Julia (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Crepes Suzette

c'est fini!
This is a fairly rich dessert.
A light supper,
perhaps a roast chicken,
would make a perfect
And here I have
a chilled Sauternes,
one of the noble
wines of France,
to drink with our glamorous
mousse à la framboise.
And that's all for today
on "The French Chef."
I'm Julia Child.
Bon appétit!
And cut!
- Yes, she's all yours.
- Yes, she's all yours.
Oh, you've got the spoons
out already.
God almighty.
It's like
It's like biting into
a raspberry chocolate cloud.
Hunter: Julia!
Uh, Russ!
To what do we owe the pleasure?
What's wrong? Hmm? What's wrong?
Uh, listen, things are afoot.
KQED has invited Julia
to do promotion
for "The French Chef"
Eh, radio,
interviews, a TV spot
In San Francisco.
How fabulous!
No, not fabulous.
We have French onion soup
next week.
We have six days to prep.
There's no time
Onion soup, shmonion soup.
Just reduce it.
That was a soup joke.
Oh, yes.
Eh, it's three days.
Hotel stay, airfare
on their dime.
- Impossible.
- That's what I thought,
but I've got the prepaid
tickets to prove it.
No, I-I mean,
she can't leave right now.
Russell, we are a public
television station.
We do not say no to free.
Then there's Tripp Wilson,
head of programming.
He hates small talk,
hangs up the phone
without saying goodbye.
You'll like him.
And Tate I'm drawing a blank
on his last name Crawford?
He's the line producer,
and Tom handled the negotiation.
He's very sharp. Oh, also,
the head of the network
Al. Take a breath.
Can you write all this down for me? Sure.
Can you write all this down for me? Sure.
A haiku, not an epic poem.
Benny: No way, not with
Mickey Mantle in the lineup.
He's injured. Again.
And Berra's called it quits.
The Yankees are toast.
Avis, can I talk to you?
Sox are gonna win the Series
this year, boys.
I know it.
Hope springs eternal.
Good show today.
It's been so much smoother
having you back.
I hope we can keep it that way
while Julia is gone.
I've broken up the time
Julia will be away
into half-hour and hour-long
segments for us to work through.
The red boxes are hours,
blues are 30 minutes
Oh, uh, honey, honey, you
remember from the pilot episode
the way Julia likes to work.
We'll just, you know,
have to feel it out first.
Just a touch of spontaneity.
I am all for spontaneity,
but can't we schedule
a time for it?
Oh, uh, darling?
Blue or
I'm sorry, Judith,
Paul is trying to blind me.
Can you say that again?
I've scheduled
a book signing for you
on Saturday
for "Mastering."
A book signing?
Well, I do love the way
your scrappy mind works, Judith,
but we purposefully
left Saturday open.
Ooh. No.
Um, tell her it's fine.
We have all day.
We can spare an hour or so.
The book needs you.
On second thought,
count the Childs in.
Paul. Raincoat.
Good. I'll see you there.
Bye-bye, dear.
Uh ooh.
That shirt.
You wore it in Marseille
with the buttons undone.
After the signing,
I'll take you to this
wonderful gallery in Sausalito.
And from there, we can stroll
to this little bistro
with the most magnificent
artichoke risotto.
Is it artichoke season?
Californian artichokes.
Dripping in butter.
You know, artichokes are
an aphrodisiac.
In ancient Rome, women were
forbidden from eating them,
lest they be tempted
to lift their togas.
Oh, Paul.
All these plaid dresses
for summer.
Who wants to look
like a checker board?
Not me.
I am not a game.
How's the San Francisco
trip going?
They're probably
just landing, Mom.
I doubt I'll hear
from them at all.
Unless something goes wrong,
in which case,
it will be my fault.
Don't take your frustration
out on these pleats.
This is your
most flattering dress.
San Francisco was my idea.
I did the work, and they act
like it just happened.
I didn't even get
a thank-you from Russ.
Who's Russ again?
My boss.
Maybe if I were a man or white,
or better yet, a white man
Oh, stop that.
Honey, do you think
it wasn't difficult for me,
or for your father
in med school?
Did you think it was going
to be different for you?
No, I know that it is difficult.
That is what I'm talking about.
