Joko Anwar's Nightmares and Daydreams (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

The Encounter

[suspenseful music]
Wahyu always has such good luck.
What do you mean?
His bag is always full.
That's because he always gets to work
before everyone else.
Guy starts before sundown.
Yeah, okay, fine.
But I don't think that's right.
There'd be a lot
more shellfish left for us.
All we get are leftovers.
- No such thing as leftovers.
- Yeah, sure there is.
There's the same amount
of shellfish here every single day.
[solemn music]
And it doesn't mean we're lazy
just because we start at night.
It's because we're trying
to keep our area from getting bulldozed.
If you keep pretending you can't hear us,
you might end up deaf for real one day.
Hey. What the hell
is your problem, Rusman?
My problem is right here. It's this guy.
He only thinks about himself.
He doesn't give a shit about anyone else.
Hey, you should just be happy
that you have a job, all right?
Why are you always so pissed off?
- Out of my way.
- Hey, come on. Knock it off.
- Why do you keep defending him?
- Hey. I'm not defending him.
People like you really piss me off,
you know?
Stop acting like a saint, okay?
I know you have the hots for his wife.
- You shit. Shut it!
- You know it's true.
- Don't listen to him.
- [grunting]
[theme music]
[waves crashing]
[tense music]
I've got more than 6,000,000 here.
We almost have enough.
You hear what I said?
Yeah, I heard you.
[Wahyu's wife] So I was thinking.
What do we do when we get to Saudi Arabia?
We'll go find my mother.
And where are we supposed to find her?
[Wahyu's wife] All I keep hearing
is how huge Saudi Arabia is.
Is your savings gonna be enough
for us to live on
while you look for your mother?
Yeah. Should last a week.
[Wahyu's wife] How can you be
so sure it'll last a week?
[Wahyu grunts]
I heard there's something going on
between you and Ohim.
Are you crazy?
[Wahyu's wife] You're just like
everyone else around here, aren't you?
People have dirty minds.
Well, if it's not true, then fine.
[Wahyu's wife] Ohim.
If I wanted to fool around,
don't you think I could've done better?
The guy's broke and a widower.
So you'd go for it
if there was a better catch?
I would've done it already if I wanted to.
Happy birthday.
Where's the candle?
You still mad?
Look. Just hear me out.
[Wahyu's wife] I know you really want
to find your mother in Saudi Arabia.
But how am I supposed to skip work
at the factory for a whole week?
I have no time off left.
[Wahyu] Don't worry about it.
We can always go live with my mother.
Honey, your mother left you
when you were seven years old.
And she never even wrote to you.
How could she?
She doesn't even know where I live.
- Yeah, I think you have to consider that
- She's dead?
She's still alive.
I know. I can feel it.
You don't have to come with me
if you don't want.
[Wahyu] What's that?
Today was the anniversary of the factory.
[Wahyu's wife] They gave out prizes.
Some people won an iron, a stove, a radio.
And I won this camera. You can have it.
[camera whirs]
What are you doing?
I saw them doing this
in a commercial once.
When you shake it like this,
it helps the picture come out.
[Wahyu] It can take ten pictures.
Now we have nine left.
- Take another one.
- I want to save them for important things.
[Wahyu] So I can show my mother.
- I'm not important then?
- I took one of you.
How much do you remember about your mom?
[tongue clicks]
Even when
she would take me into the kitchen,
she was such a great mom.
[Wahyu] She made everything special.
Little things, like telling me
how a wok was made.
If a wok is made with a happy heart,
everything you cook will be delicious.
She would sometimes take me
into the garden.
She'd tell me all the names of the plants,
and she'd even tell me how they got there
and when they'd bloom.
And every night,
she told me bedtime stories
until I fell asleep.
All right then. I'm gonna come with you.
[camera whirs]
If I work more hours this week,
we can save up enough money
and go to Saudi Arabia.
[Wahyu] You like that picture?
[soft tense music]
[Wahyu's wife groans]
[footsteps approaching]
- [man 1] There! Hold him down!
