JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e08 Episode Script

Bloody Battle! JoJo & Dio

1 Poco! Where the bloody Hell have you been all night?! P-Pappy I'm happy you're still my pappy, b-but where's Peggy? She went looking for your belated butt.
Peggy went out there, and hasn't come back?! Poco, what's got you on pins and needles? You're being bizarre.
Peggy! Peggy!!! Once, two shooting stars descended from Heaven Sora kobore ochita futatsu no hoshi ga and flew straight into an ocean of emotion.
Hikari to yami no minamo suikomareteyuku From their impact, a ripple of strife exploded! hikiauyouni takanaru hamon hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, while the other strove for unbound ambition yabou no hate wo mezasu mono ni no matter the cost.
ikenie wo furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku The star of the Sun, unwavering, burning with vigor, radiates a courageous flame sono te kara hanate kodou engulfing its entire being! karada minagiru yuuki de Both stars ready to collide mayoi naki kakugo ni gassai wo sono chi no sadame jojo For it's in the blood of all JoJos! Episode Jojo & Dio's Battle of Blood Take for instance the ripeness of this very rose.
If I had to guess, you'd be as rosy as the rose I hold.
Let us now move onto maturation, Mademoiselle.
When this bloom blossoms, only withering would await.
Wouldn't that just be a terrible waste? She is a sweet lass of 16! A vestal virgin, in fact! Lord Dio, would you not die to dine on a lass as sweet and succulent as she? An undisciplined dog deserves naught but death.
Well, Madomoiselle? Won't you make a choice? Wouldn't you want to stay 16 for all eternity? You won't be beguiled into keeping my company, either.
I just want you to determine your own destiny.
Demon Louder, Madamoiselle.
Y-You are demon, condemned to damnation for all eternity! Well then, while I find it regrettably regrettable to leave your company so soon, a parting gift.
This is Doobie the Demon.
If you'd rather deal with a real demon, then deal with Doobie.
Au revoir, Mademoiselle.
Wh-Who threw that?! Who knows.
I could tell you, but my name needn't grace the ears of evil! Peggy! Poco! We got his face, we did! What manner of sorcery subsides in that sack? Wh-What's in there Th-That zombie snuck snakes into his skull! He's got toxic cobras and other vicious serpents! Lost for words? Mr.
Jojo's been bitten by the toxic snakes! S-Several of them, too! Gee whillikers I have no time to deal with Dio's demons! Well done.
He purged the poison.
He's done well to control his Ripple respiration within a single week.
It's the late barone's lifeforce that lifted Mr.
Joestar's powers! Watch, as I spin the blood of your snakes with a small Ripple! Peggy! Poco?! Peggy! I've returned from the fortress for you, Dio.
So you survived, Jojo.
It seems your survival stemmed from defeating both Bruford and Tarkus.
Lord Dio! Allow us the honor of beheading this human! Let my fangs fill this fool with holes! Dio! No.
This foe This foe is mine to fall! I shall speak straight, Jojo.
I never wanted to subject you to servitude.
I never wanted my best chum, my brother, to be zombified, for there is no gratification to be had from it.
Ergo, I left your supposed demise to Bruford and Tarkus.
But that obviously ended in error.
As a God, I cannot afford the liability of seeing you alive any longer! So now, I shall swing the scythe of slaughter! As shall I! I shall bring the axe upon your head, Dio! We'll get to it, Jojo But whatever happened to that idiotic Italian of yours? Where is he? Dio, I shall be direct with you.
It's unbecoming of a gentlemen to swear vengeance, but to be ever so straight, I, Jonathan Joestar, would want nothing more than to eliminate your evil existence! Then do it, Jojo! Then do it, Jojo! Mr.
Dire? Stand aside, Jojo.
The one with seniority shall be the first to avenge his friend.
Zeppeli and I were fellow disciples and friends for 20 years! For vengeance, vampire! I shall cast you into the very depths of Hell! Desist! You know too little of his skills and strength! Fascinating footwork.
Perhaps the limits of human potential may be expanded to attain drift through discipline.
However, your discipline pales in comparison to the deification I've earned this day! Wryyyyyyy!!! Dare you defeat me with such lackluster legerity?! I have you now, fool! Lightning Pincer Lunge! Incredible! Mr.
Dire can deflect any attack and drive through with the that lunge! It's a crafty charge! None have broken through Dire's drive! Ice! It's absolutely useless! I-I'm frozen stiff! The Freezing Finger! The vampire vaporizes moisture on contact, causing the body to freeze from heat loss! Once frozen, your blood stops flowing and you can't channel any Ripple! A-And the bastard has become better at this.
He froze Dire's whole body on contact! Y-You cur! Brittle in the britches, are we?! Buffoon, were you beguiled into the belief of my defeat?! You've ventured here for a brutal death, aye?! Then you shall have a most brutal death! D-Dire! Don't do it! Jojo, you're next in line for the trip to Hell! Dire! Did you enjoy the prick of a Ripple Rose? Dire!!! Mr.
Dire! H-How dare you How dare you foil my fair face! Mr.
