Julia (2022) s01e06 Episode Script


Poulet au Porto is one
of my favorite dishes.
This is an excellent recipe
to make for your
nearest and dearest,
as it cannot be prepared
ahead of time.
Instead, I suggest you invite
those lucky ones
into your kitchen
for dinner and a show.
Oh, missed opportunity.
I should've used the chicken
like a puppet.
It was right there
for the taking.
And now I'm going to pop
the mushrooms
into the pan for a good sweat.
Speaking of which
Oh, my God.
Oh, really, Russ?
Is it the chicken?
See, the technique
is too similar to coq au vin.
It's good to repeat techniques.
That's how people learn.
Well, they don't learn
if they're bored.
I'm not bored.
I'm exhausted.
The baby.
Oh, yes.
The little bundle of joy.
Two weeks and barely a wink.
It's an evolutionary misstep to
come into the world so hungry.
Alright, I'm sorry.
I have to cut this short.
But if I sit in a dark room
any longer,
I'm gonna fall asleep
on your shoulder.
Ah. Let's splice it here. Ah.
Let's splice it here.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
No, let let me.
This is my favorite part.
Is there a problem, Charlie?
Oh, no.
What is it?
There's a wrinkle.
Excuse me? Is the whole thing wrinkled?
Excuse me? Is the whole thing wrinkled?
I'm right here, Russ!
Not you, Julia.
The tape.
There's a wrinkle in the tape.
Oh, well, that's a relief.
What's a wrinkle in the tape?
A wrinkle in the tape
is tantamount to lost film.
And unfortunately, it runs
through so much of the film
that the episode
is unsalvageable.
We're gonna need to do
a total reshoot.
Well, if we must do it again,
we will do it with aplomb.
What good fortune that
we're taking the week off.
It's a perfect chance
to recharge our tired batteries
and and come back
You just looked at each other.
Why have you looked
at each other?
There can't be a week off.
But there is a week off.
I marked it in very bold letters
in my diary.
"Week off."
The deal with KQED
is for continuous programming.
We've just syndicated
to three other cities.
If we take a week off
and then reshoot,
we'll be two weeks behind.
Our hands are tied.
Well, hands can be untied,
I'm exhausted.
Actually, I'm exhausted,
and I'm okay with it.
It's not a competition, Russ. Oh.
It's not a competition, Russ. Oh.
I just need a little bit of time
to catch my breath.
I hear you,
but if you think about it,
it's an enviable position.
No one wants a break from Julia.
I could use a break from Julia.
Oh, it's an enviable position,
It was, uh, no small feat
on Judith's part to get
"Mastering, Part II"
back in motion.
I sent you the recipe
for cassoulet, no?
Yes, I know, dear, and while
it's a wonderful start
Well, it's not the beginning.
It's, uh, finished.
Well, I mean, it's a wonderful
start to the mountain of work
we still need to do.
No, no, no, no, no.
Julia, no, no.
Bread? No.
Now, hear me out.
The French don't make bread.
Well, I beg to differ
because I have had
some of the most beautiful
baguettes whilst in France.
I mean, the French housewives.
The French housewives
do not make bread.
You know what I mean.
Don't be cute.
I'm being clever, not cute,
and really,
it's just ghastly here
between the Wonder Bread
and the hot dog buns,
and ooh, we need to help, Simca.
You help.
Me? No.
Yes, but I'm a bit tied up
this week
with "The French Chef."
Why do you call it
"The French Chef," huh?
You're not French.
Well, because I cook
French food,
and while I continue
to bring the message
of French food to America,
as was our mission,
I would like to offer you
the privilege of spearheading
the baguette recipe yourself.
C'est impossible.
No, it's not impossible.
You just don't want to do it.
And I sent you cassoulet.
But I didn't ask for cassoulet!
I am not your employee.
Call me when you want
to do something French!
Paul! Ooh. Paul! Ooh.
Everything alright?
Oh, Paul, it was a disaster.
What Simca flat-out refused to participate.
What Simca flat-out refused to participate.
I was afraid of that.
Simca's always been a bull
about bread.
Now, what am I gonna do?
Judith's on the train
as we speak.
She's taken vacation days just
to work on the bread chapter.
