Just Add Magic (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

Just Add Camping

Previously on "Just Add Magic" Who was the shadowy figure? We just called her the traveler.
If I can access all my memories from Grandma's last good day, maybe I can piece together what happened.
I remembered so much.
Miss Silvers came over to give Grandma a box of spices, and when she got home, she had a leaf on her jacket, and a piece of paper in her jacket pocket.
Wait, I recognize it.
That orange stripe, it's from the Cedros Forest.
We have to go to the Cedros Forest.
Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
It's all right.
We already got started.
Oh, no.
What are we making now? Trail mix.
With a side of magic.
Off the trail mix, technically.
Why would we want to go off the trail? Because we need to know where my Grandma went in the Cedros Forest, and the book says, "This treat will make your path clear.
" The Galifrazian coconut oil will make us expert trackers.
It also says, "After you face your greatest fear.
" And that would be courtesy of the Carnejian maple syrup.
We have to face our greatest fear? I don't really have fears.
I just take life as it comes.
Well, I don't.
Especially in the woods.
Anything can happen.
Snakes, poison oak, flash floods.
Don't worry.
We'll be fine.
As long as there aren't snakes.
Oh, there are tons of snakes.
My dad and I camp there all the time.
But only a few are poisonous.
Not helping, Darbie.
How are we even supposed to get to the Cedros Forest? Isn't it far away? About that.
I have an idea.
Okay, we have Frisbees, a football, and a couple of games if it rains.
You brought everything but the TV.
Don't need it.
I downloaded a dozen movies to my tablet.
Is the rest of your stuff in the car? Nope.
This is it.
We pack light.
You can survive in the woods with nothing but bait, a Swiss Army Knife, and a compass.
And personal fortitude, of course.
I don't have any of those things.
Oh, that must be Hannah and Clayton.
Hey, guys.
Come in.
Tell Singapore we need to make a decision.
That's the last call I had to take.
So, who's ready to hit the woods? I swear, this really is the last call.
What's with the socks? I may have read a lot about Lyme disease last night.
I think I found my greatest fear.
This is gonna be a great weekend.
S'mores, campfires, scary stories.
There's a great overlook halfway up Mount Cedros I'd love to check out.
Uh, that's not on the itinerary.
No, different itinerary.
We have an itinerary? Clayton made one.
But don't worry, it's all fun stuff.
If you're lucky, I'll even teach you how to gut a fish.
I don't want to be lucky.
I'm going camping with my daughter, so don't call me unless you need me.
- What are we waiting for? - You, Dad.
Let's go before the best camping spots are taken.
You know, this was a great idea, Kelly.
It's gonna be nice to get away and spend some time together.
Yeah, Dad.
Can't wait.
Ready to go off the trail? No, but that's not going to change.
I'm gonna show Kelly and Hannah where all the best kindling is.
We don't need kindling.
I brought a ton of fire starters.
Isn't that cheating? Sure, but that leaves more time for fun stuff.
Oh, first item on the itinerary: canoeing to Dead Shepherd's Island.
That sounds ominous.
Actually, it's pretty cool.
There are wild goats everywhere.
How are we gonna sneak away if we're stuck on an island? I'll take wild goats over getting lost in the woods.
But we have to try later.
Most of camping is just sitting around and being one with nature and stuff.
There will be plenty of time.
I thought you were working on your pluot recipes.
I don't need them.
I'm not allowed to sell food at the festival.
What? That's absurd.
Why not? They said no bikes allowed.
But didn't you say you're not a bike, you're a mobile food specialist? They didn't get the difference.
I spent weeks perfecting my pluot rub.
Well, you didn't hear it from me, but the festival planning committee comes in every Saturday at 1:00.
And tomorrow is Saturday.
What's the use? They already said no.
But have they tried your plu chutney and brie bundts? Maybe once they know what a talented chef you are, they'll change their minds.
My brie bundts do have a bite.
Oh, yes, they do.