Even when you agree with me,
you disagree with me.
Your grandma always said,
"I don't want to hear about
how hard it is.
I want to hear what you're
going to do about it."
You know you can't afford
to have a negative attitude.
I don't know why
I ask you anything.
I always know what
you're going to say.
Oh, really?
What's that?
Well, you can't afford
a negative attitude,
a hard head
makes a soft behind
Mm, you just need
to find a good man.
Oh, I knew I had something
I wanted to tell you.
His name's Isaac.
Are we early?
Don't take it personally,
my love.
Californians don't read.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I apologize for taking up
your Saturday, Les.
Are you kidding?
I'm just trying to avoid
a fire hazard.
Are they all here
for my signing?
I don't think they're here
for the new Hannah Arendt.
Thank you.
We absolutely adore your show.
Oh, thank you, dear.
What recipes have you tried?
Oh, we don't cook.
Ohh, thank you.
I made this for you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Jul? Hmm? Jul? Hmm?
If you don't mind,
I'm going to sneak out
to the gallery before it closes.
Oh, Paul, I didn't realize
it was going to turn
into this display.
It's marvelous, kitten.
I'm just itching to explore.
I'll see you at the hotel.
Bye, my darling.
All this, for that?
Russ: You didn't
expect it, either?
You kidding?
KQED has no means
of measuring our ratings.
There's been positive
feedback, though.
Nearly 24 letters.
So, when do I get
to meet the boss?
Oh, he's not coming.
Alice Naman?
Alice? Right.
Eh, she's back in Boston.
She works for me.
Helluva salesman.
Thought I was her special guy,
then I get a call from Chuck
Loudermilk in Philly, WHYY,
the other day asking about
"The French Chef."
Oh, yeah?
What'd you tell him?
Nothing yet.
Waiting to see how this goes.
Sign my spatula?
Ohhhhh! Ha-ha!
Oh, what on earth
are you doing here?
Oh, I happened to be in town,
and I couldn't resist
coming to see you.
Oh, really, I can't believe it.
It is an honor.
You know I have a soft spot
for tall cooks
with hearty appetites.
James Beard, have you
met Judith Jones?
Not officially, no,
but I am a fan.
Thank you.
Well, I'm absolutely gobsmacked
by this turnout.
San Francisco is a town
of sensualists like us,
unlike dreary Boston.
Beans and cod and the like.
And I'll prove it.
I'm taking you both out
to dinner tonight,
to my favorite restaurant
in the Bay.
The food is spectacular,
the room is charming
Oh! and the
waiters are delicious.
Well, I'm sold.
Oh, Paul, my husband,
is in town with me.
Oh, the more the merrier.
The artist straps himself
into a harness
and paints upside down.
Can I help you with anything?
I'm only here to look
and and learn.
I'm I'm an artist myself,
from Boston.
I paint standing up.
And, uh, what brings you
to San Francisco?
Are you showing in town?
Uh, I'm here with my wife,
She's promoting
her television program,
"The French Chef."
Have you seen it?
Julia's weapon of choice.
Oh, that is nice.
Avis, you really know your way
around this kitchen.
Well, I should.
I found this house
for Julia and Paul.
You know, it's funny.
I actually met Julia
because of knives.
Street fight?
Actually, she wrote a letter
to my husband about knives.
Bernard wrote a column
for Harper's
about the evils
of stainless steel knives.
Julia felt the same and
wrote to him in solidarity.
I was in charge
of Bernard's correspondence,
so I read the letter.
I loved it so much,
I wrote back to her.
And then we became pen pals.
For a decade.
Then when Bernard passed
and my children started to live
their grown-up lives,
I saw myself
turning into that woman.
Hiding behind the curtains
and watching the neighbors,
waiting for "Perry Mason"
to come on,
telling the grandchildren about
the time she was the May Queen.
Oh, you were the May Queen?
And then Julia moved here,
and life became exciting again.
It's the onions.
I swear.
I never cry.
- Now we have enough oignon.
- Now we have enough oignon.
It's time for the butter.
Let's go easy
Say, eight sticks.
The tiniest splash
of vermouth, for flavor.
Everything is good here.
Wait till you try the bread.
It is a poem.
Oh, thank you.