- [man 2] Get down!
- [man 2] Get him! Take him down!
- [clamoring]
- [man 3] Fuck off!
- [man 1] Get up, you!
[man 3] Get that little fucker!
- [man 3] Fuck you!
- [man 2] That's it. Stop. Get him.
[man 2] Come on! Let him have it!
[clamoring continues]
[man 3] Get that son of a bitch.
- [overlapping chatter]
- [man 3] Fuck you!
- [grunting]
- All right, it's enough.
[overlapping chatter continues]
- [woman] What is it? What's wrong?
- Just go away.
How long you been watching?
Since since you caught him.
We could have been burned to death
and you wouldn't have done anything.
- [Rusman] Fuck you.
- [distant groaning]
I can't believe you.
[Rusman] Let's bring
the bastard over there!
[Ohim] Grab him over here.
Come on, grab him.
- [Rusman] Bring him over here.
- [Ohim] Get over there.
It's really
It's really hot outside right now.
Make sure you don't miss it.
[announcer] Make sure you get there
on time so you don't miss anything!
[crowd cheering]
They're making our lives even harder
now that they cut the electricity.
- Usually when
- Mm.
when burning shit doesn't work,
they'll just bulldoze the shit out of us.
I'm telling you
we shouldn't have let those two guys go.
They'll run back to whoever sent them.
It's gonna get messy.
The military is behind this.
Well, it's already messy now.
We'll be fighting the police soon.
[clears throat]
So bring them on! Bring them on!
I'll go until I have no blood left.
I don't care, fuck them.
And tell me something,
where are we supposed to live anyway
if not here?
[Rusman] If they relocate us,
where are we gonna work?
All of us and our families
will just starve and die.
- [seller] Here you go.
- [announcer] The forecast
is calling for strong winds
and a storm that is expected
to hit large areas of Jakarta.
All those living near the North Coast
are being asked to take precautions.
Why don't you guys go watch the movie?
I've seen this movie
so many damn times now.
They said they were going
to show House of Angels tonight.
But we got screwed.
Because they're showing it
in the next village. Lucky pricks.
- Wahyu.
- [Wahyu] Hm?
- You're going to work?
- [Wahyu] Yes.
But there's a storm coming.
No use of me sitting around here.
I can't keep the village safe.
I can't fight.
I'm not asking you
to keep the village safe.
I'm just telling you a storm's coming.
I'll be fine.
[coughing in distance]
[waves rumbling]
[thunder roaring]
[camera shutter clicks]
[suspenseful music]
- [Wahyu's wife] Wahyu? What is it?
- [Wahyu whimpers]
Wahyu! Wahyu!
You're as cold as ice!
Wahyu, what's wrong? Tell me. Wahyu.
I saw an angel.
[Wahyu's wife gasps]
You sound possessed.
- I'll go get the Ustad.
- Dijah!
- [Dijah] Wait here.
- Dijah!
[tense music]
Ha! What the hell is that?
It's a photograph
of an angel floating above.
Huh? Why is it all black around her?
It should be white and pure.
[Rusman] He must've cut it out
from somewhere.
It's from an instant camera
that I got from the factory.
It was a door prize.
Why would they give prizes out?
It's the factory's anniversary,
so they gave prizes.
Huh? Oh yeah?
What's wrong with you?
If it really is an angel,
why'd she appear in front of him?
[Ohim] What do you mean?
I mean, why'd she pick this guy
to appear in front of, huh?
What's so special about him?
He's a weakling and shit for brains.
[mocking laugh]
They say the chosen prophets
were all like that.
They were all stupid, you mean?
Ah, God.
Many prophets were considered
to be weak physically and oppressed.
Who's oppressing him?
You're all nuts. Nuts.
Prophets stand up for people.
Who's he standing up for?
He only cares about himself. That's all.
I've been wondering
why did the angel descend on our village?
It can't be just for fun, right?
Did she say anything to you?
Maybe she was going to,
but then she saw your mustache
and flew away.