Alright, alright,
deep breaths, my love.
It'll be fine. How will
it possibly be fine?
Because you can do anything.
You are the woman who enchanted
America with her cooking show,
and in so doing,
created so much demand
that they're all clamoring for
the second volume of your book.
Yes, but I don't have
the ability
to be in two places at once,
and the book won't get
published without bread.
But you have help.
I will skip Judo and we'll
crack a schedule together,
because nothing can't be fixed
with some good old-fashioned
time management.
Oh. Yes.
Oh, Judith!
You're drenched!
Just a bit damp.
Come in. Come in.
It took me a minute to catch
a cab at the station.
That'll teach me
to forget my umbrella.
Oh, these damned August showers.
Let's hope it's dry skies
for the rest of the week.
'Cause you know what
doesn't love rain?
Bread. Oh, Julia! Bread.
Oh, Julia!
I'm beyond excited to be
on the front lines
of your process.
I never get to watch
my clients in motion.
Although, to be fair,
their work is rarely so tactile.
What a treat to get to be
in the trenches with you.
Yes, about that.
Do I have a surprise for you.
Well, hey, Paul.
Well, you may know him as Paul,
but he is also your partner.
Your partner in bread.
The truth is, this week
is all turned upside down.
Suffice to say, I do not have
this week off as planned.
Mm. And, uh, when we sat down
to work out a schedule,
we realized there,
practically speaking,
were not enough hours in the day
and not enough Julias
to go around.
Which it turns out is
a happy problem indeed.
How so?
Paul? Hello. Paul? Hello.
Paul is much better suited
to the task of cracking bread.
Bread is scientific.
Now, I'm a lot of things,
but scientific
is not one of them.
I dare say I would've enjoyed
dissecting the frog
in biology class much more
if I'd known I could sauté
the legs in butter and garlic.
Sounds like you've
worked it all out.
May we offer you some dinner?
We could discuss the pros
and cons of American flour.
I have thoughts.
As nice as that sounds,
I-I actually ate on the train.
And I'm drenched.
Uh, would you mind
if I retire to my room?
Oh, of course.
A good night's rest
for the week ahead.
What time is too early to start?
5:00 a.m.?
Let's be eager, but humane.
5:30 it is.
However, I don't know
if I'll even be able to sleep.
I'm so excited.
Oh, that's wonderful, Paulski.
Oh, to be inspired.
Well, of all the episodes
to reshoot,
Poulet au Porto would not
have been my top choice.
But you adore Poulet au Porto.
Yes, but did you realize
that of the last 12 episodes,
four of them have been chicken?
Chicken is a wonderfully
versatile ingredient.
Simca accused me of
not being French enough.
Simca wouldn't exist
outside of her own ego
if it weren't for you.
Yes, but I mean,
there's French food
and then there's French food.
Do I see wheels turning?
Well, I just can't see the point
in doing a bad job twice.
See, maybe I have
the authority to
change the recipe?
Last time I checked,
it was your show.
Yes, it is my show.
That's five minutes.
Squats, Paul.
Oh, good morning, ma chere amie.
Would you care to join? Yes.
Limber up the muscles
for the knead ahead.
Before my coffee?
How much longer?
Do you want me to fudge it? No.
Yes. Yes, that's five minutes. Yes.
Yes, that's five minutes.
Let's stretch.
I admit, I was a bit miffed
at red-faced little Vickie
at first, all that crying.
The stamina on those tiny lungs.
How is Marian doing?
Goo-goo ga-ga for baby.
What was I talking about?
Not sleeping, I think.
In other words, productivity.
Once you realize there's
no point in even trying,
that's when you get
to the good part.
Which brings me to your part.
My part?
I need you step up
on "The French Chef."
Take more responsibility.
Wow. Really?
I-I would be thrilled.
Anything you need to lighten
the load, get some more rest.
I'm not tired!
What you see here this is
a broadening of my portfolio.
The San Francisco trip
taught me two things.
I need to make shows
which are my passion.
You mean like "The Advocates"?
And what's the second thing?
You said there were two things.
I did. Yes.
That "The French Chef"
is a big deal
and I need to use that
to my advantage.
Well, that's great, Russ,
but "The French Chef"
also needs us on set in five.