They've kept us busy every single second of this trip.
We've already gone swimming, potato mashing, bird watching, berry picking and rock climbing.
What else could they have planned? Come on.
Stargazing in five.
They're relentless.
Admit it.
Today was a pretty fun day.
My dad gave us that awesome whittling lesson.
What's it supposed to be? I'm open to suggestions.
I love it, Darbs, but we only have tomorrow left.
How are we gonna make sure that we can sneak away? There are critters all over these woods.
Right? You have to stop thinking about your fears, Hannah.
For once, I wasn't.
I thought I closed it after the S'mores, but I must have forgotten.
I am so sorry I messed up all of our food.
That's okay, Hannah.
Hey, I have a great idea.
Let's hop in the car and drive into town, - and get some good, greasy diner food.
- Sounds like a plan.
Uh, do we have to? I mean, where's the adventure in that? Yeah, we're supposed to be camping.
Hannah's right.
Dad and I fish out here all the time.
Tell 'em about that time we caught that 10 pound bass.
I think you just did, Darbs.
How about it? Fishing? I get seasick, so count me out.
And I have reading for school.
- We have reading? - Yeah.
Aww, man.
I better stay, too.
You sure you'll be okay alone? Oh, uh, you know, I'll stay behind with them.
Dad! You're here to unplug.
Using my own words against me.
You're gonna make a great lawyer.
I can't wait to see who catches the biggest fish.
I'm betting on you, Dad.
I'm not.
I've never fished.
Well, we'll see you girls in about an hour or so.
Don't rush.
Take your time.
"The woods may be dark and bleak, "but if you focus on what you seek, "this treat will make your path clear All: "After you face your greatest fear.
" I'm terrified already.
You're really not afraid of anything? Nope.
Life's an adventure.
Let's do this.
Just the essentials.
Just the essentials, huh? How do you think it will show us where to go? Glowing footsteps? Ooh, maybe an animal like a unicorn or a deer will lead the way.
No deer.
Deer carry ticks, ticks carry Lyme disease.
- Lyme disease caus-- - Shh! Did you hear that? That's how.
Come on, this way.
That plu chutney was out of this world.
Thank you, Mr.
And something refreshing for dessert, pluotsickles.
They're naturally fat-free, by the way.
You should sell these.
That's kind of the idea.
I was hoping I could sell them at the Pluot Festival this year, but they don't allow bikes.
So What? Really? Move out of the way, Mama P.
I've got cookin' to do.
You changed their minds? No.
My menu did.
Good for you, Jake.
See what happens when you don't give up so easily? Pluotsickle, Mama P? Ooh.
On the house.
I hope we find what we're looking for soon.
I'm exhausted.
That's because your pack weighs as much as you do.
Just set it down.
We'll get it in a little bit.
No way.
If somebody breaks a bone, I have splint tape.
If somebody gets stung, I've got epi pens.
What if we promise to be really careful? We can't be careful.
The trail mix is going to make us face our greatest fears.
It's like my backpack is getting heavier.
But that's impossible.
It's what scares you the most.
Not being prepared.
I'm stuck.
I can't get up.
Just take your pack off.
Oh, no.
If we're gonna keep going, you have to leave your pack behind.
But it has everything we need in case something bad happens.
We have to be prepared.
See? I can't catch my breath.
I need an inhaler.
You don't have asthma.
You could develop asthma at any age.
It's okay.
You can do this.
We'll be with you every step of the way.
I guess I can try.
I'm so sorry you didn't care for the turkey sandwich.
Um, here's your money back.
That's the third customer today who's asked for a refund.
That's strange.
The panini press must be on the fritz.
Well, it's not just paninis.
Someone sent back a blueberry muffin.
Who doesn't love your blueberry muffins? Jake, it's okay.
I'm just off my game today.
This way.
You know, I actually feel pretty good.
Like a weight has been lifted.
It has.
That thing was, like, 50 pounds.
