Julie and the Phantoms (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Unsaid Emily

[whimsical music plays]
[rock guitar riff plays]
[rhythmic jazz music plays]
[horn honks]
[Luke] This is awesome, you guys.
We're playing the Orpheum!
I can't even count
how many bands have played here
and then ended up being huge.
We're gonna be legends.
Eat up, boys, 'cause after tonight,
everything changes.
[nostalgic music plays]
Is this seat taken?
[sighs heavily]
This whole thing sucks.
Yeah, I messed up.
No, it's like you said
you know, you didn't have a choice.
I mean, Caleb owns your soul.
No. [inhales sharply]
No, still, I know what he's capable of.
I brought you guys right to him.
When you guys asked me,
I should've just skated away.
I would have still followed you.
[chuckles lightly]
I would do anything
to take back what I did to you.
-[jolt buzzes]
[sighs] I am so sorry.
I mean, did you guys figure out
what your unfinished business is?
Not like it's gonna happen.
We have to play here.
[wistful music plays]
The the Orpheum?
Yeah, I mean, we were two hours away
from getting on that stage
the night we died.
You guys were gonna be legends.
We were.
I don't know why you guys want these,
but OK. [laughs]
[girl] Thank you, Julie.
-Let me see! [gasps]
-[boy] Yeah!
Can I get a selfie too?
I have to check with security.
Oh wait. I don't have any.
Yeah, you laugh,
but after last night's performance,
it's pretty clear:
-you guys are gonna blow up.
-Pfft! It was just a garage party.
-Don't go all crazy on me.
sorry I couldn't stay for the whole thing.
-I had a ton of homework.
-It's fine. Thanks for coming.
Thanks for inviting me.
See you around.
So, um, listen.
Since we make such a great team,
you know, with dance and everything
and, uh, you have an A in history,
any chance we could be study partners?
[chuckles awkwardly] I'd love to,
but with the band,
I'm not sure I'll have any free time.
Oh, nah, no worries. Um
Then, I'll ask you this:
any chance you could find time
to go on a date with me?
Wow, Nick wants to go on a date with me.
You'd know that, 'cause you're him.
I am.
I'm flattered.
Really. You're great.
Really great. [chuckles]
That doesn't sound like a yes.
[sighs] You
You like someone else, don't you?
Yeah, kinda.
Guess I, uh [chuckles]
missed my chance. Um
OK, then. Still dance partners, right?
Yeah. Of course.
And awkward exit.
Um See ya. [chuckles]
See ya.
Well, that wasn't just a "What's up?"
Nick wanted to go on a date.
And I said no.
You know what you said.
This Luke thing isn't going away
any time soon,
so I I figured why waste Nick's time?
Aww! My baby's all grown up. [chuckles]
She's choosing to like someone
who doesn't really exist,
but she's all grown up.
But he does exist. To me.
And he might just be air,
but we connect in so many other ways.
You are the most watchable duet-ers
I've ever seen.
But it's not just singing.
When we write,
we're drawing from the same pain.
We both know how it feels
to lose our moms.
Do not make me cry.
I'm having a really good eyeliner day.
It's just Luke's hurting so much,
I wish I could help him.
Maybe you could write him a song!
That would make him feel better!
Oh my gosh, Flynn, you're a genius!
-Julie, you still have class.
Like I said genius. [chuckles]
[Reggie] Hmm Wow!
Ooh, I like this one.
It's got a good composition, buddy.
[sighs loudly] What are you doin'?
Eh, I needed a pick-me-up,
and hanging with Ray
always does the trick.
Does it?
-Dad, I have a ghost update.
-OK, this might be interesting.
Really? Come on, Carlos,
we've talked about this.
I know you're not a believer,
but listen to this.
-Do I have a choice?
You go, little man.
After Julie played with her hologram band
last night, I couldn't sleep.
Those songs do get stuck in your head.
-He likes our new music too.
-Ah, still doesn't count.
I learned on YouTube that ghosts haunt
because something's bothering them.
So to get rid of them, you gotta find out
what crawled up their ghost butts!
-[giggling] He said "ghost butts."
So, I searched the house for clues
on who used to live here.
And I found a bunch of old stuff
in the garage.
What I learned is
we're being haunted by a ghost
who had a dream.
-A dream that never came true.
-[suspenseful music plays]
A dream that was cut short
by a tragic accident.
OK, you you don't actually think--
Our house is being haunted
by a very talented
[both sigh with relief]
Looks like somebody fell asleep
watching Ghost Hunters and Chopped.
