Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

The Orphan

[corpse bather 1] I don't know,
it's a lot better staying poor
than to end up like this.
[Iyos] Bagas always impressed me,
you know?
He always ate with us
at those cheap diners.
Turns out,
his house was as big as this place.
[corpse bather 2] Give me a hand rolling
him over here, please. There we go.
Man, I still can't believe
Bagas killed himself.
[corpse bather 1] It's not
a confirmed suicide.
So what about the orphan,
are you gonna take care of him now?
[corpse bather 1 sighs]
Bagas was telling me
about the kid last week.
Said he adopted him
so he'd have company when he gets old.
So where's the kid?
I don't know, but there are no shortcuts
if you want to make a fortune.
So did they bring the kid back
to the orphanage?
Come on. Please.
We're in the middle of bathing
his dead body here.
So how do you know Bagas, anyway?
- From the factory.
- [corpse bather 1] Oh.
- The bread factory?
- Yeah.
Hey. Who are you, man?
[corpse bather 1] What are you doing here?
Bagas never worked in a bread factory.
He was a taxi driver!
- [grunts]
- Hey!
[indistinct chatter]
[corpse bather 1] Hey, stop!
Hey, you.
Stop, I said!
Hey! What are you doing? Hey! I said stop!
Hey! Where are you going?
I said stop! Hey, man.
- Where are you running to?
- [corpse bather 3] Just let him go.
- [corpse bather 1] Stop!
- He's not worth it. Just let him go!
If you ever get rich enough,
I'll bathe your corpse!
Hey, enough. Relax.
[theme music]
[Iyos] I'm telling you, Ipah, it's true.
All we have to do is go to the orphanage
and adopt the kid.
Then in six days, we'll be rich.
[Iyos] Hey. Come on,
it's our turn now, Ipah.
You can buy all
the skin care products you want.
Then you'll be able
to get rid of all these blisters.
Don't you want to get rid
of all those nasty marks?
Didn't seem to stop you
from jumping all over me before.
How about that nice French powder
that'll lighten your skin?
You could buy it.
Who wants to have light skin?
I thought you liked my dark skin,
where is this coming from?
Or maybe that's the whole point.
So no one else will want me.
I really don't get you sometimes.
I mean, come on. Don't you wanna get rich?
[Iyos] You want us to pick up trash
our whole lives?
Hey, what's the use of being rich
if we're dead?
You've been saying the whole time,
whoever ends up adopting that boy
will be dead on the seventh day.
You've been drumming that
into my head over and over again
and I have no problem with doing
a bit of scavenging to make a living.
Anyway, we didn't get married for money.
I was under the impression
we got married for love.
Forget it. Let's eat.
[Ipah] Come on.
[Iyos sighs]
But you know, Ipah,
it's just that I feel that
we're hardly even surviving
with all this scavenging.
Seriously, I mean people aren't
even using plastic containers anymore.
We're just lucky that we still have
a bit of rice to eat today.
Who knows?
We might be eating air next week.
Those people who adopted the boy,
they didn't just drop dead.
Bagas was stabbed right in the side here.
I mean, come on.
If you're gonna kill yourself,
why stab yourself in the side?
It had to have been the boy
who killed him.
I mean it, Ipah.
Let's just adopt this kid,
and on the seventh day
when we're filthy rich,
we can just, you know
We can what?
Are you saying what I think
you're saying? He's a child.
The kid's not a human child.
Come on, think about it.
A regular human child
can't make people rich.
I'm telling you, he's some kinda demon.
The world will be better without him.
I can't believe what you're saying here.
Now, you're scaring me.
Oh, come on.
- [knocking on door]
- Shh.
[Sugeng] Open this door.
I know you're in there!
You can't hide forever!
You're three months late on your rent!
I hope you haven't forgotten
what happens to people who owe me money!
- You don't want to end up like them!
- [banging on door]
[grunting angrily]
[suspenseful music]
I'm giving you three days to pay me.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Or the next time,
it's not gonna be just water.
What are you gonna do?
I don't wanna die.
[Ipah] I don't want us to die.
[Iyos] We're not gonna die, Ipah.
We'll get through this.
I promise.
Good afternoon.
