Just Add Magic (2015) s01e12 Episode Script

Just Add Pluots Part 1

Previously on "Just Add Magic" Kelly: Grandma isn't sick.
She's under a magic spell.
I know that the cure is in the cookbook.
The magic has a mind of its own.
I can't move my arm.
Hannah: There's never not been a downside.
Music makes us happy and it feeds our souls An anonymous donor has gifted the school a piano.
Are you the traveler? I gave the book to your grandmother and her friends.
I hope you will be wiser than they.
Mama P: It started with Gina.
She just couldn't handle the magic.
She cursed me.
I haven't been able to leave Saffron Falls for over 40 years.
Hannah, you found Gina's book of victims.
I'm not the only person in town she cursed.
I knew Miss Silvers cursed Grandma.
Hannah: They say she could have been one of the greats, but one day she just stopped playing in public.
You're dealing with powerful forces you cannot control.
The book can tear us apart if we're not careful.
Can the book save Kelly's grandma? Magic can fulfill any desire for those willing to pay the price.
I'll pay it.
"But candied stone fruit can save the day, "and break any curse that's in your way.
" We did it.
Uh, you missed the first part of the riddle.
"A high price you're sure to pay.
" I'm not worried about that.
I am.
What if it's something really horrible? Like permanent hiccups or hair on your face? Or you lose your memory? "The price you pay will reflect the curse," "leaving things vastly worse.
" Definitely the scariest riddle ever.
Buddy, that's Grandma's suitcase.
Hide it.
I don't want her to go to New York.
To see the specialist? We just found out.
She got moved up the waiting list.
She can't go if we hide her suitcase.
Oh, Buddy.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry.
I'm working on something.
Maybe the specialist will actually help her.
Can we please not rush into doing something drastic, like cooking a hugely powerful spell? Nothing's gonna stop me from making this recipe.
Two tablespoons of Cedronian refined sugar, a half cup of Lapsis agave nectar, and 10 Merwaldian cherries.
Mama P, what do you think? I think you girls did it.
I'm very impressed.
Do you think it'll work? Oh, yes.
Too bad we can't do it.
I don't understand.
Why? The recipe is too dangerous.
I can't let you go through with it.
Thank you.
But I'm willing to pay the price.
You'll take on your grandmother's curse.
Thank you.
The book wouldn't give us a recipe if it didn't want us to use it.
You know, the recipe calls for five pieces of stone fruit.
If we were to expand it to 500, we could dilute the price.
- 500? - That's huge.
Instead of Kelly paying a big price, many people would pay a very small price.
Well, in that case, I could probably eat a dozen.
I ate 10 hot dogs at a contest once, - so I'm good for maybe 30.
- Excellent.
As for the rest, we can hand them out as free samples at the Pluot Festival.
What? This is crazy.
This is meant to be.
So, how does the magic work, exactly? Oh, "The first bite you must take "for your curse to break, "when the last bite you've eaten, "your curse will be beaten.
" So, how does the magic work, exactly? Grandma Becky must take the very first and the very last bite.
And then the curse breaks.
But what happens to everyone else? I don't think anything too serious.
Everyone might just be a little confused for a few seconds.
Might? My family, friends, and the whole town will be there.
What if something goes wrong? It won't.
I trust Mama P.
The festival's the day after tomorrow.
Can we get the recipe done in time? If we can get our hands on 500 pluots.
The recipe calls for stone fruit, which is any fruit with a pit.
Why does it have to be pluots? No one's gonna eat peaches at a pluot festival.
Good point.
Let's start rounding up pluots.
Tomorrow, we start cooking.
This is really happening.
What are we going to do? The only thing we can.
Help Kelly.
How did you get the baseball team to cancel their Bobbing-for-Pluots booth? I told them that we'd sell nachos at their next three games.
Quinn: Kelly, can I see you? Mom, what is it? Hannah.
Did you get some pluots? - No.
- Okay, what's going on? Well, I can't believe I have to ask you this.
Have you been harassing Miss Silvers? Hannah.
What did you tell her? Well, I guess there's my answer.
Did you really steal plants from her garden? One plant, but I-- Technically, that was me.
So I'm guessing you also asked Hannah to snoop around her house during her piano lesson? Really, Hannah? How could you do this? No, don't get mad at her.
She's very worried about you.
And frankly, so am I.
When your dad gets back, we're all gonna have a big talk.
There's more.
Kelly asked me to lie for her this weekend.
- What? - What? You asked me to tell your parents you were sleeping over at my house so you can go to Charlotte's pluot party.
Wait, Charlotte's having a pluot party? Hannah! But I'm worried because her older sister is a little irresponsible, and her parents are out of town.
This is crazy.
There's no pluot party.
