JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e03 Episode Script

Youth With Dio

1 I have you now, Dio! I have evidence of your fiendish plot! Jojo thinks he has me cornered But I won't concede! I've returned to end our feud! Once, there were two shooting stars descending from Heaven, Sora kobore ochita futatsu no hoshi ga flying straight into an ocean of emotion.
Hikari to yami no minamo suikomareteyuku hikiauyouni takanaru hamon And from their impact, a ripple of strife exploded! One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo while the other strove for unbound ambition yabou no hate wo mezasu mono ni no matter the cost.
ikenie wo The star of the Sun, unwavering, burning with vigor, furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku radiates a courageous flame sono te kara hanate kodou engulfing its entire being! karada minagiru yuuki de Both stars ready to collide mayoi naki kakugo ni gassai wo sono chi no sadame for it's in the blood of all JoJos! Episode A Youth with Dio I've attained the antidote and had it administered to my father.
Dio I am wrought by grief, my brother, that I must now have you placed into the custody of Scotland Yard.
I grieve for you.
Dio I truly grieve for you, for these turn of events, for everything.
You're a true gentleman, always have been.
Jojo, won't you hear my plea? My final plea.
Won't you allow me a respite? I shall surrender myself in good time! My word I believed he would've lashed out in anger instead of pleading! Jojo you actually returned alive from that rookery! I'm at my wit's end Ease for a moment, and I shall behead you! I regret everything! Every single thing! My petty ambition for riches festered like a disease from my poor upbringing! I know I've done wrong! I shouldn't have poisoned your father over the inheritance! I've returned to surrender myself, Jojo! Were I to have fled, I would've done so without facing your judgment! I-Indeed I wish to face justice Dio That's close enough, Mr.
I've never heard a fibber as grand as this bloke.
Where are my manners? Allow me to introduce myself.
The name's Speedwagon, Speedwagon the Sneak.
Out of concern, I accompanied Mr.
Joestar back from Ogre Street.
Joestar, yer a naive and merciful gent, so allow me a sneak.
I was bred in the rookery, and smelled me fair share of cheats and churls, so I know me stenches of scoundrels and stinkers real well, see.
This sod's a real stinker! He reeks of a shitter, he does! Never before have I heard a sod spew as much shit as he! He blames his daddy for a poor rearing, aye? Nay, I say! The cur was born a stinker! Stinker, tell me, does this bugger's face ring any bells?! The apothecary acknowledges to have sold you poison.
I heard everything.
My ears are aflame, Dio.
I had intended nothing but affection toward you, as I had Jojo.
Father, you have not fully recovered yet Aye I shall return to my chambers.
I wish not to witness the apprehension of my son.
Jojo, do what must be done.
Yes sir.
I suppose this really is the end of the line The boy shan't be taken with ease.
He possesses the mark of the Three Star Gods and a face of ambition The boy was born blessed with grand fortune.
Jojo Won't you be the one to cuff me? My brief brother of seven years Very well.
Joestar, be careful Jojo, the apex of human potential is so limited If there's one thing I've learned in my life of 19 years, it's that the grander a human scheme is, the simpler it is for unforeseen factors to thwart.
Therefore, I shall become grander than a human.
What do you refer to? Speak sense! I shall cease to be human, Jojo! I shall transcend all of humanity Why do you have the stone mask?! Mr.
Joestar! Constables, open fire! with your blood, Jojo! N-No Father!!! Open fire! Jojo F-Father I could've avoided the thrust, but I was taken aback by my mother's memento And you took his thrust for me Take this ring It was your mother's No, Father! The knife hit an organ! Dammit all! How could I have let this happen?! Lord Joestar should've heed my words from years ago! His death is my doing! I should've sent Dio's father to a penal colony, regardless! His father?! Shortly after I joined Scotland Yard, I was tasked with the case of a man attempting to sell that very ring to a pawnbroker! That man was Dario Brando, Dio Brando's father! This is my wedding ring My wife and I had a pair made for betrothal We apprehended the thief, Brando, before he could sell it.
Brando?! Dario Brando was Lord Joestar's savior.
But the scoundrel didn't save him! He merely happened upon Lord Joestar's carriage, and stole what he could! I-It's him! Did Mr.
Brando tell you that I gave him the ring? Indeed, he did! And what a fib it was! No, Constable, he spoke the truth.
I gave him the ring.
I-I beg your pardon?! He is an innocent.
Do see to his release.
But why, sir?! Why would you say that?! Because Constable, had I been born into poverty, I may have done the same.
Use the profits from this ring to support your family.
Forgo your petty crimes, and become a man of good.
Lord Joestar still adopted Dio, knowing of his father's deceit! Father Look at me.
The doctors will be here soon Jojo Bear no ill-will towards Dio.
His upbringing is my failure.
Though I was much stricter with you after his arrival, he may have felt my extra attention towards you was unfair to him.
His personality and actions may've been a result of my neglect Son, have him buried next to Dario Brando.
Father Jojo, I am at ease Passing in my son's embrace is all and well Lord Joestar! His mercy was his undoing! This mayn't be so! We've lost a true gentleman! Nay, Constable! The soul of Lord Joestar lives on in his son, Jonathan Joestar! The will, body, and soul of a true gentleman shall exist for posterity! I begrudge the pansy penchant for tears, but I willingly shed mine for the Joestars.