Sorry to keep you both waiting.
Are you here to get some information
on a missing child?
Or are you adopting?
Adopting, ma'am.
[woman] Do you have children of your own?
I see. So adoption isn't as easy
as people might think it is,
and it's a huge responsibility, and we
We understand that and we'd like
to adopt the boy that Mr. Bagas adopted.
He passed away recently.
[eerie sting]
Tell me something.
You love each other?
Are you able to put three meals
on the table every single day?
I think you should go home.
The solution to all your problems
is not here.
Ma'am, please,
we really want to adopt this child.
So much so that if we don't
we're just going to die.
[Ipah] Do you even know
what he looks like?
He must be scary-looking.
Especially if he's a demon child.
[woman] This is Syafin.
This is Iyos and Ipah.
They are going to be your parents now.
Go on. Say hi to them.
[Iyos] Hello, Syafin.
I'm Iyos and this is Ipah.
[mysterious music]
[woman] Go sit down now, Syafin.
I know that
you both want something from this child.
In order to get what you want,
you have to give him something.
Love him.
[suspenseful music]
Syafin, you want some of this? It's yummy.
[indistinct chatter]
- [waiter] Enjoy.
- [girl 1] There are five of us, Mom.
- Let me know if you need anything.
- [girl 1] We won't all fit in the sedan.
- [dad] So how was school today?
- [girl 2] Don't mind her, Mom.
- [dad] Did you learn anything fun?
- [girl 2] She can always take the bus.
- [dad] Or Udjo can drive you around.
- [mom chuckles]
[mom] All right, you can use Dad's car.
[girl 2] Why do we only have
three cars anyway?
- [girl 1] Yeah, I did.
- [dad] So you can swim now?
- [girl 1] Of course, Dad.
- [dad] You're as good as your sister.
[girl 2] No way, I'm still better.
[girl 1] Well, we'll just have to have
a race and see!
[dad] All right, now.
Come, Syafin.
And this is where you're going to sleep.
Nice and comfy.
[Ipah] Yeah.
And I think you're gonna like my cooking.
I I'm a pretty good cook.
[Ipah] I can make some curry chicken.
Or a steamed milkfish,
I think you're gonna love it.
[Iyos] Her steamed milkfish is delicious.
[Ipah] Here you go.
Do you want some more?
[Syafin chuckles]
[somber music]
[Iyos] Damn, if we'd spent
the day scavenging,
at least we'd have a bit of money
to pay off some of our debt.
What? Are you having doubts now
all of a sudden?
Just when we finally get the boy here,
now you want to bring him back
to the orphanage?
Just be patient, honey.
Just think about what you're gonna buy
when we're filthy rich.
- My first big purchase, a nice house.
- [Ipah] Yes.
- A mansion.
- Mm-hm.
With a TV that'll cover the wall.
Air conditioning everywhere,
so it'll be as cold as a mountain top.
- [Ipah chuckles] Mm-hm.
- And a nice soft bed
- that we can jump up and down on.
- [chuckles]
And it'll be so comfortable, you won't
have back pains when you wake up.
And then, we'll never have
to worry about money again.
Never have to worry about being buried
under trash.
No one threatening us with eviction.
What about you?
Every time I have these fantasies
about being rich,
it usually always involves
cooking a meal for you.
It's been so long
since we had a good meal.
Yeah, I think the last time
was on his birthday.
I still remember everything.
How good your steamed milkfish was.
The smell
nice and smoky.
Yeah, kinda like right now,
salty and savory.
[both chuckle]
Stop. You're such a goofball,
you know that?
Stop teasing.
[mysterious music]
- Honey.
- There's 500 here.
[both gasp excitedly]
- Honey.
- [Iyos chuckles]
- Is this real money?
- It sure is, Ipah.
He sure seems to like the food you cook.
Cook something special for him tomorrow.
Who's this, Mom?
[Ipah] That's
That's Rian.
Who's Rian, Mom?
[Ipah] Rian was
my sweet little boy.
So, where is Rian now?
[Ipah] Rian is gone, Syafin.
Did he die?
But he was still a kid. How could he die?
Syafin. Here.
Look at this.
[Iyos] I got this for you.