- She's lying.
- Is she? Well, is she lying about writing on the windows at school? Or coming home late? Getting detention? Is she lying about that? No, but I had my reasons.
Such as? I can't tell you.
I'm glad you came to me, Hannah.
I've noticed that your behavior has been strange lately.
I thought it was just stress, but I don't know.
Mom, can we please discuss this later? I-- I have to cook for the Pluot Festival.
We're helping Mama P-- No.
There's no Pluot Festival for you.
- What? - I think you need a break.
No cooking, no friends.
For the next two weeks, you're grounded.
I'm sorry girls, but you need to leave.
Why did you get Kelly grounded? What kind of a friend does that? The kind of friend who doesn't just say yes to everything.
You always do what she wants, but it may not be what she needs.
Jake Williams, III, comes through.
I convinced Mr.
Kim to sell me his entire supply.
It's about 300 pluots.
That's great, Jake.
- And you only paid double the price.
- What? I talked him down from triple.
I need your help to get me out of the house tomorrow.
"Disappearing Dim Sum.
" If I disappear, I'll get into even more trouble.
"Walk In My Shoes Schnitzel.
" "When you need to have two faces "to be seen in two different places, "have a friend pretend to be you.
" Chicken cutlets, egg, flour.
This is perfect.
I won't tell if you don't.
Have you talked to Hannah? No, and I'm not planning to.
What she did was wrong, but her heart's in the right place.
She's worried about you.
And so am I.
I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try everything I could to help my grandma.
So, what am I eating? Chicken schnitzel with a pinch of Elysian salt, and a splash of Livonian oil.
So, what's supposed to happen? Inside you'll still be Darbie, but everyone who sees you will see me instead.
I'm gonna have to pull off being you? That's gonna be hard.
Not as hard as you think.
It's like looking into a mirror.
That is so cool.
I have to remember to smooth my hair a lot.
- I do that? - All the time.
How's my serious Kelly face? That's pretty good, actually.
You got me.
Oh, and how does the spell break? Just admit who you are by saying you name three times in a row.
Quinn: Kelly, are you in the kitchen? Oh, no.
I gotta get out of here.
What up, Mom? Why are you up so early? 'Cause I'm Kelly? I always wake up early when I'm grounded.
You've never been grounded before.
I haven't? Seriously? Darbie gets grounded all the time.
Well, no surprise.
But she's an amazing girl.
What a friend.
With all the festivities today, I'm really gonna need your help.
No problemo.
No problem.
Can you vacuum before Buddy's class comes over to rehearse for the play? You got it.
They're gonna be here soon.
- Kelly.
- Oh! Yes? You're acting really weird.
No, I'm not.
You know what? I really need a hug.
Oh! When's that last time we did that? No clue.
Kelly? Hannah.
How is this possible? I just saw you cooking at Mama P's.
No, you didn't.
I was here.
- You're not Kelly.
- Am, too.
What's your middle name? Amanda? I knew it, Darbie.
You're under some kind of spell pretending to be Kelly.
I can't believe you.
I'm sorry, but we just have different ideas on how to help Kelly.
I gotta go stop her from cooking.
Hannah! What's my middle name? Where have you been? Five pounds Cedronian refined sugar.
Kelly, please don't do this.
Stop! Don't! Go away, Hannah.
I don't need you here.
You never supported me doing magic unless it helped you.
That's not true.
Gotten any good autographs lately? Yes.
I also had to sing-talk in front of the whole school, take piano lessons with the scariest woman in the world, face my fears in a creepy forest, and worst of all, I got detention.
Whoa, you guys need to take a deep breath.
Both: Butt out, Jake! I am your friend, Kelly.
And as your friend I have to tell you, your grandma would be so disappointed in you.
Get out! I don't want to talk to you ever again.
Come on, Hannah.
How could you let her use all that Cedronian sugar? This is too dangerous and you know it.
I told you, we're diluting the price.
You should have stopped her.
Kelly and I are both trying to break the curse.
You're not going to stop me.
Stop you? From helping Kelly.
Stay away from the shop, Hannah.
I don't like it when people get in my way.
What? Oh, Kelly.
Mama P: I don't like it when people get in my way.
Mama P: I don't like it when people get in my way.
"Shut down indefinitely after a mysterious infestation "of rare Central American cockroaches.
" Who could have benefited from that coffee shop closing? Mama P.
"City council again votes to keep coffee chain out of Saffron Falls "even after the entire town signed the petition.
" Mama P.
Thank you for meeting me here.
What's this about, Miss Parker Kent? I owe you an apology, Miss Silvers.
When I went to your house for my piano lesson, I found your scrapbook of victims.
My what? The record you keep of all the curses around town.
They aren't my victims.