Vinnie. Hi.
- Hi.
- Um, can you go through this
Oh. One second.
Sure. Okay.
Always nice to be greeted
with enthusiasm.
Thank you, Roy. Well, I am excited.
Thank you, Roy. Well, I am excited.
Ooh, me, too.
What are you excited about?
Russ asked me to take
a stronger hand
in the producing of the episode.
Oh, Alice, that's marvelous. I know.
Oh, Alice, that's marvelous. I know.
Do you approve?
Oh, yes.
I'm delighted.
Produce away.
What are you excited about?
Well, gather the troops,
Madame Producer,
and you shall see.
Excuse me.
Can we gather around
for a moment?
Julia has an announcement.
Good morning, good morning,
good morning.
We have a slight
change of plans.
About that
I can't be here for the episode.
You came here to tell us
you can't be here?
Well, I'm here today,
but tomorrow,
I'm up 95 in Kennebunkport.
I thought we had a break,
so we made plans
to see my parents
at their summer home.
Norman hates my parents,
but he loves lobster rolls,
so I gotta capitalize.
I would never get in the way
of lobster rolls.
We'll make do.
What's your change in plans?
No chicken.
Chicken, my friends,
is tired territory.
This reshoot is an opportunity.
It won't be a reshoot at all.
It will be a new shoot.
We're going to make something
much more French.
Poulet au Porto sounds
pretty French to moi.
Ah, not as French
as the wonderful,
mouthwatering delicacy
of sweetbreads!
While that is a lovely idea,
we have already done
the shopping.
But as I pay for the groceries,
I'd be more than happy
to pay for new groceries.
But Avis and Dorothy
are in charge of groceries,
and since Dorothy is
no longer available to help
I can handle it.
Oh, that's the spirit!
But I've only got two hands
and one of them is arthritic,
so I'm gonna need some help.
W-While I'm always ready
to lend a hand,
maybe not on the week
when we can still save
some of the footage.
Oh, but I-I thought the footage
was unsalvageable.
Well, the episode
is unsalvageable,
but some of the footage
could still be useful.
Oh, I hadn't realized.
Russ: Julia.
Do you want to do sweetbreads?
Oh, I do want to do sweetbreads.
You're the boss!
And the boss sounds
passionate about this one.
Passion is good, Julia.
No, it really is.
You know, it's much more work.
Everybody loves chicken.
Well, I can't deny it.
No one will make this dish.
Maybe not, but maybe
one person will.
You will have a script
by tomorrow.
Didn't you just tell me
to take charge?
You are in charge.
In charge of Julia's vision.
And Julia's vision has led her
to sweetbreads.
Do you know
what sweetbreads are?
Like a danish, right?
Who's next?
Pork chops, Johnny.
Over here.
Your basket's empty.
Yes, I'm aware.
I've been trying
to get his attention.
Hello! Johnny!
Morning, Mrs. DeVoto.
What can I do for you today?
Pays to be pushy.
We're gonna need all
the sweetbreads you've got.
Is Mrs. Child really doing
She is, indeed. Better stock up, then.
She is, indeed. Better stock up, then.
I couldn't take another round
of enraged customers.
We almost didn't survive
the run on sole last month.
If it's alright, I'll help you
drop off the food at Julia's,
but then I have to race
back to the office.
Three sister stations
are wondering
where the new episode is.
Russ may or may not be
on the verge
of an insomnia-induced
nervous breakdown.
Men and sleep.
Yeah, well, I'm happy
to pick up the slack,
but there is a lot
of slack this week.
Strict instructions from Julia.
You can skedaddle after you
help me prep the sweetbreads.
Prep the sweetbreads?
These babies need to soak
for 24 hours.
Ah. Oh. Ah. Oh.
Apparently, glands are
very high-maintenance.
I think we need to add
some more water.
Though that may be true, we must
follow the scientific method.
If we don't have a constant
by which to compare,
we'll be nowhere
as we begin to experiment.
Monsieur Calvel's recipe
is our North Star.
Be that as it may,
we're working to a deadline.
So, perhaps we can make
some calculated accelerations.
Ah, but bread rushes for no one.
I'm not sure Blanche Knopf
would agree with that.
