Julia (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Coq Au Vin

TV is the
thing this year, this year ♪
TV is the thing this year ♪
Radio was great,
now it's out of date ♪
TV is the thing this year ♪
Listen, maybe over
in the corner.
Maybe omelets or
Oh, maybe by the window.
My love, you've done
omelets already.
I think there may be
actual people in this thing.
No, I think the corner
was a better way to go.
Oh, there must be something.
Oh, French onion soup?
Well, it is scrumptious,
but it's rather complicated
and gives you terrible gas.
It gives you terrible gas.
Not there, there.
Those chocolate soufflés
They're so glamorous,
but they don't seem
very practical, do they?
Even for me, it's a roll
of the dice it'll even rise.
Oh, that'll do.
There, that's just
about perfect.
Oh, I like that.
And just in time.
Look at you, Mr. Man.
All perspired and pungent.
I'll need to get you to carry
appliances more often.
Coq au vin.
What about it?
Coq au vin.
Well, it's certainly classic
French country cooking.
And if you recall,
it was the first recipe
that Judith made
for the master in manuscript.
Well, then?
Coq au vin it is.
Shall we give it a whirl?
Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.
coming up early.
In other news, Boston is
Virginia: Is that
my baby's voice?
I hardly recognize it,
it's been so long.
Actually, now is not really
a good time.
I'm cooking. Alice Ruth Naman, I'm cooking.
Alice Ruth Naman,
if you don't want to talk to me,
just tell me straight.
You don't have to lie.
No, Mom, I'm serious.
I'm I'm actually making
a French omelet.
Look at you!
We should have gone
to Savenor's.
It does all seem
rather past its prime.
Don't tell me you're
going to use dried herbs.
The whole point is to cook
with what is available
to most American women.
I weep for them.
But we're taking them
on a journey, Paul.
We can't start
at the finish line.
Even the wine?
You can be in charge
of the wine.
How did you and Judith
finally get Paul on board?
He thinks the whole thing
is his idea.
Oh, for heaven's sake!
Bernard was no different.
You know, our anniversary
next Friday
would have been 40 years.
Gosh, 40.
Doesn't seem plausible.
What can I say?
I was a child bride.
And a very happy one, too.
And that's the last dead-husband
mention for the month.
Will you join us?
Where? Join what?
The show.
I could use another ally.
And somehow I I envision
a confederacy of women,
an estrogen safety net.
Well, I like the sound of that.
As long as I don't
have to eat anything.
Sorry, it's a bit chaotic
back here.
Hunter: Come in!
Oh, my God, am I tired.
You know what? Maybe we should
do this another time.
No, no, no, let's just
get it over with.
So, what do you
got for me, Morash?
Give me the Italian version.
I have a hot bath at home,
waiting for me to soak in.
Uh, oh, okay.
Well, uh, thank you,
Hunter, for the time,
especially with everything
going on.
Look, I-I know I brought you
a bunch of ideas before,
but I think
I think you're gonna have a hard
time saying no to this one.
I'm all ears, leaning in.
Uh, t-this is Roger Fisher,
the the preeminent mind
on the art of negotiation
for this entire country.
Oh. Harvard supernova. Oh.
Harvard supernova.
What are you, his mother?
I'll shut up now.
Why talk when I have a genius
right beside me?
Um, well,
it's called
"The Advocate."
We start with
a decidable question.
This éclair is to die for.
Well, last time,
I brought you a cake.
I had to one-up it somehow.
I'm trying to stay on top
of everything,
but a cooking show
is a mammoth undertaking.
I'm only now starting
to realize that.
Well, it's not a show yet.
It's just a pilot.
Oh, yes, of course.
Of course.
I'm daydreaming.
I can't help it.
I understand.
I'm a daydreamer myself.
Now, I have called Mr. Morash
a few times to get his advice.
Hasn't called back.
What a surprise.
Which makes me doubly
appreciative of you finding time
in what I'm sure
is a very busy schedule.
Yeah, about Russ, uh, are you
Are you sure you don't want
one of your éclairs?
Oh, dear.
That bad.
