Just Add Magic (2015) s01e13 Episode Script

Just Add Pluots Part 2

Previously on "Just Add Magic" Morbium shadow root.
Add it to any spell, and it will amplify its effect.
This is my curse.
When I play outside my house, no one can hear me.
Hannah: I know about Chuck He mysteriously disappeared at the Pluot Festival.
One minute he's on the Ferris wheel, and then the next he wasn't.
Candied stone fruit can break any curse that's in your way.
We can hand them out as free samples at the Pluot Festival.
Instead of Kelly paying a big price, many people would pay a very small price.
How does the magic work, exactly? Hannah: Grandma Becky must take the very first and the very last bite.
I don't like it when people get in my way.
Miss Silvers isn't the evil one.
It's Mama P.
You're gonna steal the spell for yourself.
I'm not gonna let you eat the first bite.
Try stopping me.
Help! Help.
I'm telling you, he took a bite, and then just disappeared into thin air.
He's gone? That wasn't the spell.
It was just supposed to keep him away from magic.
Calm down, Gina.
Did you at least get my magic Morbium seed back? Is that all you care about? What about Chuck? What about him? He stole my Morbium, and he needed to be stopped.
I told you he was bad news.
We've got to bring him back.
We will, Gina.
I promise.
We'll fix this.
You un-grounded Kelly? I didn't un-ground her.
I made an exception for the Pluot Festival.
The poor kid's been going through a lot.
That's no excuse.
She snuck out of the house.
She came home at midnight, she wouldn't tell me where she was.
Her behavior is inexcusable.
It is, and we will get to the bottom of this, but this is Mom's last day in town.
And we don't know when she's gonna come back.
It would mean a lot to me to have the whole family together.
For you and for Becky.
But starting tomorrow, we are dealing with this.
I know.
Darbie, it's me again.
Where are you? You're not at home, you're not at Mama P's, and you're not at Kelly's.
You're really freaking me out.
Call me back.
Okay, Darbs.
Clearly, no one's coming to rescue you.
Time to rescue yourself.
First thing we need to do is eat something.
I'm starving.
Not that hungry.
The whole town is here.
We'll be able to give away all the pluots in no time.
Just make sure every single one of them is eaten, or the curse won't break when we give Becky the last one.
Care for a candied pluot? No thanks.
Watch this.
This is the best candied pluot ever.
And you're telling me they're free? Thanks.
I forgot my line.
"I'm a plum.
" I know I am, but what's my line? That is your line.
"I'm a plum.
" - Are you sure? - Yep.
I'm here at the Pluot Festival looking for you.
Where are you? Please tell me you changed your mind.
Are you here to stop Mama P? No.
Had to see with my own eyes.
This is what I feared.
All of Saffron Falls is going to pay an enormous price.
But Mama P said she made the recipe bigger to protect Kelly.
This way she wouldn't pay a big price because everyone would pay a small price.
Haven't you learned by now if Mama P's talking, she's lying.
Then what's gonna happen to Kelly? What's gonna happen to everyone else? I'm not sticking around to find out, and neither should you.
You want me to abandon my friends? No way.
How do I stop this? You can't.
The only thing you can do is protect yourself.
That's what I'm going to do.
Mama P is under a powerful curse.
Well, I guess you should know.
You're the one who cursed her.
That's how I know when it breaks, it won't be pretty.
Here, Jake.
Keep eating.
I can't.
I'm more pluot than man at this point.
You're a growing boy.
Candied pluots.
Free candied pluots.
Oh, courtesy of Mama P.
Thank you.
Oh, what do you think you're doing? Saving it for later.
Oh, no.
Our payment is watching the enjoyment on your face when you eat it.
So eat it.
Kelly! I'm not talking to you.
You have to.
I can't find Darbie.
She isn't answering her phone or her texts.
She probably just lost her phone again.
It is Darbie.
She said she would call me after she talked to you last night.
I didn't talk to Darbie last night.
Maybe she went to Charlotte's pluot party.
This isn't a joke, Kelly.
Hi, Hannah.
I'd offer you a pluot, but I'm guessing you wouldn't eat it.
Don't eat that! Listen up! Nobody eat Mama P's pluots.
They're bad for you.
