JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e14 Episode Script

Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times

1 The Grit of Gallantry Episode 15 Rome What the blazes could this be?! Does this hotel serve its guests spaghetti drenched in dreck ink?! Of course not, Signor.
This is spaghetti al nero di seppia, spaghetti cooked in fresh squid ink.
Squid ink? È squisito.
Delish! It is exquisite! Scrummy! This hotel's standards have lowered, as they've allowed animals to dine inside now.
I have a gift for you.
It's lovely! I'd love for you to remember me with this, every night before you go to bed.
Oh no! What a snob! How could he say that with a straight face?! His jazz is giving me jaw the jitters! Oh, but before you take it it needs some pizazz.
Magic, to make our love last forever.
Lordy, do I loathe louts like him! And while we're at it, let's seal the deal with a kiss.
Show-off! That snob's trying to rile me up with his spoonery! That's it! I will ruin him with the Ripple.
When it strikes, the squid ink will stay waterproof for a while.
Wha-?! D-Did he use the Ripple?! He did! Mi scusi.
You have a call from a Signor Speedwagon, Signorino Caesar Zeppeli.
Mamma mia.
I'll answer it.
W-Wait! So the Caesar Zeppeli we flew all the way here to meet is that snobbish Casanova?! Shijima no soko kara Once, four folks from the fires of Hell awoke from their pillars after eons of eternal slumber.
mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe Shinku no chishio ga Their ambition for power assembled the blood of a few bombastic braves.
tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara But one brave, whose fate was bound in his blood, hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo shot a sly smirk at his destined demise.
He would deceive the darkness and dodge the danger! Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite He would exploit the flaws of the foes he faced! Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku And his memory would live on for all posterity! He's like a bloody stream! Atsuku like a bloody storm He's blazing like a bloody stream ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni But would he be free of the cursed fate of his family? Who can say, but the bonds of these braves Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna nigirishimete will never be buried.
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I had no idea he was into Accel World Episode The Omnipotent Warriors of Yore The Speedwagon Foundation was founded in 1910, shortly after its founder amassed a fortune from finding and refining crude oil.
The Speedwagon Foundation - Washington D.
Headquarters The Foundation's public purpose was the provision of "benefits in kind" to workers in Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, Archaeology, and a substantial number of other academic fields.
The Foundation's true purpose was uncovering the mysteries of the Stone Mask! The subject is being exposed to ultraviolet light.
Please put on this mask.
Send in the snake! The snake's been absorbed! Santana still lives! Absorbing organisms within his proximity is his defense mechanism! Without exposure to UV rays, he would regain mobility.
Inconceivable! How can this creature be killed?! What steps can be taken against an immortal organism that devours even vampires?! Do not be too concerned, Mr.
So long as we keep Santana exposed to our artificial UV rays, he won't regain mobility.
Indeed, he won't! That's one less thing for us to worry about.
With time on our side, we'll be able to complete a thorough analysis for any susceptibilities.
This photograph was taken in the cavernous ruins from which Santana was excavated.
Look closely.
They each have horns of various shapes protruding from their skulls! If the subject at the very bottom is a depiction of Santana, who could these three be?! According to the late Major, the Third Reich has discovered these remaining three subjects in the catacombs of Rome.
Those Krauts! From the positioning of the Pillar Men in this mural, it may be depicting an inherent form of social stratification.
Jojo and I will follow the last lead of the late Major, and fly to Rome to meet a Ripple user.
That Ripple user is the grandson of the Will A.
Zeppeli Caesar Zeppeli! Say Signora, from where do you hail? Come to watch the water, have you? Would you like your picture taken with it? The pigeons of Rome are rather receptive to rubbernecks, though I can't say the same for Casanova over there! Come now, boys! I've made the introductions, so at least give each other a proper greeting! Signor Speedwagon, I'd like to make one thing clear.
In 1888, upon the death of my grandfather, my father willingly devoted his life to uncovering the mysteries of the Stone Mask! In Italy, the charge of a father becomes his childrens'! I have devoted myself as he, for an honorable charge it be! But what of his charge?! Until three months ago, he hadn't a single clue of his grandfather's past! I have no respect for a man who doesn't care for his clan! Say that again! Say it, and I'll make you regret it! Caesar, you're mistaken.