Well he had this passion project
that our boss passed
on this morning.
He really believed in it.
He really thought
it was the one.
It's too bad.
It's a great idea.
But, of course, I also think
you're a great idea.
And he doesn't?
He doesn't, as I think you know.
He's doubly low right now.
Low and resentful,
so bad just got worse.
Voilà, madame.
Merci, Louie.
De rien.
Thank you.
To my sparkling jewel
as she embarks
on her most exciting voyage yet.
Hear, hear.
Maybe this time, you'll watch.
Darling, you alright?
Well, to be frank,
not everyone
shares your enthusiasm.
Nonsense. Who?
You are the co-author
of the definitive book
on French cooking.
Not according to Russ Morash,
director fellow from
"I've Been Reading."
He probably thinks
I'm a middle-aged dilettante
with looks for radio.
No, no, no.
You, my dear,
doing this is genius.
Hear, hear. Whoever drummed up Hear, hear.
Whoever drummed up
this little plot is genius.
And this Morash fellow sounds
positively philistine.
And women are going to lose
their fucking minds.
I think men will, too,
because of
the enological aspect.
Enological, Paul?
Is there another word for it?
You see, that lovely Alice Naman
called me earlier.
And it seems Mr. Morash
is not my ally.
He feels rather above
our little enterprise,
and I daresay
he's even tried to kill it.
She implied that I needed
to win him over somehow
if we fancy moving forward.
But how do you charm a man
who does not find you
in the least charming?
You summoned me?
It was more like
a friendly invitation.
Would you like a towel?
To dry off.
You're quite damp.
No, I'm not. I'm fine.
Oh, thank you.
Listen, I'm glad you called.
I've been thinking about your
desire to do a cooking show,
but I'm afraid I made pâté.
but I'm afraid I made pâté.
Can I entice you to try it?
Allow me.
Oh, yeah.
I daresay we got off
on the wrong foot.
To have a man as intellectually
curious as you
producing my little show is
an embarrassment of riches.
Well, thank you.
I couldn't agree more.
But I thought if you knew
more about me
You know my husband
was a diplomat.
He's a man of letters.
We met in Ceylon.
Let me cut to the chase,
Mrs. Child.
Oh, Julia, please. Julia,
I appreciate this. I do.
But you have to understand
that I am not
a frivolous person.
I may be
in the television industry,
but public television
is not "television" television.
It's not entertainment.
I am not an entertainer.
I'm not entertaining.
Now, you
I-I understand you feel
that what you do has substance,
and maybe to some
ladies of means it does,
but public television
is on a much larger journey.
Oh, my God.
Y-You see, I want to change
the way people think,
the way they see,
the way they live their lives.
But so do I.
But how can food
possibly do that?
That's really very good.
Thank you.
It's goose?
Hey, honey!
They say that boys love ♪
I'm in here.
Tuna casserole?
Your favorite.
Hi. Hi.
It's a cookbook.
I see that.
It's the show I'm producing.
- And she talks
- like this.
Like a man trying to sound
like a woman?
I turned down "End Game"
at the Cherry Lane for this?
I could have been in a room
with Samuel Beckett?
Oh, I left the theater
to make a wage,
sure, but more than that,
to make a name for myself
in public television.
I-I swear, I went over
to her fancy Cambridge house
to tell her that
in no uncertain terms,
I wasn't gonna do it.
What'd she say?
That's the thing.
She somehow twisted
everything around,
and I hardly got two words in.
Before I knew it,
I was outside in the rain.
Have you ever tasted foie gras?
I look awful.
You look the same.
Oh, uh, whoa, whoa,
you're going to hurt yourself.
Hey, shh-shh-shh-shh.
The thing is, Paul,
no one's really done it.
How do you do it?
How did I have the nerve
to think I could?
All in time.
What time?
How do you make a 4-hour
dish in 28 minutes?
I haven't the foggiest.
Do you? Do you?!
No, of course you don't.
No, of course you don't.
I'm serious, Paul.
Sure, I made a 2-minute
omelet in 5 minutes,
but how am I going to
make coq au vin in 28?