What do you think you're doing? They're rotting and will make you sick.
And she's got a C rating from the health board.
Kelly: Uh-uh.
They're good.
Easy, Hannah.
What gives? What gives is that Darbie went to warn Kelly in Mama P's, and nobody's heard from her since.
You're saying Darbie's missing? Yes.
I've looked everywhere.
Everywhere except inside of Mama P's.
Come on, we have to get over there.
You seriously think Darbie is locked in Mama P's? Either help me look, or I'll start making a scene again.
Okay, okay.
But we need to be quick.
I'm only doing this to prove to you that Darbie's not here.
See? Jake, I need help.
I'm telling you, Mama P would never do anything like this.
Darbie: Yes, she would.
Stand back, Darbie.
Took you long enough.
- Are you okay? - No.
I'm starving.
Stale muffin never tasted so good.
Okay, what happened? I saw Mama P eat the first pluot, and highjack Grandma's spell.
Mind blown.
First Mama P was good, then she was bad, and then she was good and now she's bad again? Is she gonna be good again tomorrow? Considering she locked me in a pantry all night? I don't think so.
She played all of us.
Mama P never had any intention of helping Grandma Quinn.
It was always about breaking her own curse.
At least the spell doesn't work until all the pluots are eaten.
Well, they're going fast.
Jake: I can't believe she's bad.
Get over it already.
She's bad.
Move on.
It's okay to feel.
We have to go tell Kelly everything.
She won't listen.
The only thing we could do is protect ourselves.
And Kelly.
"Protein Protection Shake.
" Jake: "If there's a curse coming your way, "or a nasty price to pay, "then fill up your cup and drink it all up "to keep bad magic at bay.
" Skim milk, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, raw almonds, Werpoes honey, and a fruit of your choice.
Anything but pluots.
We're going to need Werpoes honey.
But I don't think Kelly has any.
I'll go back and get it.
Third shelf on the left, second bottle in.
What? I was stuck in there all night.
This is it, Kelly.
It's the last one.
It's time.
I don't know what to say.
Thank you.
Just go save your Grandma.
- I'm a plum.
- I'm an apricot.
Both: And together we make a great tasting pluot.
Wasn't your brother great? He just nailed "I'm a plum.
" So much better than that apricot kid.
Keep an eye on your grandma while we go take pictures.
How are we going to get Kelly to drink these? She's a little prickly today.
Oh, she'll drink it, even if I have to shove it down her throat myself.
And don't forget, she has to drink the entire glass.
We better hurry.
This is for you.
It's almost over.
Any second now.
Kelly! I have nothing to say to you.
You don't have to talk to me, and you don't have to be my friend.
Just drink this.
It's a protective shake.
Take it.
Mama P's going to hurt the whole town.
Woman: Please welcome to the stage our Saffron Falls citizen of the year, Ida Perez.
But you know her as Mama P.
Is it working? Don't you get it? She's not coming back.
Get away from me.
I am not about to drink anything you give me.
Both: No! Mama P: Thanks so much, Mayor Harvey.
Oh, what a turn out.
What can I say about Saffron Falls? For starters, it's the worst.
I've been stuck in this tiny backwater town my whole life, and I'm sick of it.
And I'm sick of all of you.
Please come back.
Mama P: I'm not gonna miss a single one of you.
Ever hear of a tip jar? Alan.
Restrooms are for customers only.
And don't look away, Janice.
You know what you did.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm so sorry, Kelly.
I don't believe it.
She used me.
I've been waiting 40 years to say this.
Pluots are dumb! And holding a festival honoring them is even dumber.
She has the last bite.
What are we going to do? We only have three protection shakes.
- Take it.
- What? No, I can't.
You're the best cook I know.
I know you'll fix whatever's about to go down.
So long, suckers! Thanks for nothing.
- Jake.
He's frozen.
- Oh.
Everybody's frozen.
Because of me.
Protection shake.
You're not gonna get away with this.
I already have.
Guess it's my turn to gloat.
You're despicable.
This is your fault, too.
If you hadn't cursed me, none of this would have happened.
I was right to curse you.
You haven't changed in 40 years.
I was always better than this town.
You should have let me go.
So you could steal the book and exploit it? You're both horrible! Look what you did to each other.