I was the one who kept everything about his grandfather a secret from him.
Then that matter is settled.
You piqued my interest when you said that he defeated both Straits and a Man in the Pillar, and so I waited in the hotel's ristorante to judge him for myself.
After witnessing his Ripple powers, I was disappointed to say the least.
His powers lack potency! I'm willing to bet that the Man in the Pillar tripped into the well! You-! I refuse to lend a hand to this flaccid frocio! The only reason he lacks control is because he's not formally-! The time for talk is over, Great-Uncle.
I'm gonna cream this queenie here.
Your Ripple powers aren't even potent enough to overpower this woman.
In that case, I'd wager that yours couldn't curb these birds! You're irking me, Eyetie! I love irking others, but I can't stand being irked! Y-You've manipulated the lady with a Rippled Kiss?! Mi ripeto.
Your powers aren't potent enough to overpower that woman.
Sh-Should I intervene? No.
It's a trying test, but if he cannot overcome this trial, he'll never learn.
You proved my point.
Because of your grandfather's incompetence, William A.
Zeppeli met an unfortunate end! I refuse to keep the company of any Joestar! Caesar, that's enough! Th-That's it You can irk me all you like, but I won't let you besmirch the memory of my grandfather! I have a technique that can kill the Pillar Men! A breathtaking technique! The Ripple Bubble Blaster! I have concealed in my gloves and guise devices for dispensing specialized soap bubbles! Fly back to the zoo from whence you came, you filthy animal! I can't-! I'll commend you for keeping conscious, but your feeble Ripple powers won't burst my bubbles.
I've noticed that your respiration is in disarray now.
Asphyxiate for all I care! Now you'll say, "Signorina, I'll undo my magical Ripple now.
" Signorina, I'll undo my magical Ripple now.
When you had her choke me, I snuck a Rippled dove down her throat.
I knew you couldn't resist kissing her to undo your Rippled Kiss, Casanova! I repeat.
I knew your Ripple powers couldn't curb those birds! For chrissakes What is this queenie's contention? What kind of obnoxious twat needs to prance their rear into a rocker? This eyetie irks me to no end.
The mook's mocking me just because he has that unique technique.
I guess I'll have to make up my own.
Oh, but the required effort on my behalf doesn't warrant it.
I'll show him who's King 'round here, with my card technique! What's the meaning of this, Jojo? Deal the cards straight.
They are straight.
Looks pretty crooked to me.
You won't sneak any cheat by me! W-Well whaddya know? The cat's outta the bag.
Not surprising though, since the only way you could ever beat me is by cheating.
Then would you care to explain the shiny polish of your shoe, cheater? Got a problem, wildman?! I do indeed, Eyetie! Caesar! Do tell me what we've been sitting here, waiting eight whole hours for.
What are we waiting for? Our escort, of course! Hey, that's one of Third Reich's Jerries! We're clear to go.
The Third Reich has the catacombs placed under heavy surveillance.
He's our ride inside.
He is?! Germany and Italy share an alliance, and the Third Reich's dying to make scientific sense of my Ripple powers.
And the only reason they've allowed you two Englishmen entryway into the catacombs was because I practically begged them to let you see the Pillar Men.
Herr Speedwagon.
We require the intelligence you possess.
Before they awaken, we need your help to discover any susceptibilities they may have.
Say Mark, how fares your sweetheart back in Germany? F-Funny you should mention her When I return home next week, we're going to get married! You are?! Mamma mia! Congratulazioni! Y'know, I was the one who taught Mark how to find this girl through flirting, sì? Great, but could you watch where you're driving?! Get your bloody chin off of the steering wheel already! On that note, Jojo, you wouldn't happen to have a sweetheart, would you? I doubt you would.
What kind of girl would want a wildman like you? You'd have better luck locating Nessie than finding yourself a sweetheart! Clam it, Casanova! You're really irking on me nerves! I need to come up with my own Ripple technique to prove my prowess! There's something amiss, ja? Wh-What's with that hole?! Keep calm! They're trapped under UV ray exposure and cannot move! Analyze the cavity, but proceed with the utmost caution! Jawohl! The sacrifice of Sturmbannführer Stroheim and his squad have taught us to be cautious with Pillar Men.
