JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e18 Episode Script

Von Stroheim's Revenge

1 I used a lot more brain than I did brawn against ACDC Maybe that's why my shoulder's so stiff.
It's wearing on me Episode The Stroheim Squad Strikes Back Dawn has broken Both Caesar and Jojo should be returning anytime now Mistress Lisa Lisa.
Which blusa would you care to wear this morning? Suzie Q, you're such a dear.
I think white's quite clean, but maybe you're feeling a little flashy today.
Be a dear and choose one for me.
Well, let's see I think white will do just fine, but I think this pattern has its own merits as well.
I wonder if any issues arose during their trials I've been unusually on edge all night because of this broken wine glass.
I think the pristine white will do the trick.
Suzie Q.
Yes? When Caesar and Jojo return, tell them to come to my chambers.
It'll be my pleasure.
But I really do love the pizazz of this pattern.
Which should I pick? I'm at a loss! White! Wait a minute! It has to have pizazz! This is a real toughie! Let's have a go at the pizazz, Suzie Q.
Pizazz it is! The blusa and towel are both on the table.
I'll deal with the broken wine glass, so please leave it as is.
Very well.
Say, Suzie Q What'cha screaming for?! Shush up and stop shrieking already! Wh-Who are you?! I don't know you! Y-You're an intruder, aren't you?! What intruder? It's me, you silly lass.
Joseph Joestar.
Jojo?! Shut up! I didn't recognize you without your respirator! Seriously! I can't blame you.
I've only been wearing it for the past three weeks! So what's the verdict? Molto bello, si? Your lips look weird.
Sure it looks weird now, but if you make me your man, these lips will be doing you a lot of loving.
Love you? No way! What's wrong? Oh, it was nothing.
Just my imagination.
And also, the Mistress would like to see you in her chambers, but she's bathing at the moment, so do wait for at least a half hour.
I was on my way up anyway, but sure.
I needed tell her that the Ultimate Aja's been bubbled.
There are bubbles in the Mistress's gemstone? A-Actually, forget it.
It's not anything that a non-Ripple user needs to know.
O-Okay Oh, and Jojo? Toots? I find your face to be quite chiseled.
That's odd.
My shoulders aren't so strained and stiff anymore.
6:00 AM - ACDC's Ring is Neutralized Six Days Remain until Marital Dissolution from Wham I wanted to tell Lisa Lisa about ACDC ASAP, but Suzie Q told me to hold off for 30 minutes, because she's bathing.
Oh, I'll hold off my findings all right In fact, I'll hold them for next 30 minutes while waiting in front of her door, but would peeping through this keyhole here perhaps be too criminal? Bitchy! Suzie Q? She's inside already? When did she get in? Kinda quick I thought I saw her at the dock moments ago What's this? The doorknob's dripping with this mysterious mucosal matter.
Say, Suzie Q have both Caesar and Jojo returned yet? Suzie Q? S-Suzie Q! My gemstone was on the table, but where is it now?! Who are you?! Where is the Ultimate Aja?! Wh-What's going on S-Something's possessing Suzie Q's body! You've rendered me into but a brain, but nevertheless, I will challenge you curs to one last duel! I sent a package containing the Ultimate Aja on a mailboat moments ago, but I will not allow you to pursue it! I will hold you here and keep you from pursuing it! This woman that I've possessed still has plenty of life in her, but you cannot free her from my control without killing us both! But can you fools find the courage to kill her? ACDC! Jojo! The tenacity of these things never cease to astound Jojo! You sure took your sweet time getting here, Caesar.
Y-You're okay So you survived your encounter with ACDC? You're one lucky son of a gun Jojo! What did you do to the Maestra?! Nothing, you nincompoop! It's not her I'm concerned about, but Suzie Q! Suzie Q? What's wrong with her? She's being possessed ACDC possessed her, a harmless non-Ripple user, with his bloody brain and tendrils! Salvami, Caesar Save me They're both bullying me right now, but you won't, will you? Remember, that's not really Suzie Q speaking, but ACDC who's using her voice.
Caesar, the Ultimate Aja has been shipped via mailboat already! Leave ACDC to us, and go recover the Ultimate Aja from that boat.