I just need to make a quick
phone call, so excuse me.
Just one sec.
Oh, Paul didn't answer.
I so wanted him
to come to dinner.
He'd adore the ambiance.
Well, you tried.
You just checking in
with your husband?
No, the old ball and chain.
It's Judith.
I'm sorry for calling so late.
You know I don't sleep.
I've been trying to reach you.
I haven't been back
to the hotel.
It's been a wild day.
Did you wake up at noon,
talk about your feelings,
and have a lunch
of fiddly sprouts?
Not exactly.
I have news.
As do I.
You first.
Julia Child's book signing
was packed.
We ran out of copies
of "Mastering."
It was like a Beatles concert
or something.
Sounds noisy.
I, however, can do you
one better.
Your boy Updike
has been short-listed
for the National Book Award.
Holy shit!
Fucking right, holy shit.
Well, this is very,
very, very exciting.
Um, congratulations.
Congratulations to you, my dear.
You did that.
A bottle of the '55
and two martinis.
Anything for you?
I'm worried I smell like onions.
I'm worried that I will always
smell like onions.
Eau de French Chef.
You'll love it here.
Julia and I come here
all the time.
And Paul third-wheels.
And Paul third-wheels.
So, this can't just be my own
personal "This Is Your Life."
Um, why television?
Do you remember the first
episode of "The Twilight Zone"?
I don't remember any episode
of "The Twilight Zone."
"There is a fifth dimension"
beyond that
which is known to man.
The middle ground between
science and superstition.
It lies between the pit
of man's fears
and the summit of his knowledge.
"The dimension
of imagination."
I knew from the first episode,
television was my future.
Endless possibilities.
It's not so easy, though.
You don't know watching at home
just how hard it is
to make one little
half-hour program.
The tears.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
The mussels are fantastic.
And the steak frites.
Gougères delicious
French cheese puffs
that explode in your mouth
like firecrackers.
They're rough on my stomach.
You've had them?
In Paris, actually.
I studied some French
at Oberlin.
My parents took me to Paris
when I graduated.
And here am I, mispronouncing
cheese puffs to you.
Ah. Merci.
After you, mademoiselle.
La salade paysanne,
s'il vous plait.
I'll have the same.
And French fries.
Oui, madame.
I wonder how they're doing
in San Francisco.
Clever of Russ to sell the show
across the country,
don't you think?
Mind you, there's no place
on earth I'd rather be
than right here with
wunderkind Alice Naman.
Thank you for joining me.
I hate eating alone.
Me too.
If music be the food of love,
play on.
Give me excess of it.
Give me excess of it.
Well, these shrimp
are the food of love.
Flay on!
Flay on!
Oh, James, you must go
onstage again.
We chefs are natural performers.
No, do you think so?
Well, I was a theater
major in college.
As was I. Mm! As was I. Mm!
No one thought I was
particularly good, I'm afraid,
but I did break the world record
as Torvald's
tallest little bird.
You played Nora?
You like Ibsen?
I loved throwing myself
into characters,
becoming someone else.
Mind you, I always had
an affinity for ham.
Oh, I'm the opposite.
I I was only ever
really able to play myself.
Well, it's a very good part.
Mr. Beard, we're so honored
to welcome you back. Oh, thank you.
To welcome you back. Oh, thank you.
Mrs. Child,
I'm a huge fan.
Oh, you're kidding. Bon appétit.
Oh, you're kidding. Bon appétit.
Would you like to see
the kitchen?
Julia, could you
Ooh, it smells
like heaven in here!
Jason grows all his own herbs.
Oh? We have a
garden in the back.
It's practically a farm.
Yes, Paul grows our herbs
in the garden, too.
He would especially appreciate
your attention to detail, Jason.
In we go.
Ooh, yes! Ohh! Ooh, yes! Ohh!
That is exquisite!
Julia, I could bathe in it.
Oh, my gosh.
I was 21, I had just
graduated college.
We had this makeshift stage,
totally uneven surface.
One of the leads broke her leg
on opening night.
I suppose you told her to?
She took direction well.
You know,
I translated "The Maids."
Of course I know.
I used your translation.
You know,
it doesn't surprise me at all
that your background's
in theater.
A gateau isn't exactly Genet.
