blade, you'll lose yer fingers! Then pull! You pull, and my Log Legs will crush your crotch! I'll do a son's duty, even if I lose my fingers! I will fight to defend my father and estate! My cause is not akin to the greed of you rogues! Chinaman! Answer me this.
Where can I find an oriental apothecary? You sod! You don't care if you lose yer fingers, aye?! Aye?! Then you'd best mean everything you say, my toff chum! Here I come! Throw anything you want! I shall overcome any and all obstacles! Yer a naive little toff who's never been in a real tussle! Yer head's not the only vital part of the body! I heard my bowler hat strike bone! I couldn't get yer body 'cause of that knife, but I still did you a lot of damage! Wh-What a kick! H-He really doesn't care if he loses more than his fingers! He doesn't falter neither to fear or pain! I shouldn't have tussled with this toff Not with any as solid as this sod! What? Jojo ventured into Ogre Street, alone? I tried to persuade him not to go Keep this to yourself, and especially from Lord Joestar.
I suppose I won't need the mask now Jojo is already a dead man.
The buffoon C-Cease! I, Speedwagon, shall allow none to harm this gentleman! "Gentleman?" You answer me this! Why didn't you use yer full strength? Yer Log Legs could've smote me to smithereens! As I ventured here for the sake of my father, I withheld my strength when I thought of your own families.
I desire not to be cursed by another father as a murderer! He is a thick toff! Never have I seen so foolish and naive a sod as he! Still He hasn't dealt a mortal blow to them.
This sod has the mouth and mind of a true gentleman! I'm intrigued! Let me have yer name.
It's Jonathan Joestar.
Very good, Jonathan Joestar! You're searching for an oriental apothecary, aye? Be wary of him! He's a sneaky bugger! It's been three days and Lord Jojo hasn't returned.
He'll return when his business is finished.
He may not have been alike Lord Dio in youth, but he has become a fine man.
On that note, I was much stricter with him.
Three days have passed.
Jojo better be dead! Perhaps he survived and found him Why am I drowning myself in whiskey?! How could I practice the pastime of that pissant?! Dammit all! Watch it! Get off the street, you drunk sod! Chumsford, tell me, did that little sod get shit on my coat? Did ya hear the gent, you little sod?! My mouth! You dirty cur! You hurt my chum, you did! My, my Swine akin to my putrid pissant of a father dare to talk back to one as noble as myself?! Very well! I believe I'll make you adorn this before Jojo! Speak English, you goddamn sod! You're my guinea pig! Wh-What is this incandescence?! Was there light, or was that the whiskey? He's dead.
How monotonous.
The damn mask is just a torture device! It couldn't be He's alive! What's wrong with his face?! Fangs?! H-He sent me flying?! He's still coming How can he not be in pain from that slash?! A minor flesh wound, but my collarbone is broken! I must swim away! Thirsty Won't you be a good lad, and quench my thirst? He's sucking my blood! His face! I now know the true function of the stone mask! B-But! Goddammit! The last thing I'll live to see is that blasted sun! I-It was the sunlight Servants! Why are the lights not lit?! Jojo?! I have you now, Dio! I have evidence of your fiendish plot! I'll be the round about The words will make you out 'n' out I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley The muses dance and sing They make the children really ring I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time Jojo, won't you hear my plea? My final plea.
I can smell it on him! He reeks of shitter, he does! I shall cease to be human, Jojo! Dio! Episode Dio's Youth