If that package ever leaves these Venetian shores via train, it could go international, making it almost impossible to track! You're not going anywhere! If you want to leave, you cazzi will have to go through this woman! A masculine tone He must be using his tendrils to control every part of her body! Come to me! Do it! Kill me with the Ripple! Your combined Ripple powers can easily split me in two! However, I'm certain that this poor girl's heart won't be able to withstand that power! Can you really bring yourselves to kill her? If you coglioni can, then do the deed and be done with it already! Enough! You'd better think again, ACDC! I could kill her without any qualms if it meant saving the lives of millions.
I'd just consider her casualty to be collateral damage.
D-Don't joke around, Jojo! Ashes to ashes, ACDC! You wouldn't! Jojo! I'm really gonna bash your brain into hers! Goddammit, I can't do it! You arsehole! I thought you'd have enough sense to skedaddle on outta her body, but you didn't even budge! Enough of your pathetic provocations.
You don't have the balls to kill her.
By now, the mailboat has already reached the mainland of Venice.
You're too late now! But fret not! Wh-What is he doing to her body? E-Enough, ACDC! I'm going to cause this woman's body to spontaneously combust, creating an acidic rain of my boiling blood to come showering down! I-It's his boiling blood! H-He's destroying Suzie Q's body from within! If he continues this rain, Suzie Q will die and we'll all sustain severe scalds! I-It pains me, but Jojo, you must channel the Ripple into her body! Goddammit Don't make me do it! I'm already living with the guilt of lopping off Major Stroheim's leg! Something There's gotta be something we can do to save her! Th-Then I'll do it.
No Maestra! I-I'll do it! H-Hold it Caesar! I have an idea! Remember what you did to bypass that oil barrier?! L-Let's give that a whirl! It's better than killing Suzie Q outright! We gotta oppose each other to overpower him, understand? Oppose? I-I do understand.
Y-You might be on to something.
Catch my drift? Boys, do it now! Understood, Maestra.
Jojo, I need you to match my respiration.
Andiamo! Jojo is channeling the Ripple of Positive Repulsion throughout Suzie Q's body, whereas Caesar is channeling the Ripple of Negative Adhesion only into her heart! Positive A Equili- brium The negative force of adhesion stabilizes the heart, while the positive force repulses ACDC! Negative Ripple Energy Positive Positive Ripple Energy Positive Negative Ripple Energy Positive Ripple Energy Positive Positive Negative Ripple Energy Positive Ripple Energy Positive Positive Negative Ripple Energy Positive Positive Ripple Energy Positive Couldn't withstand the repulsion, could he? Jojo! Just let him be, Caesar.
The sunlight will negate his existence.
He made me sick to my stomach! Only the most cowardly of creatures would use a woman as their cover! I'd call that courageous, Caesar.
I'm almost certain of it now, after dueling him.
He would've done anything he could to attain the Ultimate Aja, for the sake of his brethren.
I don't know how many thousands of years he had lived, but I do know that he spent his whole life devoted to finding that single stone.
He stooped to doing some despicable deeds, but I respect his devotion, if nothing else.
Jojo Suzie Q.
While you were possessed by ACDC, a part of your consciousness was not entirely subdued, so answer me.
Where did he send the Ultimate Aja? St.
Moritz Switzerland A small parcel It was stamped with the Mistress's personal seal The address on the paper was Switzerland?! So Cars and Wham are in Switzerland?! Yes, and I confirmed that the freight train bound for Switzerland departed the station ten minutes ago.
So the Ultimate Aja is aboard that train, France Italy Venice Germany St.
Moritz Switzerland meaning that we have to beat that train to St.
Moritz first! We'll have to resort to some despicable deeds of our own, in order to keep the Ultimate Aja from their grasps.
Our conduct may be considered criminal, and another one of us may be sacrificed in the process.
And it ain't gonna be me.
After undergoing the Ripple Regimen, I have the utmost confidence in my own skills.
I'll murder those mooks.
