JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken) (2012) s01e19 Episode Script

A Race Toward the Brink

1 Say, Jerries! Where's our polenta?! We're starving up here! Cars?! Metal?! Stroheim?! What a double whammy! "Bizarre" can't even begin to describe the strangeness of this scene! Cars and Stroheim, who was blasted to smithereens back in Mexico, are standing before my very eyes! Shijima no soko kara Once, four folks arose from the fires of Hell and awoke from their pillars after eons of eternal slumber.
mezameru sono hashiratachi toki wo koe Their ambition for power assembled Shinku no chishio ga tachiagaru yuuki wo hikiawaseru the blood of a few bombastic braves.
Uketsugu ai wo sadame to yobu nara But one brave, whose fate was bound in his blood, hohoemu me de tsugi no te wo shot a sly smirk at his destined demise.
He would deceive the darkness and dodge the danger! Yami wo azamuite setsuna wo kawashite Yaiba surinuke yatsura no suki wo tsuke He would exploit the flaws of the foes he faced! Tsuranuita omoi ga mirai wo hiraku And his memory would live on for all posterity! He's like a bloody storm! Atsuku like a bloody stone Red-hot like a bloody stone, ketsumyaku ni kizamareta innen ni but would he be ever free of the cursed fate of his family? Who can say, but the bonds of these braves Ukiagaru kienai hokori no kizuna will never be buried.
nigirishimete Episode 19 Climbing the Cliff of Calamity Cars and Stroheim! He's got a metallic hand and a strange steel sash wrapped over his socket.
I knew the Jerries made some mad machinery from their advancements in Medicine and Science with the sole intention to be used in war! It's that very machinery that saved you, isn't it, Stroheim?! Jojo, I've returned from the very depths of Hell.
I-I suppose I'm scot-free from guilt As a fellow human, I don't despise the guy or nothing, but he can be an arsehole because of his SS affiliations.
His oh-so-high pride especially makes him a real pompous prick, but I'm sorta I'm glad to see him back.
Sit on that sofa there and observe my battle, ja? H-He's giving me a nasty glare! He knows that I was the one who axed ACDC! I can feel his fury from here! Too bad! S-Stare me down all you want! I'll stare straight back at you, Cars! After I secure the Ultimate Aja from this soldier, I shall dismember you.
Wham may be dying to duel you from his Greco-post, but I cannot allow the Ripple user who shredded ACDC to live any longer! Do you speak with the will of a warrior, or does the burning cry for vengeance speak for you, Cars?! Cars, pay attention! Sturmbannführer Stroheim will be the last man you ever face! A metal man is no menace to me! Think again.
He disjointed his arm to go completely around his head! His left arm must be prosthetic as well! Observe! Blimey! His digits can exert pressure of exactly 1950kg/cm².
Almost twice the pressure Santana could ever output! A BlÃdel you be! None can squander the scientific advancements of the Third Reich! We analyzed the data we acquired from Santana and infused these prosthetic arms with strength that overpowers his own! Therefore, Cars! If I use these arms to pluck away your flesh to a certain extent, it's been hypothesized that your bodily functions would cease to function! Alike the feathers being plucked from a bird, I shall tear your body into pieces that are each a centimeter in diameter! Herr Jojo! Yow! Do not pity me for what I have become For I am now the greatest magnum opus of the Third Reich, sculpted and crafted into a masterpiece! I have transcended all of humanity! Catch this, Cars! This Maschinengewehr has an average rate of fire of 600 rounds per minute, and is capable of penetrating through 30-mm-thick metal plating! This HMG will be the ticket to tearing your body to pieces! What part of him isn't machinery now?! Wh-What's all this ruckus? Downstairs! I will take the Ultimate Aja from you! Locating it cost ACDC his life, and I will not let his death be in vain! Shining The sword protruding from his arm is shining! I am called "Crystal Cars" for my mastery of the Shining Sword! Th-This cannot be The sword protruding from his arm is formed from the crystallization of his ulna or skin and he's not using it to deflect the bullets! He's defying the Laws of Physics by severing high-speed, spinning bullets in mid-flight! Why does that sword shine?! What's creating the light?! Mein Gott, he's coming straight at me! Wh-What's this sound?! As Cars made his advance, Stroheim observed and understood the secret of the Shining Sword! It wasn't just a sharp sword he was dealing with, but a high-speed, revolving chain of serrated teeth! An infinitesimal chain of sharp shark-teeth revolving in rapid succession around the sword! The crystal-structure of these teeth refract light, giving the illusion of a shining sword! I-I am still powerless! Even with these weapons and our advancements in Science, we are powerless to stop the Pillar Men! This "Santana" you refer to was naught but a whelp! A Neanderthal without thought! He was a peon in comparison to us! I think it's time I relieve you of the Ultimate Aja C-Cars! The shine of his sword is frigid enough to freeze It's sharp enough to slash straight through steel My bare hands can't defend against anything that sharp! If I even try to use the Ripple Fingers on him, I'd lose more than my fingers! If I could, I would run the Hell away right now! I don't stand a chance against Cars! I can't even think up a decent scheme against his sword! But I can't let him leave with the Ultimate Aja! If he uses it now to reach his ultimate evolutionary stage, then we're all buggered! Goddammit! I've got enough to deal with because of Wham's bloody ring, but now I've got to bear the brunt of Cars's choler! It's double-betrothal all over again! Is the Ultimate Aja in this pocket? It is, indeed! I've waited 4000, no, 5000 years to behold the luster of the Ultimate Aja! This was to have been mine from eons ago! Cars! Patiens! I will dismember you now! H-He's enraged, alright.