It cooks in the oven
for over 30 minutes.
We'll figure it out the way
we always do
You know what takes
less than 28 minutes?
This may not be
the best moment for cuddling.
My feet are ice, and the rest
of the old vessel is inflamed.
And besides,
haven't you noticed?
I'm hideous Hmm. I'm hideous
And distracted. Hmm. .
..and distracted. Hmm.
You're beautiful, in your prime.
And let me distract you
from your distraction.
No, maybe you should sleep
in your room tonight.
Darling, are you sure
you're quite all right?
Have you been listening
to a word I've said?
No, Paul, I'm not!
I chalk this up
to opening-night jitters.
Just remember, they believe
in you at WGBH.
This is their baby as much
as it is yours.
They've invested time, money.
They came to you.
Good night, my love.
I love you.
À demain.
Oh, Paul.
Paulski, come back.
Oh, Judith
did I wake you?
My concern with Hofstadter
is selling a book
on anti-intellectualism
that's more than 500 pages.
It does seem a little ironic.
Have you expressed that?
You can't soft-shoe around it.
She's absolutely right, Gene.
Are you going to turn
into a pumpkin?
Not quite.
Julia Child needs me in Boston,
and I'm afraid
I'm not gonna make my train.
Blanche, I was hoping
you'd help a gal out.
I have a lunch with Updike,
and I'd be so grateful
if you'd go in my stead.
You're canceling with
John Updike for Julia Child?
Updike just wants
a free meal, Leo.
Julia's in crisis.
With a cookbook sequel,
right, Judy?
Yes, but it's
something else entirely.
A television pilot.
Oh, a television pilot.
I'll take the lunch, Alfred.
Ha-ha, Avrum.
How's the new one?
Well, thus far, it's not
"Rabbit, Run."
And yet you're blowing him off.
I'm not blowing him off.
I'd love to sit with him
and kibitz
so he can avoid rolling up
his sleeves and doing the work,
but the truth is, sleeve-rolling
is all that's needed here,
with or without me at lunch.
And yet that's part
of the job to motivate,
to inspire, to apply just
the right modicum of pressure.
That's what great editors do,
and you certainly are that.
Help me out here, Blanche.
I need to say this out loud
so you can really hear it.
You are asking to
jilt John Updike, who,
in your opinion,
as I am hearing,
is also in a sort of crisis
for a woman who wrote a cookbook
with two other women,
trying to get
on local television.
I think you know my answer.
Oh, you came!
My invisible hand.
What would I do without you?
Can I use the ladies'?
I'm dying.
Well, then, our task
is a mighty one
To teach and show
an American home cook
how to make coq au vin,
which takes 4 hours
to make properly,
in 28 uninterrupted minutes.
I jotted down some thoughts
on the train.
The way I see it, you structure
it like a three-act play.
Act 1, butchering the chicken.
Act 2, adding heat.
Act 3, plating and serving.
Oh! My word.
What a good idea.
Aren't I just tickled!
Yes, I'm so happy I had
the "courage"
to invite you to join us.
I'm so happy the timing
worked out so I could be here.
Something I was
thinking of last night,
when I couldn't sleep
Subbing out pots and pans
to save time.
Well, yes!
I think that's right.
Maybe we can pre-prepare
some of the steps.
Who is this nimble genius?
Oh, there you go.
Oh, my God.
All of these?
Thank God I married an artist,
rather than a Republican banker.
I'd be even more of a lush.
And action.
And look up this time, Jul.
I'm the camera.
Talk to me.
I'm Julia Child.
Welcome to "The French Chef."
Today we're going to do
coq au vin,
which is French for
"chicken and red wine."
Well done.
That was perfect.
That was absolutely perfect.
It could not be done better.
That was lovely.
Now it's time to brown
the chicken.
Darling, why don't you
try to circle back like this
and then land left of the pot?
Darling, I think
it would be more efficient
if we just kept it as it is.
Well, the version I'm proposing
really accentuates
your good side.
My good side?
One renders the bacon
to remove the bacon-y taste.
We don't want the bacon
to overwhelm the dish.
