JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e04 Episode Script


1 Mr.
Joestar defeated Dio.
But in doing so, he lost everything.
He's been holed up in this hospital for past three days since.
Joestar is all by his lonesome! If I could enhearten him in an embrace, I would! An embrace to enliven his life! Sora kobore ochita futatsu no hoshi ga Once, two shooting stars descended from Heaven Hikari to yami no minamo suikomareteyuku and flew straight into an ocean of emotion.
hikiauyouni takanaru hamon From their impact, a ripple of strife exploded! hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, yabou no hate wo mezasu mono ni while the other strove for unbound ambition ikenie wo no matter the cost.
The star of the Sun, unwavering, burning with vigor, furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku sono te kara hanate kodou radiates a courageous flame karada minagiru yuuki de engulfing its entire being! mayoi naki kakugo ni gassai wo Both stars ready to collide For it's in the blood of all JoJos! sono chi no sadame jojo Episode Overdrive A chum! Mr.
Joestar needs a good chum by his side! Why the devil is Mr.
Joestar's ward lit, so late in the eve? A-A matron? Who is she? Why does she nurse him so late in the eve? Her fingers! They're swollen like grapes! She must've squeezed the towel a thousand times to make her fingers swell so! Thank God He's awake! Your body temperature has receded greatly.
You'll make a full recovery.
You tended to my wounds? Could you be Is it really you?! Such striking similarity You couldn't be her.
She wouldn't see me.
And yet, you appear so similar With whom do I appear similar? Erina Pendleton, perhaps? It's been quite some time, Jonathan Joestar.
Erina, you've grown so much! Not as much as yourself, Jojo.
Oh, Jojo Time really passed us by.
Joestar won't need me chumship tonight.
I shall visit again.
Speedwagon serenely skedaddles.
I-I'm just a little dizzy What have I done?! I've added pressure onto your fractured arm! Yours, I would gladly bear.
I suppose God intended for things to turn out this way.
London - Whitechapel District I shall dispatch you pigs of depravity! Most humans desire to satiate their own morals with good deeds for fear that depravity may lead to Hell.
Though, few humans share a distinct disdain for morals.
You have my intrigue, Jack the Ripper.
I shall have you as a loyal servant.
I shall grant unto you a most succulent power and you shall know an ecstasy like none other.
You shall become immortal.
Only Speedwagon and I survived the strife of that night.
Though Scotland Yard concedes their constables' deaths accidental the whereabouts of the stone mask concerns me.
Regardless of the rubble removed, it remains elusive.
I can only pray that it's been broken to bits Let it be so, and I may move on.
Who might that be? Why does he follow us? Does something trouble you? No It's nothing- Saluti, Signor Jonathan Joestar, and Signora Erina Pendleton.
W-Who are you?! You did well to survive your encounter with one afflicted by the stone mask! Jojo! Good, now exhale and purge every ounce of oxygen from your lungs! Jojo! How could you harm an injured man?! Harmed him I have not, though he won't breathe briefly.
C-Come again?! Wh-What manner of sorcery is this?! M-My arm! I am Barone Zeppeli.
Courage, alone, cannot defeat the power of the stone mask.
My fractured arm is completely healed?! I can even heave such heft! How can that be?! Wh-What did you do?! Please good sir, who are you?! Jojo, one question at a time, capisci? I did nothing.
Your very breathing healed your fractured arm.
Why would you help me?! How do you know my nickname?! H-He's gone?! Jojo, one question at a time.
I think it'd be better if I showed you instead.
Follow me.
Once you see, once you know, then you'll understand why I'm here.
I thrust my pinky into your diaphragm in order to control your breathing.
Control my breathing? Allow me to demonstrate the effect.
Wh-What are you doing? Wh-What are those?! The ripples resonate in unison?! That's absolutely unnatural! This energy is the very energy with which your arm was healed! Not the frog! T-The frog remains unscathed! This is the Art of Mystics.
M-Mystics? The Ripple derives from the Art of Mystics.