This is a real pickle.
He's got the Ultimate Aja now! Cars Sturmbannführer Stroheim has yet to be subdued! The technological advancements of the Third Reich have no equal! Shut your stupid mouth up, Stroheim! Why are you still trying to provoke him with your pomp?! Bathe in the light of my Ultraviolet Deathray! The gemstone's free! U-Uh it's sliding down the slope S-Scheisse! It's sliding down towards the cliff! If it falls into the chasm! Wh-What on Earth h-happened here? Cars! Get after the stone, Jojo! You've got a good lead over Cars! O-Oh crap Cars is making a bolt for the Ultimate Aja! And when he retrieves it, his momentum will send him straight into the chasm! He has no intention of stopping at the ledge! G-Goddammit! It's practically a 200-300 meter drop to the bottom! Cars could probably survive the fall without any issue, but I won't survive a fall that's around the height of the Empire State Building! C-Cars has caught up! Jojo's running with the intention of halting at the ledge, whereas Cars is dashing for a dive into the damned chasm! I can't let this twat have the Ultimate Aja! Beat him to it, Jojo! Jojo! When I catch up to and retrieve the Ultimate Aja, I'll be left vulnerable.
You're going to make a lunge at me then, aren't you? Your main goal is to strike me with Ripple Energy, even if the Ultimate Aja falls into the chasm! Let's see how well your plan plays out! Jojo Is he! Spot on, Cars! I'll make a lunge at your back! H-He caught the chain of the Ultimate Aja around his foot! It's dangling like a damn pendant! What's with the belittling sneer? I'm the one who should be sneering, Cars! I figured you'd try to sneak off with it but you should've saved that idiotic idea for someone stupid! I lunged not at you, but at the snow beneath you, so I could actually stop myself before the free-fall! I retrieved the Ultimate Aja, not you! Have a nice trip, Cars! N-No way! That sword came outta his stinkin' foot! Jojo!!! Jojo! He's falling! H-His bloody blade's starting to assimilate into my body! Bugger off already! The distance to the bottom is exactly 170 meters! They'll crash into the chasm in about five seconds! I-I don't wanna plummet to my death if he's gonna survive the fall! Sticky Fingers! I-I'm too heavy! Ripple conductivity is at its highest with liquid matter, but crystalline solids are innately resistant, cutting Ripple conductivity! However, the heat generated by Joseph's hand is melting the icicle's surface, increasing Ripple conductivity and adhesion! I will have the Ultimate Aja, no matter the cost! H-Here we go again This tenacity of theirs is just terrifying! I can expose the vulnerabilities of my foes, but this Pillar Men Tenacity is just troublesome! It's like a bloody wild card to my ace in the hole! I will kill to have that stone! That glacial ledge has icicles too! I just need to free myself from this blade before landing! Wait! I could just channel the Ripple through this sword and straight into Cars! Time to croak, Cars! Typical! I knew that you'd attempt to channel the Ripple through my sole's sword! Therefore I need only kick you into the cliff! And now C-Cor blimey! H-He's unsheathed his Shining Sword! Cars threw Jojo into the cliff-face in order to have his body rebound, which will send Jojo back to him, straight into his sword! After I've given you a proper dismemberment, I'll retrieve the Ultimate Aja from the bottom of this chasm! No! Cut it, if you dare! You wouldn't risk destroying the Ultimate Aja to kill me, would you? My supporting scheme involves toying with your tenacity in attaining this stone! Here comes my Ripple Punt! You've used the Ripple to create a rope from the falling icicles by increasing adhesion! Unfortunately for you, there aren't enough falling icicles for you to use! Have no fear, I've got the length he requires right here! Caesar! I caught you just in time, Jojo! I demand an explanation! How could you two be so synchronized?! There's only one idiot who'd ever consider using icicles as a climbing rope.
I knew that Jojo was the only guy idiotic enough to stir up this sort of scheme.
That sums it up.
Fortunately for me, you stooped to my strain of stupidity in order to realize my scheme.
C-Come again?! You did good, mate! I'm chuffed to bits, Caesar m'boy! Also, if Lisa Lisa's up there with you, tell her that the Ultimate Aja's a-okay! I kept it from falling into Cars's grimy mitts! You were awful close though.
Caesar, do pull him up immediately.
I must admit, Crucco, your body's just chock-full of surprises, moreso than the Pillar Men.
If you can refrain from your pompous banter, then perhaps we could cooperate.
Jojo, I'll commend your fortitude.