You know how there are
two restaurants in LA
that claim
they've invented the French dip?
Guess what I found in this shoebox?
A recipe
for a third French dip!
-No way!
-No way!
It was invented in 1905
by a guy who
dreamed of a soggy sandwich.
But died before he could share his gift.
[both] Ah the gift of dipping.
It's like we're the same person.
[snickers] Just like!
So we gotta make his sandwich,
and we gotta eat it.
[Ray] Oh, then,
he'll see his dream realized
and finally leave this world for good.
So are you in?
Yeah, let's make a dream come true.
All right.
I do love French dips.
I'm gonna miss them.
Me too.
[sentimental music plays]
[inhales deeply, exhales slowly]
What are you doing here?
OK, look.
I I just wanted to know more about you,
you know, just curious. Um
So, I came here last week
on your birthday.
You were spying on me?
Even after all your speeches
about boundaries?
-You were spying on me?
-I know.
I'm sorry. It was wrong.
But I'm worried about you.
You don't have to be.
I get it.
I know how hard it is when you want
to speak to someone you love and can't.
I feel that way every day.
I don't even know what I'd say to her,
even if she could hear me.
Yes, you do.
You've already said it.
Trust me.
[sentimental music plays]
[doorbell rings]
Hello. Can I help you?
Hi. I'm Julie.
I believe you had a son named Luke?
Yes, that's right.
And you are again?
Julie Molina.
Um your son's band used to play
in my family's garage?
I I came across this song that he wrote
and figured you might be interested?
Well, yes.
Uh, please please come in.
I'm I'm Mitch.
Nice to meet you.
Can I, um, get you something?
Oh, no. I'm good. Thank you.
Is this your son?
Yeah, that's Luke.
When he was two.
Do you have any other children?
Did I hear the doorbell?
Hi, hon. Um, this is Julie.
[Emily] Hello, Julie.
Oh, that's a beautiful sweater.
Thanks. It's my mom's.
Julie lives in the house
where Luke and the band rehearsed.
She was just telling me
she found a song that Luke wrote.
It's a song about a girl named Emily?
-[whispers] Emily
I'm Emily.
Then I think your son
may have written this song for you.
-["Unsaid Emily" plays]
-[Emily sniffles]
First things first ♪
We start the scene in reverse ♪
All of the lines rehearsed ♪
Disappeared from my mind ♪
When things got loud ♪
One of us running out ♪
-I should have turned around ♪
-[sobs loudly]
But I had too much pride ♪
No time for goodbyes ♪
Didn't get to apologize ♪
Pieces of a clock that lies broken ♪
If I could take us back ♪
If I could just do that ♪
And write in every empty space ♪
The words "I love you" in replace ♪
Then maybe time would not erase me ♪
If you could only know ♪
I never let you go ♪
And the words I most regret ♪
Are the ones I never meant to leave ♪
Unsaid Emily ♪
Silent days ♪
Mysteries and mistakes ♪
Who'd be the first to break? ♪
Guess we're alike that way ♪
He said, she said ♪
Conversations in my head ♪
And that's just where
They're gonna stay forever ♪
If I could take us back ♪
If I could just do that ♪
And write in every empty space ♪
The words "I love you" in replace ♪
Then maybe time would not erase me ♪
If you could only know ♪
I never let you go ♪
And the words I most regret ♪
Are the ones I never meant to leave ♪
Unsaid Emily ♪
[all] Ah-ah-ah ♪
Ah-ah-ah ♪
[Luke] If I could take us back ♪
If I could just do that ♪
And write in every empty space ♪
The words "I love you" in replace ♪
Then maybe time would not erase me ♪
If you could only know ♪
-I never let you go ♪
And the words I most regret ♪
Are the ones I never meant to leave ♪
Unsaid Emily ♪
[sniffles] Thank you.
-[Emily sobs]
-[Mitch] Um
You you have no idea
-[Emily inhales, exhales deeply]
I write music
in the same room that he did,
and I can tell you
it is a magical, happy place.
-That's so nice to know.
I know he was only 17
-when he
["Unsaid Emily" instrumental plays gently]
But he lived doing the one thing
he was born to do.
Not many people find that,
but Luke did.
He was lucky.
[sniffles, breathes shakily]
It was so nice to meet you.
It was nice to meet you too.
["Unsaid Emily" instrumental continues]
I'm sorry for overstepping.
No, I
I just had to leave.
-That was
-You don't have to say anything.
[Luke] Yeah, I do. Uh
I didn't have many regrets in my life
except for running out on my parents.
