JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e15 Episode Script

A Hero's Proof

1 You damned Pillar Men! Face me! Taste my breathtaking Bubble Blaster! Shijima no soko kara Once, four folks from the fires of Hell awoke from their pillars after eons of eternal slumber.
mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe Shinku no chishio ga Their ambition for power assembled the blood of a few bombastic braves.
tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru But one brave, whose fate was bound in his blood, Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara shot a sly smirk at his destined demise.
hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo He would deceive the darkness and dodge the danger! Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke He would exploit the flaws of the foes he faced! And his memory would live on for all posterity! Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku He's like a bloody stream! He's blazing like a bloody stream Atsuku like a bloody stream But would he be free of the cursed fate of his family? ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna Who can say, but the bonds of these braves nigirishimete will never be buried.
The Grit of Gallantry Episode C-Could this power be They do work! I really hate to admit it, but Caesar's bubbles do pack a punch! You're surrounded and trapped by my bubbles now! I'll keep the bubble barrier up until you all burst! H-He burst your bubbles Your Bubble Blaster! He didn't burst them by making contact with the braids on his circlet, either.
The wind he made from waving those braids burst my bubbles! So his circlet protects him from any Ripple energy! They understand the Art of Mystics doctrines! They must've made contact with Ripple users over two-thousand years ago! Wh-What is this force that surrounds these three?! Caesar, get down now! I-I'm bleeding? Close your eyes! He didn't just create wind! He created waves of miniature whirlwind projectiles! Caesar! The Mystics survived The descendants of those meddling mystics we annihilated two millenia ago waited in these very catacombs for our awakening? One cut or two to my face shall not assuage my anger! I shall have vengeance, even if it costs me both eyes! Wh-Why do you scoff at me so?! The Mystics always spoke similar as you.
In fact, every Mystic we encountered during our search for the Red Stone of Aja spoke similar as you.
"I will kill you, even if it costs my arms and eyes.
" "I shall have vengeance for the death of my companion!" We scoff at your simplicity.
V-Vaffanculo! Let us begin our search for the Red Stone of Aja.
H-Halt! Halt, you cowards! The susceptibilities of all Mystics reside in both their throat and lungs! Without respiration, your Ripple powers would be rendered useless.
I speak the Wise Words of Wham to all challengers.
"Challenge me when you're stalwart in spirit and sound in strength.
" The second time you do, I will respect the strength that you've worked to obtain, and honor your dedication with decapitation.
The whelp is without other Mystic companions.
Then let us be off.
Over here, bozos.
I'm a Mystic you've overlooked.
Only your eyelid's been nicked bad.
Your eyeball's all right, Eyetie.
That was breathtaking all right.
Your technique got beat, so have yourself a seat.
I'll whack these wackos for you.
Jojo! It's about time I unveil my very own incredible, indisputable, inscrutable Ripple technique.
Your what?! I suppose an introduction's due.
The name's Joseph Joestar, the man who busted one of your own boys into a bust.
I call these my Ripple Bolas.
First, I'll start by channeling Ripple energy into 'em.
Oh no! Jojo, are you daft?! Why would you horse around now, of all times?! Get a clue, culo! I'm trying to avenge my friend here! So am I, Eyetie.
I'm pretty tiffed about your friend's death, too.
I'm fuming, in fact.
But it's the arrogance of these arseholes that really takes the cake! I want you blokes to watch real carefully! Be mystified by my Ripple Bolas! I hate to admit it, but my Ripple powers do lack potency! But all I have to do is channel Ripple energy through these big bolas here! This combination makes up for my lack of potency! Ingenious, if I do say so myself! Give it a whirl! Let's leave.
Compared to the men of yore, the present race of Man must've undergone devolution.
Devolution, Master? Indeed.
Jojo, are you even trying?! Tossing a pair of steel balls won't do much! Jojo might actually be making an earnest effort to duel them! But this tactic would only work on the ogres of Ogre Street! Jojo's nothing more than a sideshow attraction to the Pillar Men! He's entertaining them with his antics! Goddammit! Belittle me, will you?! Don't walk away, Wack! I'll bash you from behind! I advise against it.
The lifespan of a human is short enough already.
Enjoy what time you have left on this Earth.