I'll grant you custody of the Ultimate Aja for only another day.
Five Days Remain Until Marital Dissolution This is the face of the famous resort town of St.
The Mecca of Winter Sports, known also as the Sun Valley, it's an ideal destination for "refined adults" to seek some R&R.
Or rather, it's a winter wonderland for the bloated buggers who can afford it! Even this cat has a pretentious prowl, as if they were the very reflection of their owner's snobbery.
Oh, the snobbery! She didn't even reach for the shrimp tail! I'll bet this pretentious princess was protected from the problems of the people.
Then let's see if a slice of smoked salmon will catch your fancy.
A bite! Smoked salmon sits well with you, eh? All you gotta do is grab it.
Just reach for it now Stretch those lanky legs of yours enough and checkmate! Caught you off guard, didn't I? The pretentious princess couldn't even nail a graceful landing.
Boy, oh boy.
I must admit, that was rather cruel of me.
I'm losing my nerve as the days go by, and I've only got five left until that ring dissolves.
Plus, I've got Crazy Cars to deal with now.
The constant, yet impending threat of death is causing me to panic.
Keep calm I've gotta keep calm in order to carry on, like I always do.
Jojo, pay attention! Stand here and survey that structure with us.
Sure! Be there in a jiffy.
The address that ACDC had forwarded the parcel to matches that building.
It's an abandoned, dilapidated hotel from the looks of things.
It's an ideal defense from the day's share of sunlight.
Every opening and window's been nailed shut with planks.
No sunlight'll penetrate that hotel.
Then Cars must be waiting for the sun to set from within, while also awaiting Wham's arrival.
How should we proceed from here? We should seize this opportunity to attack! Agreed.
While the sun still shines, Cars won't show his big-behind.
Now is the time to strike! And you, Jojo? I am against this plan! We shouldn't strike while the sun's still out, not against him at least! We're facing a menace who's survived many millenia, solely on his wits.
I'm certain that he's well-prepared for an afternoon assault! "Certain?!" He wants us to think that the path to him isn't laden with nasty surprises! Well I'm not falling for it! We'll be walking straight into his trap! Come on Jojo, you sound so reluctant.
Where's that gusto of yours gone? "A crafty warlord wins his battles by making no mistakes.
" The Art of War emphasizes caution in a crowd of confidence, especially when there's little certainty of victory.
Got cold feet, have you?! Cold feet?! If anything, my feet are calm, cool, and collected.
I'd prefer that he come for us in the eve! But victory is certain! Cars is isolated and alone, while the four of us stand idle! We've got the numerical advantage so we should seize this opportunity, before Wham's arrival! Caesar, what's your bloody rush? You need to keep calm in order for us all to carry on.
We'd be isolating ourselves by hurrying into his hideout! I am calm, and eager to exact vengeance! We both need to end the crusade our grandfathers started against the accursed Stone Mask! I will pulverize those Pillar Men! Vengeance?! For a codger you never knew?! Bollocks I say! If you were calm, you'd realize that killing yourself over a corpse is just crazy! Say that again, Jojo Why carry on the crusade of a codger you never met?! You'd be crazy to get yourself killed because of a corpse, you idiotic Italian! Caesar! You just crossed the line, Jojo! What line would that be, you-! Now you've done it! You deserved it! Stop smacking me already, Caesar! You started it, Jojo! Did not! Caesar, cease this nonsense! Jojo, stop your jabs! Caesar! Y-You bloody bozo Use your goddamn head! What I say makes sense, doesn't it?! I thought you would've shared the same passion to end our grandfathers crusade as I, but I was wrong! I'm heading to the hotel.
Caesar, Jojo's caution is not unfounded.
We know nothing of the interior or layout of that hotel.
We should wait until the eve to strike at Cars.
My word is final, Caesar.
Remember, your vengeance comes second to defending the Ultimate Aja.
Forgive me, Maestra, but my vengeance comes first to me.
Maestra, you know that my very blood burns for vengeance, because it was my own family that brought upon this calamity.
The creator of the Stone Mask is near, and I will end the crusade of my grandfather! I can't stand by for the eve, while my family foe rests with ease! Mistress? Follow him, and if he even attempts an entry, bring him back bound.
C-Caesar, why are you doing this? What's got you so fired up? Why can't you wait until we have an edge over him? Jojo.
You struck a nerve regarding his very private past, unintentional, as it stands.
A traumatic past that easily sends Caesar over the edge.
His private past? Wh-What could've happened to him? I'll be the round about The words will make you out 'n' out I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley The muses dance and sing They make the children really ring I'll spend the day your way Call it morning driving through the sound and In and out the valley.
In and around the lake Mountains come out of the sky and they stand there One mile over we'll be there and we'll see you Ten true summers we'll be there and Laughing too Twenty four before my love you'll see I'll be There with you Next Time You've got my blood boiling, like my runt days in the Roman rookery! I was cold and cruel, and I will kill you! Very well! You have the honor of being hurled by wind of Whirlwind Wham! Episode 20 Caesar's Chilly Childhood