Just Add Magic (2015) s02e07 Episode Script

Just Add 8529

1 Previously on "Just Add Magic" Terri just got some great news.
They offered her a job as the mayor's aid.
You're going to a new school? My parents are making me go.
Darbie: Whoa.
I've never seen tiny trees in a pantry before.
Mama P: So you're under a fixer spell? I think I'm trying to fix the book.
No way.
Darbie: Uh, can you pass me the livonian sugar? This is livonian, right? That the bran family? You're a fast learner.
And if we mix it with some galafrasian cocoa-- That'll give me the smarts? Studying also gives you the smarts.
Hey, I tried that.
Math's not my thing.
Got an A in history, though.
[chuckles] Seriously, Gina, you're a peach.
Just don't tell Ida and Becky.
Hey, I have a question.
If I added a pinch of torian honey, could I stretch the magic into third period? Well, that's not in the recipe, but it kind of makes sense.
Guess I have a knack for this magic stuff.
[glass breaking] [cawing] Hannah: Kelly.
- Kelly.
- Oh, hey, guys.
I didn't hear you.
Or get our texts, apparently.
"We're on our way.
" "We're almost there.
" "We're outside.
" "We're coming up.
" "We're standing in your room.
" Sorry.
But look at this.
Why does the Traveler keep saying rose? Is that a recipe? I mean, you can cook with roses, right? Maybe it's a new spice family.
I don't know.
Just like how I didn't know when we discussed it last night.
Let's just take a break.
You're right.
Hey, what do you think 8529 means? That was the shortest break in the history of breaks.
Come on, let's get outta here.
I want to get the first spin at Dan's Doughnuts.
Darbie, do you really think that they're gonna give away a year of free doughnuts? It's a publicity stunt.
Nobody ever wins.
This could be the year.
"You cannot win if you do not spin.
" [giggling] We've gotta be missing something.
Yeah, we're missing sunlight, fresh air.
- And doughnuts.
- Okay, okay.
It's hard to argue with that.
Terri: Kelly! You ready? - For? - You were gonna help me with my speech.
We talked about this.
Sorry, Mom, I'm just distracted.
Distracted doing what? It's summer.
Summer is very stressful.
- Yeah.
- Like today.
Do we get doughnuts and then see a movie, or a movie then doughnuts? Exactly.
So, where are you speaking? I'm the keynote speaker at the Women's Club luncheon.
That sounds fun.
What's the topic? The historical preservation of Saffron Falls.
There's plans to tear a whole block down in order to build an outlet mall.
If we're not careful, we'll become the next Lavender Heights.
That's a hot button issue.
I'm sure it will be packed.
Oh, I hope not.
I mean, I hope so.
I-- [sighs] I'm a little nervous.
Public speaking is not my favorite thing in the world.
Just pick one person in the audience to focus on.
Yeah, like the mayor.
She'll be there, right? Yes.
My boss.
This isn't helping.
You'll be great.
I'll be right down.
Okay, okay.
Guys, I'd better go help my mom.
I'll meet you as soon as I'm done.
Just make sure to get there before all they have left are banana cream doughnuts.
I will, I'll just let her run through her speech one time.
I'm sure she'll be great.
From the Greek revival columns of City Hall to the-- Okay, they're out of order.
I'm just gonna start over.
[clears throat] Saffron Falls isn't just a city.
It's a community.
[clears throat] A community that was founded back in 1845 by proud men and women who built Main Street brick by brick.
[clears throat] If we aren't careful, this is what's going to happen to our community.
[computer beeps] - [beep] - Wha-- - [beep] - Oh, nothing's happening.
Honey, I think my computer's broken, it's supposed to be hooked up to the TV screen.
You're computer's not broken.
I told you you have to click on "mirror display.
" I don't think I have "mirror display.
" Yeah, you do.
It's-- It's right here.
[electronic blips] Oh! Great.
- Okay, where was I? - Um, before you start, I have a couple little things.
Fire away.
This is really important to me, and I-- I want to wow everyone.
You should try and remember to make eye contact.
It's hard to hear you when you're looking down at your cards, and you keep clearing your throat, which is a little distracting.
Keep a bottle of water handy.
Anything else? No, no.
You're ready to go.
Just remember, mirror display and water.
- Okay.
Thanks, honey.
- Mm-hm.
I really appreciate it.
All right.
I better get going.
Have fun with the girls.
- Thanks.
Good luck, Mom.
- Thank you.
Oh, do you need a ride? No.
No, I'm okay.
All right, honey.
Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
- Bye.
Chuck was clearly looking for something.
He took very specific spices.
Nicayenne parsley, two tengu spices, and my cullengot peppercorn.
I've never heard of a recipe with that combination.
He might be cooking more than one thing.
We need to stop him.
Oh, so now you believe me about Chuck.
Yes, Becky, congratulations.
Whatever he's up to, it's very dangerous.
- We have to cook.
- I know.