Yeah, you're really funny.
[Ustad] Hm
Ustad, why did this angel
come down to our village now?
Well, usually, an angel descends
from above carrying a message from God
to a place where people
are the most in need.
But, truthfully, I don't know.
I mean, I became an Ustad
because you people keep calling me Ustad.
And I never even studied religion at all.
- And that's the truth.
- [chuckles]
[Ustad] One thing I know for sure,
an angel wouldn't show themselves
to just any random person in the world.
[tense music]
- Ah, shit.
- Oh, shit.
My mouth tastes like shit.
I need to smoke.
My mouth tastes like shit
Aren't you scared about doing
an article on our village?
I mean, they might kill you.
Ah, it's all part of the job, man.
Besides, if I die, then I die.
Even a kiss-ass to those in power
could step out of the house and die.
Get hit by a truck.
Hm, or struck by lightning.
But, why are they trying to evict us?
Well, I heard they're planning on building
a luxury apartment building here.
Now, over there in Priok,
the community has a reason to fight back.
They live on sacred land there.
They have their ancestors' graves.
You've got nothing.
[indistinct chatter]
Yes, we do.
[Bandot] Come with me.
Tell him, Wahyu. Tell him, tell him.
What's this about?
He saw an angel last night.
- Where?
- On the beach.
A real angel?
He's got a photo, huh, Wahyu?
Where did you put it?
Is it in your pockets?
Where is it? Ah, there it is.
- Is this for real?
- You bet.
Maybe, uh
This can be a reason
not to evict us, right?
It means our land is sacred as well.
I believe in you, Wahyu.
I believe you're gonna save us.
Is it for real?
People have been
talking about it, nonstop.
It might be.
[villager 1] Dijah, why do you think, uh
an angel appeared before your husband?
I have no idea.
[Gemi] Well, maybe it wasn't an angel.
Ghosts are white too, you know.
You're just bitter,
exactly like that husband of yours,
aren't you?
You know what?
Tell your husband to be patient
and maybe an angel
will come for him one day as well.
And it'll be the angel of death.
My Lord. What a horrible thing to say.
You're all so nasty.
I can't wait
to get out of this dump. Urgh.
[villager 1] Then why don't you?
And move where? With what money?
How much money does it take to move
to a decent place, anyways?
To have a good life.
My husband said, mm,
6,000,000 should be enough.
It can get us a place far away
from here with a small shop.
My grandfather once said,
the chosen prophets were men
just like your husband, Dijah.
- What kind is that?
- The quiet one.
How come?
Because the most quiet people listen
to what everybody is saying, that's why.
They know it all.
So what does that mean?
Are you saying her husband
can actually read minds now?
Is that even a thing?
[villager 2] That's what they say.
Will he be immortal?
[villager 1] What do you mean, immortal?
No. He can die.
I thought he had a superpower.
[indistinct chatter]
[tense music]
Mom, I miss you so much.
- What are you doing up there?
- I'm not doing anything.
Are you trying to hang yourself?
[Wahyu] Are you crazy?
What did that angel you saw
tell you to do?
[Wahyu sighs]
What are you talking about?
What made you think
I was gonna hang myself?
Where's the rope?
I was just looking at Mom's photo.
[Dijah] What's your Mom's photo
doing up there?
Why did you put your money up there?
You keep it under here.
Did you move it?
What's going on? Don't you trust me? Huh?
It's been down there too long,
someone might find it.
So I just moved it.
I forgot to tell you, that's all.
We've been married seven years now.
I've never asked you for anything.
[Dijah] Not for money, or kids.
And you don't even trust me.
You're breaking my heart.
I'm sorry.
[Wahyu] Dijah.
You know this means
everything to me.
I just wanna save enough money
so we can go.
I just wanna see my mom
one more time. I need to.
I just want to ask her,
why she never came back home.
And why she never even looked for me.
You get it? That's it.
[indistinct chatter]
[chicken squawking]
You actually look upset about something.
