Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Poems and Pains

[cheerful music playing]
[Hendra] We put out 50 chairs, right?
That'll be fine. If any more people come,
then they'll just have to stand.
- [Hendra clears throat]
- What is it?
Your new book Period
is unlike Poems and Pain.
The way you tell the story
is more explorative.
So if you don't get many readers at first,
don't worry.
Actually, all my books
are explorative, Hendra.
Poems and Pain, as well as Period.
It's just a bit different.
But you do like it, don't you?
If you don't, why publish it?
I'm more than just your publisher,
you know?
You're like a sister to me.
- I support you in whatever you write.
- Wow. Thanks.
Listen. I'm still hoping you'll write
the sequel to Poems and Pain one day.
Not now. I've gotta aim higher.
No more pop stories.
- Any reviews yet?
- It was just published yesterday.
What's the title of this?
Circle or, uh Period?
Okay. I get it.
This is your way of telling your readers
"Don't judge a book by its cover"?
Is that it?
Uh, when the reporters ask you that,
that's how you should answer.
We deliberately made the cover bland
so people could judge its content instead.
It's not bland.
It's simplistic. Honest.
Do you think there are too many seats?
Should we take some more away?
Why are you guys so freaking worried?
Just relax!
The book launch only starts in 15 minutes.
[breathes deeply]
Your new book is really confusing to me
and to be honest, it makes me wonder
which one is more important to you,
Miss Rania.
Getting recognition from readers like me
or from the critics?
Well, the truth is
I'm not trying to get
any kind of recognition from anyone.
Writing, for me, is like breathing.
I need to keep doing it
to keep feeling alive.
- It's as simple as that, sir.
- [Amir] But don't you
Look, I'm really sorry.
But the room is needed for another event,
so let's get to the book signing.
Come, come. Yes, come on up.
[soft chuckle]
Hi, Miss Rania.
Ah today I'm signing my book Period.
You said the book is quite literary.
[nervous chuckle]
I I can get kinda confused
if it's too literary.
[both chuckle softly]
[Rania] It's not that confusing.
Ladies and gentlemen,
there's copies here for sale.
Thank you, miss.
[soft chuckle]
If anyone has my latest book,
just come here and I'll sign it.
[Hendra clears throat]
All right, I'll sign the other.
- The review from Khatulistiwa is out.
- Oh, yeah? And?
- Thanks.
- [fan] Thank you.
It's not important.
[Rania] What do you mean?
Their review is the most important one.
Thank you.
- [puffs]
- Is it that bad?
Thanks a lot.
[theme music playing]
[Rania] How about the review from Pena?
[Hendra] "After her sensational
pop series book, Poems and Pain,
Rania's newest title, Period,
cannot be considered honest.
It prioritizes style over substance."
Well, that review's pretty banal anyway.
How about Sastra Berkala magazine?
[Hendra] "My rating can be seen
on the cover of the book.
Bland, and with zero effort
to connect to its readers."
Well, who cares?
They bash all my books anyway.
How about social media? @goodbooksreview?
Well, they don't really promote your book.
[Rania] Oh, yeah?
- Maybe they haven't read it yet.
- [cranking]
But they're talking about it, right?
Don't you check your social media?
I don't have time for that.
[Hendra] Look it up, #PeriodNovel.
At least people are being more creative.
[Hendra] I know you've got big plans
for what you're gonna make from this, Ran.
But it seems we might not get much.
[Rania] Just relax, okay?
I didn't have money before,
and I was fine.
Yeah, but back then,
you didn't have a huge mortgage
and a car with big monthly payments.
[Rania sighs]
I've already thought about that.
I applied for debt restructuring
this morning.
They can reduce the payments,
but it will take longer to pay.
[Hendra] Or you can write
the sequel to Poems and Pain.
No way!
I will never write
the sequel to that book.
[Hendra] But why not?
Because I want to get out
of that exploitative
popcorn writing scene, Hendra.
But the readers just love it, Ran.
Yeah, the sadomasochist old ladies
who won't leave abusive relationships.
[Hendra] So what? You're just giving them
the escape they need.
That's all.
[Rania] March 30th, 2019.
Ten days after I started writing
Poems and Pain.