But I don't have enough spices, which means We need Ida.
[sighs] [cell phone chimes] Whoa.
It was just 8529.
The numbers keep changing.
8522! [clacking] Oh, so close.
[sighs] Told ya it was rigged.
You've been spinning this since we were nine, and we've never won.
Where is Kelly? [sighs] She'll be here soon.
I'm gonna miss this.
Why, is Dan's going out of business? No, but we're not gonna be coming here together after school anymore.
- Why? - Because my new school gets out an hour after yours.
Never thought of that.
Things are gonna be different next year.
Yeah, no more playing on the same basketball team.
No more decorating each other's lockers for our birthdays.
No more eating the pepperoni off your pizza every Friday.
[chuckles] This is awful.
Who's gonna remind me to do my homework? Well, I can still text you.
I already have an alarm set.
You know what? I can wait an extra hour for my after school doughnut.
2158, 2157, 2156 2146, 2147-- Oops, wrong way.
2146, 2145 60, 59, 58, 57, 56 Chuck.
35-- Where'd he go? 33, 32, 31, 30 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and zero.
[bird cawing] There's nothing here.
Okay, I just bought another doughnut.
I have one more chance.
I'm telling you, it's rigged.
Wow, your mom must have needed a lot of help.
No-- Well, yeah, she did, but, um-- [sighs] - I saw Chuck.
- At your house? No, after my mom left, I was flipping through the book, and you'll never guess what happened.
You stayed? We were here waiting for you.
Sorry, I-- I just got caught up.
I should have called you guys.
Anyway, I-- Is that for me? Not anymore.
So, where'd you see Chuck? Come on, I'll explain on the way.
Uh, this doughnut still has a spin on it.
We don't have time.
Besides, no one ever wins.
8,414, 8,415 - 8,418.
- We get it, Darbie.
So, I don't understand.
Chuck just disappeared? That doesn't make any sense.
Neither does a magic cookbook with a step counter.
I can't explain it.
The counter hit zero and then nothing happened.
Well, maybe he was just hiding.
But there was nowhere to hide.
So, unless he became invisible in front of my eyes, he went somewhere.
- That's it.
- What's it? He became invisible.
Think about it.
That's why the book had to help us with the counter.
How else are we supposed to find something we can't see? Good point, Darbie.
We need to cook again.
A vision spell should work.
I think this "Make-It-Visible Vinegar Pie" is our best chance.
Vinegar Pie? How is that a thing? [chuckles] It's not anymore.
It's from the 19th century.
Sounds disgusting.
I think we need a vision spice.
Grunde vinegar.
We have that.
"For seeing what can't be seen.
" That's less of a riddle and more of a statement.
Works for me.
[sighs] Here goes nothing.
Not bad.
Guys, there's more to the riddle than we thought.
"For seeing what can't be seen, "you must first be unseen.
"When you have found what can't be seen, "you will both be seen.
" Kelly.
Kelly! Kelly, where'd you go? What do you mean, can't you see me? No, but we can hear you.
I'm right here.
Uh, Kelly, you're invisible.
What? No way.
Am I gonna stay like this forever? No.
The riddle says that this will all break once we find what can't be seen.
Kelly: What if we're wrong? What if we're not looking for something invisible? Then your parents will have a lot of questions.
[cell phone buzzing] - Hey, Mom.
- Honey, are you still at home? I think I left my speech on the kitchen table.
- Kelly: I see it.
- Terri: Oh, great.
Okay, I need you to bring it to me.
- You mean now? - Yes, of course, and please hurry up, it's almost time.
You know, Mom, maybe you don't want it.
I mean, you know this, just talk from the heart.
Kelly, please, I'm nervous enough.
Just get here.
[phone beeps] Kelly: Guys, we have a small hiccup.
[chuckles] Ya think? I know you can't see me, but I'm giving you a look.
I can feel it.
This day is going to be very interesting.
Kelly: Come on, guys, let's go.
I should probably grab the backpack.
Don't want Buddy eating this.
Kelly: Hey! Sorry.
- You out? - Kelly: Yes.
These muffins are terrific.
Are you using a different recipe since you opened back up? Yes.
I'm making them with fewer ingredients.
I'm glad you like them.
I'll have a turkey sandwich with an iced tea, and a side of livonian cinnamon.
We don't have a secret menu here.
What you see is what you get.
I know you still have spices.
You may think you know me, Chuck, but I've changed a lot in 50 years.
People don't change that much.
Look at me.
I'm still exactly the same as I was in 1965.
Get lost, Chuck.
I need some spices.
Are you out of your mind? I'm not giving you a thing.
I still have your morbium seed.
Prove it.
I assume you want it back.
I'll give you some time to think about it.
[bell jingles] Here you go, Mrs.
- Oh.
- Break a leg.
Where's Kelly? Huh? Who? Kelly.
My daughter.
She asked us to bring these to you since we were headed this way.
You were on your way to City Hall? I always come here.