You want to really
taste the coq.
Ohh, that's Paul's fault.
I wanted to make omelets.
That's it, exactly!
It can't all just be
facts, facts, facts.
There should be jokes, too.
Oh, absolutely.
Light a match
stand away
and let 'er rip.
- Whoo!
- Wow.
Where were we?
Oh, right.
Now we put it in the oven
for 30 minutes.
That's it. Whoa, whoa.
At the end of the episode,
you should leave the kitchen,
go to the table,
and taste what you've made.
Oh, how marvelous!
I'll call Russ
and take care of it.
Oh, this is where I talk
about the wine, correct?
Yes. Finally.
"You can serve this
with a fine young Burgundy."
Mm-hmm. "An old delicate wine Mm-hmm.
"An old delicate wine
would get lost in the robust "
How are we for time?
I don't think there's room
for this, Paulski.
Kill my darlings, why don't you?
J-Just mime it.
Hmm? We need that for tomorrow. Hmm?
We need that for tomorrow.
"This is Julia Child.
Thank you for tuning in."
And cut.
Oh, well done, team.
You did it.
You made a show.
- Did I?
- Yeah.
if I can remember
everything I did right
and forget everything
I did wrong,
then maybe, maybe
we made a show.
And on that note,
I have some reading to do
before bed.
It's 2:00
in the morning.
It's Updike.
is it really 2:00 a.m.?
Thank you, Julia.
Thank you, Mr. Child.
Paul, my dear.
We'll call you a cab.
Come in.
I just wanted to say good night
and thank you again
for coming all this way,
for giving my little show
your entire day,
with Updike
snapping at your toes.
I know it wasn't easy.
I'm only sorry
I won't be able to see
all your hard work pay off.
you have more
important things to do
than worry about
the pipe dreams of an amateur.
I'm staying.
What's one more day?
How could I miss this?
And Updike?
Updike be damned.
Oh, thank you, Judith.
Thank you for caring so much.
It's easy with you.
Yes, well
Off topic,
how much do you think
Mary Tyler Moore weighs?
Ready when you are.
Oh, Paul.
You aren't ready.
You did know we were
picking you up.
Today's the day.
I'm sorry, honey.
I'm just not up to it after all.
This is absurd.
40 years.
You understand, don't you?
I need you with me, Avis.
I have brought this
all on myself,
all because of some silly whim,
and frankly, I'm terrified.
And besides,
a distraction is exactly
what's called for.
Oh, what a beautiful
bride you were.
You weren't kidding when you
said "child," though.
Hello. Hi.
Let's set that boom pole
for the frame.
Let's set the boom in for frame.
I don't want to wait
on sound again.
Camera 1, you can be wider.
Manny, you want to see
that move?
Chaz, I need more bounce
on that counter.
There you go.
Well, hello.
This is my husband.
Paul, this is Russ Morash,
the handsome young producer
I was telling you about.
You can have a seat
You can have a seat over there.
That'll keep you safely
out of the way.
Oh, I think there's
been a misunderstanding.
You should do your hair
and makeup.
I've done my hair and makeup.
Don't worry, I'll make sure
you look good.
The kitchen.
Nothing's where
it's supposed to be.
Oh, it never occurred to me.
Oh, tell me this is
not happening.
The stovetop is electric.
All our staging.
Oh, God.
Uh, excuse me.
Excuse me.
We need some time
to recalibrate.
Who should I speak to? You have 2 minutes.
Who should I speak to? You have 2 minutes.
Uh, n-no, no, that won't do.
Time costs.
we're already spread
thinner than a
Crepe? Crap.
Darling, there's nothing
to be done.
It's a money issue.
I still see
the boom shadow, Sam.
Adjust the boom.
Thank you.
Benny, let's see
the move one more time.
Again. Thank you.
That's lovely. I'm happy.
One minute to go, everyone!
One minute.
And you are?
Judith Jones.
I'm Julia's editor at Knopf.
Is that what you're doing?
Editing? Yep.
A new cookbook?
A new Updike.
Well, then, I guess
I'll let you be.
Alright, people.