Well, then, we have to seduce
her with the joy of process.
The vigor of the knead.
The suspense of the proof.
The catharsis of the slash.
Watch that vigor, Paul.
You're liable to give yourself
a hernia.
W-W-Wait - The
The kitchen is closed
for business.
We are the business, baby.
Television trumps cookbook.
Well, just
Just don't touch anything.
Watch it, pal.
Ah Oh!
Oh, very nice.
Very nice.
Oh, I need some air.
Oh, don't you dare destroy
this wonderful humidity!
It smells like pancreas, Paul.
Be reasonable. Breathe through your mouth.
Be reasonable. Breathe through your mouth.
Oh, for God's sake.
Alice, you got this?
No, a-actually,
I really have to
You're a doll!
Paul's trying to recreate
a professional
baker's oven in here.
This heatwave is a
Is a gift from Hestia.
The Greek maiden goddess
of the hearth.
Apparently, she's with us.
Hm, is there a Greek
maiden goddess of glands?
'Cause I could use her help.
Time for a break?
For you and a cool glass?
I snuck in a drop of gin.
Gosh, this heatwave is dreadful.
Paul's in proofing heaven.
He's babysitting the dough
as we speak.
I think there's a metaphor
about a watched pot
he should consider.
I have watched my husband
watch paint dry.
It's one of the many reasons
I knew he'd bring
the right energy to bread.
Because he's meticulous.
But he's also not you.
The recipe needs
that Julia touch.
I know that Blanche Knopf
wants what she wants.
So I promise to touch it up
and down and all around.
Paul is a brilliant man.
But he's not exactly known
for his accessible thinking.
You mean he's a snob?
We're all snobs.
It's not a judgment.
But your gift is one
of translation.
Well, correct me if I'm wrong,
Judith, but
you are actually a very
well qualified translator.
I translate French,
not French bread.
And I'm not a writer.
Ooh, that's mere details.
You didn't come all this way
just to watch.
No, I came all this way
to spend some time with you.
Goodness knows I could
have vacationed in Montauk
like a normal New Yorker.
Yes, well,
I-I'm disappointed, too.
And it's your vacation.
You deserve to spend it
as you want.
So, if you need to go,
I understand.
The cuts of sweetbread
come from these glands
right at the base of the neck,
which are wonderfully
aromatic and delicate.
I thought she was doing donuts.
Maybe she's just gonna
turn them into donuts.
And sweetbreads also come
from another surprising source.
Any guesses?
Are we supposed to guess?
No, that was a dramatic pause.
Maybe a little less dramatic.
Yes, roger that.
It's something that helps
to aid in digestion,
and now I'm going to encourage
you to digest it yourself.
It's the pancreas!
Oh, Russ.
Could we use our mirror to show
the fascinating process
of separating the two lobes
from the tube?
What the lady wants,
the lady gets.
And I need to keep it in focus?
Now, just grab those
pre-soaked lobes
No. God no.
I did not sign up
for sweetbreads in close-up.
Oh, dear!
We had a casualty.
I got it.
We want to really relish
ripping these membranes apart.
I'm still not sure about
the flour proportions.
They'll hear you.
- No!
- Just a peek.
We peeked last time,
and look what happened
Pale, insipid crust.
My only fear is failing her.
Then we won't.
Ooooooh ♪
Ah Uh, Tilly's
sister did them.
She's a whizz at knitting.
I've got a closet full
of sweaters I never wear
to prove it.
These'll be great.
Perfect for this
August heat wave.
You look tired.
You sleeping?
Actually, I'm great.
Never been more focused.
I know you're busy,
so I'll get to it.
I want to make
a weekly news program
that focuses on civil rights
and social justice issues
in this country.
I have Morgenthau, uh, making
a documentary about that.
Y-Yes, but a documentary
is a one-off.
This issue is evolving,
We need a program
that can respond in real time.
I'll mention it to Morgenthau.
No, Hunter, I'm your guy.
Mm yeah.
You are my guy.
My guy for
"The French Chef."
Well, that, uh, shot
with the mirror genius.
No one can do that like you.
But what do you have to say
about this civil rights thing
that other people can't say?
In fact,
I called this meeting
I called this meeting.
