JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e16 Episode Script

Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach

1 The wedding rings embedded around Jojo's heart and throat cannot be removed through surgical means.
They will dissolve and release poison into Jojo's body in 33 days, unless he can obtain the antidotes by defeating both ACDC and Wham.
Venice What the Hell have I done?! I was blowing smoke up their arses when I said I'd be ready in a month! And they bought my bluff! I should've said "one year" instead! Hey Jojo How can you even joke about this?! Help me help you and think of something already! I-I am thinking! But there's no use crying over spilt milk.
We both need to keep calm in order to carry on, Caesar.
For starters, you'll need to be able to perform the exact same act I'm about to show you.
The water's not pouring out! Give it a try.
Keep the water from pouring out.
That shouldn't be too hard! Let's face some facts.
In terms of our Ripple powers, we're almost equal in strength, but you always purge all of your powers out of your palms! That lack of control caused the water to explode.
But I channeled my powers into my fingertips, those single points of contact.
Those single concentrated points! Focus your energy into these single points, and you'll cause the water to oscillate within the glass, effectively trapping the liquid within.
But increase your contact area, and your excess Ripple energy causes the water to explode.
The smaller the nozzle of a liquid gun, the further the liquid flies.
Understand, Idiota?! In order for you to better control your Ripple powers, you need to undergo the formal Ripple Regimen.
I've brought you to Venice for this very reason, because my Ripple Master resides here! Oh no! I hate breaking my back over work, that above all else, warrants effort! 31 Days until Marital Dissolution 31 Days until Marital Dissolution Once, four folks from the fires of Hell Shijima no soko kara awoke from their pillars after eons of eternal slumber.
mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe Shinku no chishio ga Their ambition for power assembled the blood of a few bombastic braves.
tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru But one brave, whose fate was bound in his blood, Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo shot a sly smirk at his destined demise.
Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite He would deceive the darkness and dodge the danger! Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke He would exploit the flaws of the foes he faced! Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku And his memory would live on for all posterity! He's like a bloody stream! Atsuku like a bloody stream He's blazing like a bloody stream But would he be free of the cursed fate of his family? ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni Who can say, but the bonds of these braves Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna nigirishimete will never be buried.
Lisa Lisa the Ripple Master Episode Hey Caesar, ain't Venice more of a touristy-type of town? What would a Ripple Master be doing here? Gondolier.
We need a ride.
Take us to isola di aria serbatoio.
Gondolier, did you not hear me?! H-He's standing on his bloody oar over water! Wh-Who the Hell is this guy?! Crikey! Hey, Arsehole! What in the Hell did I do to deserve a decking?! Now you're cruising for a bruising! My, at least you're capable of using Ripple energy to stand on water.
A woman?! M-Maestra! This woman is known as Lisa Lisa.
Her real name, personal history, family, and the motivation behind her mastery of the Art of Mystics remain a mystery.
Nevertheless, Lisa Lisa will devote the next month to training Jojo and myself! You still ain't off the hook for hitting me head! I'm not gonna pull any punches, even if you are a woman! I've seen your spectacular talents for myself with this oar.
You even have my compliments for managing your waddle over water.
However, if you expect to become a respectable Ripple user within a month, you'll have to dispose yourself to death! Th-The water's hardened into a pair of pillars! What is this?! Joseph Joestar.
For the next month, you'll have to wear that Ripple Respirator for your Ripple Regimen all day, every day.
I-I can't br-! Find your respiratory rhythm.
Once you have your rhythm, you'll have no issue respiring through the Ripple Respirator.
But if you lose it, the respirator's valves will close, and you will suffer from suffocation.
You need to be capable of running 100 kilometers while wearing that respirator! B-Bollocks! Get this bloody thing off-! I-I can't breathe! The Ripple Regimen has already begun.
The only relief you'll receive is during meals and when brushing your teeth.
Jojo, find your rhythm.
You won't have any problems breathing once you do.
Wh-Why I oughta bust you up good, you bitch! There's another important thing that need be noted.
I'm not teaching you the Art of Mystics to save you from death, I'm teaching you because I need people capable of killing the Pillar Men! Y-You goddamn, selfish You want Maestra to mess you up some more? I don't hit women! Formally, I would like to welcome you both to Venice! She's earned the title of Ripple Master, but I would never wed a mistress like her.
But there's a cute quality about her Show some respect.
Funny you should say that, Casanova.
Why are you so respectful towards that broad? I respect the Maestra as much as I do my own mother! Don't demean her, or I will deck you.
Isola di aria serbatoio is a small island located 30 minutes north of Venice.
Unlike the vibrant views of Venice, this island remains shrouded thick in mystique.
However, that very mystique is equally befitting of its very mysterious owner, Lisa Lisa.
This island will serve as our training ground! That entire island is my very own villa.