Actually, all of these are for you.
Don't you love playing with him?
Someone asked me
for help cleaning their gutter.
I figured why not?
Make a little extra money,
you know, just in case.
I'm gonna do some scavenging.
Great. I hope today
is our last day of being poor.
Syafin, do you wanna come with me or Ipah?
Syafin, stay here for a bit, okay?
Don't run off now. Good?
[child] Mom!
[dramatic music]
- Mom
- [cracking]
[somber music]
[engine starts]
[dramatic music intensifies]
[Ipah] Syafin!
[Ipah screams]
[worried gasp]
Syafin, watch out!
Wait, stop! Stop! Please, stop!
Wait! Syafin, no!
Syafin. Oh, God.
God, are you all right?
I didn't look, I'm sorry, Mom.
Forgive me, forgive Ipah.
I never should've brought you here.
Am I now allowed to call you "Mom"?
I'm sorry. Of course you can, sweetie.
Mom, call me Mom.
I'm so sorry, my son.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
[men] Praise be to Allah.
Praise be to Allah. Praise be to Allah.
Praise be to Allah.
- Who is it?
- Amir, he lives by the river.
- Was he sick?
- Got buried by a landslide.
[ominous music]
Syafin, let's go.
Come on. Let's go.
Here you go. This is my specialty dish.
Chicken curry.
How much do you want, Syafin?
All of it.
You think you can eat all of this?
Yes, as long as
there are no peanuts in it.
No peanuts?
No, the doctor says
I'm allergic to peanuts.
It's all right, there aren't any.
- [door opens]
- Hey, good timing.
Wow, looks great.
What an amazing feast we have here.
[Ipah chuckles]
- [Iyos chuckles]
- Here.
Oh, this is so good.
Tastes just as great as it always does.
I think when we get enough money,
we should open up a restaurant.
Name it "Ipah's Palace".
Or maybe "Ipah's and Iyos'".
- [both chuckle]
- That's fun.
- Mom, can I have more curry?
- Oh, yes.
Here you go.
[Iyos] You two
must have been bonding all day,
I see he's calling you "Mom".
[Ipah sighs]
Don't forget.
We're not really his parents.
Don't start loving him.
Yeah, I know.
You think I'm gonna start loving
some demon child?
[Ipah scoffs]
So, I'm a pretty good actress then, huh?
I'm telling you, this kid
really does think I love him.
I even got you fooled.
So I made a hundred today.
I got 50.
- [chuckles] Now we just sit and wait.
- [clanking]
[Iyos chuckles]
Look at this, Ipah.
We're gonna be just fine.
[Ipah shushing]
[shop owner] This is all I can give you.
Yeah, all right.
What's the money for, Dad?
To pay my debt, Syafin.
And then, when I get enough money,
I wanna buy this house.
It's my dream house.
I always imagined Ipah and me living here.
Looks nice, huh?
And don't worry. You'll be with us too.
That's a pretty big dream, man.
Come on.
[Iyos] Here, eat this. It's really good.
[ominous music]
Hold this.
[Sugeng chuckles]
You're either brave or stupid coming here.
What bullshit excuse is it this time?
Are your in-laws dying?
Whatever it is, I don't care.
Here's a little extra for you
to buy cigarettes.
[Iyos] Good night.
Hey, Syafin, you wanna eat something nice?
Something yummy?
[Iyos] Thank you, here you go.
Keep the change.
Ipah, I'll be over there for a minute.
You two go on in and order
whatever Syafin wants. Anything.
[waiter] Can I get you anything else, sir?
[Ipah] I hope you're hungry.
[indistinct chatter]
- [waitress] Here you are, ma'am.
- [Ipah] Thank you.
[waitress] You're welcome.
Sit here.
Hello and welcome.
Here's the menu.
[soft chuckle]
Hey, do you want this? Yeah?
Right. We'll have this here.
[waiter] That's 300, ma'am.
[Iyos] Thank you, my wife can read.
[long inhale, exhale]
[Ipah] We'll also have
the Singapore-style beef.
[waiter] Here is your fuyunghai.
Syafin, that's yours there.
- It's a lot, huh?
- Waiter? Three handwash bowls, please.