Ridi, Pagliacco ♪
Sul tuo ♪
Some people are simply
meant to be on a stage.
Oh, no, sit.
Sit, sit.
Another round. I've already paid the check.
Another round. I've already paid the check.
Oh! Time for Act
II of the evening.
I have a surprise.
I'm beat.
Oh, nonsense.
The night is young.
Alas, I am not as young
as the night,
and I am three hours ahead.
Julia, this cannot be missed.
I am putting my foot down.
Say yes.
Paul, I called earlier Oh!
James Beard here.
I need to borrow your wife
for a while longer.
We have an important mission
in the Mission.
Join us if you can,
but there's no time to waste.
Are you up for it?
Uh, you go if you want to,
but I am in for the evening.
Well, I won't be home late.
Ooh, Julia!
It's the city calling.
We have to go, go, go!
Have a good time.
Oh, I love you!
Uh, yes, Claire Foster, please.
Berkeley, California.
Oh, James.
What is this place?
Welcome to The Sword and Crown.
Home to San Francisco royalty.
Screaming queens, mostly.
Isn't this something?
I always feel like Dorothy
when she lands in Oz.
Finally, some color.
It's indeed colorful.
But you could have given me
some kind of warning.
I was afraid that
you wouldn't come.
You must be parched.
Libations! Yes. Libations! Yes.
A girl went back to Napoli ♪
Because she missed
the scenery ♪
The native dances
and the charming songs ♪
But wait a minute ♪
Something's wrong ♪
Hey, mambo, mambo Italiano ♪
Hey, mambo, mambo Italiano ♪
I'm Coco.
Coco Van.
Are Are you
You've met.
This is the big surprise.
Can you believe her?
I cannot.
Coco, join us, please.
The second I saw your show,
I had a vision of Coco.
Born the day you made
my namesake dish,
which I cooked
for my mother, by the way.
She was bowled over.
I borrowed her pearls
for tonight.
What do you think?
Oh, they're
Thank you.
And this hairstyle, I just love.
I traded in my old wig.
My Donna Reed days are over,
and Coco's here to stay.
Now, I must say, Julia,
you are as pretty as a picture.
Just like on TV.
Your makeup is beautifully done.
The trick is the cheekbones.
See, I made my face like this
and then sweep up!
- Always up!
- Always up!
Makeup's the fun part.
The hard part is the shoes.
Finding the right size.
Oh, you're telling me.
Since I was 12.
You know, Achilles was
a drag queen, too?
His heels were killing him.
I'd like to welcome
our next performer.
She is quite a dish.
Coco Van!
I'd like to dedicate this
to a woman who makes the world
a little sweeter, yummier,
and much wider.
My inspiration Julia Child!
I had to be you ♪
- Oh, that is funny.
- Oh, that is funny.
I had to be you ♪
I wandered around
and finally found ♪
That somebody who ♪
I'm s
Who am I kidding?
I can't do this alone.
Julia, get up here!
Oh! Ohh!
I had to be you ♪
In a size
12-and-a-half shoe ♪
I-I wandered around
and finally found ♪
That pair of heels who ♪
Could make me be true ♪
Could make me be blue ♪
Even be glad,
just to be sad ♪
Thinking of you ♪
Take that, Donna Reed!
Some others I've seen ♪
Might never be mean ♪
Might never be cross,
or try to be boss ♪
But that wouldn't do ♪
Make a drink?
Mm. Hmm. Mm. Hmm.
Oh, my. Who put that there? Oh, my.
Who put that there?
A Russian gymnast told me
A Russian gymnast told me
that the key
to preventing a hangover
is vodka.
Oh. Oh.
Oh. Oh.
Oh, James.
Perhaps it's time
I tucked you in a cab.
I have a full day tomorrow. Mm-hmm.
I have a full day tomorrow. Mm-hmm.
Shh, shh!
Mm. Shh.
I met her.
Julia Child.
You what?
Oh, shit.
Oh, I wish Coco were here.
Bless you, Paul.
Yes, that was her name.
His name.
The queen.
Are you alright?
Yes, I learned this trick
last night.
Seems that San Francisco
has fallen in love with you,
even the fairies.
Oh, I don't know about that,
but it's certainly
the only place on earth
my singing
will ever be applauded.