And to my grandma.
She was your best friend.
Your grandmother's not so innocent, Kelly.
Once we cursed each other, Becky got fed up with magic and threw the book over the falls.
She left us with no hope of ever breaking our curses.
Enough of the past.
I got places to go.
Hey, that's Jake's.
So long Saffron Falls! Tell him he can pick it up at the bus station in Lavender Heights.
I didn't listen to any of you.
And look what I did.
I'm just as bad as Mama P.
It's okay, we'll find a way to fix this.
How? You know how.
Please help us make this right.
Do you see anything? No.
Do you? It's not working because of what I did.
Let's see.
Bitter Truth Truffles.
Mind Peering Peppermints.
Itchy Ice Cream.
All the recipes are still here.
The book really wants us to look at this blank page.
I think it wants us to create our own recipe.
How are we gonna break the biggest curse we've ever seen? Well, what do we know? Mama P was trapped in town.
The price the town paid was getting trapped inside their bodies.
So it's a physical spell.
We need Werpoes.
But they're not moving, so Lapsus.
We'll use both, and we need it to work immediately.
Both: Taurian! But we've cooked with those ingredients before.
How are we gonna make them strong enough? You're right.
Combining ingredients from different families will modify their properties.
So we're gonna have to combine them without combining them? Darbie, that's brilliant.
What'd I say? We need to cook them without combining them.
We'll bake a triple layer cake.
With each layer using one of the ingredients.
One layer will be Lapsus everything that goes into a cake.
Lapsus sugar, Lapsus flour, Lapsus baking soda-- And we'll do the same for the Werpoes and Taurian layers.
You guys, that's my handwriting.
Hannah: And mine.
Darbie: Whoa.
I gotta work on mine.
- Come on, let's go.
- Hold on.
There's still something missing.
What? We have Lapsus, Taurian-- We need a title.
All the other recipes have a snappy title.
I got it.
Last Ditch Layer Cake.
Now we're ready.
Hannah: Kell.
Are you okay? Let's cut the cake.
That's not powerful enough.
I have what you need.
What is that? Morbium Shadow Root.
That's the seed I returned to you when we made the Lost and Foundue spell.
It's one of the most powerful ingredients in the world.
I was saving it to break my own curse.
You would do that for us? You girls need it more than I do.
Let me help.
I believe in our cake.
I believe in us.
- Me, too.
- We got this.
Whatever the price is, don't leave me hanging.
You already fixed it, didn't you? That's the good news.
But Mama P stole your bike.
What? Which way did she go? I can't believe it.
Everyone's back to normal.
Almost everyone.
My grandma's still under a spell.
Don't be so sure.
You're-- Back.
I'm back! Thanks to you.
You have a very special granddaughter, Becky.
I know I do.
That cake the girls made must have been powerful enough to break the curse Ida put on you.
Ida didn't curse me.
I got rid of the book once.
But it came back for you.
Just let me give it back to you.
I tried to return it to the traveler, but it wasn't mine to return.
I needed to protect you.
So I turned to an old friend.
I'm only doing this for your granddaughter.
I didn't tell Gina my true intentions.
I couldn't let the magic ruin your lives like it ruined ours.
Kelly: Those were the three pages that came back through my window.
Becky: The book protected itself.
And the rest you know.
So, you kind of cursed yourself? I made the mistake of underestimating the book.
It belongs to the three of you now.
Clearly, you've proven you can handle it.
Better than we ever could.
Oh, Buddy.
Grandma? Bravo! You were the best plum in the play.
- Becky? - Mom? She's back.
Come on, Hannah.
I want to get in on this, too.
What happened? I don't understand.
It doesn't make any sense.
It's-- Magic, Dad.
You can say that again, Kell.
She's playing in public.
That means her curse broke, too.
That cake unfroze the town, brought Kelly's grandma back, and broke Miss Silvers' curse? Broke every curse.
Wait, what did you say? I said it broke every curse.
Oh, no.
If I'm back to normal and you're playing the piano, what if all curses are broken? That's impossible.
We spent years trying to bring him back.
Are you talking about Chuck Hankins? The boy that disappeared 50 years ago? So you did curse him.
We thought we had no choice.
If Chuck's back, nobody's safe.