Julia (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Petit Fours

Read this.
"WGBH has created
an educational program
that genuinely inspires."
This is today's paper?
Keep reading.
"Julia Child is a pleasant
and encouraging instructor,"
despite teaching recipes
that are hardly quick and easy.
However, if you'll only
stick with her, you'll
Both: "find the reward
is delicious."
Good grief.
You memorized it?
"WGBH now looks capable
of producing shows
that won't put you to sleep."
Hmm. A bit harsh.
Now, this station has
a higher mandate,
to elevate and educate
the public.
Maybe Julia's
what we've been missing.
Well, Julia wouldn't have a show
if she weren't my guest first.
I made that woman.
Harry Belafonte.
Are you sure you need this?
Oh, it'll give me a lift
for "Jump In The Line."
Shake, shake, shake,
señora ♪
Alright, don't
Don't hurt your shaker.
I need you at my show tonight.
Child residence.
Uh, yes, uh, just a moment.
It's, uh, for you.
Oh, that's lovely.
No, it's not supposed to
be sweet.
What brand of cognac
did you use?
Oh, next time just grab
the brandy.
No need for it to be French.
No, well, you're very welcome.
Was that Gladys?
Well, I have no idea
who that was.
Some woman who watched
the "Coq au Vin" episode
put Grand Marnier in her stock.
Fourth call this week.
I suppose people really do
have televisions.
Should we unlist our number?
Well, how else
will they get in touch?
We've gotten dozens
of letters from viewers,
and we just got a stellar
write-up in "The Boston Globe,"
after three episodes.
I really think Philadelphia
needs "The French Chef."
Did I just hear you say
"The French Chef"?
I I said, uh, my friend Seth.
He's on the phone.
You don't know him.
Hang up.
Let me call you back.
Page 5.
Above the fold.
Where did you say?
"Something's Cooking
at WGBH."
This is bad.
While attempting to create
that transforms minds,
I'd forgotten that the world
doesn't value substance.
It values flash,
whizz, bang.
Whatever happened with Nabokov?
He's still across the pond.
He just died.
On the road, again.
Good morning!
- Morning, Julia!
- Morning, Julia!
Petit fours for growing boys.
Hello, Marty.
Those little ones still
keeping you awake?
Oh, boy.
Look at that.
Oh, man, these look amazing.
- Did you try these?
- They look delicious.
Wow. This is good.
Oh, thank you, Benny.
How'd you like seeing your name
in the paper today?
Oh, I haven't seen the paper.
I've been busy all morning.
WoThere you go.
How wonderful for all of us.
Nice mention of you
in there, too, Russ.
Oh, come on.
Come on.
What is this, a tea party?
We have an episode to tech.
Julia? I'd like to go back
to that shot
of you whisking the egg whites.
Oh, yes, I said a little prayer
for that shot
just this morning.
Me too.
I think I've figured out
where we can actually
get inside the bowl.
Oh, well, that would be
Oh, boy.
That's new.
Used. My friend's
a nature photographer.
Are we still making
a cooking show?
Well, this should give us enough
room where you don't have to
worry about bumping into
my camera
while we're trying to
get the shot.
Gosh. Ingenious.
We'll see.
If it works, it's really gonna
come in handy for us.
Hit it, Julia.
I'm sorry. Julia, you think
maybe you could, uh,
try not to move so much?
Well, it's meant to
be vigorous, boys.
How else does one
achieve stiff peaks?
Good morning!
Good morning, Julia.
Oh, good morning, Hunter.
Russ, I need her a minute.
We're right in the middle
of something, Hunter.
Can you just We'll be brief.
Nice article
in the "Globe" today.
Oh, isn't it wonderful?
Just one thing.
Next time, make sure
to highlight WGBH as a whole.
Try and remember the hand
that feeds you, hmm?
Oh, no, no, no.
Nobody spoke to me.
I didn't even know about
the article until a moment ago.
Sure, of course, but next time,
you'll have to remember
you're part of a team.