I used the frog's body as a medium to channel Ripple energy, splitting the rock beneath.
Jojo! I know the stone mask has yet to be destroyed! Dio Brando possesses the stone mask! What did you say?! Did you say that "Dio" has the stone mask?! Indeed! I've sought the stone mask for decades! I shall see to it that all who wear the stone mask share its fate in death! Your life is bound to the destruction of the stone mask! You must learn the Art of Mystics, or face certain death! You, and all of humanity! I-Impossible Jojo, what does he mean? What is he talking about? Erina I mustn't involve her in this matter.
Not again, not ever again.
B-Blossoms?! B-Blooming, now?! I-Incredible! Ripple energy remaining from his arm rejuvinated the blossoms of that withered tree! This boy possesses innate strength and profound potential He may be the very savior we need! Noooo!! I can feel my powers returning with every meal.
I recall a trophic principle in this regard Farmed swine graze, only to be consumed by humans.
However, we farm humans for our own consumption.
As top predators, we are gods amongst humanity.
Jack, you may dine.
We shall accumulate men of true depravity and conquer the world of man.
I shall rule almighty over the world, as a God amongst men! One Week Later For the past week, I've been learning to control Ripple energy from this enigmatic Italian, Barone Zeppeli, who agreed to help me defeat Dio.
His motivation? Jojo, let me share my motivation for pursuing the stone mask.
When I, Will A.
Zeppeli, encountered the stone mask, I was young, curious, and voyaging in pursuit of the unknown.
I joined my father's archaelogical exploration vessel and sailed around the world in search of artifacts.
That all changed when we reached the ancient Aztec ruins.
Is that when Yes.
And it was me, of all people, who unearthed the damned relic.
During our return voyage to Italy, someone, for some reason, wore the stone mask, and coaxed the spines into his skull.
A lust for blood consumed him, and he strode through the vessel, leaving naught but the dismembered bodies of the crew in his wake.
He slaughtered all 58 of the crew, his own friends.
I leapt into the ocean to escape him, and he swam after me as well! Wryyyyy! As dawn broke over the horizon I saw the face of the man responsible for the carnage.
It was The captain of the exploration vessel, my own father.
The vessel was carried away by the waves, with the stone mask still aboard.
I felt guilt.
Overwhelming guilt for any incident to follow the one that cost me my father.
I felt responsible, and required a means to destroy the stone mask It was soon after that I acquired the Art of Mystics.
Ripple energy is born from the bloodstream of humans, as opposed to the stone mask, which sucks up that essence.
The undead feed off the blood of the living, for the blood is the Ripple energy! By George! So the only way to upset the balance of blood is Yes! Vampires shall succumb to Ripple energy their bodies cannot sustain! And the Art of Mystics, from which the Ripple derives power, hails from the radiant light of the sun! Barone Zeppeli, please teach me the Art of Mystics! I shall overcome any obstacle you present me! Had you been unwilling, I would have forced you to learn, regardless.
Dio desires to be a God amongst men, and you're his greatest obstacle to that end.
Listen well.
Blood is involved in respiration.
In respiration, blood carries oxygen from your lungs, and that oxygen is then diffused into somatic cells.
Your somatic cells make up your body.
In short, if you can channel a ripple over water, you can also channel a ripple into the human body through respiration, thus, channeling Ripple energy! His fist extended a great length! But how did he do it?! That was my Zoom Punch.
I dislocated my shoulder to lengthen my reach.
The subsequent pain may be dampened by channeling Ripple energy.
But Jojo, you need to control your respiration to control Ripple energy.
Keep in mind, Ripple energy is extremely sensitive to emotions.
Sir! Hey! Mr.
Joestar! Speedwagon! We're going to Wind Knight's Road? Aye, and one of me blokes said he spotted Dio there.
He says that most of the villagers have disappeared, too.
We have little time to spare with training.
Jojo, you'll have to master Ripple respiration in combat.
Sir! I am ready and prepared to duel! As am I! There's the tunnel to Wind Knight's Road! Let us resolve all business before the sun sets.