That's a first for you.
- Have you seen Dijah?
- Hm?
No, I haven't.
I woke up and she was gone.
Have any of you seen Dijah?
[villagers] Nope.
Okay. Hey.
Maybe she's at the market?
Her clothes are all gone too.
Oh, man.
Check if there's anything else gone.
I'll come over later. Go on, check.
[suspenseful music]
[somber music]
She ran off with Ohim.
Ohim isn't at his house, either.
He took all of his clothes too.
What was it that I told you before, Wahyu?
Ohim and your wife were very close.
That son of a bitch.
- I think this is my fault.
- What do you mean?
I told her Wahyu would start
having these powers in time.
He'll be able to read people's minds.
She must've been worried he'd read hers.
You kidding me? What the hell?
I was just telling her the truth.
That's all.
[motorcycle revving]
Who's that?
- [reporter] Sir?
- Who are you? What do you want?
- Um, can I just have a word with him?
- [Rusman] No, you can't.
[Rusman] Come back tomorrow.
He can't talk right now.
It has to be now.
I talked to him yesterday. This is urgent.
Please, it'll just take a minute, okay?
I'll be quick.
Okay, okay. We're going.
[reporter] Excuse me,
I'm gonna close the door.
Yeah, yeah.
Something wrong?
I just wanted to tell you
that I had a talk with my boss
about the photo of the angel.
[reporter] He believes it, too.
He asked if we could publish the photo
in our newspaper.
But I told him you'd only allow it
if we pay you 8,000,000.
Sorry for speaking on your behalf.
But don't worry,
all the bosses are rich as hell.
It's just us reporters who are poor.
If you do sell it,
can you give me just a bit of the money?
Ten percent, that's it. That's not much.
So, you'll still end up with 7,200,000.
What do you say?
Was I wrong to ask?
So I wasn't wrong?
Or you won't sell the photo?
I wasn't wrong?
So you don't want to sell it.
I want to sell it.
Oh, man.
You almost gave me a heart attack.
Uh, you still have it, right?
Okay, you guard that photo with your life,
I'll be back in three days with the money.
[reporter] This is my business card.
In case you don't believe me.
Just ask for Hardi Gunadi.
Great, I'll be back in three days, okay?
- Excuse me.
- Yeah, sure.
[Bandot] Wahyu! Rusman!
- What? What's going on?
- What is it?
The government has started
sending people here. They brought police.
- [Rusman] But why?
- I don't know.
- They're at Edo's house now.
- [Rusman] Edo?
- Our Edo?
- Yes.
- Come on. Let's go.
- Bandot, come on.
Wahyu. Oh shit, I forgot.
I'm sorry, but, uh
Uh Can you come with us?
We need your help.
J-Just show us
that you're the chosen one, okay?
Chosen for what?
To save us. To save all of us, Wahyu.
I can't do that.
Yes, you can. You just don't know it yet.
Come on. Yeah, huh?
You need to come, huh? Let's go.
No, I'm not signing it. No.
- Listen, just sign it right there, sir.
- No, no. No, uh No can do.
- No.
- You either sign it now or later.
- No.
- It's gonna happen.
- What's going on, Edo?
- They told me to sign some paper.
- What do they want you to sign?
- That's just it. It's a blank paper.
So you're telling us
to sign some blank piece of paper?
Then what, some magic writing appears,
telling us to move?
It's not like that, sir.
We're just trying to help you.
Because eventually,
you're all gonna have to move.
We won't.
All of these people here
are not moving anywhere.
You can't do that, sir.
All of you people
have no right to live here.
We've all been living here
since our grandfather's time,
before the Independence.
Before there even was a nation.
You think that you can tell us
we have no rights?
I'm not saying anything, it's the law.
We keep this document blank
so that we can figure out
the proper remuneration for all of you
once we get everyone's signature.
Yours, ma'am, and yours and yours.
Go on. Just sign it.
[Rusman] You better get
the hell outta here.
Or I'll knock your fucking teeth out.