Implying our other shows
are boring
It's insulting, Julia.
Yes, of course, Hunter, but
there can't be a "next time"
if there wasn't a first time.
You didn't even think
to mention Albert at all?
To be fair, you did start out
on his show.
But how could I have Perhaps you should apologize.
But how could I have Perhaps you should apologize.
I didn't leave Albert
out of the article.
I didn't even know
about the article.
Yes, yes, of course.
An apology will go over well
and get him off my back.
Thank you, Julia.
You're a doll.
Let's try this again.
I'm so excited to cook
a new Julia recipe.
I'll tell the mailroom to keep
an eye out for the manuscript.
Oh, good, good.
I mailed it this morning.
Well, you're my best guinea pig
with these things.
And don't hold back.
Oh, it will be a treat.
I'm up to my ears in Updike
at the moment.
Oh, yeah.
Busy, busy.
I know the feeling.
In fact, I could really use
your help with something.
What is it?
You wouldn't happen
to have an author
who'd be willing to guest
on "I've Been Reading"
with Albert Duhamel, would you?
Why? Are you working
with him now?
No, no, no.
No. It's just
the "Boston Globe" wrote
a lovely piece today
about my silly little program,
and only my silly
little program, so
You need a "distract
a jealous manchild"
"with a shiny object" favor.
Ha! Oh, Judith,
you are wicked.
But, by George,
I think you've got it.
I just thought it wouldn't hurt
to direct a bit of shine
their way.
I'll see what I can do to help.
Oh, I've got to dash.
It's Paul's pre-opening.
- I can't promise anything.
- I can't promise anything.
I'm afraid my art
is less compelling
than the charcuterie board.
That mood doesn't suit you.
Oh, I'm
I'm being neurotic for fun.
It's good they're eating.
It's easier to shop
when you're full and happy.
And see how long
they're looking?
That man over there's been
at Julia's photo
for quite a while now.
I counted seven Mississippis.
You know, I'd only been on
a few months,
and Ernest Hemingway
somehow gets word of the show
and tells his wife, you know,
"Next time I'm in Boston,
I want to be a guest
on 'I've Been Reading.'"
Did you meet Papa?
Unfortunately, as we were
starting to get into it,
he he took his own life.
Yes, timing is everything.
Good evening, everyone.
Uh, Julia, darling,
please join me.
well, I want to, uh, welcome
and thank each of you, uh,
for attending tonight.
I'm Paul Child,
and as you may know,
I am not an artist by trade.
I'm actually a diplomat.
Or a retired diplomat.
But I have been painting
and drawing all my life
and taking photographs
for many years now.
And few people in my life
understood that it
It wasn't just a hobby.
Perhaps me least of all.
And tonight, you're here,
with me,
to see and to celebrate.
And for that,
I am deeply grateful.
Thank you, Antoine,
for having my work
in your beautiful gallery.
Thank you, Julia, my muse,
not least of all
for the goodies.
And to so many others who are
Who are here tonight,
Avis, my sensei.
The radiant Sylvia Plath.
Oh, and Thornton Wilder.
What a joy to have you
in our town.
It is truly my pleasure
to be with
each and every one of you
Thank you.
To Paul. All: To Paul! To Paul.
All: To Paul!
To Paul!
And Paul
has sold his first painting.
- I have?
- I have?
Oh, wonderful.
Oh, my gosh.
I could have danced
all night ♪
I could have danced
all night ♪
And still have begged
for more ♪
Both: I could have
spread my wings ♪
And done a thousand things ♪
I've never done before ♪
Tonight was fun.
Oh. It was.
It was.
I felt like a debutante
at her coming-out party.
And I rather loved it.
So many wonderful people.
It was who's who, really. Mm-hmm.
It was who's who, really. Mm-hmm.
And Albert stuffing his pockets
with food
like an out-of-work actor.
Well, so much for my apology.
And it's not just Albert.
Hunter gave me a talking-to. Oh?
Yes, I think they all need
a bit of a break from me.
Is that why you changed
your mind about the reunion?