Caesar! Arrivederci it is! Say Suzie Q, swerve around for a second! So long, Suzie Q! Someday, I'm gonna come back to Venice, y'hear? You will? Sure! But until then, you'd better get some good R&R! See ya! Jojo, you'd better come back to visit me! Alrl ight already! But who knows, I might just come back when you're an old nan! You're a jerk, Joestar! I'll be back soon, Toots.
Moritz, Switzerland Drive better, Dummkopf! What's wrong with your arms? Mein Gott! The steering wheel's slashed! ACDC hasn't called in yet He went to ascertain the whereabouts of the Ultimate Aja in Venice but something must have happened to him.
Jojo! Wake up, Jojo! 5:00 PM - Six Days Remain until Marital Dissolution from Wham Wh-What is it? We've finally caught up to the train! They're busy declaring their cargo at the station.
Beyond this border, the drive to St.
Moritz takes less than an hour.
We're lucky that we caught them here.
We need you awake, Jojo.
Listen, I'm trying to conserve my stamina here.
Stamina's vital, okay? If you want action, then we'd better jump that train and take the parcel now.
Then, I can start concentrating on my inevitable duel with Wham.
We jump the train after it crosses the border.
What in the blazes Pipe down, you prick! If you need to pass us, then pass us already! They're Jerries! What are they doing here on the Swiss-Italian border?! You sound quite spirited, and your growth matches that very spirit, Herr Joestar.
Wh-What was that?! What did you say?! H-Hold it! Who the Hell're you?! I don't know any of you Third Reich Jerries! Look around the train! It's surrounded by the SS! Sturmbannführer, we have the parcel! That parcel has my seal stamped on it! Then inside that package is The Ultimate Aja! Why would the SS know about the Ultimate Aja?! The Third Reich will require this Red Stone of Aja for experimental purposes.
You see, you've been under our surveillance ever since your arrival in Venice.
No, ever since the extermination of the SS stationed in Rome.
We know about the Ripple Regimen, your encounter with ACDC, and your pursuit of this very stone.
We are stationed at a lodge nearby.
Accompany us there.
We have much to learn from you about the Ultimate Aja, and the two who remain.
Help us help you, as we are well-acquainted, are we not, Jojo? Hey, Arsehole! I ain't acquainted with no Jerry! Don't you dare be using my nickname now! I didn't expect the Third Reich to show up.
M-Maestra! We have to follow them.
As long as it's out of Cars's hands, it's in good hands.
Italy Austria The Third Reich began Hungary Germany France England Vienne Romania Switzerland Paris Berlin Prague Czechoslovakia Warsaw Poland its occupation of several European territories circa 1938, 1938.
13 Annexation of Austria 1939.
15 Occupation of Bohemia and Moravia driven by the niggling fear of losing their influence 1939.
28 Joint German-Soviet Partition of Poland Determined and political standing in the world.
But after learning of the purported power of the True Stone Mask, that fear was put to rest.
The Third Reich's ambition for global domination would surely be assured through the eternal powers granted by the True Stone Mask.
Same Day Five Hours Later 10:00 PM I've discerned each and every intrinsic temperature within this room.
A fire is lit in the hearth.
There are four light sources on the walls, two on the ceiling, and two, no, three on a desk.
There are four humans standing proximate to this wall.
From the right, their statures read: 178 cm, 174 cm, 181 cm, and 178 cm, with one human near the hearth, measuring 183 cm.
Five males en masse! One, two four, and five.
You must be Cars.
Swift was your journey to Venice, only to learn of your fellow's demise.
And swift was your return to St.
Moritz, upon learning of our procurement of the Ultimate Aja.
So swift to steal it, are you? So swift, that you necessitated an ingenious method of silencing my men, without so much as a single moan from them.
I sensed only five men within this room but why couldn't I sense your temperature as well?! Say, Jerries! Where's our polenta?! We're starving up here! Cars?! His hand is metallic?! You're Stroheim?! I'll be the round about The words will make you out 'n' out I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley The muses dance and sing They make the children really ring I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time Show no mercy! It was addressed to that building.
I just had a total cock up.
The technology of the Third Reich A metal man is no menace to me! Episode Climbing the Cliff of Calamity