The pair of naïve, but merciful toffs be true gentlemen! T-T- The body! Dio Brando's body is gone! Constable, get away from that window! Wryyy H-He removed the constable's head! H-How is he breathing?! How is he still alive?! Impossible! We littered him with lead, we did! Careful, lads! He may have a weapon or two! C-Could it have been H-He's approaching us! Then what are you bobbies waiting for?! Blast the bloke to bits! Dio, halt! D-Dio! Jojo, shoot him! Shoot him, now! H-How is he alive?! He took a bullet to the brain, too! I'm at an utter loss for words proper of this predicament which we're placed! By George Jojo Behold! This is the magnificence and splendor I've attained from the stone mask and your father's blood! Wryyy You intake blood, the very essence of humans?! What form of malignant maleficence have you become?! M-My brain's abuzz with bits and pieces! The knife drew my father's blood.
Dio, wearing the stone mask, had his brain pierced, and awakened bizarre powers means Dio's no longer human?! Wryyy Father D-Don't fight him! Yer no match for him! Nobody can beat that monster! He's got more strength than any strongman I've seen! I know.
I fear his strength as well! But Dio, no longer shall I allow your terror to spread! I take it upon myself to send you to Hell! Mr.
Joestar, no! You'll be torn asunder! The brain! The stone mask's spines unlock the brain's hidden potential! Therefore, the only chance of victory lies with the brain! Blood! The corpse moves! Warm, moist blood Let me lick it up! Lad, let me suck you dry! Though he was not human, death leaves me faint! Father, strengthen my heart to deal merciful blows! Be stouthearted! Deliver Dio a merciful blow for he is no longer human! He descends! Dio, I shall not allow you to slaughter anymore innocents! H-He caught the spear in his own bloody hand! Well I'll be blowed, the hole in his head closed up! He's undying! He can't be killed! How shoddy a spear! Jojo! Won't you be good and remain my playmate a while longer? I know not of the other magnificent feats I may perform Hiding, are we? Forgotten my words, already? "The grander a human scheme is, the simpler it is for unforeseen factors to thwart.
" Be a good chum and come out of hiding from there! I scheme with nothing, but courage! His skin heals even when aflame! The bloke's impervious to any wound! The flames won't kill him! A-Are you daft?! Skedaddle, Speedwagon! I don't want to see another innocent harmed! Don't climb upwards! The flames are spreading too fast! What in God's good name are you thinking, Mr.
Joestar?! Come join me, Dio! Dio! I cannot allow you to unleash havoc unto the world! Mr.
Joestar, you mustn't! You beckon your own death to spare your new chum's life? Very well.
I shall mend these scalds with your blood.
It's no use, Jojo! As if I would be harmed by such a small drop! You, however, would be dealt a mortal blow from this height! Father Rest in peace.
The flames shall carry your ashes to Heaven.
And For the sake of avenging your memory, may your spirit fuel these flames evermore! Mr.
Joestar, what are you He wouldn't! He shouldn't! Mr.
Joestar, don't do it! H-He's here! Wryyyyyyyyy! The shoddy spear again?! At that instant, Jojo's youth flashed before his very eyes! My youth was a youth with Dio! I shall end the feud we started in our youth! Mr.
Joestar wants the flames to spread He wants the heat to incinerate Dio! If Dio's healing can't withstand the intensity of the flames, he might bite the dust! That's why Mr.
Joestar continued his climb to the roof! Don't do it, Mr.
Joestar!!! Y-You buffoon! A Lover's Leap, is it?! The Joestar estate, which housed my forefathers, burns this night My father has passed as well I've nothing left to lose to the world except my life, the last Joestar! Dio, I shall burn to cinder, and in return, your powers shall be rendered useless! Farewell, Jojo! Though brief as it was, your Lover's Leap tactic had me shivering.
You may burn alongside your father! Shed your tears while you still can, you buffoon! I have surpassed all human life! As immortal and undying, I am a god amongst all! And I have you to thank, Jojo! I require length! Dio! I've come back for you! Wh-What?! You cur! You won't escape me! Dio, your life shall be extinguished with this knife! The very knife you stabbed my father with!!! Wryyyyyyyyyy! I shattered the bones in both his arms, and though we're both set aflame, he continues to cling tight! Very well! Let us fall into the inferno, together! Though Jojo, you'd die a lonesome death, for no matter the intensity of flame, I may retain a feat to escape such predicaments! Father! Grant me the strength to kill him! Jojo lets out a cry for help! Did his father's spirit answer his cry? Or, did Jojo instinctively use the wall of the Joestar estate for his next action? He kicks out! And the trajectory of that kick sends them I-Impossible! on top of the Joestar Estate's guardian, the Statue of Love! Damn you, Jojo! Damn you to Hell! I-I had forgotten about the duel we had as children! His true strength! Jojo!!! I was supposed best you in everything Mr.
Joestar! Father He's alive! The mad sod's alive! The true gentleman prevails! I've found it.
Next Time To know courage is to have known fear! This bloke's more sadistic and bizarre than Dio! Despair for me, you maggots! With whom do I appear similar? Please teach me the way of the Ripple! Episode OVERDRIVE