Once we've excavated the subjects from these catacombs, we'll have them sealed in a bunker in das Vaterland.
How did this cavity appear? There's not enough light to see inside.
Try looking in there.
I-I can hear something A horn! Th-The subject couldn't have awakened! Set the radiation output on those lights to maximal! Jawohl! I-It's blocked the UV lights with a mix of blood and bodily fluids! I pondered the state of Man's strength after two millenia of slumber but dependence upon such lackluster luminance imply declination.
I-It speaks! The lucent tools of Teutons mayn't withhold the will of Wham! Our hands are joined! Whammo! Awaken, my masters! So, la Bocca della Verità leads to the catacombs containing the Pillar Men! Overwhelming is this ghastly ambiance Caesar, have you ever tried channeling Ripple energy through those monsters? The Ripple is only effective against living matter, and therefore, has very little effect against their bodies while petrified.
In order for the Ripple to have any effect, they'd have to awaken.
I thought you said there was heavy surveillance! Looks pretty empty around these parts! It's too quiet, I tell you! Then why don't you keep it quiet? H-He's right.
The SS of the Third Reich are nowhere in sight.
For certain? Hey, I think I just stepped on something! The sound of it was something quite atrocious! What in the Hell is this?! Th-These are Skins of the SS! Th-They've been exterminated! It can't be! Jerry, get your silly keister back here! Th-There's something over there! Bloody Hell! Good Heavens! Th-They're already awake! Run Mark, run! Mark!!! Mark?! Caesar save me! Mark! They didn't pay us any heed! From their lack of reaction and the way that their man just devoured this poor Jerry they disregard human life in the same manner that we do when stepping on ants! The world beyond is enshrouded in darkness, is it not? It is, Master Khars.
What is the will of my masters? We shall seize the eve and seek out the Red Stone of Aja.
Once we find it, we will insert it into this impression, and the Stone Mask shall be supreme.
Be that as it may, Master Esidisi, human civilization has greatly evolved since we were last awake.
It was rumored that the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar, possessed the Red Stone of Aja, but neither he nor his empire may be remaining in this era.
Then we must seek the current whereabouts of the Red Stone of Aja.
The prized possession of the Roman Emperor mayn't go unnoticed nor unheard by his subjects, the populace.
I shall seek and procure the Red Stone of Aja.
All in good time.
For the moment, let us ascend these depths and observe the state of human civilization.
Wham! How dare you strike at your superior! Enough, Esidisi! A thousand pardons, Master Khars! You always did detest the act of having your shadow tread upon, and I had perished the thought of the conditioned consequences.
Two millenia have passed since our slumber.
I've wronged my master and his retribution be just! Deliver upon me the justice that is due! I wouldn't dare maim my loyal servant.
Rather, I require that your conditioned reflexes remain, for my own sake.
It was I who wronged you by treading upon your shadow.
Forgive me, Wham.
Master Khars Come, Wham.
Aiens! Caesar! Kill me! Kill me, now! Mark! Th-The pain is returning to me! It hurts! The pain is starting to overwhelm the numbness from shock I beg of you to kill me, Caesar! Mark! I-I can't help him! I can't do a damn thing for the guy! I can't help but feel gut-wrenching guilt right now! C-Caesar You Grazie, Caesar Mark! Mark was a normal man A normal man who gave everything for his family, his sweetheart, and his country.
He was a normal, hardworking man who was devoted to his duty He was just a normal man! Caesar! Jojo, this quarrel doesn't concern you! I will avenge him! For my own sanity, I have to avenge him! Along the drifting cloud the eagle searching Down on the land Catching the swirling wind the sailor sees The rim of the land The eagle's dancing wings create as weather Spins out of hand Go closer hold the land feel partly no more Than grains of sand We stand to lose all time a thousand answers By in our hand Next to your deeper fears we stand Surrounded by million years I'll be the roundabout The words will make you out 'n' out I'll be the roundabout The words will make you out 'n' out Next Time Be a bit more sporting, why dont'cha? I told you to proceed.
He's a scumbag! The clan of Mystics Taste the God's Grain Gale! Episode The Grit of Gallantry