It was mostly the defibrillator.
Those things weigh a lot.
- Snake! I saw a snake.
- Ooh, let me see.
Oh, man, it's just a couple of sticks.
See? Whoa.
- Guys! - Darbie, where'd you go? Darbie: I'm right here, behind a-- Inside a bush.
Get me out! I can't move anything.
It's impossible.
Do you feel like the bush is closing in on you? Now I do.
Hannah: Sorry, I was just trying to find out if you were claustrophobic.
I'm not.
But I see why some people are.
Hold tight.
We're gonna find something to get you out of there.
No, don't leave me alone! Kelly? Hannah? Are you still there? - Say something.
- Still here.
Um, guys.
I think I was wrong when I said I didn't have any fears.
Apparently, I'm not okay with being left alone.
Don't worry, Darbie.
We'll stay with you.
You can't.
You have to keep going.
It's the only way that the spell will work.
I have to face my fear alone.
No, we can't split up.
Just go.
I'll be fine.
Okay, okay.
You're right.
W-- We'll see you soon.
Stay safe! And don't touch anything with three leaves.
I won't.
I promise.
You got this, Darbs.
You're gonna be fine.
Totally, totally fine.
You're Mama P.
You're never off your game.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Tuscany had a nice crop of olives this season.
Mama P.
You're paying a magical price.
You put something in my food.
That's why the committee changed their minds.
They just realized they made a mistake.
Okay, fine.
I might have sprinkled the barest amount of Cedronian sugar on your chutney.
You didn't think my menu was good enough on its own? Your food is fantastic.
They made a mistake, I didn't want them to make another one.
You deserve every opportunity to share your food with the world.
I get it.
You're just trying to help.
I'm just bummed that you didn't think my food could speak for itself.
And the Darbster beats El Darbo again.
I miss her.
If Darbie was here, should could tell us which sticks were sticks, and which sticks were poisonous snakes.
I have two kinds of anti-venom in my backpack.
Oh, well.
I think the spell wants us to go this way.
Towards a wasp's nest? Darbie! - You found us.
- Are you okay? Yep.
Fear faced.
All good.
Which means it's my turn.
- You got this, Kelly.
- Definitely.
Get ready to join the club of the totally awesome and brave.
Snakes, here I come.
I don't understand.
We're back at the campsite? How did the spell lead us in a circle? Hey, Darbs.
I caught the most fish.
I got the biggest fish.
I got to paddle the boat.
Hey, Kelly, you want to help us clean these? No.
I want to go home.
I don't know what happened.
We followed the recipe exactly.
And it worked for you and Darbie.
Where are the snakes? There should have been snakes.
Kelly, it's okay.
It's not okay.
This is our last day here in the forest, and the spell didn't work.
When we get back, we'll try something else.
What else? Even Mama P's out of ideas.
I failed.
It's hopeless.
I'm gonna lose Grandma.
Kelly, what has gotten into you? Nothing, I just don't want to be here.
Well, we're not going anywhere 'til you tell me what's wrong.
What's wrong is that Grandma's sick, and everybody's acting like it's okay.
But I can't.
I know you're sad.
And you're scared.
So am I.
But we still have to find a way to enjoy life.
We came here to have fun.
I don't want to.
Not an option, kid.
Come on.
Come with me, come on.
Welcome, everyone, to the first annual Cedros Forest father-daughter football game! Wait, we're playing against you? You girls have the advantage, Darbs.
We're old and frail.
Speak for yourself.
Everybody up now There's something comin' up Let's have a little fun We got a bit of blue sky Come on, let's have the best day of our lives Let's save the whole world All the boys and girls It's okay to run wild Come on, let's have the best day of our lives Gonna be a good time, good time It's gonna be the best day It's gonna be the best It's gonna be the best day Whoa! The best day of our lives Thanks, Dad, that was really fun.
Be honest though, girls.
Did you let us win? Sort of.