She told me to be disposed to death, but how bad could it actually be? Splendid.
Both you and Joseph are safe and sound.
I couldn't ask for more.
Great-Uncle, don't you dare tell Nanna Erina about those rings! You blab, and I'll turn you black n' blue! I can't tell her Where would I even begin? The preliminary trial to the Ripple Regimen begins with the "Pillar of Hell!" A-Are you serious?! What's she screaming about? M-Maestra, you would damn us to so daunting a trial already?! Even I haven't attempted it before! Not the trial that has claimed the lives of many trainees! You either complete this trial, or you take a boat back to the mainland.
Why don't you two fill me in on what's what, eh?! What the bloody Hell is this "Pillar of Hell?!" You'll understand after you've taken a tumble down this tower.
Maestra, you wouldn't! Th-This is oil! The whole damn pillar's drenched in oil! The objective of this trial is to climb up 24 meters to the top of this tower, barehanded.
The only way out is up.
You must complete this trial, or you will die trying.
We gotta reach the top of this slippery pillar?! 30 Days until Marital Dissolution Are you outta your mind?! A trial designed to temper and test the tenacity of Ripple users! This trial is so infamously, yet so aptly named the "Pillar of Hell!" This is trying I'm using all of my Ripple energy just to stick to this pillar.
Even moving my fingers a centimeter upwards is exhausting! If I fall If I fall from this pillar even once I don't think I'd have enough stamina to try the climb again! We're dead if we stay still! We're have to climb up! Jojo! The longer you keep jumping, the sooner you'll be drained of your stamina! Climb up the pillar-! D-Dammit! I can't spare a breath, either! My Ripple Respiration went awry from just speaking! This whole trial is bollocks! You knew fully that I lacked the power and control needed to climb this prick of a pillar! That goddamn broad threw our arses down here without a second thought! She just lost what respect I had left for her! I've never wanted to pay back a woman before, but I got plenty of ideas to toss around me head before I reach the top! Plenty! So, a bunch of trainees died before they could make it to the top, eh? I'll bet they all died from stupidity! You will honor the sanctity of the trial, and abide by the following rules! You may rely only on your Ripple energy and your bare hands to reach the top! All other methods are prohibited! Gimme a break, Lisa Lisa! I mean, Mistress! Y-You don't mean to leave me here to die, do you? This is my first day of training after all! You're just trying to see if I actually make an honest attempt, right? You'll lower a ladder later, right? There was no pity in her eyes.
She really will leave me in this pit to die! Goddammit! I don't care if you're a Ripple Master! That beauty of yours ain't gonna save you from my impending wrath! 28 hours have elapsed! Caesar is at the 15 meter mark, whereas Jojo remains at the very bottom.
The rings will dissolve in 28 days! 28 Days until Marital Dissolution It's been a little more than a day already, but Caesar's only made it about halfway! I really should be concerned about me own arse.
Even he's desperate to save his own.
Caesar's fingers are the only things keeping him stuck to the pillar, b-but it looks like they just might slip! His Ripple energy's nearly spent! Climb Caesar, climb! O-Oh no, he's slipping again! He's barely hanging on by his fingertips! Caesar! W-Wait a moment, I think I just had an epiphany! Caesar's not in any danger of slipping at all! He's not using his fingertips to prevent slippage! The smaller the nozzle of a liquid gun, the further the liquid flies.
I-I think I get it now! I've solved the riddle to controlling the Ripple! Stick! Finally, I've used the Ripple to stick to the pillar! I thought that using both hands would add more friction and support my body better! It's bizarre, but I was actually thinking backwards! If I concentrate my Ripple energy into each of my fingers, adhesion to the points of contact increases! How did I not realize this sooner?! But now that I know, I'm gonna climb this pillar here, and pay back that busty bitch in full! Jojo's finally found his rhythm! Since then, 24 more hours have elapsed! Caesar is situated at the 18 meter mark, with Jojo behind him at the 16 meter mark! 27 Days until Marital Dissolution The rings will dissolve in 27 days! I know why Caesar's been taking his sweet time to climb beyond the 18 meter mark! Past the middle mark, this whacky pillar warps upward! Every movement needs to be carefully calculated beyond here! The warped curvature of this pillar reminds me of its twisted owner! Three more hours have elapsed! Caesar has reached the 19 meter mark, with Jojo only a meter behind him! Well, what do we have here? I-I-It's a fissure! With just a smidge of space for my fingers to fit! Boy oh boy, I can have a breather! Whoopie! F-Finally! I'm chuffed to bits for a breath! Wh-What was that?! Did I press something?! Wh-What's going on?! Could this be You may rely only on your Ripple energy and your bare hands to reach the top! Stay sharp! Something's gonna shoot out! That smidge of space was a booby trap! We're barely sticking to this pillar as it is b-but how are we supposed to get past this now?! At the 20 meter mark of the 24-meter-tall pillar, an umbrella of oil spews forth! The razor-sharp nature of this ultrahigh-pressure oil barrier makes it impossible to pass! Wh-What's the matter, Caesar? A-Are you angry with me?! S-Sorry about the cock up, Caesar.
