JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e09 Episode Script

The Final Ripple!

1 M-Move, my mangled arm! Before the wretched Ripple splits my skull move for me! Lord Dio! He requires a new body On December 04, 1888, an excerpt from London Press followed as thus: "On December 01, 73 residents of Wind Knight's Lot total 452 went missing within in the span of a single night.
Scotland Yard's investigation proceeds, with only a single statement from a witness to that night.
" "Four foreign blokes burned a gent's garbs near the chasm of a cliff.
Afterwards, one of the blokes broke a mysterious mask with a maul.
" A smashing stroke, indeed! Sora kobore ochita futatsu no hoshi ga Once, two shooting stars descended from Heaven Hikari to yami no minamo suikomareteyuku and flew straight into an ocean of emotion.
hikiauyouni takanaru hamon From their impact, a ripple of strife exploded! One lead the path of pride under guidance from the Sun, hokori no michi wo yukumono ni taiyou no michibiki wo yabou no hate wo mezasu mono ni while the other strove for unbound ambition no matter the cost.
ikenie wo The star of the Sun, unwavering, burning with vigor, furueru hodo kokoro moetsukiru hodo atsuku sono te kara hanate kodou radiates a courageous flame engulfing its entire being! karada minagiru yuuki de Both stars ready to collide mayoi naki kakugo ni gassai wo sono chi no sadame jojo For it's in the blood of all JoJos! Episode The Ripple of Rest "The heir to the Joestar Estate, Mr.
Jonathan Joestar, wed the daughter of the Pendleton's, Ms.
Erina Pendleton!" They'll have their honeymoon in America, eh? Crikey! I'll miss their boat! They'll be sailing soon! Ahoy! Over here, Mr.
Speedwagon! You were minutes from missing them! I know I'm late, lad! Where are they now? They went aboard already.
They're set to sail soon.
Soon?! Where can I see 'em from?! Father Styx.
We pray your mission in Mexico will be a miraculous one.
As do I, Father.
Joestar! Where are you?! Yer blockin' me, bloke! Whatever could be inside this cumbersome coffin?! Bollocks if you ask me! Last night, a creepy Chinaman hired us to have this heft heaved aboard! Wryyy Boys I-I think I heard a hiss from within Stow the gab and haul it, Harry! Our coin's kaput if it's not aboard! Are those lousy longshoremen blind?! Mr.
Speedwagon! They're over there! Hail! Mr.
Joestar! The hulking hunk's finally hitched.
May your marriage be filled with merry! Speedwagon will always speed swiftly to your side whenever necessary, Mr.
But, I wouldn't want to roll over your romance.
Joestar! I wish you a jovial journey! Atlantic Ocean - American Passage The poor bird's one wing won't work It's fallen from the flock Erina, what's wrong? Why are you weeping? I'm shedding tears of joy, because we're together now.
I've got the gentleman who further wrought the wrath of bullies by displaying a handkerchief with his proud name, Jonathan Joestar.
I couldn't ask for anything more.
Neither could I.
I've married the miss who bandaged and embraced me with her warmth, while I was enveloped in a frigid darkness, Erina.
I'm pleased to have protected the world that you know and love.
If only Father could have met you Erina, let's go to dinner.
Jonathan-! I-I was trying to warn you I wish our happiness would be eternal Christ, it fell in the engine room! Of all the filthy fields it could've fallen into I could curse the clergy for all I care, but the rosary is my only resource.
O God in Heaven Why do you keep sending me to these Godforsaken places? I couldn't.
I've never indulged before.
Indulge a little.
A sip shall suffice.
It's rather light, so sip some.
A-Aren't you Jonathan? Could it be It couldn't! Dio still lives? Erina, return to our cabin! And lock the door behind you! This is a peculiar coffin The pad is unlocked.
It's a bit bizarre, in fact.
I can see the coffin's clasp shimmer from within But wouldn't that mean that this coffin could only be opened from inside?! Halt! Aren't you There's my beautiful body.
D-Dio! Jonathan seemed quite jarred Something's off! Look at what I've become, Jojo.
I wanted you to see what became of a God.
And why do I degrade my dignity by displaying my head? Even though you've thwarted my plans, time and time again, you've earned my respect.
I commend your courage, envy your vigor, and respect your resilience.
And it's dawned upon me Dio Jojo Were it not for you, I would've never been bestowed the blessings of the stone mask.
But were it also not for you, I would've ruled the world by now.
If there is a God, and if He does facilitate fates, then I can only conclude that He purposely twisted ours to each other.
I've realized that without you, I am incomplete.
Therein, your body is the only one that would make me whole again, and with it, my eternal existence shall be an ecstatic one! That is the destiny of Dio Brando! I shall be swift with the stroke, as my respect for my revered rival requires it! H-His eyes! T-They glow! Your body shall be mine to have, Jojo! Jonathan! J-Jonathan! Erina! Now why would you do that? If you hadn't moved, I could've blasted through your brain.