I think we need to get kindling.
Right now.
But what about the fire starters? Dad, are you saying that you can't start a fire the old fashioned way? Patrick, hand me the flint.
You sure you girls got this? Yeah, Dad.
Much better now.
Looks like the committee's back.
You called them? I promised them free coffee for a week if they came in to try your menu again.
They're very confused.
But I don't have anything prepared.
If you're telling me you can't whip something up, then you should hang up your apron.
All right.
Why is the spell working again? I didn't face my fear.
Maybe you did.
Think about it.
What are you most scared of? Snakes.
Not being able to save your grandma.
Which you faced.
When the spell led us back to camp, you thought that you'd failed.
That you'd never be okay again.
But you were okay.
When we played football, you were laughing and smiling and having fun.
Yeah, you're right.
I was.
But where is it leading us now? How do you like my plu-hot salsa? I know the heat can be a little much, so you might want to wash it down with some fresh pressed pluot juice, name TBD.
The salsa is incredible.
The pain is worth it.
I like to think so.
Thank you so much for giving my menu another try.
I really want your decision to be based on how much you love this food, and not the food from before, because-- Um, because-- Jake, I need to stop you right there.
This may be the best salsa I've ever tasted.
- Really? - Sure.
It's even better than anything you served us earlier.
But we can't allow your vehicle into the festival, after all.
Our insurance doesn't cover moving vehicles around pedestrians.
Seriously? It's not too late for me to feed them something else.
- I'll just-- - It's okay.
They loved the food.
But they won't let you serve it at the festival.
Yeah, but for insurance reasons, not because my food isn't awesome.
I'm gonna bottle my pluot salsa.
I'm gonna sell it in every grocery store in America.
I'm gonna run a pluot salsa empire.
Oh, wow.
She can't be.
Who else could she be? Are you the traveler? We are all travelers.
Are we not? I think that means yes.
Do you know who we are? Of course.
I gave the book to your grandmother and her friends.
I hope you will be wiser than they.
We are extremely wise.
Well-- My grandma came into the woods.
Did you see her? Do you know what she was looking for? Maybe, um, a magical ingredient.
She was looking for me.
You have to take it back before Kelly finds it.
No matter where I hide it, it keeps coming for her.
The book is a gift.
No, it's a curse.
It ruins lives and breaks bonds.
Only if you let it.
I warned you of this years ago.
I know.
I will do whatever it takes to protect her.
If you fight the will of the book, you will lose.
Just let me give it back to you.
The book is no longer yours to give.
It belongs to someone else now.
Who does it belong to? Us.
It's our responsibility.
Or is it yours? I'm the protector of the book.
But I cannot wield its power.
Can the book save Kelly's grandma? Your grandmother was cursed by a powerful hand.
There has to be something we can do.
Magic can fulfill any desire for those willing to pay the price.
And what you desire comes at a very great price.
I'll pay it.
Are you certain of this? Yes.
I am.
Hold up, Kell.
Can we have a sec? I'm pretty sure if she can appear out of nowhere, she can hear us whispering.
Kelly, this sounds dangerous.
I don't care.
She's my grandmother.
I'll pay the price.
Where'd she go? I'm sorry, Kell.
Did I wake you? Couldn't sleep.
Yeah, me neither.
It's so quiet out here without garbage trucks, and the neighbors' cats.
Your mother snoring.
It's nice, but-- Weird.
You know, I'm really glad we took this trip.
Me, too.
Not a lot of girls your age would want to spend a whole weekend with their dads.
Let alone a whole weekend in the woods.
You're way cooler than most dads.
I am? Don't let it go to your head.
Nah, don't worry.
I'll stay humble.
All right.
I'm off to use the little boys tree.
If I'm not back in 15 minutes, go back to civilization without me.
Love you, Dad.
Love you, kiddo.
"A high price you're sure to pay, "but Candied Stone Fruit can save the day, "and break any curse that's in your way.
" This is it.