To talk about doing
more home shows
for our lady viewers.
Apparently, there are
a lot of them.
Who knew?
Maybe a knitting show
with my sister-in-law.
Uh Her personality
is terrible,
but you know, yarn is
Well, I don't know.
You'll figure it out.
I'd like to do something
that matters.
To whom?
"The French Chef" matters
to a whole lot of people.
And the only reason Morgenthau
gets to make his documentary
is because "The French Chef"
will pay for it.
So, really, you are working
on civil rights.
Feel better?
Sorry for the mess.
I don't usually have visitors.
I'm usually the one summoned.
Have I been summoned?
Oh, no.
No, I just wanted to talk.
To check in,
see how you were feeling.
Well, I'll feel better
once we move onto crepes.
Yes. About that.
Uh, the future episodes are
what I wanted to talk about.
So, I have been summoned.
Well, the fact of the matter is
that the show is a huge success.
Uh-huh. Getting
bigger by the month,
and with that has come the
saving grace of a real budget.
Money makes the world go 'round.
We've been doing so much
with so little,
but it turns out
we can now afford to hire
a production assistant.
What's a production assistant?
Oh, uh, someone
who can be responsible
for grocery shopping,
um, food prep,
an extra pair of hands
behind the counter for Julia.
You mean you can hire someone
to be me?
I can I can hire someone
to lessen the burden
on you and Dorothy.
You're firing me.
I can't fire you.
You're a volunteer.
Please don't get the wrong
end of the stick.
A production assistant
would just free you up
to do the parts you like.
You won't be tied to
the rigorous schedule
of a multi-episode TV show.
You can flit in and out
as you'd like.
I can flit?
Cold, cold, cold.
Moved onto cocktails?
Paul had the brilliant idea
of ice cubes in the oven
to create more steam for the crust. Yes.
To create more steam for the crust. Yes.
But if the ice doesn't work,
perhaps the reverse
Conducting enough heat
through an object
Have you tried
brushing water on it?
Yes, that's where we started.
No, I think the ice cubes
will evaporate too quickly.
Perhaps, but seems worth a try.
Well, the flavor's good.
But the texture's all wrong.
I'm not sure where crust ends
and bread begins.
We are in process.
Well, your process
is in a very chewy phase.
Um, darling, might I see you
in the pantry
for a quick question
about yeast?
This is far too stuffy
an environment to store yeast.
I don't want to talk about yeast.
Hmm? Oh.
You charged us with an endeavor,
and we deserve time
to get it right.
Yes, I understand that,
but this is my name on it
at the end of the day.
I told you I'd be checking in.
You told us you'd be available
as needed.
And we do not need you
as of yet.
A little trust, maybe?
But you're not storing yeast
in here, right?
Yes, alright.
I'm leaving.
She actually thinks
she can fire us.
As you and Dorothy
are not employees,
that does seem rather difficult.
Yeah, that's what she said.
Why do you think
she wanted to fire you?
I have no idea.
Well, maybe Dorothy because
she skipped town
on a week when we were shooting.
Well, she may have a point.
And you?
Maybe because I'm too squeamish
to handle the sweetbreads.
Which means that she has to do
all the prepping herself,
in addition to everything
else she does, which
I imagine is probably a lot.
She may have a point.
She may have a point.
It's calming.
Maybe I'm just old and useless.
You're not old.
And no one has ever called
Avis DeVoto useless.
Silly of me to think
I was important enough
to become a problem.
Did I ever tell you
about my boss in the OSS?
Mr. Earp became
utterly convinced
that he could induce
the Japanese to surrender
by playing on their
supposed fear of foxes.
The State Department
actually allowed him
to dip a thousand of the poor
things in phosphorous
and then release them
into the water
in the hope that
they'd swim to shore
and scare the soldiers
out of their foxholes.
Well, who the hell has
a thousand foxes standing by?
Well, the little beasts
all drowned in the Pacific.
Oh. We all knew it was a terrible idea. Oh.
We all knew it was a terrible idea.
But he was in charge,
and so we did it.
How many men have set the rules
and the world didn't fall apart?
Men have unbelievable confidence
when it comes to making
arbitrary decisions.
They feel totally justified
by the mere fact
that it is their desire
for it to be so.