But who could've resisted reaching out for a chance to rest?! I'll bet the architect was one twisted twat for putting that trap! Played me like a fool! Jojo was compelled to reach for that fissure due to a lack of confidence But am I confident enough in my own powers, that I can overcome this trap?! Only one way to find out! Wh-What the-?! He's standing perpendicular to the pillar! Caesar! Observe my Ripples of Adhesion and Repulsion! I'm channeling adhesive Ripple energy into my feet, while channeling repulsive Ripple energy throughout my body for protection from the barrier! I can coordinate, control, and simultaneously channel opposing Ripple energies! I made it! But controlling opposing Ripple energies will be an impossible feat for Jojo to replicate! He won't break through the barrier! H-Hot damn! I'm glad Caesar made it through! But I'm not even sure if I could rival his refined technique! After nine more grueling hours Caesar Passes Trial in 61 Hours Caesar has finally reached the top of the pillar in 61 hours.
M-Maestra! Jojo won't be able to hold on any longer! Please halt the oil barrier's flow! He's impulsive by nature, and when he's at his wit's end, he'll be driven by impulse to penetrate the oil barrier! A-And if he does Sticking to this one spot ain't gonna stop that oil from spewing! If he attempts to penetrate it he'll be bisected from being blasted by ultrahigh-pressurized oil! And even if he manages to repel the barrier's wave, he'll fall to the bottom and die! Maestra! That's it! It's all or nothing now! Time to fly! Don't do it, Jojo! Stay where you are! I got the rhythm of the beat, and the Ripple in my feet! Jojo!!! Wait a minute He's using Ripple energy to repel the barrier's trough to ride the wave! The further the wave pushes me out, the weaker its pressure becomes! Time to jump! He used the remaining momentum of the barrier's wave to reach that wall! He didn't fall, and he even gained three meters from that jump! None have ever attempted to overcome the trial by riding the wave.
He's rather clever for using the trap to compensate for his lack of control and technique.
I-I made it! But goddamn! Since this wall is located above the warped pillar's 20 meter mark, I doubt anyone ever made it here! My exhaustion's wearing on me I had less than an arms-length left, too! M-My rhythm's gone and my respiration's a mess! C-Caesar! Don't get the wrong idea! I wasn't angry at you for triggering that trap! Maestra, please forgive me for lending him a hand! Lend away, Caesar but aren't you as equally exhausted as he? I completely forgot! Caesar, I'm begging you from the bottom of my heart! Don't let me go! After ten seconds and 13 consecutive pleas for Caesar's assistance, Jojo reached the top of the pillar.
Jojo Passes Trial in 61 Hours and 9 Minutes Hold your horses, Mistress Lisa Lisa.
When I was stuck to that damn pillar, I thought up a few decent ways to pay you back.
But I've narrowed it down to two! Should I strip your clothes off, or should I pinch your nose until you cry?! I thought he was simpleton, but I suppose even he can bear a significant grudge.
Pick your poison! I-I did it! I can control and keep the water from spilling out of this glass! Magnifico! After these three trying days, he's finally got the gist of controlling the Ripple! His talent is impressive, but even more impressive is the Maestra's ability draw out that talent! Mistress! I-I'm chuffed to bits! I-I'd like to start the next trial, please! I'll overcome anything you throw at me! You're hard to figure.
Maybe you are just a simpleton.
Fret not, for I have plenty of things to throw at you.
I guarantee that you'll be chuffed to death.
Ma'am! Prepare yourself, because the learning curve increases over the next three weeks.
What are you blokes sneaking up behind me for?! Wh-Who are they?! The water's been gelatinized! Loggins and Messina are both my servants, but they'll be your drill instructors.
E-Even I can't gelatinize water! Would you like to learn how? Would you like to perform this technique as I? O-Of course! I'm obligated to learn your techniques! Obligated? Then you're also obligated to have a closer look.
Why don't you two boys introduce yourselves? It'll be especially helpful to know the names of the boy's we'll be drilling the next three weeks.
Respiration! Temper your respiration, and your body, strength, and power will naturally follow.
You need to respire at least ten times within the span of a second! I-I'm dying here! I want you to inhale for ten minutes, and exhale for ten minutes, in that order! You get to remove the respirator afterwards! Wh-What have I gotten myself into?! 7 Days until Marital Dissolution The rings will dissolve in seven days! Next Time I have one final trial for you both.
Our strength remains insufficient.
He's got a heart of gold.
This is batty! Bizarre, even! How could you?! Episode Entrapment Ahoy!