The main character of this novel
is Laras Andini,
who just realized
after two months of marriage,
that her husband is
abusive and possessive.
He locked Laras in the basement
and that was when the abuse began.
I fell asleep while writing last night.
When I woke up,
I realized I had written ten pages,
including the part
where Laras was abused by her husband.
Now, my whole body is killing me.
As if I experienced everything Laras did.
[uneasy music playing]
It happened again.
My mind went blank last night.
Somehow, I finished the story
of how Laras was abused.
She got hit on the left side of her face.
When I woke up this morning,
my left cheek was hurting so badly.
I'm starting to lose my mind.
So I did some research.
There have been cases of writers who are
basically so emotionally attached
to the characters they're writing
that they can actually feel
what their characters are feeling.
Now why don't I write a character
who has great sex every single day?
[soft chuckle]
I have finally finished Poems and Pain.
But the story's not over, I had to stop.
My body couldn't take it anymore.
I think the ending's fitting though.
"Laras accepted her fate
of being locked up
in the basement forever"
I hope all this pain was worth it,
and it's a bestseller. Oh, man!
New day, new video.
A new laptop. A new camera.
And next, a new bedroom.
My Poems and Pain novel has been
a bestseller for the past seven months!
[excited scream]
[Rania laughing on video]
"Your application for a new mortgage
has been rejected."
[tense music playing]
Are you sure the sequel to Poems and Pain
will make big money for us?
[Hendra] I bet my life on it.
If I do decide to write it,
can I get an advanced payment?
[light suspenseful music playing]
[singing bowl vibrates on video]
[exhales sharply]
[Rania] If she could choose,
Laras would've been chosen
to be born in a family
[exhales deeply]
If she could choose,
Laras would've been chosen
- to be born in a family
- [exhales slowly]
without parents
without values
of baboons
[metronome ticking]
[keyboard tapping]
[eerie music playing]
[ticking continues]
[suspenseful music sting]
[birds chirping]
[soft grunt]
[ominous music playing]
[groans, breathing shakily]
[keyboard taps]
[Rania] "Laras was tumbling down,
tears filling her face.
Laras tried crawling away
from her husband.
Too late.
On her back, on top of the scars
that were not fully healed."
[camera beeps, clicks]
[Hendra] Rik, the cover's gotta be honest,
just like the story.
- [Erik] Yes, good.
- It's gonna be a bestseller.
I'll send you the script over
for you to read.
I want you to give me some quotes
for the back cover.
She's really talented.
She can turn a simple story
of selling secondhand toilets with her dad
into something quite engaging.
[Hendra] Aliya, do you know Rania Dewi?
Of course I know her.
- [Aliya] Nice to meet you.
- Hey.
[Hendra] Her new book came out yesterday.
- Yeah, I've read it.
- Okay.
I liked it.
But I can understand
if there're some readers
who aren't into it.
- Thanks, Aliya.
- [Hendra] Great! Well
at least that's one admirer.
The advanced payment
has been transferred to you.
- Okay?
- That's what I want to talk to you about.
- So
- [Hendra] Oh!
And I even increased it to 15 percent,
so don't worry about it, Rania.
Uh but that's not it.
The, uh reason I'm here
is that I didn't want to tell you
over the phone.
So, I
want to cancel the Poems and Pain sequel.
You nuts? The writing is great.
- Huh?
- [Hendra] I even showed it to Rik. Rik!
What do you think of Rania's new stuff?
[Erik] I couldn't stop reading it.
I read all 30 pages in 15 minutes.
- I can already imagine
- Whoa, whoa, wait a second.
Where did you get it?
I didn't send it to you.
Look, you always write
on a Google Drive document
- with full access.
- [groans]
[Hendra] I think it's really great.
My colleagues were all really hyped up
when they read it.
It's awesome.
It's not meant to be entertaining!
Domestic violence is serious.
You're right,
but that doesn't mean it's not intriguing.
Your latest book is not!
You wrote it for yourself.
You can't be self-indulgent as a writer,
or you're gonna start losing readers
and become irrelevant.
Aliya's talking about toilets
and that sounds so common.
But it's relevant,
and people can relate to it.
Ran, what are you looking for, hmm?