I left Erina behind, without saying a word.
But I shall return to you, my love! What happened? Coachman! Why cease the coach?! Be careful! We're cut off from sunlight! Coachman Did Dio do this? I didn't see anyone else near us Boys, get away from those horses.
Wh-What in Hell's name is he?! He came out of the horse's corpse! Mr.
Joestar, that loony's a lunatic! The bugger's battier and more bizarre than Dio! Dio has created more undead allies, has he?! Boys, do step away.
I shall fight him.
We have a zombie here.
Devouring the flesh of the living granted him immortality and strength.
But in return, he was made a servant to Dio.
He is a puppet to Dio's desires.
I shall grant ye gents a grisly grave I desire faces of despair that I may gaze upon as I gouge your guts and bathe in your blood! Sing your ditties of despair for me, maggots! What will he do first? If I were him Listen to what I'm trying to teach you, Jojo.
Lesson one.
Imagine yourself as the foe in order to anticipate their next move.
If I were him, sealing the path to sunlight would be my first prerogative.
He cast the coach to crush the ceiling?! Speed, Speedwagon! Watch him! H-He has scalpels protruding from him! S-So that's how he skewered the horses! Ripple Ripper! My Ripple Rippers are sharper than scalpels.
Jojo, here's lesson two.
Do you know what a "flea" looks like? It's awful microscopic.
It does seek to pester humans quite often, si? May we label the nature of such actions as "courageous?" I don't believe they understand the concept.
Then what is "courage?" To know courage is to have known fear! One gains courage the moment they overcome fear! Fear destabilizes Ripple respiration! Were a man to conquer his fears, they would have undeterred respiration! Ripple respiration is born from courage! The Hymn of Humanity is the Concerto of Courage! The High of Humanity is the Cheer of Courage! No matter the durability of zombies, they are alike a flea and know naught of courage! Mystic Wave Kick! Ripple energy damages and decomposes the flesh of corpses.
It's like magic! He hasn't spilled a drop, neither! Jojo, complete your training.
Destroy the creature's brain with Ripple energy.
It's the only way to kill these vampires.
You confounded curs! I shall devour you! I shall dice you into dabs and dots! Are we pursuing the bloke?! Of course.
But only Jojo shall pursue him.
Kill the creature without spilling a drop of wine.
Jojo, here's lesson three.
They have a saying up in Norway.
"It was the great north winds that made the Vikings.
" I'm warning you, do not spill even a single drop.
Spill one drop, and I will leave your company even if you kill him! Godfather, are you going gaumless on us?! Silenzio, Speedwagon! Very well! "It was the great north winds that made the Vikings," aye? It's a maze in here The limited light is ineffective for searching him out in this darkness W-Wait, wouldn't this serve as a beacon?! I'll do away with the torch so he won't see the flame.
But I'm blind as a bat now! He could be anywhere! I smell it, I do The scent of his warm blood Lesson One: What would I do if I were him? Stalk my target.
Lesson Two: Conquer your fears, and courage will stabilize respiration.
Closer I'll bite into your neck and pull out your throat with me teeth! The frigid winds of the north bore Vikings with strengthened souls and hardened hearts.
It's a trial they must overcome with cunning, otherwise they freeze to death.
But will the wine evoke a Viking from Jojo? Jojo can't defeat Dio unless he passes this trial.
I-It's a ripple! So this is the great north wind! It detects his Ripple I can feel it from the glass, to my arm, through my body, and onto the floor! I can feel his lifeforce! This wine acts as a Ripple detector! My heart, resolute! My body, ablaze! I have you now, Vampire-zombie! I shall channel a ripple through the wall! Mystic Ripple Overdrive! Hurry up! I'll suck you dry! Jojo used the wine to detect him.
My boy, we have ourselves a Viking! I'll be the round about The words will make you out 'n' out I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley The muses dance and sing They make the children really ring I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time At last, we meet! I curse thine Tudors to follow! Can we survive this night?! I shall duel thee to the death! Dio, I shall annihilate your ambition! Episode The Knights of Night