You don't say! I ate some squid ink spaghetti that looked pretty unappetizing, but it turned out to be very flavorful! Your opinion only matters after you've had a taste of my Ripple Bolas! His bolas have disappeared! I've been working on the railroad All the live-long day! Th-Those are So, do you get it yet? I'll bet you haven't.
Then I suppose I'll just have to show you! How could he strike so impossible a pose?! He's swerving faster than Santana ever did! And Jojo tossed away his bolas before he could even hit him! I'll commend you for your whimsical use of weaponry.
You've caught my intrigue.
I shall award you one minute.
One whole minute.
That's all the time you'll have to duel me.
Jojo! I've severed the veins in your wrist! You'll have to repair your blood vessels soon, but you need to decide how best to spend your minute, or else you will die from desanguination.
The fight for your life has begun! I shall share the Wise Words of Wham once more.
"Time is of the essence And your essence is our timer.
" We shall await above, Wham.
Whelp, go and retrieve your steel balls.
What's that? Did I hear you right? "Retrieve my balls?" "Retrieve my bloody balls?!" Quite the contrary.
My balls require no retrieval, whatsoever.
I call it my Bolas Boomerang! The fight for your life will be over in a minute! Allow me to honor the absurdity of your arrogance towards mankind with a good bludgeoning! I'll channel Ripple energy into your body afterwards! Very well.
Strike at me more.
Know that you have the honor of being the first human to ever foul my face.
An honor that I grant unto you, before your inevitable death! No human's ever mucked up your mug before?! Time to change that! Your arrogance brought upon my anger from your ignorance of poor Mark's demise! I think it's time you learned something called "humility!" Something's wrong! I don't think his arm's welling up from the pain! Wh-What'cha got going on there, Wham? You were wise to be hesitant in your advance.
I've allowed for your barrage to serve as discipline, as a warning against future negligence.
But the duration for discipline has now elapsed.
Jojo, channel the Ripple into him already! Savor my Sacred Sandstorm! C-Cor blimey! Wham dislocates his left arm and revolves it clockwise, and also dislocates his right arm, revolving it counterclockwise! Jojo's jocular genius was jarred into jam after witnessing the incredible rotary force of Wham's giant fists! The destructive force of Wham's revolving fists created a violent vortex in between, manifesting what appeared to be a sphere of sandstorms! H-He's contorting this massive marble pillar like a wet rag being wrung! His powers are nothing short of supernatural! Jojo! Thus, is my Sacred Sandstorm.
J-Jojo! S-Stay here! You need to split, Signor Speedwagon.
I'll do what I can to keep him here! The blood of my brow obstructed my accuracy, but he did not escape to the posterior of the pillar without being severely wounded.
He has perished.
Although I needn't bother with these infants, the very fact that they witnessed my bludgeoning necessitates their deaths.
Make your peace.
I-Is he trying to! The audacity of him! He's trying to escape! How could he resort to playing dead?! Myself aside, how dare he leave Signor Speedwagon to this thing's mercy?! That scumbag! That wack really packs a whammy of a wallop! My respiration's a mess now, so the Ripple's of no use to me! I've only got my backup plan left I have to get away! Behold the depressing state of our gallant protagonist.
He's crawling to safety while playing dead! He's even abandoned his Great-Uncle Speedwagon! Nevertheless, the grit of our gallant protagonist is not at all lost! Watch! So you did survive! You coward! Did you think that you would elude the wisdom of Wham?! I only needed to lead your wisdom astray and into this mine trolley with me.
I was home free the moment I got in here! So you feigned cowardice in order to lure me into this contraption, allowing the other two to escape? You fell for another one of my schemes.
Get outta here while you still can, Great-Uncle! Caesar, that includes you too! Jojo You ingenious jerk! I got them covered, but what about my own butt?! I gotta scheme up something, and fast! Good grief! His gallantry knows no end! The only way the grit of Jojo's gallantry could ever be lost is if he surrendered in the midst of battle! Jojo!!! Dammit! How could he do that when his body's so mangled?! Jojo acted the fool, through and through, but I suppose he's dying to end this war as much as I am! The war that will only end with the death of those damn Pillar Men! You dare to quip provocations with so smug a smile, while your body remains battered so.
Mighty Man You move me with your minuscule mettle! How can you maintain such mettle? Have you been taken by insanity? Or perhaps you have another scheme you would dare use against me? Would you like to know? It wouldn't involve allowing that puny stick that you snuck out from the catacombs to explode, would it? How the Hell did he know?! Or, would it involve forcing this contraption to cease, causing us both to be catapulted from it? In this manner! H-He saw through my scheme again! Your one minute of continuous blood loss shall expire soon.