The coffee shop makes amazing grilled cheese.
Do you mean that little deli in the basement? The best.
Well, thank you, girls.
Though I'd like to be thanking my daughter as well.
Guess she's just too busy to come and support me.
I'm sure she just didn't want to make you more nervous.
Yeah, okay.
I'm not buying that.
What's going on with her? What do you mean? She's the same old Kelly.
No, she's acting differently.
She's always in her room.
She barely listens to me.
It's like I'm invisible.
- You're invisible? - I wouldn't worry about Kelly.
I'm sure she just needs a little space.
I guess.
Well, thanks again, girls.
I really owe you.
No problem.
Do you mind if we stay and watch? Oh, sure.
I'd love that.
Oh, no.
Oh, no, they're all mixed up.
Mayor Davies.
Thanks again for letting me speak today.
Oh, well, your passion for historical restoration is infectious.
You're going to be great.
Oh, thank you.
I'm just a little nervous.
Oh, you'll be fine.
Thank you.
I must be going crazy.
[inhales] Get a grip, Terri.
[sighs] Okay.
[clears throat] Saffron Falls isn't just a city.
It's a commun-- Uh Is this thing on? [tapping] Just a sec.
Um-- - [feedback] - Oh! There we go.
[clears throat] Saffron Falls isn't just a city.
It's a community.
[clears throat] There's a movement to tear down our heritage in the name of progress.
Well, I don't buy it.
If we're not careful, this is what's going to happen to our community.
[computer beeps] Uh-- One sec.
Um-- [electronic blips] Oh.
This is what's going to happen to our community.
Ladies, our first course of action is to walk through the neighborhoods.
We have to go door to door, and let people know what we're doing here.
So remember, women of Saffron Falls, the fragile charm of our small town lies in our hands.
Thank you.
[applause] Woohoo! Kelly? We don't have time for this, Kelly.
We have to get to the park.
Kelly: If I've learned anything from you two it's that there's always time for doughnuts.
Darbie, where's your ticket? Got it.
Kelly: I'm walking in.
- Here for my spin.
- Good luck.
[clacking] - [chuckles] - We won! What? That's impossible.
Apparently, it isn't.
See ya tomorrow.
And every day after that.
[giggling] - Kelly.
- Kelly: I'm right here.
Did we just steal a year's worth of free doughnuts? Kelly: No, I checked behind the wheel.
- It's rigged.
- I knew it.
I'm gonna boycott this place.
Well, next year.
Are you out? - Kelly: Yes.
- Okay.
I'm not going to do that.
Oh, come on, Ida.
He broke into my house.
I don't care.
I'm not gonna wipe his memory again.
We need to keep him away from the spices and the magic.
I'm not gonna let him disappear with my morbium for another 50 years.
How do you know he still has your morbium seed? Because he came by a couple of hours ago trying to make a deal.
What? Did you? What do you take me for? Did you? If I did, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
What kind of spices did he want from you? We didn't get that far.
Well, he's nicayanne and tengu spices.
Cullengot peppercorn.
That's a powerful combination.
Especially with my morbium seed.
I know this looks strange, but we can't risk somebody bumping into you.
Kelly: Hey, look.
How can I look when I don't know where you are? Kelly: I'm pointing in the window.
Behind you.
What could those three possibly be talking about? They can't stand being in the same room with each other.
Now they're besties? I have to get in there.
I can use my invisibility to get close.
Oh, Kelly.
- Kelly? - Oh, I think she went in.
So, we're all in agreement.
We're doing this together.
I don't think we have a choice.
This'll be the first time I've agreed with you two in 50 years.
Ironically, the last time was because of Chuck, also.
Gina: Then it's settled.
But one more thing.
Do we include the girls? They are the protectors.
And I hate to say it, but they're better than us.
That may be, but Kelly's in way over her head already.
I don't want her to know.
Kelly: I'm in over my head? I can't believe my grandma.
We unfroze the town.
We also froze it.
Just sayin'.
18, 17, 16, almost there.
Kelly: They're clearly planning on doing something to Chuck.
- 10, 9-- - We all saw how well that turned out in 1965.
Let's just focus on one problem at a time.
Three, two, one, zero.
[birds chirping] Kelly, we can see you.
And a dirty old trailer.
Darbie: Whoa.
I think we just found where Chuck's been hiding.
How did he make this invisible? No clue, but it means he knows how to do magic.
Big magic.
Let's go look.
Looks empty.
Let's go in.
- Really? - Really.
- Huh.
- Ugh, how old is this place? Well, this comic is from 1965.
I wonder if it's worth anything.
It's such a mess in here.
If I had an invisible club house, I wouldn't clean it either.
Uh, guys.
Check this out.
Darbie: It has the same logo as ours.
Lemon-Lie Mints? Another magic cookbook? Chicken-N-Fixits.
We cooked that on Wednesday.
Make-It-Visible Vinegar Pie.
We made that today.
Chuck has our recipes.