I envy that.
Well, now I get to make
the decisions.
And you're not even
a terrible idea.
The show is about
French cooking,
so I don't believe
Mrs. Child will be amenable
to a Philly cheesesteak episode,
but I will relay the message.
Bye now.
Interesting conversation?
Oh, lots of requests
from our sister stations.
I am learning the art
of the polite put-off.
You know who can't be
politely put off?
My dear friend Avis.
I-I don't know what
she told you, Julia,
but professionalizing the show
is an important step.
sounds an awful lot
like trying to replace
Avis and Dorothy.
But if it makes
your life easier
But that wasn't your decision
to make, Alice.
Honestly, I think it was
overstepping on your part.
Oh, dear.
No, this isn't
what it looks like.
Well, it looks like
you're trying not to cry.
No, I'm not going to cry.
I think it might be too late.
No, I have three older brothers.
You do not cry when you have
three older brothers.
Well, your brothers aren't here.
Well, maybe I'll pretend
that they are here.
Oh, dear.
I think I may have
hurt your feelings.
I really didn't mean
to hurt your feelings.
Seem to be rather good
at that at the moment.
Oh, you know, I think
that I-I am just, um
oh, confused.
Confused about what?
Uh, my job.
I-I love my job, but it
It lacks a little bit of
I am told to step up
and then to step back,
to make myself indispensable,
but then suddenly
I've leapt off a cliff and
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
This is not your problem.
I think San Francisco just
gave me some mixed-up ideas.
Why would San Francisco
give you mixed-up ideas?
I sold the show
to San Francisco.
Wait, you did that?
I assumed it was Russ.
You told me to make myself
indispensable, so I did.
But if I've overstepped now,
I apologize.
It won't happen again.
Don't apologize.
I know I can be messy
and impulsive
and seat-of-my-pants,
and that isn't always easy.
But that is the fact of it.
Avis and Dorothy
made this show happen
when no one but you and I
believed in it,
and I am never letting them go.
They're family.
I understand.
But you're family, too.
Poor Professor Higgins ♪
Poor Professor Higgins ♪
On he plods against all odds ♪
On he plods against all odds ♪
Oh, poor Professor Higgins ♪
9 p.m., 10 p.m. ♪
On through midnight
ev'ry night ♪
1 a.m., 2 a.m. ♪
Three ♪
Four ♪
Five ♪
Quit, Professor Higgins ♪
Quit, Professor Higgins ♪
Hear our plea ♪
Or payday we will quit,
Professor Higgins ♪
Ay not I, O not Ow ♪
Pounding, pounding
in our brain ♪
Ay not I, O not Ow ♪
Don't say "Rine," say "Rain" ♪
Don't say "Rine," say "Rain" ♪
The rain in Spain ♪
Stays mainly ♪
In the plain ♪
In the plain ♪
The rain in Spain ♪
Stays mainly in the plain ♪
I think she's got it ♪
We did it!
Oh, you're beautiful.
Oh, we did it!
We did it! We did it!
By George, she's got it ♪
By George, she's got it ♪
Now, once again,
where does it rain? ♪
On the plain, on the plain ♪
On the plain, on the plain ♪
And where's that
soggy plain? ♪
A toast!
- That's your third toast.
- Yes, it's my third drink.
This one for my darling Paul
and his ingenious breakthrough.
To the asbestos tile.
To the asbestos tile!
Honestly, Paul, I don't know how
you come up with these things.
A quick study of thermal
qualities, I guess.
I don't know.
Yes, that asbestos tile was 100%
the brainchild of Paul Child.
Well, I had a very patient
Oh, it's just wonderful
when something works.
Are you getting choked up
over your own grand idea?
Don't be silly.
This shrimp is wonderfully hot.
You should grab a copy
of Joyce Chen's cookbook
before you leave.
It's worth the Peking Duck
recipe alone.
And you'll appreciate it
all the more now that you're
a cookbook author yourself.
Ah! One recipe does not
a cookbook author make.
Oh, stop that.
If it were up to me, that recipe
would be 32 pages long.
You achieved culinary poetry.
I couldn't do it.
Food makes me feel creative.
Mm, mm, mm. Mm!