Especially my mom, so
thank you.
You helped me feel
more connected to my mom, so
I wanted to do the same thing for you.
That was perfect.
This is an interesting little relationship
you and I have.
[chuckles lightly]
Oh my gosh, I almost forgot to tell you.
Flynn said the video that my dad made
is trending on YouTube.
That's a good thing.
That means people love our music.
We'll definitely be getting calls
from managers now.
There's something I have to tell you.
Oh OK.
We figured out
that we have unfinished business.
That's why we came back as ghosts.
What is it?
We have to play the show
we never got to play.
At the Orpheum? That makes sense.
-[jolt buzzes]
[Luke winces]
-We don't have a lot of time.
-What was that? Are you OK?
We did something that we shouldn't have.
The night that we missed the dance,
we met this ghost,
and he put this curse on us.
And if we don't do what he says,
then those jolts will destroy us.
Then you gotta do what he says.
What does he want?
He wants us to be in his house band
for eternity.
But if we can play the Orpheum soon,
then we can avoid all that
and actually cross over.
"Cross over"?
As in, like what? Like go to heaven?
That's what we're banking on.
So it's either you cross over,
be in his band for eternity,
or be destroyed by those jolts?
That's just great.
-[door opens]
[door slams]
[footsteps approach]
[knocking on door]
Hey. I got your text.
Don't come too close.
Anyone I seem to care about disappears.
[Flynn] You can't get rid of me.
I'm like the crazy glue of best friends.
I just don't get it.
Right when my life starts to get good.
Great friend, great band, great guy
then bam!
[Flynn] I seriously don't know
why all of this is happening to you,
but that's gonna be
a great album cover one day.
You don't have to do that.
I know, but I get to check out
all your mom's cool stuff.
[Flynn] Whoa
Did you know this was in here?
[scoffs] What the heck?
How do you think she got it?
I I don't know,
but the guys said they didn't know my mom.
Why would they lie?
Maybe they didn't.
Maybe she knew them.
She could be a fan!
I mean, Sunset Curve was playing
the Hollywood club scene around then.
Oh my gosh.
What if you were right?
What if the guys are connected
to your mom?
You know, through music or something.
Because she bought their T-shirt?
Think about it.
They were the ones
who made you wanna play music again.
Maybe she knew they could help you.
So, you mean to tell me that my mom
is somewhere out there planning all this?
If she wanted me to play music again,
why wouldn't she just tell me herself?
Maybe she can't.
Maybe she has to do it another way.
You know, through signs.
You've been through these clothes
how many times
and haven't found this T-shirt?
Why now?
This is another sign.
I'm just saying.
It's not over, Julie!
Really? "Signs"?
You're in a ghost band.
It's a crazy world.
you're gonna lose them
no matter what.
And it sucks.
But they helped bring you back to life.
Now it's your turn to help them.
They have to cross over.
Let them go.
[discordant note twangs]
[clicks tongue]
-[discordant note continues twanging]
-Snap out of it!
[drumsticks clatter]
Jeez, I think you broke Alex.
Do you guys want to cross over or what?
Get it together!
They're never gonna let us
play the Orpheum.
-We're nobody.
-We're less than nobody.
-We have no bodies.
-[snaps fingers]
Someone once told me
that you don't ask for permission.
-[chuckles lightly]
-You book gigs by doing.
That was me.
-No, it wasn't.
-No, it wasn't.
-Yes, it was.
-[Julie] This isn't over.
We were brought together for a reason:
to help each other.
Yeah, but like Luke said,
people don't just play the Orpheum
because they want to.
People don't,
but ghosts do.
-[rock guitar riff plays]
-[hi-hat chicks rhythmically]
[Alex] One, two, three.
[Luke] Take off, last stop ♪
Count down till we blast open the top ♪
Face first, full charge ♪
Electric hammer to the heart ♪
Clocks move faster ♪
'Cause it's all we're after now ♪
Oh-oh ♪
Won't stop climbing
'Cause this is our time, yeah ♪
When all the days felt black and white
Those were the best shades of my life ♪
Don't look down ♪
'Cause we're still rising up right now ♪
And even if we hit the ground ♪
We'll still fly ♪
Keep dreaming like we'll live forever
But live it like it's now or never ♪
Don't look down ♪
'Cause we're still rising up right now ♪
And even if we hit the ground ♪
We'll still fly
Keep dreaming like we'll live forever ♪
But live it like it's now or never ♪
-It's now or never ♪
-Now or never ♪
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