Dire Speedwagon! Here! Dio! Mr.
Dire has shown me the sole solution to slashing your Frozen Fingers off! And I shall demonstrate my design of your defeat! I shall behead you with the Rippled blade of Bruford, Luck & Pluck! Fortune Courage Fortune Fortune Courage Fortune Courage Fortune Courage Fortune Courage Courage Fortune The flower is fouler than the feces of frogs That accursed Ripple Rose harmed my fair face! Big are your bollocks, aye?! Then may they be burst by my bands of undead beasts! Make those blue faces bloody, my beasts! And the stinky shitter of a devil makes a stunning return! His gentlemanly facade and has all but faded away! Nothing can cloak the stench of a shitter! His first taste of a true Ripple's been a bitter one to swallow! I, Straits, shall spare you no mercy! I am Page! Jones! Plant! Bonham! Fool in the Rain! The sap of a rose is its lifeblood, and the Ripple may only be channeled through the lifeblood of the living.
However, when the Ripple is channeled through metal, it conducts and disperses the energy.
The horde of the hungry huddle to us.
We shall suppress their stomachs.
From what I know already, the shitter has the dashing legs of a leopard! But with the powers of Barone Zeppeli, Mr.
Joestar may dash Dio's speed! And yet, the shitter's strongman strength may rend through both bone and flesh with ease! Who will win? The first clash should show the victor! I shall strangle you into an eternal silence! I permanently purify your putrid passions! When did he hide these roses?! Die, Dio! Well done! He's dashing at Dio from the right, where his eye's been blinded! C-Curses! Jojo's grown judicious from his jams! H-He dashed Dio! At last, Dio is defeated! Bollocks! You bloody buffoons! T-The sword is frozen! And how brittle it is! Wryyyyy! Now, I may enslave you as my loyal servant! I can feel your carotid artery pulsing between my fingers, Jojo! The warmth of this artery feels rather pleasant, it does.
T-Take this! He's frozen my foot in frost! An utterly useless attempt! Enough of this foolishness, Jojo! You try anything again, and I'll sever your delicate carotid artery! If I so much as nick it, my vampiric essence shall enter your bloodstream and transform you! I-I have to help him! My minions! Stall those damned dancers for a duration! The hungry continue to huddle to us! We cannot help him as we are! Well Jojo, I'll have to hurt your artery in order to make you my loyal servant! You haven't defeated me yet, Dio, because you've made another error! Unlikely! Oh, but you failed to freeze my whole body for the sake of sucking my blood! If you had frozen my whole body, I would've be powerless to fight, but you wouldn't have been able to suck my blood, either! Your failure to prioritize your objectives was your error! He's scorching the sword! Curses! The flames thaw frost faster than heat dissipation through vaporization! He'll channel a Ripple through the sword! Sunlight Yellow Overdrive! Take this! He defeated Dio! Swerve, Speedwagon.
As Dio still stands, the Ripple failed to be channeled.
My arm My arm is frozen again! How could it freeze by contacting his face?! You were far too eager to exert some steam, Jojo! I shall commend you for your craft and cunning.
I shall also commend you for using the flame to thaw the frost.
But Jojo, my Frozen Fingers shall never be defeated.
Contacting my body will freeze your arm, while another two seconds would freeze your whole body.
He's purged himself of the vampiric essence! Mr.
Joestar hasn't given up hope! Why do you take so tense a stance? Why do you even bother? I told you that the apex of human potential is limited, did I not? No matter what skills you've gained through the Ripple, it's absolutely, positively, ultimately, undeniably useless against me! A human could never ascend a God! And in terms of animals, Jojo, you are nothing more than a monkey to me! You're wrong! So long as I am devoted, the apex of human potential is unlimited! I demonstrate the result of said devotion! You won't have the time! I shall enslave you within moments! His hand! His hand burns! His fist is aflame! He could thaw the Frozen Fingers with fire! Who shall prevail in this predicament?! Duel me, Dio! Wryyyyyyyyyyyy! H-His hand's been caught! No! His fists followed through! M-M-My beautiful body melts! T-This flaming pain is unlike any other! I was supposed to live for centuries to come! I Dio finally bites the dust! and I alone He condensed his blood into a beam of light?! It would've taken my head off if it strayed a few centimetres to the right! Th-That was close! As he passes in pain, he commits one final act of evil before succumbing to silence.
Dio's dropping down into the depths below! Dio Mr.
Jojo! He's exhausted.
The day of death, night of knights, and morn of mourning have taken its toll.
Why does he weep for the death of that demon? Because he shared his youth, together with Dio.
But I'm glad he's gone! Behold, Barone Zeppeli! We beat him! Mr.
Joestar beat him bloody! At last, Dio is defeated! I might be mad to say this, but I daresay that we've saved the world! I'll be the roundabout The words will make you out 'n' out We spend the day your way Call it morning driving thru the sound and In and out the valley Eh! In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see You Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time It's about time he got hitched! I'm shedding tears of joy.
L-Leave me! I would rather die with you.
There's my new body.
The Ripple of Rest Episode