Almost there.
Clear the set, please.
Clearing set.
Is it me or is it quite warm?
Oh, thank you.
Okay, so we shoot continuously
for the full duration.
There are three cameras
There, there, and there
That I can cut back
and forth with.
This one will come in close
so I can get some tight shots
of the food itself.
- Oh, bless you, dear.
- Oh, bless you, dear.
Try and ignore Benny.
Pretend he's not there.
And just remember,
I have your back.
I'll handle the talent.
Pardon me? Smells good already. Pardon me?
Smells good already.
Yeah, I can take it from here.
Break a leg.
These are not in order,
are they?
No, this is not
It looks terrific, Russ.
You know what, Al?
Do me a favor.
Go hide behind the counter
in case Mrs. Child needs help.
Something the matter?
I just thought I'd be out front.
Be a sport.
I need you there.
I'll join you.
Team Julia.
Who is she?
Excuse me, young man,
I'm handling the cards,
so I think it's imperative
that I should be placed
somewhere up front.
Oh, oh, hey, we have
someone for that.
What do you mean you have someone for that?
I'm someone.
We have someone to hold
the cue cards.
You have someone
to hold the cue cards?
That's their job.
That's their job, but not today.
Mrs. Child and I
created these together.
I understand She will be in great hands.
I understand She will be in great hands.
Ooh, goodness,
he's about to explode.
You need to do something
about this, Alice.
From my powerful position
at your feet?
You're my producer.
Mrs. Child and I
are a team.
We have
Are they just drawings?
No, they are not just drawings.
They are cue cards.
Yes? Now what?
It's just it's your call,
obviously, but we rehearsed it
this way the other day,
and to my green eyes,
it seems safest to not confuse
Mrs. Child.
Thank you Alice.
Al, do me a favor.
Next time, pull me aside.
Is it me,
or is the room spinning?
I feel I may vomit
Oh, dear.
And not for the usual
good reasons.
It's all right.
It's going to be fine.
It's very hot under the lights.
You're going to be just fine.
You're going to shine
like the star that you are.
Thank you.
Okay, places,
We are ready in five,
four, three, two
Welcome to "The French Chef."
I'm Julia Child.
I'm neither French nor a chef,
but here I am.
Que sera sera.
Now, today, we're going
to do coq au vin.
That's French for
"chicken and red wine."
It's one of the best,
and I think
Oh, bless you, dear.
One of the most famous
French chicken dishes.
It will fill your home
with the marvelous aroma
of sizzling bacon and garlic
and herbs and onions
and mushrooms and red wine.
And dare I say, it's just
about the most delicious coq
I've ever put in my mouth.
And that's saying something.
butchering a chicken
Nothing to be afraid of.
The legs, the wings, the thighs,
and the breasts.
Very simple.
Just stay out of her way.
That's what I do with Updike.
I like to use a small knife
to if I could find one.
Oh, not in there.
The knives?
Where are the knives?
I didn't place the knives.
Oh, wow, that doesn't even open.
And, ah, we ah!
Now, the thing is
Is to cut through
the ball joint.
No, it's not sharp.
Now, if you're alone
in the kitchen,
who's going to see?
And now,
the pièce de résistance.
It's time to flame it in brandy,
to flambé.
I like a nice cognac.
None of that rotgut stuff.
A little faster.
Light a match, stand away,
and let 'er rip.
Rather high, isn't it?
Well, not sure how to quite put
the old tin lid on it.
Ooh, well, as Lady Macbeth
would say,
"Out, out, damn flame.
Take that."
Now, yes, that ought to do it.
Important to taste your food
as you go.
Now, that isn't good at all.
And there you are.
If you were here with me,
you'd know the aroma
is just lovely.
And you can make this ahead
of time, up to this point.
A day ahead of time.
Or two days ahead of time.
Or even three days
ahead of time.
Or even four.
And now I'm going to serve it.
So you can see just
how it will be.
And there's a piece
of juicy breast
and lovely mushrooms.
Yes, that's it.
And that's our program.
Oh, goodness.
You can serve this
with a fine young burgundy.