You wouldn't have to suffer as much as you do now.
We've gone from dining in a hall to dining in Hell.
The sight of the unsightly has left the lady speechless, has it? Jojo never did tell you the tales of my deeds, did he? I may be but a head, but surely, you recall your first kiss Erina Pendleton? My mistake.
Erina Joestar, is it not? Dio?! The boat's been beset by beasts! As per your instruction, I infected one passenger, who went on to infect others for the horde! And you shall have an even greater horde once we've reached America.
I can't speak I can't even breathe I must breathe Erina Erina! I shall save you! I can't channel a Ripple! Behold, Lord Dio! The accursed cur can't even breathe! If he can't breathe, the Ripple is useless to him! Shall I smother out what life he has remaining now, in return for humiliating you, Lord Dio? Or perhaps we should watch him writhe in agony? Asphyxiation should only last a few more minutes.
Watch your tongue, Wang Chung.
Do not disrespect Jojo.
He was the only human who forced me to survive as a head.
Out of respect, I don't to prolong his suffering any longer, so go, and sever the sod's head! As you wish, Lord Dio.
His beautiful body shall become my beautiful break! Jonathan! Be wary of his movements! Withdraw, Wang! He's bound to try something before succumbing! What's there to be wary about?! Lord Dio respect for this cur has left him too cautious! I shall scoop out your skull with my claws you stupid simpleton! I shall save Erina I have one breath to give One faint, yet final Ripple to channel I shall unleash every ounce of my Ripple energy! It shall suffice! W-Withdraw now, Wang Chung! I-I've lost something As if that something has all but vanished But what could it be? Curses! I-It was my lifeforce I channeled it all into my final Ripple I-It was too weak to destroy that zombie, but I've made use of him.
I-Impossible! Jojo must've done something to Wang Chung's body! The Ripple didn't destroy his body, but controlled his body's tissue instead! Wang Chung's body is ordered to halt that shaft.
A-And that shaft he's stopping is the ship's paddle-wheel propeller shaft! A zombie's strength is sufficient enough to stop the shaft, and if the shaft is stopped, the steam in the pistons remain trapped, causing pressure to increase from within! If that pressure causes the piston walls to rupture, the ship will explode! Jonathan! How could this be? How could this happen to you? How? E-Escape, Erina T-This ship's set to explode I have no idea how things came to be this way and equally, I don't know whether I should cry, scream, or faint.
I'm at an utter loss.
But I can do one thing.
I, Erina Joestar, will accompany you in death.
I can feel the warmth fade from his lips Why, oh why? I can feel his life slipping away.
My beloved Jonathan Joestar will die But if we can be together in death, let this embrace last.
When the ship explodes, everything will be set ablaze and our ashes will be scattered into the sea.
Weep as you will, but I need you to live on, my love You're so selfish! How could you ask me to save the babe and myself?! I can't be the one to do it! My only desire is to die together with you! As that babe's mother died in its stead my mother did the same for me! Take the babe and escape! You never cease to amaze me with your cunning, Jojo! Even in death, you manage to lead my ambitions askew! But I've learned from your cunning and resilience! I shall survive! My existence shall be eternal, and your body shall ensure that eternity! My minions! Chow down on Wang Chung! Remove his arms and make that shaft spin! It's too late for that Jonathan! The pistons have begun exploding! But I won't be blown away by this boat or the blasted sun! I've made prior preparations in the case of an explosion! Erina, get a good look at your gent! Jojo's utterly defenseless against my domination, and I shall have his body within moments! Once I've finished, I shall make my escape in that coffin! It may withstand the explosive force of several bombs! I call my personal bomb shelter! Now die, Jojo! At last, I shall have my beautiful body for centuries to come! Jonathan! Dio Maybe we really are incomplete without each other.
We are bizarre brothers, you and I.
And now, our fate shall be shared together in death, with the explosion to scatter our ashes.
Farewell, my love Erina Unhand me, Jojo! Let me go and we'll think this through, together! I shall allow your existence to be eternal as well! I shall seal your stings, and you can live with Erina for all eternity, Jojo! Jojo?! H-He's dead.
February 07, 1888 Jonathan Joestar passes away Jonathan Joestar lost his life on that voyage, and nobody would ever know of the events that transpired aboard that ship.
None would ever learn of his brave exploits or his life as a gentleman, save for his descendants.
However, I was certain that the child within my womb, his child, would learn of them from me.
On February 09, Erina Joestar was rescued near the Canary Islands.
At long last, a chapter in the Stone Mask Epic came to a conclusion.
But soon, another chapter, another adventure, would be etched into the Stone Mask Epic.
JOJO's Phantom Blood End Bizarre Adventure I'll be the round about The words will make you out 'n' out I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley The muses dance and sing They make the children really ring I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time The year was 1938 Long has it been, Mr.
How did you know about my knuckle knife?! Get rid of him! The name's Joseph Joestar, but call me Jojo.
Episode Joseph the Yank