So, this is what this tastes like.
Like prawns kinda.
My cooking's much better than this.
Way better.
It's the lobster he's choking on.
- Mm.
- [coughing continues]
- Oh, no. Sweetie?
- [Syafin gasps]
- [thuds]
- [gasps]
[Ipah] Syafin?
- What's wrong, Ipah?
- We have to get him to the hospital.
- Hurry.
- [Ipah] Help me.
Come on. Come on.
Sir, you have to pay your bill.
- Yeah, sir. How much is it?
- Boss.
This your regular scam?
How dare you, my boy got sick
because of the lousy food
you people serve here.
All right! That's enough.
[cashier] Here.
What? 800?
This would be enough for me
to pay rent for three months.
What kind of slum are you living in
that you pay such low rent?
[waiter] If you can't afford to eat here,
then go to some cheap diner.
Is that money
you're waving around even real?
- I'll show you how real it is.
- All right. All right. That's enough, sir.
Iyos, come on, hurry.
All right, there, there.
Count it.
[Syafin grunts]
What was he doing earlier?
Oh. We were at a restaurant, Doctor.
Does he have any allergies?
- Uh
- [Syafin coughs]
Peanuts. He's allergic to peanuts, Doctor.
- Doctor, it's ready.
- Okay, I'll be right there.
- I need you to wait outside, ma'am.
- [Ipah] But
He's gonna be all right, isn't he, Doctor?
He's gonna be fine.
- Can't I just wait in here with him?
- It's better if you wait outside, ma'am.
He's gonna be fine.
[Ipah] Oh, God. I hope he's all right.
You knew? He's allergic to peanuts?
Yeah, I knew about it but
I didn't know there'd be any in that meal.
Why did you even wanna go
to that stupid restaurant?
But honey, it was you
who said to go on in first
and to order anything that he wants.
- If anything happens to him now
- Don't act as if you care about him.
The only thing you care about
is keeping him safe long enough
for him to make you rich,
isn't that right?
I'm not denying it.
We agreed on that, Ipah.
What is it you want?
I know you lied to me before, okay?
And I know how you really feel about him.
Come on, Ipah.
You're putting us in danger.
Excuse me, sir, ma'am.
Your boy is gonna be fine.
- You can take him home in an hour.
- [Ipah sighs in relief]
- [Ipah] Can I see him now?
- Of course. Follow me.
[Ipah] Thank you so much.
[pharmacist] That'll be 850,000.
[pharmacist] Here's the medication, sir.
Thank you.
[suspenseful music]
[thunder rumbling]
Syafin, how about when the rain stops,
we go to the fair tonight?
There are a lot of games there.
Arcade games and bumper cars, huh?
With what money? It's not free.
Don't be like this, Ipah.
We made no money yesterday.
The house is leaking and we need money.
So we don't eat then?
Just so you and Syafin
can go out and play?
We've done this before, Ipah.
We once went two days without food.
Just a bit longer
and our dream will come true.
"Our dream", Iyos?
I already have my dream,
don't you know that?
Honey. Sweetie. Hey.
Why don't we just keep Syafin, okay?
And we'll take him far away from here.
- Please, I just don't want him to die.
- Hey, don't you think I want that too?
But you know the way it works, right?
Everyone who adopts the kid dies.
And unless you want us to die,
I have no idea what else to do.
If only Rian was still alive
he would have grown to be
as big as Syafin.
Ipah, that boy is not our son.
But, can't it be that
we've been given a second chance?
Syafin is not Rian, Ipah, okay?
- I know but can't we just try to
- You've got to stop this. Ipah!
- I don't want to
- [clanking]
[Syafin] Mom, the roof is leaking!
Syafin, come here! Come.
You're all wet.
Hey, you're supposed
to make us rich, not this!
- Iyos!
- Let me talk to him!
Where is it? Where's the money, kid?
- Iyos!
- Now do what you're here for!
[Ipah breathing heavily]
- What's the matter with you?
- [Iyos grunts]
If it wasn't for Syafin,
we'd be dead already!
You'd be dead now!
Syafin, are you okay?
[thunder rumbling]
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
[whimsical music]
[door creaks open]
[Ipah] Syafin!