You've got to be true to yourself
in your writing.
Don't be someone else.
Just be yourself. That's it.
- [Rania] Can you see me now?
- [Hendra] Yes.
All right, now open the app you installed
and enter the username and password
I gave you.
- [Hendra] Ran, what is this all about?
- Log in!
I have. I see you. Now what?
Come on. Just bear with me.
I want you to watch me
while I'm writing, all right?
What? Why?
Just do it, okay?
If you see me doing anything
weird or strange, call me, okay?
What do you mean, "weird or strange"?
Like, why would you be doing
anything weird?
Look, I just got home,
and my boyfriend is here.
So, just don't do anything
like take your clothes off.
Yeah, sure. As if that's gonna happen.
All right, I'm hanging up now.
So just keep watching me on your screen
and if you see me doing anything
out of the ordinary, call me right away.
[Hendra exhales deeply over phone]
- Should I start now?
- Yes, write! Please!
[metronome ticking]
[ticking continues]
[eerie music playing]
[Rania] The room was stifling hot
as Lars stood over her.
She stood there defiantly,
blinking back tears.
[keyboard tapping]
Laras gasped in an attempt to breathe
as her husband's grip
on her throat tightened.
[Rania grunting]
[phone ringing]
[angry grunting]
- [panting]
- [Laras grunting]
- [panting]
- [Laras breathing heavily]
Why do you always make me so mad?
[Laras's husband]
Why can't we just be happy?
[Laras breathing heavily]
[Laras's husband]
I don't know what to do with you anymore.
[door clanks, closes]
- [Laras] Asti.
- [Asti] Mommy.
[Laras] You haven't had your dinner yet,
have you, sweetie?
I'll make you something.
- [Hendra] Rania! Rania!
- [Rania yelps]
- Rania! Hey! Are you all right?
- [grunts, breathing heavily]
I'm sure as hell happy
I got over here right away.
I-I was watching you on the webcam
and saw what was going on.
What's the matter with you? Are you sick?
- [Rania groans]
- Stroke?
[breathing heavily]
[uneasy music playing]
Thank you.
[light background music playing]
When you wrote the first
Poems and Pain novel, did it happen then?
When I started writing this one,
it was the first time I experienced
what Laras was going through firsthand.
I didn't even realize
I was writing anything until I woke up.
I only felt the pain in the first one.
And now my body has real marks on it.
You're not using drugs, are you?
If you are, I'm taking you to rehab.
Do you really think I choked my own neck?
You think I did that?
Maybe you're just too involved and
you eventually start feeling
what your character is feeling.
Yeah, I used to think that too but
this time, I could actually feel the pain.
And I just feel
that Laras is really out there somewhere.
If I could just see her face,
maybe I could find her and help her.
All right. Stop writing for now.
And you can just keep
the advanced payment for future books.
But what if
Laras is really out there, Hendra?
What if she's really experiencing
everything I see?
And what if everything you're seeing
happened hundreds of years ago?
We just don't know.
There's nothing you can do about it.
I know it's going on.
I can feel that it's happening now.
And if it is, it's dangerous.
It was just choking you.
What if it gets worse?
[in soft voice]
You could be in real danger.
[breathes deeply]
[tense music playing]
Who are you?
[metronome ticking]
[keyboard tapping]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Laras breathing heavily]
[Asti] Do you like it, Mommy?
[Laras] What?
[Laras chuckles softly, gasps]
[Laras] "Mommy loves Asti."
[Laras chuckles softly]
It's beautiful. Thank you, sweetie.
Can you tell me a story
about the outside world, Mom?
[Laras] What story would you like to hear?
The one where Dad gave you the ring.
[Laras] I've told you that story before.
I was at a French restaurant.
Are we allowed to choose
what we want to eat at a restaurant?
[Laras] Of course you can.
You can choose what to drink too.
But was Dad still nice
to you back then, Mom?
[Laras] Hmm?
Was Dad still nice to you
back when he gave you the ring?
[Laras] Yes, he was still nice.
Then why is he not nice now then?
Why won't he let us go outside?
[Laras] Your dad loves me too much.
He loves us too much.
He doesn't want to lose us.
So why does he do those bad things too?