I know.
I thought they were.
But I found out that they're actually Mama P's.
You are the bright one.
Every curse benefited Mama P.
The only one I couldn't figure out was the Rockbury Wolves not winning a single game last year.
She has a grudge against the quarterback's mother.
Why didn't you warn us? I did.
What part of "You're dealing with powerful forces "you cannot control" was unclear? I guess it's how you said it.
The story of my life.
I'm not a good communicator.
Mama P is cooking a huge spell.
She says it's to help Grandma Quinn, but I don't believe her.
Please help me stop her.
Magic cost me too much already.
Learn from me.
Stay away from it.
I don't understand.
You're the only one of the three friends who isn't cursed.
Is that what you think? Follow me.
Are you going to play? Find middle C.
B flat.
This is my curse, Hannah.
When I play outside my house, no one can hear me.
Mama P did this to you? The thing I loved most in the world, she took away.
I'm so sorry.
This is what you're up against.
I believe that good always has to fight evil.
And I think you believe that, too.
I know you're the one who donated the piano to our school.
So don't tell me you don't care.
I've never had thumb cramps before.
I've been switching hands.
We have to keep going.
The festival's tomorrow morning, and we've still got at least 200 pluots to baste.
We can't stop.
Hi, Mr.
It's Kelly.
Just wanted you to know that Darbie's spending the night over here.
Why am I calling? Good question.
It's because we don't talk enough.
Hey, Mom.
You've ruined an entire load of laundry.
Look at Dad's sock.
Where is Mr.
Quinn? Mr.
Quinn? I mean, Scott-- Dad.
Been reading a lot of Jane Austen lately.
They're very formal.
Okay, sit down.
We need to talk.
Where's my Kelly? - Um-- - Where's my wonderful, reliable Kelly? The one I never had to worry about.
I'm the same old Kelly.
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly.
You've been so secretive lately.
I feel like you're shutting me out.
You know, you used to tell me everything.
I'm sorry.
I should talk to you more often.
I promise I'll go back to the Kelly you know real soon.
Real soon.
I'm gonna hold you to that, kiddo.
- Kelly: Hello? - How much longer? A while.
How is it being me? You better hurry.
I'm making a lot of promises that you're gonna have to keep.
Oh, and you're mom's pretty cool, you know? Go easy on her.
Mama P.
Can I take this to my Grandma right now? No, honey, that's not how it works.
She can't eat the first bite until the entire recipe is done.
No, I'm telling you.
It all makes sense.
I've studied every curse in the book of victims, and they all led back to only one person.
- Mama P? - Yes.
Miss Silvers isn't the evil one.
It's Mama P.
She's the one who's been cursing people.
I knew it! I never trusted her.
I think she's going to use the pluots to break her own curse.
I've tried warning Kelly, but she's ignoring all my calls.
Quinn: Kelly.
Is someone over? No, Mom.
Course not.
We've gotta get to Mama P's to warn Kelly.
But I'm grounded.
You're not Kelly.
Oh, no.
Hailey just discovered I'm out.
She's going to tell my parents.
Guess we'll all be grounded.
You should go home.
Kelly won't talk to you anyway.
You sure? It's gotta be me.
Here you go.
It's hard to imagine that what's in this little box will bring my grandmother back to me.
We're not done just yet.
Remember, the curse won't be broken until she eats the last pluot.
Mama P, I can't thank you enough for what you've done for us.
I have been worried sick.
Where were you? I can explain everything.
After I go see Grandma.
No, you're explaining everything now.
You snuck out of the house? Really? I was this close to calling the police.
I can't deal with this right now.
I have to go give this to Grandma.
Up to your room.
Now! Kelly, what are you doing here? You're either gonna talk to me and tell me what's going on, or you're gonna be grounded for a very long time.
You wouldn't believe me anyway.
Don't you pull that card with me.
And don't even think about leaving this room.
Did you forget something? You gotta get that pluot back to your grandmother.
Yes, but I wanted to take some with me for the rest of the family.
Get a jump on eating these bad boys.
Drop the pluots, Kelly.
Let go of me.
I'm not Kelly.
I'm Darbie, Darbie, Darbie.
I thought so.
Walk In My Shoes Schnitzel.
I used to use that a lot when I was your age.
I know what your plan is.
You're gonna steal the spell for yourself.
I'm not gonna let you eat the first bite.
Try stopping me.
I'm calling Kelly.
No, you're not! Help! Help! Help! Let me out! Not now, Buddy.
I heard you and Mom arguing.
Come on, Grandma.
Kelly has something for you.
Thanks, Buddy.
Here, Grandma.
I have something special for you.
You get the first bite.
Darbie: Help! Help! Somebody help me! I'm back here! Help! Help.