Come in here, right now!
It's dangerous there!
- Syafin!
- Ipah!
- Ipah! Ipah!
- Syafin! [grunting]
Help me!
- Ipah, come back here!
- Syafin!
- You're gonna get hurt!
- No!
- Come on!
- Syafin! Help him!
You've got to help me find him!
- Ipah!
- [sobbing] No!
[Ipah] Help me!
[Ipah] Syafin! Syafin!
- Come here. No. Syafin. Syafin!
- [overhead rumbling]
[Ipah] My boy! My sweet boy!
[mysterious music]
[mysterious music continues]
Ipah, look around.
I can't believe how big this house is.
We can look down at our village
from upstairs.
[Iyos] "Iyos, Saripah."
[Syafin coughs]
[Ipah] Come here, sweetie.
[Ipah] Shush. You're okay now, sweetie.
[moans softly]
[clicks tongue]
Ipah, are you all right?
Are you all right, Ipah?
I know what you're gonna do.
Look. Is that what you're afraid of?
Is that who you're afraid of?
[Syafin whimpers weakly]
[Ipah shushing]
You really think this sweet little boy
is gonna kill us?
[Ipah] It's all right, sweetie.
[suspenseful music]
[Ipah] Come on.
You lost the old one, right?
I was stupid, and selfish,
and a bad father.
You saved our lives, Syafin,
and you gave us this house.
And made your Mom happy.
And I truly believe
that you'd never do anything to hurt us.
[Iyos] I'm sorry, buddy.
What do you say? Do you forgive me?
I'll bring you something to eat,
so you'll get all better.
Thank you so much.
[soft chuckle]
[ad narrator] and this last product
is selling out fast. It's a must-have.
A chef knife made by one
of the finest Japanese knife makers.
Guaranteed sharp for life.
There's no need to sharpen it every month.
Good boy.
Come, get some sleep now.
[ad narrator] This fantastic knife
can cut through anything you want.
It's amazing.
It's made from the very best material.
It can cut through anything.
It can slice through any lemon with ease
and any other fruit or vegetable.
You see? It also comes in various sizes.
Small, medium, or large.
Got a tough chunk of meat to slice?
No worries. With this extra sharp knife,
you can cut
- through bone like nothing else.
- [thuds]
It can slice
through the bone and the gristle
like a pair of scissors through paper.
[ad narrator continues indistinctly]
[eerie music]
[thunder clapping]
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
[Ipah] Iyos!
[knocking on door]
[Ipah] Iyos!
Iyos, what are you doing? Stop!
[gasps in fear]
Oh my God.
[eerie music continues]
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic music]
Oh my God, Syafin!
Syafin! Syafin!
[intense music]
It's all right, Mommy's here.
Come. Come on, quick.
[Iyos] Ipah!
[music continues]
[Iyos] Ipah!
[Ipah pants]
[Ipah sobs]
[Iyos] Ipah!
[Ipah grunts]
[Iyos] Ipah!
Give him to me.
I love you, Ipah.
Don't you love me too?
I just want us to live.
[Ipah] And I want him to live too.
That boy is not our son.
- No.
- Don't you see what he's doing, Ipah?
- No!
- Just trust me, I swear.
[Ipah breathing heavily]
Don't you trust me? Let him go.
- Give him to me!
- Iyos!
- Trust me. I'm telling you!
- Iyos, I'm begging you, don't do this!
[Ipah yelps]
[Ipah breathing heavily]
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'll go and get help, okay?
Stay with me. Stay here, Ipah.
Look at where we are, Ipah.
I don't need all that money.
You're worth more to me
than anything in the world.
I don't want it to end like this.
It's okay, Ipah.
I'll take care of Rian
when I get up there.
[sobbing continues]
[Syafin] Mommy, I am so sorry.
[ominous music]
Mom, I don't want you to die.
This is what always happens to people
who want something from you, isn't it?
They end up dying.
Isn't that right, Syafin?
No, I don't want you to leave me, Mom.
[Syafin cries]
[Ipah whimpers]
[Syafin] Mom!
[heavy breathing]
Mom, I don't want you
to leave me all alone, Mom.
[eerie music]
[closing theme music]
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