[Laras] He doesn't mean to.
I know who he really is, sweetie.
Who is he, Momma?
[Laras gasps]
[Laras] Asti! My ring
- Mom, where did you put it?
- [Laras] No.
When I was washing my hands,
it was a bit loose.
Asti, help me find it
before your dad comes.
- [tense music playing]
- [Laras breathing heavily]
- [door opens]
- [Laras gasps]
[Laras's husband] What's going on here?
I just got home, I'm tired
and you're both acting strange. Hmm?
- [Asti sobbing]
- Why are you crying, Asti?
What's wrong with her?
Why are you hiding your hands?
Are you hiding something from me?
- [Laras] It's just
- Is it a surprise?
For me, huh? Let me see.
[Laras's husband] Huh?
- [Laras breathing shakily]
- [Asti sobs]
Your ring Why did you take off your ring?
- [Laras] I I didn't.
- Huh?
- [Laras] No, it's No, it's
- Do you Do you not want to be married
to me anymore? Is that it?
- [Laras] It's not that!
- Huh? Then why did you take it off?
- Huh?
- [Laras groaning]
[Rania] Fight back.
Fight back!
- [Laras groaning]
- [Laras's husband] Why?
- [grunts]
- [Laras groans]
[Laras's husband]
Why are you doing this? Huh?
Maybe I should just put an end
to your misery
and take Asti away from here?
And wait until she's grown up.
Maybe she'll serve me
better than you ever could.
[Laras] She's your daughter.
Please don't do that.
I know that!
Fight back.
Fight back!
- [squelches]
- [groans]
[keyboard tapping]
[ominous music playing]
[music intensifies]
- [grunts]
- [Laras groans]
[Laras grunts, breathing heavily]
- [grunts]
- [Laras groans]
[Laras's husband] Damn it!
[groans, breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily, rapidly]
[Rania] Come on! Come on!
- [keyboard tapping]
- Come on, I wanna help you.
Come on!
You're right.
There's some bruising on her ribs.
Oh, my God.
Her skull seems to be fine though.
But I want to do an MRI
- just to be safe
- I don't know if I'll able to do that.
I'm really claustrophobic.
I understand. But it's either an MRI
or it could be a casket.
I'm fine, Doctor.
I'm just a bit stiff, really.
Who did this to you?
We need to report this to the police.
I know someone.
That's news to me. Who do you know?
Just a patient.
- How close to this patient are you?
- All right. That's enough. Look, I'm fine.
- Hendra will monitor me, Doctor.
- [scribbling]
The point is, no one did this to me.
Why don't we just talk about it at home?
- Bed rest, all right?
- Sure.
Those bruises are serious.
They're gonna need time to heal.
I'll give you a painkiller.
Come back and see me in two days.
Thanks, babe.
Appreciate it.
- Hey.
- [Hendra chuckling]
Ran, seriously
I'm really worried about you.
No writing. The book can wait.
You really don't believe me, do you?
I do believe you.
But you have to admit
this is really strange.
This doesn't happen every day.
All right. Let's say
everything you're telling me is true.
You shouldn't be getting involved
like you did last night.
So you think
I should just sit back and do nothing?
When you get involved, she gets beaten up
and you end up hurt.
I have to find out who she is.
Don't you get it?
- All right, but how?
- Every time I enter
Every time I enter her body,
I can see clearer.
I need to see what she looks like.
Look, if anything happens to you again
That's why I need you to keep an eye
on me while I'm writing, okay? Please.
Only wake me up
if I seem to be in real trouble.
You know, if anything happens to you,
I'll be the prime suspect.
Because I'm right here.
Just keep an eye on me.
And only wake me up
if I seem to be in serious danger.
- How am I supposed to know that?
- Don't worry, you'll know.
[metronome ticking]
[Laras] Hmm?
Do you think we'll ever be able
to leave this room some day?
[Laras] Yes, sweetie. One day, we will.
Tell me another story, Mom.
[Laras chuckles softly]
Which one do you want to hear?
Tell me about death.
If we ever die, where will we go
and will we ever come back?
[Laras] Asti, you're so young.
You're going to grow up to be a big girl.
You'll leave this room,
you'll go to school, then to college,
and go out with your friends, okay?