It is. Ah. It is. Ah.
But it does mean
I'm missing your opening.
Oh, nonsense.
I think it's wonderful.
I'm so glad
you changed your mind.
I've wanted you to go
ever since they invited you.
Smith girls
love their pearls ♪
And tuck in a rhyming
dictionary for the charlatan,
I mean, poet that you'll be
sitting beside on that panel.
Are we sure I'm not
the charlatan?
Oh, double nonsense.
You're a featured speaker.
Your fame is spreading
beyond Cambridge
and "The Boston Globe" all
the way to the Pioneer Valley.
No more the lowly undergraduate.
They're showing you
some well-deserved veneration.
Russ, we're ready.
Thank you.
Where's Julia? Speaking at her alma mater.
Where's Julia? Speaking at her alma mater.
What am I, chopped liver?
When is she coming back?
Tomorrow at noon.
I-I got Mrs. DeVoto
at the proper height.
She can stand in for her.
Fine. Let's see if
this contraption works.
Go ahead, Avis. Hit it.
Bring the bowl up higher.
No. Too high.
Split the difference.
A little lower.
Just relax. Here? Just relax.
A little to your left.
Or my left.
Can you feel the lens?
Feel the lens?
Look at the camera.
See that?
- Geez, it's close.
- Okay.
We want to see you whisking
the eggs in the bowl.
Can you tilt the bowl
towards the camera?
Oh, wait a minute.
What's the line?
Isn't there a line?
She says something.
She's always talking.
I mean Oh, my God,
I'm sweating.
Oh. Why aren't we getting this?
Her head's covering it.
I'm sorry.
Am I in the way?
Can you move around? Wait.
Can you move around? Wait.
It's just the lights that are
- Careful.
- Can we stop for a minute?
- Sure.
- Please. Thank you.
I don't know
how we get this, Russ.
Heads aren't see-through.
Benny, grab me a hand mirror
from the work bench.
Oh, Russ, your hair
looks just fine.
I have an idea.
"Where birdsong swells"
through a fiery breast,
"dewy and warm
like a baby's breath."
Thank you.
Oh, my.
Thank you, Colleen.
And now, last but certainly
not least,
Julia Child, née McWilliams.
Julia's bestselling cookbook,
"Mastering the Art
of French Cooking,"
was published by Knopf in 1961.
And while she is here today
as an author,
I would be remiss if I failed
to mention her television show,
"The French Chef,"
airing on WGBH in Boston.
Welcome, Julia.
Well, thank you for having me.
I, um I can't very well
read you a recipe, can I?
I'm just tickled pink to be here
with you ladies.
Oh, aren't you the girl who
almost set the dorms on fire
every time she made toast?
Thank you, Hazel.
It takes some of us years
of practice
to perfect
a grilled cheese sandwich.
Does anyone have any questions
for Mrs. Child?
It was Willa Cather,
if you can believe it.
Willa? Really?
When she left Houghton Mifflin
for our little upstart,
changed everything. You don't say.
Changed everything. You don't say.
Brave women.
When you find one,
keep her close.
They're like unicorns.
That was Dorothy Parker's
Sure, she was funny,
for a gentile.
Well, I'd put her in the "Ish"
What set her apart
She was brave.
She was goddamn fearless.
Sorry to interrupt.
Judith, Updike is here. Thank you, Dian.
Judith, Updike is here. Thank you, Dian.
Oh, well, I'll let you prepare
for the maestro.
I'm a little peckish myself.
Oh, why don't you take
Julia's new chapter
and cook something amazing
for you and Alfred?
I won't have time to look at it
until next week.
Oh, and I can't get anyone
for "I've Been Reading."
Let's start calling people
we gave encouraging "no's" to.
Oh, it's nothing.
Yeah, just a little favor
for a pal.
Good afternoon.
Hello, Blanche.
Hello, John.
So good to see you.
Sharp as ever.
I was just leaving.
Amazing woman.
Isn't she?
Not that I'm not
terrified of her.
Join the club.