- Watch your mouth, smart ass!
- [Rusman] What?
Back off, you piece of shit.
You're the one who should watch it.
Walking into our homes,
telling us to sign blank papers.
- Do you know who I am?
- [Rusman] No! Who are you?
- [clamoring]
- [gun clicks]
- [gunshots]
- [villagers screams]
Get up, you!
Let's just see who dies first!
- [grunts]
- [groans]
[Bandot] Let's go!
[Rusman] Come here!
Come here, you shit!
[Ustad praying]
Why didn't any of you say anything? Huh?
Why was I the only one?
- Astaghfirullah
- [Rusman] Fuck all of you.
Rus Wahyu has powers.
Didn't you see it?
[Bandot] He'll save us all.
- Did you see that?
- Okay, fine.
- Let's give it another try, huh?
- Hey.
Enough, Rusman. That's enough.
If you have any respect left,
just put the gun down!
All right, you wanna see if he has powers?
If he does, this gun
won't blast his fucking head off.
Put the gun down!
[Ustad whimpers]
[motorcycle approaching]
[officer 1] Hey!
[Rusman groaning]
- [officer 1 sighs deeply]
- [Rusman grunts]
[officer 1] Hey.
You think you can win against us?
Dream on, dumbass.
You poor fuck. You poor fucking idiot.
You were poor,
but at least you were safe for now.
I'm gonna make your life a living hell,
you hear me?
- [Rusman grunts]
- [officer 1] Hey, hey, hey. Hey.
[officer 1] Listen to me,
you piece of shit.
Okay? You can't go anywhere
because you're poor, right?
So, you're gonna fucking move
when I tell you to move, got it?
But before I let you move,
I'm gonna teach you something.
You beat up my friend before, remember?
He had a hospital bill.
He's broke now.
So, I'll be back in two days,
and you better have 3,000,000
in cash for me, okay?
If not, you and your wife
won't need to go anywhere.
Because both of you
will be buried in the fucking ground.
- [Rusman groans]
- [officer 1] Piece of shit!
[officer 1] Come on.
- [officer shouts]
- [Rusman whimpers]
[motorcycle engine starts]
[Rusman coughing]
- [sobbing]
- [Rusman] Gemi.
[Rusman] Gemi. Gemi. Gemi. Gemi.
- What did they do to you?
- Nothing.
They just slapped me a few times.
Fuck, shit.
Next time, maybe I'll get raped or killed.
You're crazy.
Sometimes you don't use your head.
The others fight
but they're not cocky like you.
- [Rusman exhales deeply]
- [Gemi sobbing]
[Gemi] What do we do now?
They want me to give them 3,000,000 cash.
- What?
- Yeah.
The hospital bill
for the guy I beat up today.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
[tense music]
[Rusman] Gemi.
What, Rusman? What?
I know where we can get the money.
Hey, Gemi.
- Ouch!
- [Rusman shushes]
We're gonna move out of here.
Find ourselves a new home.
Open up a small shop.
So what was the point of being
the tough guy and fighting to stay here?
The people here aren't worth fighting for.
Right now, we have to think
about ourselves for a change.
[Gemi gasps, groans in pain]
[Gemi] Rusman.
- [Rusman] Just stay right there.
- [Gemi] Rusman!
[suspenseful music]
[Rusman] Wahyu.
- How are you?
- Fine.
[Rusman] I don't get people like you.
[Rusman breathing heavily]
Why are you always so lucky? Huh?
Even when you get into trouble,
it doesn't last long.
And even if something bad happens,
your good luck saves you.
Why is it always you?
That's not true.
- You don't know what my life is like.
- What's so hard about your life?
Do you even know what my life is like?
I have no idea
and I guess that's why
I never assumed I knew anything about you.
I think it's because you never
even gave me a second thought.
[Rusman] You don't give a shit
about other people.
You've never cared about anyone,
isn't that right?
- Yeah, maybe you're right.
- [Rusman] And you're okay with that?
- I guess I am.
- You willing to change?