Not another one, Julia!
- To Judith.
- Mm-hmm.
I can't wait to see the poetry
she makes of brioche.
- Uh-huh.
- Judith: Wait.
I'm not doing the whole chapter.
We'll see.
I demand mint chip.
It's a freezer, dear,
not a Dairy Queen.
Oh, gosh.
Oh, gosh.
Butter pecan for me, and, um
- Oh, gosh. No.
- Oh, gosh. No.
Who put that there?
Paul and Judith's boulangerie,
Julia speaking.
Oh, Dort! Hi, Dort.
Why so late?
Dort is Dorothy
Julia's sister, the youngest.
Taller than Julia,
if you can believe it.
Oh, Dort.
Pop died.
His heart gave out.
I'm so sorry.
I'll give you two some privacy.
Oh, Dort, no.
No, I'll take care
of all of that.
Yes, please don't worry, pet.
I can call
the funeral home and
Yes, I don't mind.
Yes, I'll handle it.
He did seem slower.
And I-I didn't think to see him
when we were in San Francisco.
Please don't
Don't do that to yourself.
Well, Pop's the last
of that generation.
I feel a bit
like I built a house
and forgot to include the roof.
Uh, I'm gonna cancel
the taping tomorrow.
Oh, no, Paul.
People are depending on me.
I should I should
Look at us.
It's 3:00 a.m.
We have got to get some rest.
I love you.
Do you think she's okay?
She looks okay.
Okay, 30 seconds!
Places, please!
Settle in, settle in.
Rolling sound.
Rolling picture.
And we're ready in 5, 4, 3
Hello, I'm Julia Child.
Today's a special day,
because we're tackling
something particularly French.
They're called sweetbreads, and
they're neither sweet nor bread.
But they are divine.
I have a feeling they may not be
a favorite for many of you,
but they are a favorite of mine.
And we've come so far
already together,
I'm asking you
to give them a chance.
And you may surprise yourself.
And isn't it nice
to be surprised?
On a personal note,
I'd like to dedicate
this episode to my father.
My father never ate sweetbreads.
He was very picky.
In fact, just the thought of him
eating them makes me smile.
But I am who I am because of him
and in spite of him.
And so, Pop, this one's for you.
Um, a good show.
Lovely about your father.
But never make
sweetbreads again.
In one week, my wife is going
to recreate your meal,
and I don't want that.
Well, you'll be pleased to know
that next week is tarte tatin.
Apple pie.
Ah! Great.
I won't bore you with numbers
or details,
but the show is doing very well.
Uh, Scotch?
Oh, no.
Uh, sold in four markets,
et cetera, et cetera.
All that means for you
is we'd like to do a season two.
Oh, that's splendid.
Yes, it is.
Glad to hear you're in.
I haven't said I'm in.
Uh Mm?
You haven't actually asked me
if I'm in.
I have terms.
We need a couple of breaks
in production
for us to catch our breath
once in a while.
And WGBH pays for the food.
Uh, the food
is a significant cost.
Well, I assume these stations
who are buying the show
are doing so with money?
So, that will pay for the food.
Is that all?
No, there's one more thing.
Alice Naman.
Is she a problem?
No, she's a producer.
She should have the title.
Full producer.
Okay, now I'm asking
Are you in?
To Season Two.
To Season Two.
Gonna build a mountain
from a little hill ♪
Gonna build a mountain,
least I hope I will ♪
Gonna build a mountain,
gonna build it high ♪
I don't know how
I'm gonna do it ♪
I only know I'm gonna try ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gonna build me a daydream ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
From a little hope ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gonna push that daydream ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Up the mountain slope ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gonna build a daydream ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gonna see it through ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gonna build a mountain
and a daydream ♪
Gonna make 'em both
come true ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
Gonna build a heaven ♪
From a little hell ♪
Gonna build me a heaven ♪
And I know darn well ♪
If I build my mountain
with a lot of care ♪
And take my daydream
up the mountain ♪
Then heaven will be
waiting there ♪
When I build that heaven,
as I will someday ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
And the lord sends Gabriel
to take me away ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
What a fine young son
to take my place ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
I'll leave a son
in my heaven on earth ♪
With the good lord's grace ♪
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