Although, after reading
through these notes,
I'm a bit terrified of you, too.
Why, thank you, John.
My name is Alice Naman,
and I am with WGBH in Boston.
Julia is so charming,
and housewives are telling us
she makes them feel
genuinely excited about cooking.
"The French Chef."
"The French"
Her fan base is bigger
than what you would think.
In fact, some people
are watching it
just for
the entertainment factor.
She's a gas.
The idea is you watch her cook.
With the Kennedys
in the White House,
French food has never been
so fashionable,
which makes D.C
Houston the perfect
market for Julia.
No, she's not French.
And we can make a deal
that makes sense for yo
No. I-I understand.
Albert's looking for you.
He's not happy.
That makes two of us.
Won't it be confusing
to jump around like that?
That's the point, isn't it?
Now, it's been a while
since I've participated
in a drug-fueled orgy.
No, but seriously, I imagine
it can't be totally
Let us feel that.
Sure, sure.
Then when Angela's back
in the picture,
we can really feel that dynamic
shift for Piet in the prose.
He's raging, passionate,
until sex is
the only thing left, you know?
It's It's heavy.
You're like Michelangelo
with the block of granite.
You know what's not an elephant.
It's easy when
there is an elephant.
You think there's an elephant?
I think there's
a helluvan elephant.
I'll take another crack.
I just need a couple of days
let it all steep.
Any chance you're up for
letting it steep in Boston?
What's in Boston?
Oh, no, girls!
It's happened again!
Well, I can't do
too much damage.
I'm watching my grandkids
tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, that's sweet.
Do you want to see pictures?
Not really.
I'm only kidding.
They're so cute, right?
Of course I do.
I mean, come on.
Oh, nice. Yes.
Here you go.
- Aww.
- Ooh, those cheeks!
- Oh, Alma, they're adorable.
- Thank you.
Dolores: Looks like a sweet
little chipmunk!
They're terrors.
Well, it must be lovely
having the company
of little ones again.
To tell you the truth,
I'm far more interested
in what you've been up to.
Ohh. Me?
Are you kidding?
You're a TV star!
Hear, hear.
You were wonderful today.
I wish I could see your show.
You'll have to find a way
to get it to air in New Jersey.
I don't even know how I got it
to air in Boston.
Good evening, ladies.
Iris Wallace.
Yes! Iris, of course!
Join us.
Have a glass of wine. Thank you.
Have a glass of wine. Thank you.
Della volta infinita ♪
Al di la della vita ♪
Ci sei tu, ci sei tu,
Al di là ♪
Al di là,
ci sei tu per me ♪
- Brava!
- Encore! Encore!
- Molto bene!
- Beautiful, beautiful!
Were we really ever that young?
Well, I know
I was never that short.
I can hardly
remember it anymore.
Well, then, at the same time,
it feels like it was yesterday.
Everything seemed possible.
Sounds stupid now,
but I was gonna go
to New York
and conquer Broadway.
I mean, we all knew
how exceptional we were.
And then we just grew up
and became our parents.
Except for Julia, that is.
Oh, no, not this again.
To Julia
for living the kind of life
we used to dream about.
- To Julia!
- Julia!
Hey, sweetheart.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I'm late.
It was pretty good.
Ah, just got distracted on set.
I'll grab a dozen in case
the craving lasts.
Of course, honey.
I love you, too.
I love how contemplative
it feels in here tonight.
That's one way to put it.
How would you put it?
I don't know.
The way things went yesterday,
I just thought
I don't know what I thought.
You're coming off a high.
It's going very well.
You sold three pieces
in two days.
My sensei bought the painting.
And the other two
were photos of Julia.
I feel like an old fool.
No one thinks you're old.
This is what you wanted.
The work is great.
Just enjoy the ride.
You know
the only painting
Van Gogh ever sold
was to his brother
when he was 30.
Van Gogh never gave up.
he did, actually.
Iris: I don't remember
a walk through campus
winding me like this.
That hill back there
was treacherous.