I need money.
Lots of money.
If I don't get it,
my wife and I are gonna die.
- I have no money, Rusman.
- You do.
Where? Where is it?
Where is your angel photo? Where?
I don't have it anymore.
The reporter took it
when he was here today.
[Rusman] Liar.
I heard you talking. I know you have it.
Wahyu, just give it to me.
What do you need the money for, huh?
To go see your mom in Saudi Arabia?
You want to find your mom, right?
Even if she is still alive,
she doesn't wanna see you.
If she did, she would've come back
a long time ago when you were a kid.
Just give it to me.
You don't have anyone, they all left.
Your mother, your wife.
Where is it?
- Move.
- Rusman, please.
What's this?
[Ustad] Peace be with you.
Yeah, you too.
I just came to apologize to Wahyu.
[Bandot] Here's the thing, Wahyu.
Everyone has agreed
to do whatever you think is right.
If you tell us you think we should move,
then we'll move.
But if you say we Ah!
But if you say we should stay and fight,
then that's what we're going to do.
No, don't depend on me. Do what you want.
- Hm?
- Wahyu.
If you're experiencing doubts right now,
that's all right.
That's normal.
Do what the prophets themselves did.
They too had doubts.
Just do what's in your heart.
Ask the Lord above
what it is you should be doing
and then God will give you your answer.
And when you get that answer,
you can share it with all of us.
I'm not worthy of being followed, Ustad.
I don't even think about God that much.
Well then, this is the time, Wahyu.
Take your time, we'll wait outside.
Pray for the Lord's guidance
and an answer will come to you.
But I don't know what I'm doing, Ustad.
Don't worry about that.
Just pray for guidance.
All right?
And when the answer comes to you,
we'll be waiting outside to follow you.
- Yes? All right?
- Yes.
Now, come on, everyone. Let's go outside
- and leave him in peace.
- Yeah, come on, everyone.
- Let's go.
- [overlapping chatter]
Come on, give him some space.
[overlapping chatter fades]
Duck meat, duck meat
[villager humming]
[suspenseful music]
[Ustad] Edo. Wake up,
it's time for morning prayers.
Come on, Bandot.
Everyone, wake up! It's time for prayers.
Come on! Up now, everyone.
Let's do our morning prayers, come on.
[tense music]
- Ustad!
- [Ustad] Yes?
Is it all right if I come out?
[Ustad] Have you gotten your guidance?
[Ustad] Then just wait a little longer.
You'll have to be patient.
Guidance is bestowed
upon those who are patient.
[indistinct chatter]
- Come on out, you fake prophet!
- [Bandot] Ustad.
Hey, hey. Easy, easy. What is this?
He is nothing but a big fraud!
Oh, Rusman, come on now.
Do you all know
that the famous angel picture
is nothing but a cheap fake?
It's a picture he took the other night
from the movie
we were all watching outside!
- [villagers murmuring]
- I don't believe it. What are you saying?
Do you all remember what movie we were
supposed to be watching that night?
Yeah. It was House of Angels.
- And what was playing instead?
- Jaka Sembung.
- And where was House of Angels playing?
- In the next village.
- In the next village.
- [Edo] Yes.
My friend is from there.
Go on, Adil. Tell them.
There's a scene
where this angel is flying around.
- Wings and all. Even dressed in white.
- Huh?
- Yes. So what?
- [villagers murmuring]
Believe me now?
That night, he wasn't at the beach
gathering shellfish like he said,
he ran off to the other village
to see that movie is what he did.
[villagers murmuring in shock]
Wait. Hang on a minute.
Why would Wahyu go
all the way over there to see that movie
when there was one playing right here?
Oh, I don't know.
- Maybe he didn't care about the movie.
- [Bandot] Huh?
- Where is he anyway?
- Hey, Rusman. Wait.
- [Bandot] Rusman! Stop it!
- [Ustad] That's enough! Rusman!
- [Bandot] Rusman, no.
- [Ustad] He's praying.
- Rusman!