You are incapable of repairing your blood vessels now.
You are doomed to death by desanguination.
But why does your smile remain so smug, without any scheme to save you? Would you like to know why? Would you really like to know why? No, I needn't know the reason.
I shall kill you now! Shame, because if I had a month, my Ripple powers could've become potent enough to overpower you.
Overpower me? Overpower you, and in one month, to boot.
Am I not the first human to have fouled your face? If I actually tried a bit, I could overpower you in no time.
You know, just forget everything I said.
Put me outta my misery already.
I consider it a great honor to be killed by so seasoned a warrior.
Continue our conversation.
I'm so sore, I'm slurring me speech now, y'great sod.
Whack me and be done with it, Wham.
I demand that you continue our conversation! Jojo's still alive! Here's the thing You'll get to live with the fact that you let a filthy human bash your brow in with his balls, forever.
To free yourself from that shame, you'll need to duel me again when I'm fully prepared, and kill me in combat.
Again?! What makes you think that you're worth it, Jojo?! His pride just needs another push! He called me a coward when I made my escape! Cowardice is the bane of all proud warriors who uphold their honor in battle! He has to be a proud warrior! I have the talent, but I'm not a Master Mystic.
With a month of formal training and tenacity, I could easily overpower you with my Ripple powers! Also, am I not the first human, an immature Mystic, in all of history, to have burrowed five-centimeters of steel deep into your brow?! But honestly, why take the risk? Kill me, before my aptitude and talent peaks! You scoundrel! Wham.
Master ACDC His one minute has already elapsed.
Why do you not end his existence? Crikey! It's his buddy! Master ACDC, this immature Mystic has thoroughly captured my intrigue.
Y-Yippee! Jojo, I shall acquiesce to your proposition.
If you require one month's time of training, then you shall also have one month left to live! You won't whack me? I will not.
You'll duel me again? I will.
I don't think you should.
If you don't kill me now, you're really gonna regret it.
I've played on his pride! I'm safe now! I won't regret it, because I'm going to ensure that you don't escape, or renege on your word to a warrior.
You always did enjoy binding them to their word, Wham.
I call this the "Wedding Band of Wham.
" I shall bind this around the aortic arch of your heart.
Wh-What are you doing to me?! In 33 days, the band will dissolve, releasing a potent poison from within.
It cannot be removed through surgical means! If you make any attempt to remove it, the band shall break and release the poison! Your only salvation from certain death is to duel and defeat me within 33 days! Only then may you drink the antidote that resides in this ring! Jojo! With the Wedding Band of Wham, death will do us part.
Jojo, on the 33rd night, I shall await your arrival in the Colosseum.
You were foolish to believe that we'd allow an unconditional escape.
I have no current quarrel with you, but take the "Engagement Ring of ACDC!" I've tacked it around your trachea! My poor heart and throat! This poison is unlike that of Wham's.
You'll need the antidote in this ring.
Cars, won't you bind him as well? Bind, I will not.
Our time is eternal, but the time of our foes flow, leaving us without adversaries.
Having an adversary will make this eternity worth living.
But I empathize with your desire to torment the human.
Do remember that our primary prerogative of attaining the powers of the Red Stone of Aja remains.
We fly! Jojo, may your month of training bear fruit potent enough to defeat my Sacred Sandstorm! Wh-What have they done?! I got two wedding bands! It's a sick, twisted joke that they both belong to men! I'm engaged to two men, too! Don't they know that bigamy's a bloody crime, where I'm from?! Goddamn them! This doesn't matter, so long as Great-Uncle and Caesar are both safe.
I can brood over this double-betrothal later Jojo You jerk He's fainted from massive blood loss but he pulled off the biggest bluff with pizazz and panache in the middle of battle! I'll assist in your Ripple regimen.
We'll both have to improve our powers, if we hope to survive.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky they Stand there Twenty four before my love and I'll be There Next Time I was blowing smoke up their arses when I said I'd be ready in a month! You'll understand after you've taken the tumble down this tower.
Maestra, you wouldn't! I ain't going easy on no woman! Welcome to Venice! Episode Lisa Lisa the Ripple Master