Well, I must have gained
20 pounds
since I last walked the green.
Ah. Well, I could put you in my pocket. Ah.
Well, I could put you in my pocket.
- Please.
- Please.
Oh, Julia.
It's so good to see you.
When your cookbook came out,
it never occurred to me
that Julia Child
was Julia McWilliams.
Well, I would never have
guessed it, either.
But then, one day,
I was in my kitchen,
and I heard your voice
in my living room.
It all came back to me.
My heart started pounding.
I was beside myself.
I ran into the living room.
And there you were,
on my television.
Enough about me.
Tell me about you.
You haven't changed your name.
Are you married?
No, but
I have someone.
Oh, well, that's wonderful.
What does he do?
not he.
She. Carol.
And if it weren't for you,
I don't know
if I would have found her.
It changed me, being around you.
Iris, I'm sorry.
I'm so confused.
What are we talking about?
Spring Break
our senior year.
You must remember.
We went to the house in Maine
with Charlotte
and some of the other
basketball girls.
We were drinking by the lake,
and that group
of Yale boys met us?
Yes, yes.
That's right.
We hung back,
and the girls went off.
And we finished the Beefeater
and dared each other
to skinny-dip in the lake.
Oh, my God!
We it was freezing.
We kept kicking each other
under the water.
I-I just couldn't believe how
free and natural it all felt.
Oh, well, yes, I remember
the skinny-dipping
and the water being cold.
And running
into the house and
falling asleep on the couch
under that big blanket,
the uh,
with the tartan print.
Red and and green, I think.
Reminded me of Christmas.
Memory can be so fickle.
Shall we?
Hello? Paul! Hello?
My Paul.
How are you?
How was the opening?
Eh you
You didn't miss much.
The pre-opening was
Was better.
You're just saying that to make
me feel better for missing it.
Someone bought a photo of you.
Said they plan to hang it
in their kitchen.
Oh, gosh.
I don't know if I want to be
hanging in someone else's house.
You're like the patron saint
of omelettes.
Oh, dear.
I really can't wait
to see you tomorrow.
Just you.
I miss you so much.
After 12 hours?
I know, it's silly.
Just not used to spending
the night away from you,
I guess.
I miss you too, kitten.
Good morning!
Hey, good morning!
You're early.
Yes, no traffic on Route 9
this morning.
How was your trip?
Oh, it was lovely.
Thank you for asking, Benny.
Julia, uh,
we're not quite ready for you,
but don't go far.
I want to show her
the mirror shot.
The mirror shot.
Sounds so Hollywood.
I've never known you to be
the first to leave a good party.
Well, a
A trip down memory lane
is often better off a stroll
than a full-blown hike.
Julia, we'd like
to show you something.
Avis, hit it.
Come on.
Oh, my goodness.
You're kidding me.
Well, you old dog.
This looks like a riff
on something you picked up
in the honeymoon suite
at Niagara Falls.
Oh, well done, the two of you.
I hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
Uh, Julia, these letters
are for you.
Oh, my goodness.
You went from 27 to what, 200?
More keep flooding in
every week.
Avis: Really?
Oh, let's see.
"Dear Mrs. Child,
you don't know me,"
but you were with me
at my engagement party last week
"through your
Queen of Sheba cake."
Oh. "It was romantic and delicious. Oh.
"It was romantic and delicious.
I almost feel like you're part
of the family now.
Next time, I'll leave
a slice at your doorstep.
"Love, Arlene."
Well, isn't that charming?
Well, it is a delicious cake,
but perhaps I might start
locking my door at night.
Thank you, Jen.
I'll I'll pick them up from
the front on the way out.
I'm ready, Russ.
I am, too.
I'm sorry, dear.
I know you see potential here,
but I
I just don't know
how many chicken recipes
the American housewife needs,
or wants, or will pay for.
This is her first pass.
I'll just let her know we need
more new ideas for Part 2.
It's not just that.
I-It's only selling
in Boston, and
And who really
cares about Boston?
I know you love this woman.