- Rusman, come on.
- Don't do anything stupid.
- Easy now. Just calm down.
- Relax. Take it easy. Calm down.
- Agh!
You wanted everyone to think
you were this great prophet.
You should be burned alive!
- I did nothing wrong.
- [Rusman] Hey!
Don't try to squirm out of this.
I have a witness.
Where is it?
Where is the fake angel picture?
The picture's not fake.
Let's see it then!
My witness friend can prove
that your photo was taken from the movie.
Where is it?
- I threw it away.
- Why did you do that?
- Because it is a fake.
- You shit.
Why did you lie to us, Wahyu?
I don't know.
Maybe so I could feel important for once.
[somber music]
You didn't need the angel
to be important to us.
Did you forget
that you actually carried my sick child
to the clinic while I was away?
You did that.
And how about
when Edo cut himself that time,
You were the only one who helped him.
And when Gemi got swept up in that wave
and almost drowned?
You were the one who jumped in.
What is it that makes you believe
we don't think you're important?
I'm disappointed in you.
[Ustad] All right. Come on. Let's go.
Let's leave him alone.
[Rusman exhales]
[Rusman] You're one stupid son of a bitch.
You won't even defend yourself,
you're so full of malice.
How could you possibly defend others then?
Your name shouldn't be "Wahyu".
You're no "revelation".
It should be something
that suits you better,
something like "Sleep."
So just go back to sleep.
[Rusman] Now, where's the photo?
I asked you where it is.
I had to pay Adil a lot to come here
and say what he did.
Come on.
[suspenseful music]
[officers clamoring loudly]
- [villager 1] Peace be with you, Ustad.
- Peace be with you too, my friend.
Sleep well.
- [rattling]
- Shit!
Move your ass. Move it I said.
Rusman, please.
Shut it.
Get away from me.
No, Rusman, please.
No, stop.
Please don't do this.
Rusman, no.
You're a useless piece of shit.
[tense music]
How did this happen?
[Rusman] How?
How could you do that?
If you would've taken care of it,
we could have at least split the money.
I needed that money, Wahyu. I needed it.
[Rusman] Fuck.
[suspenseful music]
- [villager 2] Peace be with you.
- [Ustad] Peace be with all of you.
May you have a very restful sleep.
- [Ustad] We can talk more about this
- [villager 3] Sure.
in the morning.
- [Ustad] Peace be with you. Goodnight.
- [villager 4] Peace be with you too.
- Goodnight.
- [villager 5] Ustad! Ustad!
Ustad! Ustad!
What? What is it?
- [Ustad] Calm down. What
- [villager 5] Ustad.
Our village is being attacked.
- What? Attacked?
- We're being attacked.
- Yes.
- Go tell everyone else, quick! Hurry!
[villagers shouting in panic]
[Wahyu sniffles]
[villagers shouting, clamoring]
[house creaks]
- [gasping heavily]
- [tense music]
[breathing heavily]
Is that you?
I come before you, Wahyu,
in a form that you would recognize
so this would make it easier for you.
I don't I don't know what's going on.
When we are done,
all will become clear
and you will be enlightened.
And then, you may choose
to bestow all of your new-found knowledge
with your friends and family.
That choice rests with you.
[Supreme Being] That is the reality
that we have created for you.
Am I Am I dreaming?
Or maybe I'm dead, huh?
You are more alive
than you have ever been, Wahyu.
You will learn that
you will always have this knowledge,
and the responsibility will all be yours.
[Wahyu groans]
[enigmatic music]
[Wahyu whimpers]
[whimpering continues]
[villagers shouting]
We have no choice but to fight!
Yeah! Fight for freedom!
- We fight for our home!
- [clamoring]
We can't back down!
Come on! Let's go!
[villager 6] Watch out!
Watch your back! Let's go!
- [gunshot]
- [officers shouting]
[indistinct shouting]
[Wahyu] Stop!
[clamoring continues]
[tense music]
[breathing heavily]
[uplifting music]
[closing theme music]
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