A standing ovation,
imagine that.
Hmm. Oh. Hmm. Oh.
Did you know Achilles
was a drag queen?
His heels were killing him.
But it was just the one heel.
Oh, merde.
I'm late.
Will you come meet me later at the station? Mm.
Will you come meet me later at the station? Mm.
Well, um won't James be
there for support?
I could use your support.
I'm busy, actually.
I'm having lunch with Claire.
You've been making
your own plans, so
Well, that's wonderful.
But I just assumed
Send her my love.
I'm sorry.
I have to go.
The car is
Duty calls.
Off you go.
Virginia: Sam has so many
darn patients,
he's on track
to outpace your father.
My dream is they'll open
a practice together.
Dynamic doctor duo.
But where would the office be?
Close to here, of course.
Your father's is too small.
There's some great space
on Maple Street.
Alice, are you even listening?
Mom, could you be
more supportive?
Of what?
Of me.
Can't I talk about your brothers
without you getting competitive?
It's not about them.
Mom, it's hard for me at work.
I have to constantly
explain myself,
who I am, why I'm there,
and when I come to you,
sometimes, I just want
you to listen.
I'm your mother,
not your friend.
Let's move those
C-stands over there.
She's quite the sorceress,
isn't she?
I've fallen under her spell.
You know, when "Mastering
the Art of French Cooking"
I was quite jealous.
Not only of the idea,
the scope of it,
but the voice.
Even the title, the gerund
It invites you in.
That was your idea,
the title, yes?
I want my cookbooks
to sing like that,
Judith, and I need your help.
Do mine next. Oh. Do mine next.
James, I'm flattered,
but that's not what I do.
Well, that's quite clearly
what you do.
Oh. No.
I'm a fiction editor
who happens to
How did you put it?
have fallen under Julia's spell.
I edit Julia Child,
not cookbooks.
I am not a-a cookbook editor.
Places, everyone.
One minute to go.
We should find our seats.
Live audience members can
go ahead and take your seats.
Let's move cameras to marks
and fly equipment out.
This is a universal
crepe batter.
You may add spices to the mix
if you like, or nutmeg.
Good wrist work, Ken.
I can see you've had
plenty of practice.
Have you made crepes
like this before, Ken?
Haven't used a hot plate
since chemistry class.
Oh, well, cooking is just
like chemistry,
but we are encouraged
to lick the instruments.
Oh, Ken, if you can assist me.
Kenny, Kenny.
Ooh, you're not afraid
of a little flame, are you?
Didn't I read that
your television station
burned to the ground?
Oh, that's before my time, dear.
Before my time.
This is great television.
Well, if lily-livered Ken
won't help me
complete my show-stopper,
perhaps my dear friend
James Beard
will come to the rescue?
- James Beard, everyone!
- James Beard, everyone!
My hero.
My hero.
And now, we flambé!
Julia, did you know
that Crepes Suzette
were created by mistake?
A waiter accidentally
set fire to
A little bit of the sauce
on top of it.
Thank you, James.
And there she is
Miss Crepes Suzette.
Remember to tune in to
"The French Chef" on KQED.
There you are.
Teaching America how to cook
is hard work, I see.
Those lights were awfully hot.
Anyway, I'd best be off.
I have a plane to catch.
Oh, so soon?
You came all this way.
Don't you want to play
awhile longer?
No more play for me.
Julialand is the most
entertaining place,
but there is a mile-high
stack of novels
in my office calling me away.
It's good.
It's my work.
Somehow, I always feel
replenished after time with you.
And my pants,
always a little tighter.
Russ, I'll see you back there. Yeah. Okay.
Russ, I'll see you back there. Yeah. Okay.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, that's great.
She killed on the radio
this morning, too.
I loved the bit about iceboxes.
I never call them
"refrigerators" either.
Who has the time?
You really got something.
It's funny.
I didn't understand it at all
till this weekend.
A cooking show?
With her as host?
I don't think we've seen
anything quite like this.
Oh, and Russ,
I spoke with Philly.
Expect a call.
Thank you.
How did you come up
with "The French Chef"?
I mean, how did you know?
I didn't.
I had no idea.
I think my mother would
have loved "The French Chef."