I'm afraid Dad is going to kill me, Mom.
Who are you?
- [Laras gasps]
- What's wrong, Mom?
[Laras breathing heavily]
- [keyboard tapping]
- [Rania] A mirror.
[Asti] We don't have any mirrors, Mom.
[dramatic music sting]
- [breathing heavily]
- What happened? What happened? Who is she?
When was the last time
you even saw your parents?
12 years ago.
What happened?
I was driving my friend's car.
Rama came along. I drove into a tree.
And he died.
Rama was always my parents' favorite.
He was sweet, smart and very handsome.
And I was none of those things.
I rebelled. Failed a grade.
My parents never forgave me.
So, I have a twin sister?
And you decided
to put her up for adoption?
We were going through
difficult times back then.
We were having money trouble.
I was trying to make a living
as a journalist
at a media outlet
that was far from the mainstream.
One day, I got wind that I
was about to be arrested.
We were worried that
we wouldn't be able
to take care of both of you.
So why only my twin then?
Why not me as well?
We did find another home
for you too, Rania.
But a year later, we
regretted what we did.
[Rania's dad]
We looked for the two of you.
But you were the only one we found.
We never found your sister. We tried.
So you actually gave me away too then.
But you never gave Rama away, did you?
- No.
- [scoffs]
- Of course.
- That's because he was older.
And you have no idea where she is today?
We've been looking for her for years.
[Rania's mom]
Even hired someone to find her.
As recently as a few years ago.
[Rania's mom] We never found her.
Your dad
and I love you. We love you very much.
We love you both, Rania, so very much.
[Rania's mom]
We just got in over our heads.
And our decision haunts us every day.
So much regret.
Sounds like
your biggest regret
was having me and my twin.
[Rania's mom] I'll tell you what I regret.
I regret not having enough love
for both of you girls.
[Rania's mom] Rania.
Rania, you didn't do anything wrong.
We're the ones who failed you.
We thought of our people.
Thought of our country.
But we never stopped to think
about the most precious thing we had.
[Rania's mom sobs]
Our son and daughters.
Forgive me, Rania.
Forgive us, please.
[Rania's mom] Forgive us.
- [Hendra] What are you gonna do now?
- [Rania] I need to find my twin sister.
[Hendra] How?
[Rania] Hendra.
Thanks for being here for me
during all of this.
I know I'm not
the best writer you've ever met
but you've supported me
through everything.
You're a good friend.
And I know
it's not because you're attracted to me.
You're not even attracted to girls.
- Sure about that?
- Oh, yeah.
You didn't even notice
when my top popped open
- at the book festival last year.
- [chuckling]
God, that was embarrassing.
Seriously now though
If anything happens to me,
I want you to know
that I love you.
You're a good man.
You're talking as if you're
I need to finish this
and find out where my twin sister is,
whatever it takes.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Rania exhales sharply]
[metronome ticking]
[Laras] Asti.
Momma, I don't feel well.
- It's cold.
- [Laras] You're going to be fine, sweetie.
Can I get out of here if I die, Mom?
[Laras] You're not going to die, sweetie.
- [Laras breathing heavily]
- [hurried footsteps]
[grunting, panting]
[grunting continues]
[door opens]
What's going on, Laras?
I'm tired and I need some rest.
[Laras] Your daughter, Asti, is sick.
[Laras's husband]
Ast-Asti gets cold all the time.
She'll feel better tomorrow.
Just give her something
from the medicine cabinet.
[Laras] She has a high fever.
- She's burning up.
- Knock it off with the drama.
[Laras] Please, just take her
to the hospital, I'm begging you.
And how do I explain who she is?
[Laras] She's your daughter!
And she's sick!
If you don't get her to a doctor,
- she's going to
- Enough!
Don't use your daughter to get attention.
[Laras] Hey!
What are you anyway?
Not even demons do this
to their own children!
- [Laras groans, breathing heavily]
- [tense music playing]
Not so brave now, are you?
[Laras groans]
- Fight back.
- [grunts]
- Fight back.
- [Laras groans]
Fight back.
[Laras grunting]
[both grunt]
Go on. Go on, that's it!