But I just can't see how
a second volume
works for us at this time.
I'm sorry.
I really am.
At least now you'll have time
for your more serious titles.
I should get that.
This is Judith.
Judith, it's John.
I'm here at WGBH,
and I must tell you
I'm not gonna be the butt
of some joke here, am I?
Not at all!
I shouldn't have assumed
this place would reflect
you personally,
but it's much heavier
on the "public"
than the "television."
Look, it's a small audience,
but a smart one.
Intellectual. Academic.
I have to be honest, Judith.
I'm having second thoughts.
Your notes were great,
but no notes are that great.
Excuse me.
I don't mean to interrupt.
I just wanted to say
how delightful it is to see you
at our little station.
A literary giant,
gracing our airwaves.
Professor Duhamel is
the Elvis of eggheads,
and you will surely
be the jewel in his crown.
All the Crimson kids are
going to worship you
even more than they already do.
"He runs."
Ah: runs.
It's genius.
You owe me one.
Are the pillows better now?
They do look better.
You should really consider
the benefits
of fluffing them weekly!
I'm on it.
I'm on it.
Do the ferns smell fake to you?
What does a fake fern
smell like?
Wrong answer.
Get Marcia to spritz them
with some of that hair spray
she uses that smells so good.
That stuff's flammable.
Well, I'm doused in it!
Oh, never mind the hair spray.
It's not that I haven't read
and taught "Rabbit, Run,"
but I deserve some runway
to prepare for this.
I had to act fast.
And this seemed like too good
an opportunity to pass up.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
No, no, no.
It's alright.
But just remember you doubted
someone of Updike's caliber
was within our grasp.
And I hope you've learned
your lesson.
Is this the right place?
Oh. Hello, John.
May I call you John?
It's my name.
You may call me Albert.
You may also call me Duke.
It isn't my name.
Oh, Julia!
Hello, Albert!
Please meet
my distinguished guest.
Oh, uh, we've
Albert Duhamel:
Julia, this is John Updike.
And this is Julia Child,
towering scribe of
"Mastering the French Chef."
Hello, John.
Welcome to WGBH.
Ladies, I am very sorry.
I'm sure you'd love to stay
and chitchat,
but it's really not
a good time for us.
We're about to start,
and we need to focus.
Yes, of course.
We'll get out of the way.
John, it's been a pleasure.
the French Chef."
What a buffoon.
And how did he ever land
John Updike?
I have no idea.
The way he presented him to us,
not that he even registered
I was there.
He was like a sugared-up child
at show-and-tell.
I practically wanted to
spit in my hand
and wipe the chocolate
off his face.
I thought it was sweet.
It was many things,
but sweet it was not.
Oh, I knew he'd be thrilled
with Updike.
You're kidding.
You sent him Updike?
Well, not as far as he knows.
What happened to "no idea"?
You sly fox.
You want to know how I did it?
No. I want to know
why you did it.
When he's happy, Hunter's happy.
I get it.
I spent the last week
doing the same thing for Paul.
Boosting his ego
and massaging his pride
so that you could get
your work done in peace.
Men just need a little boost
I find it terribly moving.
Can't be easy having a woman
steal your shine.
What shine did you ever steal?
That's your shine.
Oh, Avis, come now.
This tale goes back
to the Garden of Eden.
It makes life spicy.
I say, vive la difference.
And besides, if he wants
the spotlight so badly,
let him have it.
I don't know.
I just think about how many
more hours in the day we'd have
if we didn't have to spend
so much of it
apologizing to men
for your success.
I'm not apologizing.
Who said anything
about apologizing?
Don't be so
black-and-white, Avis.
It's unbecoming.
Albert Duhamel:
Hello, and welcome to
"I've Been Reading."
Class is now in session.
Well, I want to start
with a question about "Rabbit."
I've read this book
three times now
and find myself more struck
and challenged
and enthralled by it each time.
Tell me what a writer
In this case you,
John Updike
Feels when he flabbergasts
his readers time after time
with what he thought
had been clear in the epigraph,
which comes from Pascal's
"Pensées," I believe.