An old delicate wine
will get lost
in the robustness of the stew.
A Pinot Noir from out west
could do just the job
if you're in a pinch.
And boeuf bourguignon is made
the exact same way.
Lamb, too.
Of course, you would use beef
instead of chicken.
Or a lamb.
And it's a perfectly delicious
party dish.
And so now you've learned three
recipes for the price of one,
and you can open
your own French restaurant.
whatever your name is.
And now that's our program.
I hope you've had as much fun
as I did.
This is Julia Child.
Bon appétit.
And cut.
What a triumph.
Well, this is exactly
what I needed today.
Bon appétit?
Where did that come from?
It's perfect.
You must end
every episode that way.
Let's not get ahead
of ourselves.
Nice knowing you.
Are you ashamed of me?
You were delightful, Julia.
You can't help it.
Well, thank you for lying.
I know it doesn't
come easily to you.
Julia, no.
Let's get you some air.
Uh, thank you all, truly.
I'm sorry if I let you down.
Feel free to dig in and enjoy.
I thought the taste was lovely.
Drinks on me, gentlemen.
Or rather, WGBH.
I don't know how
you made it through
with a straight face.
I'm from the theatre, Chaz.
I'm also a bit of a card shark.
Ask Roland.
Alice, you'll lock up?
See ya tomorrow.
Stop torturing yourself.
Make a telephone date
with Simca.
Focus on the book.
You have substance.
The book has substance.
That monster
has no substance.
Maybe you're right.
Not to be incendiary,
that flambéing segment
may just be your claim to flame.
Really, Paul.
It's a perfectly
delicious party dish.
So now you've learned three
recipes for the price of one,
and you can open your own
French re
We can't air that.
Oh, we're airing it.
What do you mean?
If this is what Fox wants
on his station,
then we have no choice
but to give it to him.
Don't air it to prove
a point, Russ.
Don't humiliate the poor woman.
She paid for it, Alice.
We owe it to her.
The fact that it proves
our point is merely,
as Julia herself might say
icing on the cake.
Get down here!
I'm not coming.
Well, I've popped the Dom.
Really, Paul,
it's too embarrassing.
I'm embarrassed.
Come on, old girl.
You bought this darn television.
We have to use it.
You're wasting a very good
bottle of bubbly
on what will surely
be a mammoth humiliation.
But you were there, Paul.
What are you expecting?
Get down here!
Hello. I'm Hunter Fox,
president of WGBH,
speaking to you from
our modern, new headquarters.
As you can see,
it's a work in progress.
Nevertheless, even during
this transition,
we are premiering an exciting
new program on Monday,
"Economics for Laymen"
Prepare yourself.
Current issues as well
as the basic structure
of our American economy will
be covered in minute detail.
Coming up, something completely
different and entirely fresh.
By fresh, I mean
we're looking at cooking,
French cooking,
on "The French Chef."
I'd hardly call this
a celebration.
They wouldn't air it
if they didn't have
confidence in it.
And you.
Come on.
Paul, there's something
I need to share with you.
Oh, it's just
It's my body.
The change of life is
Is beginning to take hold of me.
You'll still love me?
You're my partner in crime.
After all these years,
professionally now to boot.
Of course I'll still love you.
Well, I guess it was rather
greedy of me to think,
at this point in life,
it was still our turn somehow.
This was my baby.
It was supposed to be our baby.
Well, shall we turn
the blasted thing on
once and for all?
Millions of stars ♪
Playing tag in the sky ♪
All of my hope
living right in your eyes ♪
So much at stake,
and then I wake up ♪
It shouldn't happen
to a dream ♪
The flowers get happy ♪
And dance in the lane ♪
The darkness no longer
is deep ♪
We're meant for each other ♪
And it's perfectly plain ♪
Each time I walk in my sleep ♪
Here comes the night ♪
Cutting capers again ♪
Just for a while ♪
You'll be with me and then ♪
The bubble will break ♪
Again, I wake up ♪
It shouldn't happen
to a dream ♪
It shouldn't happen ♪
Shouldn't happen ♪
To a dream ♪
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