Oh, Edith with a television?
Can you imagine?
She was too busy
to sit still long enough.
You know, when she
was bedridden,
I would draw for her,
just so she would have
something to critique.
She lived to deliver
pithy barbs.
My work gave her
ample opportunity.
But I loved her, so
I'm sorry that I haven't
been able to visit you,
or Robert, as much as I'd like.
You've always been there
for both of us.
And now Julia's right there
in my living room.
I'm surprised there has been
such a big response
to the series here.
You shouldn't be.
In San Francisco,
food is everything.
It's one of the things
I love most about this city.
You've departed to Gloomsville.
Peter is being transferred
to the head office in Chicago.
Promoted, rather.
It's a great opportunity
But you don't want to leave
San Francisco?
For what?
Pizza pie and Polish sausages?
Polish sausages are magnificent.
The egg buns with poppy seeds.
They get stuck in my teeth.
Oh, I am being unfair.
It's his dream, after all.
But I just wasn't expecting
such upheaval in my life,
not at this age.
I'm settled.
I'm cooked.
Believe me, I understand.
You and Julia moved
all over the world.
That must have been hard,
especially for her.
Oh, she loved it.
Well, I think it's sweet
that you're here supporting her.
I've always admired you two.
I'm so happy you found her
after Mother passed.
Don't worry about the move.
The world works
in mysterious ways.
Nothing is predictable.
And the good thing about love
is that it travels.
Though, it can be
extremely inconsiderate,
occasionally self-centered.
It's very kind of you
to escort me home, James.
Thank you for being
my knight in shining armor.
Ken was not very helpful.
The handsome ones never are.
You know
I had a cooking show once.
I must have been in France.
Didn't do very well.
Oh, bad timing, I'm sure.
It wasn't that.
America can't love a fat
old fairy like me.
Oh, James.
You, on the other hand,
make people very happy,
including me.
Now, there's a wonderful
vineyard just outside of Marin
with an unbelievable Syrah,
better than anything
from the Rhone Valley.
It will knock your socks off.
It is oh-so-tempting,
my darling James,
but I think I have to go.
Of course, of course.
Go up and change,
grab Paul, I'll wait.
No, I'm sorry, I can't.
Lucky man, Paul Child.
But you can't shake me
that easily.
Next we'll take on New York.
Or even dreary Boston.
Thank you so much. Thanks, ma'am.
Thank you so much. Thanks, ma'am.
Where to?
19th and Diamond Street.
Paul, are you here?
You're here.
I missed you.
Who are you, again?
Oh, Paul, don't.
I'll freshen up
and then we can go
to the bistro you mentioned.
Oh, uh, I-I went there
with Claire today.
Well, somewhere else, then.
I don't feel like going out.
On our last night?
Oh, really, Paul,
let's do something.
You were dynamite
on "Good Day by the Bay."
Oh, you watched?
Of course.
I know this weekend wasn't
what we pictured.
I-I got carried away.
Everyone wants you.
And I can hardly blame them.
I do, too.
Room service?
Oh, yes.
Oh, Paul, are you sure?
Oh, yes.
It's very strange to go from
no one to someone all at once.
I suppose I'll have to
get used to sharing you.
Ooh, split a Caesar?
No, I don't want that.
I mean, yes to Caesar,
no to sharing.
No to me being shared,
yes to sharing the salad.
We'll navigate it together.
See, I don't quite understand
what's happening.
See, I thought it was scary
at first,
I didn't like it, but now
part of me does like it.
A lot.
All those people.
It's exciting.
Oh, I can't help it.
Something is happening.
Something is definitely
But we're still us.
We have to stay us.
Otherwise, there's no point.
Oh, Julie,
they have sole meuniere.
It had to be you ♪
It had to be you ♪
I wandered around,
and finally found ♪
Somebody who ♪
Could make me be true ♪
Could make me be blue ♪
And even be glad ♪
Just to be sad ♪
Thinking of you ♪
Some others I've seen ♪
They might never be mean ♪
They might never be cross,
or try to be the big boss ♪
What they wouldn't do ♪
There ain't nobody else
that gives me a thrill ♪
With all your faults,
I love you still ♪
It had to be you ♪
Wonderful you ♪
It had to be you ♪
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