Yes, "The motions of Grace,
the hardness of heart;"
external circumstances."
Was there a question in there?
Oh, my God.
Wh-Why do men jog?
I mean, should we start there?
Why do men jog?
It's simple,
but I guess I'd never really
thought of it that way before.
You know, come to think of it,
I started jogging the first time
I struck out with a girl,
and I still don't really
know where I'm headed.
I-I see a connection.
I-I-I do.
Well, between your novel
and Cheever's "The Swimmer,"
I think one conclusion
is that men
are aerobically compelled
to get away from their wives.
Yes. Yes.
Phone call for you.
This is a live set.
I'll call them back.
But it's long distance
from San Francisco.
Excuse me.
- Oh! My.
- Oh!
- Whoa! Heads up!
- Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.
Hey, watch it!
Where's the fire?
- Sorry.
- Oh, geez!
Oh, Alice, Julia forgot her
I Oh! I Oh!
This is Alice Naman
from "The French Chef."
You're kidding.
I mean, that's wonderful!
You did what?
So we make the episodes,
and they pay us for them?
And which one of you fellas
came up with that idea?
You sold "The French Chef"
without mentioning it to me
Or to anyone!
You really shouldn't have
done that, Alice.
That was wrong of you.
And And what's more,
how did you do it?
Who did you say you were?
Do Do Do they know?
Do they even know
who's running this place?
There's a hierarchy here.
An associate producer
should never,
and I mean never,
go behind everyone's back
like this.
I just can't get my head
around it.
And I'm angry!
Truly, I am.
But also
I mean, you're gonna have to
walk me through this,
man to man.
Selling "The French Chef"
to other stations
The possibilities.
This could be
a game-changer for us.
Do you think
this could happen again?
WGBH in San Francisco!
Ooh! Whoo!
Oh, we ain't got
a barrel of money ♪
Maybe we're ragged
and funny ♪
But we'll travel along,
singing a song ♪
Side by side ♪
Someone called the house
this morning
saying they loved
my photographs.
- That's nice.
- Mm.
Do they want to buy one?
No. They want me to shoot
their son's bar mitzvah.
I learned something
this weekend.
Something valuable.
What's that?
I'm a hobbyist.
Oh, Paul.
A skilled craftsman.
And I'll keep doing this
so long as I enjoy it, but
I'm not the true artist
in this family.
And for the record,
I couldn't be more invested
in your rising star.
I'm scared, Paul.
It really isn't just
the jealousy
Albert and the like.
The adoration can be hard, too.
Listen to me.
I think it's apt.
It's the strangest thing,
people thinking
I belong to them somehow.
They bake my cake and send me
a note about it.
And it's lovely until
I really think about it,
and then it's less lovely.
They hear my voice on TV,
and we end up spending
an entire evening
talking about
what I mean to them.
You're teaching Americans
how to taste life,
and they're listening.
That's goddamn huge.
Well, it may be too huge.
For me, at least.
And I love doing my little show,
but the rest is
Ohh, it's not your little show
anymore, kitten.
Now it's Boston's little show.
And that's what we wanted,
wasn't it?
It's so beautiful, Paul.
I say let us put
man and a woman together ♪
To find out which one
is smarter ♪
Some say men, but I say no ♪
The women got the men beat,
they should know ♪
And not me, but the people ♪
They say that the men are
leading the women astray ♪
But I say that
the women of today ♪
Smarter than the man
in every way ♪
That's right, the woman is,
uh, smarter ♪
That's right,
the woman is, uh, smarter ♪
That's right, the woman is,
uh, smarter ♪
That's right ♪
Ah, ever since
the world began ♪
Woman was always
teaching man ♪
You listen
to my bid attentively ♪
I goin' tell you
how she smarter than me ♪
And not me, but the people ♪
They say that the men are
leading the women astray ♪
But I say that
the women of today ♪
Smarter than the man ♪
In every way ♪
Oh, yes, smarter ♪
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