Try to hold on. But when you let go,
I'm gonna give you a lesson
that you'll never forget.
[evil laughing]
Go on. Make your choice. Heaven or hell?
[Rania] Don't!
[Laras's husband panting]
[Rania] Agartha.
[eerie music playing]
[Rania] What is Agartha?
Who are you?
You're not Laras.
Who are you?
[ominous music playing]
[Rania breathing heavily]
[Rania] Asti? Asti.
[door closes]
[Rania breathes nervously]
[Rania] "State-Owned Enterprises."
Okay. I know where he works.
All I need to know is who he is
and where he lives.
Come on, come downtown with me.
[metronome ticking]
[Rania] List of staff
of Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises.
Expert staff,
Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises.
Adrian Rajasa.
[keyboard tapping]
Adrian Rajasa.
Profile page.
[exhales sharply]
I know who you are, you bastard!
Hendra, go to number 3
Widia Nuri Street! Hurry!
- [Hendra] 34 minutes.
- No, we don't have 34 minutes.
That kid will be dead
and so will my sister, Hendra.
[Hendra] You said you could get
inside Laras's husband's body.
Can't you just do that
and get him to kill himself?
No, I can't actually control his body
and I can't control Laras's body either.
We need some kind of weapon.
Do you have anything in here?
- [Rania] Is that real?
- No. But it looks real.
Okay. Drive fast, as fast as you can!
- [Hendra] Why? What's happening?
- I just need to get there, okay?
Now just drive. Drive!
I need to get th
- [Laras] Asti, wake up, sweetie.
- Mom.
[Laras] Asti, don't leave me, sweetie.
Stay with Mommy.
Yes, Mom.
I keep trying to open my eyes
so that I won't die,
so that I can stay here with you.
- [Laras] Asti
- [door opens]
[Laras breathing heavily, sobbing]
- [cars honking]
- [Hendra] Move! Damn it!
Who are you really? Huh?
What do you want?
If I kill her
you'll be dead too.
- [Laras] Adrian.
- Adrian.
[Laras gasps]
[Rania] Adrian. I know who you are.
Adrian Rajasa.
Manager at Expert Staff Industry.
Laras dies
you die.
[ominous music playing]
- [Rania groans]
- [Hendra] Rania!
[grunts, breathes heavily]
- Why did you wake me up?
- [Hendra] Because we're here.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Hendra] This house is so big.
They don't even lock it.
- And they have no security.
- [Rania] Either he's too confident
or he's not afraid of anyone.
- [doorbell chimes]
- [door lock clicks]
- Yes?
- I'm sorry, ma'am,
but I'm here from the Ministry.
We need to speak with Adrian
and we haven't been able
to reach his phone.
[Adrian's wife] His phone is always off
when he's in his office.
[Hendra] Excuse me.
[Rania] Where's his office?
Where is it?
Hey! Go!
Get over there!
[Rania] Laras!
Don't anybody move and no one'll get hurt.
What is it you're gonna do?
Try me and you'll find out.
You really plan on killing children?
Don't push me!
[Rania gasps]
- Go. Go on, kill me.
- Back! Don't make me shoot you!
I swear I'll kill you!
You have no idea how lucky you are.
You and your friend
could be dead right now.
Why's that?
Because I think that you both
oughta know that the law
doesn't apply to me, that's all.
- Laras! Laras, it's your twin sister.
- [grunts]
[in weak voice]
I often dreamt of you.
I thought you were
just something I created
in my head.
The version as a free woman.
I'm taking you out of here.
[Laras] No.
If I get out,
none of us will survive.
They're not
They're not human.
No. They're devils.
No, they're worse than
- They
- [sobbing]
Thank you, Sister.
[somber music playing]
You'll get what's coming to you.
Adrian who is that?
[car engine starts]
Are we outside, Mom?
Are you really moving away?
A new life.
Even though that bastard will be in jail,
I just want to get her away from here.
What's wrong, Hendra?
I'm telling you,
he was standing right here!
I'm sorry, we checked
all the security cam footage
and found nothing.
This is bullshit!
[policeman] Miss
[doors creaking]
[suspenseful music playing]
A Devil or something worse,
you're gonna pay, I swear.
[closing theme music playing]
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